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September 2003

2003-09-01: Former MD of Australian Data & Commerce, owner ot two Melbourne AMs, gives up battle to regain control of company.
2003-09-01: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-09-02: BBC radio 4, which aired the original Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy, to air new adaption of second book in the series - The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, next year.
2003-09-02: Australian Broadcasting Corporation upholds finding of serious misconduct against host of religious show for writing newspaper article.
2003-09-03: Sirius files USD 500 million shelf registration but says it has no plans to use the facility at the moment.
2003-09-03: Astral Media sells eight Quebec stations it had to divest to private investors.
2003-09-03: UK Wireless Group says it is now making an operating profit, trims overall losses in first half of year.
2003-09-04: US Federal Communications Commission slaps down call for it to reconsider its approval of Cumulus deal that gave it seven stations in the Mobile area.
2003-09-04: RadioVisa makes entry into radio with USD 37.5 million purchase of California AM that it intends to make a flagship for its Spanish news/talk format.
2003-09-04: BBC radio 4 veterans Brian Perkins and Peter Donaldson to step down this month.
2003-09-04: Federal Judicial Panel grants call for a stay in the implemtation of new FCC media regulations.
2003-09-05: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings show listening up on previous week when power cuts in US and Canada hit listening but few changes at the top.
2003-09-05: Montreal radio pranksters again fool sports leading light into thinking the Prime Minister is calling him.
2003-09-05: XM Satellite Radio launches push for 1 million subscribers/ rival XM introduces more home receivers.
2003-09-05: UK EMAP to launch Mojo digital station as its eponymous magazine approaches its tenth birthday.
2003-09-05: Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting looks set to be delayed further by court decision to stay implementation of new FCC media regulations.
2003-09-06: Big City Radio announces agreement to sell its remaining station.
2003-09-06: UK radio companies build digital outlets into national/quasi-national networks, say it will attract new advertising.
2003-09-06: Proposed new US media regulations hit further as Senate Committee votes to reject funding to allow relaxation of national TV cap.

2003-09-07: Clear Channel agreement to handle attracting sponsors for Los Angeles public station leads to petition that could force it to divest a Los Angeles station of its own.
2003-09-07: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-09-08: Three UK groups line up bid for Dublin station/ two Irish stations that lost licences following change in boundaries, are to appeal to Irish Supreme Court.
2003-09-08: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-09-09: US public radio to broadcast 13-part series on The Blues.
2003-09-09: Austereo reports profits down 36% in year to end of June.
2003-09-09: XM to sell USD 150 million of shares to allow it to purchase new satellite should insurance claim over shorter life of existing satellites not be met in time.
2003-09-09: US Federal Communications Commission reported set to approve. Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting.
2003-09-10: Australian Broadcasting Corporation gets good marks in its fourth appreciation survey with nine out of ten Australians saying it provides a good service to the community.
2003-09-10: Nevada host gets injunction to prevent Citadel from hindering his job hunt.
2003-09-10: Taylor Nelson Sofres chief executive describes radio diaries as "very archaic."
2003-09-11: Two-month licence extensions offered to two Irish stations due to close after losing out in bids when their licence area was changed.
2003-09-11: New York WNEW-FM (Blink) PD resigns amidst rumours of more changes at the station.
2003-09-11: SMG profits almost halved in six months to end of June but the company indicates it is past the worst.

2003-09-11: Howard Stern show ruled as conducting bona-fide news interviews/ Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell defends looser media regulation.
2003-09-12: Listening down for top rankers in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-09-12: XM Satellite Radio says it has successfully raised USD 150 million from sale of stock.
2003-09-12: Arbitron/Edison Media Research Study says 50 million Americans used Internet audio or video last month and nearly two-thirds preferred free video funded by advertising.
2003-09-12: Digital radio gets boost in Europe with announcement by Sony that it is to start selling portable receivers next year.
2003-09-12: Following court order and subsequent freeze on applications, US Federal Communications Commission lifts freeze and reinstates old forms for station transfers etc as debate continues over its new media regulations.
2003-09-13: Last remaining radio orchestra in North America, the CBC Radio Orchestra , marks its 65th year.
2003-09-13: BBC World Service adds Zanzibar to its roster of FM outlets.
2003-09-13: Close vote expected early next week by US Senate over rollback of new FCC media regulations.
2003-09-14: Infinity launches new format on WNEW-FM (Blink) in New York, axes air staff.
2003-09-14: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-09-15: XM broadcasts live from Detroit, final stage in its cross-America drive as part of push for a million subscribers.
2003-09-15: Beleaguered BBC Radio 1 to launch advertising campaign early in New Year.
2003-09-15: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-09-16: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland agrees licence extension with Carlow-Kildare Radio/ announces receipt of six applications for new community licences.
2003-09-16: Overall complaints to US Federal Communications Commission down but broadcaster ones up in second quarter, driven by indecency and disability-related complaints.
2003-09-16: Chrysalis's LBC station hires Henry Kelly, dumped as UK Classic FM as breakfast host, to front its drivetime show.
2003-09-16: US Senate vote due today on motion that would reverse new media regulations announced in June.

2003-09-17: While most stations see a fall, Yahoo's Launch network records 40% listening increase over July inArbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings for August.
2003-09-17: Latest Australian ratings see 2GB talk station topping Sydney rankings.
2003-09-17: US Radio Advertising Bureau reports national revenues for July up 12% on a year earlier although local revenues were flat.
2003-09-17: Four candidates interviewed to take over at head of BBC Radio 2, UK's most listened to station.
2003-09-17: US Senate votes by 55-40 to reject new Federal Communications Commission media rules but agency's chairman says the decision will lead to chaos.
2003-09-18: Fisher Communications escapes Nasdaq de-listing and gets new symbol.
2003-09-18: State of Michigan and US Federal Communications Commission initiate study on impact of communications towers on bird migration.
2003-09-18: Much retired former Coast-to-Coast AM host Art Bell to come back as weekend host.
2003-09-18: BBC Radio 1 to broadcast special programme on new British talent.
2003-09-18: US radio deals including yet another Clear Channel buy.
2003-09-19: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-09-19: New Clear Channel Chicago AM likely to reunite Chicago radio stars from 60s and 70s/Emmis appoints new General Sales Manager at Q101.
2003-09-19: UK Emap to launch yet another digital station names after one of its magazines/Chrysalis says it expects radio revenues to be up 15% in year to end of August.
2003-09-19: US Federal Communications Commission re-introduces its old forms for trandsactions/ more US radio deals.
2003-09-20: UK digital radio consortium teams up with manufacturer and retailers to promote new digital receiver.
2003-09-20: 61 submissions received for new Dublin City and County licences to be issued in Ireland.
2003-09-20: Emmis names Tim Richard as PD of Chicago Q101.
2003-09-20: Border Media Partners inks USD 24 million deal to buy Spanish Broadcasting System's two San Antonio stations.
2003-09-20: Radio consolidation future- in UK - and past - in US - in the news.

2003-09-21: Former Chicago WJMK-FM morning host Fred Winston signs deal with Infinity to host its afternoon show.
2003-09-21: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-09-22: BBC Radio 4 ventures into interactive drama for second time.
2003-09-22: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-09-23: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K. Powell says agency's media regulations came from duties imposed by Congress not because of deregulatory agenda.
2003-09-23: UK Capital Radio announces wholesale changes at its London flagship station.
2003-09-23: US radio stations royalty agreement with Broadcast Music Inc. gets judicial approval.

2003-09-24: FCC cuts fine on former California broadcaster for transmission power offences from USD 7,000 to USD 6,000
2003-09-24: Nevada judge order Citadel not to hinder host Rusty Humphries in his search for a new post.
2003-09-24: Producer of first episode of BBC radio soap The Archers- and 7,000 more - dies aged 84.
2003-09-24: Reasonable radio results in updates from UK Emap and DMG.
2003-09-24: Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting finally goes ahead.
2003-09-25: Indian goverment putspressure on Rupert Murdoch for financial information on Star News and Radio City.
2003-09-25: Conservative talk host Rusty Humphries signs up for KVI-AM morning slot in Seattle.
2003-09-25: Canadian government cuts funding to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
2003-09-25: Arbitron-Edison Media study says more than fifth of Americans use streaming media each month.
2003-09-25: Viacom trims earnings projections because of local advertising shortfall/ Journal Communications goes public
2003-09-26: K-Love jumps from 13th to second place station in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-09-26: More digital radio developments around the world.
2003-09-26: US public interest group calls for Clear Channel to be denied renewal of 63 station licences.
2003-09-27: Clear Channel says it will continue to employ Rochester host who made fun of African-American mayor with references to orang-utan.
2003-09-27: Updates from three more UK radio groups indicate advertising downturn has eased but future is still not clear.
2003-09-27: More US radio deals, including Clear Channel and Citadel buys.
2003-09-27: Australian commercial radio stations call for government support in transition to digital.
2003-09-28: UK controversy over BBC decision to allow DJs to back Amnesty International campaign against arms trade.
2003-09-28: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-09-29: New York pirate station East Village Radio featured in New York Times.
2003-09-29: Upbeat update expected from Scottish Radio Holdings today/ more UK and Irish radio business.
2003-09-29: Sirius pledges funds to keep Greenwich village cabaret in New York alive.
2003-09-29: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-09-30: Singapore station fined for indecency after sexually explicit morning show.
2003-09-30: RADAR 78 survey shows ABC Daytime Direction Network increasing its lead in top rank.
2003-09-30: Nine bids made for new Adelaide commercial FM licence in Australia.
2003-09-30: In UK Scottish Radio Holdings bucks trend with significan increase in advertising revenue but in US Salem revises Q3 forecast downards and Clear Channel moves into restaurant business.

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August 2003

2003-08-01: AOL and MusicMatch yet again retain top network and station rankings in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-08-01: Latest UK Radio Authority complaints bulletin shows significantly more complaints being received and upheld than a year earlier.
2003-08-01: BBC Complaints Unit upholds seven complaints against radio in latest quarter, down one on previous quarter.
2003-08-01: Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting reported likely to be approved soon.
2003-08-01: Commercial stations pull back share in latest UK radio ratings but BBC still has 53%.
2003-08-02: GfK UK National Broadcast Media Survey ratings boost audience figures for speech and sport stations compared to official UK RAJAR ratings.
2003-08-02: Canadian radio listening statistics show Canadian Broadcasting Corporation moving steadily upwards over past years - it is now third, after AC and Gold/Oldies/Rock format stations.
2003-08-02: UK Chrysalis announces deal to sell its TV arm/ GWR says its Classic FM channel suffered 16% fall in advertising in first quarter of this year compared to 2002.
2003-08-02: Citadel performs strongly on first day after its Initial Public Offering/ other US radio business.

2003-08-03: Longtime Missouri radio personality Jim Butler dies aged 76.
2003-08-03: UK Radio Authority review comments on "farming out" of news cover by local stations.
2003-08-03: US radio stations agree royalty deal for songwriters and composers with Brodacst Music Inc.
2003-08-03: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-08-04: Latest bulletin from British Broadcasting Standards Commission upholds only one complaint against radio in the month.
2003-08-04: Village Voice reported to be considering sale of AUD 63 million stake in Austereo.
2003-08-04: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-08-05: Australian Broadcasting Corporation announces budget cuts.
2003-08-05: BBC Radio Five late night weekend host Edwina Cueeie leaves show/Virgin hires virtual unknown as new evening host.
2003-08-05: Sirius expands into service aircraft and powerboats.
2003-08-05: US radio business - Beasley results, Salem and Susquehanna complete acquisitions.

2003-08-06: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K Powell assures staff he has no intention of quitting despite reports to this effect.
2003-08-06: Strong second quarter results from Salem, weaker ones from Fisher, and Unica uses grace period on payment of interest.
2003-08-06: US pastor fined USD 10,000 for operating pirate transmitter/ Infinity gets USD 4,000 penalty for broadcasting phone call without giving notice.
2003-08-07: Sirius subscribers up, losses cut, but stock down/Consumer Electronics Association survey gives positive report on potential for satellite and digital radio in US.
2003-08-07: UK Guardian Media Group spends nearly USD 1 billion on Auto Trader publishing group, limiting its opportunities to expand in radio in near term.
2003-08-07: Cumulus revenues up but those for Spanish Broadcasting System and Westwood One are down in second quarter.
2003-08-08: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast ratings show no change at top.
2003-08-08: Indian domestic media ask for more clarity in guidelines, especially relating to foreign investment.
2003-08-08: Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting said to have gained support from Republicans on Federal Communications Commission with Democrats undecided as yet.
2003-08-08: XM shares plunge on increased loss despite reaching nearly 700,000 subscribers in second quarter.
2003-08-08: More US second quarter results from Entravision, NextMedia, Radio 1 Inc and Saga.
2003-08-09: Clear Channel says Spanish Broadcasting System law suit against it and Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation has now been ended by the courts.
2003-08-09: A year after the "Sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral" row, US Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps says the Commission is showing it does not take indecency seriously.
2003-08-09: Digital radio receivers fast becoming mass consumer item in UK but not in Canada, thanks largely to different regulatory regimes.
2003-08-09: Strong second quarter results from Hispanic Broadcasting and Regent.
2003-08-09: US Radio Advertising Bureau says June shows "glimpse" of anticipated recovery in US radio advertising revenues.
2003-08-10: Canadian broadcasting watchdog rules that an edition of the syndicated US Phil Hendrie show breached its codes because of abusive and discriminatory comments about Italians.
2003-08-10: Univision shares end week on high after second quarter profits nearly doubled on last year.
2003-08-10: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-08-11: As BBC Radio 3's "Composer of the Week" comes to its 60th birthday, a look at the top ranked classical composers in terms of UK airtime
2003-08-11: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-08-12: FCC denies Entercom request to keep confidential material supplied in connection with indecency complaint/ issues technical violation penalties ranging from USD 3,000 to USD 11,000.
2003-08-12: Clear Channel adds three new regions in reorganization.
2003-08-12: Mayor of London gets heat from talk hosts.
2003-08-12: XM reported to be preparing move into Canada in joint venture/ orders fourth satellite from Boeing.

2003-08-12: Austereo replaces managing director Brad March with COO Michael Anderson.
2003-08-12: Citadel, in first figures since going public again, reports second quarter revenues up 4.5% and free cash flow up 46.6% on a year ago.
2003-08-13: Five to be inducted into Radio Hall of Fame this year.
2003-08-13: Look at StartUp Nation radio show, launched by two US entrepreneurs.
2003-08-13: Latest Australian ratings.
2003-08-13: US Federal Communications Commission gives extra time for comment on its new market definition proposals/Oklahoma licensee loses licence to one station and has to divest his interest in two more.

2003-08-14: iBiquity upgrades its digital system, saying benefits are "spectacular" for AM.
2003-08-14: Australian digital radio trials in Sydney likely to start this year.
2003-08-14: New York Daily News report speculates that Opie and Anthony, dropped by Infinity after Sex in St Patrick's Cathedral row, may turn up on satellite radio.
2003-08-14: Radio Unica revenues up, broadcasting revenues down, and overall loss increases but EBITDA improves dramatically in second quarter.

2003-08-15: AOL continues its dominance in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-08-15: College trustees delay decision on future of North Carolina college station WNCW-FM.
2003-08-15: Arbitron response rates down in Spring survey.
2003-08-15: Cox reports record second quarter revenues/ Los Angeles in line for radio revenues of USD 1 billion this year.
2003-08-16: All India Radio newsreader stages pay protest atop TV tower.
2003-08-16: US Federal Communications Commission ends freeze on various station applications/ reduces from USD 5,000 to USD 500 the penalty on CB radio user who caused interference.
2003-08-16: XM filing confirms plans for satellite radio in Canada.
2003-08-16: Power outage in northeastern US and Ontario province in Canada yet again shows the value of radio for information.

2003-08-17: Radio stunts in North America link Formula ne motor racing chief Bernie Ecclestone to fake Canadian Prime Minister and Fox TV to fake Arnold Schwarzenegger.
2003-08-17: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
Interep now on OTC, having been delisted by Nasdaq.
2003-08-18: Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell tells Los Angeles Times he will not be quitting.
2003-08-18: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-08-19: US National Public Radio and International Association of Audio Information Services ask for 90-day extension to deadline for comment on Low Power FM report.
2003-08-19: BBC Radio 4 Today programme at centre of row between British government and the Corporation over war in Iraq, comes in for criticism for diverting attention from real issues by pushing to create rather than report news.
2003-08-19: US Federal Communications cuts one fine from USD 9,000 to USD 1,000 and cancels USD 10,000 and USD 9,000 penalties.
2003-08-19: Beatles outstrip Rolling Stones 69-31% in BBC popularity poll.
2003-08-19: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell says US likely to face more regulation as a result of terrorist threats and abuses of some corporations.

2003-08-20: More signs of health in UK digital radio with more sets on sale, more modules sold.
2003-08-20: US Federal Communications Commission Chief of Staff Marsha MacBride to leave agency.
2003-08-20: Latest Irish radio ratings show steady 86% of population listening each week.
2003-08-20: Premiere networks to "watermark" output using Verance technology.
2003-08-20: US Federal Communications Commission chairman says the agency will look at media concentration this fall (autumn).

2003-08-21: Listening for top station and network in July Arbitron Internet Broadcast ratings up a fifth on that for June.
2003-08-21: Emmis takes a dot.FM name for its Austin Hot 93.3 station.
2003-08-21: Conservative US talk host Michael Savage, who was dropped by ABC radio and MSNBC, back on air in New York with WOR-AM.
2003-08-21: Rush of US radio deals, including more Clear Channel buying and selling, following end of regulatory freeze.
2003-08-21: Diverse US group files for stay in implementation of new US media regulations/ FCC chairman Powell confirms study on localism but Viacom president Mel Karmazin says it would only show how well broadcasters already perform.
2003-08-22: Canadian watchdog rules that explicit description of "snowballing" on Xfm in Vancouver breached guidelines.
2003-08-22: FCC to launch study into deaths of migratory birds caused by broadcasting towers.
2003-08-22: More digital radio offerings now on UK airwaves.
2003-08-22: Bryan Tramont named to take over as new Federal Communications Commission chief of staff.
2003-08-22: US radio deals including 13 stations for newcomer Route 81, USD 22 million sale of Green Grou's New Jersey stations and Journal IPO details from Milwaukee.
2003-08-23: MUSICMATCH keeps top station ranking and AOL retains ovrall dominance in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcasting ratings.
2003-08-23: Second phase of re-organisation announced by Infinity radio.
2003-08-23: BBC denies reports that Radio 1 breakfast host Sara Cox will be axed unless her show's ratings improve.
2003-08-23: Second phase of Indian FM radio to go ahead soon according to country's broadcasting minister.
2003-08-23: Washington Post says Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation should be given the go-ahead.
2003-08-24: Vermont pirate low power station radio free brattleboro defies Federal Communications Commission and goes back on air.
2003-08-24: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-08-25: BBC World Service makes September "Monster Month" with various programmes on monsters, imaginary or historical.
2003-08-25: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-08-26: Bustos Media Holdings adds fourth AM in Portland, Oregon.
2003-08-26: Big City Board votes for dissolution/ Fisher Communications gets NASDAQ delisting notice and is to ask for hearing to give it time to refile accounts.
2003-08-26: BBC Director General announces plan to make much of the Corporation's archive available online.
2003-08-27: US Pacifica Radio new by-laws approved paving the way for board elections at its five stations.
2003-08-27: Australian Broadcasting Corporation under attack over disciplinary action against radio host over publication of newspaper article without permission.
2003-08-27: New Low Power FM set to bring classical music back to airwaves of New Hampshire state capital.
2003-08-27: Clear Channel to go for the bottom line rather than market share.
2003-08-28: Isothermal Community College, North Carolina, to keep college classical music station but broaden programming.
2003-08-28: BBC goes live with three more digital radio transmitters under plan to extend coverage to 85% of UK population by mid 2004.
2003-08-28: Clear Channel names Joe Bevilacqua, to succeed veteran Buddy Rizer as PD?OM of rock station DC101.
2003-08-28: More US radio deals in Florida, Michigan and Missouri/ Saga Communications buys back more shares.
2003-08-29: Rankings largely unchanged but US power problems hit listening in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-08-29: US satellite radio companies in more automobile-related deals and promotions.
2003-08-29: Commercial Radio Australia announces nominees for this year's Best New Australian Artist on Commercial Radio awards.
2003-08-29: UK ratings from GfK media give boost to BBC Radio 1 which was shown doing much worse in official RAJAR ratings.
2003-08-29: WJMK-FM, Chicago, drops veteran Chicago rock'n'roll radio host John "Records" Landecker and his show.
2003-08-30: Full-strength signal Sydney music and arts community station FBi goes on air.
2003-08-30: Vancouver AM Mojo Radio rapped for holocaust comments in broadcast of US Loveline Show but escapes censure for Tom Leykis Show segment on drunk driving.
2003-08-30: Suit filed for stay of September 4 implementation of new US media rules.
2003-08-30: US Federal Communications Commission reduces penalties on Washington State AMs for tower and EAS offences from USD 22,000 to USD 10,000.
2003-08-30: Clear Channel sells two stations in Pennsylvania/ no decision yet about Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting.
2003-08-30: UK radio advertising in quarter to June up 3.3%, boosted by large increases from FMCG advertisers.

2003-08-31: Radio Unica pays USD 9.3 million interest due on its bonds, having used most of its grace period.
2003-08-31: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

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July 2003

2003-07-01: UK Chrysalis hires former Classic FM breakfast host Henry Kelly for weekend LBC stint - says it hopes for longer-term relationship.
2003-07-01: Hong Kong broadcasting authority issues official warning to radio talk host - who has now gone to Canada - about being rude on air to government guests.
2003-07-01: Long-time San Francisco KGO-AM reporter Mary Ellen Geist has become the stations first female morning news anchor.
2003-07-01: Clear Channel launches giveaway advertising sponsored music magazine.
2003-07-01: Two web sites opposed to right-wing US talk host Michael Savage claim victory in domain name dispute.
2003-07-01: UK Virgin bosses in first interview since former breakfast host Chris Evans lost lawsuit say the station does not need him.

2003-07-02: Two complaints against radio upheld in latest bulletin from UK broadcasting Standards Commission.
2003-07-02: UK radio ratings organization RAJAR rejects Arbitron PPM and Radiocontrol metering systems for the time as not adequate to meet UK needs.
2003-07-02: XM shares leap as it reports nearing 700, 000 subscribers at end of second quarter.
2003-07-02: 13 applications submitted to UK Radio Authority for new Glasgow FM licence.
2003-07-02: Emmis beats its forecast but profits below analysts expectations and shares fall/ other US radio business
2003-07-03: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation takes most gold medals at New York Festivals' International Radio Programming and Promotion Awards.
2003-07-03: Australian commercial radio industry launches campaign to promote the medium for advertising.

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July 2003 continued

2003-07-03: US satellite companies to mark Independence Day with special music shows/BBC to broadcast live interview with former First Lady Hillary Clifton.
2003-07-03: Former UK Virgin breakfast host ordered to pay GBP 1 million (USD 1.66 million) of station's costs in case in which he unsuccessfully sued it for GBP 8.6 million (USD 14.2 million).
2003-07-03: UK Wireless Group losses double for 2002 but it says TalkSport in profit this year/ other UK and US radio business.
2003-07-03: US Federal Communications Commission issues formal report on new media regulations with comments from all five commissioners - of dissent from the Democrats.

2003-07-04: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission refuses on competition grounds Astral sale of Quebec stations to TVA-Radio Nord Company/ approves eight new stations for the province.
2003-07-04: UK House of Lords votes to overturn government ban on religious bodies owning national broadcasting stations/ BBC head of religion and ethics says religious broadcasters must do better if they are to retain their broadcasting time.
2003-07-04: US radio deals involving Cumulus, Qantum and others.

2003-07-05: MUSICMATCH and AOL retain top station and networks spots in latest Arbitron-MeasureCast Internet ratings.
2003-07-05: Democrat Federal Communications Commissioner Michael Copps goes on warpath again about broadcast indecency on US airwaves.
2003-07-05: Canadian radio industry performing healthily with FMs making strong returns but AMs losing according to latest statistics.
2003-07-05: Telemundo asks for Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting to be held up/Entravision sells El Diario/La Prensa newspaper.
2003-07-06: Chicago honours Steve Dahl for 25 years service to the city's radio.
2003-07-06: Irish state broadcaster Radio Television Éirann names Cathal Goan as new Director-General-designate.
2003-07-06: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-07-07: UTV board to discuss putting in bid for new Dublin radio licence.
2003-07-07: UK Capital radio tries to dispel idea it is just a London radio station.
2003-07-07: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-07-08: UK Emap to cut back online activities and stop taking adverts on radio station web sites.
2003-07-08: Robert M Batscha, long-time president of the Museum of Television and Radio dies of cancer aged 58.
2003-07-08: Row goes on between BBC and British Government over BBC Radio report about justification for Iraq war.
2003-07-08: Los Angeles public station KUSC-FM outsources its sponsorship activities to Clear Channel team.
2003-07-08: UK Communications Bill that will ease media regulation likely to become law this month following compromise with House of Lords.

2003-07-09: MSNBC drops Michael Savage show after he tells a caller to "get AIDS and die."
2003-07-09: UK Government defeats amendment to is new media regulations/ comments on regulatory plans from chairman of regulator and BBC Director-General.
2003-07-09: Cumulus under attack for Dixie Chicks ban at Senate hearing.
2003-07-10: Conservative host Michael Savage's show suspended by Boston station in wake of his firing by MSNBC.
2003-07-10: Sydney jury finds that 2GB breakfast host defamed former mayor of suburb of Rockdale.
2003-07-10: Convergent Broadcasting buys in Georgia.
2003-07-10: UK Capital Radio chief executive says he would fight any takeover by Clear Channel.
2003-07-11: MUSICMATCH and AOL yet again retain top station and networks spots in latest Arbitron Internet ratings.
2003-07-11: NextMedia announces USD2.5 million deal to sell KSRN-FM in Reno, where t has to divest one station following a purchase from Citadel.
2003-07-11: Two BBC World Service journalists, fired after Corporation alleged fighting their claims had cost it GBP 1 million, start legal actions against BBC governors.
2003-07-11: Los Angeles radio generates record USD 100 million plus in revenues in May.
2003-07-11: UK Emap reports strong radio performance but TV interests fare less well.

2003-07-12: Clear Channel reacts to Capital chief executive comments about opposing a bid by saying it has no current interest in buying UK stations.
2003-07-12: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) Chief Executive Michael O'Keeffe, chairs his first board meeting as Chairperson of the European Platform of Regulatory Authorities (EPRA).
2003-07-12: Former Clear Channel host in South Carolina sues on basis she lost her job because of opposition to war against Iraq.
2003-07-12: US National Association of Broadcasters responds to reports of a U-turn by saying it still favours 35% cap on National TV ownership but cannot support bill that would reinstate them because of other clauses that were added.
2003-07-13: Metis Nation of Canada launches Internet radio station.
2003-07-13: San Francisco public broadcaster KQED tells staff it will have to cut back because of financial problems.
2003-07-13: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-07-14: Unlicensed San Francisco Liberation Radio facing probable closure by Federal Communications Commission.
2003-07-14: Los Angeles Times says Clear Channel may have to sell its interests in four San Diego stations under new US media rules.
2003-07-14: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-07-15: Canadian radio veteran Eddie Allen, an original member of The Happy Gang, dies aged 82.
2003-07-15: Indian commercial radio lobbies for new regulatory body and new charges to replace current licence fees.
2003-07-15: Pacifica Foundation on track to complete HQ move back to Berkeley this month/ new programming for KPFK-FM.
2003-07-15: Survey shows that the more Americans learn about new media regulations, the more they are unhappy about them.
2003-07-16: Infinity signs one-year renewal ratings service with Arbitron.
2003-07-16: Florida judge orders radio pirate to pay USD10,000 Federal Communications Commission penalty plus costs of case.
2003-07-16:UK Radio Authority gives its blessing to competition that will give winning pirate DJ a legitimate show.
2003-07-16: More Infinity hosts out in Chicago and Emmis fires a PD.
2003-07-16: Canadian cabinet to decide whether licence granted for Toronto ethnic station should be rescinded after allegations of links to Tamil Tigers guerrilla group.
2003-07-16: Sen Byron Dorgan moves ahead with bi-partisan Senate move to rescind new US media regulations.
2003-07-17: UK Chrysalis hires Conservative and Labour Party politicians for fill-in stint in LBC morning show.
2003-07-17: Conservative US talk host Rush Limbaugh changes role with ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown appointment and also in station move for his radio show in Seattle.
2003-07-17: European media group SBS SA merges its Swedish radio operations with those of with Bonnier Radio AB to form Sweden's largest radio group.
2003-07-17: Infinity restructuring sees a number of senior veterans out of the company.
2003-07-17: Battle to reverse easing of US media regulations well under way.
2003-07-18: Listening down but rankings static at top of latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-07-18: Chicago public station WBEZ-FM looking for a second frequency.
2003-07-18: Murdoch-owned Star Group of India facing calls for withdrawal of radio and TV licences.
2003-07-18: Canadian cabinet upholds award of FM licence to Toronto ethnic broadcaster that opponents had alleged was linked to Tamil Tigers.
2003-07-18: Clear Channel seems to have opted to pull out of European radio with sale of Danish and Norwegian holdings/Arbitron second quarter profits up a fifth.
2003-07-19: Chicago Achievement in Radio Awards are dropped.
2003-07-19: Rogers Communications turns 2002 second quarter loss of CAD 188 million into profit of CAD 54 million this year.
2003-07-19: Clear Channel still intentds to build radio empire in UK according to Guardian newspaper/ new report on likely consolidation following passage of new Communications Act.
2003-07-20: Austin public station KUT-FM and former Latinos USA producer disagree publicly about reason for hear leaving.
2003-07-20: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-07-21: Fisher Communications to restate 2002 figures, not changing results for continuing operations but to write off USD 60-85 millions in impairment charges under new accounting standards.
2003-07-21: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-07-22:US Federal Communications Commission issues USD 8,000 penalty for emergency equipment offences but cuts another for similar offences to USD 5,000.
2003-07-22: BBC World Service drama to span continents in August.
2003-07-22: Time Magazine says Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K Powell wants to leave the post soon.

2003-07-23: Arbitron corrects its most recent Internet Broadcast Ratings, which now include Launch network in third rank.
2003-07-23: US Federal Communications Commission levies USD 10,000 fine on Florida pirate, trims Radio 1 Inc penalty back from USD 9,200 to USD 8,000 and cancels USD 7,000 penalty on Pennsylvania AM.
2003-07-23: Gaylord completes sale of its FMs to Cumulus and Big City Radio of Chicago suburban WVIV-FM to Hispanic Broadcasting.
2003-07-23: US now has 26.419 licensed broadcast stations including 13,418 radio stations with FM numbers up 56 and AMs down one since March.
2003-07-23: In-store radio performing well in UK.
2003-07-23: US Consumers Union and Consumers Federation of America attack Federal Communications Commission Diversity Index as "flawed" and an "intentional distortion of market analysis" written to support media consolidation.

2003-07-24: UK radio - GMG results, Asian radio station Sunrise likely to get go ahead to buy London country AM, Emap breakfast host rejects overtures from Capital Radio.
2003-07-24: North Carolina college FM may be up for sale.
2003-07-24: Strong results from Astral and CHUM in Canada.
2003-07-24: Denver veteran sues Infinity for age discrimination in firing him.
2003-07-24: White House threatens veto as speculation mounts that FCC raise of TV ownership may be reversed by legislators.
2003-07-25: AOL Radio Network tops Arbitron Internet Broadcast ratings for month of June.
2003-07-25: Elections help Mexican group Grupo Radio Centro to strong results.
2003-07-25: US House of Representatives votes 400-21 against Federal Communications Commission raising of TV cap limit.
2003-07-25: Radio a weak spot in strong Viacom results as it and Clear Channel declare dividends/other US radio business.
2003-07-26: AOL and MusicMatch retain top network and station rankings in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-07-26: Australian WorldAudio Limited, which is building a narrowcast countrywide network, gets shareholder approval for more fund raising.
2003-07-26: Cash incentives improve diary response rates for Arbitron, which is to try the same approach for consent rates.
2003-07-26: Radio helps Corus to turn round third fiscal quarter loss last year into profit this one.
2003-07-26: US Department of Justice investigating Clear Channel about possible anti-trust law violations.
2003-07-27: Vancouver host Rafe Mair, fired last month by CKNW-AM, hired by 600AM
2003-07-27: US public radio veteran David Brown to take over as host of business programme Marketplace when David Brancaccio moves to TV next month.
2003-07-27: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-07-28: Australian Broadcasting Corporation highlights success of its Triple-J network in developing Australian pop musicians.
2003-07-28: Former BBC radio DJ and TV host Noel Edmonds to return to radio to fill in for Johnnie Walker.
2003-07-28: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2003-07-29: Former Virgin breakfast host Chris Evans, who lost GBP 8.6 million claim for damages after his dismissal, pays owner SMG GBP 7 million to settle their counterclaim.
2003-07-29: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K Powell defends new US media rules in New York Times op-ed.
2003-07-29: UK Capital Radio shakes up senior management in attempt to revive fortunes of London flagship station.
2003-07-29: Report says Clear Channel could benefit rather than lose as result of changes in US media regulations.
2003-07-30: More US stations start broadcasts in iBiquity's HD digital system.
2003-07-30: UK-based Holiday FM to give out free recaivers in Spain to boost its service.
2003-07-30: Recording Industy Association of America appoints Republican veteran as its new chairman and chief executive.
2003-07-30: Clear Channel, Jefferson-Pilot and SBS SA results.

2003-07-31: Clear Channel, proposes to charge for streamed Florida station signal.
2003-07-31: Indian domestic media companies call for 26% cap on foreign investment in media.
2003-07-31: San Francisco public broadcaster KQED trims 11% of its posts and reduces working week - and pay - of remaining employees.
2003-07-31: US National Association of Broadcasters to challenge new media regulations in courts.
2003-07-31: UK Capital said to have approached Radio 2 host Jonathan Ross in search for potential replacement of current Capital FM breakfast host, Chris Tarrant.
2003-07-31: Entercom Q2 results match expectation.

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