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Below find index to archivesS for April to June 2000
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June 2000

2000-06-01 : US Federal Communications Commission Biennial Review keeps main rules but may relax them to permit more cross-ownership.
2000-06-01 : Yet more takeovers in US radio industry
: Irish broadcaster RTÉ releases staff salaries but not those of presenters.
2000-06-02: Hispanic Broadcasting takes over two more Texas stations.
: Hirings and firings as CKKS Vancouver plans for post-Latre Mornings.
2000-06-03: More strong radio results - from UK EMAP radio
2000-06-03: Arbitron and Nielsen to try out Portable People metering in US following UK trials by Arbitron.
2000-06-03: Al Hart retires from KCBS ,San Francisco, after 34 years; Lyn Andrews resigns as ABC Radio president.

2000-06-04: Cox Radio Inc makes $280 million bid for Midwestern Broadcasting Company
Licence news this week.

2000-06-05 UK Independent says government lost out on around £500 million by not auctioning radio licences.
Look at weekend radio columns

2000-06-06: WCKG, Chicago, faces possible loss of up to three star names.
BBC appoints head of new Children's Department.
More US radio takeovers.
Further Sirius and XM Satellite radio developments.
Minnesota Public Radio and Public Radio International reach deal over Marketplace takeover.
Radio Australia may recommence broadcasts from Darwin transmitters under lease from Christian group.
US Federal Communications Commission extends LPFM filing deadline.
2000-06-08: Support starts to build for Laura Schlessinger's right to broadcast if not her views.
CBC classical music host turns down offer to host US National Public Radio's Performance Today.
Australian millionaire John Singleton has to drop plans to sell off his MacQuarie Radio network to his own group.

2000-06-09: UK report says London could have at least 6 LPFM stations without effect on existing services.
2000-06-09: Cumulus Media executive appointments.
Sydney Morning Herald on possible ABC radio changes, Special Broadcasting Services radio.

2000-06-10: Obituaries Vancouver station founder Jan van Bruchen, US Children's show star Sybil Trent and Chicago pre-shock-jock Warren Freiberg.
2000-06-10: Radio One Inc completes acquisition of Davis Broadcasting .
US FCC reserves spectrum for medical telemetry/ comments on WRC Istanbul meeting.
Irish court supports award of Dublin youth licence to Spin FM.

2000-06-11: Licence News this week.
US Catholic Family Radio nears end of road; may go off air.

2000-06-12: British Independent radio producer UBC Media Group aiming for flotation to raise expansion Monday.
Chicago Tribune report on
2000-06-12 :
Look at weekend radio columns.

2000-06-13: Ireland's Methodists defer joining churches bid for last Dublin FM licence.
Look at UK Heart FM's psyschiatric phone in show.
2000-06-14: Stan Bunger to take over from Al Hart in morning slot at KCBS, San Francisco.
US Department of Justice halts Clear Channel station disposals to Hispanic Broadcasting.
2000-06-14: Injunction granted to prevent UK TalkSport describing as" live" commentary of events to which it has no rights done by watching TV with audio tape sound.
2000-06-15: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ warns of losses, wants job cuts
2000-06-15: Veteran WGBH, Boston, broadcaster Robert J Lurtsema, dies aged 68.
UK GWR to buy radio interests of Daily Mail Group/ Scottish Radio holdings bids for Irish Newspaper group.

Australian group goes ahead with launch of
Former BBC Radio 4 controller James Boyle moves to UK independent production company.
Clear Channel finds new buyers for stations barred to Hispanic Broadcasting/ more US radio deals.

2000-6-17: More US radio station deals.
CNN takes two Edward R Murrow radio awards, CBS 4, and ABC News Radio 3.

2000-06-18: Licence News this week including new Brisbane commercial licences, Toronto Aboriginal Voices licence.
Outlook seems healthy for Indian FM radio.
2000-06-19: Changes forecast for BBC Radio Scotland/profile of Irish broadcaster RTÉ Director of Radio Helen Shaw.
Radio One Inc to change emphasis at "The Beat", Los Angeles.
Look at Radio columns.

2000-06-20: New UK Wireless Group programme director/UK Internet broadcaster Storm Radio plans flotation.
US Shock jockey Don Imus injured in riding accident.
New top level radio appointments at Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

2000-06-21: New ABC radio president and other US top job changes.
2000-06-21: Latest Australian ratings show severe drop for top-rated Sydney morning host, Alan Jones.
Duncan's American Radio analysis shows healthy revenue increases with Los Angeles forecast as first billion dollar a year revenue market but fall in time spent listening to radio.
UK High Court judge says TalkSport can continue dubbing effects audio to sports commentaries done by watching TV. rights holders BBC to appeal.
US AMFM Network Radio president says he'll leave when Clear Channel takeover is completed.
British Broadcasting Corporation annual report shows radio successes.
2000-06-22 :
US RTNDA/Unity radio awards announced.
2000-06-23: US FCC Commissioner Gloria Tristani attacks broadcasters for putting economic interest in garnering campaign adverts before public interest in their political coverage
Emmis International FM station in Buenos Aires moves near to top of market within 2 months of launch.
US Federal Communications Commission received 769 Low Power FM applications from first filing.
2000-06-24: Survey reveals Chicago radio salary levels from top to bottom.
More strong results and big deals from Emmis plus smaller US radio deals.

2000-06-25: Canadian watchdog rules against Montreal station which compared black man's killing by Hindu to biker gang killings.
US radio host Rush Limbaugh loses his bid to host TV football.
Licence news this week

2000-06-26: Spanish stations spread to US heartlands.
Look at radio columns.
2000-06-27: US Corporation for Public Broadcasting announces details of investment in developing Internet-based services.
Australian government rules out idea of Australian Broadcasting Corporation taking over the country's multicultural Special Broadcasting Services.
US ABC radio buys Dallas station/ announces new KABC Los Angeles programme director.
US radio host Dr Laura Schlessinger commentson attempts to halt her TV show; to be hosted by conservative lawmakers in Washington, DC.

2000-06-28: Boost for Internet radio as 3-Com buys Kerbango internet radio company
Cumulus completes Mississippi takeover.
RTÉ radio presenter Vincent Brown to move to Irish TV flagship show.
Melbourne, Australia, to get 13 new radio stations including 2 new commercial licences.

2000-06-29: More Internet radio developments including new daily Internet radio talk show and BroacastAmerica expansion into Europe.
GWR group calls on British government to lessen radio regulation and privatize BBC Radios 1 and 2.
More US Congress Republican attacks on Federal Communications Commission.
June 30, 2000: Former BBC Controller of Music, Sir Willliam Glock, dies aged 92.
June 30, 2000:
Penguin radio gets extra funds to develop its Internet radio.
June 30, 2000:
Sydney 2UE broadcaster Alan Jones sued by aboriginal leader.

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May 2000

2000-05-01: Chicago WMAQ-670 seems at risk in wake of Viacom-CBS deal in spite of station strengths.
: BBC restructuring cull failing so far in face of executive ingenuity.
2000-05-02: Los Angeles veteran "image voice" Mark Denis dies suddenly.
2000-05-02: US Public Radio International files suit against Minnesota Public Radio, its largest customer and supplier.

to 30: US Federal Communications Commission announces its first "filing window" for Low Power FM stations/ battles continue over LPFM legislation/ Senator McCain introduces new bill which would permit go-ahead..

: Leading US digital audio broadcast technology company raises another $40 million.

: More acquisitions for US Spanish-language network Radio Unica.

: More record US radio results -this time from Entercom.

: Regulator denies bias in awarding Irish radio station licence

: BBC again dominates UK Sony Radio Awards/veteran DJ gets lifetime award.
2000-05-04: More strong US radio results, this time from Cox Radio Inc.

2000-05-05: Further Sirius satellite boost with news of new plant to eventually produce 1 million receivers per year.
2000-05-05: UK Wireless Group flotation set for May 17.
: Yet more bumper US radio results, led by AMFM.
: US Federal Communications Commission gives go-ahead for Viacom to take over CBS but only allows six months for radio station disposals.

: Cumulus deal with Clear Channel re-worked to put less cash, more Cumulus stations into it.
2000-05-6: Sue Howard, head of Australian Broadcasting Corporations regional radio stations network tipped as new boss for entire ABC radio network.
2000-05-6:Chicago WCKG "dump" button for Steve Dahl goes off on its own

2000-05-07: Radio One Inc announces strong first quarter results
2000-05-07 Licence news this week
: Judgement reserved in Irish High Court case over Dublin "youth" radio licence.
2000-05-08: Raccoons react to Salsa and other beastly reactions to the radio
British radio columnists attack Sony radio awards.

: Emmis Communications TV buy looks set to lead to split into separate radio and TV businesses.

: Radio responsible for 5 of 13 complaints adjudged justified by BBC in first quarter of 2000.
: Cumulus Media appoint new auditors, facing lawsuits.

2000-05-10: US raises $400 million from spectrum auction/ British mobile auction winner escapes $500 million interest charges through being allowed to delay payment. .
: Radio implants for fatter chickens.

2000-05-10: 2UE stands up well in latest Australian ratings.
2000-05-11: More record results in radio first quarter and yet more takeovers.
: Irish station broadcasts nightly programmes for refugees and immigrants.
2000-05-12 to 26: Larry Lujack to return to Chicago airwaves more than a decade after retiring.
: Canadian Broadcasting Standards organisation criticizes Dr Laura Schlessinger.

2000-05-13: More US radio station deals/ Cumulus delays payments.
: British radio audience figures said to be up due to Internet users listening whilst logged in/ Q1 ratings.

2000-05-14: Licence news this week from Canada and UK..
2000-05-14: BT and One"One go to court over mobile phone payments after rivals permitted delays which will save around £360 million in interest.
2000-05-15: Look at weekend radio columns.
2000-05-15: World Radio Communications Conference opens today in Turkey
2000-05-16: Washington Post on the politics of LPFM
: New British national radio station launched targeted at over-50's/ BBC Radio 2 goes punk.
: Dr Laura Schlessinger responds in Toronto Globe and Mail to Canadian ruling against her show.
2000-05-17: Radio One Inc continues acquisitions to maintain its position as leading black-owned US radio network.
2000-05-17: BBC Radio Channels start to take Internet more seriously.
: UK Radio Authority imposes its largest-ever fine on Virgin Radio for breach of impartiality rules

2000-05-18: Major BBC oral history project "The Century Speaks" to be broadcast nationally, put in British Library archives.
: Howard Stern says CBS has not offered him $100 million deal but virtually says he's open to offers.

2000-05-18: UK's Virgin Radio tops latest Arbitron Info-Stream webcasting ratings.
2000-05-19: Serbian government closes down opposition broadcasters including radio station B2-92.
:Clear Channel continues expansion. Changes as a result of Clear Channel-AMFM and Viacom-CBS takeovers start to emerge.

: UK Wireless group sets share price for trading next week.

2000-05-20: Veteran Al Hart to retire from KCBS, San Francisco, after 34 years there, 50 plus in radio.
: UK Radio Authority publishes annual report.

: US FCC fines WJKF-FM ,Washington, for phone offence but rejects indecency charge which one Commissioner felt valid.

: Sole demonstrator brought to trial after Pacifica -KPFA row is found not guilty of obstructing police.

: UK Guardian feature re getting a job in radio.
2000-05-21:Licence news this week.
2000-05-22: Chicago Tribune reports on woes of Milwaukee-based Cumulus Media Inc.
: BBC to air five 45 minute dramas based on true lives of children.
2000-05-22: Look at weekend radio columns.

2000-05-23: More US radio business deals.
2000-05-23: Australian announcer Ron Casey gets himself fired yet again for ofensive remarks, this time against aborigines.
2000-05-23: Clear Channel announces top management when AMFM merger is complete.
2000-05-24: Look at BBC Radio Merseyside and Sony award winner Roger Phillips.
: Rush Limbaugh say's had audition for Monday Football TV post.
: Scottish Radio says it's still in acquisitions market following good operating results, Capital radio does well from advertising boom.

2000-05-25: Arbitron announces more deals to boost its InfoStream webcast ratings service.
: British controlled media group bids record Australian $1555 million for new Sydney commercial radio licence.

2000-05-26 to 28:British disc jockey Andy Kershaw leaves BBC Radio 1 after 14 years/ subsequent protests
: : More technology deals for satellite radio and in Internet players.
2000-05-27: Black Enterprise Magazine names Radio One Inc as its "Company of the Year.". 2000-05-27: New Irish channel Lite Fm starts broadcasting
: Profits of British radio group GWR up nearly 40%
2000-05-28:Licence news this week.

UK Guardian radio critic Anne Karpf devotes farewell column to thoughts on Internet stations.
Look at weekend radio columns.

UK Guardian columnist on British reaction to the F-word on radio.
UK to hold digital radio summit
Big Boy and KBIG, Los Angeles.
Don Imus defended (Longer story)
Australian millionaire John Singleton plans to sell his private radio empire to his publicly quoted group.

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April 2000
2000-04-01: US National Association of Black Broadcasters endorses initiative to bring urban stations to the Internet.
2000-04-01 to 28 ; Bidding for third generation UK mobile phone licences.
2000-04-01: Radio bellwether Emmis Communications Corp. 1999 revenues up by 40%.
2000-04-02: SAIT-RadioHolland has launched a shares-only bid to take over Norwegian software provider Stento.
2000-04-02 to 15; Look at LPFM and other non-mainstream licences outside US/ FCC chairman Kennard defends LPFM.
** Congress votes against it.
2000-04-02 to 05 New management structure for British Broadcasting Corporation
2000-04-03: Sydney 2UE posts details of sponsorship deals following cash-for-comment rulings.
2000-04-03: US overnight radio host Art Bell announces "final" retirement in advance of court case against station who accused him of child molestation.
2000-04-04: Cumulus Media Inc. completes acquisition of KYUL-FM in Harker Heights, Texas, from the Stellar Radio Group.
2000-04-04: Premiere Radio says it is close to naming successor for host Art Bell who has resigned from his US overnight show.
2000-04-05: US satellite-to-car radio shows only around 20% of regular car listeners interested.
2000-04-05: Australian radio industry ups profits by 13.4% in last financial year whilst TV profits fall.
2000-04-06:Country Radio seminar in Nashville told Internet could be biggest threat yet to them.
2000-04-06:Vox Radio Group buys Derrick Publishing Company's radio stations
2000-04-06: Report on licence applications before UK radio authority.
2000-04-06: Geo Interactive Media, is to spin of its Web-Radio arm .
2000-04-07: Sydney 2UE now faces combined wrath of rugby authorities, radio rights holders and Australian TV over its calling games by viewing TV broadcasts.
2000-04-07: Audio basket, which has yet to launch its on-demand Internet audio services, adds Bloomberg Radio to its list of deals.
2000-04-07:Scottish Highlands internet radio station expects around 100,000 visitors from US on "Tartan Day".
2000-04-08 to 13: Latest licence awards and advertisements by UK Radio Authority.
2000-04-08 to 21: Takeover bid for UK Border TV by Scottish Radio Holdings.
2000-04-08: Los Angeles gets a bit of radio history back with return of KMPC call letters.
2000-04-09: Radio hosts - More burble, less squeak and the Mad Metallurgist.
: What is claimed to be first only-politics Internet audio station to be launched in US.
: Departures to Internet ventures hit traditional media outlets.

: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ revamps 2FM pop station to attract younger audience.
: Real Networks says it now has 115 million users/ launches improved Internet-only advert insertion system.
: Replacements named for Art Bell on US overnight show Coast-Coast AM.
: Viacom chief Sumner Redstone upbeat about broadcasting at opening of NAB Las Vegas.

: US NBC network strikes deal with Lou Dobbs for daily financial radio reports.
: US broadcasters told they should be looking to potential of digital not fighting Low Power FM.
: Avis plans to be first rental company to offer satellite radio receivers in its fleet.
: National Association of Broadcasters consider Internet benefits to them.
2000-04-15: US Congress overwhelmingly approves bill which would massively curb Low Power FM plans. Supporters of LFPM to continue fight in Senate.
The week's licence decisions in Australia, US, Canada.
2000-04-16: US talk show host Rush Limbaugh lobbies for sportscasting post.
2000-04-17 UK government may get billions more from spectrum to be released for mobile phone use/ more fears of interference to existing spectrum users.

2000-04-17: BBC World Service radio reduces use of "Lilliburlero" tune before news bulletins.
: Which news programme is the real flagship for BBC Radio 4 news, talk and drama channel?

2000-04-18: Demographic changes and Spanish-speaking stations' links with audience give them massive boost in Los Angeles area.
2000-04-18: Cumulus Media 1999 figures show major jumps in revenues.
: Alcatel Space deliver first of two communications modules for XM Satellite radio.
to 26 Chicago host Steve Dahl quits on his website after being suspended by WCKG; Later returns to station.
2000-04-20: Veteran Fred Latremouille to sign off from Vancouver radio scene.
: US Army's 4th Psychological Operations Group placed interns with National Public Radio as well as CNN.
2000-04-21: Real Networks revenues in first quarter double those for Q1 1999.
: Minnesota Public Radio takes over Los Angeles-based Marketplace Productions.
: British correspondent, broadcaster and author David Spanier dies.
: Vatican claims diplomatic immunity to hinder investigations that Vatican Radio antennae are causing cancer.
: Round up of past week's radio licence news.
US Spanish-language media group Entravision prepares for initial public offering (IPO) to raise some $600 million.
: High bids recorded for Indian commercial FM licences.
2000-04-24: US talk show host Dr Laura (Schlessinger) settles law suit brought against her by surf shop.
2000-04-25: XM Satellite radio first quarter results.
: Cumulus media's auditors resign following the company's issuing of an unqualified audit report on its 1999 financial statement.
2000-04-26: Strong Infinity radio results.
: Citadel Communications follow current US radio company trend with strong first quarter results.
:New head of BBC Radio 5 to be Bob Sherman, currently head of BBC Sport.
:Los Angeles first quarter Arbitrons leave top slots unchanged.

: More strong US radio first quarter results/ Clear Channel-AMFM deal approved by shareholders.

2000-04-28: Review of UK Classic FM's 'Hall of Fame.
: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopts new procedures for selecting licensees for non-commercial educational (NCE) broadcast channels.

: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ's Radio , still tops Dublin ratings
: US Federal Communications Commission calls for delay to US third generation mobile spectrum auction

2000-04-30: Round up of week's licence news.
: Top three unchanged in Washington DC Arbitron ratings
2000-04-30: Irish Times looks at Lyric FM on its first birthday.

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