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June 2006

2006-06-01: Legendary New York top-40 DJ Dan Ingram swears on air - for first time ever he says.
2006-06-01: Indian government reported to be preparing to regulate satellite radio.
2006-06-01: Corus bows to competition and drops sports format at Mojo, Vancouver, firing 14 staff.
2006-06-01: Another former Capital Radio executive leaves GCap Media/BBC appoints Liliane Landor as its new Editor BBC World Service News and Current Affairs.
2006-06-01: BBC facing a renewed threat of strike action after it decided to go ahead with three compulsory redundancies.
2006-06-01: Emmis appoints Dan Halyburton as its New York Senior Vice President/Market Manager
2006-06-02: Jacobs Media report says rockers have equal interest in Sirius and XM satellite radio but momentum is towards Sirius with Howard Stern as major reason.
2006-06-02: UK TV companies join commercial radio to lobby against BBC licence increase.
2006-06-02: Red Wolf Broadcasting accuses Citadel of continuing involvement in payola.
2006-06-02: Red Zebra Broadcasting buys another station to add to its Redskins network.
2006-06-03: Federal Communications Commission at full strength after Robert M. McDowell sworn in.
2006-06-03: The Local Radio Company loss more than doubles and it says it expects adverse conditions to continue.
2006-06-03: Edison Media report expresses doubts about use of cell phone for audio measurement.
2006-06-03: CBS to put Opie and Anthony Show into four more markets
2006-06-03: US radio revenues for April down 4% on a year earlier.

2006-06-04: Former Mercia FM MD back on air in Coventry broadcasting from a caravan.
2006-06-04: Emmis and Entercom step up internet operations.
2006-06-04: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-06-05: Pakistan bans 87 illegal FM radio stations in the country's North West Frontier Province.
2006-06-05: Cumulus takeover of Susquehanna Radio has claimed another victim in long time KNBR-AM sports anchor and reporter John Shrader.
2006-06-05: Former director of Seton Hall University's radio station, charged with embezzling more than USD 500,000 from the station.
2006-06-05: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-06-06: Hong Kong regulator to investigate radio station poll that invited listeners to vote online on which Hong Kong female celebrity they would most like to sexually assault.
2006-06-06: Bridge ratings says cell phone greater threat to traditional listening than i-pod/ also issues latest satellite radio survey.
2006-06-06: UK Channel 4 TV sets up internet radio station/hoping to get digital multiplex.
2006-06-06: Los Angeles Times says vote to increase US indecency fines ten-fold could be passed on Wednesday.
Salem to redeem remainder of its 9% senior subordinated notes due July 2011.
2006-06-07: India reported to be going to launch third phase of FM licence auctions this year rather than next as originally planned.
2006-06-07: Australian commercial radio launches further adverts promoting radio as effective advertising medium.
2006-06-07: Former San Francisco KIFR (Free FM) drivetime trio sue CBS Radio, the station and Penn Jillette over their dismissal.
2006-06-07: US National Association of Broadcasters complains to FCC about different treatment of satellite radio.

2006-06-08: CBS Radio and Chicago-based Vibes Media announce text messaging deal.
2006-06-08: US Senators Byron Dorgan and Trent Lott sat FCC should finish localism study before pushing ahead with media ownership rule changes.
2006-06-08: XM Canada announce more auto deals, says it now has more than 80,000 subscribers.
2006-06-08: Former Infinity - now CBS Radio - and Clear Channel executive John Gehron has now formally agreed to become general manager of Oprah Winfrey's Harpo Radio.
2006-06-08: BBC Radio 1 denies allegations that its programming promotes gun and knife violence.
2006-06-08: US House of Representatives passes by 379 votes to 35 Broadcast Indecency Act that increases maximum penalty per incident of broadcast indecency ten-fold to USD 325,000.

2006-06-09: Chicago appointments including new PD for WGN-AM.
2006-06-09: Sirius to spend around USD 260 million on additional satellite.
2006-06-09: President Bush says he'll sign Broadcast Indecency Act/reactions to vote on Act.
2006-06-09: UK regulator awards new Newry FM licence/ advertises new FM licence for Preston.
2006-06-09: Soccer World Cup expected to give fillip to satellite radio.
2006-06-09: Four more radio groups sign agreements to use Arbitron's PPM ratings system.
2006-06-10: US Federal Communications Commission renews licences but proposes penalties for various rule breaches/ Clear Channel to offer its public inspection file software for sale to other broadcasters.
2006-06-10: Clear Channel boasts of corporate giving above USD 1 billion in 2005, more than USD 835 million of  which was in public service announcements and from fundraising efforts.
2006-06-10: Standard Radio delays initial public offering.
2006-06-10: BIA Financial Network says US radio revenues for 2006 will be up by less than 2.3% in the top 25 markets.
2006-06-11: BBC renews deal with Jonathan Ross for reported GBP 18 million for three years.
2006-06-11: Canadian watchdog rules that Quebec host Sylvain Bouchard
breached Canadian Codes by using coarse language.
2006-06-11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-06-12: All India Radio ties up with BBC World Service for World Cup soccer coverage.
2006-06-12: Irish radio station owner Denis O'Brien, who controls Newstalk 106, plans expansion.
2006-06-12: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-06-13: UK regulator receives six applications for Bristol licence and five for one for Oxford and South Oxfordshire.
2006-06-13: Federal Communications Commission says it is ready to issue construction permits for 26 new winners of FM Auction 62.
2006-06-13: Clear Channel experiments with one-second adverts.
2006-06-13: Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) calls for comments on a request by the Governor in Council to prepare a report examining the future environment facing the Canadian broadcasting system.
2006-06-13: BBC to fine presenters who swear on air.
2006-06-14: XM Satellite Radio's (former) 5th largest shareholder sells most of its stock.
2006-06-14: Isle of Man International Broadcasting reported to have acquired ship to launch its service.
2006-06-14: Rick Gillette appointed PD for Clear Channel's KISS-FM, Chicago.
2006-06-14: UK Local Radio Company Group Programme director Gordon Davidson leaves company.
2006-06-14: Arbitron has to stick to diaries and delay Portable People Meter use in Houston after Media Rating Council asks for more analysis and information.

2006-06-15: US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) says that local US radio and TV stations "generated a record USD 10.3 billion in public service in 2005."
2006-06-15: Arbitron says its latest survey of Chinese language listeners in Los Angeles shows that nearly 60% of their listening is to Chinese language radio.
2006-06-15: Limited trial of DAB-IP to supply two live TV channels and two live radio channels to cell phone users in progress in Ireland.
2006-06-15: UK Chrysalis Group is merging its advertising and sponsorship plus promotions activities.
2006-06-15: BBC World Service renews and expands agreement with Arabsat and will deliver 24/7 Arabic and English language digital radio services to much of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

2006-06-16: Australian Communications and Media Authority praises fines imposed on former licensees of an open narrowcasting service that broadcast at hundreds of times its authorized power.
2006-06-16: BBC opts for Salford Quays site for planned move of five departments from London to north west England.
2006-06-16: Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority fines Commercial Radio for poll "the Hong Kong female artiste whom I most want to indecently assault".
2006-06-16: EMI has joined Sony BMG, Warner and Universal in agreeing a settlement with New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer's office to end "pay-for-play" practices in the music industry.
2006-06-16: GCap Media announces "Cash Call" show to be financed solely by premium rate phone calls.
2006-06-16: President Bush signs Broadcast Indecency Act into law.
2006-06-17: Australian Broadcasting Corporation host Geoff Bennett, who presents ABC Classic FM's "Weekend Life" to retire after 18 years with the network and 35 years as a broadcaster.
2006-06-17: UK media regulator publishes its reasons for the award of the new Newry licence to Five FM.
2006-06-17: Communicorp Group reported to be close to finalizing its purchase of two Bulgarian radio stations.
2006-06-17: Mexican radio group Grupo Radio Centro to try to recover up to USD 15 million it had prepaid for services from Infored, producer of its former top-rated "Monitor" news programme and Monitor host Gutierrez Vivo.
2006-06-18: Google CEO talks of targeted adverts to car radios.
2006-06-18: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-06-19: Arbitron's Hispanic Radio Today 2006 edition says Hispanics are heavy users of radio.
2006-06-19: Radio New Zealand adds more podcasts/ MP3s.
2006-06-19: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-06-20: US Satellite Sisters launch campaign to raise funds to keep Baghdad radio station Al-Mahaba on air.
2006-06-20: US National Public Radio ombudsman Jeffrey Dvorkin posts farewell column before joining Committee of Concerned Journalists.
2006-06-20: UK Prime Minister Tony Blair "co-hosts" Radio Five Live soccer programme.
2006-06-20: Arbitron to increase sample size of its RADAR surveys by a quarter to 125,000.

2006-06-20: Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin opposed government regulation or broadcast content and says National Association of Broadcasters call for regulation of satellite radio is foolish.
2006-06-21: UK Channel 4 Radio announces tie-up with Universal Music UK Limited in its bid for a new national digital multiplex.
2006-06-21: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) sends forward two of the three applications for a new youth-based South West Regional Licence.
2006-06-21: Satellite Radio web site Orbitcast posts details of a patent application by XM for combining XM and iBiquity technology.
2006-06-21: BBC launches inquiry into a spoof news item - for which Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine has apologized - saying that Soham murderer Ian Huntley, found guilty of murdering two schoolgirls in 2002, had been killed in his cell.
2006-06-21: Federal Communications Commission puts media ownership on its agenda for meeting today.
2006-06-21: UK regulator fines Emap a record GBP 175,00 (USD 323,000) for breaches of its regulations on privacy and standards.
2006-06-22: UK national talkSPORT station launches on Northern Ireland digital multiplex.
2006-06-22: Australian radio ratings just released show 2GB in Sydney and 3AW in Melbourne increasing their lead.
2006-06-22: Univision sale thrown into disarray when consortium including Televisa fails to put in bid by deadline.
2006-06-22: BBC announces "memory Experience" , which is to attempt to tap into Britons memories using radio, TV and the Internet.
2006-06-22: Federal Communications Commission starts media ownership review amid signs of early split along party lines.
2006-06-23: ABC and CBS share network honours in 2006 Edward R Murrow awards.
2006-06-23: Prometheus Project accuses National Association of Broadcasters of trying to mislead senators about potential low power FM interference.
2006-06-23: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 6,000 fine on Clear Channel for malicious prize contest prank.
2006-06-23: Canadian Senate report recommends more media merger oversight and commercial-free Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
2006-06-24: US National Association of Broadcasters says most of the devices it tested for transmitting digital signals to automobile radios breach FCC rules.
2006-06-24: Air America Radio President Gary Krantz to leave at end of this month.
2006-06-24: Former Michigan Public Media deputy director Michael Coleman sentenced to two years probation and ordered to pay USD 3,500 in restitution after pleading guilty to embezzling under USD 200 whilst working for WUOM-FM.

2006-06-25: Cumulus completes Dutch auction tender.
2006-06-25: Emap given go ahead for Vibe FM changes/Sunrise applies for format changes.
2006-06-25: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-06-26: Actor and Comedian John Cleese to deliver keynote speech to Australian Radio Conference and present Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2006-06-26: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-06-27: Latest Ofcom complaints bulletin highlights record fine and failures to provide recordings.
2006-06-27: US radio deals - and in Univision case - stalled sale.
2006-06-27: Arbitron releases RADAR 89 network ratings.
2006-06-27: FCC reduces fine on Kansas FM from USD 10,000 to USD 3,000.
2006-06-27: GCap annual report shows millions in pay-offs to executives.
2006-06-27: UBC media to launch download trials using DAB spectrum in UK next month.
2006-06-28: Clear Channel fires two Florida staffers after "F-word" gets on air.
2006-06-28: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has approved the CAD 12.5 million ( USD 10.9 million) take over by Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Ltd. of six FMs from Island Radio Ltd.
2006-06-28: US Radio Advertising Bureau releases its 2005 Non Traditional Revenue report.
2006-06-28: BBC announces that TV anchor Kirsty Young is to take over from Sue Lawley as host of Desert Island Discs programme.
2006-06-28: Univision agrees to be bought by consortium led by Haim Saban.

2006-06-29: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ to apply for permanent digital broadcasting licence following successful trial.
2006-06-29: Arbitron adds another PPM customer, claims success in monitoring huge increase in Houston stations' audience when they carried World Cup soccer games.
2006-06-29: Guardian Media Group buys Paisley station from UTV.
2006-06-29: US radio and recording industries in conflict over broadcast flag proposals.
2006-06-29: Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and his doctors may face penalties over host's possession of Viagra with doctors' names on prescription.

2006-06-30: Sirius teams up with Variety Magazine for entertainment news service.
2006-06-30: European broadcaster SBS Broadcasting Sarl appoints former Capital Radio executive Graham Bryce as Senior Vice President of  SBS Radio Group.
2006-06-30: BBC online listening jumps in May.
2006-06-30: US survey shows preference to listening to specialist online audio sites rather than local stations.

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May 2006

2006-05-01: WorldSpace founder, chairman and CEO Noah Samara to deliver opening keynote speech to International Radio Conference, Dubai.
2006-05-01: XM programming head Lee Abrams on how Bob Dylan Show was set up.
2006-05-01: US controversy over immigration splits radio stations as well as population.
2006-05-01: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-05-02: Pennsylvania AM gets USD 8,000 penalty for Emergency Alert System breaches.
2006-05-02: Emmis's Hot 97 in New York threatened with eviction after yet another shooting outside the station.
2006-05-02: Howard Stern named as one of this year's Time Magazine 100 list, the only radio personality included.
2006-05-02: Rush Limbaugh claims victory in his settlement with Florida state prosecutors that should leave him without a conviction.
2006-05-02: Canadian regulator starts hearings over which emergency alert system should be adopted.
2006-05-02: US March radio revenues down by 1% on a year earlier.
2006-05-03: UK media regulator partly upholds one fairness and privacy complaint against radio in latest bulletin.
2006-05-03: Federal Communications Commission cancels fine on Saga for broadcasting a phone call without first gaining permission from the person called.
2006-05-03: California public broadcasters KQED, Inc. (San Francisco) and KTEH Foundation (San Jose) announce a merger into a newly created organization: Northern California Public Broadcasting (NCPB).
2006-05-03: Landlord launches law suit to evict Emmis's Hot-97 in New York.
2006-05-03: Bill introduced into US Senate that would allow broadcast flag to prevent recording of digital radio transmissions in US.
2006-05-03: Stern share payout accounts for half of Sirius' increased loss in first quarter.
2006-05-04: UK digital radio receiver sales top 3 million.
2006-05-04: Commercial Radio Australia posts compendium of international research on radio advertising effectiveness.
2006-05-04: UK report says 85% of youth 12-15 and 71% of 8-15 year olds listen to radio with girls ahead of boys in radio listening and reading papers or magazines, internet use and mobile phone use although the boys play more video games.
2006-05-04: Clear Channel and Cox results.
2006-05-04: Lawsuit launched against XM seeking class action status for claims of hyping share price with false statements.
2006-05-05: UK media regulator Ofcom raises GBP 3.8 million in its first spectrum auction.
2006-05-05: Canadian 2005 radio revenues up 8.7% on 2004.
2006-05-05: BBC online listening tops 20 million hours live and 12 million on-demand audio requests in March.
2006-05-05: More US results - Beasley, Citadel, Entravision, Radio One Inc., Saga and Westwood One.
2006-05-06: Greater Media pulls out of biding for Boston Red Sox rights, leaving field to Entercom.
2006-05-06: Former editor of BBC Radio 4 "Today" breakfast programme criticizes it in BBC house magazine.
2006-05-06: Regent and Univision results.
2006-05-06: Cumulus, which had already started dumping staff, formally completes Susquehanna acquisition through a partnership.
2006-05-07: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-05-08: GCap Media chief executive says London flagship Capital FM is in "intensive care".
2006-05-08: New Zealand government criticized by other broadcasters for providing spectrum to allow CanWest to keep New Zealand music station Kiwi FM on air.
2006-05-08: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-05-09: US Federal Communications Commission ready to release construction permits for 54 winning bids in its FM Auction 62.
2006-05-09: Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) collects commercial broadcasting licence fees of AUD 271.5 million (USD 208.7 million) for the 2004-05 financial year, up 11.7% on a year earlier.
2006-05-09: More US radio results and business including Entercom, Salem and SBS Q1.
2006-05-09: WorldSpace gets go-ahead for Europe's first satellite radio service - to Italy.
2006-05-09: Emmis shares bound following CEO Jeff Smulyan offer to take company private.
2006-05-09: BBC takes 19 of 32 Sony Gold Awards but commercial stations have four of the five "Station of the Year" awards.

2006-05-10: Australian digital radio trials extended.
2006-05-10: UK regulator advertises new FM licence for Perth in Scotland.
2006-05-10: Entercom Red Sox deal said to cost it USD 15 million a year/ Red Zebra completes acquisition of three stations from Mega Communications.
2006-05-10: WorldSpace says it now has 153,000 subscribers and has trimmed first quarter losses to USD 29.2 million from USD 33.2 million for final quarter of 2005.
2006-05-10: Australian capital city radio revenues up 7.1% on a year ago in April.

2006-05-11: Rogers files to add satellite radio to its digital cable services/Sirius Canada tops 100,000 subscribers and adds ten new channels
2006-05-11: GCap Media chief executive says he underestimated difficulties of merging Capital Radio and GWR.
2006-05-11: RadioScape announces software-controlled single-chip module that can handle DAB, DM plus AM medium and short wave and FM signals.

2006-05-11: Bridge Ratings says four fifths of Americans still ignorant about HD digital radio.
2006-05-11: More US results - Cumulus and Disney.
2006-05-12: CBS reported near to settlement of its law suit against Sirius and Howard Stern.
2006-05-12: Irish spectrum regulator steps in after unlicensed church broadcasts interfere with communications of pilots overflying Dublin area.
2006-05-12: Clear Channel's Power FM fires Troi Torain (Star of Star and Buc Wild)/Emmis' Hot 97 landlord continues pursuit of eviction order.
2006-05-12: Good news for digital, Emap and BBC in latest UK ratings.
2006-05-12: Universal Music agrees USD 12 million "payola" settlement.

2006-05-13: Administrator says he is confident he will be able to sell Australian AM network WorldAudio.
2006-05-13: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that comments by CKAC-AM Montreal, host Doc Mailloux about people with trisomy 21 (commonly known as Down syndrome) were abusive and unduly discriminatory.
2006-05-13: Regent selling three FMs and buying two others in Peoria.
2006-05-13: Shane "Rover" French, Stern replacement in Chicago, in hospital and also facing on air bid by Opie and Anthony to be able to compete with him.
2006-05-13: Fired New York Power FM DJ Troi Torain (Star of "Star and Buc Wild") arrested in connection with on air threats to young daughter of rival DJ.
2006-05-14: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2006-05-14: XM completes its tender offer relating to its outstanding secured notes.
2006-05-14: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-05-15: Australian commercial radio industry expresses concern at proposal to drop cap on broadcasters' royalty fees.
2006-05-15: Fired New York host Troi Torain bailed on charges of endangering child.
2006-05-15: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-05-16: US retailers push HD digital radio.
2006-05-16: BBC World Service reports record listening figures.
2006-05-16: Clear Channel to flip New Orleans classic rock station WRNO-FM to news-talk.
2006-05-16: Canadian regulator starts hearings on commercial radio policy.

2006-05-17: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints upheld in latest broadcast bulletin.
2006-05-17: More US radio news including LBI Media results.
2006-05-17: BBC says it has traced source of information published about star hosts' pay to agency worker, who has since been fired.
2006-05-17: Australian radio industry profits up 37.8% last year.

2006-05-18: US Senate puts off discussions on increasing broadcast indecency penalties.
2006-05-18: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that radio contest did not breach Canadian codes.
2006-05-18: Australian radio and auto industries start planning for digital radio.
2006-05-18: Arbitron drops printed book in favour of e-Book / also publishes Internet and Multimedia 2006 report.
2006-05-18: Recording companies sue XM over receiver that can also store broadcasts and allow songs to be chosen.

2006-05-19: New Jersey AM fined USD 4,000 for operating above permitted power levels.
2006-05-19: Australian Communications and Media Authority says 6AR Perth, breached the conditions of its community broadcasting licence by failing to reflect adequately the needs of the Perth Aboriginal community.
2006-05-19: Latest Irish radio ratings.
2006-05-19: UTV gives talkSPORT breakfast co-host Alan Brazil his notice.
2006-05-19: US Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has backed XM Satellite Radio in its legal fight with the recording companies over a receiver that permits users to record programming and select the songs they want to keep.
2006-05-19: Cox Radio offers USD 10,000 reward for information that leads to successful conviction of someone who hijacked the signal of its Long Island rock station WBAB-FM.
2006-05-19: Arbitron signs PPM rating agreement with CBS Radio.

2006-05-20: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) advertises a new youth-based regional radio licence for North West Ireland.
2006-05-20: UK media regulator Ofcom completing its first round of community radio licensing/also gives reasons behind Rotherham FM award.
2006-05-20: US broadcasting complaints in first quarter of this year more than triple number in previous quarter.
2006-05-20: Second former Michigan Public Media employee does a deal over charges related to accepting gifts for WUOM-FM airtime.
2006-05-20: US Senate votes to increase broadcasting indecency penalties ten-fold.
2006-05-21: Radio Netherlands refurbishing relay station on Bonaire in Netherlands Antilles.
2006-05-21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-05-22: Significant profit falls expected at three UK radio groups due to report this week.
2006-05-22: New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority tomorrow releases its third national survey of attitudes to broadcasting standards.
2006-05-22: Dublin talk station Newstalk 106 talks with other stations about sharing studios and content ahead of decision on its application for a quasi-national licence.
2006-05-22: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-05-23: Australian Broadcasting Corporation appoints Mark Scott as managing director.
2006-05-23: UK Chrysalis like-for-like half-year profits down two-thirds on a year ago but it says it is now doing better and notes it outperformed the industry.
2006-05-23: Newstalk 106 gets quasi-national speech licence covering most of Irish Republic.
2006-05-23: Think tank report calls for BBC to sell off Radios 1 and 2.
2006-05-23: UK radio ratings organization opts to stick with diaries for two years and awards short term contracts to three companies including TNS for London-area trial of Arbitron PPM for radio and TV use.
2006-05-24: NAB welcomes XM decision to pull out of  purchase of WCS Wireless.
2006-05-24: BBC Scotland Head of Radio Jeff Zycinski to move from Glasgow to Inverness as part of the corporation's plan to position key editorial roles in regional offices.
2006-05-24: iBiquity's HD digital radio gets a boost from two US reports.
2006-05-24: Emap reports stronger results than expected for year to end of March.
2006-05-24: CBS puts up for sale 39 stations in ten markets.

2006-05-25: UK media regulator announces reasoning behind latest community radio licence awards.
2006-05-25: US National Public Radio adds 11 more podcasts - its public radio podcasts directory now lists 314 of them.
2006-05-25: UK GCap Media profits and revenues for year to end of March well down.
2006-05-25: XM shares down more than 11% after it trims back subscriber forecasts.
2006-05-25: CBS said by clerk to have reached settlement of law suit against Howard Stern.
2006-05-26: WorldSpace expands its horizons with deals to sell music and provide satellite distribution for educational purposes.
2006-05-26: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland has advertises six new community licences.
2006-05-26: Sirius CFO says merger with XM would benefit shareholders but doubts getting regulatory approval.
2006-05-26: FNX network drops adverts in favour of Snapple sponsorship for 40 days.
2006-05-27: Andrew Harrison to become first chief executive of newly formed UK commercial radio industry body, The RadioCentre.
2006-05-27: US gained 202 licensed broadcast stations in the first quarter of this year according to latest figures from the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
2006-05-27: Ofcom announces that its chief executive Stephen Carter, who is 42, is to stand down.
2006-05-27: CBS, Sirius and Howard Stern settle their law suit.
2006-05-27: US Senate votes for Republican Robert McDowell as Federal Communications Commissioner.

2006-05-28: GCap Media consolidates its media buying and planning accounts to one agency.
2006-05-28: Radio boosts Ulster TV performance.
2006-05-28: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-05-29: Former Infinity and Clear Channel executive John Gehron reported in talks about heading Oprah Winfrey's radio unit.
2006-05-29: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ re-vamps Radio 1 and 2fm autumn (fall) schedules.
2006-05-29: German radio D.J. suing station after being fired because of her clothing.
2006-05-29: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-05-30: UK media consultant says selling off BBC Radios 1 and 2 would not make sense for commercial sector.
2006-05-30: Recording industry problems allied with payola investigations have significant effect on US radio festivals.
2006-05-30: GCap station drops oft-played James Blunt tracks because it says listeners are tired of them.
2006-05-30: CBS crew killed and correspondent Kimberly Dozier, a former CBS Radio London bureau chief, seriously injured in Baghdad blast.

2006-05-31: British media regulator upholds no radio complaints in is latest broadcast bulletin.
2006-05-31: WorldSpace to set up satellite uplink station in Dubai.
2006-05-31: Katz Media inks deal with HipCricket and Westwood One teams up with Excelsion Radio Networks.
2006-05-31: Latest BBC online listening figures show number slipping back after record in March.
2006-05-31: XM Says in filing that it may have to withdraw some of its receivers.

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April 2006

2006-04-01: BBC Radio changes including new early morning schedule for BBC Radio 4 from April 24.
2006-04-01: Air America Radio passes second anniversary despite various crises affecting the progressive talk network.
2006-04-01: FCC renews the licence but proposes USD 7,000 penalty on Louisiana FM which was late in filing licence renewal.

2006-04-01: Canadian advertisers recognize demographic change and start placing more adverts to target baby boomers.
2006-04 -02: FCC reported to be in talks with four largest US radio groups concerning payola penalties.
2006-04-02: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-04-03: Australian radio advertising awards, The Siren Awards, to be announced in May.
2006-04-03: TV leads the way for Liberman Media but one-off charges take it into loss overall.
2006-04-03: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-04-04: Interep revenues down and losses doubled in final quarter of 2005 but for the whole year it increased revenues and halved loss.
2006-04-04: Dalai Lama quote takes early lead in BBC World Service poll to find the world's favourite quotation.
2006-04-04: XM tops 6.5 million subscribers.
2006-04-04: US radio revenues down in February although national sales and non-spot revenues were up.
2006-04-04: New York State Attorney General accuses Federal Communications Commission of working against him in payola investigation.

2006-04-05: Ofcom upholds no radio complaints in latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2006-04-05: CanWest New Zealand revenues up 4% in first half of fiscal year.
2006-04-05: Latest BBC online listening statistics.
2006-04-05: US Federal Communications Commission chairman says ban on newspapers owning broadcasters should be dropped.
2006-04-05: Australia sets 2009 to launch digital radio.
2006-04-06: BBC facing renewed threat of strikes after it issues compulsory redundancy notices.
2006-04-06: Licence granted for FM to serve Toronto gay and lesbian community.
2006-04-06: Australian radio advertising revenues in 2005 up 6.6% on a year earlier.
2006-04-06: Clear Channel reported to have been offered USD 1 million to settle payola issues with Federal Communications Commission.
2006-04-07: Copenhagen appeals court doubles fines on radio station hosts involved in cream cake stunt.
2006-04-07: CanWest Global Communications goes into loss in second quarter to end of February.
2006-04-07: Bacardi launches advert-free online radio station.
2006-04-07: Digital Radio Mondiale re-elects chairman for fifth consecutive term.
2006-04-07: India's public broadcaster reports 2005-06 revenues up nearly 50% on previous year.
2006-04-07: Latest Bridge Ratings Audience Erosion study shows radio listening falling again in US.
2006-04-08: New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer to return donations to his gubernatorial campaign by donors with music industry connections.
2006-04-08: UK media regulator advertises new Liverpool commercial FM licence.
2006-04-08: The Media Audit claims endorsement from Nielsen for its watermarking plus audio matching approach to audience measurement and also announces that it has set up Ethnic Research Advisory Committee
to advise on monitoring minority groups' listening.
: UK Chrysalis to run download to mobile and computer trial.
2006-04-08: New Dublin alternative rock FM expected on air in late summer after Irish Supreme Court rejects appeal against licence award by competing applicant.
2006-04-09: Complaint sent to Federal Communications Commission about Arizona host's comments about shooting illegal immigrants.
2006-04-09: Los Angeles Times says side effect of payola investigation is to reduce the new music played on radio.
2006-04-09: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-04-10: Poland's Papal Nuncio calls on country's Catholic Bishops to deal with Catholic Radio station's anti-Semitic comments.
2006-04-10: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-04-11: Japan's satellite digital multimedia broadcasting service "MobaHO!" now broadcasting 37 audio channels.
2006-04-11: Leeds United soccer club to launch digital radio station.
2006-04-11: Future of India's public broadcaster Prasar Bharati is set to be discussed next Tuesday at a meeting in New Delhi. by the country's 13-strong Group of Ministers.
2006-04-11: BBC Radio 2 to launch more podcasts including weekly best bits of Terry Wogan breakfast show and Chris Evans' drivetime show.
2006-04-11: More HD promotion in US.

2006-04-12: University of Michigan radio spring pledge drive does well despite accusations against former employees.
2006-04-12: KIFR-M San Francisco fires three from afternoon drive team after host John London offers reward to anyone who killed fellow host Penn Jillette, who had criticized Mother Teresa.
2006-04-12: New DAB radio launched in UK with extra text features that store sports and other details even on standby.
2006-04-12: Jacobs Media poll shows only one in five rock listeners are aware of HD radio technology but one in three told of it say they might well buy a receiver.
2006-04-13: Sirius claims retail market and web site visits lead over rival XM this year.
2006-04-13: Standard Broadcasting hires advisers on possible public offering.
2006-04-13: Los Angeles Times reports that 8-10 million former Howard Stern listeners have yet to settle on new listening.
2006-04-13: Sue Lawley to step down as host of BBC Radio 4 Desert Island Discs programme after nearly two decades.
2006-04-13: Cumulus says Susquehanna takeover should be completed next month.
2006-04-13: Interep brushes off bid by Oaktree Capital Management.

2006-04-14: BIA Financial Network amends 2005 top billing list and puts KROQ, Los Angeles, into first rank.
2006-04-14: BBC Radio revamps its news structure.
2006-04-14: XM announces refinancing offer.
2006-04-14: UK media regulator announces awards of new North East regional and Southend-on-Sea FM licences.
2006-04-14: US Radio Advertising Bureau launches new print campaign to promote effectiveness of radio adverts.
2006-04-14: Westwood One COO Chuck Bortnick resigns to become President/General Manager of WFAN-AM.
2006-04-14: One of three former University of Michigan public radio employees enters guilty plea to embezzlement and agrees to testify against his former co-workers after conspiracy charges are dropped.
2006-04-14: Entercom files to have payola charges from New York attorney general dismissed.

2006-04-15: Consortium including CanWest completes purchase of Turkish radio stations.
2006-04-15: BBC reported to have launched investigation into how tabloid newspaper obtained details of DJs salaries.
2006-04-15: Second quarter results from Astral, CHUM and Corus.
2006-04-15: Arbitron-Edison Media report presents upbeat prospects for US terrestrial broadcasters, saying new audio sources are not cutting into radio listening.
2006-04-16: XM declares regular quarterly dividend.
2006-04-16: Emma B takes to take over as solo host on London Heart FM drivetime show tomorrow.
2006-04-16: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-04-17: Boston battle for Red Sox rights bids up price against general trend of falling sports rights values.
2006-04-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-04-18: Federal Communications Commission denies or dismisses petition regarding impact of towers on migratory birds in the Gulf Region but is still to consider further evidence.
2006-04-18: CBS Radio to restructure Chicago management.
2006-04-18: Clear Channel on-demand offerings now available from 900 stations.
2006-04-18: Coast-to-Coast AM weekend host Art Bell, whose wife Ramona died in January, marries again.
2006-04-18: XM announces plans to sell up to USD 600 million of notes/prepay some General Motors fixed payment obligations.
2006-04-18: Sumner Redstone expresses confidence that CBS will win its law suit against Howard Stern.

2006-04-19: UK regulator upholds one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2006-04-19: Indian private FMs reported to be readying news content in hope that government will end public broadcaster's news monopoly.
2006-04-19: Entravision promotes Susan Knoll to the post of Vice President/ Director of Research overseeing all its divisions.
2006-04-19: British tabloid publishes details of pay of leading BBC Radio 2 hosts.
2006-04-19: Emmis stock drops on operating losses/political advertising boots Mexican broadcaster Grupo Radio Centro.

2006-04-20: Three applications made for the new youth-based South West Regional Licence in Ireland.
2006-04-20: XM announces May 3 start date for Bob Dylan show.
2006-04-20: Leaks of BBC radio stars' pay prompts criticism from UK commercial radio companies who say they cannot match the corporation and also spurs further criticism of Chris Evans Radio 2 drivetime show.
2006-04-20: Detroit Free press reports that former director of the University of Michigan's public radio and TV stations received more than USD 108,000 in exchange for his resignation and cooperation in a criminal probe of the stations.
2006-04-20: Chicago public radio station WBEZ reported to be planning to drop music in favour of all news and current affairs output.

2006-04-21: Arbitron first quarter revenues up bot profits down.
2006-04-21: Capital Radio managing director and programme director out in more GCap executive changes.
2006-04-21: Los Angeles Times says Federal Communications Commission has launched payola inquiry involving top four US radio companies.
2006-04-21: Queen Elizabeth II officially re-opens refurbished BBC Broadcasting House HQ in London.
2006-04-21: CBS reported to have deal to drop David Lee Roth and replace him with Opie and Anthony.

2006-04-22: UK regulator issues "Yellow Card" to Coventry station over its music output.
2006-04-22: Chrysalis takes its London Heart FM breakfast show onto national airwaves on digital.
2006-04-22: Entertainment Network India Ltd puts its tenth Radio Mirchi station on air.
2006-04-22: Sydney Nova FM program director tipped to take over as London Capital Radio programme director.
2006-04-22: David Lee Roth now out as CBS Free FM morning host - to be replaced by Opie and Anthony.

2006-04-23: Florida authorities close pirate station and arrest two men.
2006-04-23: XM prices USD 800 million of new notes.
2006-04-23: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-04-24: Indian terrestrial broadcasters object to repeaters for WorldSpace satellite radio.
2006-04-24: Former Canadian host and now MP André Arthur and his former employer ordered to pay CAD 220,000 to Montreal taxi drivers for comments made by the then host.
2006-04-24: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-04-25: Bid4Spots online radio inventory site passes USD 1 million mark in sales.
2006-04-25: GCap appoints Scott Muller as programme director for Capital Radio.
2006-04-25: HD Digital Radio secondary stations to debut in 22 more markets/Clear Channel to offer its "format lab" HD channels to competitors.
2006-04-25: CBS says Opie and Anthony to start broadcasts on seven of its stations starting tomorrow.
2006-04-25: US National Association of Broadcasters president and CEO David Rehr tells NAB 2006 he wants organization to be forward looking and go on the offensive.
2006-04-26: UK regulator publishes reasons for its recent North East England and Southend licence awards.
2006-04-26: WorldSpace launches new satellite radio receiver for India prices at around USD 55.
2006-04-26: Interep responds to withdrawal of bid for company by Oaktree Capital Management.
2006-04-26: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin J. Martin, just re-nominated for second term, says US broadcasters should know rules about indecency as law has not changed for 25 years.
2006-04-26: BBC unveils blueprint for the on-demand digital future.
2006-04-27: Conservative radio and TV host Tony Snow appointed as White House Press Secretary.
2006-04-27: Administrator says some interest has been expressed in purchasing whole of Australian non-broadcasting band AM network WorldAudio.
2006-04-27: More DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and DAB developments.
2006-04-27: CBS revenues and profits up but no thanks to radio, whose revenues were down 6% on a year ago with radio operating income down 14%.
  2006-04-28: XM says one of its radios has been found out of compliance with FCC regulations/Federal Trade Commission is investigating its marketing practices.
2006-04-28: Former St Louis KTRS-AM radio host David Lenihan
who was fired by last month gets two weeks back on air at KRMS-AM, Osage Beach.
2006-04-28: UK commercial radio companies to call for BBC licence fee reduction/government report comes out against corporation's requested fee rises/BBC staff threaten strike over pension scheme changes.
2006-04-28: XM tops 6.5 million subscribers but losses rise although it says it is on target for 9 million subscribers and operational break-even this year.
2006-04-29: Fisher Communications cuts first quarter losses from USD 5.1 million a year ago to USD 1.7 million.
2006-04-29: Former Montreal DJ André Arthur, now a Member of Parliament becomes a member of a committee that amongst other things oversees the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.
2006-04-29: London Kiss FM breakfast host Bam Bam (Peter Polton) has left the station after seven years in the slot.
2006-04-29: Bridge Ratings updates its satellite and terrestrial listening reports.

2006-04-29: Conservative US talk host Rush Limbaugh reaches deal with Florida state prosecutors to settle investigation into his alleged doctor-shopping to obtain prescription drugs.
2006-04-30: Fordham University station tower at heart of dispute with New York Botanical Gardens is demolished.
2006-04-30: Media Week says Air America will lose its New York flagship station WLIB-AM at end of August.
2006-04-30: Satellite radio signals interfering with public and educational stations.
2006-04-30: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

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