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Below find index to archives for Jan. to Mar. 2002
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March 2002

2002-03-01: BBC to make a week of its long-running radio soap, The Archers, available on-demand on the Internet.
2002-03-01: Florida jury acquits Bubba the Love Sponge and fellow defendants on animal cruelty charges for castration and killing of a wild boar.

2002-03-02: Richard Madden, Vice-President of US Corporation for Public Broadcasting dies aged 56.
2002-03-02: Bush administration reported ready to fund FM transmitter for Iraqi opposition as it steps up broadcasting propaganda expenditure.
2002-03-02: UK Radio Authority chairman says new UK Communications Bill likely to be published on April 26/ praises new access radio stations in Britain.
2002-03-02: British broadcasting watchdog upholds only one complaints against radio in February bulletin
2002-03-02: Regent Communications joins ranks of US radio companies with acquisition-fuelled higher revenues for 2001 but also higher losses and also lower revenues in final quarter.
2002-03-03: CHUM radio sports network drops Toronto Jays contract early and rival The Fan, like the Jays owned by Rogers, picks it up.
2002-03-03: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of past week.
2002-03-04: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-03-05: US Federal Communications commission red-flags putative Clear Channel Georgia deal on ownership concentration grounds.
2002-03-05: Battle for Sydney breakfast talk audience begins with Alan Jones claiming victory at 2GB over his successor at 2UE, where he was formerly top ranked breakfast host.
2002-03-06: Internet listening down again according to MeasureCast.
2002-03-06: Saga Communications 2001 results.
2002-03-06: WorldAudio announces plans to go public and set up Australian AM network..

2002-03-06: US National Association of Broadcasters vociferous about XM Satellite Radio patent that would allow it to provide local programming and advertising using its terrestrial repeater network/ XM says it has no intention of being other than national satellite broadcaster.
2002-03-07: Report commissioned by British Broadcasters and Regulators shows more than 90% of Britons believe children should have inviolable right to privacy.
2002-03-07: US radio deals including sale of Florida FM for USD70 million.
2002-03-07: UK Jazz FM turnover up but digital costs turn final half-year profit in 2000 to loss in 2001.

2002-03-07: Top-rated Chicago WBBM-AM morning co-host Felicia Middlebrooks in dispute over rate for new contract.
2002-03-08: Salem Communications reports strong same station performance but roll-out of Fish format holds down overall cash flow.
2002-03-08: Austereo beats forecasts for first half of its financial year but says early results this year are below.
2002-03-08: UK Virgin fires DJ Jon Holmes after sting in which he went into hospital mental ward.
2002-03-09: Cumulus Media co-founder Richard Weening leaves board but retains shares controlling nearly a third of company votes.
2002-03-09: WNYC to resume separate AM and FM output in April and drop around five hours a day of classical music from its FM output.
2002-03-09: Arbitron signs up more stations for its Portable People Meter trials in Philadelphia area.
2002-03-10: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-03-11: DMG tries fewer adverts means more revenue policy in Australia.
2002-03-11: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-03-11: Two new national radio channels launch in Britain.
2002-03-12: Amidst more than usual shuffling Jazz FM ousts Virgin from top spot in MeasureCast February station Internet rankings but Warp Radio holds on to top network spot.
2002-03-12: Austereo in tie up with RG Capital.

2002-03-12: Scottish Media Group delays issuing results amidst rumours of last minute renegotiation of banking covenants.
2002-03-13: Latest MeasureCast Internet weekly ratings/Arbitron February web cast ratings.
2002-03-13: UK Financial Times reports on hopes of movement in UK digital radio take-up.
2002-03-13: Radio Unica joins ranks of companies with higher revenues but greater losses.
2002-03-13: FCC says by end of month it will clear backlog of mail decontaminated after anthrax scare.
2002-03-14: Arbitron starts to move RADAR ratings away from telephone surveys to diary system but increases sample size.
2002-03-14: Radio Australia launches 13-part "Time to Talk" series on governance in the Pacific region.
2002-03-14: Racing driver Eddie Irvine wins case against UK TalkSport over its use of doctored photograph of him in an advertising leaflet.
2002-03-14: US National Public Radio in the firing line after complaints about an anthrax report and speaking tour by Jerusalem-based correspondent which was to have been paid for by pro-Israeli group.
2002-03-15: MediaAmazing drops free streams in response to weak advertising environment and proposed royalty charges for streaming music/ US radio companies lodge appeal against proposed charges which they say are more than three times what they should be.
2002-03-15: WBBM-AM, Chicago, parts company with longtime morning co-anchor Felicia Middlebrooks after disagreement over pay for new contract.
2002-03-15: Fox TV personality Bill O'Reilly to make syndicated radio show debut on May 8.
2002-03-15: More bullish news on prospects for radio from UK and US.
2002-03-16: US takes step further towards developing Middle East Radio Network (MERN) with agreements for transmitters in Gulf states.
2002-03-16: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in submission to Parliament stresses its value in building national sense of identity.
2002-03-16: Scottish Media Group reaches tentative agreements with its lenders to carry it through to June 2003.
2002-03-16: US National Association of Broadcasters continues to press for formal restrictions on satellite radio terrestrial repeaters.
2002-03-17: Former Chicago WBBM-AM morning co-anchor Felicia Middlebrooks says she has "no regrets" over cutting tis with the station.
2002-03-17: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-03-18: Viacom names John Sykes, head of its VH1 TV operation, to succeed Farid Suleman as CEO of Infinity Radio.
2002-03-18: Pacifica Radio Network to move headquarters back to Berkeley, California.
2002-03-18: Chicago Sun-Times reports that Rev Jesse Jackson has brokered agreement for Felicia Middlebrooks to remain as morning co-anchor for WBBM-AM, Chicago.
2002-03-18: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-03-19: US National Public Radio airing celebration of the "Golden Years" of Yiddish radio in the US.
2002-03-19: BBC stages gala concert to mark 60 years of Radio 4 "Desert Island Discs" programme.
2002-03-19: Australian Broadcasting Authority annual conference to concentrate on impact of digital technology.
2002-03-19: Citadel Communications founder Larry Wilson leaves company which was sold to Forstmann Little last year.
2002-03-20: Virgin Radio moves to top station/Clear Channel remains top network in latest MasureCast Internet ratings.
2002-03-20: 2002 Sony Award nominations announced -BBC channels or programmes are sole finalists in six sections including Station of the Year.
2002-03-20: XM shares drop 13% after auditors express doubts about its ability to continue trading without additional finance.
2002-03-20: UK Radio Authority issues GBP75,000 fine on Virgin Radio, equaling the stations UK record fine of the same amount two years ago.
2002-03-21: US ends aerial radio propaganda broadcasts over Afghanistan.
2002-03-21: Interep fourth quarter revenues 26% down and EBITDA down 91%.
2002-03-21: UK Capital Radio says advertising likely to remain depressed for rest of this year.

2002-03-21: US Federal Communications Commission clears four of five in backlog of red-flagged deals/ sets fifth for a hearing.
2002-03-22: US Minority Media and Telecommunications Council suggests new non-entertainment stations that would share spectrum of an existing entertainment channel to ease diminishing diversity of ownership and viewpoint in US radio.
2002-03-22: Beasley Broadcasting closes New Orleans stations sale, arranges new loan covenants with its banks.
2002-03-22: UK test of Swiss RadioControl audience measuring system shows most stations gain greater reach with news and talk in particular gaining from popular music stations.

2002-03-22: US Federal Communications Commission fines Emmis USD21,000 for three indecency offences relating to Mancow Morning Madhouse show.
2002-03-23: Nashville Public Radio turns to bond market to fund purchase of WSNG-AM.
2002-03-23: Rival UK radio executives criticizes release by Wireless Group of RadioControl audience measurements without consultation.
2002-03-23: Clear Channel SEC filing shows it spent more than USD1 billion on acquisitions in 2001 and some USD660 million on capital improvements.
2002-03-24: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-03-25: New York Times report says placement of tooth whitener adverts may have more effect on US Country radio than the music itself.
2002-03-25: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-03-26: Two radio deals in Arizona.
2002-03-26: Australian Broadcasting Corporation launches drive to promote its Radio National channel.
2002-03-26: Winter 2002 RADAR reports show more than three quarters of Americans listening to network radio, more than 90% in households with incomes of USD70,000 or more.
2002-03-28: Sirius Satellite Radio advances rollout as net loss widens.
2002-03-28: Canadian watchdog rules against station that staged naked man stunt/ US Federal Communications Commission denies review of USD15,000 fine on Arizona station.
2002-03-28: Ups and downs in radio results/ more stock and share issues and repurchases.
2002-03-27: Latest MeasureCast ratings show another rise in Internet listening.
2002-03-27: Australian ratings show Austereo holding off threat from newcomer Nova in Sydney but losing fight in Melbourne where Nova is not top ranked; In talk stakes Sydney 2GB moves up on 2UE.
2002-03-27: Arbitron joins fray over streaming fees- saying letter to Congress that proposed fees should be dropped and five-year fees moratorium introduced.
2002-03-29: Local revenue focus boosts Scottish Radio Holdings according to update statement.
2002-03-29: More auto deals for US satellite radio companies.
2002-03-29: UK and US radio industry organizations defend deregulation and attack regulators for interference.
2002-03-29: US judge halts revocations of Family Broadcasting's station licences in the US Virgin Island and orders hearings into case.
2002-03-30: Former Miami host sentenced to probation, house arrest, community service and ordered to pay restitution for paying kickbacks to keep broadcasting contract.
2002-03-30: Two UK radio companies go under.
2002-03-30: Look at US business deals including Cumulus completion of major takeovers and refinancing.
2002-03-31: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

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2002-02-01 Cash-strapped satellite radio pioneer WorldSpace donates receivers to US forces overseas.
2002-02-01 Virgin host Steve Penk leaves company/poor ratings add to woes of owner, Scottish Media Group.
2002-02-01 Look at radio business deals and results over past week.

2002-02-01 Latest UK audience figures show radio a healthy medium but BBC increases its dominance over commercial radio.
2002-02-02 : Former John Hopkins University station WJHU-FM now sold and broadcasting as WYPR
2002-02-02 : Radio escapes lightly in latest reports from British Broadcasting Standards Commission and BBC Complaints Unit.
2002-02-02 : Top rated Sydney breakfast host Alan Jones reported on verge of rejecting final offer from 2UE.
2002-02-03 : British music and media company Channelfly to sell of its student radio arm to Campus Media.
2002-02-03: Look at licence news and issues of the past week.
2002-02-04: US Federal Communications Commission expects final report on discovery of anthrax traces at its mail facility.
2002-02-04: Our weekly pick of print media reports on radio.
2002-02-05: UK Guardian looks at changes in UK sports radio with advent of TEAMtalk/TalkSport tests new radio meter.
2002-02-05: US Pacifica Radio Network new board brings back fired staff but has major debt crisis.
2002-02-05: Capital Radio teams up with Disney to launch children's channel on UK digital radio/more UK digital developments.
2002-02-06: Latest MeasureCast ratings show few changes but drop in listening due to Martin Luther King Day holiday.

Anthrax traces at US federal Communications Commission facility said to be due to cross contamination.
2002-02-06: 15 applications put in for new UK East Midlands licence.
2002-02-06: President Bush proposes USD33 million increase to USD278 million in 2003 Federal Communications Commission budget.
2002-02-07: New York Public Station WNYC reported to be considering more news, less classical music.
2002-02-07: UK Virgin radio hires PR firm to boost is flagging breakfast show.
2002-02-07: Entercom 2001 figures down on 2000 but still its second best ever.
2002-02-07: Nearly half of Australian regional radio stations output is syndicated or from network according to report.

2002-02-07: US Federal Communications Commission starts hearings to revoke licences of Alaskan broadcaster Peninsula Communications.
2002-02-08: Voice of America reporter who gained exclusive Taliban leader interview is moved to "useless job."
2002-02-08: UK Radio Authority latest review highlights issue of automation/shows fewer complaints against British commercial radio in 2001 than in 2000.
2002-02-08: Top rated Sydney breakfast host Alan Jones jumps ship from 2UE to 2GB.
2002-02-09: Court date for Bubba the Love Sponge on animal cruelty charges put back until end of February.
2002-02-09: UK GWR reported to be involved in major overhaul of its regional newsrooms.
2002-02-09: US Radio Advertising Bureau releases figures for 2001/ US radio business of past week.

2002-02-09: Alaskan jury awards USD150,000 punitive damages against Westwood One for destroying show tape wanted in evidence.
US regulator's report shows steep increase in indecency complaints/ pressures mount on broadcasters.
2002-02-10: BBC host Jonathan Ross rebuked for lugging sister-in-law's restaurant on his show.
2002-02-10: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of past week
2002-02-11: Look at print cover of radio over past week.
2002-02-11: Australian radio industry report as Sydney talk radio heads for shake-up.
2002-02-12: Former Ministry of Sound media boss joins Capital Radio.
2002-02-12: US court rules against ban on involvement by former pirate operators  in low-power FM.
2002-02-12: Report on UK digital radio
2002-02-13: Internet listening jumps yet again: according to MeasureCast its now five times that at start of 2001
2002-02-13: US information group Bloomberg pus in bid to buy News Direct FM from London News Radio.
2002-02-13: President Bush nominates Jonathon Adelstein as Democrat to join Federal Communications Commission.

2002-02-13: Look at US radio business as it starts week on a high as advertising gloom lifts/ Beasley and Entravision results above forecast.
2002-02-14: Australian radio leader Austereo expecting dip in ratings of its Triple-M stations in next ratings.
2002-02-14: Latest Irish ratings show independent radio sector slipping a little last year.
2002-02-14: Viacom loses USD42 million in fourth quarter/Emmis reduces debt by selling its Denver stations.
2002-02-15: Sydney talk host Alan Jones defuses row by turning down post offered by Police Minister.
2002-02-15: Internet ratings for month of January from Arbitron and MeasureCast.
2002-02-15: New Perth commercial FM licence in Australia goes to DMG/ARN joint venture for AUD25 million.

2002-02-15: Sirius finally starts to launch its satellite radio service, three month after rival XM want nationwide in US.
2002-02-16: Christian group seems to have more problems getting Irish licence than raising people from the dead!

Complaints against Australian radio down last year but only because of ending of "cash-for-comment" plethora of complaints.

2002-02-16: Westwood One income drops but it manages record free cash flow in final quarter of 2001.
2002-02-17: UK Capital Radio and UBC Media to cooperate in national data network using their digital licences.
2002-02-17: US Pacifica Radio, under severe financial pressures, closes down its network news department.
2002-02-17: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of past week.
2002-02-18: Flood Tribunal report on payments for former Irish Communications Minister now not due out until after country's general election.
2002-02-18: Iowa looks set to be next US state to introduce law banning non-compete clauses.
2002-02-18: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-02-19: Former Australian Broadcasting Corporation Managing Director gets AUD One million pay-off after leaving less than half-way through his contract.

2002-02-19: Fisher Communications broadcasting revenues down nearly a third in final quarter of 2001.
2002-02-19: UK Virgin Radio managing director says it will take six months to get over effects of dismissla of former Breakfast DJ, Chris Evans.
US National Religious Broadcasters Association replaces President/CEO after less than six months in post.

2002-02-19: BBC 1 Breakfast DJ Sara Cox has to apologize on -air over bad language from guest Ali G during interview.
2002-02-20: MeasureCast reports another increase in Internet listening.
2002-02-20: UK and US radio deals.
2002-02-20:Veteran US broadcaster Howard K Smith and Canadian broadcaster Harvey Kirck die.

2002-02-20: Latest Australian ratings -DMG hit hard with new Melbourne station but Austereo fights back in Sydney.
2002-02-21: Report on first Maryland low power FM (sixth in US) now on air two years after legislation was passed in US.
2002-02-21: BBC World Service wins George Polk award for its reporting on September 11 and Afghanistan.
2002-02-21: Cumulus revenues down 11% last year, but half of this due to reduction in portfolio: same-station revenues were down 5.4%
Farid Suleman to leave Viacom's Infinity and Westwood One to become CEO of Citadel and special partner at Forstmann Little, its owners.
2002-02-22: Radio One Inc and Cox both outperform US average in final 2001 results.
2002-02-22: Proposed charges and details required for streaming music likely to result in many organisations pulling out.
2002-02-23: Infinity access to Arbitron's Arbi-Trends report now over as companies continue to negotiate new deal.
2002-02-23: Daily Mail group reported to be considering deal to re-brand LBC as LBC-Metro after its free newspapers.
2002-02-23: Hispanic results for 2001.
2002-02-23: Radio groups may drop streaming in view of proposed copyright charges and record keeping required.
2002-02-24: BBC denies TV presenter Jeremy Vine has already been given Jimmy Young Radio 2 slot.
2002-02-24: San Francisco radio trade publication Gavin reported near to closure.
2002-02-24: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of past week.
2002-02-25: US sports talk host Jim Rome decides to concentrate on radio and ease up with TV work.
2002-02-25: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-02-26: Susquehanna radio revenues down nearly a fifth in final quarter, down a third in San Francisco.
2002-02-26: NTL sells its Australian transmission system.
2002-02-26: 2002 Golden Mike awards go to Radio One, founder Catherine Hughes and her son and current CEO,Alfred Liggins III.
2002-02-26: Arbitron study shows traffic congestion up and more listening to their radios in Los Angeles area.
2002-02-27: Good Morning Afghanistan now on Kabul radio waves.
2002-02-27: Internet listening slips back according to latest MeasureCast ratings.
2002-02-27: Two Tasmanian AM stations allocated FM frequencies for same areas.
2002-02-27: Jury selected for Florida trial of Bubba the Love Sponge (Todd Clem) on animal cruelty charges.

2002-02-27: US Federal Communications Commission seems set to toughen up enforcement of indecency cases.
2002-02-28: MeasureCast and Nielsen Media Research launch road show to promote streaming media advertising.
2002-02-28: Moscow Echo editor in chief and many journalists quit amidst fears of state controlled owner imposing controls.
2002-02-28: Sue MacGregor ends 18-year stint on flagship BBC breakfast current affairs radio show.
2002-02-28: US radio results -- Clear Channel and NextMedia.

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January 2002

2002-01-01: Two BBC radio broadcasters awarded Knighthoods.
Sirius and XM Satellite shares end 2001 on an upbeat note.
Latest MeasureCast Internet listening reports show almost fourfold increase over 2001.
2002-01-02: Scottish Media Group, under bank pressure to reduce it debts, may have to dispose of assets.
2002-01-02: Look at some strengths of radio in profile of US National Public Radio host Terry Gross.
2002-01-02: UK Broadcasting Watchdog upholds three complaints against radio in its latest bulletin.
Times of India reports on burgeoning commercial FM in a country where nearly 90% listen to radio but the medium only takes around a fortieth of the advertising revenues.
2002-01-03: More optimistic forecasts about future of US satellite radio.
2002-01-04: Another long-time US classical station dies/country and 80's formats fall back but sports, oldies and classic rock increase outlets.

2002-01-04: US satellite radio shares fall back as XM is downgraded by analyst and Sirius announces new share issue.
2002-01-05: UK newspaper reports that TV morning presenter is bidding for Sir Jimmy Young's morning slot on BBC Radio 2.
2002-01-05: Long time New York radio host Casper Citron dies aged 82.

Look at radio business deals of past week.
2002-01-06: College station at oldest US Catholic University introduces new format after authorities barred its old heavy metal format.
2002-01-06: US Culture Family Institute issues report criticising enforcement of broadcast indecency rules.
2002-01-06: Look at licence news of past week.
2002-01-07: Protests mount at suggestion that WSM-AM may drop country format for sports after 76 years.

2002-01-07: Our weekly pick of print articles concerning radio and radio personalities.
2002-01-08: Dutch student who won tropical island as "ultimate radio quiz prize" decides she doesn't want it after all.
2002-01-08: Forrest Boyd, former Mutual Broadcasting White House correspondent, dies aged 80.
2002-01-08: Dutch banking student who won "paradise" tropical island in radio quiz, turns it down on cost grounds.
2002-01-08: UK radio takes highest ever share of advertising pie.
2002-01-08: Sirius and XM Satellite radios launch new web sites/announce other developments at US Consumer Electronics Show.
2002-01-09: MeasureCast figures for end of 2001 show 40% drop in Christmas week and a fall for the month.
2002-01-09: Emmis Q3 figures down but company says it is still outperforming rivals.
2002-01-09: US Federal Communications Commission backs down over fine for airing of edited version of "Real Slim Shady" but upholds USD14000 indecency fines on Emmis Communications.
2002-01-10: Former US TV host Tavis Smiley makes strong start with his US National Public Radio show.
2002-01-10: Clear Channel quietly folds and directs site visitors to stream of Denver station.
2002-01-10: US digital radio company iBiquity selects cities for rollout of US digital terrestrial audio broadcasts.
2002-01-11: US National Public Radio weekend host to step down, Minnesota Radio to cut back, but Pacifica's Democracy Now! is back on the air.
2002-01-11: BBC Radio 1 to increase capacity to handle text message feedback 60-fold as messages swamp networks and UK media.
2002-01-11: Radio-Television News Directors Association to consider merging its annual show with that of US National Association of Broadcasters.

2002-01-11: Disney says its owned and operated ABC radio stations will keep tapes of its broadcasts for two months, winning praise from Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps.
2002-01-12: Look at US radio deals of past week.
Arbitron December webcast ratings show four Canadian newcomers in top 25.
2002-01-12: RTNDA and NAB to hold 2002 conventions together in Los Angeles.
2002-01-12: Former Infinity Programming SVP John Gehron, laid off last year, joins Clear Channel as Chicago Regional VP/Market manager.
2002-01-13: London radio station provides independent news to Zimbabwe where Mugabe government controls all broadcast media and had closed down local independent stations.
2002-01-13: Look at licence news and issues of the past week.
2002-01-14: Our weekly pick of print media reports on radio.
USS Federal Communications Commission to hold Open meeting on 17th to review its operations.
2002-01-15: New Cork station, Red FM, goes on air January 16th

Arbitron to launch final phase of its Portable People Meter ratings system in Philadelphia.
2002-01-16: Latest Measurecast ratings show listening jump after end of holiday break.
2002-01-16: Upbeat message from US Radio Advertising Bureau but November 2001 figures well down on a year before.
2002-01-16: Gaylord Entertainment to keep country format on WSM-AM but hoping to develop Grand Ole Opry show.

2002-01-16: General Motors boosts XM Satellite Radio with announcement that it will offer receivers as option in 23 of its 2003 models.
2002-01-17: Ireland's latest commercial station, Red FM, launches successfully in Cork.
2002-01-17: Seattle gets first all-Spanish station with switch of KKMO-AM from Christian Talk into Radio Sol.
2002-01-17: Veteran BBC Radio 2 DJ to step down from daily show at end of year and host new weekend programme.

2002-01-17: Australian Broadcasting Authority to auction new Perth licence on February 14.
2002-01-18: US National Association of Broadcasters records record radio membership/continues to press issues of satellite radio companies terrestrial repeaters and ownership regulation.
2002-01-18: BBC said to be trying to entice Capital FM Breakfast host Chris Tarrant to take over Jimmy Young Radio 2 weekday slot.
2002-01-18: US public broadcasters turning to bond issues to raise funds.
2002-01-19: Look at US radio deals over the past week.
2002-01-19: BBC to launch first of its five new digital radio services on February 2.
2002-01-19: South Florida sportscaster pleads guilty to paying kickbacks to ensure extension of contract with Miccosukee tribe.
2002-01-20: Look at licence news and issues of the past week.
2002-01-21: Our weekly pick of print media reports on radio.
2002-01-22: Cochlear implants said to have restored much of hearing of conservative US talk host, Rush Limbaugh.
2002-01-22: UK Jazz FM expresses interest in buying London News Radio.
2002-01-22: US radio giant Clear Channel files to be allowed to sell up to USD3 billion of securities.
2002-01-22: British radio industry launches campaign to promote digital radio.
2002-01-23: Measurecast reports another jump in Internet listening, which is now around five times that at start of 2001.
2002-01-23: Sydney 2UE lawyers told to take action over broadcasts of foul-mouthed blooper tapes by presenter Alan Jones.
2002-01-23: Poll shows BBC Radio 2 presenter Terry Wogan and Radio 4 newsreader Charlotte Green to have most attractive voices in British radio
.2002-01-24: University of Southern California, Santa Barbara, launches campaign to buy classical station KDB-FM
2002-01-24: Third London digital multiplex goes on air at midnight.
2002-01-24: California Congressmen calls for enquiry into US radio giant Clear Channel over possible anti-trust law violations.
2002-01-24: More gloomy forecasts from UK commercial radio.
2002-01-25: US all news stations have best figures for 12 years.
2002-01-25: Strong fourth quarter results for Arbitron.
2002-01-25: US radio station for ethnic minorities proposing to ban use of ethnic description "Asian"
2002-01-25: XM satellite radio has first signifcant income but higher losses in 2001 Q4 results.
2002-01-26: US government said to be secretly funding radio station that broadcasts to Zimbawe from UK.
2002-01-26: Veteran Canadian radio host Peter Gzowski dies aged 67.
2002-01-26: UK Virgin breakfast host walks out.
2002-01-26: Look at main radio business deals of the week.
2002-01-27: Chicago loses adults standards station to talk format/Clear Channel culls more staff.
2002-01-27: Look at licence news and issues of the past week/Canadian watchdog rules against broadcast of hip "rant"
2002-01-28: Public radio stations round US raise more than UISD700,000 to aid WNYC, whose transmitters were destroyed in attack on World Trade Centre.
2002-01-28: Our weekly pick of print media reports on radio.
2002-01-29: Owners of Napa Valley stations sue former general manager, his wife, and his current employers for USD32 million for reducing value of stations by enticing away staff.
2002-01-29: European charity re-equips Radio Afghanistan, to launch US style breakfast show.
2002-01-30: BBC Radio 5 presenter Nicky Campbell reported to be in dispute with his agents over fees due to them.
2002-01-30: Internet listening now up nearly fivefold on last year according to latest MeasureCast report.
2002-01-30: UK Radio Authority chair calls for changes in media cross ownership regulations.
2002-01-30: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD14,000 indecency fine on Entercom/refuses Clear Channel appeal against USD25,000 fine.
2002-01-31: Former Clear Channel Utah host sues company, alleging sexual harassment and contract violations.
2002-01-31: Chicago talk station WVON-AM becomes first institution to win a Studs Terkel Award.
2002-01-31: Poetess/singer Sarah Jones sues US Federal Communications Commission in wake of fine on station for playing her song "Your Revolution".

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