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March 2003

2003-03-01: US National Public Radio launches new e-marketing software/also announces two senior appointments.
2003-03-01: Radio gets off almost scot-free in latest bulletin from UK Broadcasting Standards Commission.
2003-03-01: Swedish radio buff tunes into mid-eat AM station now thought to be part of US "black clandestine" operation against Saddam Hussein.
2003-03-01: Mexican radio group Grupo Radio Centro SA de CVs reports strong final quarter 2002 results but weak year because of decline in Mexican economy.
2003-03-01: Journalists' union at BBC World Service criticize firing of two Arabic service producers and call for their reinstatement.
2003-03-01: US Federal Communications Commission leaders pronounce themselves satisfied with public hearing into media ownership regulations.

2003-03-02: Sirius supplier starts shipment of second-generation chipset that reduces receiver design dimensions to that of a credit card.
2003-03-02: Hispanic Broadcasting and Univision shareholders vote to approve latter's purchase of former.
2003-03-02: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-03-03: BBC Radio 3 announces further strengthening of is non-Classical music content.
2003-03-03: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-03-04: Sydney Morning Herald speculates on possible buyers and sellers if Australian media deregulation goes through.
2003-03-04: Hispanic Broadcasting pays USD 24 million for Sacramento area station/ Spanish Broadcasting System launches new Los Angeles area simulcast format.
2003-03-04: US radio revenues up 6% in January compared to a year ago.

2003-03-04: Emmis paying USD105 million to take control of Austin, Texas, cluster owned by family of former US President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Sinclair family.

2003-03-05: Details announced of Seattle field hearing on US media ownership.
2003-03-05: Sirius shareholders approve recapitalization.
2003-03-05: UK radio suggests UK could have 30 more commercial FM stations using existing allocation of frequencies.
2003-03-05: More radio results and business in Australasia, Europe, UK and US.
2003-03-06: BBC appoints Richard Clark as Editor of Radio 4 programmes, The World at One, PM, The World This Weekend and Broadcasting House.
2003-03-06: Nielsen Media Research increases its committment to Arbitron Portable People Meter system.
2003-03-06: Vast majority of Sirius bondholders accept company's recapitalization plan.
2003-03-06: UK Radio Authority takes up issues of pay for playing recordings and content of songs in its latest Quarterly Review.
2003-03-06: Salem shares plunge after results released/more US radio business.
2003-03-07: MUSICMATCH Artist match and Stream Audio retain top station and network spots in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast ratings but KPLU-FM knocks Jazz FM out of top five.

2003-03-07: Toronto-based CHUM appoints new managerial committee to replace former positions of president for radio and president for television.
2003-03-07: UK Competition Commission sends outs "issues letter" in connections with UK deal between Chrysalis, GWR, and SRH.
2003-03-07: Florida pirate fined USD35,000 for contempt of court in defying January injunction, which has now been made permanent.
2003-03-08: Bombay FM listeners spend nearly two hours a day tuned in according to survey.
2003-03-08: Idea of mathematical diversity formula brought up again from US Federal Communications Commission.
2003-03-08: New British media regulator and BBC to conduct digital radio survey.
2003-03-08: More US radio deals as ABC radio adds its second station this week.
2003-03-09: Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis back at the Corporation after ten-year absence.
2003-03-09: Karen Hand back due back on Chicago airwaves with "Private Lives" show that was dropped when her contract wasn't renewed last year.
2003-03-09: Seattle Hearing on US media ownership regulation finds audience mainly in favour of keeping rules.
2003-03-09: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-03-10: UK Capital Radio chief executive bullish about prospects and strategy of adding niche stations to complement London flagship station.
2003-03-10: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-03-11: BBC journalists to hold strike ballot over firing of two World Service radio producers.
2003-03-11: British Forces Broadcasting Services DJs operate station from cargo container at camp in Kuwait.
2003-03-11: Wisconsin and Massachusetts radio deals.
2003-03-11: UK digital radio could compete with 3G phone companies in supplying streaming media.
2003-03-12: Report on Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Heywire programme that gives chance for stories from 40 young rural and regional Australians to get on air.
2003-03-12: Victim of Providence night club fire adds Clear Channel to list of Corporations being sued; Clear Channel says it just took advertisements for the event.
2003-03-12: UK company announces new FM, digital radio and Internet data module for supply to manufacturers.
2003-03-13: Tom Rivers to double up as operations director and morning co-host as WUSN-FM, Chicago.
2003-03-13: BBC Radio 1 morning host Sara Cox wins Radio Personality of the Year award for second year running.
2003-03-13: Univision's takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting set for delay as Federal Communications Commission raises question of the former's influence over Entravision's TV stations/ other US radio business.

2003-03-14: Radioio takes top station spot in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-03-14: Chicago DJ Big John Howell, ousted from mornings on country WUSN-FM in Chicago, moves to afternoons on Oldies WJMK-FM.
2003-03-14: US Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation says all national sponsors have now withdrawn support of radio talk host Michael Savage's TV show on MSNBC.
2003-03-14: Kagan Media Summit hears upbeat message about radio advertising outlook and also told that consolidation has helped radio to compete against other media.
2003-03-15: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that some items on Edmonton station's morning show were too "sexually explicit" for broadcast when children might be listening.
2003-03-15: Gaylord to spend USD7.5 million on Grand Ole Opry venue but says performances will not be affected.
2003-03-15: 32nd annual survey of British in-home entertainment and attitudes to broadcasting is released.
2003-03-15: Univision confirms that its takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting has been delayed.
2003-03-15: New clause on localness in British Communications Bill angers comemrcial radio lobby.

2003-03-16: Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines backtracks on anti-President Bush comments after various US stations drop the group's music.
2003-03-16: New York veteran Harry Harrison, the Morning Mayor of New York, to retire.
2003-03-16: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-03-17: Topic of 2003 BBC Reith lectures to be the human mind.
2003-03-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-03-18: 30 people arrested after "weekend of madness" organised by radio station gets too wild.
2003-03-18: Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications completes purchase of new premises that will double its size.
2003-03-18: Australian Broadcasting Authority extends indefinitely the standards it brought in following the cash-for-comment inquiry into talk radio.
2003-03-18: Dixie Chick Natalie Maines apology for comments about President Bush seemingly not enough as more US radio stations drop the group's music.
2003-03-18: Disney reported to be planning USD 80 million children's radio network in UK in conunction with Capital Radio.

2003-03-19: Clear Channel back in top five in Arbitron-MeasureCast February web ratings.
2003-03-19: Competition builds for new Glasgow FM licence to be advertised in UK but only one application received for Nottingham digital multiplex.
2003-03-19: US Federal Communications Commission confirms two fines for technical offences but revokes a third.
2003-03-19: Hispanic buying Austin station for USD 16 million/other US radio business.
2003-03-19: Clear Channel New York AC station takes over top billing rank for US radio stations in 2002.
2003-03-19: Veteran BBC broadcaster Alan Keith, who hosted Your Hundred Best Tunes programme for 44 years, dies aged 94.
2003-03-20: UK Capital Radio appoints new head of music.
2003-03-20: Arbitron announces enhancement of its RADAR natwork ratings service.
2003-03-20: Latest statistics show Canadian commercial radio revenues to have risen by 17% over past five years with FM up 31% but AM down 9.8%
2003-03-20: European long-wave frequency formerly used by Atlantic 252 and then TEAMtalk 252 to be brought back into use by Irish state broadcaster RTÉ.
2003-03-20: Canadian Broadcasting watchdog says fake orgasms in radio show were acceptable on air.
2003-03-20: UK High Court starts hearing of USD 11 million lawsuit being brought by former radio mogul and DJ Chris Evans against SMG, owner of Virgin Radio.
2003-03-20: Many US radio shares fall as fears of war effect on advertising hit home.
2003-03-21: Dixie Chicks lose around a fifth of airplay following anti-Bush comments by Natalie Maines/ Florida talk station drops Canadian programme because of lack of Canadian support for war.
2003-03-21: British former radio mogul and DJ Chris Evans breaks down during testimony in law suit against SMG.
2003-03-21: Karmazin and Redstone sign up again in Viacom posts.

2003-03-22: Latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings see Clear Channel and Virgin FM back in top network and station slots.
2003-03-22: UK Access Radio plans generally welcomed but commercial radio operators express concern about threat to small commercial stations if Access stations are permitted to raise funds from advertising and sponsorship.
2003-03-22: Row over Dixie Chicks comments spills over into country station clash in San Diego , where one in four are connected with US military.
2003-03-22: BBC opens new Arabic service FM transmitter in Jordan/ vast majority of Americans say they want war news updates on music stations.
2003-03-22: UK High Court hears former DJ Chris Evans say he frequently went on air with a hangover but it was tensions with Virgin FM management that led to his not turning up for his show.

2003-03-23: Clear Channel chairman and CEO Lowry Mays gets USD 2 million bonus for 2002.
2003-03-23: Sirius launches search for new CFO to replace John Scelfo who is leaving next month.
2003-03-23: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-03-24: Gerry Lewis threatens legal action against Infinity's KROQ-FM over hoax call to French President Jacques Chirac by DJ impersonating the comedian.
2003-03-24: Boston headquartered 'FNX network makes significant changes including semi opt-out for Providence affiliate.
2003-03-24: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week
2003-03-25: Al Jazeera TV channel dismisses US Rado Sawa rabic service as nto a competitor but a waste of US taxpayers' money.
2003-03-25: FCC fines Tennessee station USD 10,000 for transmitter offences.
2003-03-25: ABC Daytime stays at the top in latest RADAR US network ratings survey.
2003-03-25: UK High Court told of climate of fear at UK Virgin Radio.

2003-03-26: British radio stations go for upbeat playlists and drop songs that could be linked to war.
2003-03-26: Virgin Chief Executive tells UK High Court he felt former Breakfast Host and station owner Chris Evans was holding the station to ransom.
2003-03-26: Gaylord sells its Nashville FMs to Cumulus but retains WSM-AM/ other US radio deals and appointments.
2003-03-27: UK Radio Authority issues 400th restricted service licence.
2003-03-27: US Federal Communications Commission reduces fines on Florida pilot and Tennessee station.
2003-03-27: Miex forecasts on advertising prospects as UK Emap and Capital Radio issue updates but general feeling is that radio in UK and North America will fare better than TV.
2003-03-27: Clear Channel stung into responding to New York Times Op-ed about its support of pro-war rallies.
2003-03-27: UK High Court told breakfast host Chris Evans cost Virgin Radio millions in revenues and profits in 2001.

2003-03-28: BBC Radio 1 hires Zane Lowe from Capital's Xfm.
2003-03-28:Virgin Radio and Clear Channel retain top spots in station and network Internet ratings from Arbitron-MeasureCast.
2003-03-28: UK High Court told breakfast host Chris Evans could not take being an employee rather than the boss at Virgin Radio.
2003-03-28: Strong results and forecasts from Interep and XM Satellite radio but less so from UK GWR/Univision purchase of Hispanic Broadcasting gets US Department of Justice approval.
2003-03-29: US Federal Communications Commission chairman indicates early June deadline for decision on media ownership regulations/ agenda released for North Carolina field hearing on the issue.
2003-03-29: Arbtiron says it expects future of shorter-term contracts until Portable People Meter rollout is completed.
2003-03-29: Upbeat update from Scottish Radio Holdings/ more US and UK radio results and deals.
2003-03-30: London Xfm station gets more nominations for 2003 Sony Awards than any other station but BBC retains dominance in comedy,drama and speech categories.
2003-03-30: US National Public Radio to conduct state-by-state survey of its coverage in the US.
2003-03-30: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-03-31: Veteran British DJ Tony Blackburn returns to national radio in the UK.
2003-03-31: Toronto oldies station CHUM-AM and BBC Radio 1 deny removing any songs from their playlists because of the war against Iraq.
2003-03-31: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

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February 2003

2003-02-01: Cambodian radio station owner arrested in connection with riots that led to burning of Thai Embassy and Thai businesses in Phnom Penh.
2003-02-01: Minnesota Public Radio launches new weekend schedule.
2003-02-01: In Australia, Rural Press Ltd takes control of Star Broadcasting radio network.
2003-02-01: Sirius launches offer to convert all its debt into stock.
2003-02-01: Deaths reported of Canadian broadcasting veteran Bill McNeil and US veteran broadcaster and actor Cliff Norton.
2003-02-01: US Radio Advertising Bureau indicates 9% rise in US radio advertising revenues in final quarter of 2002 taking rise for year to 6%.
2003-02-01: US FCC chairman and broadcasters welcome introduction of Sen McCain's telecommunications ownership diversity legislation.
2003-02-01: Look at US radio deals of past week.
2003-02-02: Veteran US foreign correspondent Bill Delaney takes over as CO-host on US public radio show "Here and Now" on Monday.
2003-02-02: Spanish Broadcasting System says it will appeal against Miami district judge's decision to throw out is lawsuit against Clear Channel and Hispanic Broadcasting.
2003-02-02: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-02-03: DJ at Maryland gospel music station upholds old traditions against US radio trends.
2003-02-03: New York Times looks at regulation vision of US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell.
2003-02-03: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-02-04: More red-flags and fines from US Federal Communications Commission.
2003-02-04: UK Virgin says it now has music policy right as it launches marketing campaign to boost audience.
2003-02-04: Strong US radio revenues in 2002 figures just released.
2003-02-04: Sirius launches marketing campaign that stresses absence of commercials in marked contrast to terrestrial US radio.
2003-02-04: US radio business deals including Saga takeover held up by tax lien.
2003-02-05: BBC appoints former Elections Editor for Network Radio Mike MacFarlane as Executive Editor for its London radio, TV and online operations.
2003-02-05: Small increase only proposed for US Federal Communications Commission budget in 2004.
2003-02-05: More complaints upheld against radio than television in latest BBC Complaints Unit report and also in appeals upheld by governors.
2003-02-05: More US radio results and deals.
2003-02-05: US Federal Communications Commission fines station USD 15,000 for emergency equipment and tower offences/fines pirate operator USD 10, 000
2003-02-05: US Broadcasters go public with concerns about Arbitron diary low response rates.
2003-02-05: UK Chrysalis reports strong performance in update.
2003-02-06: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces winners of its "New Adventures in Broadcasting 2003" scheme.
2003-02-06: US university junior who has been blind since birth is to colour commentate on university basketball game.
2003-02-06: Vancouver broadcaster fired following comments made about wife of Vancouver Canuck's forward.
2003-02-06: Charles Jaco, fired last year by KMOX-AM, St Louis, signed up by Channel 2 TV and KTFK-FM.
2003-02-06: BBC Radio 4 e-mails Sobig worm to soap opera fans along with news of the programme.
2003-02-07: Latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings - Clear Channel is currently not being rated.
2003-02-07: More US radio business and deals.
2003-02-07: More technical offence penalties issued by US Federal Communications Commission.
2003-02-07: Second attempt by Australian tycoon John Singleton to fold Macquarie Radio Network into his advertising group fails.
2003-02-07: US Public Broadcasters say President Bush's 2004 budget proposals would seriously compromise their ability to meet legal obligations.
2003-02-07: US Federal Communications Commission chairman says public meetings around US on media regulation are unnecessary/ Democrat Commissioner Michael J Copps announces two more such hearings.
2003-02-08: 23-year-old Wes Butters takes over as host of BBC Radio 1 Chart Show on February 9.
2003-02-08: Latest bulletin from British Broadcasting Standards Commission upholds two complaints against BBC radio, none against cmmercial stations.
2003-02-08: Former CBS WW2 radio reporter Larry LeSueur dies aged 93.
2003-02-08: FCC sets venue for Public Hearing on US media regulation/Clear Channel argues that there should be no limit to ownership in a market and attacks use of Arbitron markets on basis that it would reduce the stations that a party could own.
2003-02-09: BBC Radio 5 Live may still face legal action following interview it broadcast with boxing promoter Don King that was critical of manager of World Champion Lennox Lewis; it withdrew the report from its web site.
2003-02-09: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-02-10: Pune University in India to launch its own FM station.
2003-02-10: Canadian "roots" artists get more airtime in US than in their own country.
2003-02-10: New York Times considers implications of move to afternoons of LA Hispanic Broadcasting host Renán Almendárez Coello.
2003-02-10: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-02-11: Generator fire on Mount Washington takes two Citadel stations off the air.
2003-02-11: Florida pirate operator gets probation/ more FCC penalties for technical offences and increased FCC HQ security after "Amber" alert in US.
2003-02-11: US Radio Authority fines station GBP 5, 000 for failing to keep recordings of its output.
2003-02-11: London Xfm producer to have his vasectomy on St. Valentine's day broadcast live- another vasectomy is on offer as a prize to a listener!
2003-02-11: More healthy US radio results including Entercom tripling third-quarter profits.
2003-02-11: US Federal Communications Commission looks for mathematical "diversity" index for use in considering media regulation.
2003-02-12: Managerial shakings and movings in Chicago radio.
2003-02-12: Listening fairly static in Irish radio ratings for 2002 compared to a year earlier.
2003-02-12: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council upholds compliant against Vancouver station's satirical sketch.
2003-02-12: More strong results - from Entravision, Radio One and Westwood One.
2003-02-13: Veteran Chicago African-American radio host Holmes "Daddy-O" Daylie dies aged 82.
2003-02-13: KQED-FM's "Forum" host Michael Krasny marks 10 th anniversary and show's 15th anniversary.
2003-02-13: Rescheduling of Federal Communications Commission meeting weakens planned Los Angeles public hearing on media regulation as all the Republican Commissioners pull out.
2003-02-13: UK Capital shares drop back again after brief upwards flurry on back on analysts positive reactions to programming changes.
2003-02-13: Viacom produces record results but shares fall because of worries about cable TV operations.

2003-02-14: Interep's fifth Power of Urban Media conference held in Atlanta.
2003-02-14: UK Chrysalis signs two more "personalities" for its re-launched LBC talk station.
2003-02-14: Fisher Communications opts not to sell itself but to fight on as an independent company.
2003-02-14: University of Southern California to go ahead with media forum next week with Democrat FCC commissioners expected to be present and Republican Kathleen Abernathy contributing via a video link.
2003-02-14: Current world situation boosts listening to Asian radio stations in UK.
2003-02-14: Arbitron under attack again over low diary response rates.
2003-02-14: Hispanic Broadcasting to enter Puerto Rico with purchase of El Mundo stations.

2003-02-15: Clear Channel back in Arbitron-MeasureCast ratings/ Arbitron says it is to start charging for subscriptions to the service.
2003-02-15: BBC disqualifies pacifist band Seize the Day from Radio 3 World Music Awards, claiming there had been a political campaign to solicit votes for them, something the band denies.
2003-02-15: NBG Radio Networks effectively folds and Crystal Media Network rises based on former NBG properties.

2003-02-16: Rogers Communications reports "solid" fourth quarter and full year 2002 results with radio operating profits up 28% on the year.
2003-02-16: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-02-17: Initial fears concerning operation of Loyola University station by Chicago public station WBEZ-FM prove unfounded so far.
2003-02-17: New York Times on absence of country music format radio station in the city.
2003-02-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-02-18: US National Public Radio says it is to drop its annual Public Radio Conference after this year's event.
2003-02-18: UK breakfast DJ, fired after playing "The Taliban Song" in 2001, settles his claim against Capital Radio.
2003-02-18: Sydney AM towers to be moved because of proximity to housing development permitted in 1988.
2003-02-18: Chicago venture capitalists back new US liberal radio talk network.
2003-02-19: Spanish Broadcasting System files appeal over dismissal over its antitrust lawsuit against Clear Channel and Hispanic Broadcasting - and adds request for leave to file an additional complaint based on information in statements relating to first case.
2003-02-19: BBC to review security after intruders burst into BBC World Service headquarters.
2003-02-19: Satellite radio shares leap follwing positive report.

2003-02-20: Infinity drops radio simulcast of Letterman "Late" show on CBS TV.
2003-02-20: Arbitron study backs up US radio industry claims that listeners benefit from consolidation.
2003-02-20: St Louis morning host Nan Wyatt shot dead/ New York veteran Jim Gordon dies aged 76.
2003-02-20: Strong fourth quarter results from Cumulus and Regent.
2003-02-21: Clear Channel back to top of network rankings in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-02-21: UK Wireless Group signs deal for its own radio ratings using Swiss radiocontrol meter system.
2003-02-21: Husband of St. Louis KMOX-AM host Nan Wyatt charged with her murder.
2003-02-21: US Federal Communications Commission in action again with fines, red-flags and reclassifications.
2003-02-21: BBC dismisses two World Service producers ti says cost it nearly GBP1 million in legal costs as they pursued grievance after grievance claim.
2003-02-21: Cox Radio results and more US radio deals.

2003-02-22: Maryland State Finance Committee votes against bill that would have enacted non-compete legislation.
2003-02-22: UK radio show loses interview with "nude rights" campaigner who refused to cover up n BBC offices after cycling to them from his home.
2003-02-22: Entercom now expects to take control of KWOD-FM, Sacramento, next month.
2003-02-22: UK Journalists union withdraws comments alleging that BBC World Service was a "lackey" of British Foreign Office following complaints from World Service journalists.
2003-02-22: Salem says it has had 95% renewal of its block bookings and expects them to be up 5% in 2003.
2003-02-22: UK Radio outperforms print and TV for adverts in 2002 - and also increases its audience.

2003-02-23: Santa Barbara classical station KDB-FM to keep its format through purchase by Santa Barbara Foundation.
2003-02-23: UK station co-hosts, male and female, taken off air after on-air spat that led to walk out.
2003-02-23: Sirius reported to be going to distribute millions of copies of "manifesto" that takes digs at US terrestrial radio, sponsors and rival XM.

2003-02-23: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-02-24: Haitian radio station, three of whose staff have been murdered, goes off air following more threats.
2003-02-24: US bird lovers launch lawsuit against Federal Communications Commission that they say has breached legal obligations to minimize bird deaths from transmission towers.
2003-02-24: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-02-25: California Highway Patrol study shows that operating radios and Cds distracts drivers nearly as much as talking on cell phones.
2003-02-25: Australian company says that emissions from ABC radio tower near planned factory site has radiation emissions higher than permitted at 5 metres (16 feet) above ground level.
2003-02-25: US Federal Communications Commission announces Enforcement Bureau appointments.
2003-02-25: UK clamps down on pirate radio stations but some critics say the action could have a chilling effect on development of British pop music.
2003-02-25: Beasley Broadcasting gets into profit in fourth quarter and trims losses for full year.

2003-02-26: Founding head of Lyric FM, Ireland, goes on secondment to Irish Arts Council.
2003-02-26: 18 US media companies hire DC law firm to file brief in support of University of Michigan's affirmative action policies.
2003-02-26: British music artists group calls for more musical diversity on British radio, in particular BBC channels.
2003-02-26: Macquarie network does well, Austereo and Southern Cross worse, in latest Australian ratings.
2003-02-26: BBC Radio 4 satirical show host accuses corporation of political censorship.
2003-02-26: More North American radio business including Clear Channel and Newfoundland Capital Corporation results.
2003-02-27: Infinity fires two general managers in reorganization of its Chicago operations.
2003-02-27: Australian Broadcasting Authority warns of difficulty in finding new transmission sites should development be allowed near to current metropolitan AM transmission towers.
2003-02-27: US Federal Communications Commission public hearing on media regulation to be held today.
2003-02-27: More US radio business including Spanish Broadcasting and Saga results.

2003-02-28: British Forces Broadcasting Service ties up with BBC Radio 2 to provide request and dedications service to link families in UK with forces in the mid East and Gulf.
2003-02-28: Latest Arbitron-MeasureCast rankings as Arbitron-Edison Media release study showing number of Americans who have sampled Internet broadcasting has topped 100 million.
2003-02-28: US Department of Justice reaches deal concerning Univision purchase of Hispanic Broadcasting/ other US radio deals and results.
2003-02-28: US Federal Communications Commission public hearing on media regulation hears chairman Michael Powell stress that rules the Commission cannot justify will be thrown out by the courts.

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January 2003

2003-01-01: Survey commissioned by US National Association of Broadcasters shows nearly four-fifths of Americans consider radio an important source of information and nearly two-thirds are satisfied with with the job done by local stations.
2003-01-01: US Federal Communications Commission cancels USD22, 000 fine on Louisiana broadcaster.
2003-01-01: US overnight host Art Bell finally retires.
2003-01-01: Arbitron and Taylor Nelson Sofres reported to be in advanced discussions about world wide development of Arbitron's Portable People Meter technology.
Big City Radio agrees sale of its New York stations to Nassau Broadcasting /other US radio deals.
Latest report from British Broadcasting Standards Commission upholds three complaints against radio stations.
2003-01-02: Big City agrees sale of three of its five Illinois stations to Spanish Broadcasting System.
MUSICMATCH and Clear Channel retain top station and network spots in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-01-03: UK Chrysalis Group's dance format Galaxy to go on London and Central Scotland digital multiplexes.
2003-01-03: Big City agrees sale of Chicago suburban station WYXX-FM to Hispanic Broadcasting, leaving it with only one station.

2003-01-04: Clear Channel enters another Mississippi market through station swap deal.
2003-01-04: UK Chrysalis lands Elton John as guest for re-launch of LBC.
2003-01-04: FCC deadline for written comment on media regulation leads to last minute flurry of responses.
2003-01-05: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation revamps Radio 1 Saturday lineup.
2003-01-05: Clear Channel drops Internet streams from some stations because of music licensing charges.
2003-01-05: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-01-06: Pennsylvania station's anti-smoking show uses mix of satire, humour and peer pressure.
2003-01-06: Mixed short term forecasts for radio from round the world with more positive long-term forecasts but Internet advertising showing greater growth trend.
2003-01-06: Swathe of changes in British radio today and this month.
2003-01-06: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-01-07: Clear Channel offers USD 500 million in new notes.
2003-01-07: Federal Communications Commission red-flags planned Illinois purchase by Triad Broadcasting.
2003-01-07: BBC World Service announces series on globalisation.
2003-01-07: US National Association of Broadcasters chief lobbyist leaving for Air Transport Association post.
2003-01-07: Look at new radio shows launched in UK on Monday.
2003-01-07: Jonathan Adelstein in first speech as US Federal Communications Commissioner calls for caution in further de-regulation/further comments to FCC.
2003-01-08: Clear Channel sells USD 800 million of bonds, USD 300 million more than planned.
2003-01-08: Radio One Inc Detroit station becomes first commercial US station to broadcast using iBiquity's digital system.
2003-01-08: CBS to air daily "Showdown with Saddam" feature about what it terms "impending" war.
2003-01-08: British radio prizewinner gets to push button to demolish Wembley stadium twin towers.
2003-01-08: Miami hosts fool Venezuelan President into thinking call they placed is from Cuban President.
2003-01-08: Clear Channel CFO Randall Mays tells conference he doesn't think radio ownership rules will be loosened although any such rules are "ridiculous."
iBiquity and dMarc to jointly market dMarc Flow subcarrier data system for digital radio.
2003-01-09: Three BBC Radio 1 DJs added to Debrett's People of Today latest edition but two former Radio 1 DJs are ousted.
2003-01-09: Sirius demonstrates video transmission over its satellite radio system, announced number of programming changes.
2003-01-09: Clear Channel deal red flagged and company may be affected by reintroduction of Sen Feingold's Radio and Concert Industries Act
2003-01-09: Emmis third quarter figures well above forecasts but shares down slightly on the day.
Arbitron says Internet listening rose four-fifths in 2002/latest Arbitron-MeasureCast ratings.
2003-01-10: Clear Channel expresses support for new Federal Communications Commission Equality of Opportunity rules.
2003-01-10: XM satellite radio says it has 360, 000 subsribers and expects a million by year's end compared to Sirius figures of 30, 000 and 300, 000.
2003-01-10: Christmas rush more than doubles number of digital radio receivers in British homes.
2003-01-10: Federal Communications Commission to take a second look at Viacom plan that it had earlier approved to put KFWB-AM, Los Angeles into trust/Citadel spends USD16.5 million on three more stations.

Chicago radio veteran Jerome Edward Golden dies at 79.
2003-01-11: WLS-AM, The Grand Ole Opry, fires 20-year veteran Kyle Cantrell and a number of other employees.
2003-01-11: Microsoft ops for use of FM spectrum in its new DirectBand technology for use in smart watches and other devices that can download news and weather reports continuously as they are updated.

2003-01-11: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ appoints Eithne Hand as head of its Radio 1 channel.
2003-01-11: BBC Radio 1 Controller rejects suggestions that the station has contributed to the rise of gun crime in the UK.
2003-01-11: iBiquity announces that it has issued licences to 35 broadcasters for its digital radio system.
2003-01-12: Anti-government and US forces in Afghanistan operate pirate propaganda radio station.
2003-01-12: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-01-13: More BBC radio host changes today.
2003-01-13: Gallup report says listening to US talk radio has nearly doubled over past three years.
2003-01-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-01-14: Australian radio veteran Elizabeth Bond dies.
2003-01-14: Canada's latest radio mini-mogul Doug Kirk goes full time after leaving finance industry.
2003-01-14: Isle of Man International Broadcasting defeats objectors to transmitter site in Ramsay Bay.
2003-01-14: NPR gets its greatest ever grant, a USD14 million gift from the MacArthur Foundation.
2003-01-14: Radio One Inc. announces Ohio deal and move into Television on conjunction with Comcast/ other US radio business.
2003-01-15: Infinity Chicago station rapped by Arbitron for host's comments that could have distorted ratings.
2003-01-15: UK Galaxy 101 dance station sale referred to Britain's Competition Commission.
2003-01-15: Latest figures show US with 13,331 radio stations, up 211 on a year ago.
2003-01-15: British radio station to be prosecuted for dry-ice stunt that left some competitors with permanent scarring.
2003-01-15: More US radio deals including Regent USD 7.75 million Colorado purchase.
2003-01-15: US Federal Communications Commissioners testify before Senate Commerce Committee hearing on telecommunications.

2003-01-16: US National Public Radio fares badly in "debate" about its Middle East reporting before hostile audience in Boston.
2003-01-16: World DAB Forum hires PR firm for campaign to promote Eureka 147 Digital Audio Broadcasting system worldwide.
2003-01-16: Sirius gets go-ahead for licence transfer to creditors as part of its debt restructuring/XM gets boost from General Motors which is to make it a factory option on three-quarters of its 2004 range.
2003-01-17: Clear Channel cutback in streaming activities causes it to drop to third in network rankings in latest Arbitron-Measurecast Internet listening report.
2003-01-17: Cape Cod to mark 100th anniversary of first transatlantic wireless telegram greetings between heads of states tomorrow.
2003-01-17: American Most Influential Women in Radio study shows continuing low percentage of women managers in US radio.
2003-01-17: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Sara Cox tells newspaper she is to leave the post after a year but channel bosses say her comments have been taken out of context.
2003-01-17: Latest figures from US Radio Advertising Bureau show US radio advertising revenue in November was up 10% on 2001 figures, the third straight month of double-digit increases.
2003-01-18: Minnesota Public Radio's "Marketplace" business programme to air series on abuse of child labour throughout the world.
2003-01-18: Australian Broadcasting Corporation seeks 40% increase in government funding phased over over next three years.
2003-01-18: UK Radio Authority considers far fewer complaints but upholds 50% more against British radio stations in latest quarterly bulletin.
2003-01-18: Infinity puts Rod Zimmerman in charge of its Chicago radio group
2003-01-19: UK Capital and Chrysalis criticized over payments to directors and senior executives/Chrysalis reports strong 2002, turning round 2001 loss of USD26 million to 2002 profit of USD 9 million.
2003-01-19: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-01-20: US steps up propaganda via radio in Iraq.
2003-01-20: Tamil rebels in Sri Lanka launch new radio station.
2003-01-20: 100th anniversary of Marconi transatlantic wireless telegram marked on Cape Cod.
2003-01-20: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-01-21: Former telecommunications and advertising executive to become chief executive of new British media regulator, OFCOM, according to UK Guardian.
2003-01-21: New York Times says pride and power not money is holding up negotiations for renewal of Mel Karmazin's Viacom contract.
2003-01-21: UK Capital Radio programming chief Jeff Smith leaves "by mutual agreement."
2003-01-22: British musicians and music companies protest "dumbing down" of BBC London radio station after axing of a number of niche shows.
2003-01-22: XM Satellite Radio says it expects 80, 000 Delphi home and portable receivers to be shipped to retailers in first half of this year.
2003-01-22: Stephen Carter confirmed as chief executive of new British media and telecommunications regulator.
2003-01-22: Charges dismissed against Malawian radio journalist arrested for broadcasting interview with tea planter who said he had been attacked by a vampire.
2003-01-22: US public broadcasters may have to refund hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants following audits.
2003-01-23: Former St. Louis talk host Charles Jaco, fired after undiplomatic e-mails were sent to listeners, may land permanent post in Seattle.
2003-01-23: First survey since Taliban were ousted shows 80% of Kabul respondents listened to BBC World Service.
2003-01-23: Support staff from Opie and Anthony show, pulled of air in August, reported to have been fired by WNEW-FM.
2003-01-24: Latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings show Clear Channel losing more listeners and it seems unlikely to regain the top spot it held in the December rankings.
2003-01-24: FCC reduces fine for tower offences on Tennessee owner because of good past record/Spanish Broadcasting System complains about manner in which Hispanic Broadcasting is trying to acquire Big City Chicago station.
2003-01-24: Hilary Rosen to leave Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) at end of year after 17 years with the organization.
2003-01-24: Arbitron reports strong final quarter of 2002 with net income 2.5 times that of a year before.
2003-01-24: UK Capital Radio reports revenues down 6% in final quarter of 2002 and warns of uncertain outlook.
2003-01-24: US Senate Commerce Committee reported to have scheduled hearing on consolidation in US radio industry at end of January.
2003-01-25: SMG shareholders approve sale of its publishing division to Gannett.
2003-01-25: Entercom imposes new contract at its Boston stations after failing to reach agreement with union.
2003-01-25: Strong results from Astral and Corus against background of improvement in Canadian advertising market.
2003-01-25: US Federal Communications Commission sets February 27 as date for public hearing in Virginia on media ownership regulations.
2003-01-25: Birmingham, England, radio station fined for promotion that resulted in injuries to competitors.

2003-01-26: XM Satellite Radio says it is no on to complete debt restructuring and arrange new finance on Tuesday, January 28.
2003-01-26: Canadian host Shelagh Rogers takes medical leave from Sounds like Canada show on CBC.
2003-01-26: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-01-27: Canadian Broadcasting Corporations announced winners of 2003 CBC Newsworld Joan Donaldson scholarships.
2003-01-27: Washington Post profiles Radio One Inc. president and CEO Alfred Liggins III.
2003-01-27: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-01-28: Indiana AM put up for online auction on E-bay.
2003-01-28: UK Capital Radio programme director defends music changes at Capital FM and says they will remain market leader.
2003-01-28: Clear Channel KMEL-FM, San Francisco, holds talks with local groups who opposed programming changes made a year ago.
2003-01-28: Four applications received for two Irish licences.
2003-01-28: Scottish Radio Holdings reports 6.5% increase in like-for-like revenues in quarter to end of 2002 compared to a year earlier.
2003-01-28: New York Times says Viacom president Mel Karmazin and chairman Sumner Redstone are now barely on speaking terms
2003-01-29: Xfm and former BBC Radio 1 DJ Zoe Ball confirms relationship with another man since split from husband Fatboy Slim.
2003-01-29: CBC veteran Harry Mannis and former Empire Broadcasting co-owner Mike Oatman die.
2003-01-29: California morning host Renan Almendarez Coello to quit his top-rated KCSA-FM syndicated show for afternoon show on the station.
2003-01-29: UK Virgin launches advertising campaign to promote its music brand and breakfast show.
2003-01-29: Latino groups in Chicago launch boycott of Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation in protest at what they feel is obscene and indecent content on WOJO-FM breakfast show.

2003-01-30: Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold reintroduces his Competition in Radio and Concert Industries Act.
2003-01-30: US Federal Communications Commission pauses its normal informal period for processing transactions for Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting.
2003-01-30: UK Capital Radio hires head of corporate communications.
2003-01-30: Fisher Communications board meets to consider offers to purchase company/Viacom Board meeting expected to put pressure on to end Karmazin-Redstone rift.
2003-01-30: US radio stations increase nontraditional revenues activity according to Radio Advertising Board annual survey.

2003-01-31: New York radio personality Stan Martin dies.
2003-01-31: Former Infinity Radio president Dan Mason to be consultant for iBiquity Digital on HD Radio introduction.
2003-01-31: Fisher Communications sells its two Georgia TV stations.
2003-01-31: Latest UK radio ratings show that the medium now reached 91% of British adults.
2003-01-31: UK GWR group reports flat revenues at end of last year but improvement in January/UK Radio Authority advertises new regional FM licence.
2003-01-31: Arbitron does Portable People Meter deal in Belgium but says it may be three years before it can provide language weighting for Spanish language US stations.
2003-01-31: US Senate Commerce Committee hearing on radio and concert industries hears testimony from Clear Channel and NAB CEOs.

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