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September 2004

2004-09-01: European media company SBS Broadcasting SA to spend USD 22.5 million on purchase of shares.
2004-09-01: XM Satellite Radio discontinues its PCR device that with Canadian software can be used for downloading songs onto PC.
2004-09-01: Copyright agreement appears set for most webcasters.
2004-09-01: Bustos Media moves into California with USD 21.7 million purchase of two stations.
2004-09-01: BBC to put Hitchhiker's Game on web site when it starts broadcasts of new production of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
2004-09-01: XM launches its Public Radio channel/ XM and Sirius announce more sports programming.
2004-09-02: Another gamekeeper turns poacher as FCC staff member joins National Association of Broadcasters.
2004-09-02: Global warming affecting AM and short-wave reception according to Indian scientist.
2004-09-02: UK Student Broadcasting Network said by liquidator to owe around GBP 3 million, thirty times its assets.
2004-09-02: Chicago WZZN-FM fires morning host Pete McMurray after only eight months.
2004-09-03: UK regulator invites applications for new UK community non-profit stations.
2004-09-03: Singapore station fined following complaints about lewd comments.
2004-09-03: Mancow Muller signs 2-year contract with Emmis for his "Morning Madness" show.
2004-09-03: DMG sells its Australian regional network to Macquarie Bank and is to concentrate on developing its metropolitan stations.
2004-09-03: US radio advertising revenues down in July as small rise in local revenues is unable to counterbalance plunge in national revenues.
2004-09-04: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 13,000 in fines for tower offences.
2004-09-04: Indiana school stations could face part-time future because they had not been broadcasting for enough hours.
2004-09-04: Border Media Partners spends USD 70 million to expand in Texas.
2004-09-04: Quebec morning host Robert Gillet due back at work on Tuesday after serving sentence for involvement in juvenile prostitution ring.
2004-09-04: Philadelphia court gives FCC go-ahead for Arbitron-defined markets to replace former contour-based system.
2004-09-05: Air America to add an FM affiliate in Wisconsin.
2004-09-05: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-09-06: Australia takes its digital radio off the air for an upgrade.
2004-09-06: London local authorities to co-operate in clamp-down on radio pirates.
2004-09-06: Billboard poll shows most US radio executives are concerned about playing tracks for payment.
2004-09-06: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-09-07: Indian state radio so hard up some stations ask to cut hours to save on electricity bills.
2004-09-07: Only one radio complaint upheld in latest bulletin from UK regulator.
2004-09-07: Latin music industry executives express concern over implications of sale of five stations by Spanish Broadcasting System.
2004-09-07: Hong Kong company affiliated to News Corporation signs deal with Beijing state radio station to set up national radio network in China.
2004-09-07: Sirius tops 600,000 subscribers, says it is on track for a million by year-end.
2004-09-08: BBC interviews candidates to take over as controller of BBC Radio 4.
2004-09-08: Two candidates shortlisted for new Dublin Alternative Rock Music licence.
2004-09-08: Two North American reports suggest that Internet radio may be growing threat to terrestrial broadcasters.
2004-09-09: Quebec CJMF-FM morning host Robert Gillet, who has been convicted of paying a 17-year-old girl for sex, goes back on air promising to use his job to fight violence against women.
2004-09-09: US Federal Communications Commission cancels one USD 8,000 penalty, confirms one of USD 10,000 and reduced a third to USD 2,000.
2004-09-09: UK regulator advertises new FM licences for Belfast and Cornwall.
2004-09-09: New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority upholds three complaints against radio including one against man who abused police on air following his arrest on drugs charges.
2004-09-10: Canadian Satellite Radio names former CHUM executive Stephen Tapp as its president and Chief operating officer.
2004-09-10: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reduces penalty on a Louisiana AM but confirms full penalty on the Texas owner of three unregistered towers.
2004-09-10: Air America adds yet another Clear Channel affiliate.
2004-09-10: UK SMG TV operations do well but Virgin radio fares poorly in interim results.
2004-09-10: Emmis goes to court to stop former Hot 97 host Troi Torain (Star) taking another post in New York.
2004-09-10: Long-time Los Angeles host Ken Minyard announces that he is to retire.

2004-09-11: Former Chicago radio executive sues Clear Channel over share options.
2004-09-11: Sunrise radio seeks permission to switch London country station to Asian format.
2004-09-11: US Federal Communications Commission cancels two fines, confirms a third and reduces a fourth.
2004-09-11: Former Toronto radio host Erin Davies back on air - and in opposition to team for whom she was dropped.
2004-09-11: Look at US radio deals and business over the past week

2004-09-12: Air America continues to add more affiliates.
2004-09-12: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-09-13: Washington Post profile of Air America host Randi Rhodes reveals details of network's hassles.
2004-09-13: Australian competition authorities give go-ahead for Macquarie bank purchase of R.G. Capital Radio and DMG Regional Radio.
2004-09-13: XM satellite radio launches Emergency Alert channel.
2004-09-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2004-09-14: UK UBC Media invests in Popworld and is to be radio distributor of Popworld programming.
2004-09-14: Philadelphia Daily News says comments by WIP-AM sports host Howard Eskin are likely to cost Infinity a million dollars plus.
2004-09-14: UK soccer Premier League rejects Wireless Group complaint that it sold rights to BBC in anti-competitive manner.
2004-09-15: BBC reported to have narrowed to four internal candidates the list of possible contenders for Radio 4 controller post.
2004-09-15: US public broadcasting host Tavis Smiley gives USD 1 million to Texas Southern University.
2004-09-15: 2GB retains lead in latest Sydney ratings but despite its Olympics rights - or because of them - its share is down.
2004-09-15: Chicago WLS-AM reported to be at risk of losing morning team only months after its afternoon team was split up.
2004-09-16: Virginia radio veteran Ned Richardson, who spend 48 years with WBTM-AM, Danville, dies aged 77.
2004-09-16: Industry body Commercial Radio Australia contest figures in report that say country's community stations have seven million regular listeners.
2004-09-16: Sirius and XM terrestrial repeaters given go-ahead.

2004-09-16: Radio electronic programme guide successfully demonstrated/ UK regulatory chief bullish about future of digital radio.
2004-09-16: Chicago anti-indecency campaigner files suit challenging legality of Federal Communications Commission settlement with Emmis.
2004-09-17: UK Wireless Group to put its TalkSPORT radio station on satellite TV channel.
2004-09-17: Houston classical station KRTS-FM switched to Hot AC KROI-FM.
2004-09-17: Emmis says its consent decree with the Federal Communications Commission closed the case against it and Mancow Muller despite legal challenge/ asks to drop New York action against former Hot 97 host Troi Torain (Star).
2004-09-17: UK regulator Ofcom issued its first annual report.
2004-09-17: Clear Channel to expand its Spanish language radio activities.

2004-09-18: US Federal Communications Commission reduces fine on Alabama AM from USD 11,000 to USD 8,000.
2004-09-18: UK Guardian reports on speculation that GWR could drop plans for merger with Capital Radio and switch attention to Emap.
2004-09-18: Australian Broadcasting Authority says Adelaide station breached rules 15 times in connection with host's non-disclosure of financial interests.
2004-09-19: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-09-20: Seattle radio host claims he was fired for comments criticizing CBS anchor Dan Rather.
2004-09-20: UK Sunday Times says that Capital Radio-GWR merger talks are at advanced stage and it has been agreed that GWR chairman Ralph Bernard will chair merged company.
2004-09-20: Boston University to sell its Rhode Island public station WRNI-AM.
2004-09-20: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2004-09-21: Cleveland radio hosts file USD 35 million lawsuit against WERE-AM, its owner Radio One Inc. and "unidentified Jews" following the cancellation of their "Politically Damned" programme.
2004-09-21: Two complaints against radio upheld in latest UK Ofcom complaints bulletin.
2004-09-21: Entercom says Seattle host's show was cancelled because of sports programming not comments about CBS news anchor Dan Rather as alleged.
2004-09-21: UK Capital and GWR shares rise following confirmation that they are in merger talks.
2004-09-22: Astral Radio joins CHUM's bird for terrestrial radio subscription service in Canada.
2004-09-22: Clear Channel to put Star & Buc Wild show on Philadelphia WUSL-FM.
2004-09-22: Australian radio revenues up naarly 15% on a year earleir in first six months of 2004.
2004-09-22: Speculation grows about consolidation in UK radio following confirmation that Capital Radio and GWR are in merger talks.
2004-09-23: Mississippi public station uses duct tape to remain on air during Hurricane Ivan.
2004-09-23: Rhode Island Attorney General asks Boston University to half proposed sale of public station WRNI-AM until legal issues are resolved.
2004-09-23: New Spanish radio monitoring service to be launched in US.
2004-09-23: UK commercial radio companies defend their public service record.
2004-09-23: Viacom fined USD 550,000 for breast exposure during Super Bowl half-time show.
2004-09-24: British DJ suspended following interview with chef during which he made sexual innuendos about sausages.
2004-09-24: Midcontinent Media leaves broadcasting with sale of its South Dakota stations to Backyard Broadcasting.
2004-09-24: BBC Oxford announces revamp to launch next month.
2004-09-24: Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Feder comments that WLS-AM is starting new ratings season with "no morning show, half an afternoon show, and cobwebs collecting in the vacant office of the general manager."
2004-09-25: BBC appoints Mark Damazer as Controller of BBC Radio 4 and BBC7.
2004-09-25: Radio is bright spot for UK Chrysalis in trading update/ Metromedia International completes sale of its wholly-owned radio stations.
2004-09-25: Broadcast media back in US politicians sights as Senate sets Tuesday to resume media ownership  hearings/ Kansas Senator says deal may be close to increase indecency penalties.
2004-09-25: 12 applications submitted for new Edinburgh FM and four for Blackburn licence.
2004-09-26: Three St Louis sports stations agree payment to settle charges that they aided illegal gambling.
2004-09-26: UK Guardian says Channel 4 TV may try to take over BBC Radio 1.
2004-09-26: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-09-27: Air America expands again this week.
2004-09-27: Ulster TV favoured to buy Irish station/ UK DMG reported to want board post in return for backing Capital/GWR merger.
2004-09-27: Pressures grown on Boston University over sale of Rhode Island public station.
2004-09-27: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2004-09-28: GWR shares rise but Capital Radio falls back slightly amongst rumours prior to expected merger announcement.
2004-09-28: Minneapolis WCCO-AM "Good Neighbour" station starts week marking its 80th anniversary.
2004-09-28: UK Wireless Group chairman Kelvin MacKenzie attacks BBC over its soccer rights purchase.
2004-09-28: Initial RADAR 82 network survey shows US radio holding on to its listening.
2004-09-28: UK official radio ratings organization announces moves towards electronic metering.

2004-09-29: US Federal Communications Commission cuts fin on Puerto Rican station from USD 20,000 to USD 16,000.
2004-09-29: Boston University stays sale of its Rhode Island public stations/California listeners protest dropping of BBC World Service from Bayside station.
2004-09-29: Updates from Emap and Scottish Radio Holdings amid rumours that former may take over the latter.
2004-09-29: Emmis second quarter results and other North American radio business.
2004-09-30: BBC gets permission for billboard for its FM service in Baghdad.
2004-09-30: US survey indicates more than three-quarters of Americans want local community involvement from their radio station.
2004-09-30: Veteran New York broadcaster Scott Muni, "The Professor" of rock, dies aged 74.
2004-09-30: Capital Radio and GWR formally announce merger, the first large-scale consolidation in UK commercial radio.

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2004-08-01: Canadian Minister says Quebec station CHOI-FM can go to courts over refusal to renew its licence but not appeal to federal government.
2004-08-01: More FCC fines including one of USD 20,000 relating of supply of programmes to Mexican AM that was causing interference in US.
2004-08-01: Revamp for BBC Radio 2, Britain's top rated station, includes new shows for 60s pop star Lulu and stage star Elaine Page.
2004-08-01: Canada's supreme court upholds penalty of nearly CAD 1 million against Canadian Broadcasting Corporation over 1994 broadcast.
2004-08-01: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-08-02: Changes on the way at Infinity, Chicago.
2004-08-02: UK Channel 4 TV reported to be preparing to launch national digital talk station in competition with BBC Radio 4.
2004-08-02: US radio veteran Mike Lynch who, with the late Mike Oatman, built up Great Empire Broadcasting dies.
2004-08-02: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-08-03: Dispute between Cromwell Group and Clear Channel over use of the term "buzz" moves into district court.
2004-08-03: US Federal Communications Commission substitutes admonishment for one fine and reduces two fines.
2004-08-03: Arlington County in Virginia plans AM radio warning system.
2004-08-03: Newsweek report on liberal talk radio centred on syndicates host Ed Schultz.
2004-08-03: Strong second quarter results for Salem Communications.
2004-08-04: Former WNEW-FM hosts Opie and Anthony to make "major announcement" about their future tomorrow.
2004-08-04: Chrysalis signs up former Arsenal and England soccer player to co-host Saturday sports show on its LBC stations/ Real Radio in Scotland signs up newspaper columnist to host Saturday show.
2004-08-04: US merchant bank Veronis Suhler Stevenson upbeat about radio in its annual Communications industry report.
2004-08-04: US National Association of Broadcasters in submission on digital radio expresses firm support but says Federal Communications Commission should not impose additional regulation.
2004-08-04: Erich "Mancow" Muller drops USD 3 million law suit against campaigner whose complaints against him led to fines totalling USD 42,000.
2004-08-04: More US radio results - from Cumulus and Entercom.
2004-08-05: UK Emap appoints its Group Finance Director Gary Hughes to the additional role of chairman of Emap Performance, the division that includes its radio activities.
2004-08-05: Lawyer for Quebec station CHOI-FM says Canadian government may have to compensate for losses if station's licence is not renewed.
2004-08-05: Australian Broadcasting Authority stops short of cancelling licence but sets new strict conditions for Perth community station.
2004-08-05: Cox radio results.
2004-08-05: Bonuses totalling more than USD 700,000 are paid to former executives of UK Radio Authority, which was subsumed into Ofcom super-regulator.
2004-08-05: US Federal Communications Commission calls for comments on country's Emergency Alert System.

2004-08-06: Former BBC daytime and breakfast TV host Anne Diamond to join BBC Radio Oxford.
2004-08-06: Former London breakfast host Chris Tarrant and BBC Radio 2 controller Jim Moir involved in bid for Edinburgh FM licence.
2004-08-06: More US results - from Citadel Communications, Entravision, Spanish Broadcasting, Univision and XM Satellite Radio.
2004-08-06: Opie and Anthony sign up with XM satellite radio.

2004-08-07: UK UBC Media buys independent production company Smooth Operations.
2004-08-07: Fordham University's WFUV-FM in New York looks at strip clubs' preparations for Republican Party convention.
2004-08-07: More US radio deals as Border and Cumulus buy in Texas.
2004-08-07: BBC London secures commentary rights for leading London soccer clubs' games.
2004-08-07: Federal Communications Commissioner Michael J. Copps accuses big media of burying story of media consolidation.
2004-08-08: Japanese network broadcasts international soccer game cover in surround sound.
2004-08-08: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-08-09: "Liberal "talk forges ahead in Oregon/Arkansas station drops Limbaugh as loss making.
2004-08-09: Anti-Mancow Muller campaigner goes after Emmis.
2004-08-09: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-08-10: Radio again escapes unscathed in latest complaints bulletin from British regulator Ofcom.
2004-08-10: Penalties reduced on Louisiana and Mississippi stations.
2004-08-10: BBC Radio 1 confirms download chart deal.
2004-08-10: Fisher Communications revenues up but so are losses.
2004-08-10: Supporters of Quebec station whose licence renewal has been denied to protest to Canadian Parliament.

2004-08-11: US Federal Communications Commission confirms penalties of USD 10,000 and USD 3,000 on a New Jersey pirate and on Entravision California station.
2004-08-11: More signs of digital advance in the US and UK.
2004-08-11: Interep revenues down, losses up.
2004-08-11: CHOI-FM supporters lobby Canadian Parliament to keep station, whose licence renewal was refused.
2004-08-11: Sydney 2GB increases its lead in latest Australian radio ratings.
2004-08-11: XM signs up Citadel Programming President Eric Logan
2004-08-12: USD 10,000 penalty confirmed on one Florida pirate operator but that on another cut from USD 20,000 to USD 3,000.
2004-08-12: Arbitron improves response rate in targeted markets but it falls overall for Spring ratings.
2004-08-12: Minnesota Public Radio agrees USD 10.5 million agreement to buy non-commercial WCAL-FM from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota.
2004-08-12: Melbourne licence, last Australian major commercial FM due to be auctioned for next five years, goes on the block today.
2004-08-12: More US radio business- NextMedia results and Cherry Creek purchase.
2004-08-13: Capital Radio's Xfm said to be offering lifeline to UK student radio stations that may be hit by closure of Student Broadcasting Network if a buyer is not found.
2004-08-13: Emmis follows Clear Channel and agrees deal with Federal Communications Commission to clear all its outstanding indecency cases.
2004-08-13: DMG as expected takes new Melbourne licence but pays much lower price than forecast.
2004-08-14: Australian radio station fined for failing to stop bullying.
2004-08-14: UK Student Broadcasting Network moves towards liquidation.
2004-08-14: Lawyer for Genex's Quebec station CHOI-FM says Canadian regulator exceeded its jurisdiction in refusing licence renewal.
2004-08-14: More penalties from US Federal Communications Commission.
2004-08-14: UK regulator's report shows radio gaining more listeners than TV viewers in years since 1999.
2004-08-14: Chicago anti-indecency campaigner expresses limited satisfaction over Emmis agreement to wipe out all of its indecency cases.

2004-08-15: Sydney community station told its use of lyrics including F-word would not have upset most of its audience but it needs to take more care about ensuring children are not exposed to harm.
2004-08-15: Infinity sells station in Minneapolis.
2004-08-15: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week
2004-08-16: Clear Channel sells it stations in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
2004-08-16: Veteran New York DJ Chuck Leonard and Nebraska adio personality Dick Perry die.
2004-08-16: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-08-17: Liberman Broadcasting second quarter TV revenues jump but radio is down.
2004-08-17: Rush Limbaugh gains Clear Channel outlet in Pittsburgh as O'Reilly takes his former Infinity home.
2004-08-17: Evidence growing of potential harm from AM tower emissions.
2004-08-17: Salem changes format of two Hawaii stations it has just bought.
2004-08-17: Olympic restrictions lead some broadcasters to drop live streams.
2004-08-18: Two US stations get call signs back and licences are renewed but they face penalties for late application for renewal and operating without a licence.
2004-08-18: BBC local radio station gets Roman altar to the goddess Fortuna.
2004-08-18: More new receivers announces by US satellite radio companies.
2004-08-18: Texan Republican Congressional candidate attracts heavy support from US telecommunications and energy companies because, although expected to lose, she could end up chairing the Federal Communications Commission or become an energy regulator.
2004-08-18: Latest figures show Australian radio revenues in July a quarter up on a year ago.
2004-08-18: Arbitron-Infinity deal rumoured to be imminent/other US radio business including Bustos 8-station purchase in Washington State.
2004-08-19: US Radio Effectiveness Lab (RAEL) releases the first of several major new research studies to identify how Radio works, and how to maximize Radio Return On Investment.
2004-08-19: UK radio ratings organization RAJAR considering slightly earlier advance release of its quarterly figures to commercial radio companies.
2004-08-19: New radio advertising award for Australia.
2004-08-19: Arbitron confirms new deal with Infinity, upgrades its guidance.
2004-08-19: Spanish Broadcasting System sells two California stations for USD 120 million/ BIAfn report shows explosive growth in US Spanish language radio stations.
2004-08-20: Aberdeen Radio Ranch, which would have had nine stations in the South Dakota market following latest acquisition, disposes of three AMs.
2004-08-20: American University asks court to throw out USD 12 million damages suit from former WAMU-FM Executive Director Susan Clampitt.
2004-08-20: SMG steals a beat on BBC with launch of its download chart three days before the Corporation launches its show.
2004-08-20: USD 18,000 penalty confirmed on Maryland AM.
2004-08-20: Latest Irish ratings show national falls, local gains, in listening.
2004-08-21: Latest figures show US gaining radio stations but losing TV ones over past six months.
2004-08-21: London Heart FM morning host Pat Sharp to leave station after seven years.
2004-08-21: Interep and Citadel reach agreement over dispute that developed when the latter moved its business to Katz Media.
2004-08-21: US National Association of Broadcasters calls on Philadelphia court to reject calls for change of Federal Communications Commission markets to Arbitron rather than contour-based system.
2004-08-22: BBC The World Today programme to broadcast Sound Art segments inspired by it.
2004-08-22: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-08-23: New England radio veteran Maury Parent has died suddenly aged 72.
2004-08-23: Five finalists named for the title Best New Australian Artist on Commercial Radio for 2004.
2004-08-23: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-08-24: Air America programming hits San Diego as Clear Channel switches adult standards KPOP-AM to progressive talk KLSD-AM.
2004-08-24: Interep Spring 2004 Radio Format survey shows news/talk/sports forging ahead as most listened to format.
2004-08-24: Irish regulator launches draft Broadcasting (Funding) Scheme to channel funds to support new radio and TV programming.
2004-08-24: Atlanta-based Navigauge launches system to rate listening in automobiles and tie data in with vehicle's position from GPS information.
2004-08-25: Chattanooga radio veteran David Earl Hughes dies.
2004-08-25: Only one complaint against radio upheld in latest UK regulator's Complaints Bulletin.
2004-08-25: eBay bans British DJ who put Munch paintings stolen at weekend up for sale on the auction site.
2004-08-25: US Spanish stations said to still be getting away with "indecent" content that would attract penalties for English-language broadcasters.
2004-08-26: US classical music radio further depleted as Miami station WKAT-AM moves towards time brokering.
2004-08-26: Veteran Australian radio reporter John Highfield to retire after 36 years with Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
2004-08-26: XM objects to software that allows its subscribers to record and organize its output directly onto a PC.

2004-08-27: Eastlan adds more markets to its radio ratings service.
2004-08-27: FCC asked to consider revocation or hearing over Radio One's Akron licence renewals because of Public Files deficiencies.
2004-08-27: Boulder community station KGNU-FM buys Denver commercial AM signal.
2004-08-27: Former Gaylord sports host George Plaster, now with Citadel, sues company over alleged secret deal with Cumulus to keep him from joining rival broadcaster.
2004-08-27: US host Tom Leykis allegedly attacked outside Seatttle bar by disgruntled listener.
2004-08-27: Quebec station CHOI-FM, whose licence expires at the of this month, gains reprieve until March next year to fight its case in the courts.
2004-08-28: Southern Cross Broadcasting profits up by more than a third in year to end of June although Sydney 2UE is still in challenging environment.
2004-08-28: More digital broadcasting developments in UK.
2004-08-28: US radio deals over past week.
2004-08-28: US National Association of Broadcasters files its opposition to plans to require stations to keep recordings of output.

2004-08-29: Chicago sports promoter sues Clear Channel for using monopolistic and predatory practices to take contract away from it.
2004-08-29: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-08-30: Anti Republican groups set up micro radio network to cover protests against Republican Convention in New York City.
2004-08-30: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-08-31: More US broadcasters file opposing idea of mandatory requirement to record their output.
2004-08-31: US public radio stations express concern lest National Public Radio become a competitor.
2004-08-31: Air America adds three more affiliates.

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July 2004

2004-07-01: Colorado DJ under fire for calling for child to be smacked to win tickets.
2004-07-01: Solas AM reported to have abandoned Dublin medium wave for which it won religious licence.
2004-07-01: Emmis reports record first quarter results/other US radio business.
2004-07-01: Howard Stern adds nine Infinity affiliates and is back in five of the six markets where he was dropped by Clear Channel.
2004-07-02: Florida AM fined USD 7,000 for tower offences.
2004-07-02: Minnesota Public Radio starts distributing most of its national shows through new division.
2004-07-02: Sirius adds five more music channels/ new plug and play module starts shipping.
2004-07-02: Howard Stern and Infinity sue Clear Channel for USD 10 million.
2004-07-02: US Federal Communications Commission launches localism inquiry.

2004-07-03: Former gospel artist and radio personality Ray Edwards dies aged 58.
2004-07-03: US Federal Communications Commission confirms full penalty on Colorado AM but reduces that on a Utah FM.
2004-07-03: Australian commercial radio commits another year of resources to campaign to promote the medium to advertisers.
2004-07-03: XM says it now has more than 2.1 million subscribers.

2004-07-04: Survey shows more Americans are concerned about free speech than media indecency but conservatives are more likely to believe in state rather than parental controls.
2004-07-04: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-07-05: Clear Channel chairman and CEO Lowry Mays back in hospital.
2004-07-05: UK radio sets target of getting 10% of advert revenues.
2004-07-05: San Antonio online publications says Viacom may be putting KTSA-AM up for sale.
2004-07-05: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-07-06: Jefferson-Pilot radio president joins board of Saga/Salem completes notes redemption.
2004-07-06: British government gives BBC four months to redefine its online services remit; it has already decided to drop some sites.
2004-07-06: Australian research shows strong interest in digital radio.
2004-07-06: Canadian radio has strong 2003.

2004-07-07: Internet radio network Live365 announces launch of a new Internet radio player.
2004-07-07: Entravision spends USD 55 million on the repurchase of 2.5 million shares of its Series A convertible preferred stock.
2004-07-07: Veteran Scottish broadcaster Jimmy Mack dies aged 70.
2004-07-07: Around half Voice of America employees call for congressional investigation of activities of its Broadcasting Board of Governors.
2004-07-08: Florida University considering sale of its broadcasting stations.
2004-07-08: Salem Cleveland purchase will kill big band format in the city.
2004-07-08: UK government signals intention to cut off analogue radio.
2004-07-08: US Federal Communications Commission proposes requiring broadcasters to keep recordings of their output.
2004-07-09: Little Rock, Arkansas, morning show cancelled following allegations that producer handed out pornograpy.
2004-07-09: NextMedia spends USD 24.5 million on five North Carolina stations.
2004-07-09: Euro 2004 soccer boosts revenues - but not audience according to latest UK unofficial ratings that also show Heart FM overtaking longtime leading commercial station Capital FM in London.
2004-07-09: Satellite radio proposals for Canada on agenda for November public hearing by regulator.
2004-07-09: Emap, which has most commercial digital listeners in UK, reacts frostily to idea of dropping UK analogue radio but Capital is more in favour.
2004-07-10: No appeals upheld in latest BBC Governors Programme Complaints Committee.
2004-07-10: Voice of America's new Urdu service adds Pakistani FM frequency to its existing Am and shortwave services.
2004-07-10: Music Tank forum of UK music and radio industry executives told the range of music on radio is declining.
2004-07-10: Texas disc jockey's "immature joke" in which he put on a mask before going into a convenience store leads to his show being taken off air whilst he could face jail
2004-07-10: California pirate operator fined USD 20,000/ three stations told to show why they should not be reclassified to allow new local FMs.
2004-07-11: Clear Channel takes Florida-based hosts, The Monsters, off the air for sensitivity training.
2004-07-11: Legendary US radio DJ Bill Randle dies aged 81.
2004-07-11: 2004 UK Radio Festival opens tomorrow.
2004-07-11: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-07-12: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K. Powell starts web log.
2004-07-12: Irish broadcaster Eamon Dunphy reported to have signed up for new breakfast show/other Irish radio news.
2004-07-12: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2004-07-13: US Senate Committee meets today on re-authorization of Commission for Public Broadcasting.
2004-07-13: Former UK GWR Chief Executive paid USD 1.6 million last year, two-thirds in compensation for loss of office.
2004-07-13: Fine on Florida AM cut from USD 7,000 to USD 1,000
2004-07-13: No radio complaints upheld in latest report from UK Ofcom regulator.
2004-07-13: Eminem to co-produce Sirius satellite channel.
2004-07-13: Westwood One adds more RADAR networks and also signs Jim Bohannon up to new long-term deal.

2004-07-14: Seven applications made for two Dublin licences - five for alternative rock and two for multicultural format.
2004-07-14: UK Chrysalis reports like-for-like radio revenues up a fifth on a year earlier in last ten months.
2004-07-14: Radio One Inc hires former ABC Chicago exec Zemira Jones as VP Operations.
2004-07-14: BBC Annual Report praises radio output in general but expresses concern about Radio 1.
2004-07-14: Canadian regulator refuses licence renewal to CHOI-FM, Québec
2004-07-15: US radio revenues for May up only 1% on a year earlier.
2004-07-15: Owner of Quebec City station CHOI-FM says he'll go to courts to save his licence/says refusal of renewal is attack on free speech.
2004-07-15: More signs of strength for digital radio.
2004-07-15: Sirius tops half-million subscribers/ sports programming announcements by Sirius and XM.
2004-07-15: US Federal Communications Commission refuses complaints about anti-Islamic comments on Boston station on First Amendment grounds.
2004-07-15: BBC Director of Radio and Music defends BBC at final day of UK Radio Festival/ Festival report.
2004-07-15: UK regulator issues for consultation proposed new broadcasting code that takes over those of its six predecessors.
2004-07-16: Jones Media announces management changes following departure of Ron Hartenbaum.
2004-07-16: Dublin pirate stations go silent amid reports of impending regulatory raids.
2004-07-16: Former WAMU-FM general manager Susan Clampitt sues for USD 12 million over her dismissal.
2004-07-16: Irish government considering move away from "beauty contest" to auction system for radio licences.
2004-07-16: Owner of Quebec city CHOI-FM hires leading public relations company as it develops its campaign against refusal to renew its licence.
2004-07-17: Former Palm Beach host sues for breach of contract following his dismissal.
2004-07-17: UK analyst says Capital and GWR are in advanced negotiations re merger but stuck over management and valuation issues.
2004-07-17: US Congress sub-committee holds hearings on streaming copyright and charges.
2004-07-17: New Melbourne commercial FM licence attracts seven applicants.

2004-07-18: Democrat Federal Communication Commissioners call for re-evaluation of rules covering allocation of mutually exclusive radio licence applications.
2004-07-18: Arbitron relents regarding release of ratings information to media as it issues spring ratings without Infinity stations.
2004-07-18: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-07-19: Seattle to get more Spanish-language radio stations.
2004-07-19: UK paper says DMG refusal to sell stake in GWR maybe holding up its merger with Capital Radio.
2004-07-19: Bubba the Love Sponge stands for sheriff in Florida.
2004-07-19: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-07-20: Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) organizes two-day Access to Capital Conference and Hall of Fame Reception that ends today in Washington D.C.
2004-07-20: Low Power FM and Media Ownership on agenda for Washington, D.C., today.
2004-07-20: Clear Channel to cut back on amount of advertisements carried on its stations.
2004-07-21: Mexican Grupo Radio sees profits of a year ago become losses/ Journal Communications reports healthy second quarter with broadcasting leading the way.
2004-07-21: BBC Radio 2 to air "Great British Music Debate" this evening.
2004-07-21: Calls made for US Federal Communications Commission to hold public hearings as it reconsiders media regulation and for more political coverage on US broadcast media.
2004-07-21: Falls in US radio stocks blamed on too much advertising by analyst/ RAB and Arbitron call for study into economic effect of introducing Portable People Meter.
2004-07-22: Arkansas prosecutors charge two former KABZ-FM staff in connection with alleged distribution of pornographic DVDs
2004-07-22: BBM Canada adopts Arbitron Portable People Meter as the official ratings system for buying and selling commercial airtime on French-language television in Quebec and Montreal.

2004-07-22: Clear Channel withdraws application to move the transmitter for its 50,000-watt News/Talker WWVA-AM, The Big One, out of Wheeling, West Virginia, to Stow, Ohio.
2004-07-22: UK Guardian Media Group reports revenues up a fifth on a year ago.
2004-07-22: Sirius revenues and losses up in second quarter.
2004-07-22: Clear Channel counter-sues Viacom and Stern's company over Howard Stern Show that it dropped because of "indecency" violations.

2004-07-23: "Big media" criticized at latest FCC localism hearing in California.
2004-07-23: BBC Radio 4 Controller to become Director of News in management changes/ Capital FM "Flying Eye" traffic reporter leaves.

2004-07-23: Philadelphia rock radio veteran Hy Lit is suing Infinity's oldies WOGL-FM for age and disability discrimination.
2004-07-23: Clear Channel launches digital radio initiative.
2004-07-23: Second quarter results from Viacom and Infinity.
2004-07-24: Former Australian radio announcer fined for bullying.
2004-07-24: Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi has filed a CAD 1.65 million (USD 1.25 million) damages suit against CHUM Ltd over comments suggesting he beat his wife.
2004-07-24: Federal Communications Commission issues penalties for tower-related offences.

2004-07-24: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) rules that broadcasts on two stations breached Canadian codes.
2004-07-24: National Association of Broadcasters reacts negatively to Senate low power FM vote.
2004-07-24: Clear Channel second quarter results.
2004-07-25: Canadian radio business including results from Astral, CHUM, and Corus.
2004-07-25: Spanish-language broadcasters said to be escaping US indecency clamp-down.
2004-07-25: Strong results for UBC Media in the UK helped by traffic reports.
2004-07-25: Smoking Gun site publishes details of Howard Stern's contracts with Clear Channel.
2004-07-25: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-07-26: Three Irish stations deny they are up for sale.
2004-07-26: Veteran British DJ Tony Blackburn marks 40 years in the business.
2004-07-26: Clear Channel radio CEO says his company is "poised for greatness."
2004-07-26: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-07-27: Fine reduced from USD 10,000 to USD 8,000 for tower lighting offence in South Carolina.
2004-07-27: UK Wireless Group says decision to use Portable People Meter for TV ratings in Quebec and Montreal shows that UK ratings organization RAJAR is falling behind the times.
2004-07-27: Spanish Broadcasting System to sell its three Chicago suburban stations for USD 28 million.
2004-07-27: XM to add more weather and traffic channels.
2004-07-27: Opie and Anthony attack Howard Stern in interview/ suggest move to satellite may not be far away.

2004-07-28: Former Infinity president Dan Mason to join All Comedy Radio as a consultant.
2004-07-28: Pacifica Foundation fined USD 3,000 for Emergency Alert System violations at its Washington, DC, station.
2004-07-28: More digital audio receivers announced in UK and licensing deals announced in US.
2004-07-28: Denver news-talk station KNC-AM is closed down.

2004-07-29: Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 3,000 penalty on Puerto Rico FM and proposes one of USD 10,000 on Kansas non-commercial FM.
2004-07-29: London talk station LBC director of programmes leaving to move to Australia.
2004-07-29: US indecency clampdown having "chilling effect" according to Chicago hosts Steve Dahl and Mike North.
2004-07-29: More radio results - Saga and Westwood One in US and SBS SA in Europe.
2004-07-30: English station fined over call in which man advocated slapping women.
2004-07-30: Dave Logan joining WCBS-FM as program director.
2004-07-30: One radio show attracts more than a quarter of complaints dealt with in latest BBC Complaints Bulletin.
2004-07-30: Former NPR host Bob Edwards joining XM satellite radio, which is launching public radio channel.
2004-07-30: More radio business including Beasley and Radio One Inc results.
2004-07-31: Canadian statistics show radio listening falling amongst young/ US reports shows more men to be heavy listeners to radio.
2004-07-31: Latest UK offical and unoffical radio ratings.
2004-07-31: More US radio business including Regent results.
2004-07-31: US radio revenues up 3% in June led by local revenues: National ones fell.

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