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September 2005

2005-09-01: CanWest buys another FM in New Zealand.
2005-09-01: All India Radio starts going digital for production at regional stations.
2005-09-01: Former UK Culture Secretary calls for possible government aid to help radio stations convert to digital broadcasting.
2005-09-01: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, which locked out staff a fortnight ago, holds preliminary talks with Union.
2005-09-01: UK Commercial radio fares badly compared with other media in latest Ofcom Communications Market Quarterly Update.
2005-09-01: US Federal Communications Commission eases regulations to help stations in Katrina disaster zone get back on air.

2005-09-02: BIGResearch report gives Internet radio a strong rating.
2005-09-02: Major take-up of digital radio predicted in UK.
2005-09-02: More Federal Communications Commission penalties.
2005-09-02: Canadian Federal Court upholds Canadian regulator's decision not to renew CHOI-FM licence.
2005-09-03: Eight apply for new Ipswich commercial FM licence in UK.
2005-09-03: Disney efforts to sell ABC radio making slow progress according to Reuters report.
2005-09-03: Live online listening to BBC Radio up significantly in July but on-demand listening falls.
2005-09-03: US radio revenues down 2% on a year ago in July.
2005-09-03: US Federal Communications Commission eases more regulations in New Orleans/ to stay open over weekend.
2005-09-04: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation announces "minor progress" in talks to end dispute that led to staff lockout.
2005-09-04: Colorado AM operator fined USD 30,000 for various violations.
2005-09-04: New Orleans area radio stations joined together to form the United Radio Broadcasters of New Orleans to provide relief information.
2005-09-04: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2005-09-05: SBS Broadcasting S.A. starts sending out shareholder's circulars in connection with its purchase by equity funds.
2005-09-05: Infinity shakes up WSCR-AM, The Score, in Chicago.
2005-09-05: More Digital Radio Mondiale advances.
2005-09-05: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-09-06: Australian Regulator says Sydney 2UE breached regulations by late response to complainant but not the country's vilification codes/also rules that community station exceeded sponsorthip limits.
2005-09-06: UK awards three more commercial FM licences including a first award to a foreign bid- from Canwest.

2005-09-07: Hosts Julie McCrossin and Erin Davis back on air with new breakfast shows in Australia and Canada respectively.
2005-09-07: Virgin Radio announces that comedian Vic Reeves is to host his own regular show.
2005-09-07: Canadian cabinet members discuss whether to ask for review of satellite radio licences before full cabinet meets tomorrow.
2005-09-07: BBC report criticizes Radio 4 breakfast host for "inappropriate and misguided" comments made to a private forum.
2005-09-07: Interep loses Radio One Inc. account to Katz Media.
2005-09-07: FCC chairman and commissioners praise communications workers for efforts in wake of Hurricane Katrina.
2005-09-08: UK Chrysalis Group finance director to take early retirement.
2005-09-08: Salem to move into Orlando in station swap/Rogers announces details of three new FMs in Maritime Provinces.
2005-09-08: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces plans for Code of Programme Standards.
2005-09-08: New York Sun reports that Air America host Al Franken and former chairman Evan Cohen both signed confidential agreement about repayment of money to Bronx Boys and Girls Club.
2005-09-08: Canadian cabinet group fails to agree on future of satellite radio in the country.
2005-09-09: WorldSpace international satellite radio company reports reduced losses.
2005-09-09: More digital radio developments.
2005-09-09: SMG reports strong interim results but Katrina hits Entercom/other US radio business.
2005-09-09: ABC Radio Networks to distribute Jack-FM format nationally in US.

2005-09-10: Radio One Inc. executives pay back loans from company.
2005-09-10: BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra to host first offerings from the BBC's Creative Archive Licence project that allows people in the UK to watch, download and edit BBC clips and programming for non-commercial purposes.
2005-09-10: Despite licence approval, official stops launch of micro-station to provide information to Katrina evacuees in Houston astrodome.
2005-09-10: Details announced of Ireland's radio licensing plans/more commercial FMs advertised and community licences granted in UK.
2005-09-10: Canadian broadcasting problems continue as cabinet delegates decision on satellite radio to its operating committee and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation dispute goes on.
2005-09-11: Neil"Dr" Fox to host Magic FM breakfast show as current host Graham Dean switches to drive time on the London station.
2005-09-11: India's FM broadcasters to lobby over latest plans for the industry, in particular over financial requirements that bidders for some 335 licences in 90 cities will have to meet.
2005-09-11: Canadian cabinet committee gives go-ahead for satellite radio.
2005-09-11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2005-09-12: Sirius publishes its new line-up from September 29 including new Howard Stern channels.
2005-09-12: Judge overturns USD 90 million award against Clear Channel.
2005-09-12: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-09-13: Radio escapes almost unscathed in latest UK Ofcom Broadcast bulletin.
2005-09-13: July Internet listening jumps according to Arbitron-Comscore but Ando Media's Webcast ratings show falls.
2005-09-13: Radio is bright spot in UTV interims.

2005-09-14: Long Island group to drop air staff and move to FM casting mode with no adverts and funding through sponsorship.
2005-09-14: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2005-09-14: Judge says Bonneville can continue to use "whatever we want" slogan and rejects trademark claim from Jack-FM licensor.
2005-09-14: XM signs ten-year USD 100 million exclusive deal with National Hockey League.

2005-09-15: No details yet released of bidders for Susquehanna Media.
2005-09-15: CNNRadio is to air an hour-long special focusing on the legacy of Hurricane Katrina and its effects today.
2005-09-15: US Federal Communications Commission makes last minute change of venue of its open meeting to discuss Hurricane Katrina and moves it to Atlanta.
2005-09-15: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland advertises national commercial FM licence currently held by Today FM.
2005-09-15: Australian commercial radio has healthy first six months this year.
2005-09-16: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland gives details of community and special interest radio licences to be offered.
2005-09-16: Howard Stern gets pally with Bubba the Love Sponge now he's hiring him rather than competing with him.
2005-09-16: UK regulator Ofcom publishes reasons for its latest three commercial FM licence awards - for the Solent, Swindon, and Torbay.
2005-09-16: US Federal Communications Commission to spend USD 210 million on communications aid in areas hit by Hurricane Katrina, also announces panel to look at the devastation caused by the hurricane and intention to create a new Public Safety/Homeland Security Bureau.
2005-09-17: Houston low power Katrina Aftermath Media Project radio's KAMP-FM goes to air from Astrodome parking lot.
2005-09-17: UK Chrysalis announces that it is to sell its books division/issues trading update showing weak year.
2005-09-17: Infinity signs Jay Severin to host show on several of its stations.
2005-09-17: CHUM-Astral say they are unlikely to launch their Canadian terrestrial radio subscription service as planned but may consider a niche service.
2005-09-17: Bridge Ratings says Howard Stern could add 1.5 million subscribers for Sirius.
2005-09-18: Salem launches AM-FM talk simulcast in Sacramento tomorrow.
2005-09-18: BBC1 host Nemone Metaxas to move to BBC6 Music.
2005-09-18: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2005-09-19: A month after lockout began Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Canadian Media Guild reach agreement only on minor issues.
2005-09-19: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-09-20: BBC Radio One announces John Peel tribute gig in London the day before John Peel Day.
2005-09-20: Arbitron says it will not release New Orleans and Biloxi fall reports because of Hurricane Katrina.
2005-09-20: UK GCap Media chief executive David Mansfield replaced with executive chairman Ralph Bernard.
2005-09-21: Salem and Sirius increase guidance/Salem adds second Detroit station.
2005-09-21: Arbitron acquires Integrated Radio Systems/gives more details of Houston Portable People Meter trials.
2005-09-21: As Canadian Broadcasting Corporation lockout enters sixth week, Toronto Star says management has done poor job of explaining its actions.
2005-09-21: US radio station sale numbers up in first half of year but dollar total expected to be down for full year barring a major sale.

2005-09-22: GM passes 3 millionth vehicle with factory-installed XM Satellite Radio receiver.
2005-09-22: Wind and solar-energy powered Welsh radio station broadcasts from church vestry.
2005-09-22: iBiquity says HD rollout is gaining momentum with more than 500 stations including all top 50 markets now broadcasting digital signals.
2005-09-22: New BBC Autumn (Fall) and Spring schedule includes broadcasts of biography of late John Peel and first broadcast of complete version of John Lennon's last interview before his murder.
2005-09-22: Ronning-Lipset to represent Clear Channel for national online sales/ Westwood One and Dow Jones extend their representation deal.
2005-09-23: Brisbane breakfast host Jamie Dunn to leave B105 after 15 years topping the ratings.
2005-09-23: US National Public Radio News Vice President Bruce Drake to step down/ its engineering and operations VP Mike Starling gets 2005 Radio World Excellence in Engineering Award
2005-09-23: Entercom reconfirms its 2005 third quarter guidance despite effects of Katrina but says it expects to record significant operating reserve because of effects on New Orleans stations' receivables.
2005-09-23: CanWest expands into Turkey with involvement in two FM station purchase and maybe in more to come.
2005-09-23: US Federal Communications Commission says Katrina took 100 broadcast stations off air but only 36 radio stations now known to be out of operation.
2005-09-24: Australian Macquarie Bank briefs investors that its move into media will be much wider than the radio holdings already bought.
2005-09-24: Canadian terrestrial broadcasters warn that grant of satellite radio licences will have significant effect on terrestrial broadcasters and Canadian content.
2005-09-24: 2005 US NAB Radio Show hears upbeat messages from outgoing NAB and Radio Advertising Bureau chiefs.
2005-09-24: Report says mobile phones with built in digital radio could be USD 12 billion market in next five years.
2005-09-25: Two recordings to be released to mark first anniversary of death of British DJ John Peel.
2005-09-25: 2005 NAB Marconi Awards include fourth Network Syndicated Personality award to Rush Limbaugh.
2005-09-25: Further digital expansion in UK and Australia.
2005-09-25: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2005-09-26: Veteran Los Angeles jazz DJ Sam Fields dies aged 55.
2005-09-26: UK paper says some investors wanted Ralph Bernard not David Mansfield ousted from GCap Media.
2005-09-26: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and union to attend meeting called today by federal Labour Minister Joe Fontana
2005-09-26: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-09-27: UK regulator upholds only one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2005-09-27:The Word Network says it is to sue Sirius for religious and racial discrimination as well as breach of contract after the broadcaster drops it programming.
2005-09-27: ABC networks take top three spots in RADAR 86 US national network ratings.

2005-09-27: ABC 774 in Melbourne still looking for replacement drive time host after Virginia Trioli moves to Sydney.
2005-09-27: Emmis sells St Louis station to Radio One Inc./ABC switches The Zone to oldies format.
2005-09-27: Canada's Labour Minister pushes mediation in dispute that led to Canadian Broadcasting Corporation lockout.
2005-09-28: Judge says Clear Channel remains defendant in civil suit following Rhode Island fire in which 100 died.
2005-09-28: US Corporation for Public Broadcasters (CPB) elects Cheryl Halpern and Gay Hart Gaines as chair and vice chair.
2005-09-28: Florida prosecutors file to be allowed to subpoena Rush Limbaugh's doctors and their staff to testify about alleged doctor shopping.
2005-09-28: UK Emap says revenues in first six months of this year will be 5% up on a year ago.
2005-09-28: XM satellite radio says it has topped five million subscribers and is on target to reach six million by the end of the year.
2005-09-29: Australian Commercial Radio industry names eight finalists in its New Artists to Radio (NA2R) showcase.
2005-09-29: Study of media usage of 13-24 year olds shows Internet has overtaken radio as preferred choice for music.
2005-09-29: BBC launches its largest-ever online marketing campaign for
2005-09-29: More complaints to be lodged against Quebec radio host Dr. Pierre Mailloux - this time for saying blacks are less intelligent than other peoples.
2005-09-29: US broadcasting complaints fall dramatically in second quarter.
2005-09-29: GCap media warns that revenues in quarter to end of this month will be down 8% but stock rises as it identifies more savings from merger.
2005-09-29: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation makes now offer that it says includes "significant compromise on the key issues" to settle staff lockout.
2005-09-30: Florida prosecutors said to be looking for signed letter from Rush Limbaugh to his doctor that gained him painkiller prescriptions on condition he did not get more prescriptions from other doctors.
2005-09-30: Nova Scotia call centre looking to fill 700 more jobs to handle work for Sirius/Stern satellite channels launch with silence and a message.
2005-09-30: Latest results and updates - from Emmis and Corus.

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2005-08-01: Air America owner Piquant says it will repay loan made to its predecessor by Bronx Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Clubs.
2005-08-01: Washington WMAL host Michael Graham defiant over suspension for comments about Islam.
2005-08-01: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-08-02: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2005-08-02: Acoustic Energy announces Internet radio receiver using broadband and WiFi.
2005-08-02: Radio New Zealand staff stage a further walk out/fired former head of news asks court to reinstate her.
2005-08-02: New York state public broadcaster WMHT purchases classical music station WBKK-FM.
2005-08-02: Live-8 gives BBC online a major boost in July but online listening in June is down on May this year.
2005-08-02: US radio business including more delay to SBS station sale to Styles Media/new Arbitron FCO named and satellite radio developments.
2005-08-03: BBC offers podcast of Persian entertainment programme, its first in a language other than English.
2005-08-03: Indian minister reveals plans for 76 more All India Radio stations and provision to offer 336 more private FM licences.
2005-08-03: Infinity and Emmis reported in negotiations for Erich "Mancow" Muller to move to Infinity and take over some Howard Stern affiliates in September.
2005-08-03: Sirius and Spanish Broadcasting System both increase revenues but losses higher at former and profits lower at latter compares to a year ago.

2005-08-04: Radio New Zealand staff stage another walk-out in pay dispute.
2005-08-04: Howard Stern agrees 3-year deal for video-on-demand version of his radio show.
2005-08-04: More results including Citadel, Cox, Entravisiom, Saga and Real Networks.
2005-08-05: Clear Channel's hip-hop KATZ- FM, The Bear, St Louis, fires DJs Kaos and Sulli Asz.
2005-08-05: Pressure group of Quebec authors, musicians, and artists calls on the country's federal government to reverse the Canadian Ratio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) decision to grant audio subscription service licences to Sirius Canada and Canadian Satellite Radio.
2005-08-05: Finalists announced for this year's 2005 Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2005-08-05: US National Association of Broadcasters formally petitions the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to refuse to allow XM satellite radio to acquire the spectrum licences of WCS Wireless, Inc.
2005-08-05: BBC moves further ahead of commercial stations in latest UK radio ratings.
2005-08-05: More results including Cumulus, Rado One Inc., Univision and Viacom.
2005-08-06: Australian regulator rules that New South Wales community station breached licence regulations on broadcasrting adverts.
2005-08-06: St Louis Cardinals finally opt to part company with KMOX-AM after 50 years and switch for KTRS-AM in deal that gives them half share in the station.
2005-08-06: Three applications made for each of new Swansea and Northallerton commercial FM licences in UK.
2005-08-06: Westwood One reports revenues up but profits down.

2005-08-07: UK diary ratings sytem comes under criticism over "volatility."
2005-08-07: Fisher results and WorldSpace IPO.
2005-08-07: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2005-08-08: Shake up expected at Australian Broadcasting Corporation's ABC 702 in Sydney as morning host to leave - breakfast host has alreayd jumped ship.
2005-08-08: Susquehanna's KNBR-AM suspends host Larry Krueger comments made about the San Francisco Giants /Giant's manager walks out on his pre-game show on the station in protest at light penalty.
2005-08-08: UK Times says recording companies are lobbying for US law changes to force radio stations to pay performing rights fees.
2005-08-08: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-08-09: Clear Channel attributes increased listening to its "Less is more initiative"/ also boosts online listening.
2005-08-09: Court says Radio New Zealand does not have to re-instate former managing editor news before full hearing on unjust dismissal claim.
2005-08-09: US radio business - Salem results/Sirius to redeem notes.
2005-08-09: UK authorities pass Emap takeover of Scottish Radio Holdings subject to digital multiplex divestment and changes.
2005-08-09: Emmis agrees USD 300,000 settlement of "Smackfest" complaints/Radio One Inc agrees settlement of case against Nicole Jones, now an Emmis host but formerly with Radio One in Philadelphia.
2005-08-09: US Federal Communications Commission to launch payola investigation.
2005-08-10: Chrysalis hires Emma B, formerly of BBC Radio 1, to host weekend shows on Heart FM.
2005-08-10: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2005-08-10: UK regulator rejects format changes at Coventry station.
2005-08-10: More US results - Clear Channel, Entercom, Interep and Regent.

2005-08-11: Canadian watchdog says advertising parody did not breach country's codes.
2005-08-11: Clear Channel files paperwork in connection with IPO for its Outdoor operations and spin-off of its entertainment division/Entravision announced tender for USD 225 million of outstanding notes.
2005-08-11: BBC completes current Radio 1 rejig with announcement of new hosts for its early breakfast show/ Emap to move Magic FMfrom less talk and more music towards personality hosts at weekends.
2005-08-11: KNBR fires host and two others about comments relating to San Francisco Giants.
2005-08-12: Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported to be about to appoint Julie McCrossin, currently host of its Radio National morning program Life Matters, as host of its breakfast programme on ABC 702.
2005-08-12: NextMedia revenues and losses up/ FCC gives final approval for Pacific Radio Group's acquisition of five Hawaii stations.
2005-08-12: Receivers that can receivers that handle DAB, DRM, FM with RDS, LW, MW and SW, to be launched at next month's IFA 2005 consumer electronics show in Berlin.
2005-08-12: Dundee-based comic, magazine and newspaper publisher D.C. Thomson re-enters UK radio by takinga 6.4% interest in UBC Media.
2005-08-12: US online advertising could overtake that of radio within three years.
2005-08-13: Salem completes WGUR-AM and WLSS-AM acquisitions and flips to temporary programming before move to news-talk.
2005-08-13: Hollywood loses its last radio station as KNX-AM moves out to new Infinity Los Angeles complex.
2005-08-13: Australian Broadcasting Corporation confirms new ABC 702 morning host and announces that new breakfast show host starts Aug 22.
2005-08-13: Eight female staff from Pacifica's KPFA-FM file sexual harassment complaints against station manager.
2005-08-13: BBC Radio 4 announces that its political correspondent Shaun Ley will take over from James Cox as presenter of its Sunday lunchtime news and current affairs show The World This Weekend.
2005-08-13: Gary Fries says he will step down as president and CEO of US Radio Advertising Bureau when his contract ends in December 2006.
2005-08-14: Entercom drops Boston WRKO-AM General Manager's post as economy measure.
2005-08-14: XM does emergency message deal with Arlington County, its fist with a local authority.
2005-08-14: Citadel and Clear Channel station stunts attract police criticism.
2005-08-14: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2005-08-15: GCap Media launches new format on too digital multiplexes.
2005-08-15: California arbitrator awards USD 270,000 to former Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation salesman who was outed as homosexual on air.
2005-08-15: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-08-16: UK regulator again upholds no radio complaints in latest broadcast bulletin.
2005-08-16: Report into Australian community radio stations shows music forming 70% of programming and stations producing three-quarters of their own shows.
2005-08-16: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation locks out 5,500 staff after talks on contract break down.
2005-08-16: UK Guardian says three top London commercial stations want ratings system changes to avoid "volatility."
2005-08-16: Liberman second quarter revenues up 7% with radio up 21% but TV revenues fall and net income is also down.
2005-08-16:US broadcasting complaints, almost all about indecency or obscenity, in first quarter of this year less than half those in final quarter of 2004.
2005-08-17: Clear Channel network debuts in third rank in Arbitron-Comscore ratings but without new network listening numbers are down.
2005-08-17: APN News and Media reports strong interim results with radio division of Australian Radio Network and The Radio Network in New Zealand leading the way.
2005-08-17: Latest Veronis Suhler Stevenson's Communications' 2004 Industry Forecast & Report indicates that radio will lag general communications growth but latest Paragon Media Strategies study says the medium is still the prime source for listening to music and discovering new music in the US.
2005-08-18: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation under pressure over programming standards after it locked out staff.
2005-08-18: Virgin Radio to launch VirginXtreme digital, satellite and online station next month and planning two spin-offs from its Groove digital station.
2005-08-18: Station changes in US as Milwaukee loses Lazer and gets the Hog, Infinity relaunched WJMK as digital station/ In New York Jack Fitzgerald, dumped when WCBS-FM became Jack, gets work at Lite FM.
2005-08-18: Florida court says prosecutors cannot question Rush Limbaugh doctor using subpoena.
2005-08-19: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rejects Saga complaint that Northeast Communications broke rules in manner it approached New Hampshire Senator for support in opposition to Saga construction permit.
2005-08-19: DMG hires Australian comedian Shaun Micallef for breakfast programme on new Vega station in Melbourne/ ABC Australia Talks Back programme host Sandy McCutcheon to temporarily host its Life Matters programme.
2005-08-19: Indian government reported to have opted to keep private FM radio control in hands of resident Indians.
2005-08-19: British parliamentarians call for closure of London-based Arabic station Al Tadjeed Radio.
2005-08-19: Clear Channel says more than two dozen companies have responded to its call for new electronic radio ratings system.
2005-08-20: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) rules that CHUM's CFAX-AM, Victoria, British Columbia, breached the Canadian radio regulations against the broadcast of abusive language.
2005-08-20: Administrative staff stage strike to support pay demand at Indian public broadcasters.
2005-08-20: Canadian private radio broadcasters call for copyright law changes so they do not pay extra for putting music onto hard drives.
2005-08-20: SparkNet Communications sues Clear Channel over alleged infringements of its JACK-FM trademarks.
2005-08-21: Former Arbitron chairman and CEO Theodore F. Shaker dies aged 83.
2005-08-21: Susquehanna Media sets September 13 deadline for bids to buy it.
2005-08-21: Cincinnati classical music public radio station WGUC-FM takes over the running of WVXU-FM and its affiliated X-star Network stations.
2005-08-21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2005-08-22: Indian Supreme Court to hear arguments as to whether copyright holders can refuse to allow FMs to play thie rmusic even when they have agreed to pay royalties.
2005-08-22: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2005-08-23: Westwood One extends its Grammy contract.
2005-08-23: Emmis announces USD 681 million agreement to sell nine of its 17 TV stations.
2005-08-23: European Broadcasting Company SBS SA agrees USD 2.55 billion takeover by funds advised by two companies.
2005-08-23: Disney-ABC owned WMAL-AM, Washington, dismisses host Michael Graham after his remarks calling Islam a "terrorist organisation."
2005-08-23: Bridge Ratings reports on factors that make its listeners choose JACK-FM format.
2005-08-23: Arbitron announces "enhancements" to its service including plans to rate satellite radio channels and Low Power FM Stations and also changes its system for rating Internet streams/ Eastlan enters Florida Keys market.
2005-08-24: FCC yet again - and finally ? - denies Royce International Broadcasting attempt to stops sale of its KWOD-FM, Sacramento, to Entercom & also denies petition to refuse another California sale.
2005-08-24: Australian radio revenues in July down on a year ago.
2005-08-24: Arbitron successfully tests its PPM with podcasts.
2005-08-24: BBC Radio 1 labels October 13 "John Peel Day" and is to support gigs in UK that day in memory of late DJ.
2005-08-24: Emmis confirms it is trying to take Jonathon Brandmeier back to Chicago and its its WLUP-FM.
2005-08-25: US financed Arabic service Radio Sawa takes audience up to nearly 21 million a week.
2005-08-25: US Federal Communications Commission extends deadline for reply comments relating to its low power radio proposals.
2005-08-25: St Louis River Front Times follows up firing of DJs Kaos and Sylli Asz and says their remarks in context not as at first reported.
2005-08-25: BBC royal correspondent and studio presenter in spat during VJ day rehearsal.
2005-08-25: Chicago Tribune says Infinity will not release Jonathon Brandmeier early to join Emmis & other Chicago radio news.

2005-08-26: Former WMAL-AM host Michael Graham, fired for anti Islam remarks, gets stand-in shift at KFI-AM, Los Angeles.
2005-08-26: Latest Irish radio ratings.
2005-08-26: Southern Cross Broadcasting profits up 28% but its Sydney 2UE station still facing tough competition.
2005-08-26: UK Guardian Media Group takes control of Reading FM/ SBS Broadcasting SA sets date for shareholder meeting to accept takeover bid.
2005-08-26: Sirius introduces three portable receivers/ UK gets weatherproof DAB receiver and other equipment-related news.
2005-08-26: New UK Autumn schedules including break from movies to present radio shows by Johnny Depp and Val Kilmer.
2005-08-26: US indecency complaint against Howard Stern could take him off the air very soon.
2005-08-27: North Queensland radio jobs go in Australia as new owner drops local programming in afternoons leading to concern about assurances given at time of takeover.
2005-08-27: North Carolina host, dropped by Charlotte station three years ago, aims to get back into market with his own station.
2005-08-27: Locked-out Canadian Broadcasting Corporation staff planning their own national news service on Internet and college radio stations.
2005-08-28: Arbitron says its PPM system works with iBiquity digital channels as well as analogue radio.
2005-08-28: Canadian cabinet reported to be ready to call for grant of satellite radio licences to be rescinded.
2005-08-28: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2005-08-29: Chicago classical radio pioneer Ray Nordstrand dies aged 72.
2005-08-29: Carnegie Mellon University group develops Roadcasting prototype system for what they term "collaborative, mobile radio."
2005-08-29: Former BBC director general calls BBC Radio 4 a "national treasure" but says it would benefit from competition.
2005-08-29: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2005-08-30: Arbitron names Bob Patchen to new post of Chief Research Office.
2005-08-30: Cox Radio to buy back up to USD 100 million's worth of its shares.
2005-08-30: US gains 592 licensed broadcasting stations according to latest figures from Federal Communications Commission.
2005-08-30: Austereo revenues up but profits down in competitive radio market.
2005-08-30: Sirius survey says three quarters of Canadians in favour of satellite radio and a fifth are potential subscribers.
2005-08-31: UK regulator again upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2005-08-31: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 6,600 fine on Virgina AM.
2005-08-31: Details start to firm for three UK commercial radio chart shows to be launched in the Autumn.
2005-08-31: Chicago Sun Times reports that Infinity talks with Erich "Mancow" Muller we held at top corporate level.
2005-08-31: Sirius Canada prepared to increase French content of its service to head off referral back of licence approval.

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July 2005

2005-07-01: US public radio attracts very loyal, well educated and comparatively wealthy listeners according to Arbitron report.
2005-07-01: Howard Stern tells his audience he expects Infinity to drop him before the Fall but the company denies any such plans.
2005-07-01: Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) takes over the regulation of broadcasting, radiocommunications and telecommunications in the country.
2005-07-01: Infinity says it now has permission to transmit two digital services on its former oldies WJMK-FM frequency, now used for JACK FM analogue service, in Chicago and expects to bring back WJMK this month.
2005-07-01: Three events give major boost to BBC online listening in May.
2005-07-01: MarketWatch says Clear Channel radio CEO John Hogan has confirmed his company's interest in buying Disney's ABC radio stations if the price is right and they are put on the block.
2005-07-02: Los Angeles AM fined USD 10,000 for tower lighting breaches.
2005-07-02: European Commission holds up Ireland's Broadcasting (Funding) Scheme aimed at boosting programmes on on Irish culture, heritage and experience.
2005-07-02: BBC Radio 1 to drop Nemone in favour of J.K.and Joel show in early breakfast slot.
2005-07-02: XM tops 4.4 million subscribers/ offering most comprehensive cover of Live-8 concerts.

2005-07-03: Confederation of Indian Industry welcomes Indian switch from FM licence fees to revenue-based system.
2005-07-03: Canadian Satellite Radio hires firm to determine where it will need terrestrial repeaters.
2005-07-03: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-07-04: Berkeley Liberation Radio remains out of action a week after it closed down.
2005-07-04: Quebec radio director, producer and host Guy Mauffette dies aged 90.
2005-07-04: Longtime BBC newsreader Brian Donaldson finishes his staff stint after more then three decades.
2005-07-04: Rush Limbaugh's lawyer to try and get judge to limit to three the Florida state prosecutors who can view the host's medical records.
2005-07-04: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-07-05: UK regulator upholds one radio complaint - over abuse of an Iraq war veteran - in its latest bulletin.
2005-07-05: Two pirate operators arrested under new Florida state laws.
2005-07-05: Chief Executive of UK media regulator says the medium cannot operate in isolation as digital convergence progresses.
2005-07-06: Ulster TV appoints CEO for The Wireless Group which it acquired recently.
2005-07-06: New company set up to promote Jack format in US.
2005-07-06: GCap, which is broadcast partner in existing UK national digital multiplex, threatens to sue if UK regulator approves another national multiplex.
2005-07-06: Canadian Satellite Radio says it is to spend CAD 100 million on infrastructure and Canadian programming.
2005-07-06: UK independent radio producers agree new deal with BBC that will allow them to keep copyright in commissioned programmes.
2005-07-06: US May radio advertising revenues up 1% on a year ago.
2005-07-07: Indian FM advertising revenues predicted to increase five-fold following change in licensing fee system that is expected to greatly increase the number of stations on air.
2005-07-07: Australian Macquarie Bank subsidiary, Macquarie Regional Radioworks, advertises seven stations it has to divest following two large purchases of regional stations last year.
2005-07-07: DJ and former radio mogul Chris Evans signs contract to present BBC Radio 2 Saturday show.
2005-07-07: Florida judge releases some of Rush Limbaugh's medical records to prosecutors investigating doctor-shopping allegations against the host.
2005-07-08: BBC World Service announces deal to stay on FM in Singapore
2005-07-08: Australian narrowcasting network WorldAudio reported to have lost lobbying battle to get digital broadcast spectrum.
2005-07-08: New FM licence advertised for Warwick area in England.
2005-07-08: WorldSpace to spend USD 10 million on promoting its services in India.
2005-07-08: Federal Communications Commission announces details of fiscal 2005 fees/ fines Florida non-commercial station USD 8000 for broadcasting adverts.
2005-07-09: WBEZ-FM, Chicago, to end production of syndicated "Odyssey" showe and make other cuts.
2005-07-09: Australian Broadcasting Corporation to double number of programmes for which it offers podcasts.
2005-07-09: Federal Communications Commission puts issue of US media ownership on agenda for meeting next week.
2005-07-09: Canadian radio listening down by hour-and-a-half a week on average over past decade.
2005-07-09: BBC World Service Radio up to 149 million a week in latest surveys.

2005-07-10: In more signs of health in digital radio, RadioScape triples size of its Hong Kong operation.
2005-07-10: Canadian Satellite Radio to spend CAD 100,000 on band and singer-songwriter as part of its initiative to help develop Canadian francophone artists.
2005-07-10: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-07-11: XM declares regular dividend.
2005-07-11: Recording companies criticize BBC free MP3 downloads of Beethoven symphonies.
2005-07-11: Former New York Hot 97 producer fired over tsunami song parody is hired by Clear Channel in San Francisco.
2005-07-11: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-07-12: BBC Radio 1 Head of Music leaves to join EMI.
2005-07-12: Morse code back on US airwaves tonight, six years after last commercial transmission.
2005-07-12: Emmis CEO claims success for stock buyback, plays down idea of selling its publishing division and of threat from satellite and iPods.
2005-07-12: UK radio ratings company RAJAR puts out new tender for audio metering services, continues testing three existing devices.
2005-07-13: Smulyan family sells its remaining radio station.
2005-07-13: Doctor sues US host Don Imus over comments made on his show about treatment of child at Imus ranch.
2005-07-13: BBC annual report shows radio listening share up but that of TV down.
2005-07-13: XM joines forces with AOL, entertainment company AEG and Live 8 producer to form "Multi-Platform Digital Entertainment Company for Live Programming.
2005-07-14: Veteran BBC Radio Bristol broadcaster Roger Bennett dies aged 69 after being with station since 1970.
2005-07-14: Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin reported to be interested in bid for Disney's radio operations.
2005-07-14: CHUM and Astral to appeal granting of satellite radio licences in Canada.
2005-07-14: Ofcom report shows UK commercial radio listening down in 2004 but digital listening up as new forms of listening make increasing inroads.
2005-07-15: XM buys wireless spectrum company to be able to offer additional services.
2005-07-15: Former Emmis Hot 97 morning show personality Todd Lynn, who was fired by the station after protests at the station's "Tsunami Song" sayst the song was a "very, very bad mistake" but that it had been condoned by the station's management.
2005-07-15: Corus Entertainment turns third quarter loss a year ago into profit this year.
2005-07-15: Federal Communications Commission postpones discussion of new media ownership regulations.
2005-07-15: Emmis likely to use funds from TV division sale to boost radio operations, possible in the UK.
2005-07-16: California woman sues radio station over toy car prize.
2005-07-16: CNN Money says Stern may be off Infinity by Labor Day.
2005-07-16: Scottish FM, due to be closed Friday, gets reprieve in view of possible sale.
2005-07-16: US National Association of Broadcasters objects to XM's planned purchase of wireless spectrum company.
2005-07-16: CHUM follows Corus in reporting strong third quarter.
2005-07-17: California to get two more "liberal" talk stations.
2005-07-17: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

2005-07-18: US National Public Radio to go ahead with expansion despite funding concerns.
2005-07-18: UK Sunday Times says Emmis has Chrysalis Group at head of UK shopping list.
2005-07-18: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2005-07-19: UK regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest broadcast bulletin.
2005-07-19: NextMedia to buy KEZR-FM and KBAY-FM, San Jose, from Infinity.
2005-07-19:Former Heart FM breakfast host Jono Coleman to host afternnoon show on BBC London from Monday/LBC managing director quits.
2005-07-19: Kagan research report predicts XM to go into positive cash flow in 2007, Sirius to do same in 2008, and the two together to have 46 million subscribers by 2014.
2005-07-20: WCBS-FM drops in ranks in Spring ratings and change to Jack-FM from oldies did nothing so far is said to have increased losses.
2005-07-20: Urban Radio Communications, LLC. arranges USD 17 million more financing/ buys ten more stations.
2005-07-20: Clear Channel unveils two new Chicago formats using extra HD digital channels.
2005-07-20: UK regulator increases pay of top executives but reduces licence fees to broadcasters.
2005-07-20: XM takes strategic holding in WorldSpace which is increasing share price range for its Initial Public Offering.
2005-07-21: Australian regulator rules that New South Wales community station breached its licence condition because it was not encouraging community participation but had not breached conditions relating to representing the community interest.
2005-07-21: Canadian survey shows nearly two-thirds interested in satellite radio whilst US survey shows four out of five say they have no interest.
2005-07-21: Australian Commercial Radio starts airing further adverts to promote the medium to advertisers.
2005-07-21: US Radio Advertising Bureau says bringing in Portable People Meter ratings could add USD 569 million a year to radio revenues in the country.

2005-07-22: US Federal Communications Commission cancels USD 2,000 penalty on Californian FM.
2005-07-22: BBC Beethoven Symphony downloads totalled nearly 1.4 million.
2005-07-22: Emmis, Entercom and Citadel said to have made bids for Disney's radio operations.
2005-07-22: UK media regulator Ofcom creates COO post in re-oraganization.
2005-07-22: Second quarter results from Arbitron in US and Grupo Radio Centro in Mexico.
2005-07-22: UK Radio and Internet Advertising Bureaux propose co-operation between what they term complementary media.

2005-07-23: News Corporation-owned Star Group considering return to radio in India.
2005-07-23: Korean government backs national expansion of broadcasting to mobile devices.
2005-07-23: Australian radio regional rep firm formed from merger of two existing companies.
2005-07-23: iBiquity gets boost from Consumer Electronics Association call for speedy approval of its HD radio system.
2005-07-24: Full-time Americana network to launch next month.
2005-07-24: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.
2005-07-25: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2005-07-26: Former UK Wireless Group executive John Evington sets up own company/first commission is in China.
2005-07-26: European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) has approved the DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) standards.
2005-07-26: Chelsea soccer club signs up with Smooth FM in London.
2005-07-26: Survey indicates loss of Howard Stern will cost Infinity greatly with audience.
2005-07-26: Sony BMG agrees USD 10 million penalty in connection with payola to US radio stations.

2005-07-27: Canadian Satellite Radio starts work on Toronto studions/XM launches receiver for motorcycles and ties up with Samsung on MP3 player.
2005-07-27: Veteran New York DJ Joe O'Brien dies aged 90 after car accident
2005-07-27: Australian Communications and Media Authority gives MacQuarie Bank six months to dispose of Queensland station.
2005-07-27: Entravision and Univision announce USD 90 million California station deal.

2005-07-28: Bronx News says New York City is investigating diversion of around USD 500,000 from a city club to Air America radio.
2005-07-28: US Federal Communications Commission cuts proposed USD 25,000 penalty on Missouri FM to USD 18,000 and proposed USD 20,000 penalty on amateur operator to USD 500.
2005-07-28: Nassau buys three Cape Cod stations/ Bustos Media buys in Idaho.
2005-07-28: DMG starts promoting its new VEGA FM stations in Sydney and Melbourne.
2005-07-28: US radio revenues flat in June according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2005-07-28: Terry Jacobs steps down as chairman and CEO of Regent.
2005-07-29: Indian Public Broadcasting revenues up to INR 8 billion.
2005-07-29: Chairman of US Corporation Public Broadcasting defends himself over payments for survey of political leanings of hosts and guests.
2005-07-29: Irish regulator sets broad principles for issue of new licences.
2005-07-29: BBC World Service to launch online soap opera to help listeners learn English.
2005-07-29: Police campaign for dismissal of two St Louis for comments about harming police.
2005-07-29: XM increases forecast to six million subscribers; Beasley results.
2005-07-30: Emmis and Spanish Broadcasting back off in Los Angeles tower dispute and drop lawsuits.
2005-07-30: Radio New Zealand staff stage walk out in pay dispute/threaten further action.
2005-07-30: European Broadcaster SBS Broadcasting SA reports revenues up 30% on a year earlier in second quarter but one-off financing charges reduce profit by 21%.
2005-07-30: US radio business including Bustos-Salem station swap in California and various format changes.
2005-07-30: iBiquity hires UK UBC Interactive to advise on digital service development in US.
2005-07-31: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty to move from centre of Prague to city outskirts.
2005-07-31: Canadian radio advertising revenues rise again in 2004 but at lower rate than in previous year.
2005-07-31: Look at licence news and regulatory issues of the past week.

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