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March 2006

2006-03-01: British broadcaster and comedian Linda Smith dies from cancer.
2006-03-01: Grupo Radio Centro results show revenues down in final quarter but up for whole of 2005.
2006-03-01: Saga results show profits down but full year revenues were up.
2006-03-01: Macquarie Media Group reports excellent first half but is to look outside Australia for investment opportunities.
2006-03-01: CBS sues Sirius,Stern and the latter's company and agent for breach of contract, asking for punitive damages.
2006-03-02: UK media regulator highlights digital radio receiver sales in latest look at UK communications market.
2006-03-02: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces further moves to develop advertising code for broadcasters.
2006-03-02: UK Radio Advertising Bureau says ratings analysis show commercial radio reaching younger audience more than the BBC.
2006-03-02: Australian commercial radio body says it is optimistic about digital radio rollout in next two to three years.
2006-03-02: Arbitron to launch Portable Perople Meter for radio ratings first after Nielsen Media drops joint ventue option.
2006-03-02: US radio advertising revenues in January up 1% on a year ago as national revenues increase by 6%.
2006-03-03: US Federal Communications Commission denies petition and approves licence renewal for Alabama AM but proposes USD 10,500 penalty for violations.
2006-03-03: Arbitron President and CEO says Nielsen decision not to take up PPM option was disappointing but not completely surprising.
2006-03-03: Australian commercial radio strongly disputes report that audiences have fallen over past decade.
2006-03-03: BBC announces that Chris Evans is to take over Radio 2 Drivetime show.
2006-03-03: Impairment charge takes Regent into loss for 2005.
2006-03-04: New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation says it spend NZD 410,000 in legal costs relating to dismissal of former head of news.
2006-03-04: Univision revenues up but profit hit by one-off charges.
2006-03-04: UK House of Lords Committee defends BBC licence fee but says it should be determined by Parliament not the government.
2006-03-04: Hearing to be held next week on Republican Federal Communications Commission nominee/proposals for radio broadcast flag raised again.
2006-03-04: Wendy Harmer leaves DMG's Vega.

2006-03-05: Philadelphia WMMR-FM Preston and Steve morning team (Preston Elliot and Steve Morrison) extend 3-year contract with by two years.
2006-03-05: University of Michigan investigating its media operations after sudden resignation of media director.
2006-03-05: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-03-06: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-03-07: London DJ sues News of the World and Sun newspapers following publication of reports alleging that a DJ and two soccer players took part in gay orgies.
2006-03-07: UK regulator upholds in part one complaint against radio in its latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2006-03-07: Australian report says moving a fifth of TV advertising budget into a radio campaign increased brand awareness by the same amount.
2006-03-07: BBC Radio 2 accused of censoring criticism of appointment of Chris Evans to host drivetime show.
2006-03-07: XM Canada says it now has more than 50,000 subscribers.

2006-03-08: Veteran British broadcasters John Junkin and Ivor Cutler have died, aged 76 and 83 respectively.
2006-03-08: Chicago hosts Kathy O'Malley and Judy Markey agree new contract with WGN-AM.
2006-03-08: Canadian ratings organization expands panel using Arbitron's PPM in Quebec.
2006-03-08: Reports say Air America Radio could lose its New York flagship station.

2006-03-09: BBC Radio Five Live announces details of its Formula One racing cover, to be provided for the first time by an independent producer.
2006-03-09: Southern Cross Broadcasting publishes half-year results to end of 2005, confirming revenues up but profits down.
2006-03-09: Salem revenues up but profits down in fourth quarter of 2005 but both were up for full year.
2006-03-09: New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer files payola law suit against Entercom.

2006-03-10: Australian Broadcasting Corporation hits record for downloads.
2006-03-10: More US results - Cumulus - which into large loss as result of impairment charge - and Spanish Broadcasting System.
2006-03-10: Macquarie bid takes new Plymouth licence in UK/seven applications made for new Hull FM and two for new Newry FM.
2006-03-10: Three radio measurement systems to be considered in US by Cross- Industry Evaluation Team.
2006-03-11: BBC announces hosts for its Weekend News programme.
2006-03-11:Westwood One creates two new Executive Vice-presidents.
2006-03-11: Prostitutes in Salvador, Brazil, to get their own radio station.
2006-03-11: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council rules that remarks mocking Asians on Montreal station breached Canadian codes.
2006-03-11: David Lee Roth hits out at his CBS bosses.
2006-03-11: USD 12 billion bid reported for Univision/ other US radio business.

2006-03-12: Capital Radio agrees sponsorship deal for its Drivetime show.
2006-03-12: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-03-13: Resurgent Virgin Radio expected to aid SMG results/UTV to report today.
2006-03-13: US public radio listening share falls back.
2006-03-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-03-14: Salem announces three new general managers.
2006-03-14: LBI Media arranging refinancing.
2006-03-14: Radio performance leads UTV 2005 results.
2006-03-14: Radio One Inc. and Media Audit agree smart phone audience metering trial in Houston/Arbitron to pay more to ease demographic problems in its diary keepers.
2006-03-15: Howard Stern attacks CBS CEO Leslie Moonves again - this time on CBS TV.
2006-03-15: WBAL-AM, Baltimore, to drop Rush Limbaugh in favour of local hosts.
2006-03-15: Clear Channel says Justice Department has ended anti-trust investigations and is to take no action against it.
2006-03-15: Strong Virgin Radio performance boosts SMG.
2006-03-15: Arbitron to start rolling out PPM in top 50 US markets with Houston first in July this year.
2006-03-15: Proposals for new Australian media regulations released.
2006-03-15: British government releases BBC White Paper that will renew Corporation's charter and keep licence fee funding for ten years.
2006-03-15: Bridge Ratings predicts roughly equality in listeners for each satellite radio service and HD in 15 years.
2006-03-16: SMG-owned Virgin Radio hires Ordinary Boys frontman Preston to host Sunday show for four weeks.
2006-03-16: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council rules that Quebec station breached codes with insults to a guest and Toronto station in implying recorded Stones concert was a live broadcast of a a concert at the broadcast time.
2006-03-16: UK commercial radio companies call for different treatment of radio and TV sponsorship by regulator.
2006-03-16: Vancouver Canucks to move stations to TEAM 1040 at start of next season after three decades with CKNW-AM.
2006-03-16: US Federal Communications Commission issues or confirms nearly USD 4.3 million in penalties for "indecent" TV broadcasts, most of it against CBS, but issues no radio decisions.
2006-03-17: Australian Commercial Radio Awards to change format this year.
2006-03-17: David Lee Roth declares truce with CBS executives over his show.
2006-03-17: Ofcom awards nine more community radio licences, eight in England, one in Wales.
2006-03-17: Cox Radio joins Radio One Inc. in encoding Houston signals for tests of The Media Audit/Ipsos Smart Phone.
2006-03-17: Canadian commercial radio companies call for tightening up on new entrants and other restrictions to aid it meet competition from new technologies.
2006-03-17: US National Association of Broadcasters praises Senate Bill that would restrict local information broadcast by satellite radio companies.
2006-03-18: Air America Radio says it has deal to continue broadcasts on New York flagship station.
2006-03-18: WorldSpace stock price drops by nearly a quarter following release of annual results.
2006-03-18: CBS Radio joins in tests of Media Audit/Ipsos Smart Cell Phone in Houston.
2006-03-18: Tim Schoonmaker, who headed Plymouth FM winning bid, says Macquarie did not buy existing local station, which is up for sale, because it was too expensive/ local business leaders attempt to get award overturned in favour of local bid.
2006-03-18: US Senate Commerce Committee votes to approve Robert McDowell nomination to FCC/Group of Senators tell FCC chairman it should carry out comprehensive not piecemeal review of media ownership regulations.
2006-03-19: Three former Michigan Public Media employees could face jail on charges relating to accepting gifts for on-air considerations on WUOM-FM.
2006-03-19: Sirius shares rise following announcements of deals with VW and Audi.
2006-03-19: Irelands first regional station still not in profit after three years on air.
2006-03-19: US Radio Advertising Bureau expands its reach in agreement with German counterpart.
2006-03-19: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-03-20: University of Michigan appoints Stephen Schram as interim director of Michigan Public Media.
2006-03-20: Equipment seized from Miami pirate station Da Streetz whose signal was said to be interfering with pilots conversation with Miami International Airport.
2006-03-20: Former Quebec morning host Jeff Fillion launches subscription Internet show.
2006-03-20: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-03-21: Jefferson-Pilot shareholders agree to approve merger with Lincoln National.
2006-03-21: UK media regulator upholds one radio complaint in latest Bulletin.
2006-03-21: Sirius passes 4 million subscriber mark/ also agrees deal with Universal Music over recordings of its signal/ British commercial broadcasters reported to be likely to abandon international streaming next month.
2006-03-21: UK media regulator Ofcom publishes reasons behind award of Plymouth licence to bid backed by Australia's Macquarie Bank.
2006-03-21: Arbitron shares dip again after Clear Channel joins in tests of Media Audit/Ipsos Smart cell phone in Houston.
2006-03-22: UK Times reports that GCap Media may opt to either sell nine stations in smaller groups rather than one lot or withdraw them from sale/ regulator Ofcom allows two Star stations to co-locate but not simulcast programming.
2006-03-22: Arbitron announces initial results from RADAR 88 radio networks survey which will now rate 56 networks, up four from RADAR 87.
2006-03-22: BBC appoints Ceri Thomas as editor of flagship Radio 4 breakfast programme.
2006-03-22: Australian AM network WorldAudio calls in receivers as dream of digital network seems to have evaporated with government decision to award initial digital licences only to existing main players.

2006-03-23: South Dakota votes to restore cuts made at start of month to public broadcaster's budget.
2006-03-23: BBC announces that two veterans - Radio Cymru editor and Head of Religion and Ethics are to stand down later this year.
2006-03-23: Australian Communications Media Authority seeks comment on Southern Cross broadcasting plans to switch frequencies of its Melbourne 3AW-AM and 3EE-AM stations.
2006-03-23: Arbitron shares dip again after Cumulus and Univision join The Media Audit/Ipsos Houston smart phone metering system tests/ Arbitron announces results of survey for WAXY-AM about listening during Miami Dolphins games.
2006-03-24: KTRS-AM, St Louis, fires morning host Dave Lenihan following use of the word "coon".
2006-03-24: Saga extends Bob and Brian morning show hosts contracts on WHQG-FM, Milwaukee.
2006-03-24: Sari Collins appointed editor of BBC Wales English language national service.
2006-03-24: WNYC to move its Manhattan HQ after 81 years.
2006-03-24: British commercial radio plans UK Music Week event.
2006-03-24: Arbitron resumes ratings for areas affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, including New Orleans.

2006-03-25: Pacific University takes its KUOP-FM, Stockton, off the market for now after offers are found lacking.
2006-03-25: Hong Kong government launches commission to examine future model for public broadcaster Radio and Television Hong Kong (RTHK).
2006-03-25: Beasley Broadcast to buy Las Vegas AM for USD 17 million.
2006-03-25: GCap Media shares fall after it releases trading update and announces it is no longer to sell nine analogue stations because offers were too low.
2006-03-26: Indian radio revenues forecast to grow 32% a year over next few years.
2006-03-26: Former Virgin breakfast co-host Pete Mitchell to join BBC Radio 2.
2006-03-26: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-03-27: Irish regional station Beat FM set to go into black this year for first time.
2006-03-27: KTRS-AM rehires host it had fired to replace Brian Lenihan after he was fired.
2006-03-27: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-03-28: US Federal Communications Commission to raise USD 289 million from regulatory fees in 2006 fiscal year.
2006-03-28: 30% of Stern fans followed host to Sirius according to Survey/XM adds more channels.
2006-03-28: Chrysalis bullish on prospects although first-half revenues are down/SMG stock rises on bid rumours.
2006-03-28: ABC Daytime Direction retains top rank in latest RADAR network ratings but Jones MediaAmerica TWC Network moves up to second rank.
2006-03-29: Administrators at Australiam AM network WorldAudio say they hope to get Digital Radio Modiale trial licence.
2006-03-29: Fired sports host Larry Kreuger says he has settled law suit over his dismissal against KNBR-AM, San Francisco.
2006-03-29: Nominations announced for 2006 Sony Radio Awards.
2006-03-29: Latest Australian radio ratings.

2006-03-30: US Federal Communications Commission fines Maine amateur USD 21,000 and former Montana AM licensee USD 7,000.
2006-03-30: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland renews Today FM licence in principle, calls oral hearing on another licence and to advertise a third.
2006-03-30:UK Guardian Media |Group to introduce "bespoke" chart show on its Real Radio stations/BBC drops annual big band competition.
2006-03-30: radio free Brattleboro fails to reach agreement with FCC because it refuses to admit breaking the law.
2006-03-30: Jude Law to appear in BBC Radio 3 drama written by Anthony Minghella as part of Samuel Beckett anniversary programming.

2006-03-31: Montreal Jewish station Radio Shalom, granted AM licence earlier this month, says it expects to be on air in late May or early June.
2006-03-31: New York Daily Post says Stern "replacement" host David Lee Roth appears headed towards potentially fatal confrontation with CBS Radio.
2006-03-31: Canwest appoints John Evington as programme director for its new Solent Regional station.
2006-03-31: Former St. Louis host David Lenihan, fired for use of the word "coon" agrees leaving his station is the best thing to do although NAACP, which he had joined, had called for his reinstatement.
2006-03-31: UK Guardian, which had reported that GCap Media had dropped threats to sue Ofcom regulator over new commercial multiplex, now says Ofcom insists it has given no special assurances to GCap over the new multiplex.
2006-03-31: Arbitron shares dip again following news that it is to postpone introduction of PPM in Houston until it receives Media Rating Council accreditation.

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February 2006

2006-02-01: Clear Channel regrets mocking death of Muslims at Haj pilgrimage by KFI host Bill Handel, who himself issues a non-apology, apology.
2006-02-01: Guardian Media Group radio chief executive John Myers appointed to main GMG board.
2006-02-01: Jim Cramer to move his Real Money show from WOR Radio Network to CBS/Westwood One.
2006-02-01: Arbitron-Comscore says online listening to the three networks it has rated all of its first year more than doubled although audience increased by less/Beasley Broadcast agrees to use Portable People Meter for ratings in Philadelphia.
2006-02-01: Federal Communications Commission FM Auction 62 ends with 163 licences of 171 won and net total bids of USD 54 million.
2006-02-02: Spanish Broadcasting System completes USD 120 million California sale/announces strong performances from flagship stations in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.
2006-02-02: New Australian syndicated talk-show off to embarrassing start when it "loses" Prime Minister for three minutes during prestigious interview.
2006-02-02: WorldSpace adds two more services to its AfriStar satellite.
2006-02-02: Australian commercial radio industry launches first 2006 ad in campaign promoting radio as advertising medium.
2006-02-02: iBiquity says US now has 700 stations broadcasting HD signals.
2006-02-02: Howard Stern Show to launch on Sirius Canada on Monday.
2006-02-03: BBC Unions vote for two strikes in radio later this month to protest planned job cuts.
2006-02-03: Final phase of Indian FM auction begins today.
2006-02-03: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a partner in Sirius Canada, expresses reservations about airing Howard Stern Show on the satellite service in Canada.
2006-02-03: BBC increases lead over commercial stations in latest UK radio ratings.
2006-02-03: US Radio Advertising Bureau reports flat 2005 figures.
2006-02-04: CBS expands audio streaming -addition of KROQ-FM, Los Angeles, will take total CBS online streaming stations to 50.
2006-02-04: UTV said to have pulled out of bidding for nine GCap stations that are up for sale.
2006-02-04: Clear Channel changes following departure of New York chief Andy Rosen.
2006-02-04: Los Angeles Times says downloads of pirated Howard Stern Shows jumped five-fold after it reported on the issue.
2006-02-04: Republican lobbyist and telecommunications lawyer Robert McDowell to be nominated as Federal Communications Commissioner.
2006-02-05: Canadian MP and former radio host André Arthur gets extra CAD 50,000 bill for libel committed in his radio days.

2006-02-05: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-02-06: Single to be recorded and offered as CD or download of UK Theme medley of tunes that is being dropped by BBC Radio 4.
2006-02-06: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-02-07: Voice of America to follow BBC World Service in cutting various language broadcasts to concentrate efforts on Moslem world.
2006-02-07: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds three radio complaints in its latest bulletin.
2006-02-07: US Federal Communications Commission proposes fiscal 2007 budget of USD 302.5 million, slightly down on 2006.
2006-02-07: Digital radio sales worldwide show "encouraging trends" according to UK Digital Radio Development Board.
2006-02-07: USD 2.7 billion Citadel -Disney -ABC Radio deal agreed.
2006-02-08: Couple who won UK station's "Two Strangers and a Wedding" competition now on way to honeymoon.
2006-02-08: Toronto station turns down advertising for new play by Vagina Monologues creator because it wouldn't air the V-word.
2006-02-08: UK media regulator starts consultation on its proposals to allow sponsorship of broadcast channels not just programmes.
2006-02-08: Arbitron takes another step in efforts to gain Media Rating Council accreditation of its Portable People Meter system.
2006-02-08: Second phase of Indian FM licence auction ends with successful bids placed for some 280 licences.
2006-02-09: Texas broadcasting pioneer Stan Wilson dies aged 90.
2006-02-09: UK Chrysalis Group selling its interest in Air Studios recording business.
2006-02-09: US National Public Radio names Bill Marimow Vice-president for News.
2006-02-09: BBC meets unions in talks to avert strikes over combining web and radio jobs into one radio assistant producer role.
2006-02-09: New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer shifts focus of payola investigation onto radio companies - subpoenas nine of them.
2006-02-09: Univision confirms it is considering putting itself up for sale.
2006-02-10: UK Chrysalis says revenues in first five months of its financial year are down 2%.
2006-02-10: Interep files to de-list saying this will produce savings beneficial to its business.
2006-02-10: BBC unions postpone strikes over combining web and radio jobs into one radio assistant producer role to put  increased pay offer for the new role to their members.
2006-02-10: Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) says Clear Channel's KFI-AM and host Bill Handel have apologized for remarks made last month by the host mocking the deaths of Muslims on the pilgrimage to Mecca.
2006-02-10: UK media regulator Ofcom has announced the award of one commercial FM licence, has advertised two more and given details of three applications made for another.
2006-02-10: XM Satellite Radio announces three-year deal for Oprah and Friends Channel/other satellite radio news.
2006-02-10: US National Association of Broadcasters calls for ending of cross-ownership ban.

2006-02-12: Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut completes purchase of new building, hopes to re-open by Labor Day.
2006-02-12: Quebec station CHOI-FM hoping change in government may save its licence.
2006-02-12: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-02-13: West Texas public station launches today.
2006-02-13: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ facing lawsuit from model and talent agency.
2006-02-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-02-14: Capital Radio drops its "Party in the Park" concerts in Hyde Park, London.
2006-02-14: Beasley final quarter revenues down 8,4% with net income less than half that of a year earlier.
2006-02-14: UTV launches Talk 107, its Scottish speech-based station.
2006-02-14: HD Digital Radio Alliance launches new site to promote HD.
2006-02-14: 3GSM World Congress 2006 in Barcelona concentrates on digital multi media.

2006-02-15: One application each put in for Irish national and quasi-national FM licences.
2006-02-15: BBC to more than double the number of podcasts/MP3 downloads it offers.
2006-02-15: Univision promotes Gary Stone to pose of President and COO of Univision Radio.
2006-02-15: UK media regulator turns down UBC application to cluster its Classic Gold stations, citing fears of a precedent allowing AM stations to cut their localness.
2006-02-15: Arbitron publishes Radio Today -2006 report/ also announces further support of its PPM system.

2006-02-16: Minnesota Public Radio may not apply for state grants because of salary disclosure requirements.
2006-02-16: Feud between Sumner Redstone and his son could hit Viacom and CBS.
2006-02-16: UK media regulator Ofcom releases it latest details of proposals for commercial radio regulation.
2006-02-16: Future of Music Coalition calls for FCC investigation of payola allegations before new media ownership regulations are prepared.
2006-02-16: Clear Channel promotes Randall Mays - he becomes President and COO whilst his brother Mark retains CEO post but loses that of President.
2006-02-17: US Federal Communications Commission trims fine on Missouri non-commercial FM.
2006-02-17: US National Association of Broadcasters announces winners of 2006 Radio and Television Engineering Achievement Awards.
2006-02-17: Fisher Communications final quarter revenue down 23% on a year earlier but full-year 2005 losses are less than half those for 2004.
2006-02-17: 21 more community licences awarded in UK.
2006-02-17: Indecency/obscenity complaints in US rise in third quarter.
2006-02-17: Satellite radio shares fall as XM announces increased loss and director resigns.

2006-02-18: Canwest expands in New Zealand.
2006-02-18: Arbitron research shows cell-phone-only people tend to be younger and have different listening habits to people with landline phones.
2006-02-18: Latest Irish radio ratings show 85% of adults listened to radio daily in 2005, the same as a year earlier.
2006-02-18: US satellite radio shares fall again as Sirius follows XM in reporting record revenues and increased losses: Sirius also planning to put
Howard Stern Show on Internet and agrees new deal to carry Fox News.
2006-02-19: Two Texas country FMs ban Willie Nelson gay cowboy song.
2006-02-19: Digital radio a when not if in France but debate continues about system to be adopted according to French regulator.
2006-02-19: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-02-20: Austereo and Southern Cross Broadcasting report fall in profits.
2006-02-20: Investors said likely to be disappointed by US radio earnings due this week/other US radio business.
2006-02-20: Payola prime topic at Country Music Seminar.
2006-02-20: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-02-21: UK regulator partly upholds one radio complaint in latest broadcast bulletin.
2006-02-21: Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) investigating financing by Macquarie Regional Radioworks (MRRW) of the purchase of five licences that could potentially have breached Australian media ownership rules.
2006-02-21: UK commercial radio bodies, the Commercial Radio Companies Association and Radio Advertising Bureau to merge into single body.
2006-02-22: BBC radio agrees four-year cricket deal.
2006-02-22: US HD Digital Radio Alliance launches USD 200 million promotional campaign for HD.
2006-02-22: Arbitron says using cell phone system for radio ratings has severe drawbacks.
2006-02-22: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles apologizes for swearing on-air at caller.
2006-02-22: DMG Vega stations still struggle in latest Australian radio ratings.
2006-02-22: Clear Channel revenues and profits down in final quarter of 2005.
2006-02-23: Ricky Gervais Show podcasts to become pay-for only after free first season.
2006-02-23: BBC World Service back on AM airwaves in Moscow.
2006-02-23: Bridge Ratings report says 1996 Telecommunications Act in the US failed to deliver what was promised but radio executives take rosier view than others of its results.
2006-02-23: New regional youth-targeted radio licence advertised in Ireland.
2006-02-23: Sting in the tail in further US radio results as fourth quarter shows revenue falls for Cox and Entercom.

2006-02-24: Latest BBC online figures show dramatic rise in podcasting and downloading.
2006-02-24: Australian figures show radio with greater audience until early evening.
2006-02-24: Latest US broadcast station numbers.
2006-02-24: BBC Radio 4 breakfast show editor moving to Corporation's journalism college.
2006-02-24: More US results -CBS, Citadel, Entravision and Radio 1.
2006-02-25: Maryland College FM, on air since 1937, is threatened by Baltimore public stations power increase.
2006-02-25: Roe Conn extends deal with WLS-AM for a year, adds an hour to his show.
2006-02-25: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces Euros 11 million ( USD 13 million) of awards in its Sound and Vision scheme.
2006-02-25: US radio business including Westwood One results and Arbitron-SBS agreement over use of Portable People Meter.
2006-02-26: Long-time CBS reporter and anchor Christopher Glenn retires.
2006-02-26: BBC World Service to drop its Falkland Islands programmes.
2006-02-26: Actor and former Sen Fred Thompson joins ABC Radio News.
2006-02-26: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-02-27: World's "most inexpensive" radio station in India.
2006-02-27: Radio Canada union warns of possible strike.
2006-02-27: UK commercial radio companies claim BBC has unfair advantage.
2006-02-27: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-02-28: Only domestic bids reported for 9 stations being sold by GCap media.
2006-02-28: Massachusetts pirate operator fined USD 10,000.
2006-02-28: BBC Radio 2 drivetime host Johnnie Walker to step down from the show at the end of March.
2006-02-28: Proposals to ease Australian media regulation expected s soon as this week.
2006-02-28: UK Commercial Radio Companies Association posts report callling for cuts at BBC radio.
2006-02-28: Entravision buys back 7 million shares from Univision in USD 51.1 million deal.

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January 2006

2006-01-01: Indian government to financially restructure Prasar Bharati (The Broadcasting Corporation of India).
2006-01-01: "A Prairie Home Companion" to retain shows in longtime St Paul base and move fewer shows onto the road.
2006-01-01: Mel Karmazin to ring NASDAQ bell on January 9 to mark debut of Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio.
2006-01-01: Licence News note - we are not running this feature this week as most regulators published no decisions.
2006-01-02: Viacom announces completion of split into "New" Viacom and CBS Corporation.
2006-01-02: BBC Radio 4 "Home Truths" programme supporters oppose decision to drop it.
2006-01-02: Former Seattle DJ Lan Roberts dies aged 69.
2006-01-02: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-01-03: Scottish National Party calls for new national talk licence for Scotland.
2006-01-03: Former 2GB Sydney employee Joyce Mavis Moorhouse, who worked at the station for 50 years, starting as an office junior and ending as a producer, dies aged 90.
2006-01-03: Hot 97 Miss Jones in the Morning eponymous host in hot water for comments on New York transit strike and its leader.
2006-01-04: Motorola to debut its i-Radio service with 465 noncommercial channels.

2006-01-04: Absence of Howard Stern from Sirius Canada service could cost it 80,000 subscribers according to Toronto Star.
2006-01-04: US Public Radio International names Alisa Miller as its president and CEO.
2006-01-04: Westwood One appoints Peter Kosann is president and CEO/ other North American radio business.
2006-01-04: Former CBS radio anchor Neil Strawser dies aged 78.
2006-01-04: Michael J Copps and Deborah T Tate sworn in as Federal Communications Commissioners.

2006-01-05: iBiquity says US HD stations have tripled in number over 2005 to more than 600.
2006-01-05: WorldSpace gets go-ahead for launch of its AfriStar-2 satellite, which will allow services to Europe.
2006-01-05: BBC radio veteran Ana Leddy appointed to head Irish state broadcaster 's RTÉ Radio 1 in succession to Eithne Hand.
2006-01-05: All but one of UK Chrysalis Group's top executives fail to reach bonus targets in 2005 financial year.
2006-01-05: Australian AM talk stations continue to do reasonably well despite overall loss of AM listeners to FM.
2006-01-05: Bonneville kills off WZZZ-FM (Z104) in re-jig of its Washington, D.C. frequencies that will see its WTOP gain an FM frequency and the launch of Washington Post Radio.
2006-01-05: XM tops six million subscribers.

2006-01-06: CN Group wins new Warwick FM licence in England.
2006-01-06: Copyright Office of the Library of Congress announces names of 11 webcasters to be audited including Bonneville and Clear Channel.
2006-01-06: Kagan Research says extra HD channels will produce around 4% of US radio revenues in 2008.
2006-01-06: Seven years after it ran into criticism from church groups over its "Two Strangers and a Wedding" competition in which it paired up two strangers to marry, GCap Media's Birmingham station BRMB is repeating the contest.
2006-01-06: Sirius says it ended 2005 with 3.3 million subscribers, a performance that allows Howard Stern and his agent to exercise stock options worth more than USD 200 million next week.
2006-01-07: US Public Radio International adds BBC Spanish service BBC Mundo to its offerings.
2006-01-07: Liverpool, England, DJ abandons show when phone call from regular caller stops suddenly - only to find man has died from heart attack.
2006-01-07: Former Coast-to-Coast AM host Art Bell's wife Ramona dies suddenly aged 47.
2006-01-07: India starts second round of private FM licence auctions - partnership including BBC takes seven licences.
2006-01-07: Bridge Ratings estimates that Howard Stern on his own gained 715,000 subscribers for Sirius and was responsible for some three-fifths of new subscriptions in run up to Christmas.
2006-01-08: Chicago WSCR-AM hires son of White Sox Manager to co-host weekly show.
2006-01-08: Charles Wooley, to host new "Across Australia" morning show says rival John Laws has misunderstood the market.
2006-01-08: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-01-09: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-01-10: Report predicts 20 million digital radio receiver sales worldwide in 2009.
2006-01-10: Clear Channel launches on-demand music videos.
2006-01-10: Emmis third quarter revenues up 11% excluding radio and TV stations that it is selling.
2006-01-10: GCap Media re-launches London flagship as Capital Radio/CN Group closed two West Midlands stations in advance of re-launch.
2006-01-10: Stern launches on Sirius with triple-F --, initial technical foul-up and F-word.
2006-01-11: British media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2006-01-11: New Federal Communications Commission Inspector General and deputy named/Philadelphia pirate operator fined USD 10,000.
2006-01-11: Astral Radio enters the online market for music in Canada with; Standard revamps its web site.
2006-01-11: UK Guardian Media Group revenues up 22% in final quarter of 2005, its third fiscal quarter.
2006-01-11: CBS Radio to drop commercials on five JACK-FM stations on Sunday for promotion of 24-Hours TV programme.

2006-01-12: Howard Stern and his agent get their Sirius stock/Sirius announces deal with Rolls-Royce Cars.
2006-01-12: Chrysalis to spend USD 2.7 million promoting its London ratings leader Heart FM following Capital Radio re-launch/ Emap boosts Kiss management before its planned re-launch.
2006-01-12: Clear Channel Washington chief Bennett Zier leaves company to become CEO of new media company formed by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder.
2006-01-13: Former ABC TV Nightline host Ted Koppel and ABC News correspondent Michel Martin to join US National Public Radio.
2006-01-13: Corus revenues and profits up but those of CanWest down in first fiscal quarter to end of November.
2006-01-13: Dallas Morning News says CBS Radio's KLUV-FM and Dallas Cowboys have failed to reach agreement on contract renewal.
2006-01-13: BIA Financial Network says US radio station transactions last year were USD 2.8 billion
- boosted by USD 1.2 billion Cumulus-Susquehanna deal without which they would have been at lowest level for five years.
2006-01-14: Eastlan adds Benton Harbor market in Michigan, says that by end of month it expects to have six or seven new markets.
2006-01-14: BBC unions warn that further industrial action is inevitable if corporation continues to press for compulsory redundancies.
2006-01-14: US National Association of Broadcasters writes to Recording Industries Association of America proposing collaboration over digital terrestrial radio copyright issues.
2006-01-14: CHUM Ltd reports first quarter revenues up 16.3% on a year ago with profits up 13.2%.
2006-01-14: ABC's KLOS-FM in Los Angeles follows GCap Media's Birmingham station BRMB, with "2 Strangers And A Wedding" competition with honeymoon among prizes for couple who marry without meeting first.
2006-01-15: UK Guardian Media Group chief executive Sir Robert Phillis to retire on health grounds and will step down in July.
2006-01-15: XM declares regular quarterly dividend.
2006-01-15: Bids in Federal Communications Commission FM Auction 62 now above USD 12 million after two days.
2006-01-15: BBC World Service Thail language broadcasts end - the last of ten languages to be culled in restructuring that will see launch of Arabic TV service.

Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-01-16: Radio New Zealand Nine to Noon programme host to leave.
2006-01-16: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-01-17: UK Media regulator Ofcom publishes reasons for award of Warwick FM licence to CN Group's bid.
2006-01-17: Information Radio Network says talks with Air America to form a joint venture to syndicate Andre Eggelletion, show have collapsed.
2006-01-17: Arbitron announces further support for the use of its Portable People Meter (PPM) system for radio audience measurements
2006-01-17: UK Telegraph says music lovers are campaigning for increase in quality of digital broadcasts.
2006-01-17: Canadian Satellite Radio reports loss of CAD 14.61 million (USD 12.61 million) and revenues of CAD 46,000 (USD 39,700)in its first quarter of operations.

2006-01-18: Jeff Smulyan highlights HD radio progress in latest Q&A posted on Emmis web site.
2006-01-18: BBC narrows down search for Media Zone location in Manchester to two sites.
2006-01-18: Clear Channel announces launch of Mexican Variety Music La Preciosa Network.
2006-01-18: RadioScape agrees deal for Slovenia's first digital broadcasting system.
2006-01-18: Bidding tops USD 15 million in US FM Auction 62 with two bids above USD 2 million.
2006-01-18: Google moves into radio business with deal to buy dMarc.
2006-01-18: ENIL, India's largest private FM operator, sets price for its initial public offering.
2006-01-19: BBC formally complains to Tajik government after its two FMs in the country are taken off air under new media registration requirements.
2006-01-19: John Martin out at WBBM-FM, Chicago/Barry Mayo to step down from Emmis New York.
2006-01-19: Bidding tops USD 20 million in US FM Auction 62 with two bids above USD 4 million.
2006-01-19: US HD Digital Radio Alliance has named 28 markets, including the top 12 US markets, in which secondary HD digital radio channels are to be launched starting over the next few days.
2006-01-21: Australian Broadcasting Corporation managing director resigns.
2006-01-21: Lord David Currie re-appointed as chairman of UK media regulator Ofcom.
2006-01-21: Bids near USD 40 million in US FM auction.
2006-01-21: Sports-radio news in US as Red Zebra Broadcasting buys Mega Communications' DC stations, Washington Nationals sign with Bonneville and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim reported preparing to purchase their own station.

2006-01-22: Wall Street Journal says US National Public Radio's latest hires - Ted Koppel and Michel Martin - are taking substantial pay cuts compared to their former TV salaries.
2006-01-22: Sirius and Howard Stern take action against Stern Show piracy.
2006-01-22: Disney reported to possibly be close to ABC Radio sale.
2006-01-22: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-01-23: Australian online advertising revenues forecast to top those of radio and magazines within two years.
2006-01-23: BBC online listening in December doen for all stations except Radio3, whose listening was up nearly 16%, aided by its Bach Christmas programming.
2006-01-23: Radio Mirchi operator ENIL takes more licences in Indian FM auction.
2006-01-23: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-01-24: BBC announces changes at Radio 4 and Asian network.
2006-01-24: Three Houston ad agencies back Arbitron's Portable People Meter.
2006-01-24: BBC World Service Trust has to abandon anti-AIDS project in Tanzania after refusing to sign up to USAID requirements to promote abstinence, warn of condom failures and condemn prostitution that would have given US power to vet all its projects.
2006-01-24: Bids in US FM auction now above USD 46 million.
2006-01-24: UK regulator upholds two radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2006-01-24: Disney said to have narrowed ABC radio bidders down to Citadel.
2006-01-25: Most comment on BBC Radio 4 message board against dropping UK Theme but petitions to save it attract only hundreds of supporters.
2006-01-25: Arbitron results/PPM boosted by Philadelphia analysis of pilot scheme results.
2006-01-25: Former Quebec CHOI-FM radio personality André Arthur, whose comments were cited among reasons to refuse licence renewal, elected as Independent MP.
2006-01-25: Bids in US FM auction approach USD 50 million/Federal Communications Commission penalties/FCC says indecency complaints being processed.
2006-01-26: India says news and current affairs will be banned from private FM stations for two to three years.

2006-01-26: Staff at Free FM, the former K-Rock, said to be upset by Stern replacement David Lee Roth.
2006-01-26: WorldSpace adds 40,000 subscribers to take total above 115,000; beefs up management.
2006-01-26: UK Commercial Radio Companies Association chairman says that had they adopted electronic metering as proposed by former Wireless Group it would have been disastrous.
2006-01-26: Bids in US FM auction now above USD 50 million.
2006-01-27: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland awards three community radio licences/advertises Limerick commercial FM licence.
2006-01-27: US-financed Alhurra TV and Radio Sawa said to reach 71% of Iraqi adults each week with 63% considering Sawa news reliable.
2006-01-27: GCap Media's Classic FM signs former Hear'Say singer Myleene Klass to host weekend show/other UK radio host moves.
2006-01-27: Bridge Ratings says Howard Stern's former Los Angeles station is now rated as their favourite by only half as many people as in December.
2006-01-27: Bids in US FM auction now above USD 54 million.
2006-01-28: Corus to air traffic reports from Ontario Provincial Police, who will use station's helicopter.
2006-01-28: Southern California office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) calls on Clear Channel's KFI-AM to reprimand morning host Bill Handel for mocking the deaths of several hundred Moslems during the Haj pilgrimage.
2006-01-28: Emmis sells three more TV stations/Salem completes two Orlando AM purchases.
2006-01-28: GCap Media reported close to finalizing shortlist of potential purchaser of stations it is to sell to concentrate its efforts in five areas.
2006-01-28: Montreal station claims to have fooled French President into believing its host was Canadian PM designate.
* Story updated Jan 29 after broadcast was made.
2006-01-28: Bids in US FM auction end week above USD 56 million.
2006-01-29: Indian government receives 116 bids for 68 licences for stations in western India in fourth round of its current five-round FM licence auction.
2006-01-29: BBC Radio 5 to make features by Brian Alexander, best known as sports editor of various British Newspapers, a regular element of its weekday evening Sport on Five programme.
2006-01-29: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-01-30: RadioScape says it expects further contracts in China where it is leading the introduction of DAB and DMB broadcasts.
2006-01-30: Australian host told not to drink on air after comments about magistrate that may yet lead him to court for contempt although the station has settled damages.
2006-01-30: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-01-31: WorldSpace announces new lock-up arrangements covering 34 million shares.
2006-01-31: BBC announces that Simon Hoggart is to step down as News Quiz chairman after ten years as its resident chairman.
2006-01-31: Radio One Inc and REACH media start national syndication of talk shows aimed at Black Americans through joint venture.
2006-01-31: Australian Communications and Media Authority appoints chairman.
2006-01-31: In first such deal in UK commercial radio for a decade National Union of Journalists is awarded recognition at UTV station.
2006-01-31: Withdrawals outweigh new bids in Federal Communications Commission FM Auction taking net total of provisional winning bids down.
2006-01-31: Asian American Justice Center (AAJC) demands that CBS Radio apologize and also reprimand host Adam Corolla for mocking Asians and saying award ceremony was a joke.

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