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Sep 2006

2006-09-01: US National Public Radio to create what it terms a "major digital music service".
2006-09-01: Emmis announces details of new morning show to take the place of "Mancow's Morning Madness" on Chicago Q101.
2006-09-01: US Senate Committee puts on hold the re-nomination of Kenneth Y Tomlinson as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
2006-09-01: BBC Governors to hold Corporation's first Public Value Test about its plans to expand on-demand services.
2006-09-01: US national radio revenues up over last year for July but local ones still down and overall figures are flat.
2006-09-02: The Future of Rock and Roll station WOXY to close.
2006-09-02: Sirius starts weekend of broadcasts of "classic" Howard Stern from past two decades.
2006-09-02: Sydney overnight host allows C-word on air thrice before using dump button.
2006-09-02: US Radio Advertising Bureau names Jeff Haley as its President and CEO.

2006-09-03: GCap agrees digital programme deal with 02 mobile phone company.
2006-09-03: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-09-04: Nearly half of Australians above 15 listen to community radio stations each month according to new audience research.
2006-09-04: Long-time Vancouver favourites Fred Latremouille and Cathy Baldazzi, who retired six years ago will be back on the air in the city tomorrow.
2006-09-04: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ Radio 1 today launches its new drivetime show.
2006-09-04: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-09-05: UK regulator Ofcom upholds no radio complaints in latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2006-09-05: Rivals accuse two Canadian broadcasters of backing bid for Aboriginal station in Saskatoon as a ploy to maintain their dominance of the market.
2006-09-05: Los Angeles hearing into US media ownership told of continuing concern over media standards and ownership consolidation in the country.
2006-09-06: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland launches draft programming standards code.
2006-09-06: Emap puts its radio division under Consumer Media division.
2006-09-06: Katie Couric makes her CBS debut on radio before becoming first solo woman anchor for US evening network news.
2006-09-06: BBC World Service launches Africa Radio Awards scheme.
2006-09-06: CBS Radio sells its Buffalo stations to Regent for USD 125 million.

2006-09-07: XM under investigation over details of its subscriber costs.
2006-09-07: Former London Kiss FM breakfast host Peter Poulton (Bam Bam) promotes his podcast on basis of attracting largest ever UK radio fine.
2006-09-07: US Federal Communications Commission reduced fine on Missouri AM .and also allows waivers in relation to two joint sales agreements.
2006-09-07: Clear Channel Radio announces tie up with Cingular Wireless to offer programming from its stations.
2006-09-07: BBC Radio 3 to air all of Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky's works in February.
2006-09-07: Clear Channel to buy back another USD 1 billion of shares/other North American radio business.
2006-09-08: US National Public Radio announces that American Public Media is to take over production and distribution of the Performance Today and SymphonyCast programmes.
2006-09-08: Britons appear prepared to spend significantly more than previously anticipated on downloads to mobile phones of songs they have heard on radio stations according to UBC Media trial.
2006-09-08: XM Canada reaches 120,000 subscribers.
2006-09-08: Former BBC Radio controller Sir John Drummond dies aged 71.
2006-09-08: US Appeals court stays Federal Communications Commission indecency orders.

2006-09-09: Broadcasting complaints to US Federal Communications Commission drop steeply in second quarter.
2006-09-09: Macquarie Radio Network in Australia now offering podcasts to mobile phones.
2006-09-09: Big John Howell and Cisco Cotto to host new Chicago talk show on Salem's WIND-AM.
2006-09-09: Four apply for new commercial FM licence for Preston in north-west England.
2006-09-09: The Media Audit pronounces itself pleased with its smart cell phone radio measurement demonstrations.
2006-09-10: Veteran British broadcaster Margaret Hubble dies aged 91.
2006-09-10: Southern Cross Broadcasting profits down a fifth because of one-off costs.
2006-09-10: Analyst warns that GCap could be forced to cut dividends because of risk of breaching its banking covenants.
2006-09-10: US National Association of Broadcasters lobbies for Treaty on the Protection of Broadcasts and Broadcasting Organizations
2006-09-10: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-09-11: Radio One Inc. sues former Detroit WDMK-FM morning host John Mason over his plans for a syndicated morning show to be broadcast in Detroit.
2006-09-11: Beijing Radio has launched a Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) service that broadcasts digital audio and video to mobile devices.
2006-09-11: UTV gets buy recommendations from brokers ahead of interim results.
2006-09-11: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-09-12: Somali FM closed down by local Islamist is back on air but broadcasting no music.
2006-09-12: Federal Communications Commission sets October 3 in Los Angeles for its first public hearing on planned media regulation.
2006-09-12: Jones Media Group taking over TM Century.
2006-09-12: Radio boosts UTV as TV slips back.
2006-09-12: Arbitron adds audio matching capabilities to its Portable People Meter/ may face radio ratings competition from Nielsen.
2006-09-13: US Federal Communications Commission confirms penalties totalling USD 30,000.
2006-09-13: US lobby group Common Cause starts campaign against Warren Bell, one of three nomees to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting board.
2006-09-13: Veteran British character actor Frank Middlemass, best known for playing Dan Archer in the BBC Radio 4 farming soap" "The Archers" dies aged 87.
2006-09-13: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2006-09-13: US Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin J. Martin testifies to Senate hearing about his nomination for a second term.
2006-09-14: BBC World Service adds English language service FM in Kuwait where it already has Arabic service on FM.
2006-09-14: Poet and novelist Dr. Maya Angelou is to join the line-up of hosts on the "Oprah & Friends" channel to be launched on XM Satellite radio
later this month.
2006-09-14: Bell Globemedia says it has been offered more than 98% of CHUM's shares- takeover potentially spurs further Canadian media consolidation.
2006-09-14: SMG indicates that it is keen to receive improved merger offer from UTV/puts its cinema and outdoor advertising divisions up for sale.
2006-09-14: Air America Radio denies reports on progressive web site that it is to declare bankruptcy.
2006-09-15: Preview of Emmis replacement show for Mancow's Morning Madness says it will indeed be different.
2006-09-15: CanWest awarded new Bristol FM licence in UK.
2006-09-15: DJ Star - Troi Torain- launches USD 10 million lawsuit against Clear Channel over his dismissal after airing threats to young daughter of rival.
2006-09-15: Radio One buys in Cincinnatti and other US radio business.

2006-09-16: New York Times report says US radio underperformance in part because it was slow to use internet.
2006-09-16: BBC Radio 4 to air 30-part series on history of British children.
2006-09-16: US Federal Communications Commission publishes 2004 study, alleged to have been deliberately buried, suggesting local ownership increased local news cover.
2006-09-17: Air America radio announces new line-up starting tomorrow.
2006-09-17: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-09-18: Emmis host Jonathon Brandmeier behind stunt in which Mario Wallenda is to cross Chicago River on a steel-cable 30 metres above the river.
2006-09-18: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-09-19: US spectrum auction ends with just more than USD 13.7 billion in total bids.
2006-09-19: Two radio complaints upheld in latest UK broadcast bulletin from Ofcom.
2006-09-19: Salem agrees deal to exit Jacksonville market in Florida with sale of its remaining stations in the market.
2006-09-19: Westwood One appoints former Air America Radio president Gary Krantz to new post of Chief Digital Media Officer.
2006-09-19: UK Saga Group reported considering sale of its radio stations.
2006-09-19: Edison Media study shows radio listening dropping fast amongst American youth.

2006-09-20: Paraplegic Mario Wallenda crosses Chicago River on high-wire cycle in stunt sponsored by Emmis's WLUP-FM.
2006-09-20: Australian regulator reserves spectrum for possible Digital Radio Mondiale use.
2006-09-20: RADAR 90 report shows 90% of Americans 12-plus listen to radio every week/Bridge Ratings survey shows websites and streaming build customer loyalty.
2006-09-20: GCap Media to launch UK's first national jazz station on digital radio.
2006-09-20: US Federal Communications Commission to investigate after second report, this time on US radio, turns up after allegedly being suppressed by Commission staff.

2006-09-21: Sirius and Metropolitan Opera team up to offer Metropolitan Opera Channel.
2006-09-21: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation chair Guy Fournier resigns amid row over his magazine column comments on Lebanese law that he said approved bestiality between men and female animals.
2006-09-21: UTV and SMG shares fall after UTV withdraws merger proposals/Chrysalis interim results and other UK radio business.
2006-09-21: Australian radio revenues up in first half of year albeit with a lower increase than a year ago.

2006-09-22: BBC announces changes at Radios 1 and Five Live.
2006-09-22: More strikes threatened at Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which had to use BBC news feeds on Thursday.
2006-09-22: Arbitron says terrestrial radio holds on to nearly all listeners during advert breaks, contrary to some perceptions.
2006-09-22: UK national AM stations express strong opposition to idea that the spectrum they have could be turned over to Digital Radio Mondiale stations in 2012.
2006-09-22: 34 House Democrats join in call for investigation into allegations Federal Communications Commission suppressed reports/Senate Committee holds off on nomination of one of three nominees to Corporation for Public Broadcasting Board.
2006-09-23: Canadian watchdog says on the CKAC-AM, Montréal "Doc Mailloux" phone-in programme breached Canadian standards and contained inappropriate insults and sexually explicit dialogue.
2006-09-23: New York Post reported to have dropped its radio writer John Mainelli following complaints from Howard Stern.
2006-09-23: 2006 Marconi Award winners announced.
2006-09-23: UK regulator in quandary over handing back of FM licence.
2006-09-23: US National Public Radio (NPR) names Ken Stern to take over as CEO from the start of next month in succession to Kevin Klose, who will stay on as President.

2006-09-24: Former WUOM-FM salesman put on probation and ordered to pay restitution in final case related to misappropriating goods and services intended for the University station.
2006-09-24: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-09-25: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-09-26: Virgin Radio promotes itself with Star filled with cash.
2006-09-26: Thai coup leads to criticism of BBC World Service closure of its Thai language service earlier this year.
2006-09-26: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) signs ten-year contract with Newstalk 106 for a quasi-national news and speech FM service starting from Friday.
2006-09-26: Arbitron delays further rating of satellite channels but will add non-commercial stations to figures for Fall 06 Survey.
2006-09-26: Satellite radio round-up -- Oprah Winfrey Radio launches, Howard Stern ad rates on Sirius only a third of his previous charges, WorldSpace does cricket rights deal.
2006-09-27: US Federal Communications Commission launches its Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.
2006-09-27: BBC unions warn of possible strike as management says 100-plus news job cuts could mean compulsory redundancies.
2006-09-27: Australian executive argues that allowing newspapers to own radio stations could improve local news coverage on rural radio stations.
2006-09-27: Sirius launches its portable satellite radio receiver cum media player - and Wi-Fi device.
2006-09-27: UK Radio Centre chief executive calls for deregulation of radio.
2006-09-27: RADAR 90 US network ratings show Jones Media Networks and Dial Global gaining.
2006-09-28: US Federal Communications Commission releases more details of its planned public hearing on media ownership.
2006-09-28: New Indian commercial FM network BIG 92.7 FM this week launches.
2006-09-28: XM says Oprah and Friends channel ahs attracted 13 new advertisers.
2006-09-28: New study published by the Radio Ad Effectiveness Lab (RAEL) says that "radio listeners are especially receptive to advertising.
2006-09-29: European Broadcaster SBS Broadcasting Sarl takes 100% of Swedish radio broadcaster/Univision shareholders agree to takeover/Shareholders group calls for Emmis to re-open talks about possible sale to its CEO and chairman Jeffrey Smulyan.
2006-09-29: US Federal Communications Commission levies or proposes fines totalling nearly USD 100,000.
2006-09-29: Bronx charity that lent money to Air America, to repay USD 625,000 to New York city.
2006-09-29: GCap revenues down again/Emap radio changes.

2006-09-30: BBC report says UK could have two competing subscription satellite radio services by 2010.
2006-09-30: Emap says it expects first half revenues up by up 6% year-on-year driven by acquisition.
2006-09-30 US radio revenues in August up on a year ago led by rises for "non--traditional" revenues that outweighed fall in local revenues.

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Aug 2006

2006-08-01: Newly-formed Community Broadcasting buys seven Watertown, New York, area stations.
2006-08-01: Fearne Cotton and Reggie Yates to take on BBC Radio 1 weekend breakfast show next month.
2006-08-01: Opie and Anthony add two more CBS outlets including Chicago WCKG-FM where they have pushed out Shane "Rover" French.
2006-08-01: US National Association of Broadcasters calls for recall of devices allowing satellite signals to go to analogue radios via an FM transmitter.
2006-08-01: Greater Media gains a new Philadelphia station and Nassau Broadcasting a Boston classical format in frequency swap.
2006-08-02: Utah public station manager paid USD 180,000 despite losses by parent of USD 610,000
2006-08-02: Chrysalis gets go-ahead for news hub in London to serve its five station digital regional network.
2006-08-02: US Public Radio boosted by reports from The Media Audit and Arbitron, the former showing it the fourth-ranked format in the US.
2006-08-02: Sirius losses widen but subscriber numbers well up.
2006-08-03: GCap revamps Classic FMschedule to include return of former breakfast host Henry Kelly to host a Sunday morning show.
2006-08-03: Google does deal with XM to allow its dMarc network to place ads with the satellite broadcaster.
2006-08-03: New York congressman Maurice Hinchey calls on Federal Communications Commission to conduct media ownership review transparently and openly.
2006-08-03: BBC announces that Fiona Glover is to take over the former "Home Truths" slot/ expands reach of Britain's only radio show for gypsies and travellers.
2006-08-03: Second quarter results from Cox and Entercom confirm slow market.

2006-08-04:Air America to move from current New York flagship station to weaker signal.
2006-08-04: More US results - and station sales --Beasley, CBS, Entravision and Univision.
2006-08-04: Latest UK radio ratings show BBC holding lead but slipping back a little in overall share/GCap has poor quarter for London flagship Capital Radio.
2006-08-05: Federal Communications Commission says five more CPs are ready from its FM auction 62.
2006-08-05: Broadcasting Complaints Commission of Ireland upholds three complaints against radio.
2006-08-05: Terre Haute, Indiana, firefighters buy edition of local morning show on eBay.
2006-08-05: Apple does deal with Ford, Mazda and GM to integrate iPod into their automobiles.
2006-08-05: Smulyan pulls out of bid to take Emmis private.

2006-08-06: More lawsuits swirl around fired New York DJ Star - Troi Torain.
2006-08-06: Veteran Brisbane broadcaster John Knox steps down after nearly half a century in radio.
2006-08-06: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-08-07: All India Radio boosts news on its Rainbow FM network.
2006-08-07: Clear Channel reported to be considering filing for easing ownership caps in larger US markets.
2006-08-07: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-08-08: UK media regulator upholds two radio complaints in its latest bulletin.
2006-08-08: Latest US radio results - Citadel; Fisher; Radio One Inc: Regent: Salem and SBS.
2006-08-09: Five to be inducted into this year's US National Radio Hall of Fame.
2006-08-09: XM to launch sports news and talk channel at end of month.
2006-08-09: GCap shares drop to new low, briefly valuing company under GBP 300 million.
2006-08-09: Media Audit says it would launch its Smart Cell-phone radio measurement service in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago first if it gains ratings contract.
2006-08-09: More US radio results - Clear Channel, Cumulus and Saga.
2006-08-10: Nokia, which says in the second quarter it sold nearly twice as many music-enabled devices as Apple sold iPods, spends USD 60 million to purchase US digital music company Loudeye Corporation.
2006-08-10: Interep asks two directors to resign to cut its costs.
2006-08-10: BBC drops podcast/MP3 and removes audio stream of 6-Music show by comedian Russell Brand because he refused to allow editing out of a segment concerning a row at a nightclub.
2006-08-10: Results from Westwood One and WorldSpace.

2006-08-10: Study from the Future of Music Coalition says radio consolidation has led to layoffs, depressed radio pay, and reduced localism and news coverage.
2006-08-11: UTV's talkSPORT hires its first woman host.
2006-08-11: XM Satellite Radio and Alltel Wireless announce deal to make 20 XM channels available to Alltel's mobile phone customers.
2006-08-11: Federal Communications Commission issues penalties totalling USD 27,000 for Iowa pirate operation and confirms USD 11,000 penalty on New York State AM.
2006-08-11: New Public Radio Fund for investors launched in US to boost non-commercial station financing.
2006-08-11: Communications Market 2006 report from UK media regulator Ofcom shows radio lagging financially compared to other communications sectors but increasing its listening.

2006-08-11: UTV's talkSPORT hires its first woman host.
2006-08-11: XM Satellite Radio and Alltel Wireless announce deal to make 20 XM channels available to Alltel's mobile phone customers.
2006-08-11: Federal Communications Commission issues penalties totalling USD 27,000 for Iowa pirate operation and confirms USD 11,000 penalty on New York State AM.
2006-08-11: New Public Radio Fund for investors launched in US to boost non-commercial station financing.
2006-08-11: Communications Market 2006 report from UK media regulator Ofcom shows radio lagging financially compared to other communications sectors but increasing its listening.
2006-08-12: Veteran US Communist and Pacifica radio host Dorothy Ray Healey dies aged 91.
2006-08-12: GCap Media announces that Dame Patricia Hodgson, who this month joins Newnham College, Cambridge as its Principal, is to leave its board.
2006-08-12: Canadian radio host Jean-Francois (Jeff) Fillion- off air since March last year when he left Genex Communications' CHOI FM in Quebec agrees five-year deal with XM Canada.
2006-08-12: US study on the importance of the morning show to the overall fortunes of a station shows 30% consider it "Very important" in their choice of a station.
2006-08-12: More receiver problems revealed in XM Satellite Radio filing.

2006-08-13: Canadian regulator approves new Quebec station and changes at two others but says market cannot stand larger scale additional outlets.
2006-08-13: BBC considering plans for device to allow MP3 players to receive digital radio.
2006-08-13: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-08-14: Emap considers move into downloads business.
2006-08-14: Former Michigan Public Media director and general manager Donovan Reynolds appointed President of the Public Radio Partnership in Louisville.
2006-08-14: Doubts over whether new stations in Ireland will be profitable.
2006-08-14: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-08-15: GMG Radio bucks UK trend with 26% revenue increase in three months to end of June.
2006-08-15: Digital Radio Mondiale chairman in keynote address to the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Digital Radio Convention says the market will eventually decide between the competing digital systems.
2006-08-15: LBI Media boosted by TV but held back by radio in second quarter results.
2006-08-15: Forbes ranks Howard Stern as second highest paid celebrity, just behind Steven Spielberg.

2006-08-16: Indiana's oldest continuously operating station WBAA back broadcasting on fully-reinstated licences after FCC says it "inadvertently" cancelled them.
2006-08-16: New Orleans gets its radio ratings back.
2006-08-16: More HD digital stations on the way in US.
2006-08-16: Canadian commercial radio does well in 2005.

2006-08-17: US Corporation for Public Broadcasting to allocate USD 1 million plus in grants to 11 public radio stations.
2006-08-17: New UK commercial FM advertised along with call for more community station applications/"Yellow" card issued to Bristol FM in latest Content Sampling report.
2006-08-17: APN News and Media gets main boost from Outdoor and regional publishing but radio still manages some growth.
2006-08-17: Chicago African-American talk station WVON-AM is to change frequencies, move to a higher power, and begin broadcasting 24-hours-a- day from next month.
2006-08-17: Arbitron response rates continue to fall.
2006-08-17: Major UK retailer to stop selling analogue radios as digital sales now outnumber analogue sales 30:1.

2006-08-18: Former WRLL morning co-host Larry Lujack insists he "couldn't care less" that he never got to say goodbye to listeners before he was fired.
2006-08-18: Katz Media Group promotes Mark Gray has been promoted to the post of Katz Radio Group President to replace Steve Shaw.
2006-08-18: New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority rejects a complaint that a comment terming the country's Green Party the party of square dancers breached its good taste and decency regulations and denigrated square dancers.
2006-08-18: Emmis drops country on KZLA-FM main transmissions in favour of Movin 93.9 Rhythmic Pop Contemporary format but retains country on Internet and HD channel.
2006-08-18: Arbitron says outside companies are now working to upgrade their systems to handle PPM ratings/Media Audit continues to push smart cell phone.
2006-08-19: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ releasesd details of its new weekday schedule for its Radio 1.
2006-08-19: Broadcasters attending the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) Digital Radio Convention in Kuala Lumpur have heard from US speakers that they could get the transition to digital to pay for itself.
2006-08-19: UTV proposes merger with SMG.

2006-08-20: Alabama DJ gains fame with her "I quit this bitch!" resignation.
2006-08-20: Private equity groups speed up evaluation of bid for SMG following UTV merger proposal.
2006-08-20: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-08-21: Emap is to re-launch its London dance format station Kiss 100 FM and re-brand two Vibe stations as Kiss.
2006-08-21: Long-estranged former radio partners Steve Dahl and Garry Meier appear to have made up and ended their 13-years old dispute.
2006-08-21: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-08-22: Directed Electronics to buy Polk Audio for SD 136 million.
2006-08-22: SMG shares rise on rumours of opposing bids to merger proposal by UTV.
2006-08-22: Entercom to spend USD 292 million on acquisitions from Radio One Inc. and CBS Radio.

2006-08-23: India's Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) criticizes country's state broadcasters for poor internal controls and auditing procedures.
2006-08-23: Air America flagship station WLIB-AM to become a full-time black gospel station.
2006-08-23: Sportscaster Bob Costas to return to radio with syndicated sports show.

2006-08-24: UK Advertising Standards Authority bans government radio advert that complainant said listed web site that could be mistaken for site leading to porn.
2006-08-24: XM shares, which jumped by more than a fifth on Tuesday, lose a quarter of the gain.
2006-08-24: BBC Radio Scotland has shelved a second comedy series by "The Franz Kafka Big Band" that portrays Rolf Harris supposedly drawing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad and a number of other controversial sketches.
2006-08-24: Emmis names Ibiquity CFO and SVP Patrick Walsh as its CFO.
2006-08-24: CBS sells its San Antonio stations for USD 45 million - has now disposed of stations in half the ten markets it was looking to sell.

2006-08-25: No complaints upheld in latest bulletin from British regulator.
2006-08-25: Industry body Commercial Radio Australia launches series of free, radio creative workshops for corporate clients.
2006-08-25: Emap signs up new names for its re-vamped Kiss network to be launched next month.
2006-08-25: Arbitron issues first weekly PPM report together with software to handle it.
2006-08-25: Clear Channel expected to announce management restructuring today.

2006-08-27: Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 25,000 fine on Texas AM.
2006-08-27: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-08-28: WorldSpace extends its agreement with CNN International.
2006-08-28: SMG and UTV continue discussions although initial UTV merger offer said to have been rejected.
2006-08-28: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-08-29: AOL Radio to broadcast Bob Dylan show from XM Satellite Radio.
2006-08-29: Latest Katz Media National Format Averages report shows declines for formats skewed towards younger demographics.
2006-08-29: Austereo revenues down but profits up in 2006 financial year.

2006-08-30: Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 14,000 penalty on Utah company for marketing uncertified FM transmitters.
2006-08-30: Sydney Mix FM management say breakfast host had nothing to do with handing out AUD 50,000 prize in error.
2006-08-30: BBC announces details of second Radio 1 "John Peel Day" - to be held in October.
2006-08-30: Brattleboro in Vermont gets its own community FM.
2006-08-30: SMG officially rejects UTV merger offer.
2006-08-31: 2006 Proms boost BBC Radio 3 but BBC online listening slips back in July for most stations.
2006-08-31: Macquarie Media 2005-6 results meet forecasts.
2006-08-31: Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, chairman of Broadcasting Board of Governors, said to have misused his office resources for personal benefit.
2006-08-31: BBC Radio 4 appoints Paddy O'Connell to take over as "Broadcasting House" programme host.
2006-08-31: Arbitron starts installing Portable People Meter system in Philadelphia.

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July 2006

2006-07 01: Federal Communications Commission proposes or imposes penalties totalling USD 26,000 on a number of radio stations and a pirate operator.
2006-07 01: Radio One Inc. COO Mary Catherine Sneed and Katz Radio President Steve Shaw leave.
2006-07 01: BBC Radio One to revamp evening schedule in September.
2006-07 01: US radio revenues up 1% on a year earlier in May.
2006-07 02: Canadian regulator publishes its seventh Broadcast Monitoring Report.
2006-07 02: 2006 UK commercial radio awards.
2006-07 02: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-07 03: WLIT-FM becomes the only Chicago station to have an all-female talent line up from morning to night.
2006-07 03: WorldSpace signs agreement to develop terrestrial repeaters for its satellite service in Europe.
2006-07 03: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-07 04: BBC governors confirm Salford as site for possible move of some departments to northern England.
2006-07 04: Consortium including Alpha Newspapers, the Irish News and River Media, buys the Q radio network, based in Mid-Ulster and the North-West.
2006-07 04: Study says shorter adverts under Clear Channel's Less is More policy do not always offer good value.
2006-07 05: GCap Media swaps over Capital and Xfm drive time hosts.

2006-07 05: Salem's expands TownHall,com site to include radio show links.
2006-07 05: BBC director general says TV on mobile devices could be greater threat to radio than invention of TV.
2006-07 05: Illinois attorney general accuses host of HIV/AIDS radio program "Aware Talk Radio" of stealing from the programme.
2006-07 05: UK regulator proposes large cuts in licence fees for extensions to current national commercial licences/also advertises new Manchester and Aberdeen FMs.
2006-07-06: Navin Kumar, director-general of Indian state-owned TV broadcaster Doordarshan, appointed interim chief executive of Prasar Bharati, the public body that controls Doordarshan and All India Radio.
2006-07-06: Sydney breakfast host Mike Carlton suggests Australian Broadcasting Corporation dropped book on rival Alan Jones because it "outed" Jones.
2006-07-06: Pollster tells UK Radio Festival changing demographics could lead to decline for commercial radio, which has not programmed for the elderly/other Radio Festival stories.
2006-07-06: No charges to be laid against Rush Limbaugh over Viagra prescription in doctor's name but action could be taken against the doctors involved.
2006-07-07: Australian radio switches emphasis to regional radio in its advertising campaign promoting radio's effectiveness.
2006-07-07: Oregon Republican Rep Greg Walden accuses US lawmakers of an "incredible lack of understanding about the broadcast media" and expressed fears about heavy-
handed application of increased indecency penalties.
2006-07-07: UK regulator awards new Kingston upon Hull and Andover FM licences.
2006-07-07: More US radio deals.
2006-07-07: Sirius closes gap with XM, adding 600,000 subscribers to 398,000.
2006-07-08: American Forces Network dropping play-by-play radio sports.
2006-07-08: Clear Channel expands capacity to deal with emergencies.
2006-07-08: BBC Annual Report highlights value for money, attracts criticism for executive pay increases, comments favourably on radio performance.
2006-07-09: XM does deal for mobile phone service in Canada.
2006-07-09: Russian authorities take Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty off most of their affiliates in the country.
2006-07-09: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-07-10: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-07-11: UK regulator upholds no complaints against radio in latest bulletin/ also launches consultation into London station request to be allowed to broadcast more Asian programming.
2006-07-11: Leeds United soccer club's Yorkshire Radio launched.
2006-07-11: US Federal Communications Commission trims from USD 10,000 to USD 500 the penalty on a New Hampshire citizen's band operator who caused interference.
2006-07-11: GCap Media looking at subscription for advert-free service and charged-for-podcasts from some of its stations.

2006-07-11: Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin tells Newsweek the company could be in operating profit by the end of this year.
2006-07-12: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission rejects complaints that comments on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation public affairs radio programme might create anti-Palestinian sentiment.
2006-07-12: GCap confirms appointment of Will Harding as Group Strategy & Development Director/ appoints Mike Walsh the new post of network head of music for the company's three Xfm services.
2006-07-12: Emmis drops Erich "Mancow" Muller as it re-jigs its Chicago Q101.
2006-07-12: BBC World Service claims record weekly audience of 163 million and says it has a higher reputation for "trust and objectivity" than any other international broadcaster in virtually all markets surveyed.
2006-07-13: Increased US broadcast indecency penalties proves a boon for delay-device companies, lawyers and insurance companies.
2006-07-13: UK Digital Radio Development Bureau launches weekly music podcasts.
2006-07-13: Salem announces special dividend on its shares.
2006-07-13: Australian cabinet approves plans for media deregulation.
2006-07-13: CBS radio starts lay-offs as it cuts costs.

2006-07-14: Cameroon schoolteacher wins 2006 BBC World Service "Afrique Talents" award.
2006-07-14: Australian media shares rise again after formal announcement of plans to ease media ownership restrictions.
2006-07-14: Emap shares plunge 15% after profits warning.
2006-07-14: CHUM shares up nearly 50% following bid for company by Bell Globemedia /Astral Media, which dropped out of CHUM bidding, reports strong third quarter.
2006-07-15: Vatican rejects idea of adverts on Vatican Radio despite losses.
2006-07-15: Ten applications made for new Liverpool FM licence, other UK licence news.
2006-07-15: More radio results - XM Canada, Corus and Grupo Radio Centro in Mexico.
2006-07-16: 2006 Proms Concerts begin with row over absence of female composers.
2006-07-16: Latest figures show Australian commercial radio revenues up 3% year-on-year.
2006-07-16: UK regulator proposes lifting ban on micro-transmitters to send signal from portable players to FM radio receivers.
2006-07-16: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-07-17: Former director of Seton Hall University's WSOU-FM admits embezzling more than USD 550,000 from the station.
2006-07-17: India Radio Forum 2006 told Indian commercial radio could grow at a compounded rate of 30-35% over the next decade.
2006-07-17: Radio New Zealand International and the BBC Pacific service today launch a new 30-minute weekday programme exchange.
2006-07-17: Receivers for Australian AM non-broadcasting band network WorldAudio ask its founder and director Andrew Thompson to reconsider his resignation, which could jeopardize a rescue plan.
2006-07-17: Katie Couric to anchor 17:00 CBS Radio News evening newscast from September.
2006-07-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-07-18: Former "Jazz Revisited" host Hazen Schumacher says he is pleased with treatment of its archives by Hamburg museum in Germany.
2006-07-18: XM Satellite Radio offers receiver for Harley Davidson motor cycles.
2006-07-18: UK media regulator publishes reasons for Hull FM award to KCFM.
2006-07-18: US Federal Communications Commission publishes details of its 2006 Fiscal Year fees.
2006-07-18: Ofcom delays dates of its Winter and Spring 2007 survey periods to bring them into line with its Portable People Meter ratings.
2006-07-18: Red Zebra Broadcasting to launch its service this afternoon as a simulcast "Triple X ESPN Radio. The New Home of the Redskins"
2006-07-19: Former RTÉ Radio1 "Mystery Train" host John Kelly to join RTÉ lyric FM/ Eamon Dunphy to move to Radio 1.
2006-07-19: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) it is ready to award 17 more construction permits relating to its FM Auction 62.
2006-07-19: SMG chief executive Andrew Flanagan has left the company.
2006-07-19: XM asks court to throw out recording companies lawsuit claiming damages over its "Inno" receiver that can record songs for later playback.
2006-07-20: US National Association of Broadcasters asks FCC to allow AM stations to simulcast on FM translators.
2006-07-20: Responses to UK regulator's consultation on future of digital radio show wide range of priorities amongst respondents.
2006-07-20: Study shows MP3 players and podcasts having less impact in Australia than US.
2006-07-20: Red Zebra Broadcasting buys urban format WWHV-FM (Hot 102.1) in Virginia Beach.
2006-07-20: BBC publishes details of re-organization to meet demands of digital age.
2006-07-21: More problems for Sirius and XM with their receiver to FM devices.
2006-07-21: Regent pulling out of California in deal to sell its ten stations in the state to Mapleton Communications.
2006-07-21: UK media regulator's annual report shows it collecting GBP 9.3 million from radio licensees and paying departing chief executive GBP 441,000 last year.
2006-07-21: Arbitron revenues up but profits down.

2006-07-22: Canadian Supreme Court refuses to review libel award against former Quebec host André Arthur.
2006-07-22: UK Radio Academy names veteran broadcaster and music radio producer Trevor Dann to succeed John Bradford as its director:
2006-07-22: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 7,000 in penalties in South Carolina.
2006-07-22: The Media Audit says survey shows people are more likely to agree to carry cell phone monitoring devices than pager-style ones: Arbitron dissents.
2006-07-22: Canadian radio listening holds steady in 2005 but lock-out cost CBC many listeners.
2006-07-23: Station changes in Chicago as Muller bows out from Emmis and CBC and Clear Channel also ring in changes.

2006-07-23: UK media regulator Ofcom announces award of GBP 229,063 (USD 426,000) in Community Radio grants.
2006-07-23: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) has ruled that a broadcast by CKYK-FM, Alma, Quebec, of an address "an individual who was apparently convicted of paedophilia" breached the privacy rules.
2006-07-23: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-07-24: Entercom Boston host John DePetro back on air after apology for calling head of the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, a "fag".
2006-07-24: BBC World Service's "The World Today" to air from Seattle today.
2006-07-24: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-07-25: UK regulator upholds two radio complaints in latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2006-07-25: Minnesota Public Radio says it has raised USD 56 million for capital expenditure.
2006-07-25: GCap shares fall 7.5% after another gloomy trading update.
2006-07-25: Former employee says Austereo's 2-DAY FM regularly staged calls to breakfast show.
2006-07-25: XM appoints Nate Davis as President/COO and NextMedia appoints Jeff Dinetz to replace Skip Weller as President and COO of its radio division.

2006-07-25: US Federal Communications Commission releases full text of its media ownership rulemaking and seeks public comment.
2006-07-26: Former Emmis Chicago host Erich "Mancow" Muller starts occasional commentaries on Chicago public TV station.
2006-07-26: Filing shows XM is to pay its new President and CEO Nate Davis USD 500,000 a year, rising to USD 6,000 over three-year contract that also includes up to 600,000 stock options.
2006-07-26: US Federal Communications Commission cancels USD 3,000 penalty on Kansas FM.
2006-07-26: BBC World Service has appointed Ghanaian-born presenter Vera Kwakofi as Project Manager of its new BBC Africa Radio Awards.
2006-07-26: Bridge Ratings survey shows that overall radio leads as source of new music in US but it has lost ground amongst younger audience.
2006-07-27: Clear Channel says 300 of its stations are now broadcasting HD signals.
2006-07-27: UK media regulator invites applications for Ramadan short term licences for 2007.
2006-07-27: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland awards Euros 10 million for programming in its Sound and Vision scheme - mostly to TV/ announces various licensing decisions and advertises new quasi-national religious licence.
2006-07-27: Asian Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) to hold its second Digital Radio Convention next month.
2006-07-28: Unlicensed operator of a Sydney Greek-language radio service fined and transmitter confiscated.
2006-07-28: Former WUOM-FM salesman Jeremy Nordquist found guilty on one count of conspiracy to commit embezzlement.
2006-07-28: Westwood One to cut around 70 jobs.
2006-07-28: BBC in conjunction with Dutch company develops mobile phone to send audio, pictures and TV back to its stations.
2006-07-28: XM tops 7 million subscribers but reduces end of year forecast as losses increase again although it still says it hopes for positive operating cash flow in final quarter of this year.
2006-07-29: Radio provides bright spot in Guardian Media Group results.
2006-07-29: Charges of endangering the welfare of a child to be dropped against former DJ Troi Torain - Star of "Star and Buc Wild" - but he is also being sued by former "Prozac Girl" from his show in separate case.
2006-07-29: CBS pays USD 550,000 penalty relating to Janet Jackson breast exposure but is to appeal to the courts/FCC grants eight licences but wants USD 61,000 for various breaches of rules.
2006-07-29: Arbitron to release Spring 06 Survey results for New Orleans and Biloxi markets next month.

2006-07-30: US radio revenues up 1% in June.
2006-07-30: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

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