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Below find index to archives for July to September 2002
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2002-09-01: EMAP to launch UK interactive pop chart show that may be rival to current Network Chart Show which recently lost its sponsorship.
2002-09-01: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2002-09-02: UK Saga Radio, which targets over-50's, says its ahead of the game as demographics move its way.
2002-09-02: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-09-03: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland holds public hearings over new Counties Carlow/Kilkenny FM licence.

2002-09-03: Legal disputes between government and bidders who withdrew winning bids after being required to give guarantees holds up development of Indian commercial FM radio.

2002-09-03: XM Satellite Radio launches its first premium service, a USD2.99 a month Playboy Radio channel.
2002-09-04: Highly-rated Internet station closes down.
2002-09-04: Capital Radio shares fall by more than a tenth amidst reports that its London breakfast host Chris Tarrant may leave the show sooner than expected.
2002-09-04: Canadian Competition Bureau finally approves Astral's takeover of Télémédia radio stations subject to divestitures.

2002-09-05: Four new licences awarded in Ireland/Scottish Radio Holdings buys Dublin local station.
2002-09-05: Clear Channel toppled from lead in MeasureCast Internet network ratings.
2002-09-05: Florida man jailed for 15 months and fined USD25, 000 for interfering with amateur broadcasts
2002-09-05: US radio industry to adopt system of random checks to ensure credibility in reporting of advertising revenues.
2002-09-05: Don and Mike back in Washington afternoon slot and being offered in syndication in place of Opie and Anthony following latter's demise after Sex for Sam stunt.
2002-09-06: Interep and Spanish Broadcasting System organize Power of Hispanic Radio forum.
2002-09-06: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council rules against host over anti-Palestinian remarks including call for Israelis to "kill everyone who is not their friend."
2002-09-06: British former DJ Chris Evans agrees GBP1 million plus autobiography deal.
2002-09-06: US public radio show This American Life, hosted by Ira Glass, agrees deal with Warner Brothers to give latter first look at story ideas from the show.
2002-09-07: BBC local radio pioneer Maurice Ennals and CBC Newfoundland host Tom Rockwood die.
2002-09-07: US Federal Communications Commission lists 155 more low-power FM applications accepted for filing.
2002-09-07: Only one complaint against radio upheld in latest bulletin from British watchdog, the Broadcasting Standards Commission.
2002-09-07: Los Angeles Times reports that latest deal agreed between Clear Channel in independent promoters is upsetting record companies, with major hikes in charges having followed the deal.
2002-09-08: Former Canadian Football League Commissioner launches libel suits against the Fan sports station and Rogers Sportsnet.
2002-09-08: US Federal Communications Commission meeting on Thursday to start considering future of US media ownership regulations.
2002-09-08: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-09-09: UK's Capital FM could lose GBP1 million a year when Chris Tarrant ends his breakfast show sting according to UK
2002-09-09: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week. bank/Chief Executive David Mansfield remains calm.
2002-09-10: Cumulus pulls out of USD55 million Saginaw, Michigan, five station purchase.
2002-09-10: Look at the conflict between top US Spanish language radio networks, Spanish Broadcasting System and Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation.
2002-09-10: US radio stations face dilemma of balancing cover of Sept 11 anniversary.
2002-09-10: Clear Channel, in reaction to FCC "concern" volunteers to keep for 30 days tapes of Bubba the Love Sponge shows.
2002-09-11: US Federal Communications Commission red-flags Pennsylvania part of Backyard Broadcasting USD42 million acquisition of 20 stations.
2002-09-11: Austereo profits for year up nearly 13% but mainly from profit on sale of share in stations/ rival DMG bites into its advert market although Austereo remains top in Sydney ratings.
2002-09-11: SMG (former Scottish Media Group) reports interim profits down 4% on last year/ puts its publishing interests up for sale.
2002-09-12: US Federal Communications Commission reduces to USD3,000 the penalty imposed on a Texas AM for broadcasting above its permitted power.
2002-09-12: BBC Radio 1 drive time DJ Chris Moyles attacks performance of the station's breakfast DJ, Sara Cox.
2002-09-12: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2002-09-12: UK Radio Authority rules against radio "news hubs" and says news should be produced locally.
2002-09-12: iBiquity to showcase its "HD Radio" digital system in Seattle tomorrow.

2002-09-13: Former WBBM-FM, Chicago, news anchor Karen Hand, who helped bring the duo back to the station, reproves Eddie and Jobo for not fighting for her when they agreed USD21 million deal.
2002-09-13: Clear Channel regains top network spot in latest MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2002-09-13: Harris Corporation sets up digital radio certification programme/ announces turnkey deal with Radio One Inc. to implement HD radio for its stations in five markets.
2002-09-13: Some 20 potential buyers reported to be interested in buying SMG's publishing interests, up for sale to reduce debt as it concentrates on broadcasting interests, including Virgin Radio.
2002-09-13: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) begins rule-making process to change US media ownership rules.
2002-09-14: US broadcasters file for stay in streaming copyright payments, due October 20th and covering past four years, until appeal against the fees is decided.
2002-09-14: US Department of Justice calls for more information on Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcastings but companies say they still expect to conclude the deal by year end.
2002-09-14: US advertising revenues jumped in July according to Radio Advertising Bureau.

2002-09-14: US National Association of Broadcasters radio show opens in Seattle.

2002-09-15: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2002-09-16: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-09-17: Louisiana radio announcer Pearlee Toliver, famed for her quirky advertisements, dies.
2002-09-17: Virgin Radio and Live 365 hold on to top spots in Arbitron's August webcast ratings.
2002-09-17: Reservations continue about Arbitron's |Portable People Meter at NAB radio show; in UK, Kelvin MacKenzie argues again for use of Swiss radio control meter, following further tests.

2002-09-18: Three Boston DJs dumped in one day.
2002-09-18: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces public hearings on County Kildare FM licence applications.
2002-09-18: US National Public Radio appoints New York reporter Melissa Block as co-host of All Things Considered programme.
2002-09-18: UK Wireless Group ratchets up pressure for change to electronic metering by announcing national trials of Swiss radiocontrol meter that it says could provide British radio and TV ratings more accurately than current systems.
2002-09-18: Sirius Satellite Radio to broadcast programming from The Word gospel music and ministries network that rival XM had rejected.

2002-09-19: Internet listening down by 13% in first week of September according to latest MeasureCast ratings.
2002-09-19: Australian Broadcasting Corporation survey shows 90+ per cent of Australians valuing the public broadcaster and 65% saying ABC radio is good quality compared to 52% for commercial radio.
2002-09-19: Long-time Washington, DC, morning host Dennis Owens to semi-retire from classical station after 21 years in the slot and 36 years with the station.
2002-09-19: UK Chrysalis Group issues trading statement saying it has significantly outperformed the market and its own expectations.
2002-09-19: FCC calls hearing on red-flagged Clear Channel deal in Michigan that would give it nearly 95% of the market's advertising.
2002-09-20: UK GWR shareholders approve disposal of its quarter interest in DMG's Australian radio operations.
2002-09-20: Cumulus announces USD30 million deal to acquire Florida five-station cluster.
2002-09-20: Dwight Whylie, the first black announcer on both BBC and CBC, dies aged 66 while in Barbados.
2002-09-20: BBC Radio re-vamp in preparation/Capital radio starts process of finding replacements for breakfast host Chris Tarrant.
2002-09-20: RADAR 74 report to add two more US radio networks, taking total to 33/ shows continuing strength of US radio, which reaches 224 million Americans a week, 95% of Americans 12 and over.

2002-09-21: Philips introduces into US a bookshelf "Internet stereo" that can receive Internet, AM and FM signals and also play CDs and MP3 files (but no DAB!).
2002-09-21: Australian Broadcasting Corporation introduces "lighten up" campaign for its radio networks, calling for ideas for short comedy segments between programmes.

2002-09-21: Switch from adult standards to all-talk by Chicago WAIT FM loses old audience, doesn't gain new one.
2002-09-21: Virgin Radio says it is dripping "manufactured" pop stars from its play lists and launches audience competition to blow whistle on DJ's who will be fined for lapses.
2002-09-22: BBC receives complaints after promotion for is 1Xtra black music channel includes track from Chi Chi Man, whose lyrics include lines about burning homosexuals.
2002-09-22: Sirius and Gaylord form joint venture to put WLS-AM and the Grand Ol Opry show on satellite.
2002-09-22: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2002-09-23: BBC to broadcast four-part series on influence of the Beatles in October to mark 40th anniversary of their first hit record.
2002-09-23: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-09-24: Arbitron announces that its Portable PeopleMeter (OOM) is to be used for Canadian ratings by BBM next year.
2002-09-24: BBC World Service dedicates study of its history during the Cold War to former managing director Austen Kark, who was killed in a train crash in May.
2002-09-24: US report says a third of the country's webcasters have closed over the past year.
2002-09-24: Research for British commercial radio companies says government's draft communications bill weakens local commercial radio.
2002-09-24: ABCRN's Daytime Direction Radio Network topples Westwood One's CNN Max from top spot in RADAR rankings.
2002-09-25: Illinois radio host John Judson McGrory dies after shooting himself.
2002-09-25: Fergal Sharkey, former lead singer of teenage punk band the Undertones and record company executive, takes over Northern Ireland responsibilities for UK Radio Authority after predecessor leaves for BBC post.

2002-09-25: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council rules against Toronto station over song broadcast, Clear Channel under attack n California/FCC reduces fine on Missouri station.

2002-09-26: Clear Channel given go-ahead for Marietta, Ohio, acquisition that was red-flagged in October 2001.
2002-09-26: Pacifica Radio Network board votes to move HQ back to Berkeley from Washington, D.C.
2002-09-26: WLS-AM, Chicago, appoints veteran Michael Packer to succeed Mike Elder as operations director.
2002-09-26: Chrysalis confirms talks to acquire London News Radio and sell off its Bristol Galaxy station/EMAP reports poor radio results but UBC Media radio does better than expected.

2002-09-27: UK Radio Authority chair Richard Hooper to be deputy chair of new OFCOM British super media regulator.
2002-09-27: GWR sells London News Radio to Chrysalis in complicated deal that also involves it buying another station and setting up joint venture with Scottish Radio Holdings/various UK radio trading statements.
2002-09-27: Arbitron adds Monterey as third Mexican ratings market.
2002-09-27: Jane Chalmers to take over from Alex Frame as Canadian Broadcasting Corporation vice president for radio.
2002-09-27: US Federal Communications issues more red flags and fines.
2002-09-27: London breakfast battle changed by Chris Tarrant decision to remain with Capital/BBC re-jigs Radio Five Live with new breakfast and morning hosts.

2002-09-28: EMAP hires Adam F, son of Alvin Stardust, to host its Saturday night hip=hop show on London's Kiss 100.
2002-09-28: Flood Tribunal interim reports says former Irish Communications Minister accepted corrupt payments.
2002-09-28: Look at US radio business deals of past week.
2002-09-28: BBC Radio 4 Today show editor raped over knuckles for newspaper column and told to choose radio job or the column.
2002-09-28: US Federal Communications approves Regent deal to buy most of Brill Media/ upholds more indecency fines.
2002-09-29: Irish politician criticized in Flood Tribunal interim report resigns.
2002-09-29: Editor of BBC Radio 4 breakfast "Today" show said to be considering leaving the post after being told to choose between it and writing his newspaper column.
2002-09-29: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-09-30: Brandeis University stops support for WBUR-FM, complaining to NPR because of its Middle East reporting.
2002-09-30: US Congress may vote this week to delay for six months webcast royalty payments back to 1998, which are due on October 20th but are being appealed.
2002-09-30: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

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2002-08-01: British broadcasting watchdog upholds three complaints against radio in its latest bulletin.
2002-08-01: MeasureCast records yet another new record for Internet listening.
2002-08-01: UK sports station TEAMtalk252 ceases broadcasts.
2002-08-01: Spanish Broadcasting System ups ante in lawsuit against Clear Channel and Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation and is now claiming USD500 million in actual damages, to be tripled under anti-trust laws.
2002-08-01: Latest UK radio advertising figures show figures up over previous quarter with significant increases for sponsorship and promotional income.
2002-08-01: More US second quarter results - Interep, Radio One, Regent, and Saga.
2002-08-01: British Parliamentary Committee recommends that government should leave some of its deregulation measures to new OFCOM super regulator, not force things through via legislation.
2002-08-02: EMAP and GWR form joint venture to launch EMAP's Kiss dance format on GWR digital network.
2002-08-02: Rush Limbaugh show moves into 15th year in syndication: it now reaches some 20 million listeners a week.
2002-08-02: Latest UK radio ratings show BBC, helped by strong performance from BBC Radio 2 and Radio Five Live networks, holding its audience and share and commercial radio falling back in both.
2002-08-03: BBC reported going to replace its Sunday morning political programme with new show.
2002-08-03: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Internet-only station DiG now on air with on-demand music and cultural programming.
2002-08-03: Daily Mail and General Trust buys the quarter of its Australian radio network held by GWR in deal that cuts latter's debt by GBP47 million and takes DMG holding in GWR to maximum it can have before launching full bid.
2002-08-03: More US results and radio business including Disney third quarter and Beasley second quarter results.
2002-08-04: Boston WBPS-AM starts transition to talk format at midnight tonight.
2002-08-04: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-08-05: Navan Man (Stuart Carolan) to leave Ireland's Today FM.
2002-08-05: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2002-08-06: Spanish Broadcasting System into profit in second quarter.
2002-08-06: BBC political correspondent Andrew Marr to take over as presenter of BBC Radio 4 "Start the Week" programme.
2002-08-06: Clear Channel and Inside Radio settle their lawsuits: M-Street, partly owned by Clear Channel to take over Inside Radio.
2002-08-07: Cumulus Media completes incorporation in Delaware from Illinois.
202-08-07: iBiquity Digital acquires technology and intellectual rights of Command Audio.
2002-08-07: Latest Australian ratings show Austereo fighting back against DMG's new stations except in Sydney where Nova takes top spot for 25-39 demographic.
2002-08-07: More US second quarter results - from Entercom, Hispanic Broadcasting and Salem.
2002-08-08: Latest MeasureCast ratings show Internet listening flat/Christian newcomer K-Love debuts in third rank.
2002-08-08: Two Univision members of Entravision Board step down to avoid conflict of interest in Univision takeover of the company.
2002-08-08: Sirius Satellite Radio to introduce new chipset that drastically reduces size and halves power consumption and cost of Sirius system.
2002-08-08: UK Guardian feature suggests SMG (formerly Scottish Media Group) is likely to be forced into disposals to reduce debt.
2002-08-09: WBEZ-FM drops live broadcast of Chicago Jazz Festival.
2002-08-09: More UK Manufacturers offering lower priced digital audio equipment.
2002-08-09: Cox Radio records strong second quarter.
2002-08-09: Appeals against webcast royalties filed by webcasters and recording companies who respectively wan lower and higher rates.
2002-08-10: Sydney 2GB reported considering plan to replace Gordon Moyes, who has been associated with the station for 17 years, in its Sunday" God Slot".
2002-08-10: Vancouver based Commonwealth of Learning makes awards to BBC World Service for its English language teaching.
2002-08-10: One of Clear Channel's founders B.J. "Red" McCombs sells half his stake to repay money borrowed to buy the Minnesota Vikings.
2002-08-10: New Jazz station for Winnipeg amongst five new licences for the city.
2002-08-11: Canadian Broadcaster CHUM reported to be revamping its TEAM sport network later this month with local content emphasis and may drop the format if ratings do not improve.
2002-08-11: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week..
2002-08-12: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-08-13: Saga Communications adds three Arizona stations to its protfolio.
2002-08-13: Arbitron and MeasureCast July Internet ratings.
2002-08-14: Debt-ridden UK Cable company Telewest asks shareholders to allow it to sell its 17% holding in SMG.
2002-08-14: Radio Unica reports positive EBITDA for first time in second quarter of this year/ Sirius lossed up but it now has some 6000 subscribers.

2002-08-15: Latest MeasureCast ratings show fall in Internet listening.
2002-08-15: UK Wireless Group gets boost from World Cup soccer -- losses nearly halved in first half of year.
2002-08-15: Sirius shares plunge for second day following admission it needs another USD600 million to reach break-even point.

2002-08-16: BBC digital black music station 1Xtra launches.
2002-08-16: US Federal Communications Commission accepts hardship plea and reduces fine on Tennessee station from USD25, 000 to USD 4, 000.
2002-08-16: BBC Radio 1 DJ Mark Goodier, who has presented Sunday Chart show for a decade, to leave station at Christmas.
2002-08-16: Clear Channel and other US broadcasters' plans for September 11 anniversary broadcasts.
2002-08-17: Veteran Canadian broadcaster Russ Germain retires after 29 years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
2002-08-17: US radio advertising revenues up 3% in June according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2002-08-17: Sirius shares plunge again after Thursday rally, XM stock rises, as former blames inaccurate Reuters report for near halving of its valuation on Wednesday.

2002-08-18: BBC local radio starts airing mini series on days that changed lives of people involved. ending with programme on September 11 with recollections from Archbishop-elect of Canterbury.
2002-08-18: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-08-19: SMG holds talks about sale of its TV arm to cut its debt.
2002-08-19: Los Angeles news station KNX-AM reportedly fires part time reporter for negative comments about sister TV station on his web site.
2002-08-19: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2002-08-20: Big City Radio cuts its losses slightly but still warns it may not be able to stay in business because of interest payment due in September.
2002-08-20: British TV companies Carlton and Granada reported to have opted out of bidding war for SMG's TV interests, which they say are too expensive.
2002-08-20: Duncan's American Radio estimates that US Radio Revenues for 2001 were nearly 5% down on 2000 and forecasts this year as likely to be flat or down by up to 3%.
2002-08-20: New York Catholics call for revocation of WNEW-FM's licence over Opie and Anthony show's sex in the cathedral stunt/ FCC upholds USD12,000 fine on Madison Broadcasting for tower offences.

2002-08-21: Latest Irish ratings show independent sector losing listenership slightly but ahead of state broadcaster RTÉ by 53% to 47%.
2002-08-21: SMG appoints former Telewest chief executive Aubrey Singer to its board.
2002-08-21: Senior appointments at Clear Channel and Infinity Radio.

2002-08-22: Latest MeasureCast Internet ratings show increase in listening but few changes at the top of the rankings.
2002-08-22: Librarian of Congress argues that webcasters who did not take part in Copyright Arbitration proceedings, which involved substantial finances, should have no right to appeal against his decision.
2002-08-22: Corus agrees to sell two Ontario radio stations to Durham Radio.
2002-08-22: New Clear Channel radio CEO John Hogan promises more collaborative approach than his predecessor Randy Michaels./ to move radio headquarters to San Antonio company HQ.
2002-08-22: Infinity suspends indefinitely not only Opie and Anthony but WNEW-FM general manager and programme director in wake of sex in St. Patrick's cathedral stunt.

2002-08-23: Wind and water powered US radio stations.
2002-08-23: FCC receives lots of complaints but no formal ones about which it can take action over sex in St. Patrick's cathedral stunt.
2002-08-24: US LmiV (Local media Internet venture) started two years ago by five radio groups is to be closed after losing tens of millions of dollars.
2002-08-24: Regent announces successful USD62 million bid for 12 radio stations from administrator of bankrupt Brill Media.
2002-08-24: Sex in the Cathedral incident developments as Opie and Anthony are fired, their show is canned and Federal Communications Commission starts investigation despite Catholic League's call for it to be dropped.

2002-08-25: KPIG back on the Internet but as part of RealNetworks paid for subscription service.
2002-08-25: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2002-08-26: Clear Channel in New York clash with AFTRA artists union over use of voice-tracking in its five stations in the city.
2002-08-26: Chair of parliamentary committee examining British Communications Bill calls for new regulator to have tough powers to prevent media mergers or acquisitions that are not in the public interest
Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-08-27: US webcast royalty ruling hitting college broadcasters hard.
2002-08-27: New commercial FM licences awarded in Queensland, Australia.
2002-08-27: Still no permanent replacement for Opie and Anthony in New York but in Washington DC rumours are that Don and Mike will regain their former afternoon spot from which they were displaced by the New York hosts.

2002-08-28: Montreal-based Astral Media reported to be in talks about station sales.
2002-08-28: Backyard Broadcasting and Saga Communications in station acquisitions.
2002-08-28: London country music station Ritz 1035 licence owner goes into liquidation.
2002-08-28: Boston Beer Company founder apologizes over "Sex for Sam (Adams beer)" incident/Clear Channel turns down idea of hiring Opie and Anthony
2002-08-29: Latest MeasureCast Internet ratings show few changes in top rankings but higher listening.
2002-08-29: Some Massachusetts bar owns boycott Boston Beer over sponsorship of Anthony and Opie show following sex in the cathedral stunt.
2002-08-29: Hispanic Broadcasting acquires in Albuquerque, Regents gets go ahead for Brill stations acquisition and Entravision closes on Dallas KTCY-FM.
2002-08-29: Canadian broadcaster gives up on its TEAM sports network sooner than expected and reverts four stations to former music programming and others to local sports formats.

2002-08-30: Chicago WGCI-Fm drops afternoon host, DaVante Stone, "The Stone Pony"
2002-08-30: Recording Industry Association of America web site taken down after hackers change it, inserting fake headlines and stories.
2002-08-30: BBC to drop Radio 1 "Evening Session" show that was associated with Britpop era and and launch of bands such as Blur and Oasis.
2002-08-31: Recording Industry Association of America web site that was attacked three days ago is now back up but does not mention the attack.
2002-08-31: India considering radio stations for educational institutes on the lines of community stations in other countries.
2002-08-31: Salem Communications to re-launch Phoenix KCTK- AM as news-talk KKNT-AM and switch Honolulu acquisition KHCM-AM to country format on Monday, Sept 2.
2002-08-31: BBC Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox agrees new three-year deal worth reported GBP1 million.
2002-08-31: Robert Reilly resigns as Voice of America director and is succeeded by former Time magazine reporter David Jackson.

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July 2002

2002-07-01: Sirius Satellite Radio completes its US nationwide rollout.
2002-07-01: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ reveals salary levels of its star presenters and top executives without attaching names to the figures.
2002-07-01: Australian Broadcasting Corporations marks 70 years of broadcasting today.

2002-07-01: UK Wireless Group reported to be going to launch its own radiocontrol meter radio ratings in September.
2002-07-01: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-07-02: Trading in Radio First shares suspended on UK Alternative Investment Market after it fails to meet deadline for figures to March.
2002-07-02: Radio One Inc. says its second quarter results will show its highest ever revenue and broadcast cash flow.
2002-07-02: UK Culture Secretary to deliver keynote speech at UK Radio Festival in Cambridge amidst industry pushes for more loosening of ownership restrictions.
2002-07-02: XM Satellite Radio says it now has more than 136,500 subscribers.
2002-07-03: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell now into his second term as a Commissioner.
2002-07-03: Entravision settles with Interep/ says second quarter results excluding one-off charge will be at top end of its forecasts.
2002-07-03: Clear Channel chairman and CEO Lowry Mays tells UK radio festival he would like to take over a major UK radio group.
2002-07-04: US judge presiding over USD5 million case against US radio host and convicted Watergate criminal G. Gordon Liddy says he has constructed strong circumstantial case that the break-in was linked to a prostitution ring.
2002-07-04: MeasureCast reports another significant rise in Internet listening to its subscribers.

2002-07-04: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD1, 000 fine against Puerto Rican TV station for using radio station material without written consent.
2002-07-05: Lisa Simeone now host of US National Public Radio's "World of Opera."
2002-07-05: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's son Uday uses pirated western music to make his Voice of Iraq station the country's most popular.

2002-07-05: Baltimore jury rules that former Democratic National Committee secretary was not defamed when Watergate burglar and current radio talk host G. Gordon Liddy alleged she kept photographs of call-girls in her desk..
2002-07-06: Look at US radio deals of the past week.
2002-07-06: BBC announces details of August launch of black music digital channel 1Xtra in August.
2002-07-06: UK Guardian reports on Clear Channel amidst suggestions that if restrictions are lifted it may bid for one or more UK radio groups.
2002-07-07: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-07-08: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-07-09: Following recent fine on Mancow Muller, Chicago Sun-Times looks at past "offences" by Chicago radio personalities.
2002-07-09: UBC Media increases turnover by a half, more than halves losses and calls for British government campaign to boost digital radio.
2002-07-09: US Copyright Office releases final webcast royalties ruling/webcasters group calls on Congress to intervene.
2002-07-10: UK Betting, which is taking over TeamTalk, acquires online betting operation of failed website
2002-07-10: US radio deals including Salem USD45 million cash sale of Cincinnati WYGY-FM.
2002-07-10: US radio advertising revenues 3% up in May compared to May 2001.
2002-07-11: Loyola University in Chicago in negotiations for public station WBEZ-FM to manage its student-run WLUW-FM.
2002-07-11: UKBetting reported to be planning to sell off TEAMtalk 252 sports radio station when it takes over TEAMtalk.
2002-07-11: US Federal Communications Commission to hold hearings over red-flagged Clear Channel takeovers in Maine, Ohio/Pennsylvania, and Texas.
2002-07-12: US public broadcasters, seeking funds for conversion to digital, are attacked by Republicans for programming bias.
2002-07-12: US weather radio service automated voice changed to newer, more "human" computer duo.
2002-07-12: UK media group EMAP has weak year with radio particularly hard hit.

2002-07-12: Six-year battle over KWOD-FM, Sacramento's sale to Entercom goes back in court today.
2002-07-13: Arbitron's June webcast ratings show small drop in listening at most of top stations and networks.
2002-07-13: Hearing to be held on June 16 over nomination of Jonathan Adelstein as US Federal Communications Commissioner.
2002-07-13: Bloomberg reported to have dropped bid for London AM station LBC.
2002-07-13: Chicago morning duo Eddie and Jobi in line for long-term deals at around USD1.5 million each per year.
2002-07-14: More job losses likely at Irish state broadcaster RTÉ.
2002-07-14: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-07-15: Four North American radio veterans die in past week.

2002-07-15: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-07-16: British Government allocates BBC World Service an extra GBP 48 million over next three years.
2002-07-16: Infinity and ABC Radio sign one-year extensions of their ratings deals with Arbitron.
2002-07-16: UK Watchdog, the Broadcasting Standards Commission, in what is likely to be its final annual report says that complaints about standards were up nearly a half compared to a year earlier.
2002-07-16: Clear Channel president Mark Mays rebuts criticisms of abuses of power in interview with Los Angeles Times.
2002-07-17: MeasureCast June Internet ratings show lower listening that it puts down to effects of holiday period.
2002-07-17: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that sexually explicit comments aired on CFNY-FM, Toronto, morning show were inappropriate for time of day when children are likely to be listening.
2002-07-17: British government may be forced into U-turn over proposals on foreign ownership of broadcasters so as to exclude takeovers by companies in countries who do not allow foreign ownership of their broadcasters.
2002-07-17: Chicago WBBM-FM morning duo Eddie and Jobi sign up with Infinity again in seven-year-deal worth more than USD21 million.
2002-07-18: New Québec city FM radio licence awarded to to Montreal-based Cogeco Radio-Television Inc.
2002-07-18: Speculation mounts over future boss for BBC Radio 2 as controller Jim Moir hints that he will leave at the end of this year after building the station into the most listened to in Britain.
2002-07-18: Eastlan Resources to launch weekly radio ratings report next year/ Arbitron Advisory Council asks for more tests before any rollout schedule is announced for the Portable People Meter.
2002-07-18: BBC World Service singles performance relating to September 11 attacks for praise in its 2001/2 Annual review.
2002-07-18: Six year battle for KWOD-FM, Sacramento, goes on after judge rules it cannot set bond amount for continuation of appeal against order for sale to Entercom without hearing evidence.
2002-07-19: Latest MeasureCast Internet ratings show listening down nearly a fifth over past two weeks, attributed largely to summer and July 4 holidays.
2002-07-19: Howard Rose, editor of UK Radio Magazine, dies shortly after selling the magazine; he had been kept on as Managing Editor.
2002-07-19: Gloom over Internet radio future continues as NAB and broadcasters continue legal argument that simulcasts should have to pay no royalties.

2002-07-19: Arbitron reports second-quarter revenues, boosted by its RADAR acquisition, up an eighth over Q2, 2001.
2002-07-20: Chicago DuPage College station WDCB-FM, whose tower collapsed in December last year, is finally back on full power.
2002-07-20: Survey in Mumbai (Bombay) shows nearly three-quarters of drivers tuning in to new commercial FM stations.
2002-07-20: Radio Caroline, which began as an offshore pirate station, to start transmitting on WorldSpace Afristar satellite.
2002-07-20: Arkansas takeovers that would give two companies 95% of the Jonesboro market have each been approved by the FCC; the largest involving Clear Channel has been completed.
2002-07-20: Simulcast pioneer suspends its streaming because of cost of royalty payments.
2002-07-21: Baja California stations in Mexico ban narco corridas (songs dealing with lives of drug lords) to help fight against crime.
2002-07-21: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-07-22: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-07-23: SMG - former Scottish Media Group -reported to be putting its TV business up for sale to pay off its debt.
2002-07-23: US Pacifica Network interim board considers calls for renegotiation of five year Democracy Now programme deal.
2002-07-23: British government reported to be considering funding TV equivalent of BBC World Service radio.
2002-07-23: US hop hop format stations increase over a decade from six to 150 stations.
2002-07-24: Disney's WMAL-AM loses quarter of its audience in latest ratings but its WLS-AM does better in Chicago.
2002-07-24: Arbitron signs long-term Guadalajara radio ratings deal following success of its Mexico City ratings.
2002-07-24: UK Radio Authority chairman Richard Hooper tipped as in top two contenders to head new British super media regulator, OFCOM.
2002-07-24: Randy Michaels leaves Clear Channel radio posts to become CEO of company's New Technologies division.
2002-07-24: US satellite radio shares plunge - XM loses nearly a quarter of its value as it announces second quarter loss ahead of expectations despite exceeding subscriber targets.
2002-07-25: MeasureCast reports another record high for Internet listening.
2002-07-25: US Weather Service system overload prevents Washington WTOP-AM passing on storm warning to smaller stations.
2002-07-25: Senate Commerce Committee approves Jonathan Adelstein's nomination as Federal Communications Commissioner and sends it to full Senate.
2002-07-25: EMAP's KEY 103 station in Manchester hires airship for duration of Commonwealth Games.
2002-07-25: Clear Channel Q2 revenues flat compared to 2001 but it turns loss of USD237 million into profit of USD238 million.
2002-07-26: "Peercast" software, based on Gnutella protocols, may enable webcast pirates to spring up in response to US ruling on copyright payments.
2002-07-26: Eddie and Jobi deal in Chicago may have knock-on benefits for big names according to Chicago Tribune report.
2002-07-26: British Government names Lord David Currie as chairman for planned new super media regulator, OFCOM.
2002-07-26: Strong results for Viacom and Astral Media are fuelled by cable and TV businesses/ their radio divisions and Cumulus and Corus fare less well.
2002-07-27: Arbitron bows to industry pressures and is to launch second Philadelphia Portable People Meter trail and agrees in principle a PPM trial for a top Hispanic market.
2002-07-27: Jacques Tortoroli appointed CFO of Infinity Radio and Westwood One.
2002-07-27: MacQuarie Broadcasting to consult police over Moslem complaints of racist and derogatory comments about Australian Moslems by presenters on Sydney 2GB.
2002-07-27: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation appoints veteran Anna Maria Tremonti to host new 90-minute weekday morning show that is part of its Radio One revamp.
2002-07-27: BBC announces that Radio 2 Controller Jim Moir is to stay on for another year/ announces appointment of Jeremy Vine to take over (Sir) Jimmy Young's midday programme slot.
2002-07-28: UK Radio Authority Quarterly Review looks at issue of local news/ Complaints Bulletin shows it upholder fewer than half the number of programming complaints upheld in the same period of 2001.
2002-07-28: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2002-07-29: Look at Chicago radio moves over past week.

2002-07-29: UK Parliamentary Committee reported to be going to recommend against deregulation that would allow foreign companies to buy British broadcasters when their own countries refuse reciprocity.
2002-07-29: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2002-07-30: Fisher Communications radio revenues flat but sale and interest-rate swap turn USD 785, 000 loss into USD3.5 million profit for second quarter.
2002-07-30: Bills introduced in US Congress to, one the one hand, amend Copyright ruling for webcasting to substantially exempt or relive costs to small business and on the other to allow copyright holders to disrupt peer-to-peer networks with relative legal immunity for damage caused.
2002-07-30: San Jose shock-jock suspended following jokes about seven years old girl who had escaped after kidnap by chewing through duct tape.
2002-07-30: Lord Currie, named as chairman of new UK media super regulator says in interview he will act independently, favours a light touch, but also expresses caveat about allowing foreign takeovers of British broadcasters without reciprocity.
2002-07-31: MeasureCast introduced new Internet radio metrics; drops rule requiring five-minutes continuous listening before counting a listener in favour of recording all streaming
2002-07-31: Birach Broadcasting moves Washington DC station WGOP-AM, the former time brokered station WWTL-AM whose output included Islamic Broadcasting, to new mix including conservative hosts from Salem Network and DJ Doug "The Greaseman" Tracht.
2002-07-31: US independent record company Artemis to waive royalty charges for streaming its music for a year.
2002-07-31: UK national commercial classical music station Classic FM changes lineup to include "name hosts" from TV and pop stations as well as formerly unknown violinist who wrote in to ask for younger voices on the station.
2002-07-31: More radio results including Westwood One in the US and CHUM in Canada.
2002-07-31: UK Capital Radio breakfast host reported in talks over other projects that could end his 15 years in the post.

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