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Below find index to archives for January to March 2000
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March 2000

2000-03-01 Jury decides that Sydney newspaper defamed broadcaster Alan Jones
Church of England to set up organisation to monitor religious broadcasts.
2000-03-01 Sirius Satellite Radio and ATX Technologies announce alliance that would allow automobile drivers to purchase goods on radio receivers.
BBC appoints Helen Boaden as controller of Radio 4.
to 3 Australian racing steward claims he was defamed by broadcaster Alan Jones.
WGN, Chicago station changes-Steve O'Dell takes over from late Bob Collins.
to 8 KABC, Los Angeles, drops "The Stephanie Miller Show".
Triad Broadcasting of Monterey to buy five Nebraskan radio stations from J.C Acquisition.
2000-03-04 to 9 KPCC-FM in Pasadena drops 20 weekend and night-time music shows as it moves to news and talk under Minnesota Public Radio management.
UK digital radio station Radio First reported close to signing exclusive live commentary deals with top soccer clubs.
to 21 Clear Channel Communications plans stations sales to get regulatory approval of AMFM takeover.
2000-03-07 to 31 Bidding for British mobile licences which allow Internet access.
2000-03-08 British EMI group to develop online audio channels with
U.S. talk show host Judy Jarvis dies.
Irish radio station has to pay £10,000 to employee who was forced to retire because "radio is for young people."
BBC beats off higher TalkSport bid to retain English cricket broadcasting rights.
2000-03-09 WLIT-FM in Chicago starts revamp under new general manager.
Radio executive warns that Irish county-based radio stations would not survive a complete switch to digital transmission.
2000-03-10 advertising helps boost Austereo earnings by a third in final half of 1999.
2000-03-11 Ireland's Independent Radio and Television Commission (IRTC) begins awarding new radio licencses for the country.
2000-03-11 WLIT-FM in Chicago starts revamp under new general manager.
2000-03-12: Chicago Tribune on "The Sportswriters" show on ESPN's WMVP-AM
2000-03-12 -28th Scottish Radio Holdings bid for Border TV.
2000-03-13 Maryland-based Radio 1 to spend 1.3 billion on acquisitions.
British soccer clubs to launch digital stations.
U.S. FCC posts spectrum auction rules which would allow re-selling of spectrum as a commodity..
to 24 Sydney 2UE "calls" rugby from pay TV after 2GB deal to buy exclusive commentary rights..
2000-03-15 KGIL-AM fires seven DJs as it moves to an all-Jazz format and renames itself KJAZ-AM.
Brian Johns steps down as ABC (Australia) MD.
2000-03-16 Brian Johns last day as managing director of ABC (Australia).
2000-03-16 CBC, Canada, finds $10 million p.a. extra for radio services.
Former Chicago Bear Keith Van Home agrees $1.6 million settlement of defamation suit against shock jock Erich "Mancow" Muller.
2000-03-17 :Veteran U.S. broadcaster Durward Kirby dies aged 88.
2000-03-18: Speculation grows about BBC management job cuts under restructuring.
2000-03-18 UK Guardian columnist on BBC sponsored pilot CD to show how digital can enhance production.
: BBC Radio 5 Live hires 86-years-old grandmother as first Internet critic.
2000-03-19: BBC to sign sponsorship deal for pop charts shows.
2000-03-20: U.S. Federal Communications Commission to examine possibilities of software-defined radio.
2000-03-20: UK Guardian item on differing perception of male and female voices
: Australian Broadcasting Authority invites bids for two new Sydney area commercial radio stations
2000-03-21: Internet News reports that U.S. public radio is gaining major sponsorship from companies.
2000-03-21: Salem Communications agree $19 million deal for eight Clear Channel stations .
2000-03-22: Former triple-J talent in Australia to go back on air as Internet station.

2000-03-22: Jazz host Mark Ruffin leaves WBEZ-FM Chicago after a row with management.
2000-03-22: :Virgin Radio is to be investigated by the U.K. Radio Authority for possible breaches of political impartiality after DJ's on-air announcement about funding candidate.
2000-03-22: U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman tells Senate sub-committee that communications technology is the engine of the future.
:Spike networks strikes deal with Music Choice for distribution of twice-daily show from Spike's Los Angeles Internet radio station.
2000-03-23:Virginia public station manager fired after row over cancellation of live opera broadcasts.
2000-03-23:Arbitron latest webcast ratings show more stations but slightly lower audiences.

Text archives:
March 2000 contd

2000-03-23:UK TalkSport under pressure to boost audience soon.

2000-03-24: $550 million settlement offered in Voice of America sex discrimination case.
2000-03-24: Chicago WBEZ-FM teams up with Chicago Reporter paper for a month of investigative reporting on youth drug arrests.
2000-03-25 to 31: US Congress may kill off FCC plans for 1000 new low power FM stations for local communities.
2000-03-25 International Air Travel Association expresses concern about spectrum re-allocation as mobile phone spectrum bidding hots up.
2000-03-26: Privatization and FM growth seem likely to boost Indian radio industry.
2000-03-26: Successful launch of second of three WorldSpace Corporation satellites to provide digital radio services to the third world.
2000-03-26: Sig Mickelson, founder of US Radio and Television News Directors Association and first CBS News President dies.
2000-03-26 to 28th; UK Wireless Group, owner of Talk Sport, prepares for £150 million flotation.
2000-03-27: BBC Radio Wales accused of discriminating against broadcasters with English accents.
2000-03-27: BBC Radio 4 commission pilot programme of former TV hit "Doctor Who".
2000-03-28 to 29th Australian Broadcasting Authority issues new conditions on 2UE Sydney's licence in wake of cash-for-comment affair.
2000-03-29: Sydney 2UE ratings up despite cash-for-comment affair..
2000-03-29: WLS-AM, Chicago goes less political after firing late host Mike Malloy.
: Infinity Broadcasting in $90 million deal to buy Waterman Broadcasting's San Antonio radio stations.
: US Broadcasters seek legal judgment that over-air stations should not pay extra copyright fees for streaming their signal on the Internet.

February 2000

2000-02-01 Dolly Parton sells her Tennessee radio station.
to 23 :Australian talk radio cash-for comment story- Report - out 8th
Greg Dyke takes over as BBC Director General
Daimler-Chrysler to invest $100m in Sirius satellite radio.
to 29: Pacifica stations conflict continues with fears for future of stations.
Latest UK RAJAR audience figures good for BBC/Classic FM
2000-02-03 Chicago Abitron ratings.
UK radio chief calls for lighter regulation.
2000-02-04 KNEW-AM, San Francisco starts airing CNET tech news channel.
2000-02-04 to 24: Irish hearings on £35000 radio company gift to communications minister.
2000-02-05 to 16 ABC Australia in $65 million online deal.
to 27 Radio Liberty reporter missing in Chechnya.
to 10 BBC farming soap under pressure for pro-government propagandizing.
$2 billion Emmis Corporations expansion plans.
to 11 CBC job cuts.
Seattle radio station starts billboard advertising of online site.
Washington DC Arbitron ratings.
to 20 Chicago WGN host Bob Collins dies in plane crash.
VOA cuts 51 jobs, trims European broadcasts.
Radio station drops legally-binding marriage from St. Valentine's day honeymoon prize offer for strangers.
2000-02-11 British PM Blair starts weekly web radio broadcast.
MP3 of broadcast

Radio One Inc revenues nearly double.
UK Capital Radio sells its Radio Cafés.
Indian state stands down carrier pigeons in favour of radios.
Chief executive of UK Capital radio calls upon British government to set switch-off date for analogue radio.
Santa Monica public radio station KCRW creates live Internet international news channel from NPR and BBC World Service content.
2000-02-15 Church of England report attacks BBC religious programming.
UK couple still in dispute despite winning Valentine's Day divorce as radio station prize.
Salem Communications Corporation buys stations in Dallas and Nashville. station prize.
2000-02-15 Infinity Broadcasting Corporation profits up by almost one third for last quarter of 1999.
Staff exodus from WMAQ, Chicago, amidst uncertainty over station's future.
2000-02-17 RTÉ presenter Myles Dungan,to host Radio 1 afternoon arts show.
2000-02-17 Jimmy de Castro retires from AMFM Inc; expected to start internet company.

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February 2000 cont'd
2000-02-17 NAB launches lawsuit against FCC January decision to permit low-power FM stations
2000-02-18 Susquehanna Radio signs 23-station deal with Internet company Radio Wave of Chicago.
2000-02-18 Pressures to grab more of radio spectrum mount from new mobile operators.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation offers major expansion of rural services if funding is restored to pre-cutback levels.
Arbitron ratings show Dr Laura radio show slipping in ratings.
2000-02-19 NPR shines while CBC slips.
to 27 Chicago public broadcaster WTTW's begins multi-media initiative.
Changing population demographics may leave UK commercial radio stranded unless it targets older listeners.
Liberty Media buys stake in Canadian radio and TV company Corus Entertainment Inc.
Public station KSSN-FM in the San Fernando Valley to boost its power six-fold -to 320 watts from current 52 watt output.
Garrison Keiller's "Prairie Home Companion" programme to be recorded in Scotland and Ireland to mark show's silver jubilee on U.S. NPR
Chicago company offers unlimited internet streaming audio for $500 per month plus 15-secnd advert gateway at start of each stream.
Sydney 2UE holds up in ratings despite cash-for-comment report.
RTÉ loses ground in latest Irish radio ratings
2000-02-23 Australian Rugby League bars Sydney 2UE
2000-02-23 Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, who had faced Internet-only games reports, do radio deal with Chinese station.
2000-02-23 TalkSport outbids the BBC for the rights to the 2002-2003 winter England cricket tour of Australia.
UK radio station offers £10,000 prize to couple who win contest to stay in bed longest

RTÉ, the Irish state broadcaster, concerned about suggestions it may be forced to sell transmission network.

U.S. Virgin Islands radio station rescinds try-out offer to former Washington DJ who was fired from previous job for making racist comments.
Metro Networks, Chicago, fires 13 staff and is moved into headquarters of  Shadow Broadcast Services which bought it last year.

2000-02-28 Federal appeals court rules that St. Louis public radio station does not have to accept underwriting message from the Ku Klux Klan.
2000-02-29 US radio station and billboard giant, Clear Channels Communications is acquiring SFX Entertainment, which provides live entertainment shows and owns and operates more than 100 venues in the U. S., in a share deal worth around $3 billion.
U.S. Federal Communications Commission chairman William Kennard warns that growth of wireless communications is rapidly eating up the available spectrum worldwide.

2000-01-04 CNET and AMFM announce channel on new technology.
US stations face ratings delay due to Arbitron problems..
Concern over use of digital technology to reduce pauses and increase adverts.
to 08 CBC licence renewed for 7 years but conditions foreshadow cuts.

UK pirate stations manipulate RDS to grab audience.

Pacifica network vacates Berkeley offices.

Church of England attacks BBC for cutting back religious output.

WMZQ Washington changes country format.

UK Talk Radio to switch to all sport format.

Chicago school station WEPS-FM celebrates golden anniversary.
2000-01-13 to 19 Scottish Media Group to buy Ginger Media Group for £225 million.
Rancho Cucamonga Quakes sign Internet radio deal after failing to reach radio station agreement for games broadcasts.
to 29 US FCC forecast to grant new low power licences

to 31 Incoming BBC Director-General Greg Dyke share sales.
2000-01-17 UK Guardian BBC special media reports.
Sirius radio satellite launch delays.
Scottish radio to raise £75 million to expand.
2000-01-21 CanWest calls for lighter Canadian radio regulations.
2000-01-21 Australian government wants performance-related deal in new ABC funding.
UK station offers Valentine's divorce prize.
2000-01-23 BBC Radio 4 chief James Boyle leaves the corporation.
2000-01-24 Radio One Inc expansion plans.
AMFM ties up with
Bloomingdale Broadcasting sold for $176 million.
UK Independent special report on Kelvin MacKenzie of Talk-Sport.
WXRT, Chicago drops SuperBowl to stay with music.
Scottish Radio only bidder for Edinburgh digital multiplex licence.
BBC radio soap sex in shower scene more soap than sex..
John Birt's last day as BBC director-general.
UK radio and media group Chrysalis to raise £30m for online ventures.
US FCC backs down on ruling that religious programming is not educational content.
2000-01-30 TV host Rosie O'Donnel pursues 'Rose City' (Portland) station for calling itself "Rosie 105"
London Capital Radio becomes national broadcaster on digital channel.
Two more Los Angeles stations go "Spanish"

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