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June 2004

2004-06-01: Air America Radio funding now seems in place but former executives say they were misled about it earlier this year.
2004-06-01: UK Channel 4 TV reported to be preparing to launch radio channel in conjunction with former Spice Girls manager.
2004-06-01: Report predicts Europe will have 40 million digital radio receivers by 2010.

2004-06-02: Penalty on Indiana FM cut from USD 10,000 to USD 1,000 on grounds of financial hardship and previous good record.
2004-06-02: Arbitron adds Sporting News Radio to RADAR ratings.
2004-06-02: US Federal Communications Commission and Homeland Security Department co-sponsor public forum.
2004-06-02: UK commercial radio revenues in first quarter up 7.5% on a year ago.
2004-06-02: Trading in shares of Australian regional radio group R..G. Capital suspended ahead of anticipated AUD 173 million takeover.
2004-06-02: Mel Karmazin resigns from Viacom.

2004-06-03: Canadian watchdog rules that discussion on Quebec CHOI-FM was too sexually explicit.
2004-06-03: Federal Communications Commission fines Louisiana FM USD 13,5000 to tower and public file violations.
2004-06-03: SMG under fire over executive incentive scheme that is alleged to be insufficiently challenging.
2004-06-03: Chicago WSCR-AM midday host Dan Bernstein signs five year deal rather than move to join Roe Conn at WLS-AM.
2004-06-03: Joint Federal Communications Commission/ Department of Homeland Security Forum told local governments less prepared for emergencies than broadcasters.
2004-06-03: Sumner Redstone rows back on idea Viacom could sell Infinity radio division/ speculation about future for former president and COO Mel Karmazin and shock-jock Howard Stern.
2004-06-04: Independent shareholders reported to be restive about takeover of Australian regional radio group R..G. Capital Radio by Macquarie Bank.
2004-06-04: SMG appoints new chairman to take over after today's AGM/ DMG profits up by more than a quarter in six months to April 4.
2004-06-04: Denver-based concert company Nobody In Particular Presents Inc. (NIPP) has settled on undisclosed terms its lawsuit against Clear Channel.
2004-06-04: UK Capital Radio to go into digital radio receiver market with Xfm-branded set.

2004-06-05: UK regulator upholds one complaint against radio in its latest bulletin.
2004-06-05: USD 8,000 fine confirmed on Kentucky FM.
2004-06-05: Former Chicago WLS-AM host Garry Meier blames everyone else for failure of contract talks.
2004-06-05: BBC Radio Five Live renews Premier League soccer deal for three years/Mark Thompson to take up Director General's post on June 22.
2004-06-05: Viacom chairman and CEO Sumner Redstone says some poorly performing stations may be sold but re-iterates commitment to Infinity and Howard Stern, so long as he keeps his ratings.
2004-06-06: Bill to remove third-adjacent channel protection could allow a thousand more low-power FMs in the USA.
2004-06-06: Radio listening up in India and Malaysia.
2004-06-06: Canadian regulator says broadcast of edition of Tom Leykis Show breached country's radio regulations.
2004-06-06: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-06-07: Italian state owned power utility cuts off left-wing radio stations during President Bush's visit to the Vatican, keeping cover of demonstrations off the air.
2004-06-07: SMG reported to be seeking buyers for Virgin Radio.
2004-06-07: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-06-08: Maxim Magazine extends its furniture and hair-colouring branding to a radio channel on Sirius.
2004-06-08: UK Virgin Radio drops two more DJs including Daryl Denham.
2004-06-08: Salem increases its second-quarter guidance, says it is to redeem notes worth USD 52.5 million.
2004-06-08: DMGT denies reports it is in talks to sell its Australian regional radio operations.
2004-06-08: New York Times says chances of new US broadcast indecency regulations getting onto statute books before November election have receded.
2004-06-08: Australian Broadcasting Authority chairman Prof. David Flint announces that he is stepping down.

2004-06-09: 17-year old wins BBC Radio 1's first "Under 18s DJ Search".
2004-06-09: Mexican radio company Grupo Radio Centro says it is to pay MXN 13.1 million (USD 1.16 million) to Infored in connection with sports programming case.
2004-06-09: Latest unofficial UK radio ratings from GfK deliver good news for BBC Radio 1 and Virgin.
2004-06-09: US recording industry adds digital radio to its agenda in the fight against what it considers may end up a bigger piracy threat than Internet downloads.
2004-06-10: Vermont unlicensed micro-station radio free brattleboro awaits ruling as to whether Federal Communications Commission can take it off air.
2004-06-10: Australian Broadcasting Authority chairman says his biggest achievements in the post were the introduction of disclosure rules for talk-back hosts and of minimum news broadcasting requirements for regional radio and TV stations.
2004-06-10: Emap launches its Kerrang! rock format on FM today.
2004-06-10: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that two segments of the Forbes and Friends morning show broadcast on CJAY-FM, Calgary breached Canadian codes that prohibit the broadcast of unduly coarse and offensive language and unduly sexually explicit material.
2004-06-10: Clear Channel agrees to pay record USD 1.75 million in indecency penalties to wipe its slate clean in a move that could put pressure on rival Infinity.
2004-06-11: UK Guardian reports on Baghdad's first talk radio station.
2004-06-11: Taiwanese broadcasters oppose plans to legalize 93 pirate stations in Taipei area.
2004-06-11: IBC Radio Network announces premium pay-service for its shows using high speed servers broadcasters that can only be accessed on a pay-to-listen basis.

2004-06-11: UK GMTV host Eamonn Holmes to take over BBC Radio Five Live Saturday morning show.

2004-06-11: Clear Channel escapes an indecency fine because of stature of limitations.
2004-06-12: Eddie Fritts gets another two years at the helm of the US National Association of Broadcasters.
2004-06-12: Australian Commercial Radio Awards attract more than 1200 entries.
2004-06-12: Major changes at top of ABC Radio in Chicago.
2004-06-12: New US rules for wireless broadband spectrum allow educational licence holders to continue to lease spectrum but prohibit them from selling it.
2004-06-12: Rush Limbaugh announces end to his third marriage.
2004-06-12: US radio deals so far this month.
2004-06-13: BBC Radio 4 to broadcast four-part documentary on the prophet Mohammed and Islam over the ages.
2004-06-13: Alaskan college DJ, originally fired, is re-assigned until he can respond to complaints about his anti-Reagan programme.
2004-06-13: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-06-14: BBC predicts a significant increase in radio listening over the next five years as digital radio moves into the mainstream.
2004-06-14: Air America radio now on three Hawaii stations.
2004-06-14: Star newspaper challenges Dublin's Country FM plans to re-brand itself Star FM.
2004-06-14: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-06-15: Australian Broadcasting Corporation veteran Jazztrack host Jim McLeod to leave the corporation after 48 years.
2004-06-15: US National Public Radio comes out in favour of reading service clauses in new Low Power FM proposals but continues to express scepticism about the Mitre study that said third adjacent channel protection was not needed.
2004-06-15: Radio escapes scot-free in latest UK regulator's complaints bulletin.
2004-06-15: Scottish Radio Holdings to launch its 3-C, Continuous Cool Country, service as a national channel on digital TV platform.
2004-06-15: XM passes 2 million subscribers.

2004-06-16: More UK digital radio developments as receiver manufacturers switch emphasis to attracting younger listeners.
2004-06-16: Kansas Republican Senator reported to be considering tacking a provision to increase US broadcast indecency penalties ten-fold onto a defence measure
2004-06-16: Newsweb launches Nine-FM on Chicago WRZA-FM/ other US radio business.
2004-06-17: US Federal Communications Commission agrees settlement of more than USD 85,000 in penalties and four licence surrenders with Bishop Willis's stations/ reduces or cancels a number of fines in other cases.
2004-06-17: British Government puts Community Radio Station plans to Parliament.
2004-06-17: US National Rifle Association starts radio programme on Sirius Satellite in move seen by many as attempt to avoid election "soft money" restrictions.
2004-06-17: Helped by Joan Kroc bequest, US National Public Radio announces three-year plan to boost its news and magazine services.
2004-06-18: Iowa Senator tacks call for American Forces Radio and Television Service to be more politically balanced onto Defense Appropriations Bill.
2004-06-18: New Isle of Man based UK national AM station gets go-ahead.

2004-06-18: US Recording Industry finds itself opposing National Association of Broadcasters, consumer groups and equipment manufacturers in calls to restrict digital radio recordings.
2004-06-18: Australian Broadcasting Authority advertises new Melbourne FM commercial licence.
2004-06-19: In Ohio anonymous investors save Internet station WOXY-FM but ABC pulls the plug on Fremont AM.

2004-06-19: US radio shares downgraded by analysts.
2004-06-19: US Federal Communications Commission announces increases of its maximum enforcement penalties in line with inflation.

2004-06-20: Ugandan radio station illustrates medium's value to the community.
2004-06-20: Seattle station apologizes for cutting mention of Rush Limbaugh out of Presidential speech.
2004-06-20: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-06-21: Sumner Redstone suggests Mel Karmazin was holding Viacom back.
2004-06-21: UK UBC Media reported to be preparing to launch digital radio download service.
2004-06-21: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-06-22: Survey shows most US country format stations happy to accept downloaded songs but concerned about digital-only system with no back-up CDs.
2004-06-22: GfK Media unveils its MediaWatch ratings device that can store up to a moth of listening.
2004-06-22: Clear Channel Chicago executive Chicago radio executive Lana Thompson dies aged 52.
2004-06-22: Australian commercial radio industry sets up Creative Advisory Committee to advise on advertising issues
2004-06-22: US Federal Communications Commission enforcement decisions/ announcement of details for next localism hearing to be held in Monterey, California.
2004-06-22: Latest figures show BBC World Service remains by far the the world's leading international radio broadcaster.
2004-06-23: 2GB back at top in Sydney as latest Australian ratings show Austereo's flagship 2-Day plunging to sixth, behind its second station, Triple M.
2004-06-23: Clear Channel stops providing weekly pacings information, saying it is no help in running its business.
2004-06-23: New BBC Director General takes office with call for focus on "public value" and announces an executive re-organization that cuts membership of executive board from 15 to nine under a new structure.
2004-06-23: US Senate votes to increase US indecency penalties nearly ten-fold and also to invalidate new looser media ownership rules proposed by the Federal Communications Commission.
2004-06-24: BBC Radio 4
produces new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series including voice of its author, the late Douglas Adams, but is not to seek to replace the late Alistair Cooke's Letter from America directly - in a shortened slot will be programmes by a number of contributors.
2004-06-24: USD 10,000 penalties confirmed on New York State AM.
2004-06-24: More North American radio deals.
2004-06-24: Irish regulator signs new Tipperary licence agreement/ welcomes High Court ruling supporting decision in case of another award that had been challenged by existing licence holder.
2004-06-24: Veteran British DJ Tony Blackburn suspended after playing Cliff Richard tracks in defiance of station's orders.
2004-06-24: Mancow Muller reported close to new contract in Chicago/ also in Chicago veteran DJ Lon Dyson dies aged 65.
2004-06-25: UK Classic Gold ends suspension of veteran DJ Tony Blackburn and adds Cliff Richard tracks to its lists.
2004-06-25: Interep radio symposium told advertising recovery is now under way.
2004-06-25: Swedish state radio rapped for "prank" broadcast saying King had died suddenly.
2004-06-25: Viacom drops Arbitron and signs deal with Texas-based Media Audit.
2004-06-25: UK regulator advertises new commercial FM licences for Edinburgh and Blackburn and publishes list until next May of FM licences to be advertised.
2004-06-25: US Federal Court rules out most of Federal Communications Commission's relaxed media ownership regulations that were announced in June last year.
2004-06-26: CBS heads winners list for 2004 Murrow Awards.
2004-06-26: US Department of Transportation backs provision of weather and traffic reports by satellite radio companies.
2004-06-26: Arbitron downgrades its predictions after Infinity says it is to move its contract to Media Audit/ Nassau bows out in New Jersey.
2004-06-26: No word on whether US Federal Communications Commission will appeal court decision to reject most of its new media ownership regulations.
2004-06-27: US Pacifica Network warned that it is unsustainably overspending on "governance" costs.
2004-06-27: US Federal Communications Commission denies complaints against three Clear Channel stations over comments made about cyclists.
2004-06-27: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-06-28: US Backlog of orders for broadcast delay devices worked through.
2004-06-28: Chicago classical station WFMT-FM to try Internet subscription to keep listeners lost because it is being dropped from Tribune Co's cable feed.
2004-06-28: US stations take most top awards at New York Festivals 2004 International Radio Programming & Promotion Awards but Canadian Broadcasting Corporation heads station winners' list for second-year running.
2004-06-28: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

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June 2004 continued:

2004-06-29: BBC Radio 1 to broadcast UK's first official download chart that is to be launched in September.
2004-06-29: US Federal Communications Commission renews a number of licences together with violation penalty notices for public file violations/cancels USD 7,000 penalty on Connecticut AM.
2004-06-29: RADAR 81 US network ratings report released.
2004-06-29: Australian Broadcasting Authority says there will be no criminal prosecution of Sydney 2UE for breaches of its code requiring hosts to reveal commercial interests.

2004-06-30: Survey shows increasing regionalisation in US radio advertising.
2004-06-30: Only one complaint against radio held up in latest UK regulator's report.
2004-06-30: Sirius to launch an all-Elvis channel.
2004-06-30: BBC launches nine-point manifesto as part of its campaign to retain its royal charter and licence funding for another decade.
2004-06-30: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K, Powell expresses disappointment at court ruling throwing out the commission's proposed media regulations.

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2004-05-01: Sirius takes 44% share of US satellite radio retail sales in March.
2004-05-01: Latest UK Radio Advertising Bureau newsletter sets out its stance on UK radio audience measurement and move to a meter system.
2004-05-01: Regent reports record first quarter results/other US radio business.
2004-05-01: US Federal Communications Commission said to be adopting different indecency standards for Howard Stern and Oprah Winfrey.
2004-05-01: Australian Broadcasting Authority chairman under pressure following friendly letters to host who was being investigated at the time.
2004-05-01: US National Public Radio Morning Edition launch host Bob Edwards signs off after just under a quarter of a century in the chair.
2004-05-02: Jacobs Media launches "Save Radio Now" web site in connection with US "indecent broadcasts" clampdown.
2004-05-02: UK Guardian poll of its target audience provides grim news for BBC Radio 1.
2004-05-02: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-05-03: BBC World Service to air two "Letters to Alistair" in tribute to the late Alistair Cooke.
2004-05-03: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ finally publishes details of the pay of its top earners between 1998 and 2000.
2004-05-03: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-05-04: More fighting back develops against FCC's new-found censoring proclivities.
2004-05-04: DMG Australia chief executive says he wondered at one stage if the company would pull through.
2004-05-04: Appointees announced to lead reviews of BBC's digital radio and TV activities.
2004-05-04: First quarter results from Beasley and Cumulus.
2004-05-05: Federal Communications Commission issues penalties of USD 5,400 and USD 10,000 for EAS and tower violations.
2004-05-05: BBC World Service appoints first Arab to head its Arabic service.
2004-05-05: Australian Broadcasting Authority report shows commercial radio revenues in the country up but profits down in 2002-03.
2004-05-05: UK radio ratings company RAJAR says six companies are now bidding for its electronic metering contract/GfK media releases its latest unofficial UK radio ratings.
2004-05-05: Record first quarter results for Clear Channel/ Lowry Mays undergoes surgery.
2004-05-06: Australian PM rebukes Australian Broadcasting Authority chairman over non-disclosure of letters to radio host.
2004-05-06: Veteran Montreal radio host George Balcan dies aged 72.
2004-05-06: Hong Kong radio talk host Albert Cheng King-hon, a long time critic of the Hong Kong government, takes a long break from his show.
2004-05-06: BBC Radio 3 attacked for dropping open declaration of committment to classical music.
2004-05-06: More US radio results including Entravision and Spanish Broadcasting System.
2004-05-07: Howard Stern's campaign leads to nearly 2000 complaints against Oprah Winfrey Show for indecency.

2004-05-07: Air America Radio's chairman and vice-chairman resign.
2004-05-07: Australian Broadcasting Authority requires Sydney 2UE to appoint an independent monitor of its programming.
2004-05-07: More radio results including XM & NextMedia in US and SBS SA in Europe.
2004-05-07: Latest UK radio ratings
2004-05-08: Sam Donaldson's syndicated radio show "Live in America" aired for the last time by ABC Radio News.
2004-05-08: Australian Broadcasting Corporation highlights digital radio in its latest newsletter.
2004-05-08: More US radio results and business.
2004-05-08: Clear Channel names Mark Mays as interim CEO following hospitalization of chairman and CEO Lowry Mays.
2004-05-09: Indian Government expects to announce new community radio plans soon.
2004-05-09: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-05-10: US public stations turn away from music to news.
2004-05-10: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-05-11: Two more Dublin area licences advertised.
2004-05-11: USD 10,000 penalty confirmed on Florida pirate operator.
2004-05-11: Strong results from UK Chrysalis Group's radio division/SMG sells its stake in UK morning TV company.
2004-05-11: XM registers 10 million shares for General Motors.
2004-05-11: Two executives backed and nobody to be fired after BBC disciplinary process over report alleging "sexing up" of Iraq's WMD that led to resignations of chairman, Director-General and correspondent involved.

2004-05-12: Progress Media/Air America reported behind in payments to staff in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
2004-05-12: SMG pays "transaction bonus" of nearly USD 1 million to head of its publishing division in connection with sale but nothing in relation to sale of stake in Scottish Radio Holdings.
2004-05-12: Westwood One to syndicate NBC TV's "Meet the Press" on radio from May 23.
2004-05-12: Latest Australian ratings.
2004-05-13: Sirius Satellite Radio reaches 400,000 subscribers.
2004-05-13: US Federal Communications Commission drops USD 22,000 penalty on West Virginia AM but confirms USD 12,000 one on Louisiana FM.
2004-05-13: Despite negative publicity about cash-for-comment, sponsorship of Australian talk stations expected to continue unabated.
2004-05-13: UK Local Radio Group buys Radio Investments Ltd, which owns 22 local stations in England.

2004-05-14: US Corporation for Public Broadcasting announces grants to help a further 29 US public radio stations make the transition to digital broadcasting.
2004-05-14: Motley Fool says that even though XM has four times as many subscribers, Sirius is still in the fight for satellite radio survival.
2004-05-14: Commercial radio company end BBC dominance in Sony Awards, the UK radio Oscars.
2004-05-14: Air America confirms Chicago and Los Angeles lay-offs, says it is changing business model.
2004-05-14: Tests of RadioControl audience meter system under consideration in Australia.
2004-05-14: UK regulator issues more details concerning 30 new commercial FM licences to be issued.
2004-05-15: Portland, Oregon, hosts fired after laughing whilst playing audio of beheading of American Nik Berg in Iraq.
2004-05-15: Paris Live gives French capital its first English language commercial radio station.
2004-05-15: FCC confirms USD 12,000 Indecency penalty on Entercom for Andy Savage Show in which host talked of pulling things using the penis.
2004-05-15: Loss of Citadel business hits Interep revenues/other US radio business.
2004-05-16: Rush Limbaugh involved in two advert battles, one his own against Palm Beach prosecutors and the other against his views on maltreatment of Iraqi prisoners.
2004-05-16: Chicago couple who set up predecessor to Air America network - then sold out - reported to be involved in negotiations to buy back control.
2004-05-16: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-05-17: Cumulus issues just fewer than a million share options to executives.
2004-05-17: Australian radio begins to focus on older listeners.
2004-05-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-05-18: BBC World Service Outlook programme broadens its horizons with "Listeners' Week" devoted to items suggested by listeners from round the World.
2004-05-18: Second Hong Kong host critical of the government goes off the air.
2004-05-18: English radio station criticized in latest Ofcom complaints bulletin for reading out jokes about tragedy in which at least 20 drowned.
2004-05-18: Montana man claims that Federal Communications Commission has no right to seize his radio equipment.
2004-05-18: Australian radio revenues healthy in April.
2004-05-19: Taiwanese station fined for broadcasting sounds purportedly of lesbians from different countries having sex.
2004-05-19: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) signs ten-year contract with Raidio Ciarrai Teoranta (Radio Kerry) for its service to County Kerry.
2004-05-19: More US radio results and deals.
2004-05-19: BBC Radio 1 reported to be planning major changes to night line-up.
2004-05-19: Arbitron response rates problems continue/ in UK RAJAR ratings organization takes step forward towards evaluating meter systems.
2004-05-20: Afghanistan gains two campus radio stations with a third to come.
2004-05-20: Jerry Springer to host London radio show/ Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood to become BBC Composer & Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles makes cameo appearance in Radio 4 Archers daily farming soap.
2004-05-20: Negotiations over contracts for Roe Conn and Garry Meier at WLS-AM, Chicago, reported to be near to end.
2004-05-20: UK Emap to spend GBP 1 million promoting its Kerrang! West Midlands FM to be launched next month.
2004-05-20: Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 30,000 in penalties on two Colorado AMs, USD 10,000 on Florida tower owner and USD 11,000 on an Ohio AM but drops USD 8,000 penalty on Tennessee AM on hardship grounds.

2004-05-20: CanWest plans public offering of shares in its New Zealand radio and TV operations.

2004-05-21: NewsWeb drops Spanish programming on suburban Chicago WRZA-FM and runs format of the day until new permanent format is inaugurated.
2004-05-21: US Corporation for Public Broadcasting announces nearly USD 8 million in grants to public radio stations.
2004-05-21: Third host quits Hong Kong "Teacup in a Storm" radio talk show.
2004-05-21: Two US pirate radio operators each fined USD 10,000.
2004-05-21: US Capital Radio revenues up 4%, overall profit up slightly but operating profit down 11% because of restructuring costs.
2004-05-21: Sirius gains nearly 10 million potential new listeners to its music channels through deal with EchoStar;s DISH satellite TV network.
2004-05-22: US radio stations under fire for rejecting advertisements.
2004-05-22: Air America reporting to be seeking new funding.
2004-05-22: Saga buys in New York & Bustos acquires OM Media Radio Network in California.
2004-05-22: Scottish Radio Holdings like-for-like revenues up 10% on a year ago/Chief Executive to retire in September.
2004-05-22: Interep report shows Spanish formats continuing steady rise in US.
2004-05-22: BBC appoints new Director General. Radio 1 evening line-up changes & Radio 5 Europe 2004 soccer tournament coverage team announced.

2004-05-23: BBC's new daily Asian "soap "Silver Street" goes on air tomorrow.
2004-05-23: Motley Fool financial web site gives boost to Sirius in poll on its comparison with XM.
2004-05-23: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-05-24: Entercom reported to be considering moving Kansas City operations from Westwood in Kansas to Kansas City, Missouri.
2004-05-24: FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein comments on Wednesday's Localism meeting in South Dakota.
2004-05-24: As Oldies generations change the format adds True Oldies to Oldies.
2004-05-24: Sioux City woman shoots up vehicles in radio station car park.
2004-05-24: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-05-25: Frontier Silicon, which has just started shipping first digital TV and audio combined chip, announces completion of new investment round.
2004-05-25: Fine on Florida pirate cut from USD 10,000 to USD 1,000.
2004-05-25: Changing lifestyle in China could boost radio industry.
2004-05-25: Radio One Inc announces Houston acquisition/ NextMedia completes another Chicago purchase.

2004-05-26: UK Emap shares fall 10% after interim results/ SMG agrees GBP 1 million cross-platform deal with Unilever.
2004-05-26: Part of sale money for Houston classical station to be used for foundation supporting arts and music education for children in the city.
2004-05-26: Further suggestions that US indecency crackdown may be to benefit of satellite radio with further dissatisfaction expressed by Howard Stern at kerbs, that Mancow Muller might move to satellite and negotiations with satellite companies by Opie and Anthony.
2004-05-27: Longtime Bay Area jazz radio announcer George Hughes dies from cancer aged 57.
2004-05-27: SMG-owned Virgin radio drops the Captain America show.
2004-05-27: Australian commercial radio representatives and the country's leading creative directors hold a one-day think-tank in Sydney.
2004-05-27: Gary Meier out at WLS-AM, Chicago. after rejecting final contract offer.
2004-05-27: UK GWR turns GBP 15 million pre-tax loss a year ago into profit of same amount.

2004-05-28: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) awards West Limerick community licence to WLCR- FM but is to call South Inishowen Community Radio (SICRFM) to an oral hearing.
2004-05-28: Report says US National Public Radio (NPR) far from being a voice of the left and the people is in fact a voice of the elite and more of the conservative elite than the leftist elite.
2004-05-28: Chicago radio news as Roe Conn to decide whether to sign up for WLS-AM, WGN-AM marks 80th anniversary, and NextMedia announces plans to change WZCH-FM.
2004-05-28: XFm breakfast host Christian O'Connell to go national on BBC Radio Five Live quiz show.
2004-05-28: XM satellite radio calls on listeners to fight proposals to ban its weather and travel services as it extends travel services for summer period.
2004-05-28: US radio revenues up 4% over a year ago in April.
2004-05-29: Hong Kong legislator and radio host who quit earlier this month openly blames Beijing and says it put pressure on him to end pro-democracy remarks.
2004-05-29: Neil Fox hosts his last UK Hit 40 show tomorrow after 11 years in the chair.
2004-05-29: US Federal Communications Commission confirms fine on Nevada FM for exceeding radiation emission levels.
2004-05-29: Mexican judge overrules arbitration decision awarding Infored USD 21 million against Mexican Grupo Radio Centro.
2004-05-30: US National Public Radio to spend income from Jean Kroc bequest on strengthening its newsroom and also reduce fees to some stations.
2004-05-30: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-05-31:More US school stations could be closed through rule giving commercial broadcasters' precedence.
2004-05-31: UK, where ring tone sales now exceed those of singles, gets official ring tones chart.
2004-05-31: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

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April 2004

2004-04-01: MUSICMATCH and AOL retain top rankings in latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2004-04-01: French Connection launches FCUK-FM radio station in UK.
2004-04-01: Cumulus to buy second Houston station.
2004-04-01: Astral Media and Corus agree radio station swap in Quebec.
2004-04-01: UK Wireless Group makes first operating profit but still loses around GBP 11 million (USD 19.7 million) overall.
2004-04-01: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2004-04-01: US National Association of Broadcasters' Summit on Responsible Programming held in Washington, D.C.
2004-04-01: US "liberal" talk network Air America launches/Clear Channel to syndicate show hosted by Rev Jesse Jackson.
2004-04-02: UK Capital Radio expects 3% year-on-year revenues rise in six months to end of March/ on London flagship, breakfast show host Chris Tarrant broadcasts his final show today after 17 years in the slot.
2004-04-02: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 4,000 fine on Tennessee AM.
2004-04-02: Australian commercial stations target youth market in latest advert in marketing campaign.
2004-04-02: UK commercial radio showing steady growth in share of advertising market for more than a decade according to latest figures.
2004-04-02: XM satellite radio says it now has more than 1.68 million subscribers, announces right wing political talk channel America Right on next channel to America Left/
Rival Sirius sells USD 50 million more of convertible notes.
2004-04-02: US National Association of Broadcasters sets up "Task Force on Responsible Programming."

2004-04-03: Salem fires three at its Chicago "Fish" station/ to launch new nationwide morning show on Monday hosted by former US Education Secretary Bill Bennett.
2004-04-03: Two new community licences awarded in Ireland and community radio support scheme launched.
2004-04-03: American Federation of TV and Radio Artists sends some 15,000 lessons to US Senate opposing planned broadcast indecency legislation.
2004-04-03: Former BBC Director of Programmes and Channel 4 TV chief executive Michael Grade appointed as Corporation's chairman.

2004-04-04: Former agent of Chicago host Garry Meier sues for monies he says are owed by host for work in obtaining USD 12 million contract offer that was rejected.
2004-04-04: Latest unofficial UK radio ratings from GfK show BBC Radio1 breakfast host Chris Moyles increasing listeners whilst station loses them.

2004-04-04: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-04-05: XM files to raise another USD 500 million from shelf offering.
2004-04-05: Independent Denver promoter to be allowed to continue law suit against Clear Channel.
2004-04-05: US Federal Communications Commission, allegedly spurred by complaints promoted by Howard Stern, said to be investigating Oprah Winfrey Show for indecency.
2004-04-05: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-04-06: Sirius adds Air America to its line-up and boosts its LEFT and RIGHT political talk channels.
2004-04-06: Australian Broadcasting Authority says that sponsorship deal for Alan Jones breakfast show in Sydney did not breach its rules but nevertheless is considering tightening up the rules.
2004-04-06: UK research shows increased listening - and less watching TV - in homes with digital radio.
2004-04-06: US Federal Communications Commission reported to be lining up new run of heavy fines against Howard Stern Show/ also confirms penalty against Texas AM for tower offences but reduces that on a Florida AM.
2004-04-06: Four new FM licences awarded for Edmonton in Canada.

2004-04-07: Latest Arbitron Internet Broadcast Ratings.
2004-04-07: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 3,500 penalty on Kansas FM.
2004-04-07: UK UBC media adds six more takers for its Entertainment News taking total to 80 stations.
2004-04-07: BIA Financial Network, Inc. (BIAfn) forecasts US radio station sales in 2004 to rise "modestly" from 925 in 2003 with total value of transactions in range USD 3-5 billion.
2004-04-07: Florida court to hear arguments today as to whether Rush Limbaugh's medical records can be used in case against him.
2004-04-09: RealNetworks says it streamed Air America to 2 million during its first week with a peak of 50,000 at one time.
2004-04-09: The Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) announced winner of Réalt DJ competition.
2004-04-09: Sony Award - British radio Oscars - nominees announced.
2004-04-09: Clear Channel drops Howard Stern Show permanently following proposed USD 495,000 indecency penalty/ other Federal Communications Commission penalties.
2004-04-10: No radio complaints upheld in final bulletin for former UK Broadcasting Standards Commission released by its successor, Ofcom.
2004-04-10: US advocacy group Public Knowledge and the US Consumers Union write to Federal Communications Commission to oppose the idea of a "Digital Radio Broadcast Flag" that would limit transfer and recordings.
2004-04-10: Sirius has good week with announcements of more auto deals but satellite rival XM fares worse.
2004-04-10: Ottawa radio host Don Romani suspended indefinitely following on-air comments about Toronto Maple Leafs Tie Domi that suggested Domi hits his wife.
2004-04-10: After fining Clear Channel, Federal Communications Commission to go after Infinity and maybe other stations that carry Howard Stern Show.

2004-04-11: WAMU-FM receives donation of USD 250,000, the largest in the Washington D.C. public station's history.
2004-04-11: Clear Channel fires Atlanta morning team, The Regular Guys, following indecency stunt that went wrong.
2004-04-11: Two BBC local stations take to the water, one to mark the 40th anniversary of first British pirate station, Radio Caroline.
2004-04-11: August date set for next stage in Denver concert promoter's case against Clear Channel.
2004-04-11: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-04-12: Sydney digital radio consortium appoints research consultancy for its 18-month digital radio test programme.
2004-04-12: Indian regulator recommends that FM licensees should be allowed to defer annual payments until final decisions are made about possible replacement system.
2004-04-12: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.

2004-04-13: Microsoft joins World DAB Forum/ other digital radio developments.
2004-04-13: Entercom says it will exceed its guidance for the first quarter/ New York Times first quarter results.
2004-04-13: Time Magazine says online and satellite radio are now beginning to chip away at terrestrial radio audience.
2004-04-13: Howard Stern on the attack again over US indecency penalties, says his time is numbered and talks of move to satellite.
2004-04-14: 2004 US Radio Hall of Fame nominees announced.
2004-04-14: BBC puts MP3 of programme on its web site as it examines idea of downloads.
2004-04-14: Clear Channel puts on new morning show on Atlanta Rock 96 to replace Regular Guys, whose show it has cancelled/Regular Guys team splits up.
2004-04-14: US manufacturers report backlog for time delay devices for US radio.
2004-04-15: Arbitron issues its final Internet Broadcast Ratings - it is to drop the weekly and monthly service using the MeasureCast system that it took over.
2004-04-15: US Federal Communications Commission admonishes Georgia non-commercial licensee for carrying advertisements.
2004-04-15: Arbitron's Radio Today 2004 report presents upbeat picture of US radio.
2004-04-15: Air America network sues Multiculural Broadcasting after being dropped from stations in Chicago and Los Angeles.
2004-04-16: BBC to stream all its local radio stations as well as national networks and other services now on the internet.

2004-04-16: US National Association of Broadcasters calling for Federal Communications Commission to re-open proceedings that authorized satellite radio and also to firmly prohibit any local services.
2004-04-16: Emmis reports first quarter radio revenues up 9% on a year ago/ other US results.
2004-04-16: DMG takes new Sydney commercial FM licence with bid of AUD 106 million ( USD 78 million).

2004-04-17: US Federal Communications Commission levies USD 64,500 in penalties for various technical offences including USD 10,000 each penalties on two Florida pirate operators.
2004-04-17: Infinity's Baltimore Hot AC WWMX-FM criticized for dropping advert advertising "March for Women's Lives."
2004-04-17: More digital audio developments in US as Federal Communications Commission seeks comment on if it should change its rules/ public stations given funding to aid with digital equipment.
2004-04-17: Air America back on air in Chicago but Los Angeles dispute with Multicultural Broadcasting continues and KBLA is still airing Spanish programming.

2004-04-18: Arbitron retrospective report on Internet broadcasts shows listening up around a third from June last year to February this year.
2004-04-18: Ornithologists criticize BBC over drama that has nightingale singing in Scotland, far north of its normal habitat.
2004-04-18: US Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) launches "Hate Hurts America" campaign to counter what it terms anti-Muslim hate on radio talk shows.
2004-04-18: London Capital FM gears up for new breakfast show being launched tomorrow.
2004-04-18: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-04-19: US National Rifle Association launches its internet radio show, plans to purchase radio station.
2004-04-19: iBiquity showcases its HD digital radio at NAB Las Vegas Convention.
2004-04-19: Latest figures show nearly half a million digital receivers have now been sold in the U.K.
2004-04-19: Latest figures show radio advertising in Australia in first quarter up 16% on a year ago.
2004-04-19: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-04-20: Australian Broadcasting Authority asks TV programme to respect "confidentiality" of details in a leaked draft document concerning its investigation of Alan Jones sponsorship deal.
2004-04-20: Salem says first quarter results will exceed its guidance.
2004-04-20: Johnny Vaughan takes over breakfast show on London's Capital FM/ UBC media upbeat trading update.
2004-04-20: American Civil Liberties Union and coalition of media companies ask Federal Communications Commission to reconsider its "indecency " ruling over remarks made by singer Bono during Golden Globe awards.
2004-04-20: NAB 2004 convention hears NAB President and CEO Eddie Fritts praise free-to-air broadcasts and attack competitors, particularly satellite radio - the latter over its weather and travel services.
2004-04-21: BBC Online compiles views on what makes a great radio breakfast show.
2004-04-21: Indian regulator launches consultation over changes that could revive the country's ailing private FM sector.
2004-04-21: First quarter results from Arbitron and Journal Communications.
2004-04-21: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K. Powell defends loosely-worded indecency regulations as opposed to "red book" of don'ts.
2004-04-22: Air America reaches agreement with Multicultural that will keep it on air in Chicago until the end of the month/ says it will soon announce deals for Chicago and Los Angeles affiliates.
2004-04-22: Mexican Grupo Radio Centro amends 2003 figures to show move into loss following arbitration award against it.
2004-04-22: Clear Channel challenges USD 25 million capital gains tax assessment dating to its takeover of Jacor.
2004-04-22: Results from Rogers and CanWest in Canada
2004-04-22: Sirius tops 353,000 subscribers and reports revenues up five times on 2003 first quarter but slips back into loss.
2004-04-23: BBC Radio 4 breakfast Today show to strengthen its investigative reporting team.
2004-04-23: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) signs ten-year agreement for the new franchise area of Counties Kilkenny and Carlow.
2004-04-23: DMG wins new Brisbane licence for its Nova network with a bid of AUD 80 million (USD 58 million).
2004-04-23: Entercom and Citadel in buying and competing stances.
2004-04-23: Viacom reports record first quarter.
2004-04-24: Second financial quarter results from Astral and Corus in Canada.
2004-04-24: Good end to the week for Howard Stern as he does well in ratings on both East and West coasts and Mel Karmazin says Viacom will fight FCC over current policies.
2004-04-24: US radio revenues up 10% on a year earlier in March.
2004-04-25: US Council on American- Islamic Relations calls for dismissal of Boston host reported to have suggested "Let's kill all Muslims".
2004-04-25: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-04-26: Radio 1 Inc moving from downtown Baltimore premises to Baltimore County.
2004-04-26: Capital's Xfm in London teams with Infinity's K-Rock to launch co-hosted show.
2004-04-26: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week.
2004-04-27: Entercom reported to have won bidding for WNSA-FM.
2004-04-27: BBC Radio Cleveland early breakfast host leaves after looking at nude pictures on office computer.
2004-04-27: Salem beats expectations in first quarter.
2004-04-28: US radio billboard stunt upsets Utah gay community & UK billboard sees London morning host's picture replaced by one of Osama bin Laden.
2004-04-28: US has 76 fewer licensed broadcast stations and 87 fewer radio ones at end of March than end of last year.
2004-04-28: Australian ABC TV Media Watch programme airs third programme in a row focussing on AUD 1.2 million sponsorship of Alan Jones' Sydney breakfast show.
2004-04-28: US Federal Communications Commission confirms two USD 10,000 penalties on Florida pirate operators plus USD 15,000 penalty on Georgia AM for tower and emergency alert system violations.
2004-04-28: Emmis CEO Q&A includes questions on indecency policy and problems at Chicago Q101 where Mancow Muller ratings fell in marked contrast to those for Howard Stern/Boston host defends his "kill Muslims" comment in terms of context while Ottawa host reported dismissed for comments insinuating that Toronto Maple Leafs tough guy Tie Domi beat his wife.
2004-04-28: Entercom has record first quarter/ Cox signs five-year deal with Arbitron/ UK Guardian Media Group radio revenues up 61% according to trading update.
2004-04-28: Air America Radio CEO steps down and vice-president for operations and programming is replaced.
2004-04-29: UK Guardian Media Group says it is interested in bidding for ten new licences over next two years.
2004-04-29: Phoenix radio veteran H.G. Listiak dies.
2004-04-29: Latest Irish radio ratings show listening in the country up on a year ago.
2004-04-29: US radio business and results including Cox, Westwood One and also Grupo Radio Central in Mexico.
2004-04-29: BIA Financial Network says smaller buys dominated top ten radio station purchasers last year although Clear Channel was still the biggest single buyer.
2004-04-30: US Federal Communications Commission drops USD 10,000 penalty for tower offence but confirms USD 3,000 penalty for another.

2004-04-30: George Michael revealed as artist played most on British radio over past 20 years.
2004-04-30: Latest BBC Complaints bulletin.
2004-04-30: Final day as host on Morning Edition in US fort Bob Edwards.
2004-04-30: Australian radio hosts in spat reaching up to the Prime Minister.
2004-04-30: More record US first quarter results and other radio business.

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