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June 2003

2003-06-01: British watchdog the Broadcasting Standards Council upholds two complaints against radio. one of them partially, in its latest bulletin.
2003-06-01: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-06-02: BBC World Service launches 24-hour Arabic FM services in Baghdad and Basra.
2003-06-02: US satellite radio "primed for takeoff" according to AP report.
2003-06-02: Look at US comment on media regulation in advance of today's scheduled Federal Communications Commission meeting.
2003-06-02: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-06-03: UK Daily Mail group reported as needing to sell assets if it is to make large radio acquisition.
2003-06-03: Australian Broadcasting Authority suspends a commercial radio licence for the first time.
2003-06-03: Proposed new US media regulations passed by party-line vote at Federal Communications Commission but most radio market ownership limits are to remain.
Interep says it may not appeal against NASDQ delisting.
2003-06-04: Canadian broadcasting watchdog rules that insulting a competitor in Italian and insulting a sports figure by calling him schizophrenic may be regrettable but do not breach its codes.
2003-06-04: Cumulus takes control of Huntsville, Alabama, stations bought from Athens Broadcasting/Clear Channel sells in Tennessee.
2003-06-04: Australian Special Broadcasting Services faces protests over plans to drop its Gaelic and Welsh programmes.
2003-06-04: UK Radio Authority clears Jazz FM of not playing enough Jazz.
2003-06-04: Proposed new US media regulations gets widespread cover in marked contrast to that before the event and are likely to face legal and political challenges.
US Federal Communications Commission reduces from USD 10,000 to USD 1,000 a tower lighting penalty on a Florida AM.
2003-06-05: Former Virgin host Chris Evans could face a bill of USD 6.6 million if he loses case against SMG/ former Virgin and Capital FM host Steve Penk hoping to move his show to TV.
2003-06-05: Sirius Shares fall back and XM's rise as both companies announce further money-raising ventures.
2003-06-05: US radio revenues up 1% in April according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2003-06-05: Senate Commerce Committee told that Federal Communications Commission had no option but to follow Congressional direction over US media regulation.

2003-06-06: Virgin back as top station in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet audio ratings.
2003-06-06: Sirius prices its latest share offering well below market rate but its shares drop back less than those of rival XM.
2003-06-06: Voice of BBC horse racing, commentator Peter Bromley dies aged 74.
2003-06-06: Clear Channel back on acquisition trail/ other US radio business.
2003-06-06: Sanate Commerce Committee chairman Sen. John McCain schedules June 19 vote on FCC media regulation rules.
SMG, the former Scottish Media Group. says it does nto expect advertising recovery until next year.
2003-06-07: Boston public station WBUR-FM says it will bring back Fresh Air programme, dropped in favour of news when invasion of Iraq began.
2003-06-07: Veteran British DJ Johnnie Walker breaks news of his cancer on air.
2003-06-07: Heavy lobbying by Univision as it tries to get its bid for Hispanic Broadcasting approved by Federal Communications Commission.
2003-06-07: Two major lawsuits launched in US, both involvign Clear Channel and one also involving Citadel (over Rhode Island club fire)/ US radio deals.
2003-06-08: Rogers reformats Toronto KISS station as JACK-FM, playing a wider range of music.
2003-06-08: BBC Radio 1 breakfast DJ Sara Cox wins damages under Human Rights Act from paper that published pictures of her sunbathing and swimming nude when on honeymoon.
2003-06-08: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-06-09: Former BBC Radio 1 head of production and managing director of Emap Performance, Trevor Dann, now hosting local radio breakfast show.
2003-06-09: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-06-10: Board of Salisbury University station WSCL-FM in Maryland votes to oppose its sale.
2003-06-10: US National Public Radio announces agreement to supply video newsbreaks to Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

2003-06-10: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ appoints Aodán O'Dubhghaill as the new Head of its classical music and arts channel, Lyric FM.
2003-06-10: UK Classic FM replaces long-time breakfast host Henry Kelly with Simon Bates/ Stuart Maconie stands in for BBC Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker, who is receiving treatment for cancer.
2003-06-10: New York Times article says Clear Channel was naive about politics in Washington and this was reason radio regulation was not eased.
Former Infinity president Dan Mason nominated for board of Spanish Broadcasting System.
2003-06-11: America Online radio network signs up for Arbitron-MeasureCast ratings.
2003-06-11: Federal Communications Commission reconfirms USD 3,000 penalty on Mount Rushmore Broadcasting.
2003-06-11: Dallas City Council decides to keep classical station WRR-FM on its present frequency.
2003-06-11: Top-rated Vancouver talk host Rafe Mair sacked by CKNW-AM.
Tennessee broadcaster Maxine Humphreys celebrates 50 years with country station WGRV-AM, Greenville.
2003-06-12: Sirius raises USD 146 million net from latest share offering/ appoints new CFO.
2003-06-12: Australian Broadcasting Corporation rural programme "The Country Hour"approaches 58th anniversary.
2003-06-12: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K. Powell dismisses as "garbage" suggestions that US public were not informed about or involved in changes to media regulations.
Fresh from firing top-rated Vancouver talk host Rafe Mair from CKNW-AM, Corus upsets more fans by dropping the Tom Leykis show from MOJO-AM on the basis it had to be edited too much to make it meet Canadian industry codes.
2003-06-13: AOL leaps straight to top network rank - and also has 13 of top 25 stations - in its debut in Arbitron-MeasureCast ratings.
2003-06-13: American Federation of Radio and TV Artists (AFTRA) accuses Infinity of blurring lines by insisting on mentions of AOL in programming and news reports after agreeing USD 30 million marketing partnership.
2003-06-13: UK Classic FM formally confirms that former breakfast host Henry Kelly has left the station.
2003-06-13: Canadian parliamentary committee recommends sweeping changes in the country's broadcast industry but says limits on foreign-ownership should be retained and cross-ownership of newspapers and broadcasters tightly regulated.
Hispanic Border Media completes acquisition of two more stations and announces USD 15 million financing deal.
2003-06-14: Salisbury University Foundation Board of Governors vote unanimously to keep WSCL-FM but say they want more involvement with the university.
2003-06-14: BBC World Service to broadcast three-part series on international law and justice in July.
2003-06-14: US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) votes in Radio Board members and also re-elects Eddie Fritts as President and CEO.

2003-06-14: Canadian equity analysts tell Senate Committee that the country's media does not need foreign ownership restrictions loosened to be successful.
2003-06-15: Schenectady, New York public broadcaster WHMT eliminating 16 posts in a restructuring to cut costs.
2003-06-15: Sirius announces that affiliates of the Blackstone Group have distributed some 57 million shares of Sirius common stock.
2003-06-15: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week
2003-06-16: Indian 16-year-old sets up pirate radio station to local acclaim although police have confiscated equipment several times.
2003-06-16: US politicians opposed to new media regulations may try and overturn them through use of Congressional Review Act or through limiting appropriations to the Federal Communications Commission.
2003-06-16: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-06-17: US Federal Communications Commission reduces from USD 11,000 to USD 8,800 on Utica, New York, station owner.
2003-06-17: Canadian broadcasting pioneer Conrad Lavigne dies aged 86.
2003-06-17: Baltimore public station WYPR-FM, the former WJUH-FM, has successful first year since going it alone.
2003-06-17: New York Times reports that Emmis Hot 97 morning host Star (Troi Torain), currently suspended, has hired lawyer to fight non-compete clause in his contract.
2003-06-17: 2003 Murrow Award winers announced.
Portland (Oregon) School Board approves sale of the licence of its KBPS-FM classical-music station to the station's foundation.
2003-06-18: UK Radio Authority has fines East Lancashire radio station Asian Sound Radio GBP 3,000 (USD 4900) for breaching its rules relating to political advertisements/ automatically re-awards 15 local analogue licences to stations providing a digital service.
2003-06-18: XM Satellite Radio closes USD 175 million debt offering/ US newsletter forecasts up to 48 million satellite radio subscribers by 2012.
2003-06-18: RADAR 77 network audience report showsradio listening remains higher among graduates in US.
2003-06-18: UK GWR chief executive to leave as company drops two board positions.
2003-06-18: ABC pulls its radio and TV networks out of US National Association of Broadcasters.
2003-06-18: Digital Radio Monidale launches first daily digital transmissions using its short wave digital system.
2003-06-19: Live 365 and MUSICMATCH top Arbitron-MeasureCast May Internet ratings.
2003-06-19: Pacifica Radio Foundation starts to move its national headquarters back from Washington DC to Berkeley, California.
2003-06-19: Arbitron announces enhancements to its Portable People Meter including one to allow it to distinguish between in-home and out-of-home viewing or listening.
2003-06-19: Chrysalis-owned LBC to revamp its weekend lineup next month, only six months after the station was relaunched.
2003-06-19: News Corporation's Sky Radio buys Danish national FM licence.
2003-06-19: Australian radio listening has increased over last five years according to industry study.
2003-06-20: MUSICMATCH and AOL retain top station and network spots in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-06-20: US Federal Communications Commission revokes two licences of Alaskan broadcaster Peninsula Communications following dispute over translator operation.
2003-06-20: Australian Broadcasting Authority expected to announce decision on whether it will go ahead with issue of new commercial FM licences.
2003-06-20: US Senate Committee votes to overturn new US media regulations and retain TV cap and cross-ownership ban.
2003-06-21: Bonneville converts third San Francisco station to iBiquity's HD digital system.
2003-06-21: Wall Street Journals says US Federal Communications Commission expected to approve Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting by a 3-2 party line vote.
2003-06-21: BBC starts to trail former US First Lady Hillary Clinton's reading of her memoirs on Radio 4 from Monday.
2003-06-21: Reactions to US Senate Committee vote to overturn new US media regulations, which have particularly upset Clear Channel.
2003-06-22: Toronto radio hosts "Mad Dog and Billie" move over to CHFI-FM Morning Show tomorrow.
2003-06-22: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-06-23: Australian media deregulation plans hinge on votes of independent senators.
2003-06-23: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
Nameloc Broadcasting files to call off sale of Little Rock, Arkansas, station to ABC.
2003-06-24: UK could have half-million digital radio receivers by end of year and one million by end of next year according to Digital Radio Development Bureau.
2003-06-24: Australian Broadcasting Authority to stick to its schedule for auction of new commercial FM licences.
2003-06-24: US Senate Commerce Committee hearings on radio ownership rules postponed following death of former Arizona senator.
2003-06-24: ABC Daytime retains top rank in RADAR 77 US network radio ratings.
2003-06-24: Strong results from UBC Media and Scottish Radio Holdings.
2003-06-24: Sirius tops 100, 000 subscribers and claims superior programming to rival XM, which has 600,000
Verdict due tomorrow in case in which former Virgin radio host and owner Chris Evans is suing current owners SMG and vice-versa.
2003-06-25: US NPR "Fresh Air" show back on Boston public station WBUR-FM.
2003-06-25: Latest Australian radio ratings.
Arbitron report on Puerto Rican radio shows significant listening differences between the sexes.
2003-06-26: BBC to stage evening of programmes on crisis facing the British music industry with sales well down this year.
2003-06-26: National Association of Hispanic Journalists stages meeting on new US media regulations.

2003-06-27: Toronto-based CHUM Ltd sells nonvoting stock worth CAD 86 million.
2003-06-27: US Federal Communications Commission upholds USD 10,000 penalty on Florida pirate operator.
2003-06-27: US radio revenues flat in May according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2003-06-27: British former DJ and fired Virgin breakfast host loses claim for GBP 8.6 million from Virgin owners SMG; he is also to pay costs and damages to SMG.
2003-06-27: US Senate Commerce Committee proposes to double to four years the period between review of Federal Communications Commission regulations.
MUSICMATCH and AOL retain top spots in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-06-28: Chicago morning co-host Bill Leff reported as finalizing deal for his own show in competition to current partner Melissa Forman.
2003-06-28: Actor Stephen Fry and LBC morning host Nick Ferrari among winners of UK radio 2003 NTL awards.
2003-06-28: Australian Government loses attempt to loosen media regulation but Communications Minister suggests that the bill is likely to be reintroduced.

2003-06-29: BBC to revampt Radio One weekend line-up from September.
2003-06-29: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-06-30: Canadian radio veteran Shelagh Rogers back on air tomorrow after six-month break for health reasons.
2003-06-30: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

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May 2003

2003-05-01: Speculation mounts on who will succeed Jim Moir at head of BBC Radio 2, the UK's most listened-to channel.
2003-05-01: Former Virgin breakfast host Chris Evans accused of dishonesty and being unable to face up to problems during court case against SMG.
2003-05-01: Complaints to BBC more than double following introduction of e-mail facility but numbers of complaints upheld against radio are fairly static.
2003-05-01: Clear Channel releases results that are essentially flat for radio.
2003-05-02: Yahoo's "Launch" music channel goes to top of Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet network ratings.
2003-05-02: Miami Herald agrees news supply deal with National Public Radio affiliate WLRN-FM.
2003-05-02: Latest bulletin from US Broadcasting Standards Commission upholds three complaints against radio.
2003-05-02: Jerry Williams, Dean of Boston talk hosts dies aged 79.
2003-05-02: More attacks on former breakfast host and station owner Chris Evans as UK High Court case continues.
2003-05-02: Arbitron announces programme to improve its radio ratings service.
2003-05-02: More US first quarter results, including Cox Radio, and radio deals.
2003-05-03: BBC World Service agrees deal for Latin America's largest private university to broadcast its service from four campus stations.
2003-05-03: Gaylord Entertainment stops recording media separately following sale of its FM stations/ Brill Media sues investors, claiming it was wrongly forced into bankruptcy.
2003-05-03: US Federal Communications Commission denies petition to block Clear Channel Ohio purchase, slaps red flag on a Nassau sale, and confirms, reduced and cancels a number of penalties for technical offences.
2003-05-03: UK High Court told SMG should pay former Virgin breakfast host his share options, despite his dismissal, because the deal was with a separate company, not Virgin or SMG as a whole.

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May 2003 continued

2003-05-04: Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas reported to have threatened legal action against Clear Channel over posting on some station web sites of topless photos of Zeta-Jones when heavily pregnant.
2003-05-04: NextMedia announces USD 21 million Chicago station sale to Hispanic Broadcasting.

2003-05-04: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-05-05: Latest Indian media survey shows FM radio audiences up sevenfold over previous year in 2002 as more commercial FMs went on air but that the industry lost more than twice as much as its revenues.
2003-05-05: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
Hackers post links to download software on Recording Industry Association of America web site.
2003-05-06: Florida radio pirate fined USD10, 000.
2003-05-06: Clear Channel launches venture to sell CDs of live concerts.
2003-05-06: Australian Broadcasting Authority holds its third annual conference.
2003-05-06: More US first quarter results including Beasley,Entercom and Salem.

Chicago public radio station to broadcast series of programmes on sex that will include such topics as the rise of syphilis and interracial dating in the city in the 70s.
2003-05-07: US has gained 52 more radio stations this year according to the Federal Communications Commission.
2003-05-07: Regent first quarter results.
2003-05-07: Strong results from UK Chrysalis and European group SBS Broadcasting SA.
Broadcasting Commission of Ireland moves into new headquarters.
2003-05-08: US Federal Communications Commission confirms fines of USD 10, 000, USD 12, 000 and USD 13, 000.
2003-05-08: US public radio announces two projects to boost classical radio.
2003-05-08: Two Colorado DJs suspended for playing Dixie Chicks music in defiance of station ban.
2003-05-08: UK Capital radio poaches another popular host from rival Chrysalis's Heart network.
2003-05-08: First quarter results from Cumulus, Entravision and NextMedia.
News drops but Jazz on the up in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-05-09: Deputy Chair to step up to take on roles of Chair and Chief Executive of UK Radio Authority when incumbents leave.
2003-05-09: DJs and Dixie Chicks back on air at Colorado station that suspended them for playing Chicks tracks.
2003-05-09: UK High Court case in which former Breakfast host Chris Evans and Virgin owners SMG are suing each other for millions ends with judgment being reserved for a date to be set.
2003-05-09: More US radio results -from Radio One Inc and XM - and other radio business.
2003-05-09: Latest UK radio ratings that include digital stations for first time.
2003-05-09: BBC Radio 4 dominates 2003 Sony Awards, the Oscars of UK radio
Bob Collins to step down early as Director-General of Irish state broadcaster RTÉ
2003-05-10: Telemedia sells the 10% of Astral Media it acquired when it sold Quebec and Maritime Provinces radio stations to Astral.
2003-05-10: Sydney broadcasters all signed up for digital radio trials but are delayed by local council.
2003-05-10: UK Capital Radio downgraded by financial institutions and shares fall following poor ratings/ Emap also hit but by less. In US, Clear Channel sells a station.
2003-05-10: Political pressures mount over planned changes in US media regulation.

City of Toronto considering legal moves to take radio advertisements that it considers "misleading and cynical" off the air.
2003-05-11: Democrat Commissioners reported to be frustrated by lack of information on planned proposed US media regulation changes.
2003-05-11: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week
2003-05-12: Toronto radio advertisements that caused controversy through suggesting anti-pesticides bylaw would increase risks of West Nile disease are toned down.
2003-05-12: UK paper says UK Competition Commission is likely to reject GWR ownership of share of Galaxy dance station because of too high a share of local radio advertising.
2003-05-12: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-05-13: Australian commercial radio industry welcomes federal government programme to help bring radio to remote areas.
2003-05-13: One radio pirate jailed, two others fined in US.
2003-05-13: Keen bidding for new West Midlands regional FM licence in UK as deadline approaches.
2003-05-13: More US radio business including Citadel USD 133 million purchase of eleven stations, Unica results and Viacom bond issue.
Australian Broadcasting Authority clears host Alan Jones of breaching law concerning declaration of control of radio companies.
2003-05-14: SBS beats expectation in first quarter, Sirius boosted by Ford support.
2003-05-14: UK Radio Authority receives 11 applications for new West Midlands licence.
2003-05-14: Nova and 2UE do well in latest Australian ratings but 2-Day and 2GB hold on to their Sydney top spots.
2003-05-14: RAB reports US radio revenues down in March, ending a 12-month positive run.
2003-05-14: Draft new US media regulations given to Federal Communications Commissioners/ Senate hearing told by Mel Karmazin that further deregulation would be positive for smaller markets.

Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings for April show Yahoo's LAUNCH and MUSICMATCH artist match heading the rankings with former leaders Radioio and Clear Channel absent.
2003-05-15: BBC journalists protesting over firing of two colleagues are to boycott address to all staff by the Corporation's Director-General.
2003-05-15: US Federal Communications Commission cancells a USD 12,000 penalty, reduces another by USD 2000 but uphold a third.
2003-05-15: Employee-owned Journal Communications, which owns 42 radio and TV stations as well as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel files to sell public some USD 250 million of shares
2003-05-15: Sirius shares up nearly 10% as it reports doubled subscriptions in first quarter plus a profit after refinancing - its operating loss nearly doubled.
2003-05-16: Virgin takes top station spot and Yahoo's LAUNCH retains top network place in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast ratings.
2003-05-16: Details emerge of Clear Channel agreement with AFTRA in New York.
2003-05-16: BBC Radio Five Live sports anchor Ian Payne leaves for TV; Jonathan Pearce to take over.
2003-05-16: Federal Communications Commission dismisses petition to stop the sale of KWOD-FM to Entercom and corrects its rescinding in error of Qantum purchase of Root Communications 26 radio stations.
2003-05-16: Joel Hollander to take over from John Fullam as Infinity Broadcasting President in COO and is in turn succeeded as Westwood One President and CEO by Shane Coppola.
Mondy-Burke Broadcasting on final leg of bid for Mississippi construction permit/Pamal fined USD 3,000 for tower offence.
2003-05-17: Scottish Radio Holdings may make millions from Radio Clyde archive of recordings of artists including U2 and Rod Stewart.
2003-05-17: Hispanic Broadcasting reports first quarter revenues up 8.7% but profits less than half those of a year ago.
2003-05-17: UK Competition Commission says GWR deal must be undone because of potential effects on small advertisers.
2003-05-17: Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell rejects calls for delay in vote on US media regulation.

Long-time Los Angeles smooth Jazz host Don Burns back at KTWV-FM, The Wave.
BBC launches Children's Radio Player for Internet listening.
US National Public Radio's "Fresh Air" host Terry Gross receives 2003 Edward Murrow Award.
2003-05-18: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

UK Emap to launch three new digital channels on Freeview platform in July.
2003-05-19: First phase of Indian private FM introduction now complete with opening of stations in Chennai and Kolkata.
2003-05-19: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

BBC World Service Trust and Viacom team up on year-long pan-African AIDS campaign.
2003-05-20: DMG Radio threatens to sue Australian Broadcasting Authority if it delays issue of four new commercial FM licences.
2003-05-20: Arbitron issues latest report on US commuting and listening patterns.
2003-05-20: Compatible satellite radio receivers for the US said to be years away even though developing them was condition of Sirius and XM licences.
Salisbury University in Maryland reported to be considering sale of campus radio station.
2003-05-21: Sirius to offer USD125 million of bonds/ Kenwood introduces portable receiver for Sirius.
2003-05-21: All India Radio and BBC discussing programming exchange/ BBC World Service launches solar powered FM in Bamian, Afghanistan.
2003-05-21: Small Town Radio files for bankruptcy protection, Big City Radio reduces debt but doesn't have enough liquid assets to pay senior executives/ Regent adopts poison pill stock plan to deter hostile bids.
2003-05-21: Party-line divide of planned new US media ownership regulations increases.
Entercom finally takes control of KWOD-FM - and its web site.
2003-05-22: NextMedia puts KESN-FM into a trust following acquisition of KNHK-FM, Reno.
2003-05-22: New York Hot 97 morning man Star (Troi Torain) suspended again.
2003-05-22: UK Radio Authority 2002 annual report looks back at the Authority's history and forward to hand over to new regulator.
2003-05-22: Longest-running commercial sponsorship in US to end with ChevronTexaco decision to end its backing of New York Metropolitan Opera matinee broadcasts that Texaco began to sponsor in 1940.
UK Capital Radio to trawl archives for classic concert recordings following discoveries in archives of Radio Clyde.
2003-05-23: Dallas Council Committee hostile to idea of downgrading classical music station WRR-FM signal in frequency swap that could net USD 60 million.
2003-05-23: UK GWR group preliminary results show revenues down on 2003 but debt is reduced further by sales of its holdings in Hungary and in Vibe Radio.
2003-05-23: US Center for Public Integrity reports on trips taken by Federal Communications Commissioners and staff paid for by broadcasting and telecommunications industries.

2003-05-24: Two j
azz stations back in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast top five Internet stations but News WLS-AM falls to sixth.
2003-05-24: UK DMG will eventually either go for control of GWR or dispose of its holding according to latter's chief executive.

2003-05-24: American Civil Liberties Union joins ranks of organizations calling for proposals for US media regulations be released for public discussion before vote on them.
2003-05-24: Scottish Radio Holdings (SRH) significantly outperform UK radio sector as a whole in six months to end of March.
2003-05-25: New York Philharmonic Orchestra finds new sponsor for its live national radio broadcasts.
2003-05-25: BBC news release announcing that former US First Lady Hillary Clinton is to read excepts of her book on BBC Radio 4 removed from BBC web site.
2003-05-25: Sirius closes USD 175 million convertible notes offer and says it is now funded to break-even.
2003-05-25: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-05-26: Viacom shareholders vote for new board with fewer insiders.
2003-05-26: Democrats opposing Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting reported to be motivated by fears of Republican political influence over news cover.
2003-05-26: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-05-27: Simple Minds frontman Jim Kerr, Glasgow born and bred, joins CHrysalis bid for new Glasgow FM licence.
2003-05-27: Democrat Commissioners Michael J Copps and Jonathan Adelstein holding public forum at Federal Communications Commission over US media regulation.
2003-05-28: Veteran CBC reporter David McLauchlin dies of cancer.
2003-05-28: Los Angeles Times reports that corporate radio owners are drawing less attention to ownership and other stations are starting to advertise their independence from corporate controls.
2003-05-28: UK Guardian Media Group considering bid for Capital Radio after collapse of talks to buy out its partner in AutoTrader leaves it with nearly USD 1 billion to spend on building up radio interests.
2003-05-28: US National Association of Broadcasters comes out broadly in favour of current radio market definitions in determining media regulation.

2003-05-29: UK Capital Radio shares fall back slightly following boost on news of possible bid.
2003-05-29: US Federal Communications Commission red-flags Panama City, Florida, change of ownership.
2003-05-29: UK Emap bullish about radio prospects - despite falls in full year to March, second half showed radio outperforming UK industry as a whole.
2003-05-29: Results of first large-scale UK audience measurement using RadioControl wristwatch device to be released today.
2003-05-29: US advocacy groups buying advertising to draw attention to planned changes in US media regulation.

2003-05-30: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council rules that use of "sexually violent metaphor" during a sports report was inappropriate.
2003-05-30: Clash between Spanish Broadcasting System and Univision over latter's planned takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting spills into open print warfare.
2003-05-30: iBiquity announces that classical California station KUSC-FM is first non-commercial US station to licence its digital technology.
2003-05-30: Demonstrations staged over US against further media consolidation.
2003-05-30: UK radio ratings using wristwatch device boost talk stations but official ratings organisation queries their value.
2003-05-30: US radio business including more details of Citadel's initial public offering and various deals
2003-05-31: MUSICMATCH ousts Virgin from top station spot, newcomer The Adsertion Network ranks fifth in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-05-31: UK Capital Radio drops Steve Penk's late-night show.
2003-05-31: Fisher sells its Portland, Oregon, stations to Entercom for USD 44 million.
2003-05-31: BBC Radio Five Live mid-morning host Fiona Glover leaves to move to USA and write a book/ Radio Five revamps soccer line-up following departure of its main sports anchor to Sky TV sports.
2003-05-31: Center for Public Integrity publishes report on closed-door meetings to discuss US media regulation between Federal Communications Commission and industry executives.
2003-05-31: US move towards digital radio set back when iBiquity demonstration of its HD AM digital system is ruled unfit for broadcast by National Radio Standards Council sub-committee.

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April 2003

2003-04-01: Indian plans for campus radio fall far short of expectations.
2003-04-01: Latest report by British Broadcasting watchdog upholds four complaints against radio.
2003-04-01: UK High Court resumes hearing case under which former Virgin breakfast host is claiming USD 13.6 million dollars against SMG.
2003-04-01: UK UBC Media issues strong trading update.
2003-04-01: New York Times article looks at consolidation in Minot, North Dakota, where Clear Channel owns all six commercial radio stations.

2003-04-02: US Federal Communications Commission upholds USD 15,000 penalty on Puerto Rico AM.
2003-04-02: XM nears half million subsribers total.
2003-04-02: Latest US field hearing on media regulation hears more opposition to consolidation.
2003-04-02: Sydney 2GB falls back in latest Australian radio ratings.
2003-04-02: UK Wireless Group faces USD500,000 bill after court appeal rules in favour of racign driver Eddie Irvine.
2003-04-02: Infinity reverses policy on streaming in deal with AOL that will put some of its leading station signals online.
2003-04-03: AFTRA and Clear Channel schedule two days for negotiations over voice tracking in New York.
2003-04-03: US Federal Communications Commission dramatically reduces on financial grounds fines on Florida pirate and Illinois broadcaster.
2003-04-03: Cumulus Media expands into Alabama/.Hispanic results hit by merger expenses.
2003-04-03: UK Virgin Radio chief executive denies lying in UK High Court evidence in case in which former breakfast host is suing station owners for USD13.6 million.
2003-04-03: Radio listening up but TV viewing down in first week fo war - surveys show US audience generally say radio doing good job in its war coverage but they say they are also trimming back spending and are less likely to buy French, German or Canadian goods.

2003-04-04: British Broadcasting Corporation makes schools broadcasts available on-demand online/ BBC World Service agrees deal for update service on mobile phones in Nigeria.
2003-04-04: Bonneville marks second anniversary of The Drive in Chicago by going advert-free for a week/WVON, Chicago, marking 40th anniversary.
2003-04-04: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation sports host Don Cherry rapped over knuckles for Iraq-war comments made during interview on the Jim Rome show in US.
2003-04-04: US National Public Radio, Chicago public station WBEZ, and British Broadcasting Corporation take radio honours in Peabody Awards.
2003-04-04: UK High Court hears that former Virgin breakfast host Chris Evans drank around eight times recommended safe amount of alcohol each day during a binge after he walked out.
2003-04-04: Infinity fined top level USD 27,5000 for indecency offences but Democrat Federal Communications Commissioner says it was too little and revocation of licence should have been considered.

2003-04-05: BBC Radio 5 Live hosts Nicky Campbell and Fiona Glover involved in on-air spat.
2003-04-05: Big City Radio closes station sale to Nassau and arranges delay in payment to bondholders/ Radio 1 Inc downgades its first quarter predictions.
2003-04-05: Large webcasters agree streaming rates deal.
2003-04-06: XM declares regular dividend on its series B convertible stock.
2003-04-06: Private FMs boost radio listening in Mumbai (Bombay) from 42% to 72% of the population within a year.
2003-04-06: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-04-07: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation removes from website controversial edition of Coach's Corner programme.
2003-04-07: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-04-08: Eastlan announces that it is to rate three more US radio markets.
2003-04-08: UK High Court told that Virgin Radio might have done better to keep breakfast host Chris Evans rather than fire him.
2003-04-08: FCC confirms USD 9,000 fine on Tennessee station/ comes under pressure from US watchdog group to revoke Infinity Detroit station licence.
2003-04-08: Michigan public station WEMU-FM comes under pressure for firing host who refused to air NPR news bulletins and to stop making pro-war comments on his music show.

2003-04-09: Viacom pays Sumner Redstone and Mel Karmazin USD16.5 million bonuses for 2002.
2003-04-09: War on Iraq leads some Arabs to tune out US government station Radio Sawa.
2003-04-09: Los Angeles Times reports slow take-up of digital radio by US broadcasters.
2003-04-09: Latest Arbitron figures from Philadelphia PPM test show radio listening going up in second week of war against Iraq.
2003-04-09: National Association of Broadcasters Las Vegas Convention hears Barry Diller defend media regulation, NAB President Eddie Fritts support is loosening.
2003-04-10: New York Hot 97 in the news as it suspends one DJ indefinitely and another pleads guilty to harassment of rival.
2003-04-10: Arbitron gains Portable People Meter deal in France but loses out on Australian ratings bid.
2003-04-10: UK Radio Academy launches its Hall of Fame.
2003-04-10: Clear Channel to cut ties with independent record promoters.
2003-04-10: BBC programme chief calls for light touch concerning content by new British media regulator.
2003-04-10: Indecency and media ownership regulation under discussion at US National Association of Broadcasters' convention.
2003-04-11: Virgin Radio reclaims top station spot in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-04-11: BBC Radio 2 to increase live music output and also switch emphasis away from singles towards albums.
2003-04-11: New York WNEW-FM drops talk and young men to become 102.7 Blink with music and entertainment format targeted at young women.
2003-04-11: Australian commercial radio revenues down a fifth in 2001-2 according to Australian Broadcasting Authority although other figures show them up slightly.
2003-04-12: Canadian broadcasting veteran Bob Kerr dies aged 85.
2003-04-12: Licence applications from non-commercial bodies for non-reserved spectrum in the US to be dismissed should there be competing commercial applicants.
2003-04-12: BBC World Service Trust to launch humanitarian programmes for Iraq/ US now controls Iraqi broadcasting system.
2003-04-12: Infinity comes under further attack in Detroit with complaint over Howard Stern show.
2003-04-13: Nassau Broadcasting on track to sell three of the four former Big City "Rumba" simulcast stations it bought in USD43 million deal.
2003-04-13: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Radio Free Iraq says it will set up Baghdad bureau as soon as it is safe to do so.
2003-04-13: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-04-14: Mexican tslk radio reflects anti-war feelings in the country, with many seeing US war on Mexico in light of US history of conquering former Mexican territory.
2003-04-14: Chicago Tribune rock critic sceptial of Clear Channel decision to end payments to independent promoters and suggests it will find other ways to get money directly from recording companies.
2003-04-14: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-04-15: UK Capital Radio blames recording industry weaknesses in part for woes at its London flagship station.
2003-04-15: Sydney Court starts hearing law suit by former senior police woman officer against talk host Alan Jones.
2003-04-15: Global Radio News boosted by war on Iraq.
2003-04-15: XM tops half-million subscriber mark/ Sirius launches channel for gay and lesbian audience.
2003-04-15: US radio advertising up 7% on last year in February.
2003-04-16: UK Capital Radio hires Heart FM breakfast co-host Emma Forbes in move that is expected to weaken competition against it in London.
2003-04-16: Emmis reports better than anticipated figures for 2002 fiscal year.
2003-04-16: BBC World Service says it has 150 million listeners a week, with rises in Africa and the US, falls in Pakistan, Poland and Russia.

2003-04-17: Events propel news-talk station WLS-AM into top five in Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings for March.
2003-04-17: Museum of Television and Radio re-masters original recordings on metal discs of attorney's radio commentary on 1935 Lindbergh baby kidnap and murder trial.
2003-04-17: UK Wireless Group losses for 2002 double those of 2001.
2003-04-17: Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell says June 2 deadline for ownership regulations review is to stay.
2003-04-18: Arbitron-MeasureCast ratings show news-talk WLS-AM in station second rank in Internet ratings for first week of April.
2003-04-18: Emap Kiss 100 station hires PR company to promote its DJs and shows.
2003-04-18: Toronto gets four new radio stations.
2003-04-18: Arbitron reports strong first quarter/Entravision closes Los Angeles purchase of Big City stations.

2003-04-19: Clear Channel adds three more stations with Ohio purchase.
2003-04-19: Rogers Communications posts strong first quarter results.
Howard Stern launches attack on Federal Communications Commission and Infinity bosses on his show.
2003-04-20: BBC launches campaign to promote World Service listening in UK.
2003-04-20: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-04-21: BBC to broadcast two documentaries next month based on 1960s recordings of Radio 4 "Archers" soap discovered at Bush House, home of BBC World Service.
2003-04-21: Arbitron issues "Radio Today" study of US radio.
2003-04-21: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-04-22: Citadel sells two Massachusetts stations.
2003-04-22: Clear Charnel promotes Lisa Dollinger from radio division post to worldwide corporate communications role.
2003-04-22: XM Satellite Radio shares power ahead again following strong week; Sirius does less well.

2003-04-23: Cheap giveaway radios latest US weapon in Baghdad.
2003-04-23: Emmis returns Hot 97 morning host Star to duty in New York.
2003-04-23: Strong results from Viacom and Astral Media.

2003-04-24: Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 39,000 penalties on Kansas FM.
2003-04-24: Salem writes off USD 1.3 million after tower relocation plan is rejected/ US radio deals.
2003-04-24: UK Radio Authority receives fewer complaints but upholds more in latest Complaints Bulletin.
2003-04-24: Clear Channel and AFTRA reach deal in New York.
2003-04-24: UK Radio Authority stresses importance of stations keeping output recordings in latest Programming and Advertising Review.
2003-04-25: As news eases, WLS-AM drops down in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-04-25: Dixie Chicks speak of threats but Natalie Maines says she does not regret thinking critically about war in interview/ Bruce Springsteen backs group.
2003-04-25: More positive radio results.
2003-04-25: British Music Industry talks of wanting British music quotas for radio stations.

2003-04-25: US National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO warns of dangers in changing definitions of a market and says NAB only wants modest deregulation.
2003-04-26: Former British TV chat show host Vanessa Feltz to host BBC London radio afternoon show.
2003-04-26: US National Association of Broadcasters supports move to encourage minority media ownership through tax breaks.
2003-04-26: US shock jock Howard Stern, who airs on Infinity stations, launches on-air attack on Viacom executive Leslie Moonves.
2003-04-26: UK Chrysalis Group, which wants to concentrate on radio, confirms it is in talks to sell its TV interests.
2003-04-26: Bush administration backs Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell's call to issue new media regulations rules by June 2.

2003-04-27: Philadelphia Classic Rock station stages 1000 dog walk.
2003-04-27: Postponed University of Southern California forum on media ownership now to be held April 28/ FCC Commissioner Adelstein views on push to meet tight deadline.
2003-04-27: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-04-28: Clear Channel starts digital broadcasts in Chicago.
2003-04-28: News and talk stations gains in latest Arbitron ratings var widely across US.
2003-04-28: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-04-29: Yahoo Launchcast joins Arbitron-MeasureCast ratings, which it is likely to top/ Arbtiron creates new VP, Finance, post.
2003-04-29: XM Satellite Radio launches kit to enable its service to be received on a personal computer.
2003-04-29: BBC expands voice training initiative for contributors to its religious "Thought for the Day" Radio 4 segment.
2003-04-29: US Federal Communications Commission chairman says ending cross-ownership restrictions could boost news programming/ Democrat Commissioner Michael Copps expresses concern that a month before new rules are to be announced, even FCC leaders do not have much idea of what is planned.
2003-04-29: Infinity President and COO John Fullam is out following poor results for the Viacom division.

2003-04-30: UK Guardian looks at competing pop charts and radio chart shows in UK.
2003-04-30: NextMedia on the buying and selling trail.
2003-04-30: Latest Irish ratings out.
2003-04-30:Arbitron response rates fall again / meeting called for tomorrow about the issue and other diary concerns.
2003-04-30: More first quarter results -- Jefferson-Pilot, Saga and Westwood One.

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