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June 2005

2005-06-01: Following "pirate station" stunt in Akron, Ohio Clear Channel flips sports-talk WTOU-AM, Akron, to progressive talk format WARF-AM (Radio Free Ohio).
2005-06-01: BBC attracts more online visitors in April but listening, both live and on-demand to its radio services is down.
2005-06-01: Austereo suspends Melbourne football commentator Sam Newman for constant "negativity" towards the game.
2005-06-01: US Federal Communications Commission rejects petition to deny winner two Texas CPs it won in Auction 37.
2005-06-01: Australian radio sports-talk network SEN (Sports Entertainment Network) goes into voluntary liquidation.
2005-06-01: BBC unions call for further meeting with Director-General over job cuts.
2005-06-01: Next Media sells eight stations for USD 34 million.
2005-06-02: Australian Broadcasting Authority auctions two open narrowcasting licences today, selling nine more but fails to attract bids for further 27.
2005-06-02: Rush Limbaugh still awaits word on judge's decision about release of his medical records/may tutor left wing talk host the Reverend Al Sharpton.
2005-06-02: Sydney 2UE general manager Bob Miller resigns.
2005-06-02: Arbitron releases details of its first-ever survey of Chinese speaking radio listeners/also updates financial guidance.
2005-06-02: Scottish Radio Holdings shares up nearly 15% after Emap reveals it made a bid valuing SRH at USD 489 million.

2005-06-03: New Ipswich FM licence advertised in UK
2005-06-03: Len Weiner named as new program director for WGN-AM, Chicago.
2005-06-03: Decision on release of Rush Limbaugh's medical records sent to judge who originally allowed them to be taken.
2005-06-03: BBC unions welcome offer of further talks over job cuts although Corporation says no further concessions are possible.
2005-06-03: Infinity moves to add more podcasts/ also starts second phase of its branding campaign to promote advertising with it.
2005-06-04: Australian narrowcasting auction turns into allocation when last competitive bidder withdraws.
2005-06-04: New York AM fined USD 11,000 for power and tower offences.
2005-06-04: SMG offers cautiously optimistic outlook / rival Scottish Radio Holdings shares continue to edge up.
2005-06-04: Infinity flips New York WCBS-FM and Chicago WJMK-FM to Jack-FM format.
2005-06-04: US radio revenues flat in April according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2005-06-05: CBC Radio 3 launches Canadian music podcast, the corporation's first music podcast.
2005-06-05: US Federal Communications Commission chairman names new head for FCC's media bureau.
2005-06-05: BBC Radio 3 starts week in which schedule is devoted entirely to playing all of Beethoven's music.
2005-06-05: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-06-06: BBC confirms that Sir Harold Evans is to host Points of View slot for 13 weeks.
2005-06-06: Major shareholders said to be supporting Scottish Radio Holdings management who say bid from Emap is too low.
2005-06-06: More digital audio developments including release of DAB/DRM, FM, Longwave, medium wave and Shortwave module.
2005-06-06: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2005-06-07: UK regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2005-06-07: Ford and Sirius extend exclusive deal/ XM PGA golf network starts on Thursday.
2005-06-07: New BBC Scotland schedule includes return of Lesley Riddoch.
2005-06-07: Arbitron CFO Bill Walsh to retire & other US radio business news.
2005-06-07: Pacific Star Network buys Australian Sports Entertainment Network, which was in voluntary liquidation.
2005-06-08: US sees overall increase in licensed US broadcast stations in first quarter but radio numbers are down.
2005-06-08: UTV bid for UK Wireless Group now dependent only on Irish minister having been approved by shareholders if there is no referral to competition authorities.
2005-06-08: XM agreed deal with digital audio company Audible/Bustos buys in Seattle and other US radio business.
2005-06-08: US radio effectiveness says radio delivers half as much again per buck as TV.
2005-06-09: US Public Radio International loses WXPN 's World Café distribution to National Public Radio and also its president Stephen Salver who is to leave in the fall.
2005-06-09: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 10,000 penalty on a Georgia pirate/imposes other fines for tower offence and illegal operation of transmitter.
2005-06-09: Veteran US radio executive Radny Michaels buys Democracy Now!'s interest in the Ed Schultz Show.
2005-06-09: UK media regulaotr Ofcom opposes government in response to Green Paper on BBC charter - it wants public service funds to also go to other broadcasters.
2005-06-09: Norway to become the first country to move its national radio ratings to Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) system.
2005-06-10: BBC unions withdraw strike threat over job cuts but reserve right to take action again.
2005-06-10: US Federal Communications Commission proposes to change radio licence allocation system.
2005-06-10: Report to propose that Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Radio National drop programmes to ease financial pressures.
2005-06-10: Sirius hires Bruce "Cousin Brucie" Morrow as it and XM try to profit from Infinity reformat of oldies stations WCBS-FM and WJMK-FM to Jack stations.
2005-06-10: Xfm wins new Manchester licence as UK regulator announces awards of licences for Manchester, Norwich and Ballymena.
2005-06-11: Santa Monica College's KCRW-FM gains sponsorship deal for its podcasts.

2005-06-11: XM gets partial go-ahead for using repeaters at PGA tour events.
2005-06-11: DMG poaches ABC 702 breakfast host for its new Syndey station.

2005-06-12: US public broadcasting prepares to fight cuts in government funding.
2005-06-12: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-06-13: Commercial Radio Australia extends deadline for entries for its 2005 Engineering Excellence Award.
2005-06-13: SRH boss opts out of meeting to boost radio's share of nedia sending.
2005-06-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-06-14: CBS again heads list for annual Edward R. Murrow awards.
2005-06-14: Listening down in latest Arbitron-Comscore Internet ratings.
2005-06-14: UK commercial broadcasters discuss co-operation on national shows to compete better against BBC for audiences.
2005-06-14: Clear Channel lights blue fuse for US radio ratings changes.
2005-06-14: Democrat Federal Communications Commissioners welcome Supreme Court decision not to hear appeal against earlier Philadelphia ruling that threw out new FCC media ownership regulations.

2005-06-15: Sirius says it can increase its channels by a quarter through innovative technology.
2005-06-15: Arbitron-Edison Media study of Jack-FM and derivative adult hits formats says they typically launch with audience gain and balanced male-female audience.
2005-06-15: Emmis hires former UK Labour party spin doctor's company to boost its UK profile.
2005-06-15: Australian 2003-04 radio revenues up 16% on a year earlier.
2005-06-15: Viacom Board votes for split into two companies.
2005-06-16: More stock buybacks and financing deals in US radio.
2005-06-16: Canadian and Australian watchdogs find broadcasters to have breached codes in four cases.
2005-06-16: Rush Limbaugh's attorney asks judge to allow vetting by him of medical records that may be released to investigators looking into doctor shopping allegations.
2005-06-16: Canadian decision on subscription radio due today.
2005-06-16: Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein praises Federal Communications Commission for release of payola fact sheet.
2005-06-17: Indian government eases some media investment restrictions but FM changes not included.
2005-06-17: Entercom sells two Greenville stations.
2005-06-17: UK Guardian says GCap may kill The Storm digital station to build up Xfm brand.
2005-06-17: Canadian regulator approves radio subscription licences for all three bidders - two satellite and one terrestrial.
2005-06-18: Infinity sees opportunities in further US radio consolidation/ will not release Howard Stern from his contract.
2005-06-18: Former London Heart FM breakfast host Jono Coleman reported to be going to take up BBC London breakfast slot.
2005-06-18: Uncertainties follow Canadian approval of three subsription radio services
2005-06-19: BBC Beethoven symphonies attract more than 650,000 MP3 downloads.
2005-06-19: Emmis announces final results of its over-subscribed "Dutch Auction" share tender offer.
2005-06-19: Appeal to be made against decision to grant three subscription radio licences in Canada.
2005-06-19: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-06-20: Morotola due to start tests of its iRadio cell-phone to car audio system.
2005-06-20: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2005-06-21: Arbitron issues initial findings for its RADAR 85 network ratings survey.
2005-06-21: UK regulator awards 15 new community radio licences.
2005-06-21: World's largest school - in Lucknow, India - to start its own radio station next month.
2005-06-21: US Federal Communications Commission gets ready for another FM licence auction/also has to reverse revocation of Alaska broadcasters licences but upholds penalty on Arizona FM.

2005-06-22: UK regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2005-06-22: BBC and Sirius sign deal for BBC Radio 1 to be broadcast the the latter's satellite service.
2005-06-22: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2005-06-22: Scottish Radio Holdings recommends takeover offer from Emap/ more UK radio profit warnings.

2005-06-23: Virgin's Classic Rock station to fill evenings with syndicated Alice Cooper show.
2005-06-23: Indian radio executives told they could potentially increase share of advertising five-fold.
2005-06-23: US Federal Communications Commission issues fines totalling USD 44,000.
2005-06-23: XM says it will have most comprehensive cover of "Live 8" concerts/other broadcast details.
2005-06-24: US Federal Communications Commission closes down radio free brattleboro micro station.
2005-06-24: DMG hires again from ABC for its new Syndey station.
2005-06-24: Canadian regulator approves four new stations/ raps Montreal station for broadcasting abusive comments.
2005-06-24: BBC issues new editorial guidelines.
2005-06-24: US Corporation for Public Broadcasting appoints former Republican party co-chair as its president and chief executive.
2005-06-24: Kentucky woman sues Cumulus after 100,000 prize is candy bar 100,000
2005-06-25: Storms take BBC Radio 1 Live coverage from Glastonbury Festival off air.
2005-06-25: Fire guts home of WGN-AM morning host Spike O'Dell while he is on a cruise with his family.
2005-06-25: Thai community radio host and producer Anchalee Paireerak has given up her fight against the Thai government, which had closed down her station and web site and is to leave the country.
2005-06-25: Austereo extends the contract of its chief executive Michael Anderson for four years.
2005-06-25: BBC launches Tsunami Audio Memorial project.
2005-06-26: Veteran Dallas-Forth Worth host Ron Chapman retires.
2005-06-26: Judge to vet Rush Limbaugh's medical records and only release to prosecutors those he considers relevant investigating doctor-shopping allegations.
2005-06-26: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-06-27: UK paper reports severe pressure was put on SRH to sell itself to Emap.
2005-06-27: America takes top prizes at Inaugural Radio Lions advertising awards.
2005-06-27: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week..

2005-06-28: BBC agrees USD 303 million sale of BBC Broadcast to Australian group.
2005-06-28: The top networks hold on to their spots in RADAR 85 US network ratings.
2005-06-28: XM says it expects to be in profit next year, has not yet decided to go ahead in Canada as group calls for approval to be reversed or sent back to regulator/ may sign deal wth homeland security for infromation system in emegencies.
2005-06-28: US Supreme Court rules for entertainment industry and against Grokster and StreamCast file sharing networks.
2005-06-29: New York Festivals' Radio Gold Award may comfort English DJ - it comes after his wife dumped him and sold his USD 45,000 sports car for 90 cents on E-Bay.
2005-06-29: English entries take two of four Grand Awards at New York Festivals' radio awards.
2005-06-29: Sirius and Multicultural team up to offer Korean and Chinese language channels on Sirius's satellite service.
2005-06-29: Emmis radio and publishing revenues up but TV is down in first quarter.

2005-06-30: Democrat US Federal Communications Commissioner says Supreme Court ruling on media ownership regulations provided an opportunity to start again from scratch.
2005-06-30: UK commercial radio tells House of Lords select committee that BBC is abusing ints position in its commercial activities.
2005-06-30: Infinity chairman and CEO Joel Hollander says he'd betting on cellphones to boost radio.
2005-06-30: Canadian listening declines but commercial revenues are up in latest Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Broadcasting Policy Monitoring Report

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2005-05-01: Japanese Internet Company Livedoor reported to have proposed 12 people including its president for the board of radio broadcaster Nippon Broadcasting System.
2005-05-01: Virgin Classic Rock now on Sky digital satellite.
2005-05-01: Former Toronto CHFI-FM morning host Erin Davis to return to the station.
2005-05-01: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-05-02: Malaysian radio station fires all 50 staff following takeover/ Eight fired in North Dakota after takeover.
2005-05-02: French Connection retail chain ruled to have acted illegally by playing the output of its "Fcuk FM" station through the windows of its shop in Regent Street, London.
2005-05-02: Jam Productions says it could be interested in purchasing Clear Channel Entertainment/other US radio business.
2005-05-02: South Korea starts satellite digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB) tranmissions to mobile phones.
2005-05-02: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2005-05-03: Naviguage to test its in-car IQMonitor system, touted as a potential rival to Arbitron's Portable People Meter, in five of top ten US radio markets/ Arbitron agrees with VNU over "Project Apollo" on relationship between purchases and advertising.
2005-05-03: Beasley first quarter results.
2005-05-03: Australian Broadcasting Authority finds that community station over-ran allowed sponsorship message times.
2005-05-03: Sirius to launch podcasting channel.
2005-05-03: New York stations keep up the advert load despite the "less is More" publicity.
2005-05-04: Only one radio complaint upheld in latest BBC Complaints Unit bulletin.
2005-05-04: Chicago radio news including new PD for WFMT/Dan McNeil sticks with WMVP-AM/ Newsweb readies to introduce progressive talk on Thursday at former WAIT-AM frequency, now WCPT-AM.
2005-05-04: Authorities shut down Birmingham, England, pirate station that was interfering with air traffic control traffic.
2005-05-04: Revenues up around a tenth for Cumulus, Entravision and Saga, turning Cumulus into profit but last two remain in overall loss.

2005-05-05: Federal Communications Commission approves Saga purchase of four Ithica, New York, stations.
2005-05-05: Japan prepares to change laws to prevent foreign indirect control of broadcasters.
2005-05-05: Long-time Vancouver host Brian Forst ("Frosty") to retire after more than 40 years with Corus Entertainment's CKNW-AM.
2005-05-05: More US results - from Citadel, Univision, and Westwood One.

2005-05-06: Arbitron/Edison Media study indicates many Americans would listen to radio more if there were fewer adverts.
2005-05-06: Bangalore University planning campus FM launch in August.
2005-05-06: BBC gains over commercial stations in first UK radio ratings this year that also see TalkSport into second place in commerical network rankings and Heart again overtake Capital FM as most-listened to London station.

2005-05-06: More US results - from Radio One, Regent, Salem, and SBS.
2005-05-07: Seattle morning host Robin Erickson sues Entercom on basis of sex discrimination and creating a hostile work environment.
2005-05-07: Scott de Butléar, representing Spin 1038,has won this year's Irish language Réalt DJ competition.
2005-05-07: UK regulator receives 14 applications for Solent FM, five for Torbay FM/ advertises new FMs for Swansea and Northallerton.
2005-05-07: Copyright concerns lead Chicago host Steve Dahl to drop podcasts of his show.
2005-05-07: UK commercial industry readying fight-back against BBC after latest ratings show it losing share.
2005-05-07: More US radio business including Cox and NexMedia result, Clear Channel stock buy-back, and various deals.

2005-05-08: BBC World Service awarded Roosevelt Four Freedoms Medal.
2005-05-08: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-05-09: India expects its first Ham Radio satellite to be fully operational soon.
2005-05-09: Sunrise Radio chief says UK radio ratings under report Asian listening.
2005-05-09: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-05-10: Arbitron takes up issue of dealing with cell-phone-only households and how they may affect its ratings surveys.
2005-05-10: Italian Court issues suspended jail sentences on two Vatican Radio executives.
2005-05-10: Entercom reports revenues up.
2005-05-10: Britain's biggest radio group G-Cap makes its debut, issues report showing revenues down, sells station to Chrysalis/UTV makes bid for the Wireless Group.
2005-05-10: Sony 2005 - UK radio Oscars - awards.
2005-05-11: UK Media regulator upholds only one radio complaint in latest bulletin/awards new Banbury licence. Broadcasting Commission of Ireland signs five-year West Limerick licence agreement.
2005-05-11: US Federal Communications Commission blocks one deal, allows two other to go ahead.
2005-05-11: Emmis considers sale of its TV stations.
2005-05-11: Austereo does well in latest Australian radio ratings.
2005-05-11: UK Chrysalis Group revenues fall and it issues warning for full year.

2005-05-12: BBC London DJ Danny Baker, just awarded Sony DJ of the Year Award, to leave station for long break.
2005-05-12: Irish ratings show listening in six months to end of March down on a year earlier.
2005-05-12: Preston and Steve to debut breakfast show on WMMR-FM, Philadelphia, on Monday.
2005-05-12: BBC trades unions meet today to plan strike action in protest at job cuts.
2005-05-12: Disney said to be considering a sale of ABC radio.
2005-05-12: Digital radio developments as Japan brings forward launch of digital radio broadcasts/Australian commercial radio submisison calls for adoption of Eureka 147 system.

2005-05-13: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that a broadcast in the afternoon of a song containing the phrase"fucked up" breached Canadian codes.
2005-05-13: Latest Arbitron-comScore Internet ratings, show overall numbers listening in March fell back on February numbers.
2005-05-13: BBC staff announce three days of strikes to protest planned job cuts.
2005-05-13: Salem's WIND-AM in Chicago takes Illinois football and men's basketball away from Infinity's WSCR-AM.
2005-05-13: UK GMG Radio reports increased revenues
in year to end of March, bucking recent UK trend.
2005-05-13: Infinity launches America's first commercial HD multicast station.

2005-05-14: Indian amateur radio satellite Hamsat now in operation.
2005-05-14: Radio London, successor to original pirate station, to launch on analogue from Netherlands.
2005-05-14: Other listening grows whilst radio falls back in US.
2005-05-14: Melbourne, Australia, station and host sued by former producer over on-air comments made about him.
2005-05-14: Judge orders revocation of two US Virgin Islands stations' licences.

2005-05-15: Latest Toronto ratings show Erin Davis and Mike Cooper, who are to join Rogers' CHFI FM, helped to take Standard's E-Z Rock (CJEZ-FM) to top rank.
2005-05-15: BBC Radio 4 controller Mark Damazer sets the record straight on the plans for the late Alistair Cooke's "Letter from America" slot.
2005-05-15: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-05-16: Durex turns to podcasts to promote condoms.
2005-05-16: More gloom predicted for UK commercial radio.
2005-05-16: Cumulus steps in after South Central Communications converts its Nashville oldies station to JACK FM format.
2005-05-16: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-05-17: Sir Cliff Richard officially opens new Big-L Radio London but transmitter fails shortly afterwards.
2005-05-17: Public radio dominates Peabody Awards for the medium.
2005-05-17: Kelvin MacKenzie comments on his success at The Wireless Group, which he is to leave following takeover/other UK radio moves.
2005-05-17: XM tops 4 million subscribers.
2005-05-18: LBI Media reports revenues up 6% on a year ago with radio leading the way.
2005-05-18: Arbitron to increase sample size of its RADAR network ratings to 100,000
2005-05-18: UK Virgin breakfast team Pete and Geoff to leave show at end of year.

2005-05-18: Clear Channel says "Less is More" initiative has increased its ratings and is pulling in more shorter adverts.
2005-05-18: HD given thumbs-down in article by Mark Ramsey of Mercury Radio Research.
2005-05-19: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) has appoints Commissioning Officer of its Broadcasting (Funding) Scheme/ increases funding for Community Radio support.
2005-05-19: London Xfm breakfast DJ Christian O'Connell to take over Virgin breakfast show.
2005-05-20: Australian Broadcasting Authority finds Australian Broadcasting Corporation and a commercial FM in breach of codes for not responding to complaints but only the ABC substantive programme complaint is upheld.
2005-05-20: Citadel pays USD 7 million to add fourth FM in New Orleans market.
2005-05-20: Scottish Radio Holdings fails to lift gloom as it says advertising currently down on a year ago.
2005-05-20: Few changes in 2004 top ten billing US radio stations in what BIAFn terms a "disappointing year."
2005-05-21: UK regulator publishes policy document on Community Radio Fund.
2005-05-21: Australian Broadcasting Authority starts consultation on digital radio introduction plans.
2005-05-21: Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office files motion to open medical records of conservative host Rush Limbaugh.
2005-05-22: Los Angeles KBBT-FM (The Beat) morning host Steve Harvey leaves station after five-year stint.
2005-05-22: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-05-23: Victoria Bitter campaign wins inaugural Australian 2005 Siren Award for radio advertising.
2005-05-23: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-05-23: BBC strike hits news programmes with all major BBC Radio 4 live shows replaced with pre-recorded programming.
2005-05-25: Cumulus drops Interep, signs up with Katz/Big City to parcel out remaining assets.
2005-05-25: Disney-ABC appoints Kipper McGee as program director of WLS-AM, Chicago.
2005-05-25: UK Emap issues bullish statement with radio revenues picking up in May and June.
Jury awards USD 10.6 million to former Infinity WYCD-FM, Detroit, DJ Erin Weber.
2005-05-25: BBC to go to arbitration over strikes/also announced shortlist for bids for its Broadcast Services division.
2005-05-25: Bridge Ratings survey indicates that after initial enthusiasm people turn back from MP3s towards normal radio listening.

2005-05-26: Katy Abraham who with her husband George "Doc" Abraham hosted "The Green Thumb" radio gardening show for 50 years dies aged 83.
2005-05-26: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces applications for three more community stations.
2005-05-26: Japanese radio broadcaster Nippon Broadcasting System shuffles top management.
2005-05-26: Australian radio Sports Entertainment Netork said to be seeking voluntary liquidation.
2005-05-26: Canadian court starts hearing appeal by Montreal station CHOI-FM against refusal to renew its licence.
2005-05-26: US Federal Communications Commissioner Joanathan S. Adelstein attacks hidden commercialisation of US media.
2005-05-27: Arbitron sets out to improve is small market ratings.

2005-05-27: Profits warning after April revenues fall at the Local Radio Group is more potential bad news for UK radio advertising revenues.
2005-05-27: US Federal Communications Commission proposes fine on Mississippi station but refuses petition to stop its sale to Clear Channel.
2005-05-27: G-Cap executive chairman reported to be considering subscription service in UK.
2005-05-27: Florida judge delays hearing on release tp [rpsecutors of Rush Limbaugh's medical records.
2005-05-27: Spanish Broadcasting System switches KXOL-FM in Los Angeles from its ballad-format Spanish Contemporary "El Sol" format to a bilingual "Latino 96.3"

2005-05-28: 44 respondents submit 57 proposals for new Irish radio services following adverts placed last month.
2005-05-28: Minnesota Public Radio to sell KLBB-AM and KLBP- AM in USD 5.2 million deal that will end its involvement in commercial radio.
2005-05-28: BBC unions suspend strike due at end of month to protest job cuts plans.
2005-05-28: Univision follows SBS lead in Los Angeles and switches New York combo to reggaeton format.

2005-05-29: UK regulator proposes lifetime licences for UK radio hams in place of annual ones.
2005-05-29: Clear Channel becomes a radio pirate.
2005-05-29: Canadian appeals court ends hearings on CHOI-FM appeal against refusal of licence renewal/ decision expected soon.
2005-05-29: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-05-30: Former host hints that Adelaide talk station could be revived if Sports Entertainment Network is wound up.
2005-05-30: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-05-31: BBC racks up promotion of Beethoven Experience in which it will play all the composer's works in a week.
2005-05-31: Organization of News Ombudsmen changes rules to allow full membership only to those working for news organizations, thus excluding US Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
2005-05-31: BBC unions meet today to consider latest concessions from Corporation, which still wants to cut 4,000 jobs.

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April 2005

2005-04-01: Canadian watchdog rules that comments about Sikhs on a Montreal AM breached Canadian codes.
2005-04-01: Clear Channel Radio posts Q&A praising its "Less is More" advertising changes.
2005-04-01: Air America "progressive" US talk network marks its first year.
2005-04-01: Australian digital radio trials to continue for up to a year.
2005-04-01: Spanish Broadcasting System agrees delay in Styles Media Group's USD 120 million purchase of two stations.
2005-04-01: US satellite radio companies reported to be agreeable to idea of a joint service.

2005-04-02: BBC World Service to end its twice-weekly radio soap "Westway" after an eight-year run.
2005-04-02: NRC Broadcasting sells if Denver flagship AM for US D5.5 million.
2005-04-02: UK media regulator says it came in under budget in 2004-5/reduces it further for 2005-6 and issues details of 2005-06 licence fees.
2005-04-02: Japanese internet company Livedoor that has claimed a majority holding in Japanese radio company Nippon Broadcasting System (NBS), says it needs an equity alliance with Fuji Television.
2005-04-02: UK GWR talks of option of legal action against regulator over proposal to issue new national digital multiplex licence.
2005-04-02: XM says it now has 3.77 million subscribers.

2005-04-03: LBI radio division revenues fall in 2004 but TV grows.
2005-04-03: Rush Limbaugh's attorney files brief to Florida Supreme Court to stop the host's medical records being used against him.
2005-04-03: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-04-04: Major British radio groups opt not to bid for Wireless Group.
2005-04-04: New York public broadcaster to buy South Florida stations from Barry University.
2005-04-04: India considering second satellite radio service.
2005-04-04: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-04-05: Former BBC Scotland lunch time host Lesley Riddoch gets deal for independent series but will not get lunchtime deal.
2005-04-05: Livedoor formally claims control of Nippon Broadcasting System but unlikely to get further with Fuji TV control.
2005-04-05: Interep commission revenues down but overall revenues up and losses trimmed.
2005-04-05: UK radio increases share of advertising pie in 2004 with reasonable 2005 forecast.
2005-04-05: More format shuffles and changes in US.

2005-04-06: BBC launches campaign to promote its FM services in Iraq.
2005-04-06: More construction permits ready for stations won in US Federal Communications Commission Auctions 32 and 37.
2005-04-06: Minister indicates private radio liberalization on the cards for India.
2005-04-06: Radio One Inc. upgrades first quarter guidance again/ Mapleton buys again in California.
2005-04-06: US radio revenues flat in February.
2005-04-07: Georgia University station back on air after hiatus over licence renewal.
2005-04-07: Salem adds third station in Omaha.
2005-04-07: BBC radio host stands to make USD 500,000 from public offering by polling company.
2005-04-07: Delphi says it has sold half a million satellite radio receivers.
2005-04-07: Another US station converts to JACK-FM format.
2005-04-07: Saga fights satellite by insisting shows choose between it and satellite.

2005-04-08: UK Emap finance director resigns.
2005-04-08: US Corporation for Public Broadcasting appoints ombudsmen.
2005-04-08: UK regulator advertises new Fm for Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria/
awards new Durham FM licence.
2005-04-08: Entercom switches Oldies WBBF-FM, Rochester, New York, to Random Radio format.
2005-04-08: Howard Stern decides to dump Florida affiliate.
2005-04-09: Three US licensees asked to show clause why stations should not be reclassified from C to CO.
2005-04-09: Four applications made for new Ballymena FM licence.
2005-04-09: Salem ups night power of WYLL-AM, Chicago, to 50,000 watts.
2005-04-09: UK commercial radio gets together for live phone-in to UK party leaders.
2005-04-10: XM declares quarterly dividend.
2005-04-10: Indian radio advertising could grow up to ten-fold by 2010.
2005-04-10: Jacobs Media survey points to problems for Arbitron from growth of cell-phone only households in US.
2005-04-10: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-04-11: Radio New Zealand planning revamp with more concerntration on news.
2005-04-11: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-04-12: UK regulator upholds just one complaint against radio in latest bulletin.
2005-04-12: Minnesota Public Radio says it now has weekly audience of around 15 million a week to its stations and shows.
2005-04-12: British DJs set up paid podcasting service.
2005-04-12: XM announces deals with AOL Radio Network and Air America Radio.
2005-04-13: BBC discovers "lost" recordings of Archers radio soap donated by listener.
2005-04-13: Canadian weather personality wins CAD 340,000 damages against CHOI-FM and its morning show hosts.
2005-04-13: US terrestrial radio restless over sports deals with satellite and other media.
2005-04-13: UK UBC media plans download from digital radio service.
2005-04-13: Florida radio host Jennifer Ross to appeal USD 17.2 million damages awarded to her former station over her move to rival in breach on non-compete contract clause.
2005-04-13: Canadian radio revenues up in 2004 but those of French-language stations fell.
2005-04-14: Nominations announced for 2005 US Radio Hall of Fame.
2005-04-14: Salem appoints Jon Horton as Vice President of Operations.
2005-04-14: India reported to be ready to allow limited Foreign Direct Investment in comemrcial radio sector.
2005-04-14: Emmis makes play of i-Pod in latest promotions for Q101 in Chicago.
2005-04-14: Forrester Research reports says US will have 20 million satellite radio subscribers by 2010 with extra 12 million listening to podcasts.
2005-04-15: Arbitron-Edison Media survey shows Americans much more likely to tune away from TV than from radio in commercial break.
2005-04-15: Livedoor and Fuji TV said to be in talks that may end up with contested radio company Nippon Broadcasting System becoming Fuji subsidiary.
2005-04-15: Montreal-based Astral Media reports "solid growth" in quarter to end of February.
2005-04-15: Latest Arbitron-ComScore ratings show significant Internet listening rise in February.
2005-04-15: Emmis results/ Beasley ups its first quarter forecast.
2005-04-15: After successful trials, BBC to add around 20 more podcasts.

2005-04-16: Comments about Papal chances of entry to Heaven lead to dismissal for Pittsburgh host.
2005-04-16: Fuji TV may pay around USD 920 million to buy Livedoor shares in radio broadcaster Nippon Broadcasting System.
2005-04-16: WorldSpace planning Initial Public offering with proceeds to boost its services in India and China.
2005-04-17: Arbitron to go it alone in Houston PPM tests/ PPM panel to be set up in Norway.
2005-04-17: Radio New Zealand managing editor, on full-pay sick leave for two years, to fight dismissal.
2005-04-17: Strong radio results from Corus Entertainment and Journal Communications/Salem ups its first quarter predictions.
2005-04-17: Viacom, despite USD 18 billion write-off and slump in share price, pays three top executives around USD 160 million between them in 2004.
2005-04-17: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-04-18: Strong radio results from CHUM in Canada.
2005-04-18: London breakfast show battle hots up today as Heart FM launches its new show.
2005-04-18: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-04-19: Australian commercial radio to extend its campaign promoting the medium.
2005-04-19: Indian public broadcaster's revenues up more than a quarter in 2004-05 in contrast to increasing commercial FM losses.
2005-04-19: Fuji TV and Internet company Livedoor come to agreement under which Fuji will pay nearly USD 1 billion to make radio broadcaster Nippon Broadcasting System a subsidiary.
2005-04-19: Infinity and HP announce agreement to introduce "Visual Radio" to the US.
2005-04-19: UK DMG group reported mulling USD 1.3 billion bid for merged Capital-GWR Group/SMG appoints new radio chief executive.
2005-04-20: Infinity to buy KEAR-FM in San Francisco/Westwood One management changes.
2005-04-20: Sirius to air Martha Stewart channel.
2005-04-20: Ulster TV confirms it is involved in talks about possible bid for US Wireless Group.
2005-04-20: Chicago WDEK-FM (Nine FM) program director and afternoon personality Sky Daniels leaves to take care of ill father.
2005-04-20: Viacom revenues up 5% in first quarter thanks to cable division but radio and TV broadcast profits are down on a year ago.
2005-04-21: Guardian Media Group to launch Smooth FM in London on June 7 and kill Jazz FM ten days earlier.
2005-04-21: NAB 2005 discussions on boosting HD digital radio in US.
2005-04-21: Australian radio host Alan Jones set to make some USD 11 million plus from Macquarie Radio float.
2005-04-21: Susquehanna Media up for sale.

2005-04-22: Mel Karmazin paid USD 150,000 salary and USD 14 million in stock options by Sirius in 2004.
2005-04-22: Miss Info gets her own show on Hot-97.
2005-04-22: Arbitron Q1 revenues up 3.4% and profits up 9.6%.
2005-04-22: US broadcasters to issue voluntary indecency code.
2005-04-23: Canadian watchdog rules that two French-language AMs breached its codes.
2005-04-23: More US stations switch to JACK-FM format or variations of it.
2005-04-23: Astral Media and Corus welcome Canadian Federal go-ahead for their Quebec station swap.
2005-04-23: UK radio ratings organisation to spend nearly USD 1 million on further audio meter tests.
2005-04-24: US National Public Radio to offer five music formats to HD multicasting stations from summer.
2005-04-24: Japanese media say Livedoor will now be under pressure following deal for Fuji TV to buy its Nippon Broadcasting System shares and also take a shareholding in Livedoor.
2005-04-24: Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin says he expects it to be in profit by 2007 and to have USD 100 million in advertising revenues.
2005-04-24: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-04-25: BBC to air last radio "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series next month.
2005-04-25: China starts digital radio tests/other worldwide Digitial Audio Broadcast developments.
2005-04-25: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-04-26: Irish watchdog upholds three radio complaints including one over mock "newsflash" last year saying Pope John Paul was clinically dead.
2005-04-26: More stations offer podcasts and MP3 downloads.
2005-04-26: Eastlan Resources offers radio ratings service for small markets.

2005-04-26: BBC online listening in March up 60% on a year ago, up 17% on February.
2005-04-27: UK regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2005-04-27: Judge overturns non-compete clause to allow Philadelphia morning duo Preston and Steve back on air.
2005-04-27: UK Times says Guardian Media Group would sell its radio operation if offer above GBP 150 million were made.
2005-04-27: US Federal Communications Commission seeks to increase spending by 8% in 2006 fiscal year.
2005-04-27: Clear Channel Chicago chief says "Less is More" ad-reduction initiative has helped its ratings in the city.

2005-04-28: Harris Corporation results aided by broadcasting boost from move to HD radio.
2005-04-28: Infinity announces it is to launch world's first "podcasting station."

2005-04-28: India's state broadcasters told to reduce social and government programming in favour of increasing revenues.
2005-04-28: US Secret Service said to be "investigating" Air America Radio after skit featured gunshot warning to President Bush.
2005-04-28: XM says it is on target for 5.5 million subscribers by year end/ cuts losses as revenues increase 2.5 times on last year/ Jefferson-Pilot revenues up 5%.
2005-04-29: Viacom names Michael J. Dolan as Executive Vice President And Chief Financial Officer.
2005-04-29: Australian Broadcasting Authority finds New South Wales community station breached the country's Broadcasting Services Act 1992 by broadcasting advertisements
2005-04-29: Florida Supreme Court refuses to hear conservative host Rush Limbaugh's appeal against earlier ruling that held seizure of his medical records was lawful.
2005-04-29: Sirius says it has 1.5 million subscribers and ups guidance but losses also increase in first quarter.
2005-04-29: US radio revenues up 3% on a year earlier in March.
2005-04-30: Buckley Broadcasting's WOR-AM, New York, will end 80 years at its studios at 1440 Broadway today.
2005-04-30: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Kevin J. Martin announces five planned appointments.
2005-04-30: Nine UK radio sales groups have confirm they are to take part in UK Leaders Live, a show to be simulcast tomorrow on UK commercial radio.
2005-04-30: WorldSpace India Private Ltd., which runs WorldSpace satellite radio in India, appoints new MD.
2005-04-30: Clear Channel revenues and profits down in first quarter but Interep increases revenues and cuts losses: Clear Channel to split off Entertainment as independent company and sell of a tenth of its Outdoor operations in separate IPO.

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