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Where we are. Where we'd like to develop.

As we have worked through our first dry-run month, we have had to modify our practices; Some of this has been because at this stage we are working without direct feedback but it's also been simply because at the moment some of the resources we would like to see available hardly exist .
Site audio/On-demand audio
The prime one of these is on-demand audio. This is something the Internet can provide that "wireless", to use the old word for radio, couldn't. There's plenty of live streaming audio out there for those who just wish to listen to a station but much less on-demand and most of that is from public broadcasters (see Radio Stations ). Much effort seems to be put into the idea of on-demand video and the ability to create your own CD or mini-disc of music, even equipment to allow this to go straight onto cassette for playing in an automobile. Much less is apparent in the ability to get from the Internet either a glimpse of another culture and style of broadcasting or just an outstanding programme that's just disappeared into the airwaves. If we can only manage to boost this area of the web, this site will prove worthwhile because as even the limited links we can provide (see Radio Stations )are enough to show, even given the problems of language differences, what potential there is for the web to provide a genuine audio eye on the world rather than homogenised snippet services or ones limited by transmitter range.
Can we do anything? Only with your help!
We'd certainly like to and a significant part of our aim when we began this site was to try and get a wider and more permanent audience for some of the radio gems that currently just disappear without a trace.
We're aware of some of the problems here, especially copyright but what we would like to do is get copyright cleared suitable short items mailed to us ( a maximum of 3 mins./approx 3Mb for MP3 if E-mailing and even then it may have to be broken up into 1Mb segments --Hotmail's theoretical attachment limit for example- with a note so we can then edit it back together). In such cases we can put them on our Audio files page with due credits and-- where appropriate links to the supplier. If you've put up your own 'station' on the Internet we'll be happy to listen when time permits and put up a link when we're impressed. Better still, let us have a sample we can put up with the link.
Alternatively where you can persuade an existing radio station to put notup on their site not just streaming audio but also a particularly worthy programme that can be accessed on-demand,, please let us know the details so we can have a listen, where worthy link to the site so others can pick it up and ideally billboard a sample on our Audio files page.
Editorial content:
Because we're currently running this site on a pro-bono-publico basis from our own resources, we're limited to what we can fit into our own schedules and pick up from our own contacts or sources already available on the Internet. Hence we do need your help!
Your feedback and input:
Again we need feedback if we are to make it a worthwhile venture. Where you have anything of interest please let us know. If it's a story we can use in our main editorial we'll be gratful to do so within the limitations of libel laws ans checks and so on without revealing sources. If it's something you want to say with your own name on it, we'll again be happy to put it into our feedback pages although again this may have to be subject to limitations inposed by the libel laws. If we do feel we would have to alter things, we'll tell you and put the ball back into your court to ensure you're happy with what we plan.
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