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December 2003

2003-12-01: UK Capital Radio to appoint two new board members today.
2003-12-01: Canadian broadcaster sees his media pass to Canucks withdrawn under NHL by-laws.
2003-12-01: BBC launches more digital transmitters in UK and FM relays in Mozambique.
2003-12-01: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-12-02: Florida college station admonished for broadcasting advertisements.
2003-12-02: Australian commercial radio industry claims success for its campaign to boost radio as an advertising medium.
2003-12-02: US Democratic group says it is close to acquiring five stations in top markets to start its "liberal" talk network.
2003-12-02: Capital Radio to bow out of live soccer broadcasts in London and rival talkSport could follow.
2003-12-02: US radio deals including Radio One Philadelphia purchase.

2003-12-03: Higher listening but few changes at top in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-12-03: Investors and analysts welcome joint venture between owners of leading Sydney talk stations.
2003-12-03: Irish regulators bars radio advertising promoting book by Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams.
2003-12-03: BBC comes under fire after deal with charts company that will get Coca Cola sponsorship mentions.
2003-12-03: More US radio deals including Cumulus agreement to purchase 15 stations in Minnesota and South Dakota.
2003-12-03: US radio revenues fall in October according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2003-12-04: Canadian royalty association asks country's supreme court to force ISPs to pay percentage of their revenues for allowing downloading of music files.
2003-12-04: Virgin Radio planning expansion into Australia and Japan.
2003-12-04: Federal Communications Commission upholds USD 8,000 penalty on Radio One Inc relating to WBOT-FM.
2003-12-04: British Forces Broadcasting Service celebrates 60th anniversary.
2003-12-05: Yahoo's Launch further closes gap with AOL in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-12-05: Milan radio host hopes to be first DJ to broadcast from space.
2003-12-05: UK Radio Academy adds five more names to its Hall of Fame.
2003-12-05: Conservative US radio host Rush Limbaugh issues statement muddying the waters concerning legal actions over his drug taking.
2003-12-05: Sydney 2UE talk station and morning host John Laws found to have breached code regarding declaration of sponsorship and may be prosecuted/deal with rival talk station over shared facilities is dropped.

The following four stories were "lost" during a computer malfunction and we so far have not been able to get them back.
2003-12-06: US Federal Communications Commission admonishes Michigan noncommercial station for carrying adverts.
2003-12-06: Annenberg Foundation donation saves New York Metropolitan Opera Saturday matinee broadcasts for another season.
2003-12-06: Radio One Inc and Premiere Networks sign two-year deal for new Urban One
2003-12-06: Arbitron says Portable People Meter now an "if - not when" but is looking at electronic diary system.
2003-12-06: Radio rapped for most fairness offences in latest UK Broadcasting Standards Commission bulletin.
2003-12-07: Freak escapes the Madhouse in Chicago.
2003-12-07: US talk host Paul Harvey under attack for saying Islam is a religion that encourages killing.
2003-12-07: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-12-08: Career problems for Irish broadcaster, Eamon Dunphy, former succesful radio host, whose TV show has been axed.
2003-12-08: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-12-09: Washington Post editorial criticizes planned language service cutbacks at Radio Free Europe.
2003-12-09: Salem increases fourth quarter guidance amid buoyant predictions at New York media conference/Nassau buys in Maine.
2003-12-09: Jazz FM in Manchester to be turned into Smooth FM but London station to keep its name.
2003-12-09: US Federal Communications Commission confirms maximum indencency fine on InfinityDetroit station/proposes USD 4,000 penalty on ABC station in the city for failure to broadcast full contest conditions.
2003-12-10: Marsha MacBride, former Chief of Staff to Federal Communications Commission chairman joins US National Association of Broadcasters.
2003-12-10: Virgin Radio to revamp schedule in New Year/ Sara Cox tells magazine of her reactions to move from BBC Radio 1 breakfast slot.
2003-12-10: Sirius tops 200,0000 subscribers.
2003-12-10: Latest Australian ratings.
2003-12-10: UK Radio ratings organizations RAJAR selects new managing director with print background.
2003-12-11: Federal Communications Commission defends its June 2 media regulations in 126-page filing to Philadelphia court.
2003-12-11: BBC appoints Mark Byford as deputy Director-General.
2003-12-11: Infinity goes online (sort-of), WGN to drop noon farm show after 60 years,
Clear Channel Chicago station loses its music for five hours because of computer problem, and other oddments.
2003-12-11: Astral Media, after strong fiscal 2003, says it expects to do better in 2004 and is ready for industry consolidation in Canada/Corus pays its first dividend.
2003-12-11: US talk host Paul Harvey rows back from comments describing Islam as encouraging violence, describes it as a religion of peace, but falls short of apology.
2003-12-12: Arbitron adds extra categories to its RADAR network ratings issues preliminary figures showing medium's continuing strength, especially among graduates.
2003-12-12: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Sara Cox, soon to move to drive time, tells her listeners she's pregnant.
2003-12-12: Sirius and Canadian Broadcasting Company in joint venture deal for satellite radio in Canada.
2003-12-12: Colorado Public Radio host and singer Mark Sheldon dies of cancer aged 43.
2003-12-12: FCC sets January date for next localism hearing in San Antonio/ red-flags Cumulus deal.
2003-12-12: US broadcasters mull over financial implications of Supreme Court decision to allow limitation of political advertising.
2003-12-13: MUSICMATCH server problems and leap in seasonal listening take AOL Classic Holiday channel to op of latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-12-13: Former BBC Radio 2 lunchtime host Sir Jimmy Young to record special Christmas show for BBC Radio Gloucestershire, a year after he was dumped from his show.
2003-12-13: Westwood One to add 55 more Infinity stations to its RADAR networks.
2003-12-13: South Korea expected to be first country to launch national multimedia service using Eureka 147 Digital Audio Broadcasting platform.
2003-12-13: Canadian radio advertising revenues to end of August up 6.5% on a year earlier/ "Top Dog" CKNW-AM toppled from top rank in Vancouver after 50 years.
2003-12-14: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that programme on Quebec station was unduly sexually explicit.
2003-12-14: UK UBC Group announces more contracts from BBC.
2003-12-14: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-12-15: Survey shows most Americans want some Christmas music radio but not too much.
2003-12-15: Former BBC DJ Bruno Brookes becomes millionaire following listing of his in-store radio company.
2003-12-15: Toronto-headquartered CHUM Ltd. says radio heads its expansion priorities.
2003-12-15: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-12-16: BBC digital radio channel BBC 7 marks first anniversary by moving to 24-hour operation/ Rock band Radiohead says it has finalized plans for week when it will curate BBC 6 Music digital channel.
2003-12-16: Southern Cross Broadcasting bids AUD 100 million for film and TV production group Southern Star.
2003-12-16: Irish broadcaster Eamon Dunphy reported to be in talks about a show for Dublin talk station after his TV show was axed.
2003-12-16: ABC Daytime Direction retains top rank in latest RADAR US network ratings.
2003-12-17: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland advertises more new community radio licences/signs eleventh new commercial renewal contract.
2003-12-17: Canadian Media Guild wins fight to represent unionized workers at Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada.
2003-12-17: Overnight radio listening in Australia increases, especially amongst women.
2003-12-17: London Xfm host Zoë Ball gives up drive time show to spend more time with her family.
2003-12-17: Sirius agrees seven-year USD 220 million deal with US National Football League.
2003-12-18: Nevada station owner fined USD 4,000 for failing to respond to written inquiry from US Federal Communications Commission.
2003-12-18: Latest unofficial UK radio ratings from GfK again show much larger audiences for speech-based stations.
2003-12-18: Conservative US talk host Rush Limbaugh files to have his medical records kept secret.
2003-12-18: UK new media regulator Ofcom under fire after saying its costs will be more than a quarter higher than those of organizations it replaces.
2003-12-18: Arbitron and TNS sign deal for licensing of Portable People Meter technology.
2003-12-19: AOL Classic Holiday retains top station rank in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-12-19: Talks between official UK radio ratings organization annd The Wireless Group, aimed at averting legal clash between them, break down.
2003-12-19: Author and comedian Al Franken, tipped as host for planned liberal US talk radio network, says it could start broadcasts by March.
2003-12-19: Latest - and last quarterly complaints bulletin to be issued by UK Radio Authority includes unprecedented warning to Capital Radio over format breaches at two of its northern England stations.

2003-12-20: Veteran Los Angeles radio reporter Donn Reed dies aged 88.
2003-12-20: SMG moves its radio development manager Bobby Hain to its Scottish TV subsidiary.
2003-12-20: Chicago WVON-AM midday host Monique Caradine to leave station.
2003-12-20: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission annual report shows steady growth in Canadian radio but AMs falling back and French-language stations growing revenues more than their English counterparts.
2003-12-20: Look at US radio deals of past week.

2003-12-21: US Federal Communications Commission reduces fines on Missouri station owner and Tennessee tower operator.
2003-12-21: Talk Radio Network to drop lawsuit against three web sites opposed to host Michael Savage.
2003-12-21: Sydney radio stations start digital trials.
2003-12-21: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-12-22: Russia chooses DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) system for short-wave digital radio pilot project.
2003-12-22: Florida prosecutors say they have met legal requirements to examine conservative host Rush Limbaugh's medical records.
2003-12-22: US Federal Communications Commission issues notice concerning "smart" radio.
2003-12-22: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-12-23: AOL and MUSICMATCH stay at the top in Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings for November.
2003-12-23: Federal Communications Commission tightens security at its HQ following new "terrorist" alert.
2003-12-23: Saga announces deal to add three more New England stations.
2003-12-23: DMG wins battle to prevent rival Australian network Austereo from using catchprase it used to promote its first Nova stations.
2003-12-23: Conservative US radio host Rush Limbaugh said to be involved in plea bargain over his acquisition of prescription drugs/ alleges his former maid blackmailed him for USD 4 million.
2003-12-24: UK new regulator Ofcom responses to consultation exercise.
2003-12-24: Word counting by columnist costs Infinity's WBBM around USD 10,000.
2003-12-24: BBC Radio 4 flagship breakfast show to have celebrity editors next week.
2003-12-24: Rush Limbaugh attorney denies involvement in plea bargaining for host/ judge decides that Limbaugh's medical records can be seen by Florida prosecutors but says they should not be shown to others.
2003-12-24: US Federal Communications Commission reduces fine on Virginia AM from USD 21,000 to USD 19.600.
2003-12-24: Breakfast hosts at UK FM axed after inviting comments about testimony of man charged with - and subsequently convicted of - murder of two schoolgirls.
2003-12-24: Big City radio dissolves itself/ Emmis exchanges Argentina for Belgium.
2003-12-24: UK Capital Radio boosts executive directors pay by around 40% despite year of doldrums at flagship London station.
2003-12-24: Florida judge re-seals conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh's medical records to allow appeal/ Limbaugh re-iterates claim that prosecution is politically motivated.
2003-12-25: US National Association of Broadcasters and XM Satellite Radio agree about rules for use of terrestrial repeaters for satellite service.
2003-12-25: Radio drama veteran Les Tremayne dies aged 90.
2003-12-26: Chicago WGN goes up to wire in renewing contracts of morning and afternoon hosts/Entercom does five-year deal with Glenn Ordway in Boston.
2003-12-26: iBiquity plans boost for US digital radio at Consumer Electronics Show/ New York Times reviews HD system.

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December 2003

2003-12-27: US National Public Radio to launch new concert series in conjunction with Carnegie Hall venue.
2003-12-27: Finnish state broadcaster YLE to stop streaming music because of planned new copyright charges.
2003-12-28: US satellite radio companies have strong run-up to holiday period.
2003-12-28: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-12-29: Report on rival UK official diary-based radio ratings system and new meter system.

2003-12-29: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-12-30: Holiday formats do well in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-12-30: Bush election campaign takes full advantage of right-wing talk radio.
2003-12-30: Longtime Edmonton jazz host Bill Couell retires from CKUA after 41 years with station.
2003-12-30: New British regulator Ofcom takes over from former regulators.
2003-12-31: US Federal Communications Commission confirms one USD 25,000 fine, cancels another for USD 8,000.
2003-12-31: Sydney radio market sees some of biggest ratings swings in 2003.
2003-12-31: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ
to end its daily short waves transmissions tomorrow.
2003-12-31: Sirius president and CEO emphasizes the importance of its sports services in year-end e-mail to stockholders

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2003-11-01: UK Broadcasting Standards Commission upholds only one complaint against radio in its latest Bulletin and reports another it could not consider because tapes were not available.
2003-11-01: Radio Unica files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy/ US radio deals over past week.
2003-11-01: Susan Clampitt replaced as Executive Director of public broadcaster WAMU-FM, Washington. DC.
2003-11-01: DMG wins bidding for new Adelaide commercial FM licence in Australia.
2003-11-01: Some 200 contressmen support vote on new US media regulations- not yet enough to force debate and vote.
2003-11-02: Australian Broadcasting Corporation has to resort to special effort s to deliver prize won by listener in remote Vietnamese hamlet.
2003-11-02: Changes at Infinity stations in Chicago.
2003-11-02: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-11-03: US National Public Radio announces another commentator for the Tavis Smiley Show, which enters its third season in January.
2003-11-03: Complaint against BBC over dramatisation of life of late singer Alma Cogan reported to be upheld by UK watchdog.
2003-11-03: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-11-04: US Federal Communications Commission fines Florida pirate operator USD 10,000.
2003-11-04: New York Times picks up story of conflict between cyclists and Clear Channel after hosts' anti cycling remarks.
2003-11-04: UK Capital Gold managing director calls for FM frequency to aid competition with BBC.
2003-11-04: US third quarter results and radio deals.
2003-11-04: WorldDAB Forum pushes Eureka 147 system in Latin America.

2003-11-05: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces its fifth "New Adventures in Broadcasting Scheme" to promote innovative programming.
2003-11-05: US Federal Communications Commission revokes licence of Georgia AM.
2003-11-05: Premiere Networks sued for USD 10 million by female former senior vice-president.
2003-11-05: Latest Australian radio ratings show Nova outpacing 2-DAY in Sydney and Fox FM moving up to first rank in Malbourne.
2003-11-05: More third quarter results - from Clear Channel and Citadel.

2003-11-06: Alternative London station Xfm changes programme controller/ BBC host changes.
2003-11-06: Cox reports profits up 4% on flat revenues in third quarter.
2003-11-06: US National Association of Broadcasters files lawsuit opposing proposed additional restrictions on radio ownership proposed by Federal Communications Commission.
2003-11-07: More listening but no changes in players at top in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcasting ratings.
2003-11-07: US Federal Communications Commission to open AM station filing window in the New Year.
2003-11-07: Arbitron reports improvement in diary response rates in top markets but further fall overall.
2003-11-07: UK Radio Authority awards new Glasgow FM and Plymouth/Cornwall digital licences, the last it will issue.
2003-11-07: US National Public Radio gets USD 200 million bequest in estate of widow of McDonald's founder.
2003-11-07: More third quarter results - from Cumulus, Entercom, Saga and XM Satellite Radio.

2003-11-08: Two US radio advertising veterans set up rep firm for online radio.
2003-11-08: Florida restaurant fined USD 10,000 for operating pirate radio station.
2003-11-08: Australian WorldAudio launches its nationwide AM radio network.
2003-11-08: UK Emap signs London Kiss breakfast host Bam Bam for another three years.
2003-11-08: Third quarter results from Regent.

2003-11-09: Kentucky College reported to be selling its public station to non public buyer.
2003-11-09: Clear Channel seemingly settles dispute with US cyclists.
2003-11-09: Show producer and woman involved in Opie and Anthony sex in St Patrick's Cathedral stunt are sentenced to community service.
2003-11-09: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-11-10: Indian recording companies put pressure on for tightening up of country's copyright laws.
2003-11-10: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announces titles for its third annual "Canada Reads" battle of the books to select one title as essential reading for Canadians.
2003-11-10: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-11-11: Weekend conference at Wisconsin University hears more criticism of FCC media regulations.
2003-11-11: Viacom president and COO Mel Karmazin makes paper profit of USD 18 million on share options.
2003-11-11: BBC adds yet another digital radio transmitter, its 14th since August.
2003-11-11: Federal Communications Commission fines Puerto Rican broadcaster USD 20,000 for tower and other offences/ allows North Carolina licence transfer but levies fine of nearly USD 20,000 on licensee for "misrepresentation."
2003-11-11: US radio revenues up 4% on a year ago in September according to Radio Advertising Bureau.

2003-11-12: UK independent production company Somethin' Else to take over production of commercial radio top 40 chart show.
2003-11-12: Canadian regulator's chairman commends value of radio in recent emergencies.
2003-11-12: Top Sydney female breakfast host Wendy Harmer to quit and spend more time with her family/ UK Capital weekend host Emma Forbes asks to be allowed to end her contract early.
2003-11-12: Results from UK Emap and European broadcaster and media company SBS SA.
2003-11-13: New afternoon talk show to be launched in Minnesota.
2003-11-13: US now has 13,450 registered radio stations according to Federal Communications Commission.
2003-11-13: British band Radiohead to be given charge of BBC digital music channel in Christmas week.

2003-11-13: More third quarter radio results - Radio 1 Inc, Spanish Broadcasting System, and NextMedia.
2003-11-13: Rush Limbaugh due back to hosting his show from next Monday.

2003-11-14: USD 10,000 fine confirmed on Florida pirate station operator.
2003-11-14: Former US military DJ whose story became famous in movie "Good Morning Vientam" becomes Supreme Court lawyer.
2003-11-14: Marv Dyson out at Clear Channel Chicago under reorganization.
2003-11-14: Austereo 2003 profits down 12% on a year earlier.
2003-11-14: UK Capital profits down 18% in 2003 compared to year earlier/ SBS Broadcasting Sa to redeem notes.
2003-11-14: Strong results from US Spanish language media groups Entravision, LBI Media, and Univision.
2003-11-15: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcasting ratings.
2003-11-15: USD 4000 penalty proposed against US non-commercial college station over competition broadcast.
2003-11-15: Australian Commercial Radio shows steady growth since fall back in early 90s according to Australian Broadcasting Authority study.
2003-11-15: US radio business- Big City moves further towards closure/ Interep fights back with Katz, and various station deals.

2003-11-16: BBC Radio 1 reported to be interested in Emap's Manchester KEY 103 breakfast duo.
2003-11-16: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-11-17: Overnight caller to New York WFAN, Doris from Rego Park, dies aged 58.
2003-11-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-11-18: FCC confirms USD 11,000 fine on Alabama FM for Tower and Emergency Alert System offences.
2003-11-18: BBC World Service launches new expanded service in Afghanistan/ new commercial stations go on air in Denmark.
2003-11-18: Fisher Communications losses from continuing operations in third quarter nearly seven times as great as a year earlier.
2003-11-18: Chrysalis boosts British radio with full year revenues to the end of August up 14% on year earlier and strong start to current financial year.

2003-11-18: Conservative US radio host Rush Limbaugh goes back on air after five weeks of treatment for drug addiction.
2003-11-19: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland reaches settlement over licences for the franchise areas of Kildare and Carlow/Kilkenny that ends appeal by losing bidder to Irish Supreme Court.
2003-11-19: Indian panel recommends restriction foreign ownership of radio companies to 26% with three-quarters of key personnel to be Indian.
2003-11-19: GWR reports strong half-year results and advertising pick up in UK.
2003-11-19: Interep expands to online "repping" as it continues its battle with Katz.
2003-11-20: UK Capital strengthens its hand in London with purchase of Choice FM.
2003-11-20: Australian commercial radio sets out its wish list in conversion to digital audio broadcasting.
2003-11-20: More US results and radio business.
2003-11-20: UK new Ofcom regulator calls for consultations on spectrum trading plans.
2003-11-20: Infinity "declines" to pay USD 357,000 penalties over sex in St Patrick's cathedral case.
2003-11-20: Conservative US talk host Rush Limbaugh denies involvement in money laundering in connection with drug purchases.
2003-11-21: All no change, apart from generally higher listening, at top of Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-11-21: US lawmakers reported to be going to block national 35% TVownership rules in US.
2003-11-21: Canadian watchdog rules against host who used "nasty insults and ugly epithets against Quebec City rival.
2003-11-21: Scottish Radio Holdings reports upturn in UK advertising.
Fight of rep firms over for moment as most defecting employees of Katz Media leave Interep and return to their former employer.

2003-11-22: Entercom management changes in Boston/ hires lawyer in relation to row over hosts suggestingthat escaped gorilla at bus stop was on school bussing programme.
2003-11-22: American University's WAMU-FM reports USD 2.3 million deficit in its fiscal year to the end of April.
2003-11-22: Conservative US talk host Dr Laura Schlessinger under attack by Islamic organisation over remarks made on her show.
2003-11-22: BBC World Service broadcasting special concert as part of activities in run up to World Aids Day.
2003-11-22: Indencency and obscenity complaints soar in US.
2003-11-23: Sirius reunites three KROQ veterans from the early 80s with shows on its Calssic Alternative stream.
2003-11-23: London new music station Xfm appoints new head of music.
2003-11-23: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-11-24: New digital radio promotions launched in UK.
2003-11-24: Catholic talk Starboard Network expanding in Chicago.
2003-11-24: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-11-25: Yahoo's Launch narrows gap on AOL in network stakes in October Arbitron Internet Broadcasting Ratings.
2003-11-25: US Department of Justice reported to be investigating Clear Channel in San Diego about possible anti-competitive behaviour.
2003-11-25: More strong radio results from the UK, this time from UBC Media and the Wireless Group.
2003-11-25: US radio "rep" company wars seem over with all former Katx employees on their way back from Interep, including senior executives/ Interep appoints new VO/ co-COO.
2003-11-26: Paul Ross goes up against big brother Jonathan's BBC Radio 2 show with Saturday morning radio show for Chrysalis.
2003-11-26: US Federal Communications Commission refuses to allow Entercom to make confidential material on CD that it provided in response to indecency complaint.
2003-11-26: Rush Limbaugh accused of being a hypocrite by caller to his show.
2003-11-26: Australian Broadcasting Authority rules licensee unsuitable to hold commercial radio licence and refuses renewal.
2003-11-27: Interep forecasts US radio to grow 8-9% next year.
2003-11-27: Southern Cross Broadcasting and Macquarie Radio Network agree joint venture deal to reduce costs for some of their Sydney operational and sales services.
2003-11-27: Sirius President and CEO tells shareholders strategy is to differentiate through content and that it can catch up with rival XM as far as hardware is concerned.

2003-11-28: Veteran Washington DC former radio morning host Eddie Gallaher dies aged 88.
2003-11-28: Latest alternative UK radio ratings from Gfk media show sports station listening up nationally since previous period.
2003-11-28: Details from US Federal Communications Commission show nearly all indecency complaints in its latest quarterly report related to two TV shows, not to radio.
2003-11-28: Canadian watchdog condemns Valentine's Day broadcast of LA-based Tom Leykis show as degrading women and unduly sexually explicit.
2003-11-28: UK Wireless group chief again threatens legal action against official radio ratings organisation, this time suggesting USD 46 million claim.
2003-11-29: Scottish Radio Holdings to sell around GBP 12.8 million (USD 22 million) in new shares to help fund Dublin acquisition.
2003-11-29: Chrysalis station facing complaint over burning money in competition/ GWR may be in hot water over Shropshire station's comments about murder case currently being heard.
2003-11-29: Australian Broadcasting Authority chairman steps into controversy over regulating advertisements with call for freedom of commercial speech.
2003-11-29: UK radio industry outpaces TV and print in third quarter with 6.3% year-on-year advertisement revenue growth.
2003-11-30: Outgoing chairman and chief executive of UK radio regulator says digital is swinging spectrum allocation towards commercial radio and also that he does not expect speedy consolidation in the industry.
2003-11-30: Sydney Morning Herald reports that planned agreement for sharing of some services in Sydney with its rival may be death knell for once dominant talk station 2UE.
2003-11-30: UK radio show changes.
2003-11-30: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

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October 2003

2003-10-01: BBC World Service's BBC Afrique marks 65th anniversary tomorrow
2003-10-01: Clear Channel fires Rochester talk host following comments alluding to African American mayor as an "orang-utan."
2003-10-01: Emmis delivers strong results for second quarter.
2003-10-01: UK Capital Radio names Johnnie Vaughan to take over as Capital FM breakfast host from Chris Tarrant, who has been in the role 17 years.

2003-10-02: Latest UK Broadcasting Standards Commission bulletin upholds two complaints against radio and partly upholds a third.
2003-10-02: India likely to permit news on private FM stations and break current All India Radio monopoly according to Times of India.
2003-10-02: XM Satellite Radio nears 1 million subscribers/ new programmes on XM and Sirius.
2003-10-02: National Association of Broadcasters Radio Show in Philadelphia hears that more consolidation is likely under new media ownership regulations.

2003-10-03: Australian survey shows music formats still significantly the most popular and in general listeners are getting more satisfied with their radio.
2003-10-03: More signs of growing take up of digital radio in the US.
2003-10-03: Emap wins news West Midlands regional FM licence in UK.
2003-10-03: Rush Limbaugh low-key about his news profile in connection with alleged drug taking and racist remarks.
2003-10-03: Maximum fines of USD 3757,000 and USD 55,000 proposed for indecency offences by Viacom and Clear Channel stations.
2003-10-04: MUSICMATCH and AOL retain top rankings in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast ratings.

2003-10-04: Kabul FM, founded with US aid, confounds stereotypes with female host and western pop.
2003-10-04: Boston Councillors call for dismissal of host john Dennis over "gorilla" remarks.
2003-10-04: Radio business over the past week dominated by Hispanic groups.
2003-10-04: US Radio Advertising Bureau reports flat August figures.
2003-10-05: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 10,000 penalty on South Dakota FM.
2003-10-05: Radio Unica announces USD 150 million sale of its stations as part of pre-arranged bankruptcy deal.
2003-10-05: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-10-06: BBC World Service launches Latin American season.
2003-10-06: Hurricane Isabel shows up absence of back-up at some Southern Maryland radio stations.
2003-10-06: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-10-07: Some 300 US public radio stations to team up next month is examination of state of US democracy.
2003-10-07: British commercial radio turns 30 tomorrow.
2003-10-07: Little sympathy for Rush Limbaugh in first edition of ESPN sports show without him.
2003-10-07: Truckers spearhead drivers' demand for US satellite radio according to Washington Post report.
2003-10-08: Arizona FM fined USD 4,000 for broadcasting conversation with widow of baseball player without gaining permission.
2003-10-08: BBC moves Sara Cox from breakfast show in switch with drive time host Chris Moyles/ Victoria Derbyshire tipped to take over BBC Radio 5 Live morning show.
2003-10-08: Entercom suspends hosts John Dennis and Garry Callah after row over racially charged remarks/ Rush Limbaugh remains unrepentant over comments that led to his resignation from ESPN show.

2003-10-09: XM introduces new receiver that plugs into cassette player.
2003-10-09: India to launch amaterur radio satellite service.
2003-10-09: Radio business in Europe and USA.
2003-10-09: Federal Communications Commission fines 28 stations USD 3,000 each along with their licence renewals as it tightens up on compliance with public file regulations.

2003-10-10: AOL and MUSICMATCH retain top network and station ranks in latest Arbitron Internet ratings but AOL listening drops dramatically.
2003-10-10: Conservative California talk hosts reported to be gloating over their role in gubernatorial recall campaign.
2003-10-10: BBC launches second digital radio promotion campaign this year.
2003-10-10: Spanish language US broadcasters Spanish Broadcasting System and Univision raising more funds.

2003-10-11: WorldAudio wins case concerning Sydney and Melbourne licences, vital to its plans to build national Australian AM network.
2003-10-11: Four defendants settle insider trading case involving Univision takeover of Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation.
2003-10-11: BBC names new controller for Radio 2, the UK's most listened to channel/ reports that host of prestigious BBC Radio 4 breakfast programme is seriously considering an offer from a commercial BBC rival.
2003-10-11: Conservative US talk host Rush Limbaugh to go into drug rehabilitation programme for a month.
2003-10-12: Long time California DJ Bill Collins, who spent 26 years with KNEW-AM, dies aged 67.
2003-10-12: Maritime Broadcasting Ltd in Canada launches appeal to restore the Public Garden in Halifax Nova Scotia, after damage by hurricane Juan.
2003-10-12: Delphi Corporation says it has now shipped 1.2 million satellite radio receivers.
2003-10-12: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-10-13: Launch of India's first satellite for radio amateurs is delayed.
2003-10-13: Harris Corporation annonces transmitter deal with Mexican radio group Grupo Acir.
2003-10-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-10-14: Minnesota Public Radio announces news weekly arts programme.
2003-10-14: BBC Radio 1 announces completion of revamp of its weekend output.
2003-10-14: Nashville host moves over to new show on Citadel after ruling against injunction by former employer Gaylord Entertainment.
2003-10-14: Australian radio revenues in September up 14% on a year earlier.
2003-10-15: US Corporation for Public Broadcasting makes first grants to aid radio switch to digital broadcasting.
2003-10-15: Rush Limbaugh web site continues in usual form despite the host being off the air.
2003-10-15: US cyclist complains about Clear Channel station that he said encouraged motorists to attack cyclists.

2003-10-16: BBC Radio Five Live confirms that Victoria Derbyshire is to host its morning phone-in show next year.
2003-10-16: US Federal Communications Commission cancels one penalty and reduces two others in connection with tower offences.
2003-10-16: UK radio ratings organization RAJAR announces second test of competing meter systems/ Gfk Media issues its latest ratings based on radiocontrol meter.
2003-10-16: US radio deals including USD41 million takeover of Commonwealth Communications by newly-formed Cherry Creek Radio.
2003-10-17: AOL and MUSICMATCH retain top spots in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings but AOL falls back whilst rival Launch advances.
2003-10-17: Federal Authorities close down San Francisco Liberation Radio.
2003-10-17: Australian Commercial Radio National Conference is held in Sydney.
2003-10-17: NextMedia buys another Chicago area station/ Univision starts to change formats in the Windy City.
2003-10-17: US radio revenues for August confirmed as essentially flat by Radio Advertising Bureau.

2003-10-18: Radio Jackie, a long-time pirate station, returns to the UK airwaves legitimately tomorrow.
2003-10-18: US National Association of Broadcasters and National Public Radio submit comments criticising low-power FM report but former is more strident.
2003-10-18: BBC involved in further row over Iraq after cutting from broadcast comments on the topic from interview with Archbishop of Canterbury.
2003-10-19: Toronto-headquartered Rogers Communications cuts third quarter losses to around a fifth those of a year before but radio lags behind other operations.
2003-10-19: BBC host reported to have threatened to quit after segments concerning war on Iraq were dropped from broadcast of interview with Archbishop of Canterbury.
2003-10-19: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2003-10-20: UK Emap anticipates a quarter of its listening to be on digital in near future.
2003-10-20: US National Association of Broadcasters European Conference opens in London.
2003-10-20: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-10-21: US Federal Communications Commission confirms penalties totalling USD 40,000 for tower offences.
2003-10-21: Clear Channel signs Montana ratings deal with Eastlan.
2003-10-21: Washington WAMU-FM criticized for overspending.
2003-10-21: Univision claims top rankings in morning and afternoon drive in Los Angeles.
2003-10-21: BBC Director of radio and music tells US National Association of Broadcasters' conference that digital is the future for radio.
2003-10-22: Boston Sports hosts John Dennis and Gerry Callahan back on air after two weeks suspension.
2003-10-22: Sydney talk host John Laws inducted into Australian radio Hall of Fame/ annual Australian Commerical Radio awards report.
2003-10-22: Irish radio loses listening over past year according to latest ratings.
2003-10-22: US National Association of Broadcasters says it will explore all means to overturn ruling that broadcasters must pay royalty fees for streaming off-air signal.
2003-10-22: Arbitron profits in third quarter up 10% on a year ago/ company claims sucess in stemming fall in response rates.
2003-10-23: AOL and MUSICMATCH keep top spots but K-Love Christian station leaps up to second station (and seventh network) spot in Arbitron's September Internet Broadcast ratings.
2003-10-23: BBC to mark 50th anniversary of Dylan Thomas's death next month with season of broadcasts including new production of Under Milk Word that uses Richard Burton's voice from 1954 production together with the voices of contemporary Welsh artists.
2003-10-23: Clear Channel to introduce RDS (Radio Data System) technology at 192 of its FM stations.
2003-10-23: Washington public station WAMU-FM executive director posts response to criticisms on station web site.
2003-10-23: US Federal Communications Commission proposes its first ever penalties for four broadcasters whose transmitters cumulatively exceeded permissible radiation limits.
2003-10-24: AOL listening bounds back in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2003-10-24: US Federal Communications Commission imposes USD 10,000 penalty on Florida pirate operator and USD 3,000 penalty on Kansas broadcaster for public inspection log deficiencies.
2003-10-24: UK Capital loses USD25 million in value after flagship Capital FM slips again in latest UK radio ratings, which see strong performances from Chrysalis and Emap
2003-10-24: Rush Limbaugh listeners staying loyal while he gets drug dependency treatment according to poll.
2003-10-24: Clear Channel comes under repeated attack from cyclists at first Federal Communications Commission localism hearing in North Carolina.
2003-10-24: Viacom posts record revenues but radio division underforms whilst in Canada radio division performs strongly for Corus.
2003-10-25: UK Radio Authority's latest complaints bulletin upholds similar number of complaints to those of a year before.
2003-10-25: US Federal Communications Commission confirms fine for EAS offences in Mississippi/ requires Citadel to show why an Alabama station should not be reclassified to permit new service in Georgia.
2003-10-25: Montréal -headquartered Astral media reports strong performance for final quarter and full year.
2003-10-25: Scottish Radio Holdings announces deal to purchase Dublin station.
2003-10-26: Virgin Radio and WorldSpace in deal to provide premium service on satellite radio.
2003-10-26: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2003-10-27: Latest attempt to sell a US radio station via online auction attracts no bids.
2003-10-27: UK Capital Radio's rating woes bring fresh speculation about a takeover bid.
2003-10-27: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2003-10-28: New York Times report on Sky Radio Network practice of making interviewees pay to be interviewed.
2003-10-28: UK Radio Authority starts to bow out and new regulator Ofcom to gain public comment on various planned changes.
2003-10-28: XM Satellite Radio passes million subscriber mark/ Journal Communciations third quarter results.
2003-10-29: Indian government pushing ahead with commercial FM development but going slow on community radio.
2003-10-29: Latest BBC complaints bulletin upholds seven complaints against radio shows.
2003-10-29: Australian Commercial Broadcasters criticize award of digital radio trial licence to tower company.
2003-10-29: More strong third quarter results from Canada, US, and Mexico.
2003-10-30: Alabama AM fined USD 7,000 for tower enclosure offence.
2003-10-30: Interep sues Citadel over early end to long-term contract/ Citadel says it may countersue because of Interep's performance.
2003-10-30: US performers agree new 3-year deal for radio and TV commercials.
2003-10-30: Australian Broadcasting Authority reports breaches of rules down by more than half previous year's level in 2002-03 annual report.
2003-10-30: More strong third quarter results from Sirius, Westwood One and RealNetworks.

2003-10-31: Latest Arbitron Interenet Broadcast Ratings show more listeners and less listening in top ranks.
2003-10-31: Managing director of UK radio ratings organization RAJAR to leave and go long distance sailing.
2003-10-31: US Federal Communications Commission rejects right of California man to object to New York station licence renewal/ reduces fine on for tower offence in Texas from USD 10,000 to USD 2,000.
2003-10-31: Third quarter results from Interep and Salem.


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