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Below find index to archives for Oct. to Dec. 2001
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December 2001

2001-12-01: Look at week's US radio business deals.
2001-12-01: New chairman for Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.
2001-12-01: UK Talk Show host (and convicted criminal) Oliver North to be first radio host to broadcast from Afghanistan.
2001-12-01: Chicago shock jock Erich "Mancow" Muller sued by Cicero, Illinois, mayor.
2001-12-02: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation technicians threaten to stop work on Monday if no new deal is agreed/ more Corus job cuts in Canada.
UK Opposition party talks of privatizing BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2 channels if returned to office.

2001-12-02: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2001-12-03: Look at newspaper comment on radio of past week.
2001-12-04: Radio station in Kunduz, Afghanistan, switches seamlessly from Taliban format to supporting Northern Alliance and adding music to its output.

2001-12-04: iBiquity digital radio takes another step forward with approval from US National Radio Systems Committee and Geneva-bases International Telecommunications Union.
2001-12-05: MeasureCast reports another fall in Internet listening.
2001-12-05: Major staff cuts expected at company to be formed from merger of and Live 365.
2001-12-05: UK Radio Authority announces automatic renewal of 16 UK local licences.
2001-12-05: Cautious optimism over radio next year expressed at US media conference/more deals.
2001-12-06: TEAMTalk Media completes purchase of 80% stake in Atlantic 252.
2001-12-06: Major shuffle gives Kansas City a new station.
2001-12-06: Latest Australian ratings show Nova FM on a roll in Sydney.
2001-12-07: Canadian watchdog rules against Ottawa Xfm over broadcast of songs containing explicit lyrics.
2001-12-07: Spanish Broadcasting System figures better than expected but still down almost everywhere.
2001-12-07: Sydney DJ Ron E Sparks fired after row over smoking in studio.
2001-12-07: More US satellite radio developments.
2001-12-08: Class action suit filed against Regent and its IPO underwriters.
2001-12-08: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation technicians go on strike.
2001-12-08: US Pacifica radio row appears to be reviving.
2001-12-09: Regent closes on USD40 million Louisiana deal.
2001-12-09: CBC Radio regional programming hit by technicians dispute.
2001-12-09: Look at past week's licence news. 2001-12-10: Look at newspaper comment on radio of past week.
Latest MeasureCast monthly report shows Internet listening continues to be mainly an at-work habit.
2001-12-11: New York "Radio Chick" joins Clear Channel classic rock station.
2001-12-11: UK Chrysalis announces digital expansion and various appointments.
2001-12-11: US radio broadcasters and recording industry reported to have reached agreement over payments for streaming signals on Internet.
Latest MeasureCast weekly report shows Internet listening up by a third in week following US Thanksgiving Holiday.
2001-12-12: Radio yet again escapes censure in latest British broadcasting watchdog's report.
2001-12-12: Responses filed to various allegations and petitions involving US giant Clear Channel.
Transatlantic radio a century old today.
2001-12-13: US Federal Communications Commission votes for new Equal Employment Opportunities proposal.
Technicians successfully re-create Marconi's first transatlantic wireless signal but plans for Canadian live radio show to celebrate 100th anniversary is hit by technicians strike.
2001-12-13: Mapleton to add sixth FM to its Monterey, California, cluster.
2001-12-14: Report says European radio commercially undeveloped compared to US/Radar survey says radio does better amongst more prosperous families.
2001-12-14: Pacifica Foundation agrees settlement of law suit against board.
2001-12-15: Gloomy US figures from Duncan's American Radio but strong results from Astral Media in Canada.
2001-12-15: English DJ Chris Evans sues former employers for nearly GBP9 million.
2001-12-16: Look at past week's licence news.
2001-12-17: Sydney community radio groups in court after one group refuses membership to members of the other.
2001-12-17: Look at newspaper comment on radio of past week.
2001-12-18: Irish regulator receives 71 "expressions of interest" in licences in first phase of its local licence re-advertisement process.
2001-12-18: More controversy over Voice of America interviewing those "sponsoring" terrorism.

UK radio audience company to look at using audience metering methods/Arbitron may drop diaries for Portable People Meter in Philadelphia.

GrooveRadio says it will be back next year.
2001-12-19: Latest MeasureCast ratings show new record in Internet listening.
2001-12-19: Radio Advertising Bureau figures show US national advertising revenues continue to under perform local ones.
2001-12-19: Hispanic Broadcasting pays USD58 million for San Jose FM.
2001-12-20: Radio Mirchi launches second of its stations in Ahmedebad, India.

US Federal Communications Commission reduces one fine from USD150000 to USD2500 and foregoes fine of USD1000 on pirate operator.
2001-12-20: US Satellite radio shares soar following positive analysts reports.
2001-12-21: UK soccer and DJ moves/ SMG cuts final tie with Chris Evans.
2001-12-21: UK and US radio deals.
2001-12-22: US radio website conglomerate LMIV (Local Media Internet Venture) cuts 15 staff but plans six fold increase in number of sites.
2001-12-22: Canada's CHUM says it will stick with its sports radio network TEAM despite low ratings so far.
2001-12-22: US to spend USD19 million on Radio Free Afghanistan.
2001-12-22: Doctors say Rush Limbaugh's cochlear implant operation was successful.
2001-12-23: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reaches tentative agreement on new contract that could end technicians strike.
2001-12-23: Canadian Competition Bureau moves to block Astral Media purchase of ten Quebec stations from Telemedia.
Look at licence news of the past week.

Misdirected e-mail leads to own goal at BBC sports.

2001-12-24: Look at print comment on radio over the past week.
Spread of commercial FM leads to boom in receiver sales in India.

2001-12-25: UK Radio 4 shipping forecast to lose sea area Finisterre in February when it is renamed Fitzroy.
2001-12-26: US radio sportscaster Dick Schaap dies.
Entercom to spend USD180 million to acquire Tribune Company's three Denver stations.

New York Yankees move from WABC-AM to WCBS-AM after 21 years.
2001-12-27: Federal aid of USD8 million proffered towards rebuilding of New York transmission towers/Chicago college station loses its tower.
US religious broadcaster Salem completes USD150 million notes swap.

2001-12-28: Sirius Satellite Shares rise.
US traffic reporting nears normal after aviation restrictions lifted in US apart from Boston, New York and Washington, DC.

2001-12-30: Look at licence news of past week.
2001-12-31: Last ditch appeal made to Irish Minister to prevent TeamTalk taking over Atlantic 252.
2001-12-31: Our weekly pick of print media reports on radio.

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November 2001

2001-11-01: Latest Australian ratings show news and talk boosted by September 11 events.
US radio station total tops 13000.
Measurecast figures show Internet audience now more than tripled over the year.
2001-11-01: Australian Broadcasting Corporation managing director ousted.
2001-11-01: Latest BBC Complaints bulletin sees radio let off fairly lightly.
More job losses and potential losses as downturn continues to hit media.
2001-11-02: BBC forced to admit plans to replace veteran DJ Jimmy Young after potential replacement Nicky Campbell turns down the job.
2001-11-03: Former Pacifica Radio executive director Bessie Wash says she was asked to leave.

US Congress Committee unanimously votes for Radio Free Afghanistan plan.
2001-11-03: BBC to combine government funded World Service Radio and commercial World Service TV.
2001-11-03: More US third quarter results and radio deals.
2001-11-04: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
More US third quarter results and radio deals.
2001-11-05: Look at newspaper comment on radio of past week.
2001-11-06: Connemara Community Radio opens studio on Inishbofin Island.
2001-11-06: UK radio row over future of BBC Radio DJ Jimmy Young continues.
2001-11-06: US Pacifica Radio conflict may be drawing to a close.
2001-11-06: Q3 radio results and radio deals including record Q3 for Salem and another Wireless group sale in the UK.
2001-11-07: Jazz FM stays at top as Measurecast reports another leap in Internet listening.

Future looking more secure for veteran BBC DJ Jimmy Young.

Radio One Inc reports strong third quarter/other results and deals in US.
2001-11-08: Causes for concern about news plans of public station to take over John Hopkins University's WJHU-FM.
Radio escapes censure in latest report from UK Broadcasting Standards watchdog.
2001-11-08: US Congress votes for Radio Free Afghanistan.
2001-11-08: Kentucky-based Regent Communications exceeds its forecasts in third quarter.
2001-11-09: US Federal Communications Commission announces review of its ownership regulations.
Appeal by British Broadcasting Corporation turns up more than 100 radio and TV programmes for its archives, including 1931 radio drama.
As US radio advertising falls again/Clear Channel, Cumulus and Entravision report third quarter figures.
2001-11-09: In contrast to general industry gloom Austereo reports profits up and prospects strong.
2001-11-10: New York Public station WNYC, whose transmitters were destroyed on September 11, raises record USD million plus in pledge drive.
2001-11-10: More US results -Unica Q3 and Disney full year.

2001-11-10: Flood Tribunal into setting up of Ireland's first national commercial radio station told bribery allegations against then minister for communications have in effect been withdrawn.
2001-11-10: Pacifica Radio law suits settlement seems to be at risk/San Francisco KQED President resigns.
2001-11-10: Sirius Satellite Radio announces conference call about commercial launch but is hit by more class action law suits/ rival XM ploughs ahead with rollouts.
2001-11-11: Arbitron October webcasts show another jump in Internet listening.
2001-11-11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
Look at newspaper comment on radio of past week.
2001-11-13: Latest MeasureCast monthly ratings show major leap in listening and some intriguing differences from Arbitron figures.
2001-11-13: Sixteen Indian companies now have licences to operate privatized FM stations.
2001-11-13: UK Guardian report gives idea of costs of replacing analogue radio receivers in switch to digital.
2001-11-13: XM satellite service now nationwide in US.
2001-11-14: Australian Broadcasting Corporation appoints interim managing director as Jonathon Shier departs early.
2001-11-14: Two classical music stations in MeasureCast top five.
2001-11-14: Former BBC radio programme editor Julian Holland dies.
2001-11-14: More results including EMAP in UK, Cox and Jones in US.
2001-11-15: US Federal Communications Commission cancels USD4000 fine on Infinity.
2001-11-15: Scottish Radio Holdings turnover up but profits down/ to take full control of Ireland's Today FM
2001-11-15: Sirius Satellite Radio announces launch plans/Satellite Radio Companies' shares rise.
2001-11-16: US Federal Communications Commission forms new Homelands Security Council.
2001-11-16: More results including UK Capital and US Big City and Sirius.

2001-11-16: Sale of transmission business bought from BBC World Service makes millionaires of a number of former BBC employees.
Howard Stern Radio Show ends its television run.
2001-11-17: 22 Ramadan radio station licences issued in Britain.
2001-11-17: Clear Channel buying Ohio agri-radio network/Emmis cuts pay but gives stock instead.
Senate majority aide Jonathan Adelstein looks set to be new Democrat US Federal Communications Commissioner.
2001-11-18: BBC Director General says staff will not be allowed to criticize Corporation publicly in future.
2001-11-18: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2001-11-19: US Pacifica Radio reaches agreement with dissidents on new board to carry out restructuring.
2001-11-19: Look at newspaper comment on radio of past week.
2001-11-20: Conservative US talk host Rush Limbaugh now totally deaf but hopes surgical implants will allow him to hear again early next year.
2001-11-20: GWR reported to be considering sale of its European operations and interests in London news and talk stations.
2001-11-20: Cumulus shares up again after USD 300 million- plus deals including USD200million-plus acquisition of Aurora Communications.
2001-11-21: Australian High Court rejects call for judicial review into radio plan for Gosford in New South Wales.
2001-11-21: Latest MeasureCast Internet radio ratings.
2001-11-21: Profits slump 70% at UK GWR radio group.
2001-11-22: David H Fiske appointed Director of Media Operations for US Federal Communication Commission.
British reggae disc jockey dies after being shot in London suburb.
Regent Communications raises USD5 million through private stock placing.

2001-11-22: Canadian broadcasters join together in Internet radio broadcast operation.
2001-11-23: Police say BBC disc jockey was shot dead a few hours after he and Jamaican recording artist "Elephant Man" were robbet by armed men.
2001-11-23: UK Chrysalis group plunges into red because of New Media losses but reports strong performance from radio division.
2001-11-23: Canadian company develops switchboard which can use voice-prints to hang up on regular and unwanted talk-show callers.
2001-11-24: Salon story suggests may be playing "Shell game" in Ohio where a carpet dealer has filed a petition to bar it from purchasing WKKJ-FM Chillicothe.
2001-11-24: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission chairperson sounds upbeat note about radio in address concerning Canadian Broadcasting Industry.
2001-11-25: News helicopters back in air in some parts of US.
Lyric FM journalists complain that regional stations are being singled out for cuts by Irish state broadcaster RTÉ.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2001-11-26: Look at newspaper comment on radio of past week.
New commercial FM licence for Perth, Australia, is advertised.
2001-11-27: UK government hedges its bets on media deregulation in consultation paper but says it is to retain bar on on-European control of media organizations.
2001-11-27: Howard Stern now off the air in Canada.
2001-11-28: News flights back in operation over US capital but station's own helicopters remain grounded in US.
2001-11-28: Trial date in wild boar castration and slaying case set for February 11.
2001-11-28: New Sirius CEO appointed; has to face five class action lawsuits.
2001-11-28: All party support against Irish state broadcaster cutbacks/possible strikes at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Internet listeners already tuning into Christmas tunes according to latest Measurecast ratings report.
2001-11-29: UK Chrysalis group, whose broadcasting profits were wiped out by New Media losses, folds Internet activities into a new company and limits any future losses.
2001-11-29: Irish group opposes sale of Atlantic 252 long wave station, which it says should be used as national frequency.
Illinois to ban non-compete clauses after vote to override gubernatorial veto.

2001-11-30: BBC Radio 4 flagship Today show presenter Sue MacGregor to retire after 18 years with the show and more than 30 with the BBC.


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October 2001

2001-10-01: Arbitron study says women like favourite music on radio but major turn-offs are too many advertisements, bad language, and many contests
Look at radio related reports and columns in past week's print media.
2001-10-02: US ban on news helicopters following Sept 11 attacks hits radio traffic services.
2001-10-02: Sky News signs radio news deal with 30 stations, dealing blow to leading British commercial radio news provider, IRN.
2001-10-02: Washington DC WZZ-FM cuts back on commercial load following Arbitron report citing long commercial breaks as a major tune out factor.
Events after September 11 provide boost to BBC World Service and Monitoring services.
2001-10-03: Measurecast reports yet another record week for Internet listening.
UK Jazz FM reports first-ever profit/Tindle Radio on acquisition trail.
"Mancow" Muller signs up again with Emmis/Dick Gordon makes his official debut as host of The Connection.
2001-10-04: US talk host Dr Laura to change format for day and run phone-in with Islamic law expert following September 11 attacks.
2001-10-04: Sirius Satellite Radio says its service will be launched by years end.
2001-10-04: BBC Radio Five, which sacked him four years ago, rehires Danny Baker.
More estimates from US broadcasters of cost to them of September 11 attacks.
US radio giant Clear Channel denies claims that it abused its dominance to coerce entertainers to deal with its concert promoting division.
UK GWR Group reported in talks with bankers about its debts.

2001-10-05: US Federal Communications Commission orders stations of convicted child molester off the air after denying appeal.
UK Radio Authority may limit automation hours at British commercial radio stations.
More US radio deals and lowered earnings estimates.
Ottawa, Canada, to get four more FM stations.

2001-10-07: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2001-10-08: Irish regulator expected to ease media ownership regulations today.
2001-10-08: Look at radio related reports and columns in past week's print media.
2001-10-09: US Radio giant Clear Channel bids USD800 million to take over The Ackerley Group.
Voice of America further expands Afghan language broadcasts
2001-10-10: Latest Measurecast ratings show listening up 11% last week in September to take its index to 2.65 times level at start of the year.
XM to pay usual third quarter dividend/ class law suit launched against Sirius.
Regent Communications lowers third quarter estimates.
Top rated conservative US talk show host Rush Limbaugh says on air he is virtually deaf.
2001-10-11: BBC Radio 4 announcer Laurie Macmillan dies of cancer after 30 years with the Corporation.
Sydney host Alan Jones gets his facts wrong as he airs his political bias.
More media slowdowns on both sides of Atlantic.
2001-10-12: Grim August figures from US Radio Advertising Bureau.
2001-10-12: UK to get third national radio sports station.
2001-10-12: Rush Limbaugh to try drug treatment for hearing problems two months/ says he will soldier on.
2001-10-13: Measurecast September ratings show more terrestrial broadcasters in top ranks
2001-10-13: Changes in US radio market rankings as Arbitron takes 2000 census into its figures.
2001-10-13: US National Public Radio picks up Motley Fool financial radio show.

2001-10-13: BBC World Service looks for more funding to cover "War on Terrorism"/ puts special service on digital satellite for UK listeners
2001-10-14: Arbitron study in Los Angeles and New York shows increased radio listening in week of and after September 11 attack except for New York over-65s who listened less the week after.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2001-10-15: BBC involved in controversy over calls to censor Bin Laden tapes.
2001-10-15: Look at newspaper comment of past week relating to "War against Terrorism"
2001-10-16: Infinity Broadcasting dumps SVP John Gehron as "economy measure".
US and European radio deals.
British Government to leave decisions on broadcasting of bin Laden and al Qaida taps to the broadcasters.
2001-10-17: Irish regulator seeks expressions of interest in radio services, including suggestions for new services, in advance of re-advertisement of existing licences.
2001-10-17: Latest MeasureCast figures show Internet listening has nearly tripled so far this year.
2001-10-17: Co-founder David Margolese steps down as Sirius Satellite Radio CEO and company admits it will not meet December launch date/ FCC amends its temporary terrestrial repeater permissions for Sirius and XM
2001-10-18: News and local radio do well in first Australian Broadcasting Corporation quarterly audience review.
2001-10-18: Radio Canada International to increase broadcasts to Middle East.
2001-10-18: Sirius Satellite Radio downrated, XM booster by former's commercial launch delays. XM rolls out in more of \South West US today.
French government lowers up front payments for third generation mobile licences.

2001-10-19: Oldest Catholic diocesan university in US orders campus radio station to drop heavy metal and rock format.
Ireland to ease broadcasting ownership restrictions.
2001-10-19: Kagan Radio summit told US radio could have lost USD1 billion in revenues as result of attacks/Arbitron results.
2001-10-20: New York public radio station WNYC-FM hard hit by September 11 attacks.
2001-10-20: US flies specially equipped plane above Afghanistan carrying propaganda broadcasts.
2001-10-20: More US radio business including major Internet radio collapses.
2001-10-21: ClickRadio latest US Internet radio collapses.
2001-10-21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.2001-10-21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2001-10-22: Radio Free Europe considers expansion to Radio Free Afghanistan service.
2001-10-23: Former Sirius Satellite Radio CEO to get USD 4.5 million pay off, share option extension and USD200000 a year "fee" at board's discretion.
2001-10-23: BBC says Alistair Cooke's "Letter from America" will continue but is silent on future of veteran DJ Jimmy Young.

: Because of anthrax scare, US broadcasters ask for temporary waiver of need to keep complete public inspection file.

: British DJ Sara Cox consults lawyers after paper published pictures of her naked on beach with husband during honeymoon.
: Latest Measurecast and Arbitron Internet radio ratings.
2001-10-24: New East Midlands regional licence to be advertised in UK.

2001-10-24: Today FM continues its audience growth in latest Irish ratings.
: US Federal Communications Commission looks set for possible clashes over ownership regulations.

2001-10-25: UK Chrysalis signs up again for MTV Europe Music Awards.
2001-10-25: More US deals and job losses in UK radio and US Internet companies.
: Scottish Media Group to axe 95 jobs.
: Latest UK radio ratings/host departure fails to dent audiences for The Connection in Boston and on Virgin Breakfast show in UK.
2001-10-26: Christian station attracts most complaints in latest UK Radio Authority bulletin.
2001-10-27: Supporters of pro-Israeli group withdraw sponsorship of US public radio station because of its Middle East reporting.
2001-10-27: Capital Radio to buy London Choice FM stations.
2001-10-27: US broadcasters granted waiver over requirements to keep complete public inspection records because of anthrax scare but news flights still grounded.
2001-10-28: Pacifica Foundation executive director Bessie Wash departs/ organization to go to to arbitration in various disputes.
2001-10-28: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2001-10-29: Look at newspaper comment on radio of past week.
2001-10-30: Question of long time BBC DJ's future brought up in British Parliament.
2001-10-30: US radio company breaches lending covenants due to poor financial performance/ more radio deals.
2001-10-30: UK Guardian reports on jump in pirate radio stations.
2001-10-30: US Federal Communications Commission sets up working group on media ownership.
US Afghan broadcasts now carry instructions on how to tell food parcels from cluster bombs, which are the same colour.
2001-10-31: MeasureCast raises second round finance/announces tie-up with Nielsen NetRatings.
2001-10-31: More USQ3 results including the first income for XM Satellite Radio.
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