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March 2005

2005-03-01: South Dakota Native American-owned non-commercial public station KILI-FM retains Rapid City translator with aid of Christian stations.
2005-03-01: Mel Karmazin outlines virtuous circle of increased subscribers and advertising that will make Sirius profitable in interview with New York Times.
2005-03-01: Air America says it expects to be back on the air in Chicago soon.
2005-03-01: BBC online listening in January up a fifth on a year ago despite audio server problems.
2005-03-01: XM-3 successfully launched/ XM to put up its charges but will include more in its basic package.

2005-03-02: Digital radio receiver sales in UK outstrip those for analogue sets.
2005-03-02: US Federal Communications Commission substitutes admonishment for one fine and reduces another.
2005-03-02: UK regulator upholds only one radio complaint in its latest bulletin.
2005-03-02: Univision radio performs well in 2004/ other US radio business.
2005-03-02: Australian Broadcasting Authority rules that Australian Broadcasting Corporation's AM programme, although generally fair, did breach its regulations in six cases.
2005-03-02: Some US lawmakers call for indecency regulation to be extended to subscription services.
2005-03-03: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 4,000 fine on Saga.
2005-03-03: Richard Bacon to leave his BBC show to take over from Neil Fox as Capital FM drivetime host.
2005-03-03: Survey shows fifth of Canadians interested in satellite radio service.
2005-03-03: British government proposes to allow BBC to keep licence fee and renew Royal Charter for ten years but to replace current governors with a trust to control the broadcaster.
2005-03-03: Infinity to stream news and news/talk stations with other formats to follow/developments in cellphone technology allow online listening.
2005-03-04: Second set of "You Heard it here first" commercials launched by US radio to emphasise its role in promoting new music.
2005-03-04: Nashville radio sports host George Plaster settles his dispute with Gaylord Entertainmen
2005-03-04: Australian WorldAudio group reports losses up and revenues plummeting in first half of its financial year.
2005-03-04: Atlanta "Regular Guys" duo, fired last year from WKLS-AM to return to air on March 21 on WGST-AM.
2005-03-04: Dallas host Ron Chapman to retire after 45 years on air in the city.
2005-03-05: US Federal Communications Commission refuses to reconsider go-ahead for Cumulus deal in Mississippi and against USD 10,000 penalty on unauthorized California amateur.
2005-03-05: MSN and Media Bay to put old-time radio shows online/ Arbitron-ComScore add Live 365 to their online ratings.
2005-03-05: Top rating Sydney host Alan Jones could face contempt of court charges.
2005-03-05: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael J Powell says he opposes extending indecency rules to subscriber services/ outgoing Media Bureau chief says congress would probably be best regulator of media ownership.
2005-03-05: Former Virgin DJ Chris Evans to host two BBC Radio 2 shows/ reported in negotiations over national commercial show.
2005-03-06: Indecency complaints in US drop back in third quarter, rise in October & November then fall again in December 2004.
2005-03-06: Japanese Internet pioneer vows to continue with bid for Nippon Broadcasting System radio group.
2005-03-06: News Corporation reported to be likely to disassociate itself from Indian radio affiliate to help get satellite TV licence.
2005-03-06: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-03-07: British DJ and former media mogul Chris Evans says he's cash broke/ also that he still finds exposing himself amusing.
2005-03-07: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-03-08: English DJ Tommy Vance dies following stroke.
2005-03-08: Pew report says Internet overtook radio for political news in 2004.
2005-03-08: New Belfast and Cornwall FM licences awarded, the first a further boost for UTV whose profits were up 28% for 2004.
2005-03-09: Fuji TV buys enough shares in Nippon Broadcasting System radio group, subject of bid by internet group Livedoor, to veto decisions.
2005-03-09: Sirius gets factory installation agreements for new models from two automakers.
2005-03-09: Strong 2004 results for European broadcaster SBSSA.
2005-03-09: Hoosier Public Radio bids to gain shares of educational broadcasters' time falters/FCC raps Media Access Project CEO and agrees USD 10,000 consent decree with New Jersey non-commercial FM.
2005-03-09: UK Capital-GWR mergers moves further on.
2005-03-09: More US radio business including Salem results.

2005-03-10: Internet listening fell in January compared to December according to Arbitron-comScore.
2005-03-10: Chicago radio executive changes including new GM for WGN-AM.
2005-03-10: Boston public radio host Christopher Lydon, dropped by WBUR-FM, gets new show for WGBH-FM.
2005-03-10: UK Chrysalis Group says trading improved at start of this year and is in line with expectations.
2005-03-10: Emmis's Hot 97 in another row, this time over shooting outside station.
2005-03-11: Virgin Radio starts podcast of breakfast show segments.
2005-03-11: Harry Smith takes over Dan Rather's daily comment slot on CBS radio network.
2005-03-11: BBC unions to meet management today following job losses announcement..
2005-03-11: Spanish Broadcasting System reports very strong 2004/ NextMedia goes into loss because of impairment charges.
2005-03-11: SMG bullish following 2004 results despite radio revenue fall/ says Virgin Radio has great potential within the group.
2005-03-11: Michael Powell chairs his last meeting as chairman of US Federal Communications Commission.
2005-03-12: First community radio licence awarded/applicants announced for Norwich FM etc.
2005-03-12: Digital Radio Mondiale and WorldDAB agree on extension of frequencies their systems can cover.
2005-03-12: US Media Access Project petitions for freeze on translation licences in view of what it alleges is major trafficking scheme.
2005-03-12: San Francisco radio scene changes as 49'ers move from KGO-AM and Viacom sells KFRC-AM.

2005-03-13: US Federal Communications Commission updates rules for "smart" radios.

2005-03-13: UK regulator Ofcom continues rearch into devices like the i Trip but also re-iterates current ban on their use.
2005-03-13: Outgoing US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael Powell to join Aspen Institute.
2005-03-13: Lord Alli says he may withdraw his bid to buy Virgin Radio from SMG.
2005-03-13: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-03-14: Clear Channel steps up investment in entertainment.
2005-03-14: SMG reported to be near to appointing new chief executive for Virgin Radio/ Kelvin MacKenzie said to be close to raising funds for Wireless Group buy-out.
2005-03-14: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2005-03-15: UK regulator upholds only one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2005-03-15: Australian commercial radio targets finance sector in its latest campaign to enhance perceptions of the medium for advertising.
2005-03-15: Two Jazz FM hosts out and more expected to go as station switches to Smooth FM format.
2005-03-15: Long-time Infinity executive Jon Zellner to join XM/ Seattle host Pat Cashman to exit radio.
2005-03-16: Former US Federal Communications Commission Media Bureau Chief becomes COO for Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
2005-03-16: Macquarie Radio Network publishes prospective for very limited public offering.
2005-03-16: US Federal Communications Commission confirms decision to refuse extra time for construction of Florida AM/asks whether it should be changing requirements for public notice of change of control or ownership of a station.
2005-03-16: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that use of F-word by rock group breached its rules.
2005-03-16: Public radio changes in Chicago and Cincinnati.
2005-03-16: New broadcast violence and indecency bill introduced into US Senate.
2005-03-17: Salem promotes Joe D. Davis to position of COO.
2005-03-17: Judge reiterates bar on Nippon Broadcasting System issuing shares available only to Fuji TV to thwart bid by Livedoor.
2005-03-17: Viacom considering split into separate companies.
2005-03-17: Kevin J. Martin named to be chairman of US Federal Communications Commission.
2005-03-18: Morning host Jeff Fillion quits CHOI-FM, Quebec.
2005-03-18: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 6,000 and USD 5,000 fines on Montana and Minnesota FMs.
2005-03-18: BBC appoints Alison Hindell as Head of Radio Drama.
2005-03-18: Indian tribunal calls on government to clarify situation for private FMs by April 26/WorldSpace to launch operation in Gujerat.
2005-03-18: Australian commercial radio leaders meet politicians to urge action on digital radio.

2005-03-19: UK Chrysalis said to be considering de-merging its divisions to finance bid for another radio group.
2005-03-19: US loses another rock station as KCBS (Arrow 93.1), Los Angeles, becomes Jack FM.
2005-03-19: UK regulator releases details of factors in its granting of new Belfast and Cornwall commercial FM licences.
2005-03-19: US Federal Communications Commission imposes freeze on translator construction permits/ asks if low-power Fms should be given precedence.
2005-03-19: BBC said to be planning to cut further 1,500 jobs.

2005-03-19: Chicago court case against Clear Channel now before jury.
2005-03-20: Washington State to honour non-commercial music station KEXP-FM.
2005-03-20:Merged UK Capital Radio and GWR to be called GCap Media.
2005-03-20: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-03-21: Former Capital FM co-host Emma Forbes returns to radio - at Virgin.
2005-03-21: Fujisankei Media considering offering jobs in group to any Nippon Broadcasting System employees who wish to leave it.
2005-03-21: UK Guardian Media Group reported still open to offers for its radio operations.
2005-03-21: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-03-22: Former BBC broadcaster John Ebdon dies aged 81.
2005-03-22: Scottish Radio Holdings national Irish station Today FM goes into cumulative profit.
2005-03-22: UK Chrysalis says in statement it is considering making formal bid for Guardian Media Group's radio holdings.
2005-03-22: More radio busienss including Entercom USD 45 million purchase, Austereo share buy-back announcement and
USD 1.05 million severance deal for former Sirius CEO.
2005-03-22: BBC announces plans to cut more jobs - in all around a fifth of its staff.
2005-03-23: Arbitron says RADAR 84 network ratings survey has sample of 80,000 plus diary keepers.
2005-03-23: Sirius offers USD 250 million of notes.
2005-03-23: Livedoor President, whose company is bidding for control of Nippon Broadcasting System, says he intends to change more than half the management.
2005-03-23: Chicago jury awards USD 90 million in damages against Clear Channel.
2005-03-24: More automobile options for US satellite radio companies.
2005-03-24: UK Emap hires former Capital FM managing director Andrea Vidler as MD of Magic FM.
2005-03-24: US National Public Radio launches new "This I Believe" series based on 1950s CBS series hosted by Edward R. Murrow.
2005-03-24: Australian commercial radio broadcasters say they want to keep a 1% of revenues cap on copyright payments to Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA)
2005-03-24: Nippon Broadcasting System to start talks with Livedoor internet company after court prevents it issuing news shares.
2005-03-24: Arbitron-Edison Media report says US media consumption patterns are changing/ Bridge Ratings President says Internet radio is more of a threat to traditional radio than satellite radio.

2005-03-25: Former Chicago WGN-AM general manager Mark Krieschen hired by Cox Radio in Houston.
2005-03-25: Oklahoman reports that former state senator started KESC-FM using college broadcast studio.
2005-03-25: Setback for Livedoor as Nippon Broadcasting System loans Fuji TV shares to Softbank Investment Corporation.
2005-03-25: Jerry Springer radio show to get national syndication on Air America network.
2005-03-25: Expenses of host Don Imus's New Mexico Ranch charity come under scrutiny.
2005-03-25: UK Emap hires Chrysalis executive.
2005-03-25: Clear Channel to stream concerts on its web sites according to New York Daily News.
2005-03-26: Mapleton reported to be going to keep classical format at KBOQ-FM, which it is buying from J&M Broadcasting.
2005-03-26: Dom Imus repoted cleared of impropriaty in relation to use of his Mexico charity ranch.

2005-03-26: UK Guardian Media Group issues statement saying its radio assets are not for sale.
2005-03-26: New York State Attorney's office starts investigation of Emmis's Hot-97 over its "Smackfest" competition, which has already been dropped.
2005-03-26: Nashville AM sues Cumulus and Disney-ABC-ESPN over move of ESPN programming from it to Cumulus.
2005-03-27: Jackson (Rev Jesse) hosts Jackson (Michael) today.
2005-03-27: Air America hires Premiere Networks EVP/Music Operations Gary Krantz as its new President.

2005-03-27: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-03-28: Livedoor formally claims to have taken control of Japanese radio company, Nippon Broadcasting System.
2005-03-28: Institutional shareholders said to be warning Chrysalis Group against bidding for Guardian Media Group radio.
2005-03-28: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-03-29: Livedoor cancels meeting with Softbank Investment, which has borrowed Fuji TV shares from Nippon Broadcasting System.
2005-03-29: ABC Daytime retains lead in latest RADAR network ratings.
2005-03-29: Entries opened for 2005 Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2005-03-29: UK Times reports on planned merger of Capital Radio and GWR.
2005-03-29: Battle lines drawn up over US indecency legislation.
2005-03-30: Boston public broadcaster WGBH promotes
Marita Rivero to the new post of General Manager for WGBH Radio and Television.
2005-03-30: SRH update shows radio revenues up on local advertising.
2005-03-30: Clear Channel appoints Lisa Dollinger as Chief Communications Officer.
2005-03-30: Listening jumps according to latest BBC online figures.

2005-03-31: UK media regulator upholds no complaints in latest bulletin.
2005-03-31: US National Public Radio says its audience has grown more than 40% over past four years.
2005-03-31: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2005-03-31: Veteran US radio host Dr Don Rose dies.
2005-03-31: Encouraging UK radio numbers from Emap and Wireless Group.

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2005-02-01: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2005-02-01: Indian state broadcasting facing severe budget cuts.
2005-02-01: Chrysalis to replace Jonathan Coleman with Jamie Theakston on its Heart breakfast show in London.
2005-02-01: US media giants go to Supreme Court to get media cross-ownership rules accepted.
2005-02-02: US broadcasting veteral Bill Shadel, who covered the WW2 D-Day landings for CBS, dies aged 96.
2005-02-02: BBC launches new complaints system including special web site.
2005-02-02: Chicago WGN-AM vice president and general manager Mark Krieschen reported to be under pressure to leave the station.
2005-02-02: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decides that Local Sales Agreements in the country fall under the same regulations as Local Management Agreements and is requiring that LSA and LMA agreements related to 15 commercial stations be wound up.
2005-02-02: US radio revenues in 2004 up 2% on 2003 to estimated USD 21.4 billion.
2005-02-03: BBC to broadcast US Super Bowl in 7-hour programme.
2005-02-03: Quantum buys three more on the Cape/Nashua AM closes down.
2005-02-03: Delhi High Court rules against private FM companies petition over licence charges.
2005-02-03: Emmis fires 2, suspends three for 2-weeks and donates USD 1 million fokllowing tsunami song parody broadcast.
2005-02-03: Clear Channel switches another station to Spanish language/to buy back USD 1 billion more of its shares.

2005-02-04: Latest figures show online listening now around five million a week to three networks rated by comScore/Arbitron.
2005-02-04: Australian Commercial radio launches latest in series of adverts promoting the medium.
2005-02-04: Indian Telecom Dispute Settlement Appellate Tribunal declines to push for early settlement of FM radio companies push for revenue share licence charges.
2005-02-04: Digital radio beginning to take off in Europe/ its progress gives Digital Radio Mondiale a boost.
2005-02-04: US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Joint Board Chairman and Citadel CEO Philip Lombardo attacks current indecency crackdown in the US.
2005-02-05: US Pacifica Radio, recovering from internal rifts, says it was in surplus in 2004.
2005-02-05: UK regulator advertises new FM licences for Solentn region and Torbay area.
2005-02-05: University of Washington might apply for third broadcast licence/FCC sets out agenda for Low Power FM Forum in Washington D.C.
2005-02-05: UK Guardian Media Group pulls out of race for new Manchester FM licence.
2005-02-05: Ad Age says consolidation in Spanish radio is aiding the sector in the US.
2005-02-06: Complaints against radio from four listeners are upheld in Ireland.
2005-02-06: Radio One Inc. to redeem all its outstanding Convertible Preferred Securities, Remarketable Term Income Deferred Equity Securities ("HIGH TIDES").
2005-02-06: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-02-07: Decision expected this week on whether 49ers will move away from KGO-AM after 18 years.
2005-02-07: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-02-08: Katz Radio Group to resurrect the Eastman Radio rep firm, which it acquired in 1990.
2005-02-08: US Federal Communications Commission proposes budget exceeding USD 300 million for its 2005 financial year.
2005-02-08: British Museum appeals to public for machinery to play some of its old recordings.
2005-02-08: Entravision goes national with Renan Almendarez Coello's "El Cucuy de la Manana."
2005-02-08: Anti-Trust case being brought against Clear Channel by Jam Productions, is getting under way in Chicago.
2005-02-09: Chicago WGN-AM expected to look eexternally for new VP and general manager to replace Mark Kreischen.
2005-02-09: US classical music host Karl Haas dies aged 92.
2005-02-09: 14 radio complaints upheld by BBC Complaints Unit in final quarter of 2004.
2005-02-09: Corus set to launch Québec's largest news-talk radio network/other North American radio business.
2005-02-09: New low-power FM bill introduced in US Senate.
2005-02-10: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 10,000 penalty on Florida noncommercial for carrying adverts and also reduces from USD 21,000 to USD 10,000 the penalty on a Florida low-power FM that had been transmitting way above its permitted power.
2005-02-10: Veteran CBS broadcaster George Herman dies aged 85.
2005-02-10: Anti trust case against Clear Channel starts in Chicago.
2005-02-10: London Heart FM breakfast co-host Jono Coleman, who is being dropped, to host weekend shows at LBC 97.3 FM.
2005-02-10: US House Committee passes bill to increase indecency penalties up to maximum USD 500,000.
2005-02-11: Australian Broadcasting Authority rules that Canberra station breached its licence conditions through broadcasting political advert durign "black-out period."
2005-02-11: More US radio deals this week.
2005-02-11: Miss Jones in the Morning Show returns to Hot 97 in New York today following tsunami song parody that led to firings and suspensions.
2005-02-11: In UK, 19 bids made for new Manchester FM, three for Banbury.
2005-02-11: More US results and radio business including 2004 revenue increases but greater losses for XM and smaller profits at Beasley Broadcast.
2005-02-12: Canadian watchdog rules that parody based on death of young man who was "walled up" did not breach its rules.
2005-02-12: Format changes in US as Clear Channel changes Miami rock station to Spanish format and D.C. public station confirms it is to drop classical music for news.
2005-02-12: "Cheeky" GBP 100 million bid made for SMG-owned Virgin Radio.
2005-02-12: US broadcasting stations numbers fall during 2004 but complaints rise dramatically, particularly about indecency.

2005-02-13: Emmis "Miss Jones in the Morning Show" goes back on air with reduced team/Don Imus "effs" on air.
2005-02-13: UK reports on media literacy include some good news for radio.
2005-02-13: US Radio Advertising Bureau conference told the medium has to be more sophisticated in presenting itself.
2005-02-13: Salem cancels advert for Christian-Moslem meeting placed with its Tampa WTNB-AM talk station.
2005-02-13: Publicizing bid for Virgin radio gets SMG shareholders talking to bidders.
2005-02-13: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-02-14: New children's radio station to be launched on commercial digital channels in April.
2005-02-14: Harris Corporation to hold Digital Radio Symposium in Romania.
2005-02-14: UK Wireless Group reported to be planning to go private/SMG could face breakup.
2005-02-14: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-02-15: UK Wireless Group confirms conditional offer has been made for it.
2005-02-15: One radio complaint upheld in latest bulletin from UK media regulator.
2005-02-15: Fisher Communications turns third quarter operational loss of 2003 into profit in 2004 and reduces losses for full year.
2005-02-15: UK radio ratings organization to carry out further trials on Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) and the Eurisko Media Monitor following November tests but drops GfK/Telecontrol MediaWatch.
2005-02-15: Rob Barnett to take over as President, Programming, at Infinity Broadcasting from Steve Rivers.
2005-02-15: London to lose its jazz station as Jazz FM becomes Smooth FM.
2005-02-15: Emap suspends indefinitely host and producer who staged mock burglary at programme director's home.

2005-02-16: Florida prosecutor says to accept Limbaugh's argument against allowing his medical records to be reviewed would "eviscerate" law enforcement.
2005-02-16: New BBC head of radio in Scotland talks of planned changes, says he can't guarantee presenter Lesley Riddock will return.
2005-02-16: Chicago urban-contemporary WPWX-FM reported to want to drop morning hosts DaVante Stone and Courtney Hicks and replace them with current WGCI-FM. afternoon host Sam Sylk.
2005-02-16: Cox takes up where Clear Channel left off when it switched WZTA-FM to Spanish format and flips Miami WPYM-FM from dance to rock.
2005-02-16: BBC Radio 5 Live late host Matthew Bannister reported to be leaving show to look after child following death of his wife.
2005-02-16: Regent reports record 2004.
2005-02-17: Arbitron reports best response rates since 2000 for its Fall 2004 survey.
2005-02-17: US National Association of Broadcasters starts search for successor as President and CEO to Edward Fritts/attacks report on local political cover cited by Sen John McCain.
2005-02-17: UK Wireless Group chief executive said to be unwilling to increase his nil-premium bid for the country/SMG awaits further bid developments.
2005-02-17: Chart formats biggest audience gainers and Urban the biggest losers in latest Interep report on US radio listening.
2005-02-17: US House of Representatives passes bill to increase indecency penalties to USD 500,000.
2005-02-18: UK regulator awards new Kidderminster FM licence to ACE-FM.
2005-02-18: Complaints lodged with Fedral Communications Commission over abuse of woman at Indian call centre by New York Clear Channel host Star - Troi Torain.
2005-02-18: Canadian watchdog rules that use of F-word on air and subsequent response by CFNY-FM, Toronto, to complaint each breached Canadian standards.
2005-02-18: Latest Irish ratings show radio increasing its reach in the country during 2004.
2005-02-18: President of General Motors, Canada, calls for approval of both Sirius and XM satellite radio services there/ XM satellite launch delayed.
2005-02-18: Two Sydney hosts ordered to apologise for remarks they made that were held to have "vilified homosexuals."
2005-02-18: Strong results for Entravision and Radio One Inc/ other US radio business.
2005-02-19: UK regulator receives 192 applications for community licences/posts details of Manchester and Banbury FM applications.
2005-02-19: Austereo profits and revenues up a tenth in first half of year but it issues warning for the future as competition builds up from new stations.
2005-02-19: Digital radio awareness up in Britain/ new DAB and DMB (digitial multimedia broadcasting ) developments/ India looks for international distribution for its state broadcasters.
2005-02-19: US radio revenues up 3% in January compared to a year ago.
2005-02-19: Chicago PD cum host fired by Clear Channel in connection with payola suggestions as it, Entercom and Infinity receive payola inquiry subpoenas.
2005-02-20: XM3 satellite launch further postponed because of ocean conditions.
2005-02-20: Miss Info says Emmis's Hot-97 may fire her if she doesn't return to work but she is not happy at conditions.
2005-02-20: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-02-21: Melbourne agency wins second round of radio advertising "Siren Awards."
2005-02-21: More speculation about future of former BBC Radio Scotland host Lesley Riddoch.
2005-02-21: US Security and Exchange Commission looks into suggestions of insider trading in Sirius shares before Howard Stern announced he was to join the company.
2005-02-21: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-02-22: Association of Music Personnel in Public Radio meeting to look at study on how US public radio stations can constructively change their classical music output, currently in decline
2005-02-22: US radio gets a thumbs-down for its current performance from Media Week.
2005-02-22: Emap DJ suspended for trashing programme directors home to be back on air this weekend.
2005-02-22: Preparations start again for launch of XM3 satellite.

2005-02-23: Cumulus Shreveport station taken off air as result of interference with USAF planes still out a month later.
2005-02-23: UK regulator proposes easing maritime radio licence requirements.
2005-02-23: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2005-02-23: Cumulus net earnings double in final quarter of 2004.
2005-02-23: US broadcasters may test indecency regulations in courts.
2005-02-23: Sirius takes NASCAR racing from XM starting in 2007.
2005-02-24: Only 7% of Stern listeners say they'd buy Sirius to keep listening.
2005-02-24: Astral-Corus Quebec station swap gets formal approval.
2005-02-24: Already delayed XM3 satellite launch halted just before liftoff.
2005-02-24: WLS-AM operations director resigns, taking to six program director vacancies in Chicago.
2005-02-24: UK Wireless Group buyout deal collapses.
2005-02-24: More US radio business including Cox and Entercom results.
2005-02-25: US Federal Communications Commission confirms fine on Infinity for broadcasting phone call without permission.
2005-02-25: Australian advertising duo say Indian radio could double its share of the country's advertising within three years.
2005-02-25: Clear Channel and Howard Stern agree to drop lawsuits relating to company's cancellation of Stern's shows.
2005-02-25: Southern Cross Broadcasting profits and revenues well up in half-year to end of 2004.
2005-02-25: Air America Radio appoints former record company executive Danny Goldberg as CEO.
2005-02-25: Citadel has strong 2004 but USD 18 billion write-down, USD 10.9 billion of it relating to radio, pushes Viacom into a loss.
Saga revenues were up but profits dipped in final quarter.
2005-02-26: Veteran BBC broadcaster and executive Leonard Miall dies aged 90.
2005-02-26: India said to be going to refuse to allow news on private FM stations.
2005-02-26: Clear Channel to end joint sales agreements with Entravision's Indie 103 in Los Angeles market.
2005-02-26: Toronto campus radio host whose show repotrts on police malfeasance backs off over e-mail address after complaints.
2005-02-26: Major SMG shareholder ITV reported to be against break-up bid.
2005-02-26: Charges take Clear Channel into 2004 loss & other results and business from US.
2005-02-27: US loses two more rock stations.
2005-02-27: XM3 launch now ten days late and still not counting.
2005-02-27: Irish regulator decides in principle to go ahead with plans for licencing new stations.
2005-02-27: US Federal Communications Commission to reconsider decision to allow sale of stations after politician controlling the licensee was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice.
2005-02-27: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-02-28: XM3 satellite launch now scheduled for tomorrow.
2005-02-28: Grupo Radio Centro revenues down in 2004 but it also loses less.
2005-02-28: Clear Channel International reported to be expressing interest in SMG outdoor advertising arm/ UK Wireless Group chief executive Kelvin MacKenzie said to be trying to negotiate new supporters for buy-out bid of the group.
2005-02-28: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

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January 2005

2005-01-01: BiCoastal Media opts to increase local flavour and re-introduce local news in stations it is buying in Washington State.
2005-01-01: Singapore station opts to keep adverts down to now more than two in a row.
2005-01-01: BBC World Service radio to air special "Disaster In Asia: The Week That Shocked the World" tomorrow.
2005-01-02: Boston businessman Chris Egan, whose business radio dream feded when WBIX-AM purchase fell through, reported to be considering purchase of another station.

2005-01-02: Columbia University Laboratory where FM radio technology was developed by Edwin Howard Armstrong gains National Historic Status.
2005-01-02: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-01-03: Connecticut Public Radio's WPKT-FM, hit by damaged transmitter, likely to be at half power for up to another two weeks.
2005-01-03: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-01-04: Viacom's SPIKE TV launches SPIKE radio on Viacom-Infinity Las Vegas AM.
2005-01-04: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 25,000 penalty on licensee of now-defunct New Mexico FM.
2005-01-04: More details emerge of the amateur radio operation that kept the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean in touch with the world after they had been hit by the tsunami.
2005-01-04: Sirius tops 1.1 million subscribers at end of 2004 and says it expects to double the number this year/Howard Stern returns to terrestrial airwaves.
2005-01-05: Arbitron names company veteran Pierre Bouvard to the new position of President Of Portable People Meters And International in an attempt to speed commercial introduction of its portable people meter (PPM) technology.
2005-01-05: UK regulator upholds one complaint against radio in its latest bulletin.
2005-01-05: Beasley to drop Howard Stern in Miami according to Sun-Sentinel.
2005-01-05: France's first English-language radio station to get part-time AM slot later this month.
2005-01-06: Veteran UK broadcaster Les Ross to get new Sunday show on BBC West Midlnds.
2005-01-06: Tasmanian gay activist lodges complaint against Sydney 2UE beakfast host John Laws.
2005-01-06: British author and broadcaster Humphrey Carpenter dies of heart attack.
2005-01-06: iBiquity announces deal with 21 ghroups to convert 1,000 stations to its HD digital radio/more HD radio news.
2005-01-06: Both US satellite radio companeis launch new products at CES/ XM subscriptions now above 3.2 million.
2005-01-07: Syndicated "progressive" US host Ed Schultz up to 70 affiliates.
2005-01-07: New FM licence advertised for Ballymena in Northern Ireland.
2005-01-07: Emmis reports strong third quarter.
2005-01-07: Well behind Europe, US to get its first live local traffic data service to automobiles from Clear Channel.
2005-01-08: Fisher Communications dumps President and CEO William W. Krippaehne Jr.
2005-01-08: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K. Powell re-affirms view that FCC should not censor satellite radio but dodges other questions at Consumer Electronics Show.
2005-01-08: UK media regulator publishes community radio consultation and also basic details ofapplicants for new Durham commercial FM licence.
2005-01-08: 2005 sees strong start for US radio deals.

2005-01-09: XM sells another USD 100 million of convertible notes.
2005-01-09: Kentucky judge orders Clear Channel's WHS-AM in Louisville to supply broadcasts of Louisville football and men's basketball games to Sirius Satellite Radio.
2005-01-09: Entercom revamps line-up at KIRO-AM, Seattle.
2005-01-09: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-01-10: Forbes Magazine gives thumbs down to Liberman's planned initial public offering.
2005-01-10: Nebraska Public Radio Network (NPRN) changes its name to NET Radio as part of a re-branding by parent NET (Nebraska Educational Telecommunications)
2005-01-10: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-01-11: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 20,000 fine on Pacific Spanish Network, Inc. (PSN), for providing programming via the Internet to a Mexican AM broadcast station in breach of the terms and conditions of its authorization.
2005-01-11: Veteran Brisbane broadcaster Ian Skippen moves from B105 to Triple-M after 16 years with the former.
2005-01-11: BBC Radio 1 chooses 3 DJs to fill hole left by the death of John Peel.
2005-01-12: Chicago Sun-Times columnist Robert Feder picks on Clear Channel over commercialization of traffic data services.
2005-01-12: DJ Star (Tro Torain) criticized over abuse to woman at Indian call centre but Clear Channel management reserve most blame for employee who posted the comments on station web site.
2005-01-12: US radio to promote itself as prime way for listeners to hear new music.
2005-01-12: British commercial radio industry to devote next Monday to Radio Aid programme for child victims of tsunami/other radio aid for victims.
2005-01-13: Chicago WGN-AM PD Mary June Rose announces her resignation.
2005-01-13: More radio deals as Emmis International buys in Slovakia, Citadel in Michigan and Salem in Nebraska.
2005-01-13: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposes USD 28,000 penalty on Univision over airing of phone call to account executive without gaining prior permission.
2005-01-13: Philadelphia Power 99 posts apology for abusive comments by Star (Troi Torain) and replaces Star and Buc Wild show for a day by rescheduling radiothon in aid of tsunami victims.
2005-01-13: New York Times report hints that fired Entercom Buffalo PD Dave Universal may have improperly accepted gifts from record companies although he says everything he did was known to and approved by Entercom.
2005-01-13: Christian broadcasters in UK and US resign in protest at material being aired.
2005-01-13: Infinity switches Washington rock WHFS-FM to Spanish language Tropical "El Zol" format.
2005-01-14: Potential contenders for Howard Stern's terrestrial affiliates start to make their pitch.
2005-01-14: Naviguage study shows listeners respond positively to shorter radio commercial breaks with fewer adverts.
2005-01-14: UK regulator updates lists of new commercial FM licences to be offered in coming year.
2005-01-14: Clear Channel fires Chicago host for racially "inappropriate" remarks.
2005-01-14: Astral and Corus report strong quarterly results.
2005-01-15: US Federal Communications Commission denies petition to revoke Uniradio's permit to supply programming to Mexico.
2005-01-15: Viacom ups Joel Hollander to post of chairman and CEO of Infinity.
2005-01-15: Both XM and Sirius to broadcast NBC Universal Tsunami Aid Concert.
2005-01-15: WHFS's switch to Spanish language format has teething problems/ presents opportunities to its former rock opposition.
2005-01-15: CHUM follows Astral and Corus in reporting strong quarterly results.
2005-01-16: US Federal Communications Commission to investigate cases of broadcaster's paid promotion of administration's education policy and possible payola at Buffalo station.
2005-01-16: Air America adds more affiliates.
2005-01-16: More details announced of Monday UK "Radio Aid" show for tsunami victims that has already raised around USD 1.5 million.
2005-01-16: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-01-17: Veteran Buffalo DJ Tom Shannon to retire at the end of March as afternoon DJ on oldies WHTT-FM.
2005-01-17: Two more Indian private FMs to close as losses mount.
2005-01-17: Austereo to centralize is web site operations.
2005-01-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-01-18: UK media regulator upholds no complaints in its latest bulletin.
2005-01-18: Washington Post reports on break between Tavis Smiley and US National Public Radio.
2005-01-18: UK Radio Aid raises more than GBP 3 million ( USD 7.6 million) but bid of GBP 4 million for dinner date is a hoax.
2005-01-18: Australian radio revenues in 2004 up nearly 15% on 2003.
2005-01-19: US Federal Communications Commission reaches USD 20,000 consent decree with Louisiana station owner over series of breaches/ also drops on financial grounds USD 10,000 penalty on New York man.
2005-01-19: Radio New Zealand expected to add on-demand audio to revamped web site in next few months.
2005-01-19: Scottish Radio Holdings shares rise amid rumours that Emap is likely to launch takeover bid soon.
2005-01-19: Minneapolis-St Paul public station KBEM-FM struggling to raise funds to prevent cuts following loss of major contract.
2005-01-20: US Armed Forces broadcasting services in Pacific, hit by satellite failure, expected to be restored to all but home listeners withn two days.
2005-01-20: Clear Channel fires Orlando host Drew Garabo.
2005-01-20: Salem says it expects to complete purchase fo WKAT-AM, Miami on Jan 31 and switch it from classical to news talk.
2005-01-20: BBC study of UK dialacts and accents includes poll of most pleasant and unpleasant celebrity voices.
2005-01-20: Emmis CEO re-iterates his contention that I-pod is more of a threat to terrestrial radio than satellite services.
2005-01-20: XM turns US terrestrial "Radio. You hear it here first"campaign launched earlier this month to its own advantage with a campaign under the slogan "Hear it here best."
2005-01-21: Fired Chicago Clear Channel host Java Joel" says his dismissal was a case of damage control.
2005-01-21: Limbaugh lawyer calls for return of host's medical files in brief to Florida Supreme Court.
2005-01-21: Citadel Memphis boss resigns.
2005-01-21: New licence for Ashford in Kent goes to Lark FM/ UK media regulator issues its 2005/6 plan.
2005-01-21: Air America to return to Los Angeles airwaves as part of Clear Channel format changes there.

2005-01-21: US Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael K. Powell confirms he is to step down in March.
2005-01-22: Minnesota's Senate Transportation Committee to decide next week whether to reinstate contract with KBEM-FM.
2005-01-22: Report on Irish language radio in Eire shows around a quarter of listeners tune to it at least occasionally.
2005-01-22: Former British DJ and radio mogul Chris Evans says he has no interest in return to radio or buying back Virgin.
2005-01-22: Astral-Corus Quebec station swap given approval subject to local programming conditions.
2005-01-22: More than a million digital radio receivers sold in UK in 2004.
2005-01-22: Howard Stern strikes dissenting note amidst generally kind remarks about Federal Communications Commission chairman Michael K Powell, who is to step down.
2005-01-23: Museum of Broadcast Communications receives further USD 250,000 donation.
2005-01-23: American Jewish Committee and the U.S. India Political Action Committee urge Clear Channel's WUSL-FM to take strong action against Star (Troi Torain) following his abusive comments to woman at Indian call centre.
2005-01-23: UK radio ratings company RAJAR says consultation shows British radio wants to keep single audience measurement survey covering all sectors and move to metering system but is concerned about costs of any such move.
2005-01-23: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-01-24: Polish Second World War hero Jan Nowak-Jezioranski who later became head of the Polish section of Radio Free Europe, dies aged 91.
2005-01-24: Clear Channel wins some PR points in Minnesota by coming to the aid of public station KBEM-FM
2005-01-24: Emmis Hot 97 "Miss Jones in the Morning" team attacked for "racist" comments and broadcast of offensive "tsunami song" parody.
2005-01-24: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2005-01-25: Italian PM Berlusconi's media empire moves into radio.
2005-01-25: US Federal Communications Commission Media Bureau Chief to step down in March.
2005-01-25: BBC relaunches its radio player and adds more programming and services.
2005-01-25: Infinity launches advertising campaign to boost its profile and business.
2005-01-25: Australian Government looks for head hunters to find chief for its planned new broadcasting and telecommunications regulator.
2005-01-25: Radio performs well in updates from Scottish Radio Holdings and Emap/ UK Capital Radio Strategy and Development director to leave at end of month.
2005-01-26: BBC Governors Committee upholds no appeals involving radio in latest report and only partially upholds one TV complaint.
2005-01-26: Emmis's Hot 97 broadcasts apologies for airing parody "tsunami song".
2005-01-26: Capital Radio and GWR report weak final quarter of last year and only slight improvement in January.
2005-01-26: Arbitron revenues and net income both up by more than 10% on a year earlier in final quarter of 2004.
2005-01-26: Latest figures show more than 1.27 million digital radio receivers have now been sold in the UK, more than a quarter of them in December last year.
2005-01-27: Minnesota Public Radio introduces pop music format on former college classical station.
2005-01-27: Former Sydney 2UE colleagues John Laws and Alan Jones to go head to head for an hour following schedule changes by 2GB where Jones breakfast show has been extended by an hour.
2005-01-27: US legislators revive plans for massive increases in broadcast indecency penalties.
2005-01-27: UK Chrysalis Group reports radio revenue falls for first five months of its financial year.
2005-01-27: Sirius tops 1.24 million subscribers but losses also rise: Stock falls a little.
2005-01-27: Emmis's Hot 97 morning team suspended indefinitely for airing parody "tsunami song" and subsequent comments.

2005-01-28: XM given go-ahead to launch new satellites to replace existing ones, which have technical fault.
2005-01-28: Air America gains Entercom affiliate in Memphis/growth of progressive talk helps Rev Jesse Jackson's radio show.
2005-01-28: Barnstable exits Hamptons with USD 80 million sale of five stations to Max Media.
2005-01-28: BBC Radio 2, its breakfast host Terry Wogan, and Emap's Magic FM in London are stars in latest UK radio ratings.
2005-01-28: US administration decides top abandon efforts for US media ownership relaxation.
2005-01-29: Florida Attorney General files brief with the state Supreme Court supporting the use of search warrants to obtain information although with safeguards for medical records, such as those taken from Rush Limbaugh's doctors.
2005-01-29: Irish regulator re-awards one Dublin radio licence subject to further detailed negotiation, signs new agreement with another Dublin licencsee.
2005-01-29: New York Daily News report hints that "Miss Jones in the Morning " team, suspended over tsunami parody song may yet be reinstated although protests are still continuing.
2005-01-29: UK Chrysalis stock falls then recovers following ratings release and profits warning.
2005-01-29: Latest US ratings reveal the drawing power of Howard Stern.
2005-01-30: US National Association of Broadcasters says it will take case of US media regulation to US Supreme Court.
2005-01-30: Salem to launch its FISH format in Omaha tomorrow.
2005-01-30: Indian High Court asks government to clarify timeframe for decision whether to switch to revenue-sharing instead of licence fee system for private FMs.
2005-01-30: US President George W Bush suggests parents to use off switch when it comes to controlling children's viewing.
2005-01-30: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-01-31: Former New York jazz radio personality Mort Fega dies aged 83.
2005-01-31: Satellite radio now offered as option on nearly 40% of car models on sale in US.
2005-01-31: Former intern sues Clear Channel over sexual harassment.
2005-01-31: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

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