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Below find index to archives for April to June 2002
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2002-06-01: Managing Director of Austereo Perth stations to leave at end of month.
2002-06-01: British watchdog upholds two complaints against UK radio in its latest bulletin.
2002-06-01: Infinity takes Eddie and Jobi - Ed Volkman and Joe Bohannon - off WBBM-FM, Chicago, airwaves.
2002-06-01: UK Betting to take over TeamTalk; position of TeamTalk 252 sports radio station to be reviewed.

2002-06-01: Entercom stops streaming its radio stations.
2002-06-02: UTV says it has pinpointed radio stations in the Republic of Ireland that it would like to acquire.
2002-06-02: US Public Radio to start airing series of documentaries on World Trade Centre neighbourhood from Monday, June 3.
2002-06-02: Infinity's bad-mouthing duos Don and Mike and Anthony and Opie back live on air.

2002-06-02: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-06-03: Sirius Satellite Radio now available in 37 US States/ more XM Stock sales.
2002-06-03: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-06-04: Kashmir radio stations in propaganda war against Pakistan.
2002-06-04: Radio and Internet Newsletter calculates that dropping streaming could cost just one Entercom stations USD750,000 a year.
2002-06-04: UK Guardian says deal is done for Jeremy Vine to take over Jimmy Young slot on BBC Radio 2.
2002-06-05: Internet listening up yet again according to MeasureCast.
2002-06-05: Look at Arbitron report on radio in Puerto Rico.
2002-06-05: Deutsche Bank Media conference hears Clear Channel say it is not currently looking for more acquisitions, Viacom say it will go for broadcast acquisitions if the deals are right and Entercom say it hopes for acquisitions over next couple of years.
2002-06-06: Arbitron releases update on progress of its Portable People Meter audience measurement system.
2002-06-06: BBC Radio Five Live buys live rights to Tyson-Lewis title bout.
2002-06-06: US Satellite radio companies tell New York conference of their progress and plans.

2002-06-06: Canadian Broadcasting Corporations selects team leaders for revamp of its Radio One morning schedule.
2002-06-06: Boycott of US National Public Radio affiliate WBUR-FM in Boston, led by pro-Israeli group, could cost station up to USD 2 million in current financial year.
2002-06-07: Fired Greek former BBC journalist tells employment tribunal he would have automatically been given a permanent contract were he British.
2002-06-07: WBBM-FM, Chicago drops rhythm and blues star off its playlist after he was arrested on child pornography charges.
2002-06-07: Guardian Media Group increases offer for Jazz FM to gain board recommendation of acceptance/ EMAP reported to be considering hiving off its radio division into separate company.
2002-06-07: Forstmann Little files to take Citadel public and sell shares worth around USD657,000
2002-06-08: BBC Radio Five Live agrees UK League soccer deal for live commentaries on broadcast and web site for next two seasons.
2002-06-08: US satellite radio companies withdraw call for regulation of Wi-Fi to prevent interference.
2002-06-08: UK "Little Guys Radio Association" formed with particular intent to lobby for radio metering system to replace diary ratings.
2002-06-08: US Federal Communications Commission levies USD21, 000 fine on Infinity for various Opie and Anthony Show indecency offences.
2002-06-09: Chris Bickerton, longtime presenter of BBC World Service "Focus on Africa" dies of cancer.

Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-06-10: Chicago WBBM-AM agrees long-term deal with morning co-anchor Pat Cassidy a year before his current contract ends.
2002-06-10: Arbitron simplifies simulcast station ratings rules.

2002-06-10: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-06-11: Former British DJ and radio mogul Chris Evans reported in talks with BBC about return to TV/ UK Capital Radio staff summonsed to series of meetings about company's planned changes.
2002-06-11: US newspapers report on Clear Channel programmers meeting and charges being levied for music companies to sponsor the event.
2002-06-11: Leading London black radio station, Choice FM, accused of sexual harassment at industrial tribunal.

2002-06-11: Entravision buys Spanish Broadcasting Dallas station for USD35 million to boost its Dallas cluster.
2002-06-12: MeasureCast and Arbitron figures show May Internet listening up again.
2002-06-12: New East Midlands regional licence in UK said to have been awarded to Saga.
2002-06-12: Interep raises another USD 5 million through private stock and warrant placing.
2002-06-12: US National Public Radio launches new Middle East section of its website, carrying audio and transcripts.
2002-06-13: Latest MeasureCast weekly Internet ratings show listening down 60% on Memorial Day.
2002-06-13: Strike threat over job cuts at UK Teamtalk.

2002-06-13: Viacom's Westwood One and Black Entertainment Television to form BET Radio Network..
2002-06-13: Saga awarded new East Midlands regional FM licence/ UK Capital Radio reorganizes.

2002-06-13: Univision to take over Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation (HBC) in USD3.5 billion stock swap/ Spanish Broadcasting System launches lawsuit against Clear Channel and HBC.
2002-06-14: Arbitron tests Portable People Meter in Latin America in conjunction with IBOPE Media Information.
2002-06-14: London Heart FM brings in next drive team from Monday.
2002-06-14: Report says competing incompatible digital radio formats will keep up prices.

2002-06-14: US radio stocks steady after roller coaster in wake of Univision -Hispanic deal and Spanish Broadcasting lawsuit.
2002-06-15: Former Spanish language morning host jailed for nearly four years for lewd acts with two 14-years-old girls.
2002-06-15: WBBM-FM,Chicago, drops news director and morning news anchor Karen Hand.
2002-06-15: Digital Radio Mondiale system gets endorsement by International Electrotechnical Committee.
2002-06-15: Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Russell Feingold details reasons he will be introducing legislation to combat" over-concentration" of ownership in US radio industry.
2002-06-16: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-06-17: Clear Channel closes Ackerley acquisition.
2002-06-17: Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago marks its 15th year.
2002-06-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-06-18: Clear Channel appoints Don Howe to head its cross-media Clear Channel Advantage.
2002-06-18: CanWest Global Communications reported to have received two bids for its New Zealand media operations, one for TV interests only, the other for both radio and TV.
2002-06-18: US Federal Communications Commission to revise newspaper and broadcast ownership regulations as one overall reform instead of separately.
2002-06-18: London news station LBC expected to be bought by Bloombergs after Daily Mail group pulls out of plans to relaunch it as RadioMetro.
2002-06-18: Arbitron's Philadelphia Personal People Meter tests show significant extra audiences compared to diary system.
2002-06-19: MeasureCast says Internet listening up again after Memorial Day week fall.
2002-06-19: Hugh Crosskill, former head of BBC World Service Caribbean output, shot dead in Jamaica.
2002-06-19: Country Radio Broadcasters name Ed Salamon as new Executive Director.
2002-06-19: DJ Steve Penk to rejoin UK Capital FM following his walk out on Virgin in January.
2002-06-19: After six years, Ed Stolz finally signs form for transfer of KWOD-FM, Sacramento, to Entercom.
2002-06-20: Jack Buck, voice of the St. Louis Cardinals for nearly five decades, dies aged 77.
2002-06-20: Chief Executive of Jazz FM reported to be going to leave company when Guardian Media Group completes its takeover.
2002-06-20: Latest Australian ratings show Alan Jones increasing his breakfast time lead in Sydney to the discomfiture of his former station.
2002-06-20: US broadcasters call for tests in additional areas and slowdown in rollout of Arbitron's Portable People Meter.
2002-06-21: Eastlan Resources, the second largest US radio ratings organization, signs up four Hawaii markets.
2002-06-21: UK Radio Authority calls for views on whether it should insist that local stations broadcast and produce news from local studios or permit news hubs.
2002-06-21: Canadian broadcaster CHUM fires senior staff of its ill-fated sports network.
2002-06-21: US Librarian of Congress sets Internet streaming rate at same 0,07 cents per song per listener for both Internet-only and broadcast commercial station streams, halving the webcast only charge proposed by Copyright Arbitration Panel.
2002-06-22: CBS wins 2002 radio network Edward R Murrow Overall Excellence award in year dominated by September 11 cover.
2002-06-22: US report says most US radio listeners are unhappy about consolidation in the industry.
2002-06-22: Radio stocks drop sharply at end of week/ US radio deals over the week.
2002-06-22: Webcast royalty ruling attacked from all sides as those who have to pay want to pay less and those who stand to gain want to be paid more.
2002-06-23: South African Broadcasting Complaints Commission bars song said to promote hate towards Indian community of Kwazulu-Natal.
2002-06-23: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-06-24: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-06-25: Baltimore court begins hearing of USD5 million suit against US radio talk hose and convicted Watergate conspirator C Gordon Liddy, the third hearing of the case.
2002-06-25: Austereo said to have entered bidding for Canwest Global Communication' New Zealand radio stations.
2002-06-25: UK commercial radio companies to call for easing of radio ownership regulations in testimony to Parliamentary committee.
2002-06-25: Arbitron releases RADAR 73 survey of US network radio over past year.
2002-06-25: US radio advertising revenues for April 4% ahead of April 2001.
2002-06-26: Internet listening up yet again according to MeasureCast.
2002-06-26: Eight companies,with formats for Asian,children's and 50-plus audiences, apply for London AM licence currently held by women-oriented Liberty Radio.
2002-06-26: Emmis reports first quarter results ahead of expectations with revenues down but after tax cash flow up a third on 2001.
2002-06-27: Yahoo to close down its Yahoo Radio streaming service for small broadcasters
2002-06-27: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation host Arthur Black, who created the "Basic Black" show to retire.
2002-06-27: Erich "Mancow" Muller campaigns for Chicago rivals Eddie and Jobo, who have been taken off the air by Infinity.
2002-06-28: Westwood One and Country Music Television to launch CMT Radio Network in July.
2002-06-28: British watchdog upholds two complaints against UK radio in its latest bulletin.
2002-06-28: Wisconsin Senator Russell Feingold introduces his proposals against "anti-competitive" pressures in US radio and concert business/draws speedy response from Clear Channel.
2002-06-29: Look at US radio deals of past week.

2002-06-29: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD7,000 indecency fine on Emmis/confirms USD 10,000 fine on Florida pirate operator.
2002-06-29: Reactions to Sen. Feingold's Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act splits along lines of who benefits.
2002-06-30: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

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2002-05-01: Latest Internet ratings from MeasureCast show more musical chairs but flat listening figures.
2002-05-01: Beat 101 wins Ireland's first regional licence/ four other licence awards.
2002-05-01: Arbitron report on Sports Radio stations says real potential audience is only a tenth of listeners.
2002-05-01: More radio business results from Canada, UK and US.
2002-05-02: Proctor and Gamble support idea of radio meter in place of diary rating system in UK.
2002-05-02: Webcasters "Day of Silence" over proposed royalty fees attracts hundreds of US webcasters but gets little general newspaper cover.
2002-05-02: Campaign in support of Tipperary radio station in Ireland.
2002-05-02: New UK access radio station debuts in London.
2002-05-02: Strong first quarter results for Interep.
2002-05-03: US National Public Radio settles 5-years-old discriminations case out of court.
2002-05-03: Webcasters' Day of Silence protest gets widespread US print cover.
2002-05-03: Jonathan Pearce to take over BBC Radio 5 flagship soccer phone-in show from Richard Littlejohn.
2002-05-03: US radio business- good results from Saga, Emmis completes Denver stations sale.

2002-05-03: 2002 Sony awards - John Peel wins broadcaster gold, BBC World Service an honorary Sony Radio Academy Award and BBC Radio 2 the UK Station Gold.
2002-05-04: Chicago college station WDCB-FM misses latest target date to inaugurate new antenna to replace old one blown down n December.
2002-05-04: New board appointed at US National Association of Broadcasters.
2002-05-04: Entercom and Radio 1 Inc deliver above expected first quarter results.
2002-05-05:Former WAMU-FM commentator Mark Plotkin joins WTOP-AM, Washington, on May 6.
2002-05-05: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-05-06: UK Communications Bill to be published in two days is expected to lead to consolidation but not immediately.
2002-05-06: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-05-07: Radio Mirchi in Mumbai (Bombay) successfully launched.

2002-05-07: More US first quarter results - Regent and Susquehanna.
2002-05-08: Guardian Media Group launches bid to take full control of Jazz FM.
2002-05-08: Latest MeasureCast ratings show Internet listening has doubled this year.
2002-05-08: "The Radio Factor with Bill Reilly" launches with 216 US affiliate stations.
2002-05-08: UK government publishes draft communications bill that proposes removing most media ownership restrictions.

2002-05-08: More US first quarter results - Clear Channel, Cumulus, Hispanic, Salem and Westwood One.
2002-05-09: Clear Channel and Virgin head MeasureCast network and station monthly ranking for April/Internet measuring competitors Nielsen and NetRatings & Arbitron and comScore deals.
2002-05-09: Look at Indian satellite radio including USD100 receiver.
2002-05-09: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation confirms plans to scrap "This Morning" show for two weekday morning shows but delays revamp of Saturday programming on Radio One channel.
2002-05-09: Interep raises USD 5 million through private stock placement/Gaylord has weak first quarter.
2002-05-09: Latest Australian ratings show Alan Jones helping 2GB to overtake 2UE in Sydney talk stakes and DMG falling back.
2002-05-10: Recovery in its radio operations, aided by strong ratings, helps UK Chrysalis group back into profit.
2002-05-10: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Commission rules that delays in responding, which meant it could not examine complaint against Quebec station, were in breach of its codes.
2002-05-10: Latest British ratings show yet another increase in radio audience; Commercial sector claws some share back from BBC.
2002-05-11: US webcasters go to Washington over proposed Copyright royalty rates and information required for music streaming.
2002-05-11: More US first quarter results -Entravision and Jones Media Networks.
2002-05-11: British newspapers speculate over predators and prey under expected media consolidation.
2002-05-12: Arizona votes to ban non-compete clauses in broadcasters' contracts.

2002-05-12: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-05-13: Former BBC World Service managing director Austen Kark killed in British rail crash.
2002-05-13: Entercom has to wait again to take over KWOD-FM, Sacramento, after Royce International files appeal against court order.
2002-05-13: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-05-14: UKBetting launches GBP10 million bid for TEAMtalk, which runs UK TEAMtalk 252 sports format radio station.

2002-05-14: US National Public Radio to air programme on the work of broadcast pioneer Robert Trout.
2002-05-14: UK Guardian leader calls on British Government not to trim BBC World Service budget.
2002-05-14: US Senate Judicial Committee to hold haring into Internet royalty rates
2002-05-15: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules against Quebec station that broadcast chat on "hunting Hindus."
2002-05-15: Latest MeasureCast Internet ratings show listening now up 621% on January 2002/Arbitron monthly web cast ratings for April.
2002-05-15: Astral Media asks Canadian court to stop country's Competition Bureau from examining its purchase of Telemedia radio stations.
2002-05-15: First quarter results from Sirius Satellite Radio and Unica- former now has 412 customers for 100 channels.
2002-05-16: US Senate Judiciary Committee hears testimony concerning planned royalty rates for streaming music.
2002-05-16: UK Forever Broadcasting reports losses nearly doubled and a weak January but says things are improving.
2002-05-16: More US results including XM Satellite Radio, whose losses have more than doubled, Big City Radio and NextMedia.
2002-05-16: US radio advertising revenues rise in March.
2002-05-17: CBC Radio Canada staff in Quebec and New Brunswick, locked out for eight weeks, reject union advice and turn down latest offer by 502 votes to 500.
2002-05-17: UK Capital Radio reports profits down a fifth in six months to end of March but says it is not for sale and will be a buyer in UK radio consolidation.
2002-05-18: US market research company predicts sudden takeoff in digital radio in US in 2006.

2002-05-18: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation French network Radio-Canada says offer it has made to striking workers is final and it will not restart negotiations.
2002-05-18: US National Association of Broadcasters says programming complaints would not fit into planned streamlining of Federal Communications Commission's complaints procedures.
2002-05-19: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-05-20: Our pick of print media on radio over past week.
2002-05-21: European satellite radio developer, Global Radio, announces agreement for Delphi for latter to design and develop receivers for its planned European service.
2002-05-21: Forstmann Little reported to be preparing to take Citadel Communications public/other US radio business and deals.
2002-05-21: UK radio advertising revenues turn the corner - up on 2001 in first quarter of this year after three consecutive quarters of decline.
2002-05-22: Helen Shaw, head of radio at Irish state broadcaster RTÉ, to step down for Harvard fellowship/ RTÉ says it may have to discontinue service if it doesn't get increase in licence fee.
2002-05-22: UK TEAMtalk, which earlier this month rejected GBP10 million takeover, confirms it is in talks about selling.
2002-05-22: Scarborough Research report says that a quarter of American adults listen to talk radio and that they tend to be older, richer and better educated than average.
2002-05-22: Scottish Radio Holdings agrees to sell its billboard business to Clear Channel.
2002-05-22: US Librarian of Congress rejects streaming copyright royalty proposals.
2002-05-23: MeasureCast reports yet another increase n Internet listening.
2002-05-23: Latest US figures show there were more than 100 new commercial radio stations in last six months of 2001.
2002-05-23: Guardian Media Group moves closer to acquiring Jazz FM after no rival bidder for Clear Channel's shares appears before deadline.
2002-05-23: Clear Channel to set up cross-platform system for adverts packages for all its divisions/ merge radio and music sales forces.
2002-05-24: Arizona non-compete bill becomes law.
2002-05-24: CBC Radio Canada reaches tentative agreement with staff locked out since March.
2002-05-24: More US radio business as BIA Financial Networks reports year to date station deals less than half of 2001 figure by number and around a fifth in value.
2002-05-25: CBC Radio Canada staff start return to work, ending nine-week lockout.
2002-05-25: UK radio business - Scottish Radio Holdings profits down, Chris Evans says he wants to buy Virgin Radio back from Scottish Media Group.
2002-05-25: Coalition of US music and recording industry groups calls for new legislation on promotional payments - legal payola - to radio stations and for investigation into effects of consolidation in the radio industry.
2002-05-26: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-05-27: UK Capital Radio and GWR reported to have held informal talks about merger.
2002-05-27: Look at Arbitron report on Radio's Role During a National Crisis.
2002-05-27: UK Sunday Times reports that Jeremy Vine has agreed deal to take over Jimmy Young weekday lunchtime slot on BBC Radio 2.
2002-05-27: Our pick of print media on radio over past week.
2002-05-28: Revamp of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio One will not be ready for promised September start.
2002-05-28: UK GWR pretax profits down by nearly two thirds in year to end of March / company says it is selling overseas operations to concentrate on UK
2002-05-29: UK music venue and concert group Mean Fiddler to buy London Ritz 1035 AM country music station.
2002-05-29: Cumulus Media buying 8 Georgia stations, being sued by two listeners who claim it reneged on offer to pay them for having station logo tattoos on their foreheads.
2002-05-29: US Federal Communications Commission upholds indecency fine on Infinity despite complainer having no transcript or recording of the broadcast.

2002-05-29: More gloom in UK radio with weak EMAP radio figures and report of government plan to levy spectrum charge on satellite broadcasters.
2002-05-30: Virgin tops latest MeasureCast Internet ratings as listening goes up again.
2002-05-30: UK Radio Authority highlights problems of airing alternative comedians in its latest Programming and Advertising Review.

2002-05-30: Austereo outlines share buyback scheme as its price falls to 12 month low
2002-05-31: Australian Broadcasting Corporations appoints new Managing Director.
2002-05-31: Infinity Radio suspends "Don and Mike" and "Anthony and Opie" following on-air spats between the duos.
2002-05-31: UK TalkSport places adverts saying it will be covering World Cup soccer, for which it has no rights, via commentaries from watching TV.

2002-05-31: US Federal Communications Commission allows Clear Channel take over of Ackerley Group/Clear Channel asks employees to pay part of their salaries to support its political lobbying.

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April 2002

2002-04-01: UK reports suggest bidders could offer around GBP 150 million for Scottish Media Group's newspaper titles.
2002-04-01: Former Chicago host Kevin Matthews, fired last October by ABC-station, is back on air with Infinity.
2002-04-01: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-04-02: British watchdog upholds two complaints against British radio stations in latest bulletin.
2002-04-02: XM satellite radio signs up 76,000 subscribers by end of March, well above expectations.
2002-04-03: Internet listening jumps up yet again according to MeasureCast
2002-04-03: More US takeovers including first by Citadel since Farid Suleman joined it.
2002-04-03: Australian radio revenues slightly up but profits down in 2001 according to Australian Broadcasting Authority.

2002-04-03: American Federation of Radio and TV Artists criticisms effects of US radio consolidation whilst Clear Channel defends them in submissions to Federal Communications Commission.
2002-04-04: Leading London Black station, Choice FM, accused of sustained sexual harassment.
2002-04-04: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty starts broadcasts to North Caucasus including Chechnya despite Russian protests.
UK Independent Radio News (IRN) apologizes to customers for error which meant that obituary of Queen Mother missed important 6 PM bulletins on Saturday
2002-04-05: University of California, Santa Barbara, says it has failed to raise funds to buy Pacific Broadcasting's KDB-FM and keep its classical format.
2002-04-05: Australian Broadcasting Authority opts for new community AM service for Sydney in place of planned open narrowcasting licence.
2002-04-05: New Dublin news and talk station to hold back launch promotion until it has been on air a few days.
2002-04-05: More submissions to US Federal Communications Commission on radio ownership restrictions show big groups in favour of less and minority groups wanting more regulation.
2002-04-06: UK Daily Star signs marketing deal with TEAMtalk 252 under which station presenters will write columns in the newspaper.
2002-04-06: Irish state broadcaster denies accusations that it has ruined the transmission plans of Dublin religious licence holder Solas AM by reneging on agreement to provide transmission facilities.
2002-04-06: Look at US radio business deals over past week.
2002-04-07: AP report on US propaganda radio in Afghanistan suggests mixed results
2002-04-07: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-04-08: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-04-09: UK government delays publication of its communications bill amid reported controversy over ownership regulation.
2002-04-09: XM to sell around USD170 million of stock that it says will carry it through to second quarter of next year.
2002-04-09: New Dublin news-talk station goes on air/Ulster TV to buy Limerick radio station.
2002-04-09: NAB Las Vegas opens with focus on move to digital.
2002-04-10: MeasureCast reports Internet listening down for last week of March but up for month with Clear Channel network streaming more than four million hours.
2002-04-10: Irish regulator holds oral hearings for applicants for South East regional licence, the country's first commercial regional licence.
2002-04-10: Canadian watchdog rules that rebroadcast of US station prank call by Vancouver station was in poor taste but did not breach its codes.
2002-04-11: Arbitron's March web cast ratings show listening up again, with top network topping 7 million hours listening.
2002-04-11: Sirius Satellite Radio says it is now available in 11 more states and will add seven more by end of this month.
2002-04-11: Upbeat forecasts from Regent and Hispanic, both of whom say they will exceed earlier guidance.
2002-04-11: Doubts about iBiquity digital AM expressed at NAB session.
2002-04-12: Australian Broadcasting Corporation announces its 2002 local radio awards.
2002-04-12: US National Association of Broadcasters says fall to 95, 000 in attendance at its Las Vegas Convention was better than many other conventions post September 11.
2002-04-12: UK employment tribunal rules that Radio Bristol broadcast assistant was unfairly dismissed but rejects complaint that she was bullied by station manager.

2002-04-12: Former AMFM chief Jimmy de Castro named head of America Online.
2002-04-13: US National Public Radio cuts 50 plus jobs in its cultural programming division in reorganization that also created 30 new posts.
2002-04-13: UK Talk Radio fires DJ and production team who let republican caller's comments about shooting the British monarchy go out on air.
2002-04-13: XM prices its stock offering/other recent radio offerings are over subscribed.
2002-04-14: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2002-04-14: XM says its chip manufacturers have now shipped 355, 000 units to manufacturers.
2002-04-15: Irish media likely to see more takeovers and consolidation.
2002-04-15: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-04-16: XM Satellite Radio shares recover to top offered price for latest share issue following fall of a sixth last week.
2002-04-16: More US radio deals.
2002-04-16: DMG Radio joint venture with Australian Radio Network wins bidding for new Australian FM in Perth.

2002-04-16: Westwood One signs up with Infinity for another five years/ Viacom reduces its executives' bonuses for 2001 compared to a year earlier.
2002-04-17: Latest MeasureCast Internet ratings as it says listening is increasing faster than a year ago and if now more than five times the level of January 2001.
2002-04-17: Canwest Global Communications reported likely to put its New Zealand radio and TV operations up for sale or to float them to reduce its debt.
2002-04-17: Emmis Communications results ahead of previous guidance.

2002-04-17: BBC World Service weekly audience down from 153 million to 150 million but still way ahead of Voice of America - number 2 in International radio rankings with a weekly audience of 91 million.
2002-04-18: Irish State Broadcaster signs deal with regulator that will facilitate carriage of its radio and TV services on Sky digital satellite.
2002-04-18: US Federal Communications Commission upholds USD 8,000 dollar fine on Euwe/ reduces USD 25, 000 fine on Willis Broadcasting by USD 3,000.
2002-04-18: BBC East Midlands radio appointments.
2002-04-18: US National Public Radio announces that it is to set up West Coast multimedia productions centre in Culver City, California.
2002-04-19: San Francisco public broadcaster KQED appoints new president.
2002-04-19: Canadian watchdog rules that use of term "bitch-slapping" in sports report breached its codes.
2002-04-19: Arbitron reports revenues up nearly 10% in first quarter of this year/ agrees 90-day extensions of agreements with ABC Radio and Infinity Radio.
2002-04-19: Scottish Media Group writes down investments by some GBP60 million to take it to pre-tax loss of GBP64 million in 2001 compared to GBP 59 million profit in 2000.
2002-04-20: Entercom seems in sight of winning battle for KWOD-FM, Sacramento, after judge orders licence to be signed over to it by May 2.
2002-04-20: SPIN-FM, second new Dublin station this month, goes on air.
2002-04-20: More US radio deals this week.
2002-04-20: US radio advertising down 5% in February according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2002-04-21: DMG beats rival Austereo to take new Gosford FM licence in New South Wales, Australia.
2002-04-21: Canadian broadcast regulator approves Telemedia sale of its radio and TV stations with a few conditions.
2002-04-21: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-04-22: UK Observer Financial column suggests Scottish Media Group may yet have to sell its stake in Scottish Radio Holdings
to ease debt burden.
2002-04-22: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-04-23: Winter Arbitrons show US news and talk stations losing the extra audiences they gained following the September 11 attacks.
2002-04-23: Southern Cross Broadcasting shares drop by 12% after it issues reduced profits forecast blaming state of Australian advertising.
2002-04-23: Ritz AM in London reported to have fired all presenters and be running on automation.
2002-04-24: Latest MeasureCast Internet ratings show listening now almost double that at start of 2002.
2002-04-24: Latest Irish ratings show state broadcaster RTÉ and Today FM retaining or increasing audiences.
2002-04-24: XM Satellite Radio first quarter results show subscriptions ahead of target but losses up to USD112 million.

2002-04-24: 20 members of US Congress sign letter calling for fair royalty payments for Internet streaming.
2002-04-25: Veteran US newsman Edward de Fontaine, one of the first staff of the AP Radio Network, dies aged 72.
2002-04-25: Sirius Satellite Radio to run MediaBay's Radio Classics.
2002-04-25: BBC tightens up regulations for live interviews on Radio 1 after Ali G outburst.
2002-04-25: Canadian broadcast watchdog rules that Vancouver station should not have aired sexually implicit content when children could be expected to be listening.
2002-04-25: US business including Regent offering of 10.5 million shares.
2002-04-26: Irish regulator asks TDs (Members of Parliament) not to give interviews to pirate stations.
2002-04-26: UK Wireless Group to run simultaneous diary and radio meter test.
2002-04-26: Viacom performs above expectations but reports first quarter loss of USD1.1 billion because of USD1.5 billion write-down of Blockbuster chain.
2002-04-26: British broadcasting watchdog upholds complaints against two BBC radio programmes.

2002-04-26: US radio station deals down by 85% in value last year compared to 2000 according to BIA Financial Network.
2002-04-27: CNN radio to move into state of art digital facility towards the end of the month.
2002-04-27: BBC World Service settles out of court with Asian woman journalist who claimed her promotion was held back because of her sex and race.
2002-04-27: Fisher Communications first quarter results show broadcasting profit of around USD750,000 n 2001 becoming loss of the same magnitude this year.
2002-04-27: Hundreds of webcasters reported to be supporting May Day action to draw attention to problems proposed by suggested royalty rates for streaming music.
2002-04-28: US Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps hints that if broadcasters don't clean up indecency on airwaves, legistlation may be brought in.
2002-04-28: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-04-29: TEAMtalk chairman and chief executive resigns after higher than expected costs of launching TEAMtalk 252 sports station.
2002-04-29: Our pick of print media comment on radio over past week.
2002-04-30: Webcasters May Day "Day of Silence" to protest streaming royalty fees begins tomorrow.
2002-04-30: Canadian Broadcasting Chiefs meet to mull over planned major revamp of CBC radio.
2002-04-30: Shortly after settling one discrimination case for GBP50, 000, BBC World Service faces another claim.

2002-04-30: US radio business including Beasley Q1 results/ Cumulus and Triad settle Florida deal lawsuit.

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