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December 2006

2006-12-01: BBC announces that writer, director and actor Stephen Merchant is to host BBC 6 Music show.
2006-12-01: Federal Communications Commission criticized over private briefing for bank clients.
2006-12-01: UTV reported to have made fresh merger approach to SMG.
2006-12-01: New Zealand starts DAB trial/Norway trials DMB/ Fraunhofer showcases new audio codecs.
2006-12-01: Bridge Ratings survey shows Howard Stern pulling in fewer customers for Sirius and produces lower subscriber estimates than originally put forward by Sirius and XM.

2006-12-02: Australian Broadcasting Corporation again dominates broadcast sector in Walkley Awards, Australia's most prestigious journalistic awards.
2006-12-02: Chicago Symphony Orchestra to return to airwaves in New Year.
2006-12-02: Democrat Federal Communication Commissioners at public meeting on media ownership in Seattle/Federal Communications Commission announces more details of its second official hearing to be held in Nashville.
2006-12-02: UK regulator advertises new national commercial digital multiplex/ also publishes two reports on the value of spectrum.

2006-12-03: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-12-04: Southern Cross Broadcasting argues that Australia's constitution makes State's anti-hate laws invalid.
2006-12-04: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-12-05: Eastlan adds Syracuse customer as Galaxy Communications takes its service to replace more expensive Arbitron ratings.
2006-12-05: US Federal Communications Commission reverses previous decision and restores licence of Puerto Rico FM.
2006-12-05: Salem sells Cleveland sport-talk AM for USD 7 million.
2006-12-05: Classic FM designates Thursday as "Paul McCartney Day"
and is to air his classical works in evening concert whilst former Beatle's hosts earlier show.
2006-12-05: US radio revenues in October up on a year ago, helped by political advertising this year.

2006-12-06: Jerry Springer to end his radio show at the end of this week.
2006-12-06: Satellite radio stocks fall after Sirius reduces its subscriber forecasts.
2006-12-06: BBC Radio 4 has strong month for downloads from and on-demand listening to the corporation in October , figures for which have just been released.
2006-12-06: Final Australian ratings of the year.

2006-12-07: BBC Radio 1 to use music personalities as hosts on flagship evening show at start of the New Year when regular host Zane Lowe is away.
2006-12-07: New York Observer says Clear Channel has agreed lease to allow it to co-site its five New York radio stations.
2006-12-07: US National Association of Broadcasters along with large group of media companies asks Federal Communications Commission to ease ownership regulations.
2006-12-08: UK Virgin and BBC Radio1 announce New Year line-up changes.
2006-12-08: US satellite radio companies say price hikes more likely than reductions.
2006-12-08: UK Telegraph Group reported to be considering entering national radio scene.

2006-12-09: Interep loses another deal as Katz gains the Susquehanna customers it had after Cumulus takeover.
2006-12-09: Google starts trials of its audio ads.
2006-12-09: Former KNBR-AM host Larry Kreuger, fired for comments about San Francisco Giants, has now lost his job with KGO-AM.
2006-12-09: Guardian Media Group gets OK to change daytime format of its London Smooth FM.
2006-12-09: Probable Bonneville-Red Zebra deal could spell end of classical music on Washington DC airwaves.
2006-12-09: Air America Radio loses Cincinnati affiliate, reportedly could lose host Al Franken.

2006-12-10: US National Association of Broadcasters continues lobbying against "audio flag" legislation.
2006-12-10: GCap Media reported to have failed to lure Birmingham City soccer club MD to Capital Radio.
2006-12-10: Police reported to think shooting of New York Power 105 DJ Carl Blaze could have been because of a grudge, not just robbery.
2006-12-10: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-12-11: All India Radio sets up five community stations but may in future leave the sector to other organizations.
2006-12-11: Sydney 2UE late night host Stan Zemanek, who has a brain tumour, to leave radio this month.
2006-12-11: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-12-12: Ofcom upholds one radio complaint in its latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2006-12-12: Arbitron says it will add four more markets in Spring 2007 Survey to take total rated over 300.
2006-12-12: UTV resumes merger talks with SMG.
2006-12-12: CBS Radio agrees five-year USD 70 million deal with New York Yankees.
2006-12-12: Payola issues raise passions at Federal Communications Commission Nashville hearing on media ownership.
2006-12-13: WorldSpace, which is concentrating its efforts in India, launches Gujerati service, the ninth Indian regional language service it offers.
2006-12-13: Australian regulator rules that broadcasts by Ray Hadley and John Laws breached industry codes by misrepresenting viewpoints and presenting material in a misleading manner.
2006-12-13: GCap's Xfm to launch its Mi-Xfm online service that will allow people to listen to create their own musical selections from the station's music library on Friday.
2006-12-13: Congressional Democrats' group write to Federal Communications Commission to express concern about possible partisan nature of economic studies it has commissioned.

2006-12-14: Man arrested after incident in which he used "foul language" on air and then drove car into English soccer club's radio station.
2006-12-14: Detroit WDET-FM general manager Michael Coleman, who earlier this year pleaded guilty to embezzlement from his former station, resigns.
2006-12-14: Eight bids lodged for new South Wales regional FM licence.
2006-12-14: Future of Music Coalition and National Association of Broadcasters at loggerheads after FMC report claims consolidation has lessened diversity whilst NAB claims the reverse.

2006-12-15: Australian Communications and Media Authority cancels New South Wales community licence of Mt Helen FM.
2006-12-15: WLS-AM, Chicago, drops Eileen Byrne in morning weekday slot and gives it to Jerry Agar, offering her a weekend slot.
2006-12-15: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles reported to be making around USD 150,000 a year extra from airing his own jingles.
2006-12-15: Australian Stock Exchange chairman Maurice Newman named to take over as Australian Broadcasting Corporation chairman.
2006-12-16: Canadian watchdog rules that refusal by host to accept comments correcting his misquotation from the Koran and his treatment of Moslem callers breached Canadian codes.
2006-12-16: BBC governors at last meeting before new BBC Trust takes over back move of key departments to Salford in north-west England.
2006-12-16: Kumudam Publications expected to launch another commercial FM in Chennai (Madras) towards end of this month.
2006-12-16: Canadian regulator to increase amounts Canadian broadcasters have to pay to support Canadian content but not the minimum levels of Canadian music on pop channels in changes to be introduced following review of policies.

2006-12-17: Los Angeles host Bill Handel in studio spat that leads to his swearing going on air.
2006-12-17: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-12-18: Radio remains dominant medium in Australia at breakfast time.
2006-12-18: WETA-FM considers reverting to classical format if it is dropped by WGMS-FM.
2006-12-18: KFI-AM host Bill Handel suspended for a week.
2006-12-18: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-12-19: ABC holds on to top rank in RADAR 91 US network ratings.
2006-12-19: XM now broadcasting from its newer satellites and relegates original satellites, which had power problems, to back-up spares status.
2006-12-19: UK Guardian Media Group confirms that it is to purchase UK Saga radio stations.
2006-12-19: Sydney 2GB ruled to have breached Australian codes in broadcast comments relating to Indonesian judges.
2006-12-19: Air America reported to have signed letter of intent for its sale.
2006-12-20: US Radio Advertising Bureau to add dollar amounts to its quarterly reports next year, not just comparative figures.
2006-12-20: XM Satellite Radio says it is now back in compliance with NASDAQ rules on a majority of independent directors following board appointment.
2006-12-20: Australian regulator rules that Melbourne station breached rules barring tobacco advertising in airing archive drama that included adverts for cigarettes from sponsor of the 1949 drama.
2006-12-20: Managing director of Emap's Kiss network resigns.
2006-12-20: Google reported to be negotiating radio airtime and stressing benefits of radio cum internet campaigns to boost its Google Audio advertising.
2006-12-21: Australian media regulator reminds media owners it will monitor for compliance with current regulations before new laws come into effect and has power to force divestitures.
2006-12-21: Veteran British radio broadcaster Mike Dickin dies after being in car crash.
2006-12-21: Bridge Ratings says US satellite radio retail sales this year are around a quarter below those of a year earlier and future growth will come from new vehicle installations.
2006-12-22: BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour presenter Jenni Murray tells listener's she has cancer and won't be around on air for start of the New Year.
2006-12-22: Veteran Cleveland DJ and talk host Joe Finan dies aged 69.
2006-12-22: Edinburgh University said to be about to launch a software "personal DJ".
2006-12-22: BBC News says ministers have agreed a sub-inflation increase in Corporation's licence fee.
2006-12-23: Regent completes purchase of CBS Buffalo stations/FCC asks for comments on Clear Channel takeover.
2006-12-23: BBC Radio 3 details re-vamp to start in February.
2006-12-23: Clear Channel reverses decision to drop progressive talk format in Madison, Wisconsin.
2006-12-24: SMG does USD 2 million deal to sponsor Virgin breakfast and other shows by BSkyB satellite broadcaster.
2006-12-24: Council on American Islamic Relations calls on radio host Denis Prager to resign from United States Holocaust Memorial Council following his comments on first Moslem US congressman.
2006-12-24: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-12-25: Clear Channel announced stand-ins for Bill Handel, suspended by KFI for a week because of outburst at sister station.
2006-12-25: Power FM DJ Carl Blaze dies following shooting earlier this month.
2006-12-25: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-12-26: New York Metropolitan Opera 2006-07 broadcasts now well under way.
2006-12-26: Christmas Music formats end on most US radio stations and many regular hosts are replaced by fill-ins.
2006-12-27: Chicago public radio WBEZ-FM issues new 2007 schedule, sets up competition for listeners to re-name show.

2006-12-27: Sydney broadcaster Stan Zemanek, quitting because he has brain tumour, says he does not rule out return to radio.
2006-12-27: Sheldon Drobny, who with his wife conceived of Air America progressive talk network, blames many of its ills on cronyism and ego by those who took over the idea.
2006-12-27: Veteran Jamaican broadcaster Neville Willoughby dies of injuries sustained in car crash.
2006-12-28: Entercom gets go-ahead for Boston station deal with Radio One Inc.
2006-12-28: Former BBC Chairman Marmaduke Hussey dies.
2006-12-28: Entercom settles payola case for USD 4.25 million.

2006-12-29: Maryland radio host dies during broadcast.
2006-12-29: British company takes over deal to broadcast Deutsche Welle international services from New Year.

2006-12-30: Veteran former Toronto radio host Bruce Smith dies aged 87.
2006-12-30: Difference of opinion amongst UK commercial radio groups about possibly switching off AM radio.
2006-12-30: Radio One kills KBBT-FM, The Beat, in LA to bring in KRBV-FM, "V100 the Best Variety of R&B."

2006-12-31: Latest FCC complaints figures show leap in broadcast obscenity/indecency complaints in third quarter of the year.
2006-12-31: Veteran Boston newsman Gary LaPierre retires - and his retirement day is declared a state holiday.
2006-12-31: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

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2006-11-01: XM-4 satellite finally launched.
2006-11-01: Arbitron to offer e-Diary option from Winter 2007 survey onwards.
2006-11-01: Macquarie says it is more likely to add to radio interests than sell off Macquarie Regional Radioworks.
2006-11-01: BBC London breakfast host Jono Coleman to return to Australia.
2006-11-01: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) chairman Charles Dalfen to step down at the end of the year and will not seek another term in the post.
2006-11-01: Latest Australian radio ratings.
2006-11-02: SoundExchange bids for a tenth of satellite radio revenues to be paid to it in royalties for use of recordings and wants a quarter eventually.
2006-11-02: Bankruptcy court agrees to Air America deal that will keep it going until year end providing it has found a buyer by Thanksgiving.
2006-11-02: iBiquity announces formation of Brazilian broadcasters' group to promote HD radio in their country.
2006-11-02: UK Chrysalis shares drop nearly 8% amidst fears for future despite near doubling of profits this fiscal year.
2006-11-02: Following agreement on divestments, US Department of Justice suspends investigation of Entercom's Rochester purchase of four stations as part of CBS deal
2006-11-03: Senator Russ Feingold asks Federal Communications Commission for details of its payola investigation's progress.
2006-11-03: UK media regulator Ofcom announces that chief policy officer Kip Meek is to leave.
2006-11-03: Arbitron to delay rating of non commercial and public stations.
2006-11-03: BBC Radio 2 hires Russell Brand, credited for much of the success of its 6 Music digital station.
2006-11-03: Radio proves weaker than TV in latest round of US results.
2006-11-03: September US radio revenues down 2% on a year ago and year to date figures are flat.
2006-11-04: Entercom fires WRKO-AM morning host John DePetro for calling gubernatorial candidate a "fat lesbian" on his show.
2006-11-04: Federal Communications Commission fines Puerto Rican AM USD 15,000
2006-11-04: More US results - Entercom and Regent.
2006-11-05: US Federal Communications Commission seeks comments about whether it should take action to try and cut death toll to migratory birds from communications towers.
2006-11-05: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-11-06: Christmas programming starts early in Chicago this year.
2006-11-06: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-11-07: BBC on-demand listening a record in September although overall online listening hours were down on August.
2006-11-07: XM shares rise 15% as its losses are down - although so are its subscriber predictions.
2006-11-07: More US results - Citadel and Salem.

2006-11-08: News/Talk/Information remains US leading format but loses share as does Rock whilst Spanish formats and Adult Hits increase share.
2006-11-08: Federal Communications Commission backs off in cases of two of four indecency rulings earlier this year.
2006-11-08: BBC Radio 4 soap "The Archers" broadcasts 15,000th edition but on Radio 1 host is in hot water for referring to Japanese as "Nips".
2006-11-08: More US radio results continue to show a tough environment.
2006-11-09: BBC Radio Norfolk veteran John Taylor dies aged 85 /BBC said to be keeping noise youths away by playing the station's music on a loudspeaker.
2006-11-09: Cox Radio joins companies reporting lower revenues in third quarter of this year.
2006-11-09: The Media Audit and Ipsos re-affirm their commitment to electronic metering in US despite Arbitron lawsuit.
2006-11-09: Sirius says it now has 5.1 million subscribers as it reports reduced losses and revenues up 150% on a year ago.
2006-11-10: CBS correspondent Ed Bradley dies aged 65.
2006-11-10: BBC Radio 4 "Feedback" programme contract goes to City Broadcasting.
2006-11-10: New Liverpool and Perth FM licence awards announced.
2006-11-10: More US radio results-Westwood One and WorldSpace.
2006-11-11: Jim Pattison Group concentrating on radio expansion but may by some TV stations up for sale as a result of Bell Globemedia's acquisition of CHUM Ltd.
2006-11-11: BBC World Service programme for Darfuri children among winners of this year's Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa, Awards
2006-11-11: WorldDMB Forum, the former WorldDAB Forum pushed for MPEG-4 coding choice for Eureka system digital broadcasts.
2006-11-11: Disney says sale of ABC Radio interests to Citadel should close in first half of next year.
2006-11-12: Fired WRKO-AM host John DePetro reported anxious to be reinstated but Entercom says no.
2006-11-12: SoundExchange promotes survey showing value of music to satellite radio as part of its bid to increase royalties.
2006-11-12: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-11-13: India to appoint task force to look into modernization of state broadcasters ll India Radio and Doordorshan TV.
2006-11-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-11-14: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) affirms two USD 10,000 penalties but cancels a USD 4,000 one.
2006-11-14: New Orleans news-talk market becomes more competitive as Clear Channel switches rock station to the format, for which Entercom is already using three frequencies.
2006-11-14: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2006-11-14: Clear Channel makes no statements about potential bids for the company as deadline passes.
2006-11-15: Federal Communications Commission sets December 11 in Nashville for its second public hearing on media ownership.
2006-11-15: I Radio Limited wins north-west Ireland regional youth service licence.
2006-11-15: Radio boosts Emap interim results.
2006-11-15: Two bids reported to have been put in for Clear Channel.
2006-11-15: UK media regulator says no rule changes required in most areas but it could move to ease radio regulation.
2006-11-16: US President George W. Bush re-nominates Kenneth Y. Tomlinson as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors.
2006-11-16: BBC raps the knuckles of a local radio editor who in a leaked memo said that callers to phone-ins who sounded old should be kept off the air.
2006-11-16: Interep revenues down and those of LBI Media up in latest US results.
2006-11-16: Alberta gets six new FMs and power increases for two existing stations.

2006-11-17: XM Canada exceeds its forecasts in first year.
2006-11-17: UK Media Regulator raises idea of analogue radio switch-off in consultation on the Future of Radio.
2006-11-17: Clear Channel accepts USD 18.7 billion bid/puts 448 smaller market radio stations up for sale/ CBS Radio agrees sale in another market/Boston-Philadelphia swap completed.
2006-11-18: Entercom dumps WRKO-AM news team.
2006-11-18: Arbitron updates plans for Portable People Meter rollout which is to begin in Philadelphia in January next year.
2006-11-18: Latest Irish radio ratings show Today FM gaining and RTÉ Radio 1 losing audience.
2006-11-18: US Senate confirms Kevin J. Martin for second term as Federal Communications Commission chairman.
2006-11-18: Pending sale of Clear Channel raises regulatory issues and attracts a shareholder lawsuit.

2006-11-19: Australian media companies position themselves in advance of new lighter ownership regulation.
2006-11-19: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-11-13: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-11-21: Veteran Australian broadcaster Ric Paterson to retire after 42 years in the business.
2006-11-21: UK regulator Ofcom publishes reasons behind its awards of Liverpool and Perth FM licences.
2006-11-21: US broadcast station numbers fall in second quarter with losses of both AM and FM commercial station but increases for non-commercial and low-power FMs then rise again in all categories in third quarter.
2006-11-21: Digital Radio Mondial poised to take-off according to RadioScape, which is making module that will handle AM.FM/SW/DAB and DRM as well as MP3 files.

2006-11-22: Air America gets an extra week to find a buyer.
2006-11-22: Australian media regulator highlights convergence in its first major report on the communications industry.
2006-11-22: National Grid Wireless says it will bid for second UK national commercial digital multiplex that is to be advertised later this month.
2006-11-22: CBS agrees sale of its Greensboro, North Carolina radio stations - also appeals against 2004 Super Bowl half-time show fine.
2006-11-23: Pew study finds listening to Podcasts growing rapidly in US.
2006-11-23: Chicago classical station WFTM-FM boosts its pledges with iPod and classical recordings premium offer.
2006-11-23: Sirius Canada tops 200,000 subscribers.
2006-11-23: BBC to air XM's Bob Dylan show.

2006-11-24: Citadel re-negotiates ABC radio deal - to pay USD 300 million less cash but Disney stockholders get a greater share in merged company.
2006-11-24: CHUM promotes Paul Ski to new post of President CHUM Radio.
2006-11-24: Federal Communications Commission announces ten studies in connection with media ownership regulations/Democrat commissioners raise concerns about nature of them.
2006-11-24: BBC Radio 4 presenter Nick Clarke dies of cancer aged 58.
2006-11-25: Four Corus Quebec AMs to convert to FM.
2006-11-25: Tests to go ahead on whether Vatican Radio site has increased leukemia incidence in surrounding area.
2006-11-25: Five apply for new midlands/north east region youth FM licence in Ireland.
2006-11-25: Mel Karmazin again touts idea of merger with XM and says he does not see regulatory problems.
2006-11-26: Owner of Vancouver ethnic AM says break-in may be someone trying to keep it off air.
2006-11-26: Memphis pioneer John R. Pepper 2, co-founder (white) of WDIA-AM, the first US radio station targeted at black audience, dies aged 91.
2006-11-26: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-11-27: Southern Cross Broadcasting and Austereo make cost-cutting moves.
2006-11-27: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-11-28: BBC Radio 2 controller Lesley Douglas says most US radio has been in the doldrums for a long time.
2006-11-28: Salem ups daytime power of KRLA-AM, Los Angeles, from 20,000 to 50,000 watts.
2006-11-28: UBC shares rise on results and announcement that it is to launch Digital Music Download next year.
2006-11-28: BBC Chairman Michael Grade resigns to join corporation's main commercial rival, ITV.
2006-11-29: British regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2006-11-29: Clear Channel online unit agrees deal to add Reuters material to its on-demand services.
2006-11-29: Canada gives go-ahead to add satellite radio services to cable networks.
2006-11-29: US Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) says callers reactions to a parody of anti-Muslim bigotry aired on WMAL-AM, Washington D.C. are a wake-up call about the problems.
2006-11-29: GCap Media shares drop again following release of interim results.
2006-11-29: Bridge Ratings survey shows pattern of decline in US radio listening.
2006-11-29: Veteran D J Alan Freeman dies in London aged 79.

2006-11-30: All India Radio continues to have more listeners than private Fms in main Indian cities.
2006-11-30: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) publishes details of Phase 2 of its commercial radio licensing plan that will see four licences advertised next year.
2006-11-30: Australian commercial radio industry sees opportunities in digital world to expand its advertising take from the Internet and digital radio.
2006-11-30: Federal Communications Commission to simplify some licence applications forms & also issues proposed penalties along with series of licence renewals.

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October 2006

2006-10-01: BBC polls comments on Radio 3 on its 60th anniversary.
2006-10-01: US Federal Communications Commission levies fines totalling USD 53,500.
2006-10-01: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-10-02: Bridge Ratings say podcast downloads will dip in short term but predicts growth in longer term.
2006-10-02: Report says Digital Radio Mondiale receivers have to come down in price to allow mass uptake.
2006-10-02: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2006-10-03: UK media regulator upholds no complaints against radio in its latest broadcasting bulletin although it does say complaints about jokes relating to a road accident highlight need for care to be taken.
2006-10-03: US Federal Communications Commission announced details of media ownership public hearing to be held today in Los Angeles.
2006-10-03: Standard Broadcasting reported by Canadian National Post to be close to decision about whether to revive IPO plans.
2006-10-03: Young Australians increase their listening to overnight radio.
2006-10-03: Internet advertising, which will have overtaken outdoor this year, slated to overtake radio but not for a few years.
2006-10-04: Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) thanks Clear Channel's Twin Cities top 40 station KDWB-FM for "reacting positively to concerns about an on-air skit that offended Muslim listeners".
2006-10-04: Beasley spends USD 42 million on Delaware FM.
2006-10-04: Festivals and events boost BBC online listening in August.

2006-10-05: Federal Communications Commission holds Los Angeles public hearing on media ownership, the first of six planned.
2006-10-05: Australian Communications Minister prepared to give way on regional diversity to get new media regulations through parliament.
2006-10-05: US National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO comments on success of broadcasters.
2006-10-05: Shares dip after Sirius and XM release new subscriber numbers showing them at around 5 million and 7.2 million respectively.

2006-10-06: GCap launches marketing campaign for London flagship Capital Radio.
2006-10-06: Arbitron signs up Buckley as Portable People Meter customer when system is deployed.
2006-10-06: Letter to Chicago Sun-Times said to be a reason for dropping Emmis DJ/other Chicago radio news.
2006-10-06: UK media regulator Ofcom appoints Ed Richards as its CEO.
2006-10-07: Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 7,000 penalty on New Hampshire AM for tower fencing offences.
Veteran Australian radio writer Gwen Meredith, who wrote all episodes of the "Blue Hills" series that ran from 1949 to 1976, dies aged 98.
2006-10-07: UK media regulator Ofcom receives four bids for new Aberdeen FM and 11 for new Manchester licence.
2006-10-07: Clear Channel backing competition to find next progressive talk star.

2006-10-08: UK media regulator Ofcom planning to allow use of micro FM transmitters to link portable MP3 players to auto radios.
2006-10-08: Mt Wilson Broadcasters, which has won bidding to run KKJZ-FM, says it will retain the station's classic jazz format.
2006-10-08: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2006-10-09: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ expresses concern that planned media legislation would make it government-controlled.
2006-10-09: Australian media legislation before country's Senate this week.
2006-10-09: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-10-10: VNU to buy share it does not known of Netratings.
2006-10-10: Australian Communications and Media Authority cancels licence of Perth community station.
2006-10-10: Sally Oldham out as managing director of The Local Radio Company.
2006-10-10: XM Satellite Radio announces major Fall 2006 promotional campaign.

2006-10-11: BBC and UK media regulator Ofcom delay deadline for market impact and public value testing of the corporation's planned iPlayer.
2006-10-11: Emmis revenues down 5% on a year ago.
2006-10-11: Australian media laws expected to be loosened following deal between ruling Liberal Party and its coalition partner, The Nationals.
2006-10-11: BBC gets six of seven UK Premiership soccer rights packages leaving one for UTV's talkSPORT.
2006-10-11: Interep President and COO George Pine exits/Salem executive moves.
2006-10-12: BBC Director-General says it needs realistic licence funding if it is to fulfil all government targets.
2006-10-12: US Poll shows two-thirds against lifting radio ownership caps but in Australia new lighter media laws are now almost certain to go through.
2006-10-12: Report forecasts global market for DAB of 145 million receivers by 2012.
2006-10-12: CBS sells more radio stations - this time in Kansas City, Missouri, and Columbus, Ohio.
2006-10-12: Arbitron launches patent infringement lawsuit against The Media Audit/Ipsos.

2006-10-13: Search engine company Lycos says Howard Stern has topped internet searches for radio talk hosts for sixth year running.
2006-10-13: Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "The Science Show" ruled to have broken its codes on accuracy and balance.
2006-10-13: Arbitron-Scarborough Research and Katz Media each expand beyond traditional revenue streams.
2006-10-13: Australian radio revenues up everwhere except Sydney in latest quarter/ regional Australian radio companies oppose new content regulations.

2006-10-14: Arbitron promotes Thomas Mocarsky to post of SVP, Press and Investor Relations.
2006-10-14: UK Guardian reports that Macquarie may be preparing to leave UK Radio before it gets on air in Plymouth/Jack FM gets UK outlet with format winning Oxford licence.
2006-10-14: Comedian John Cleese opens this year's Australian Commercial Radio Conference/ competition regulator warns delegates that he still has powers to block mergers despite easing of legal restrictions on media ownership.
2006-10-14: Air America Radio files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, says it has lost USD 41 million since 2004 launch.

2006-10-15: US proposes to allow use of "white space" freed up by move to digital TV for low-power devices such as wireless broadband.
2006-10-15: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-10-16: GCap reported in talks with Birmingham City soccer club managing director to join Capital Radio.
2006-10-16: 2006 Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2006-10-16: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-10-17: Democrats on Federal Communications Commission say they will attend town hall meeting cum public hearing in New York on media diversity and consolidation.
2006-10-17: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds no complaints against radio in latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2006-10-17: Sirius to offer Internet-only subscription.
2006-10-17: iBiquity says US now has 1,000 stations broadcasting HD radio/ European digital radio advances.
2006-10-18: Republicans try to win back unstinting support of conservative radio hosts.
2006-10-18: US Federal Communications Commission rejects petitions to reconsider indecency settlements with CBS and Emmis.
2006-10-18: More than half of British households forecast to own digital radio receiver by 2010.
2006-10-18: New York court rejects Entercom plea to throw out payola suit against it by New York State Attorney General.

2006-10-19: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 16,000 penalty on Puerto Rican AM.
2006-10-19: CBS veteran Christopher Glenn, who retired in February, dies of cancer.
2006-10-19: GCap Media stock boosted by announcement of sale of two FMs to Guardian Media Group.
2006-10-19: Anita and Sheldon Drobny, who launched Air America Radio, involved in launch of new progressive talk network in US.
2006-10-19: New York Times reports on US radio neglecting younger audience.
2006-10-19: US Radio Advertising Bureau elects Greater Media President and CEO Peter Smyth as chairman of the board next year.
2006-10-20: Clear Channel sells in Virginia and Tennessee.
2006-10-20: Chairman of Bulgarian regulator says BBC FM transmissions to be ended because Corporation is breaching licence conditions by not broadcasting Bulgarian-language programmes: BBC denies that such conditions are in licence.
2006-10-20: Arbitron revenues up and net income down in third quarter compared to a year ago.
2006-10-20: New Australian media regulations clear Parliament/Australian media regulator commissions independent survey into government spectrum holdings.
2006-10-20: CBS settles Payola allegations by New York State attorney general - to pay USD 2 million.

2006-10-21: Emmis says it has now completed its offer to purchase at par value, all of the outstanding 6-7/8% Senior Subordinated Notes due 2012.
2006-10-21: UK regulator asks for comment on Guardian Media Group's application to change its London Smooth FM to an easy listening format.
2006-10-21: Celebrity Drug Disasters", a five piece band from New South Wales who fuse rock and dance, wins this year's Australian commercial radio New Artists to Radio (NA2R) event.
2006-10-21: SMG shares drop by a fifth following update, reviving speculation about a bid.
2006-10-21: US Media and Democracy Coalition says new research shows media is already too consolidated and loosening ownership rules further would harm local communities.

2006-10-22: XM extends deadline for conversion of notes after less than a quarter are offered.
2006-10-22: Clear Channel hosts sue Clear Channel and Clear Channel hosts in Atlanta.
2006-10-22: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-10-23: Radio New Zealand ruled to have been unfair to Minister in interview concerning his alleged abuse of pupils when he was a teacher.
2006-10-23: Late British DJ John Peel leaves GBP 1.83 million (USD 3.43 million).
2006-10-23: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2006-10-24: Veteran WCBS-AM radio reporter Mary Gay Taylor dies aged 71.
2006-10-24: BBC radio producer Paul Walters, best known as producer of the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show "Wake Up To Wogan" dies aged 59.
2006-10-24: Australia to use UBC's Unique Interactive Electronic Programme Guide in connection with digital radio trials/ also to trial Eureka DAB using AAC-plus coding.
2006-10-24: Sirius goes international, issuing news releases to promote its Internet service in at least eight European languages.
2006-10-25: Macquarie Media denies reports that it is preparing to sell Macquarie Regional Radioworks radio interests.
2006-10-25: UK media regulator issues timetable for new digital licences including a second commercial national multiplex.
2006-10-25: Clear Channel fires The Regular Guys.
2006-10-25: US National Association of Broadcasters renews attacks on satellite radio companies/backs further media deregulation.

2006-10-26: New York Times reports that Universal may have breached its payola settlement with New York State Attorney General.
2006-10-26: Independent News & Media reported to have made AUD 3.8 billion (USD 2.9 billion) bid to buy out minority interests in APN News & Media.
2006-10-26: Astral Media reports 2006 net revenues up 10% on a year earlier and says it is looking for acquisitions.
2006-10-26: UK media regulator to allow sponsorship of stations subject to some safeguards.

2006-10-26: Clear Channel said to be considering buy-out.
2006-10-27: Arbitron and VNU sign agreement with WalMart for "Project Apollo".
2006-10-27: Corus reports strong fiscal 2006.
2006-10-27: "The WHO" guitarist Pete Townshend walks out on Howard Stern interview.
2006-10-27: Clear Channel confirms reports that it is considering a buy-out.
2006-10-27: US National Public Radio wants recall of FM modulators used to connect portable players and satellite radio to a car stereo.
2006-10-27: GCap shares fall following release of latest UK radio ratings.

2006-10-28: Dublin alternative rock FM gets it licence.
2006-10-28: Sea Launch halts countdown for launch of XM's fourth satellite.
2006-10-28: Australian regulators starts inquiry into Sydney 2UE compliance with rules on declaring financial interests.
2006-10-28: CBS appoints John Mainelli as Program Director for WFNY-FM (Free FM), New York.
2006-10-29: VOA appoints new Director.
2006-10-29: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2006-10-30: Australian radio gets AUD 2.2 million government grant to aid implementation of digital broadcasts.
2006-10-30: SMG board reported to have threatened to resign if fund manager pushed for replacement of chairman.
2006-10-30: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week
2006-10-31: "Progressive" UK Think Tank calls for people to have right to copy CDs to their portable players.
2006-10-31: "Jonestown" book on 2GB host Alan Jones is best seller in Australia since Harry Potter on its launch day.
2006-10-31: UK media regulator upholds three complaints against radio in latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2006-10-31: BBC World Service and the British Council formally launch their tenth annual International Radio Playwriting Competition.
2006-10-31: Clear Channel revenues up but those of Beasley Broadcast Group fall in third quarter.

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