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December 2004

2004-12-01: Around a third of Canadians said to be interested in satellite radio but complaints against MSNBC suggest the satellite companies could face regulatory restrictions.
2004-12-01: UK Local Radio Company reported to be adding a 25th station.
2004-12-01: Arbitron to survey Chinese American radio listening in New York and Los Angeles.
2004-12-02: US Supreme Court allows extension until January of deadline to file comments on proposed US media regulations.
2004-12-02: Former nanny of radio host Don Imus suing for wrongful dismissal and damages for her treatment.
2004-12-02: Paper suggests BBC licence fee funding should be safe for aniother decade.
2004-12-02: Staff of Boston business station WBIX-AM dismissed as former owner takes over and switches to talk and play plan.
2004-12-03: US Federal Communications Commission approves Clear Channel North Dakota acquisition/ announces details of withdrawal penalties for latest FM auction.
2004-12-03: Daily Mail and General Trust reports strong radio performance, weak TV one, in its broadcasting results.
2004-12-03: Newsweb Chicago Vice-President Harvey Wells say iPod more competition for new "Nine FM" stations than other radio competitors.
2004-12-03: US radio revenues up in October thanks to strong national advertising.
2004-12-04: Yet another Wisconsin radio host makes controversial broadcast.
2004-12-04: Welsh radio host Zoe Hanson to take over from Becky Jago as Capital FM breakfast co-host.
2004-12-04: FCC chairman Powell says it could take up to seven years to establish new US media regulations.

2004-12-05: Conservative US web site posts audio of call from Philadelphia radio reporter saying "God hates you and he wants to kill your children. You should all burn in hell."
2004-12-05: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-12-06: Australian Broadcasting Corporation picks up all of radio 2004 Walkley Awards, the country's premier journalism prizes.
2004-12-06: WNOV-AM takes Milwaukee host Mike McGee's show off the air following use of an F-word.
2004-12-06: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-12-07: Indiana AM fined USD 16,000 for tower offences.
2004-12-07: Arbitron returns to rating online audio.
2004-12-07: Owner of CHOI-FM, which is fighting refusal to renew its licence, amongst bidders for new FM in Ottawa-Gatineau market.
2004-12-07: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2004-12-07: UK regulator receives 192 applications for new community radio licences.
2004-12-08: US Federal Communications Commission confirms UD 10,000 penalty in Florida pirate operator, issues notice of USD 20,000 on non-commercial station for taking adverts.
2004-12-08: UK Emap announces that former Northern Ireland Secretary Mo Mowlem is to head its bid for a Belfast FM licence.
2004-12-08: Austereo announces host changes to start next year & extends Australian Football League cover.
2004-12-08: US National Public Radio confirms Steve Inskeep and Rene Montagne as hosts of Morning Edition/Tavis Smiley says he is leaving NPR because of lack of progress with his show.
2004-12-08: BBC to axe some 3000 jobs, with thousands more losses expected; It is also to move around 1800 to Manchester in the futureand relocate various departments there.
2004-12-09: Jonathan Adelstein sworn in for second term as US Federal Communications Commissioner.
2004-12-09: Arbiton claims success in attracting participants for its Houston Portable People Meter trial.
2004-12-09: Nine bids put in for new Belfast licence.
2004-12-09: Florida Supreme Court allows Rush Limbaugh another month to submit arguments for his submission that his medical records were illegally seized.
2004-12-09: McHenry Tichenor to step down as Univision Radio President at end of the year.
2004-12-09: News and talk do well in last Australian ratings of the year.
2004-12-09: Infinity to hold Howard Stern to his contract - but leaves opening for large buyout.
2004-12-10: St. Paul's City Council votes not to fund Minnesota Public Radio purchase of WCAL-FM and KMSE-FM through municipal conduit bonds.
2004-12-10: UK regulator agrees to three station format changes including switch of London country music AM to Asian talk and music.
2004-12-10: Veteran Chicago broadcaster Bruce Wolf to sit in with Roe Conn on WLS-AM afternoon show.
2004-12-10: Rock star Bono, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, businessman Sir Richard Branson, film director Anthony Minghella and Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve, to guest edit BBC Radio 4 breakfast programme.
2004-12-10: Air America radio signs new contracts with hosts Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, gains new affiliates in Washington DC and Cincinnati.

2004-12-11: US Federal Communications Commission levies another USD 41,500 of penalties
2004-12-11: BBC tries to capitalise on the success of its recent adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy with another science fiction comedy that is to be broadcast in the New Year.
2004-12-11: UK regulator lists 11 applications for new Belfast FM licence and eight for FM for Cornwall.
2004-12-11: Long-time Boston radio host David Brudnoy has died aged 64 of cancer.
2004-12-11: Howard Stern threatens to start playing "music" after meeting with lawyers over FCC rules to be applied to his show
2004-12-12: Indian regulator puts forward to the country's government its recommendations for licensing community stations.
2004-12-12: BBC World Service now on a Kabul FM in English 24-hours a day as well as its services on other Afghan FMs.
2004-12-12: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week
2004-12-13: ABC, Australia, drops contract of Classic FM breakfast host Clive Robertson after three years.
2004-12-13: Jerry Springer to host morning show on WSAI-AM, Cincinnati.
2004-12-13: Saga drops West Midlands host Les Ross and BBC picks him up.
2004-12-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-12-14: Winners of first Australian radio advertising "Siren" awards announced.
2004-12-14: UK media regulator upholds one complaint against radio in its latest bulletin.
2004-12-14: Sirius and XM to join NASDAQ 100 next Monday/other satellite radio news.
2004-12-14: BBC submission to British government on digital radio says time not yet ripe for analogue switch-off and slaps down idea of changing to newer non-compatible DAB platform.
2004-12-15: Clear Channel rejigs Power 105 in New York in anticipation of introduction of Star and Buc Wild morning show next year.
2004-12-15: Devices using FM frequencies for non-broadcast purposes run into flak.
2004-12-15: Canadian regulator's annual report shows profits up for commercial radio in the country but listening down.
2004-12-16: Salem launches its syndicated news/talk format in Houston/ New York Times appoints radio president.
2004-12-16: Listening to Australian commercial radio up in 2004.
2004-12-16: FCC says it will not introduce indecency rules for radio satellite subscription services.
2004-12-16: UK media regulator proposes lighter regulation of commercial radio but says there is no case to drop analogue in favour of digital in the near future.
2004-12-17: CHUM to concentrate on absorbing acquisitions rather than go for new ones.

2004-12-17: Four teenagers each jailed for 10 years for manslaughter of British DJ.
2004-12-17: Australian narrowcasting licences fetch only AUD 178,000 (USD 146,000).
2004-12-17: New Edinburgh and Blackburn FM licences awarded.
2004-12-17: Federal Communications Commission upholds fine on Florida AM, refuses low-power FM application a waiver in Texas.
2004-12-17: UK High Court throws out case against radio ratings company by disgruntled Wireless Group.

2004-12-18: Irish regulator tightens up media ownership regulations in advance of review.
2004-12-18: BBC MP3 trial pronounced a success as online listening goes up/BBC Radio 3 to play all Beethoven's works in one week.
2004-12-18: Infinity sells two Baltimore AMs.
2004-12-18: Three US radio hosts step down, two quietly but one curses her station on air.
2004-12-18: UK regulator to investigate soccer radio rights deal.

2004-12-19: Sirius Satellite Radio to set up studio in Hollywood.
2004-12-19: Chrysalis-owned LBC drops three veteran hosts in re-vamp of the station.
2004-12-19: Minnesota Public Radio gives details of planned programming on KCMP-FM station that it going to replaces WCAL/KMSE that it bought from St. Olaf College.
2004-12-19: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-12-20: Record number of US stations switch to Christmas formats.
2004-12-20: India gets its first satellite-to-home services & other Indian radio developments.
2004-12-20: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2004-12-21: Federal Communications Commission asks for yet more time to consider any appeal against court ruling aganst its proposed media ownership rules.
2004-12-21: Caller to Irish state broadcaster, which does not use delay system, airs comment suggesting politician's PR may also be a fellatrix.
2004-12-21: Top ranks unchanged in RADAR 83 survey.
2004-12-21: US radio revenues up 3% on a year ago in November.

2004-12-22: Los Angeles Times says KFI-AM tower, brought down by light plane crash that killed the occupants, was an "infamous landmark" that could be difficult to see in some conditions.
2004-12-22: South Australia's oldest commercial station, Adelaide 5DN, to become sports station.
2004-12-22: UK Capital executives get large pay rises ahead of merger with GWR.
2004-12-22: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 8,000 fine on Clear Channel for broadcasting phone call without advance notice or permission.
2004-12-23: South African commercial radio expected to perform strongly in 2005.
2004-12-23: Twin Cities public station KBEM-FM facing crisis after state cancels contract for traffic reports.
2004-12-23: Australian commercial radio industry welcomes government move to proceed with introduction of digital radio.
2004-12-23: UK authorities wave through Capital-GWR merger.
2004-12-23: Entercom facing USD 200,000 indecency fines.

2004-12-24: Houston sports host Charlie Pallilo wins his latest court battle against Infinity.
2004-12-24: All change at breakfast time for Australian Broadcasting Corporation hosts.
2004-12-24: US Federal Communications Commission fines Florida AM and Iowa FM for public file and EAS breaches.
2004-12-24: Pay down for UK Chrysalis Executives in 2004 but radio chief executive quadruples his take-home with long-term incentive payment.

2004-12-25: Lesley Riddoch's last Radio Scotland 2-hour lunchtime show aired but she is expected back with new one hour show from her production company.
2004-12-25: Cumulus switch of hip-hop WNPL-FM to sports could be overloading Nashville market for the format.
2004-12-25: UTV agrees Euros 9.5 million deal to buy Louth-Meath broadcaster LMFM.

2004-12-26: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland releases details of its sixth New Adventures in Broadcasting scheme.
2004-12-26: All India Radio increases revenues whilst state TV lags behind a year ago.

2004-12-26: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week
2004-12-27: BBC Radio Devon exceeds GBP 1 million (USD 1.9 million) charity appeal target.
2004-12-27: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-12-28: Howard Stern could face suspension or dismissal if he breaches indecency rules when he returns to the air in January.
US satellite radio companies each exceed year-end targets for million subscribers as XM tops 3.1 million and Sirius 1 million.
2004-12-28: US Federal Communications Commission issues another USD 33,000 in penalties.
2004-12-28: Arbitron agrees a new deal with Clear Channel.

2004-12-29: US Federal Communications Commission fines Cumulus USD 10,000 cuts penalty on Texas AM to USD 5,600.
2004-12-29: Speculation mounts that Emap is likely to make full bid for Scottish Radio Holdings early in the New Year.

2004-12-30: Radio and Records says G. Gordon Liddy's show is to move to Radio America from Westwood One.
2004-12-30: Ireland increases licence fee that goes to state broadcaster by 2%.
2004-12-30: Two Chicago hosts dropped.
2004-12-30: Storm takes off top of tower and puts two San Diego radio stations off the air.
2004-12-30: Ham radio helps with communications following tsunami disaster/Toronto ethnic station helps with information from Sri Lanka to relatives in Canada.

2004-12-31: Indian regulator launches consultation about satellite radio policy.
2004-12-31: Spanish Broadcasting System completes San Francisco station takeover in deal with Viacom.
2004-12-31: Arbitron filings shows its Clear Channel ratings and related deals with bring in more than USD 60 million a year.
2004-12-31: Some predictions for 2005 as our last story fo the year.

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2004-11-01: Advertisers and rival radio groups may call for Competition Commission inquiry into Capital-GWR merger.
2004-11-01: Taiwanese radio host files lawsuit against country's President.
2004-11-01: Clear Channel switches KSJO-FM, San Jose, from English rock to Spanish format.
2004-11-01: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation said to have reached agreement on contract extension for its president Robert Rabinovitch.
2004-11-01: British DJ John Peel, who died of heart attack, said to have wanted his recordings collection to go to The British Museum.
2004-11-01: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2004-11-02: Australian Broadcasting Corporation launches online jazz channel.
2004-11-02: Swiss Radio International stops broadcasting after 70 years.
2004-11-02: UK Ofcom regulator upholds one complaint against radio in latest bulletin.
2004-11-02: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2004-11-02: More results - from Entercom and SBS SA.

2004-11-03: New digital multiplexes go on air for Cornwall and Plymouth in South West England.
2004-11-03: Australian Broadcasting Authority reacts to leak of draft report said to clear Australian Broadcasting Corporation of overall bias against war on Iraq and stresses final report is to be completed.
2004-11-03: Canadian regulator indicates local content is important for subscription audio licences but it may also grant more than one licence.
2004-11-03: UK court told case against official radio ratings organization RAJAR is product of hot air
used to generate publicity for Wireless Group.
2004-11-03: US National Association of Broadcasters files 77-page opposition to Federal Communications Commission localism enquiry.
2004-11-04: Former Tampa host Bubba the Love Sponge defeated in contest to be Pinellas Country sheriff.
2004-11-04: Latest BBC complaints bulletin upholds 13 complaints against radio.
2004-11-04: Sirius Canada CEO tells regulatory hearing his company would have control over Canadian content for the service.
2004-11-04: Chicago veteran Larry Lujack renews his contract/among those to be inducted into Radio Hall of Fame on Saturday.
2004-11-04: Veteran Rhode Island host Walter "Salty"Brine dies aged 86.
2004-11-04: UK High Court reserves judgment in case brought against official radio ratings organization RAJAR by the Wireless Group.
2004-11-04: US loses 211 licensed broadcast stations from June to September but radio numbers up by 13.
2004-11-05: Funeral for late British DJ John Peel scheduled next Friday in cathedral near his home.
2004-11-05: CHUM argues that its subscription audio service offers a chance for Canadian service rather than relying on US satellite companies.
2004-11-05: Don and Rome Wade reach tentative agreement to return to mornings on WLS-AM, Chicago.
2004-11-05: XM tops 2.5 million subscribers/ cuts losses in third quarter.
2004-11-05: More US radio results - Citadel, Cumulus, Entravision, Radio One, and Salem.
2004-11-06: Arbitron initiatives improve rates for those who return usable diaries but it still reports problems in getting people to keep them.
2004-11-06: Don and Rome Wade to return to WLS-AM, Chicago on Monday/ Bonneville introduces new format on WILV-FM, the former 80s and 90s hits WNND-FM.
2004-11-06: BBC Radio Scotland staff oppose lunchtime host's bid to take over production of her show, a move they say is likely to cost them some jobs.
2004-11-06: More US radio results including particularly strong performance from Univision.
2004-11-07: Next Media third quarter revenues up but impairment charge turns overall profit into loss.
2004-11-07: Australia launches new radio advertising awards, the Siren Awards.

2004-11-07: Federal Communications Commission levies USD 10,000 penalties on two pirates and Kansas FM.
2004-11-07: Canadian artists support satellite radio for the country but recording companies express caution.
2004-11-07: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation president Robert Rabinovitch gets another three years in the post.
2004-11-07: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-11-08: Five inducted into 2004 Radio Hall of Fame.
2004-11-08: Staff fear of further programme outsourcing at BBC Scotland.
2004-11-08: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2004-11-09: Gunman shoots tower and takes New Hampshire radio station off the air.
2004-11-09: Spanish Broadcasting System third quarter revenues up 15% and loss turned into profit thanks to station sale.
2004-11-09: Phantom FM awarded Dublin and County Alternative Rock licence.
2004-11-09: BBC Radio One in hot water as Sir Elton John used four and more letter words on Chris Moyles show.
2004-11-09: Milwaukee host facing protest over his use of the word "wetback" during US election run-up.
2004-11-09: Viacom opts to fight Super Bowl fine in move that could have wide-ranging implications for US indecent broadcasts regulations.

2004-11-10: Stations in the Association of Minnesota Public/Educational Radio Stations continues fight to try and stop the USD 10.5 million sale to Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) of classical format WCAL-FM.
2004-11-10: DJ Rob da Bank takes over late John Peel's BBC Radio 1 slots.
2004-11-10: Milwaukee host Mark Belling suspended over "wetback" comment.
2004-11-10: XM claims complete vindication as US National Association of Broadcasters applies to withdraw its cull for regulator to formally prohibit its travel and weather services.
2004-11-11: US Federal Communications Commission trims fine on licensee of Mississippi AM, admonishes Wisconsin non commercial FM, and denies tower plans for Clear Channel Denver stations.
2004-11-11: UK regulator advertises new commercial FM;s for Banbury and Manchester.
2004-11-11: Michael Powell says he intends to stay on as Federal Communications Commission chairman.
2004-11-11: Southern Cross Broadcasting AGM hears upbeat assessment of its trading and is told its AMs are benefiting from increased competition amongst FM rivals.
2004-11-11: US FM licence aution total tops USD 115 million.
2004-11-12: New Hampshire radio veteran Frank Teas survives heart attack after Red Sox World Series victory - his life is saved but not his memory of the game.
2004-11-12: Glasgow Herald reports that Lesley Riddoch is to leave BBC Radio Scotland but is expected back with new show.
2004-11-12: Austereo makes strong start to new fiscal year but less confident about whole year.
2004-11-12: US FM licence auction total tops USD 117 million.
2004-11-12: WXZZ-FM, Lexington, suspends morning team who ran fake story that smoking in cars had been banned in the city.
2004-11-13: More suggestions from Howard Stern that he might move to Sirius before 2006.
2004-11-13: Pakistani radio journalists released on bail after charges in connection with demonstration.

2004-11-13: US FM licence auction ends week with total bids of USD 144 million.
2004-11-13: Fans, colleagues and bands attend funeral of British DJ John Peel, who died last month.
2004-11-14: Arbitron drops Westchester, New York/announces new Arbitron Radio Advisory Council members.
2004-11-14: Digital radio equivalent of TV set-top digital box goes on UK market.
2004-11-14: Clear Channel flips Houston KLOL-FM to Spanish language format.
2004-11-14: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-11-15: New Hampshire artist sues Rush Limbaugh over use of his artwork.
2004-11-15: UK Wireless Group picks former policeman John Stalker to head its Manchester FM licence bid/ Belfast licence bids.
2004-11-15: Anti-trust lawsuit against Clear Channel now delayed until New Year.
2004-11-15: Boston investment manager and AM station owner attempts suicide - said to admit he bought station with money from client accounts.
2004-11-15: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-11-16: UK regulator upholds no complaints at all against broadcasters in its latest bulletin.
2004-11-16: Clear Channel switches yet another station to a Spanish-language format.
2004-11-16: Jazz FM in London gets permission to drop traditional jazz during daytime broadcasts.
2004-11-16: Citadel pay-off takes Interep overall revenues up but takes its lost business puts commission revenues down in latest results.
2004-11-16: Bids now total nearly USD 175 million in US FM licence auction.
2004-11-16: UK Chrysalis shares drop 6% as it warns of expected flat revenues.
2004-11-17: FCC gives nod to Minnesota Public Radio purchase of WCAL-FM and sister station KMSE-FM but SAVEWCAL vows to continue fight.
2004-11-17: Milwaukee talk host Mark Belling back on air after suspension over his "wetback" comments.
2004-11-17: Jonathan Adelstein nominated for further Federal Communications Commission term running to 2008.
2004-11-17: Mancow Muller pitches to take over mantle of Howard Stern.
2004-11-17: US FM licence auction bids rise slowly on Tuesday.
2004-11-17: Radio underperforms compared to other divisions for UK Emap and LBI Media in the US.
2004-11-18: BBC Radio 4 shows unrivalled reach with appeal for mariner to stop blocking emergency channel.
2004-11-18: US Federal Communications Commission enforcement bureau issues penalties on three stations.
2004-11-18: International Federation of Journalists expresses concern at raid on Pakistan radio station.
2004-11-18: WXZZ-FM morning team back on the air after Lexington authorities opt against formal complaint to FCC.
2004-11-18: Rush Limbaugh appeal over use of his medical records may go to Florida Supreme Court.
2004-11-18: Bids creep up again in US FM licence auction.
2004-11-18: Sara Cox to return to BBC Radio 1 in February after maternity leave but only at weekends/ Wes Butters out as contract is not to be renewed.
2004-11-18: Infinity opts to drop deals with independent music promoters.
2004-11-19: Last programme made by late British DJ John Peel airs on BBC World Service today.
2004-11-19: Senate Commerce Committe approves Jonathan Adelstein's nomination for second term as Commissioner for US Federal Communications Commission.
2004-11-19: Wife of Boston businessman - and also host on and President of WBIX-AM, which he bought with clients money, says she had no idea what was going on.
2004-11-19: Bidding in US FM licence auction slows down.
2004-11-19: Scottish Radio Holdings boosts UK commercial radio with 5% like-for-like radio revenue increase at start of new financial year/ reports like-for-like revenues for financial year up 9% on previous year.
2004-11-19: Mel Karmazin becomes CEO of Sirius/Howard Stern expected to announce that his Infinity contract is to be bought out allowing him to make early move to Sirius.

2004-11-20: Larger US radio deals of past week including Waitt-NewRadio merger.
2004-11-20: Veteran British DJ Noel Edmonds to appear in live interactive murder mystery to be broadcast by BBC Radio Devon that is linked with charitable appeal.
2004-11-20: Boston business station WBIX-AM now in struggle to keep going as operator and agreed purchaser pulls out of deal following confession by owner that it was purchased with stolen funds.
2004-11-20: US Federal Communications Commission approves software-defined radio device.
2004-11-20: Two top executives quit Marcquarie Media in Australia.
2004-11-20: Total bid in US FM licence auction falls.
2004-11-20: Howard Stern promotes Sirius, attacks FCC in Late Show interview but does not say he is to leave Viacom before his contract expires in 2006.
2004-11-21: Minnesota Public Radio completes purchase of WCAL-FM and KMSE-FM.
2004-11-21: Boston Businessman Bradford Bleidt, owner of WBIX-AM, arrested and charged with mail fraud offences.
2004-11-21: Infinity reported to have fired Rochester programmer for taking gifts.
2004-11-21: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-11-22: San Diego State Uniersity station KPBC takes over KQVO-FM.
2004-11-22: Wisconsin radio host under fire for calling Condoleeza Rice "Aunt Jemima" and Colin Powell "Uncle Tom."
2004-11-22: Australian Prime Minister says easing of media regulations is needed but is not high on his goverment's agenda.
2004-11-22: New Sirius CEO Mel Kaarmazin reported to be looking to increase advertising to boost finances.
2004-11-22: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-11-23: Senate confirms Democrat Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein for second term at the FCC.
2004-11-23: Sydney 2UE hosts Steve Price and John Laws found by tribunal to have vilified homosexuals.
2004-11-23: FCC FM licence auction bids creep up a litle more.
2004-11-23: Radio One Inc. takes controlling interest in Tom Joyner's Reach Media.
2004-11-23: UK UBC media lifts radio hopes in its interim report.
2004-11-24: Entercom joins ranks of US radio groups cutting ties with independent record promoters.
2004-11-24: UK GWR chairman attacks BBC for unfair competition during presentation of interim results.
2004-11-24: FCC FM licence auction 37 ends having raised USD 147 million plus withdrawal payments.
2004-11-24: Sirius Satellite Radio tops 800,000 subscribers.
2004-11-24: FCC and Viacom agree USD 3.5 million indecency settlement/Beasley Broadcasting slapped with a maximum USD 55,000 indecency penalty.
2004-11-25: Wisconsin host apologises to blacks for use of term "Aunt Jemima" about Condoleezza Rice but maintaints his criticism of her.
2004-11-25: Infinity donates tapes of late Paul Muni interviews for WNEW to Museum of TV and Radio.
2004-11-25: BBC to broadcast live tribute evening to late DJ John Peel.
2004-11-25: More FCC fines.

2004-11-26: Veteran US journalist and broadcaster Vic Sussman dies aged 65.
2004-11-26: Publisher to go ahead with publication of autobiography of late British DJ John Peel.
2004-11-26: Florida Supreme Court holds back on decision whether to hear Rush Limbaugh appeal to keep his medical records private.
2004-11-26: UK Capital Radio preliminary results come with warning of slowdown in current quarter.
2004-11-27: California State University jazz station KKJZ-FM to increase its power to 30,000 watts from its current 6,500 watts next month.
2004-11-27: WGBH only significant public station to win bid in FCC FM auction.
2004-11-27: Chrysalis's LBC takes Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race radio rights from BBC.
2004-11-27: Sirius adds UK Premier League soccer to its sports broadcasts.
2004-11-28: Move to Spanish language formats gathers momentum in US.
2004-11-28: British radio companies promote digital audio in run up to Christmas.
2004-11-28: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-11-29: Indian government attacked for taking too much licence money out of struggling FM industry.
2004-11-29: Reuters takes up story of call for Federal Communications Commission to regulate"indecency" on satellite radio.
2004-11-29: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-11-30: UK media regulator upholds only one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2004-11-30: US National Public Radio host Tavis Smiley opts not to renew his contract - last show is on December 16.
2004-11-30: Veteran BBC Radio 2 host John Dunn dies.
2004-11-30: Arbitron gets back into internet audio ratings.

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October 2004

2004-10-01: Indian plans for community radio fall victim to the country's bureaucracy.
2004-10-01: Salem completes purchase of WQBH-AM and converts it from black-orientated talk and music to conservative talk WDTK-AM.
2004-10-01: Sirius marks late Scott Muni's death with day of special programming.
2004-10-01: Australian regulator registers latest commercial industry codes of practice.
2004-10-01: Former Emmis Hot 97 host Troi Torain (Star) barred from New York airwaves until January next year by court.
XM tops 2.5 million subscribers/ to launch Bob Edwards and Opie and Anthony Shows from Monday/analysts uprate satellite radio.
2004-10-02: US Federal Communications Commission confirms full USD 17,000 penalty on a Florida pirate but reduces fined on two AMs because of history of compliance.
2004-10-02: UK UBC Media issues positive update before release of its half-year figures.
2004-10-02: Clear Channel forecasts challenging fourth quarter following flat current one.
2004-10-02: US radio revenues for August down on a year earlier as local revenues remain flat and national ones drop 5%.
2004-10-03: Ugandan station fined after running discussion programme with homosexuals.
2004-10-03: Clear Channel fires half of the air staff at Washington Oldies station.
2004-10-03: Cambodian state broadcaster to air its first national live phone-in show today.
2004-10-03: Boston University investigates its WBUR-FM public station.
2004-10-03: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-10-04: Nassau changes mind and is to retain Air America programming in Portland, Maine.
2004-10-04: Forbes Magazine runs profile of Clear Channel.
2004-10-04: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-10-05: US Federal Communications Commission confirms penalties of USD 18,000 and USD 2,000.
2004-10-05: BBC radio sports commentator criticized in latest Ofcom Complaints Bulletin.
2004-10-05: Two top stations retain their rankings in RADAR 82 network ratings report but their listening is down.
2004-10-05: Agent for former Virgin Radio DJ and owner Chris Evans reported to be trying to set up a bid to buy the station from SMG.
2004-10-05: Bonneville and Emmis in deal to swap three Emmis Phoenix stations for Bonneville's Chicago WLUP-FM and USD 70 million in cash / Salem and Univision in two-for-four station swap.
2004-10-06: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 10,000 penalty on unlicensed California amateur.
2004-10-06: Details released of the 16th annual Australian Commercial Radio Awards to be held on October 16.
2004-10-06: Planned vote on whether to merge Lehigh Valley public radio station into public TV broadcaster is held over until judicial hearing.
2004-10-06: UK regulator publishes details of its scoring system for commercial radio licence awards.
2004-10-06: Viacom and Spanish Broadcasting System announce alliance.
2004-10-07: Supporters of Rhode Island public radio stations put up for sale by WBUR-FM are to meet today with WGBH officials for preliminary talks about the stations.
2004-10-07: Florida Court rules that Rush Limbaugh's medical records were seized legally.
2004-10-07: UK report forecasts 13 million digital radio receivers will have been sold in the country by 2008.
2004-10-07: Howard Stern to leave terrestrial radio for Sirius satellite service.
2004-10-08: Salem to syndicate and carry the "Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio Show " and also announces that its New York WMCA-AM is to be carried on AOL's Radio Service.
2004-10-08: South African watchdog upholds complaint against radio presenter for remarks about mentally ill but rejects second complaint.
2004-10-08: Taiwanese government official says mainland authorities have tried to obtain radio licences and purchase Taiwanese radio stations through surrogates.
2004-10-08: UK regulator advertises new commercial FM licence for for Durham.
2004-10-08: US National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO launches NAB radio show on upbeat tone with calls for radio to build on its localism, introduce digital broadcasts and ensure it keeps politicians on its side.
2004-10-09: UK copyright body targets small businesses in Scotland with demands for payment to play a radio in business premises.
2004-10-09: USD 20,000 fine confirmed on Mississippi AM.
2004-10-09: UK Digital Radio Development Bureau launches pre-Christmas advertising campaign.
2004-10-09: Legislation to increase US indecency fines tenfold is derailed by amendment on media ownership.

2004-10-10: WBUR-FM general manager Jane Christo resigns in wake of investigation into the station/WGBH says it would be prepared to help should a Rhode Island group buy WBUR's public stations in the state but it does not intend to buy them.
2004-10-10: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-10-11: US loses another classical music station in format changes in Grand Rapids.
2004-10-11: Minneapolis gets 500 micro broadcasters.
2004-10-11: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-10-12: UK UBC Media switches away from AA Roadwatch to Trafficklink for its traffic and travel service.
2004-10-12: XM offers online service for USD 7.99 a month.
2004-10-12: Official UK radio ratings organization to run intensive weekend test of three competing audio meter systems next month.
2004-10-13: US public radio hoping to have new content distribution system up and running by spring next year.
2004-10-13: Jones MediaAmerica starts representing Air America network for advert sales.
2004-10-13: UK Virgin radio chief executive John Pearson resigns.
2004-10-13: Long-time Seattle radio personality Phil Harper dies aged 64.
2004-10-13: UK regulator gives Capital Radio go-ahead to merge its two black music Choice stations.
2004-10-13: US National Association of Broadcasters says restoration of tax incentives is best way to increase minority ownership of US media.

2004-10-14: State Department draft report said to criticize US-funded Radio Sawa for failing to promote democracy and US interests in Middle East.
2004-10-14: BBC receives mixed reviews on its digital broadcasts in official reports.
2004-10-14: US radio deals take Saga and Salem into new markets.
2004-10-15: Interep reports that it has developed new radio business income up nearly 60% to USD 67 million so far this year although national billing is slightly down.
2004-10-15: Equipment confiscated from UK pirate station in Merseyside.
2004-10-15: Peter Fiedler named as interim GM of WBUR-FM to replace Jane Christo.
2004-10-15: Salem reported to be possible competitor to Disney for services of WLS-AM , Chicago, morning team of Don Wade and Roma.
2004-10-16: Remembrance service held in London for late Alistair Cooke whose Letter from America was the world's longest running radio speech series.

2004-10-16: Finnish radio to broadcast recently discovered recording of Adolf Hitler talking after end of birthday speeches for Finnish leader, the only known recordings of his normal speech.
2004-10-16: US Federal Communications Commission proposes maximum fine of USD 55,000 on Entercom for indecency offences/also fines Saga for phone call broadcast.
2004-10-17: Florida company develops device to connect XM output to computers.
2004-10-17: Rush Limbaugh and Al Franken voice-to-voice in Rhode Island.
2004-10-17: Sirius to launch its SHADE 45 Eminem channel on October 28 live from Shady National Convention.
2004-10-17: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2004-10-18: Station manager says Clear Channel got its demographics wrong in switching Georgia station to Spanish music format.
2004-10-18: Australian Commercial Radio Awards 2004 including Hall of Fame admission for breakfast pioneer Gary O'Callahan.
2004-10-18: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2004-10-19: Three applications put in for final two community licences on offer in Ireland.
2004-10-19: UK regulator upholds no radio complaints in its latest bulletin.
2004-10-19: Infinity Deminski and Doyle Show indecency penalty upheld along with penalties on Pennsylvania AM and Washington State pirate operator.
2004-10-19: USD 1.7 billion licence agreement agreed between US commercial radio and Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers.
2004-10-20: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 25,000 fine on Texas AM.
2004-10-20: Sirius tops 700,000 subscribers.
2004-10-20: Reduced interest rates and taxes help Arbitron increase third quarter net earnings by 42% on 8% revenue increase.
2004-10-20: UK government report gives warm endorsement to BBC digital radio channels.
2004-10-21: Interep CEO Ralph Guild says US radio getting unfair rap compared to other media.
2004-10-21: Ontario government to support new Toronto Francophone station with CAD 75,000 grant.
2004-10-21: Bonneville to switch Washington DC AM to format it now runs online/Radio One Inc completes Atlanta acquisition.
2004-10-21: Fears in Italy that PM Berlusconi, whose company controls three national TV networks, is now moving to attempt to dominate commercial radio in the country.
2004-10-21: XM satellite radio signs USD 650 million 11-year Major League Baseball deal.
2004-10-22: Palm Beach Country group trying to set up foundation to purchase Barry University public stations.
2004-10-22: Bush-Cheney campaign adverts wrapped around traffic reports attract controversy.
2004-10-22: US Federal Communications Commission fines Uniradio Corporation USD 25,000 in relation to supplying programming to Mexican AM that was causing interference in the US/other FCC fines.
2004-10-22: Latest UK radio ratings bring good news for breakfast hosts Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1 and Nicky Campbell on BBC Radio Five Live.
2004-10-22: Mark Mays takes over as Clear Channel CEO and his father Lowry remains chairman.
2004-10-23: Corus joins satellite radio consortium involving XM that is bidding for Canadian radio subscription licence.
2004-10-23: Rush Limbaugh files appeal against court ruling that his medical records were seized legally under search warrant.
2004-10-23: Crain Communications selling Florida radio stations to Vox after deal announced last year lapsed.
2004-10-23: Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 21,000 fine on Mississippi AM.
2004-10-23: New York attorney general subpoenas record companies over issue of payments for putting songs on air.
2004-10-24: London Capital FM breakfast show co-host Becky Jago to leave at end of year.
2004-10-24: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2004-10-25: New York Times reports on self-restraint by Opie and Anthony in their satellite radio show.
2004-10-25: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2004-10-26: Air America gets powerful Seattle AM affiliate from Infinity.

2004-10-26: Toronto radio veteran Jeremy Brown dies aged 74.
2004-10-26: Sirius signs up cyclist and six-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong to host his own show
2004-10-26: MobilTrak trials its system that keeps track of what stations car receivers are tuned to in Washington, DC.

2004-10-27: Salem buys university station in Omaha.
2004-10-27: XM announces battery-powered portable receiver/Sirius announcements/new DAB models in UK.
2004-10-27: Grokster founder settles Puretunes case with recording industry.
2004-10-27: Grupo Radio Centro reduces net loss compared to a year ago in third quarter.
2004-10-27: Veteran British DJ John Peel dies of heart attack.

2004-10-27: Howard Stern calls FCC chairman Michael Powell on San Francisco KGO-AM talk show.
2004-10-28: Latest Irish ratings show more listening than a year earlier.
2004-10-28: Strong results from Astral, Corus and Rogers in Canada driven by TV not radio.
2004-10-28: Publisher says it is not now decided if autobiography of British veteran DJ John Peel, who died yesterday, will now be published.
2004-10-28: Sirius subscriptions and income up but so are losses.
2004-10-29: Two radio complaints upheld in latest BBC Governors appeals panel report.
2004-10-29: General Motors, Canada, agrees long-term deal with Canadian Satellite Radio.
2004-10-29: BBC rejects complaints that late DJ John Peel had felt marginalized.
2004-10-29: Florida pirate fined USD 17,000.
2004-10-29: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy attracts 1 million to BBC web site.
2004-10-29: More North American results including Beasley, CHUM, Cox, Jefferson-Pilot, Regent, Saga , and Viacom.

2004-10-30: US radio and TV host Bill O'Reilly settles sexual harassment case brought against him by his former Fox TV producer.
2004-10-30: Veteran Adelaide broadcaster Jeremy Cordeaux steps out of radio after 42 years.
2004-10-30: Chicago husband and wife team Don and Roma Wade reported to be close to return to airwaves-- they had been off them since their contract with WLS-AM expired.
2004-10-30: Look at US radio deals over past week.
2004-10-30: US radio revenues up 4% in September.
2004-10-30: More radio results- from Clear Channel and Westwood One.
2004-10-31: Federal Communications Commission tells California broadcaster free adverts cannot be donated to Republican candidates only.

2004-10-31: Australian Broadcasting Corporation reaches agreement for its radio and TV services to be carried on Foxtel digital satellite and cable platform.
2004-10-31: Australian Broadcasting Corporation reaches agreement for its radio and TV services to be carried on Foxtel digital satellite and cable platform.

2004-10-31: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
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