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March 2004

2004-03-01: BBC Radio 4 Archers radio soap to feature its first "gay kiss" in 53 years on air this month.
2004-03-01: Veteran Texas broadcaster Ken "Hubcap" Carter dies aged 60.
2004-03-01: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-03-02: US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) names Marcellus Alexander as president of the NAB Education Foundation (NABEF).
2004-03-02: UK Capital Radio announces that Johnny Vaughan is to take over its London flagship breakfast show from Chris Tarrant on April 19.
2004-03-02: US speculation mounts that clampdown on broadcast indecency on terrestrial radio could boost satellite radio.
2004-03-02: Cumulus adds in Missouri/ other US radio business.

2004-03-03: UK GWR involved in developing service to allow listeners to radio station to purchase a track they are listening to at the touch of a button.
2004-03-03: European broadcaster SBS SA turns 2002 loss into 2003 profit as revenues increase by 14% for the year and 16% for the final quarter of 2003.
2004-03-03: US radio revenues in January flat compared to a year earlier in contrast to rises in UK and Australia.
2004-03-03: Veteran broadcaster Alistair Cooke, now 95, calls an end to his Letter from America series after 58 years on advice fo his doctors.

2004-03-04: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2004-03-04: Digital radio transmissions begin in Holland/ further DAB developments in UK.
2004-03-04: Beasley and Saga revenues down in 2003/ Grupo Radio ordered to pay USD 21 million in damages but to contest decision.
2004-03-04: Former England soccer player dropped by BBC Radio 5 after sex life revelations/veteran DJ Tony Blackburn back at BBC next week.
2004-03-04: House votes for penalties up to USD 500,000 per event and three-strikes licence revocation hearings in cases of broadcast indecency/ National Association of Broadcasters opposed the idea.

2004-03-05: Tacoma, Washington, college sells its FM station - frequency to be taken over by Washington University station.
2004-03-05: US government condemns silencing of private Ukrainian FM that had carried broadcasts of Radio Liberty.
2004-03-05: Liberal talk network Air America gains New York affiliate.
2004-03-05: More US radio results and business including figures from Spanish Broadcasting and Jones Media Networks.
2004-03-05: Clear Channel pays up over Bubba the Love Sponge indecency penalty/ Emmis joins ranks of zero-tolerance club and Bubba Fans call for protests to the politicians.
2004-03-06: Mexican broadcaster Grupo Radio takes over production of Monitor news programme concerning which it lost recent arbitration.
2004-03-06: Los Angeles public station fires host for saying "fuck" on air.
2004-03-06: BBC Radio 2, 6 Music and UK Capital FM show changes.
2004-03-06: US Federal Communications Commission confirms penalty on Infinity of Deminski and Doyle show/ more moves over US indecent broadcasts.
2004-03-07: Astral media CEO predicts one major media takeover could have domino affect on Canadian media consolidation.
2004-03-07: Irish state radio to start long-wave transmissions of its Radio 1 channel on St Patrick's Day.
2004-03-07: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-03-08: US House of Representatives potentially makes life easier for small webcasters by allowing judge to hear arguments instead of much more expensive arbitration panels.
2004-03-08: Rush Limbaugh and Palm Beach County attorneys continue their public war of words in connection with the host's drug taking.
2004-03-08: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-03-09: UK UBC media announces more deals for its Unique Interactive digital radio software division.
2004-03-09: US Federal Communications Commission to hold its next broadcast localism hearing will be held in Rapid City, South Dakota.
2004-03-09: Fired KCRW-FM, Los Angeles, commentator Sandra Tsing Loh gives her version of broadcast that led to her dismissal.
2004-03-09: Sydney Morning Herald says Australian Broadcasting Corporation set to discuss closure of ABC Radio National.
2004-03-09: Satirists complain about three-page checklist introduced by BBC as check on programme makers.
2004-03-09: CHUM planning terrestrial subscription radio service to compete with satellite radio in Canada according to Toronto Star.
: WorldSpace announces international satellite radio service targeted at British and US expatriates.
2004-03-10: US radio business - Entercom buys in Buffalo/ Interep says after slow start business is picking up this year.
2004-03-10: Palm Beach attorneys argue that they should be allowed to use Rush Limbaugh's medical records.
2004-03-10: UK Capital Radio Group's Creative Director Ric Blaxill to join BBC 6 Music as its Head of Programmes.

2004-03-10: US Senate Commerce Committee votes unanimously in favour of steeply increased indecency penalties for broadcasters and more narrowly for moratorium on new media regulations until study is done of potential links between consolidation and indecency on air.
2004-03-11: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2004-03-11: No radio cases in latest UK regulator Ofcom's complaints bulleting - and TV excuses accepted in two of three complaints.
2004-03-11: Progress Media announces line-up for launch of Air America progressive talk radio network on March 31.
2004-03-11: SMG profits down by more than a quarter in 2003/ more UK radio news.
2004-03-11: Clear Channel spends on delay equipment and to develop its own system for delays up to 5 minutes/ Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K, Powell expresses concern that some proposals for indecency rules could be going too far.
2004-03-12: S. African radio host suspended after parody interview of himself as "Jesus Christ" arouses complaints.

2004-03-12: US radio business including Arbitron purchase of Media Resources Plus and Fisher Communications results.
2004-03-12: UK Emap Performance division to shed jobs in cost-cutting exercise.
2004-03-12: Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge react to continuing US "indecency" clamp-down including suggestions they could end up on satellite radio.
2004-03-12: US House of Representatives passes overwhelmingly legislation that would increase indecency maximum penalties to USD 500,000 an incident for station and performer.
2004-03-13: NextMedia radio revenues down in 2003 but it says outlook is improving.
2004-03-13: Infinity shuffles its Chicago station management.
2004-03-13: Federal Communications Commission proposes another quarter-million in indecency fines against Clear Channel/ city of Covington sues it for unpaid business taxes.
2004-03-14: InfoRed and Mexico City newspaper Diario Monitor, formerly El Heraldo, in promotion of Monitor news programme.

2004-03-14: US Library of Congress issues details of reporting requirements for webcasters.
2004-03-14: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-03-15: Son of Coast-to-Coast AM host Art Bell settles sexual harassment case.
2004-03-15: Husband who shot dead his wife, St Louis radio host Nan Wyatt, gets two consecutive life sentences.
2004-03-15: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-03-16: UK Chrysalis follows GWR into the download business with service for mobiles.
2004-03-16: Los Angeles public station KCRW-FM reverses decision to fire host Sandra Tsing Loh but she declines to return.
2004-03-16: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland signs ten-year licence for North Donegal service Highlands Radio/ under criticism because of gap in service for Carlow and Kilkenny following licence award to newcomer.
2004-03-16: RADAR 80 up to full diary complement of more than 70,000 listeners.
2004-03-17: Southern California office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) files omplaints with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Clear Channel over what it termed an "Islamophobic" skit on KFI- AM, Los Angeles.
2004-03-17: Vermont low power station radio free brattleboro gets stay of execution from Federal judge who refuses Federal Communications Commission call for it to be closed/ other FCC enforcement actions and developments concerning "indecency" legislation.
2004-03-17: Australian Commercial radio does well in February.
2004-03-17: Long time US jazz host Chuck Niles dies aged 76.
2004-03-17: UK Wireless Group launches USD 66 million (USD 120 million) lawsuit against RAJAR ratings organization.
2004-03-17: Entercom launches series of anti-satellite radio advertisements.
2004-03-18: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2004-03-18: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ to make public details of the salaries that were paid to the broadcaster's top 25 presenters in the years 1998 to 2000.
2004-03-18: US Federal Communications Commission reduces USD 7,000 fine but confirms another for USD 13,000.
2004-03-18: Clear Channel's KFI-AM in Los Angeles backs down in face of protests and apologizes for "Islamophobic" skit.
2004-03-18: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council rules that host's attempts to turn story about Pygmies being eaten was in breach of its rules.
2004-03-18: SBS hires longtime Los Angeles host KCSA-FM host Renan Almendarez Coello, "El Cucuy" away from Univision following dispute.
2004-03-18: US National Association of Broadcasters sets March 31st for its Summit on Responsible Programming which is to be held behind closed doors.
2004-03-19: No change at number 1 in Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings for February.
2004-03-19: Indian College planning to deliver lectures via campus FM station.
2004-03-19: Veteran Los Angeles radio host JJ Jackson dies.
2004-03-19: Canadian commercial radio prospered in 2003 according to annual report from Canadian regulator.
2004-03-19: Viacom president Mel Karmazin apologizes over comments made on Howard Stern Show/ web sites start springing up opposing FCC clampdown and supporting Stern.
04-03-20: Rush Limbaugh's attorney claims Palm Beach prosecutors ignored previous ruling that would keep host's medical records out of play in doctor shopping case.
2004-03-20: BBC announces that Clive Coleman is to take over when Marcel Berlins ends 15-year run hosting Law in Action programme.
2004-03-20: Clear Channel suspends morning team in Atlanta following "indecent" broadcast.
2004-03-20: FCC proposes fines on Clear Channel and Infinity and changes ruling that there was no case but only raps NBC over the knuckles of use of "fucking" as an adjective during awards ceremony.

2004-03-21: US Radio Advertising Bureau says it now has record membership.
2004-03-21: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-03-22: No takers for German radio station advert offering USD 1.23 million to any Bayern Munich player prepared to sink an own goal in game against Berlin team.
2004-03-22: UTV reported to be preparing bid for Galway FM.

Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-03-23: Possible bad news for younger radio listeners with report that noise degrade driver's reactions and new code of conduct for alcohol adverts.
2004-03-23: Former Baltimore Sun editor to be managing editor for US National Public Radio news.
2004-03-23: BBC Asian Service to launch its first "soap" set in Midlands city.
2004-03-23: Arbitron RADAR 80 report released.
2004-03-23: Clear Channel CEO Lowry Mays doubles his take-home pay in 2003 - and his sons do fairly well.
2004-03-23: US radio revenues up 3.1% in 2003 and forecast to raise 5.5% this year by BIAfn, which also reports that New York "Lite Rock" remained top billing station in US in 2003.
2004-03-24: WUSN-FM, Chicago, operations manager and Country Radio Broadcasters board member Tom Rivers dies aged 38.
2004-03-24: Les Hollander, brother of Infinity president and CEO Joel Hollander, leaves Clear Channel to become an Infinity SVP/Regional Manager.
2004-03-24: UK Emap reports strong radio revenues in 2003 but TV pulls down results of its Performance Division that includes broadcasting.
2004-03-24: Entercom buying in Providence to strengthen Boston WEEI-AM sports station/other US radio deals.

2004-03-24: Chicago shock-jock Erich "Mancow" Muller to launch USD 3 million lawsuit against man who has complained about his show to the FCC 66 times.
2004-03-25: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2004-03-25: David Elstein to take over from Lord John Eatwell as chairman of the UK Commercial Radio Companies Association.
2004-03-25: Clear Channel fires New York host after she confesses to racial prejudice on air/ in California Sandra Tsing Loh, fired for "indecent" comment, is hired by Pasadena public station.
2004-03-25: US National Public Radio drops Bob Edwards as host of Morning Edition.
2004-03-25: Keen bidding expected for new Sydney and Brisbane licences that are to be auctioned next month.
2004-03-25: Survey shows most US rock station listeners don't want government regulation of radio content.
2004-03-26: Salem builds in Atlanta with purchase of fifth station.
2004-03-26: US radio continues to build non-traditional revenues.
2004-03-26: UK GWR says it expects revenues in year to end of March to be up 8% on a year ago.
2004-03-26: New study adds impetus to development of online "radio".
2004-03-26: US National Association of Broadcasters welcomes proposed legislation to permanently prohibit satellite companies using terrestrial transmitters for local services/ satellite companies say they not planning to anyway.
2004-03-27: Quebec City radio talk host Robert Gillet found guilty of paying for sex with a 17-years-old prostitute but cleared of charges of paying for sex with and forcibly sodomizing a 15-year-old prostitute.
2004-03-27: Court sets April 7 as the date for oral hearings on whether conservative talk host Rush Limbaugh's medical records can be used in a case for doctor shipping against him.
2004-03-27: Interep cuts losses in final quarter of 2003 but they are up for the year/XM retiring more debt.
2004-03-27: Scottish Radio Holdings reports strong radio revenues in update to the end of this month.
2004-03-27:Australian racing radio station wants damages from ratings organization over release of low ratings that ist says are inaccurate and damaged its business.
2004-03-27: Arbitron Advisory Council backs PPM trials but expresses concern over costs of small market ratings.
2004-03-28: US Presidential election expected to give particular boost to political spending on Hispanic media.
2004-03-28: Clear Channel applies to move the transmitter for its 50,000-watt News/Talker WWVA-AM, The Big One, out of Wheeling, West Virginia, to Stow, Ohio.
2004-03-28: Antics of "Jackass" TV personality Steve-O (Stephen Glover) leads Toronto station to suspend morning hosts without pay.
2004-03-28: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

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2004-03-29: Britain's first offshore pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, now legal and broadcasting via satellite and the internet, marks its 40th anniversary.
2004-03-29: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-03-30: Opie and Anthony expect to be back on US airwaves in June according to New York Post report.
2004-03-30: US Federal Communications Commission says it expects to collect USD 273 million in licence fees in 2004 fiscal year, up 1.5% on a year earlier.
2004-03-30: Air America "liberal" US talk network to air on XM satellite radio.
2004-03-30: Adelaide 5AA morning host Leon Byner back on air after 8-week suspension following cash-for-comment allegations.
2004-03-30: US radio revenues rise 1% in February as local is up 3% but national revenues fall by 4%.

2004-03-31: Eastlan adds Clear Channel as customer in eighth market.
2004-03-31: Virgin Group and Macquarie Radio Network team up in bids for Brisbane and Sydney FM licences.
2004-03-31: Two UK advertising buying agencies say GfK meter system is far more accurate than diary-based Radar ratings.
2004-03-31: Former Infinity President and COO John Fullam joins Greater Media as Philadelphia market manager.
2004-03-31: Salem to move into Detroit with USD 4.75 million purchase.
2004-03-31: BBC radio veterans Alistaire Cooke and Hubert Gregg die aged 95 and 89 respectively: Both had been broadcasting until weeks ago.

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2004-02-01: Radio battle hots up in Victoria, British Columbia.
2004-02-01: Pirate station in Birmingham, England, back on air despite fines on staff totalling GBP 13,000 and suspended jail sentence last month on station founder.
2004-02-01: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-02-02: Delhi High Court agrees to request further information concerning award of Radio City licences.
2004-02-02: Canadian commercial broadcasters launch court case over fees against country's regulator.
2004-02-02: Supporters of conservative US talk host Rush Limbaugh flood office of Palm Beach County attorney with e-mails supporting the host in connection with allegations relating to use of painkillers.
2004-02-02: Austereo says it has halted slide in revenues.
2004-02-02: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-02-03: US paper's report on US satellite radio predicts healthy future with consequent problems for some terrestrial broadcasters.
2004-02-03: Old style US radio station to disappear with Radio 1 Inc purchase of New Jersey FM/ farm broadcasts decline in US.
2004-02-03: UK digital radio receiver sales more than double in 2003/ digital radio day at Le Radio Show in Paris , France.
2004-02-03: US Federal Communications Commission asks for 4.3% budget increase/reacts strongly to exposed breast during half-time show at Super Bowl/ revokes Michigan FM construction permit.
2004-02-04: Minor changes only at top of latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast ratings.
2004-02-04: Sirius announces module to enable its service to be heard on XM and non-satellite radios radios in GM and Honda cars.
2004-02-04: Federal Communications Commission reduces from USD 21.000 to USD 1,500 penalty on Florida AM, drops penalty on former Massachusetts FM licensee.
2004-02-04: Positive results from UK Capital and Chrysalis plus Jefferson-Pilot Communications in US.
2004-02-04: US radio revenues up 2% in December and 1% for 2003.
2004-02-04: BBC re-edits satirical comedy show to remove line suggesting that British Prime Minister is a liar/ editor of BBC Radio 4 Today Show, severely criticized in Hutton report that alleged sexing up of Iraqi weapons dossier, consults his lawyers about the criticism.
2004-02-05: Arbitron reports further decline in response and consent rates by potential diary keepers but says the return rate has increased.
2004-02-05: Nine complaints against radio upheld in latest BBC Complaints Bulletin with further one upheld by apeals committee.
2004-02-05: US Federal Communications Commission upholds USD 7,000 penalty against small Florida AM
"operating out of a very humble mobile home."
2004-02-05: Sirius announces completion of previously announced seven-year agreement with US National Football League.
2004-02-05: Joan Gerberding reported by R&R to have resigned as President of Nassau Media Partners
2004-02-06: Radio Unica now effectively dead as its former stations drop" best-of" reruns.
2004-02-06: BBC Radio Scotland embarrassed over gardening programme in which advice was given on growing of marijuana thinking the variety was a cabbage.
2004-02-06: France expected to make move towards digital radio soon.
2004-02-06: GWR provides more strong radio results in UK plus results from Journal Communications in US, Rogers in Canada/XM to trim more debt.
2004-02-07: Canadian watchdog rules against rock station over "crooners" song parody as being too sexually explicit but dismissed complaints against two other rock stations.
2004-02-07: Citadel revenues up and fourth quarter 2002 operating loss turned into profit in 2003.
2004-02-07: UK regulator says frequencies can be found for at least 35 new FMs/ issues consultation document over whether some should be combined into regional licences.
2004-02-07: US Radio Advertising Bureau conference told radio must show it can deliver measurable returns on investment to advertisers.
2004-02-08: New US National Association of Broadcasters' radio board.
2004-02-08: UK Commercial Radio Companies Association (CRCA) announces details of its 2004 "Next Generation" training scheme.
2004-02-08: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-02-09: Producer of late-night Toronto conspiracy talk show says it has been dropped under pressure from US President.
2004-02-09: New general manager appointed for Sydney talk station 2UE.
2004-02-09: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-02-10: Interep announces plan to increase US radio's share of advertising revenues from 8% to 10%.
2004-02-10: Citadel ordered to show why Little Rock, Arkansas, FM should not be reclassified to allow first commercial service for Cave City/ four Clear Channel licences renewed in Virginia but fines are imposed for public file violations.
2004-02-10: Latest Irish ratings show listening has fallen in 2003.
2004-02-10: Regent announces station swap with Citadel and completes another with Clear Channel/ Unica files to terminate its listing and Big City distributes its Entravision shares as part of its winding up.
2004-02-10: US Senate and Congress to hold hearings over broadcast indecency/ bill to impose ten-times higher penalties expected to gain swift legislative passage.

2004-02-11: BBC Radio 4 breakfast host John Humphrys tells BBC magazine that chairman and director general should not have resigned over Hutton report and attacks former Prime Ministerial aide Alastair Campbell.
2004-02-11: Standard Radio becomes partner with Sirius and CBC/Radio Canada in plan to launch satellite radio service in Canada.
2004-02-11: Long-time KIIS-FM, Los Angeles, wake-up host Rick Dees steps down after 22 years with KIIS/ Arizona talk host Bob Mohan returns to Phoenix airwaves/ BBC rehires for radio TV presenter dropped in 1998 for taking cocaine.
2004-02-11: Viacom revenues up but profits down because of charge connected with Blockbuster, which it is to split-off/ Infinity radio is worst performing division/ Radio 1 Inc reports revenues up.

2004-02-12: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast ratings.
2004-02-12: Veteran British broadcaster Henry Kelly, faced with suit by tax aythorities, declares himself bankrupt.
2004-02-12: Wisconsin broadcasters declares chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2004-02-12: Commercial Radio Australia launches review of the country's Commercial Radio Codes of Practice
2004-02-12: BBC adds news, sport and weather highlights text service to its local radio station's digital broadcasts.
2004-02-12: US commercial broadcasters announce All-Industry Summit on responsible broadcasting as they come under further attack over broadcast indecency/ Federal Communications Commission ownership regulations attacked before appeal court in Philadelphia.
2004-02-13: Clear Channel formally confirms that Ryan Seacrest is to take over KIIS mornings from Rick Dees.
2004-02-13: Birmingham, UK, DJ, dies from injuries possibly received when run over chasing burglars.
2004-02-13: Minnesota Public Radio to take over distribution of its shows from Public Radio International.
2004-02-13: XM says it has more than 1.5 million subscribers and ups end of year prediction to 2.8 million/rival Sirius opts its forecast for 2004 to 1 million/ further Xm and Sirius news.
2004-02-14: Australian regulator investigating Adelaide broadcaster over possible cash-for-comment activities.
2004-02-14: Infinity Chicago executive Harvey Wells to move to Newsweb and other Chicago radio moves.
2004-02-14: BBC Radio 2 host, who has had treatment for colon cancer, to return to his afternoon show next month.
2004-02-14: Astral sale of Quebec stations falls through, President of NewCap Broadcasting resigns.
2004-02-14: More US radio business including Entravision results, Sirius stock pricing, Sirius notes offering and Liberman IPO filing.

2004-02-15: Museum of Broadcast Communications holds its first "garage" sale as it prepares for move to new HQ.
2004-02-15: UK UBC Media announces more licensing agreements for its text service for digital radio.
2004-02-15: "Three Strikes" proposal put forward where licence revocation hearings would be held if US broadcaster fined three times for indecency or obscenity offences.
2004-02-15: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-02-16: Former Boston public radio host Christopher Lydon to stand in on Minnesota Public Radio's Midmorning show.
2004-02-16: Australian Regulator to meet on Thursday to ratify recommendation to hold hearing into latest cash-for-comment allegations.
2004-02-16: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week
2004-02-17: Texas ruling that state freedom of information law takes precedence over federal privacy laws could be bad news for Rush Limbaugh in Florida drugs case.
2004-02-17: DMG Australia reports losses down and revenues up in financial year to end of September.
2004-02-17: Spanish-language radio gets away with more in terms of indecency/ Houston host calls for parents to cut off MTV after Super Bowl half-time show row.
2004-02-17: Cornell University report commissioned by labor organization is critical of Clear Channel.

2004-02-18: UK Emap starts trial of its Kerrang! rock format in Manchester using restricted service licence.
2004-02-18: US Satellite radio targets the business market.
2004-02-18: Chicago WLS-AM contract with Garry Meir due to end today and may mean change in name for the Roe Conn and Garry Meir show.
2004-02-18: UK regulators starts consultation regarding community radio stations.
2004-02-18: Stanley Foundation ending production of US public radio world affairs show Common Ground.
2004-02-18: US Federal Communications Commission rescinds USD 8,000 penalty on University of Missouri station.
2004-02-18: Clear Channel boosts its lobbying effort with promotion of Andrew Levin to new post of Executive Vice President for Law and Government Affairs and Chief Legal Officer.
2004-02-19: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2004-02-19: Radio One Inc. purchase of New Jersey station and subsequent move to cost Pennysylavia school its frequency after 55 years on air.
2004-02-19: Fledgling Australian AM network WorldAudio Group shares jump by two-thirds after millionaire retailers buys 10 million shares.
2004-02-19: US radio business and results including Cumulus and Westwood One.
2004-02-20: Australian radio advertising makes good start to 2004.
2004-02-20: BBC confirms that Radio 1 afternoon duo Mark and Lard are to move toother channels.
2004-02-20: US radio companies start warning staff to take care as FCC continues indecency clampdown.
2004-02-21: With no holiday channels, old favourites head back to the top in Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings for January.
2004-02-21: Iowa State University approves bid by its radio station for bankrupt FM so as to serve southeast and south central Iowa.
2004-02-21: Los Angeles Arbitron metro radio market tops a billion dollars in annual advertising revenue for first time.
2004-02-21: Univison revenues and profits up for 2003.
2004-02-21: More action by US broadcasters to curb any possible indecency offences as House committee to hold third hearing into the matter.
2004-02-22: Indianapolis station owner in the tradition of being interested more in radio than making money.
2004-02-22: Swedish committee recommends gradual introduction of digital audio broadcasting.
2004-02-22: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-02-23: Rush Limbaugh's former maid denies his allegations that she only went to the authorities after National Enquirer said it could not publish story of his drug taking until an investigation had started.
2004-02-23: WorldDAB Forum President, Annika Nyberg is to address a session at the 3GSM World Congress currently being held in Cannes on the benefits of Digital Audio Broadcasting to the mobile phone industry.
2004-02-23: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-02-24: Clear Channel appoints John T. Tippit to the newly created position as senior vice president, strategic development.
2004-02-24: UK paper reports that commercial radio chiefs are celebrating discomfiture of BBC in Hutton report that led to resignations of the corporation's chairman and director-general.
2004-02-24: Entercom reports record profits and revenues in final quarter of 2003 and turns loss of USD 83 million for full 2002, after accounting changes, into profit of USD 71.8 million for 2003.
2004-02-24: Australian Broadcasting Authority invites bids for new Brisbane and Sydney commercial FM licences.
2004-02-25: US gains 145 more radio stations over second half of 2003.
2004-02-25: UK Capital Radio's acquisition of Choice FM gets go ahead from competition office.
2004-02-25: Australian group RG Capital Radio reports profits up 18% in six months to end of 2003 on revenues up 8.6%.
2004-02-25: Clear Channel 2003 results disappoint with radio revenues down for full year and final quarter.
2004-02-25: Clear Channel dumps Bubba the Love Sponge whose show has eld to proposed record indecency penalties of USD 715,000 against the company.
2004-02-26: Top rated Univision Los Angeles host says he and his show's staff have been suspended without pay after he walked out in support of them.
2004-02-26: BBC Radio 1 announces further revamp of its shows.
2004-02-26: DMG's Nova hits the top in Sydney in latest Australian radio ratings but once dominant talk station 2UE falls further.
2004-02-26: Clear Channel joins Infinity in "zero tolerance " policy for broadcast indecency/ says it will not only fire DJ's but expect them to pay part of any fines.
2004-02-27: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast ratings.
2004-02-27: New British regulator Ofcom handles far fewer broadcasting complaints than predecessor bodies.
2004-02-27: Extra competition cuts Austereo's revenues by a fifth in second half of 2003.
2004-02-27: More US radio results - from Cox, Regent and Salem.
2004-02-27: As US broadcasters become more concerned about indecency penalties, Clear Channel suspends Howard Stern show from its six stations that air it.

2004-02-28: Jim Pattison goes to British Columbia supreme court to block CHUM's purchase of Seacoast Communications' Victoria stations.
2004-02-28: Sirius and XM about to launch traffic and weather services.
2004-02-28: Arbitron to drop its Internet Broadcast Ratings Service at end of March with replacement yet to be decided.
2004-02-28: UK commercial radio ends 2003 on high note with advertising revenues up 12.7% on a year earlier in the final quarter.
2004-02-28: Howard Stern attacks Clear Channel again as Infinity says it has no plans to drop his show/ Bubba the Love Sponge issues statement about his dismissal.
2004-02-29: Replacement of Frank Herzog with Larry Michael as Redskins' play by play upsets fans.
2004-02-29: Mexican broadcaster Grupo Radio reports profits up for full 2003 but down in final quarter, mainly linked to political advertising.
2004-02-29: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

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2004-01-01: Digital Radio Mondiale says it is to launch range of products this year including its first second-generation receiver.
2004-01-01: Radio's 2003 highlight in Toronto was city's low, the blackout that took other media out of reach.
2004-01-01: US radio deals in run-up to end of 2003.
2004-01-01: US satellite broadcasters end 2003 on a high; Univision stock performs best of terrestrial broadcasters.

004-01-02: Radio gains penetration more than other media in Delhi in latest Indian National Readership Survey.
2004-01-02: Austereo Group Program Director Jeff Allis appointed to the company's board.
2004-01-02: Chicago entrepreneur develops unit to allow car radios to tune to TV audio.
2004-01-03: US Federal Communications Commission to re-open is reference centre next week.
2004-01-03: BBC Radio 4 stunt to introduce new law backfires when vote is for one that would allow property owners - but not tenants - to kill intruders.
2004-01-03: US radio companies start to look at use of RDS (Radio Data System) technology to boost advertisements.

2004-01-04: Indian state broadcasters may turn to private sector for help in exploiting archives after poor results from previous direct releases of CDs and tapes.
2004-01-04: BBC to drop plugs for Coca Cola on its chart shows following criticism.

2004-01-04: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-01-05: US National Public Radio and WOI Radio Group to stage radio only debate between Democrat presidential candidates.
2004-01-05: Small Northern Ireland radio station tops its previous records and raises more than GBP 100,000 for third world during holiday period.
2004-01-05: iBiquity HD kicks off its commercial debut in US as radio receiver goes on sale in Iowa today.
2004-01-05: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-01-06: Sirius to add two religious channels - in English and Spanish - to its output.
2004-01-06: Rush Limbaugh's medical records sealed for longer period to allow attorneys to appeal over their being viewed by prosecutors investigating alleged offences linked to his drug taking.
2004-01-06: Chris Moyles takes over BBC Radio 1's flagship breakfast show.
2004-01-06: US National Association of Broadcasters says Federal Communications Commission cannot justify its proposed tightening of radio ownership regulations.

2004-01-07: Accu Radio makes it into top five in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings but AOL holiday channel retains top station rank.
2004-01-07: Steven Van Zandt, host of Little Steven's Underground Garage to launch Underground Garage channel on Sirius satellite radio.
2004-01-07: Chicago WGN-AM, one of the first US stations to introduce stereo AM in 1982, goes mono again.
2004-01-07: Univision files stock offering to buy out Clear Channel's holding for around USD 600 million/ other US radio business.
2004-01-07: US radio revenues down in November for second month.

2004-01-08: iBiquity's HD digital radio system formally launched at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show.
2004-01-08: BBC digital urban music channel 1Xtra to launch new monthly live showcase/ also launches DAB receiver giveaway month.
2004-01-08: US Satellite radio companies report strong final quarter 2003 subscriber growth and host of new programming and equipment options but shares fall as investors take profits after recent rises.
2004-01-09: Sirius comes up with more product announcements on second day of Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
2004-01-09: US National Association of Broadcasters reacts strongly and negatively to idea of local traffic and weather reports on satellite radio services.
2004-01-09: UK Emap Performance chief executive Tim Schoonmaker resigns.
2004-01-09: Emmis results, Radio One update and Cumulus Virginia acquisition.

2004-01-10: Arbitron Internet Broadcast ratings show three holiday stations in top five in Christmas week bur listening was down.
2004-01-10: Veteran New York host John A. Gambling, who took over "Rambling with Gambling" show from his father John B. Gambling - and handed it to his son John R. Gambling, dies aged 73.
2004-01-11: New Director-Generals named for Indian state broadcasters All India Radio and Doordashan (TV).
2004-01-11: Entercom Boston hosts John Dennis and Gerry Callahan again under fire for making "racist" remarks.
2004-01-11: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-01-12: Barron's magazine calculates that market values a subscriber to Sirius at more than twice as much as one to XM.
2004-01-12: Former Emap executive Tim Schoonmaker considering bid for radio company in conjunction with venture capitalists according to UK Observer.
2004-01-12: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week
2004-01-13: Ohio sports host Chuck Galeti to be jailed following third drink and driving conviction.
2004-01-13: Chicago WLS-AM drops afternoon co-host Garry Meier from air five weeks before his contract runs out/ New York WNEW-FM new morning team of Lynn Hoffman and Gregg Daniels make their debut.
2004-01-13: Estimated 100,000 digital radio receivers sold in UK last month, a quarter more than predicted.
2004-01-13: American Civil Liberties Union supports call for Rush Limbaugh's medical records to be kept private.
2004-01-14: UK UBC Media planning to buy half of Oneword digital speech channel it does not own/ venture capital group considering move into UK radio.
2004-01-14: US National Public Radio says tests have shown iBiquity's HD system can allow more than one channel on a frequency.
2004-01-14: Sirius says it doesn't think it needs regulatory permission to introduce a video service/ 18 million XM shares to go up for sale.
2004-01-14: British Prime Minister Tony Blair hosts phone-in show on London talk station.
2004-01-14: Author and comedian Al Franken agrees to host daily show for planned liberal US talk radio network.
2004-01-15: Conservative US talk host Rush Limbaugh welcomes decision that his medical records be handed over to Court of Appeal not left with prosecutors.
2004-01-15: BBC to broadcast John Cage's silent work 4'33", which is having its British premiere on June 16.
2004-01-15: Former WNEW-FM hosts Opie and Anthony unrepentant about Sex in St Patrick's Cathedral stunt that led to their being fired.
2004-01-15: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) gives radio host Sook-Yin Lee the go-ahead to appear in a sexually explicit film.
2004-01-15: US Federal Communications Commission chairman calls for tenfold increase in maximum penalties for obscene broadcasts/says US radio must move ahead with digital transmissions.
2004-01-16: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings show former favourites heading back to top following end for holiday formats.
2004-01-16: UK UBC Media agrees deal with Guardian Media Group to carry its Entertainment News programming.
2004-01-16: US Federal Communications Commission reports massive jump in indecency complaints last year but most were about TV and many were identical complaints related to campaigns by organizations.
2004-01-16: Entravision opts out of Chicago area with USD 29 million sale of its three stations.

2004-01-17: Conservative US legal advocacy group asks Florida State Attorney's Office for all public records relating to action against Rush Limbaugh.
2004-01-17: BBC Radio One signs breakfast duo from Emap's Manchester Key 103/ BBC Radio Five said to be considering former prime ministerial Aide Alastair Campbell and XfM DJ Christian O'Connell to host Saturday sports show.
2004-01-17: Report says US advertising revenues in 2004 will be 7.8% up on 2003, those for radio will rise 9.5%.
2004-01-17: UK Emap buys SMG's share in Scottish Radio Holdings from SMG after latter gives up hopes of taking over its Scottish rival.
2004-01-18: Canadian broadcasting ratings body votes to adopt Arbitron's Portable People Meter system.
2004-01-18: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-01-19: Canadian watchdog rules that song "My Ex-Boyfriend" aired by Calgary rock station was unduly sexually explicit.
2004-01-19: Second sports station goes on the air in Melbourne, Australia.
2004-01-19: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-01-20: Despite commitment to digital radio, Australian operators express caution over making it pay.
2004-01-20: Denver entrepreneurs donate building to Colorado Public Radio for new headquarters.
2004-01-20: Scottish Radio Holdings rebukes SMG over sale of its stake in the company to Emap/ UK Wireless Group buys Forever Broadcasting.
2004-01-21: US study says majority of those polled don't think voicetracking reduces a station's appeal.
2004-01-21: Eastlan Resources makes move into Canada, its first non-US ratings deal.
2004-01-21: Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) Midmorning show host Katherine Lanpher to become satirist Al Franken's co-host on his planned daily three-hour liberal talk show.
2004-01-21: UK Chrysalis Group to ask shareholders to approve an "exceptional award" to chief executive Richard Huntingford to keep him with the group.
2004-01-21: Report predicts sales of 19 million digital radio receivers by 2007/ more digital radio moves in US.

2004-01-22: Holiday channel tops December station ranks in Arbitron Internet Broadcasting ratings.
2004-01-22: Nashville WQZQ1 hosts, suspended for Britney Spears stunt, are back on air.
2004-01-22: Florida broadcasters want state laws as well as federal ones to combat radio pirates.
2004-01-22: Australian metropolitan radio advertising revenues up 7.8% over a year earlier in second half of 2003.
2004-01-22: UK GWR chairman calls for date to be set for switching off analogue radio/ says recent deals are start of UK radio consolidation.

2004-01-23: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings show old favourites back at top and listening up.
2004-01-23: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 6,000 and USD 3,000 penalties for tower offences.
2004-01-23: Montreal-based Astral profits up but those of Toronto-based Corus are down because of tax change/Saga buys in North Carolina.
2004-01-24: US Federal Communications Commission releases details of panelists on its next hearing on localism, due in San Antonio on January 28.
2004-01-24: XM satellite radio prices stock offering at USD 26.50 a share/Saga buys in Minnesota.
2004-01-24: UK radio ratings organization RAJAR extends contract with research organization in anticipation of possible adoption of meters.
2004-01-24: Propaganda war between Rush Limbaugh and Florida prosecutors over his drug-related activities bursts into life again.
2004-01-25: Survey commissioned by Radio Mirchi owner Entertainment Network India Limited shows radio listening in Delhi almost doubling over past six months.
2004-01-25: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-01-26: UK paper says SMG chairman Don Cruickshank is expected to quit at company's annual general meeting.
2004-01-26: Long-time New York classical music host Harry Fleetwood dies aged 86.
2004-01-26: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-01-27: SMG confirms that Don Cruickshank is to step down as chairman after AGM in June.
2004-01-27: Man who donated WMNA-AM to Minnesota Public Radio expresses disappointment that it is selling the station to subsidiary of Catholic network Starboard Media.
2004-01-27: UK Wireless Group chairman and chief executive again attacks radio ratings organization RAJAR over its failure to switch to electronic metering system that shows large audience increase for his company.
2004-01-27: CHUM reports on fiscal first quarter/ buys two stations in British Columbia.
2004-01-28: Chicago radio veteran Ron Britain, who came out of retirement to help launch oldies WRll-AM, quits station.
2004-01-28: Infinity confirms that programming president Andy Schuon has left the company.
2004-01-28: UK GWR appoints Patricia Hodgson to its board.
2004-01-28: Arbitron revenues for 2003 up 9.5% on 2003, final quarter revenues up 13.2%.
2004-01-28: Canadian watchdog rules that comment relating to Moslems on CJAY-FM quiz was racist.
2004-01-28: US Federal Communications Commission proposes record USD 755,000 penalty on Clear Channel, most of it for indecency offences.
2004-01-29: Rush Limbaugh renews assault on prosecutors involved in potential case against him over his painkiller purchases.
2004-01-29: Sirius satellite radio reports 2003 figures/XM announces new programming.
2004-01-29: Latest unofficial UK radio ratings show BBC Radio 1 continuing to lose audience/ Heart FM continuing to put pressure on Capital FM in London.
2004-01-29: US congressional hearing on broadcast indecency hears calls for higher penalties.
2004-01-30: Oxford, Ohio, WOXY-FM station sold but signal is to continue on the Internet.
2004-01-30: Latest official UK radio ratings show BBC Radio 1 slump still continues.
2004-01-30: Technical problems prevent live web cast of Federal Communication Commission's San Antonio localism hearing.
2004-01-30: BBC staff protest over resignation of director-general.
2004-01-30: Clampdown on "indecent" broadcasts on the cards in US.

2004-01-31: Former Hawaiian radio DJ Michael Saragosa, who broadcast as Wili Moku, dies when his heart stopped during a dialysis session.
2004-01-31: Eastlan adds its first top 100 market to its ratings service.
2004-01-31: SMG challenges latest US radio ratings because key demographic for its Virgin Radio channel is under-represented amongst diary keepers.
2004-01-31: Citadel buys in Memphis/NewRadio Group in Wisconsin.

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