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June 2007

2007-06 01: UK RadioCentre launches online commercial radio player.
2007-06 01: US National Association of Broadcasters produces another report slating satellite radio merger.
2007-06 01: BBC Trust gives definitive go-ahead for move of five departments from London to Manchester.
2007-06 01: Federal Communications Commission adopts rules for digital radio and digital Emergency Alert System.
2007-06 02 : BBC Chinese and Shanghai East Radio News Channel team up for three special joint programmes to raise awareness of climate change in London and Shanghai/ Capital FM calls for lights-out hour in London.
2007-06 02 : US first quarter radio revenues up 1% with national revenues the only area to record a fall.
2007-06 03: Singapore station fined by Media Development Authority following complaint over "No Bra Days With The Muttons" segments it aired.
2007-06 03: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-06 04: Radio City, Bangalore, takes Best Station of the Year Award at The India Radio Forum 2007/ forum told stations should plan for niche programming etc.
2007-06 04:
KPIG co-founder Laura Ellen Hopper dies aged 57 from cancer.
2007-06 04: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-06 05: WorldSpace completes convertible notes refinancing.
2007-06 05: Findlays pull out of attempts to buy two Scottish radio stations.
2007-06 05: US appeals court overturns FCC indecency ruling over Billboards Awards.
2007-06 06: UK regulator upholds one radio advert complaint in latest bulletin.
2007-06 06: Bridge Ratings agrees deal with Ando Media to use latter's three Internet Radio products in services offered by a new "Net Radio Data" division.
2007-06 06: English DJ quits after boss refuses her time off to watch Big Brother TV programme.
2007-06 06: US satellite radio companies hire leading lobby group to promote their merger with lawmakers.
2007-06 06: US Radio Advertising Bureau reports US radio revenues for April up 2% on a year earlier, boosted by a 16% rise in non-spot revenues.
2007-06 06: Commercial radio companies attack UK regulation of industry at media conference.
2007-06 07:
Federal Communications Commission rejects allegations that Beasley Broadcasting harassed lawyer who lodged complaints against it.
2007-06 07: Arbitron hires former RAB president and CEO Gary Fries.
2007-06 07: Australian digital radio trials extended.
2007-06 07: eBay moves into radio advertising.
2007-06 08: XM Canada President and COO Stephen Tapp to leave company.
2007-06 08: Arbitron reports significant increase in listening to streams of terrestrial stations but adds that it is still very small.
2007-06 08: Award winning British film director Ken Loach to make radio debut with BBC Radio 3 documentary.
2007-06 08: Internet streaming companies, lobbying against new royalty rates, says minimum payment per channel could cost them billions.
2007-06 08: NAB President and CEO writes to Sirius CEO asking him to withdraw bid to merge with XM.
2007-06 09:
Rome court overturns 2005 convictions of two Vatican Radio officials for polluting the atmosphere through electromagnetic emissions from Vatican Radio's transmission complex.
2007-06 09: Lincoln Finance Group conducting review and may sell off its media operations.
2007-06 09: CTVGlobemedia given go-ahead to buy CHUM on condition it sells Citytv stations.
2007-06 10: Federal Communications Commission starts clock ticking on its review of Sirius-XM merger applications.
2007-06 10: S. Africa seems likely to exempt WorldSpace from normal licensing requirements for operating in the country.
2007-06 10: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-06 11:
GCap chief executive shows his confidence in company's future with share purchases.
2007-06 11: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-06 12: XM puts "Best of" Opie and Anthony Shows on air in advance of duo's return live on Friday following their suspension.
2007-06 12: GMG appoints Stuart Taylor, currently Commercial Director of sister company Guardian News & Media and General Manager of the Guardian, as Commercial Director of GMG Radio and Managing Director of Smooth Radio in London.
2007-06 12: XM Canada says it has 270,000 subscribers.
2007-06 13: GCap subsidiary wins new Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire digital licence.
2007-06 13: Emmis promotes St Louis PD Rick Balis to new post of VP rock programming for the whole company.
2007-06 13: BBC Trust to launch survey into amounts paid to top talent against background of budget cuts and commercial industry complaints corporation is pushing up costs for everyone.
2007-06 13: Taiwanese companies to launch combined MP3, FM, DAB, and T-DMB mobile TV device they say will be priced at around USD 50.

2007-06 14:
CBS Radio White House Correspondent Mark Knoller inducted into the D.C. Journalism Hall of Fame.
2007-06 14: UK Chrysalis Group reported in talks with an unnamed private equity group over the sale of its radio division/GCap sews up USD 2 million deal on Classic FM with "Ford Galaxy of Stories" programmes.
2007-06 14: Disney/Citadel merger completed/Radio One sells another station & other North American radio business.
2007-06 14: NAB and satellite companies continue their PR and lobbying battle over planned merger.

2007-06 15:
Former BBC radio senior executive Sir David Hatch dies aged 68.
2007-06 15: NAB and recording industry/artists coalition lock horns over call for performance royalties to be paid by US terrestrial radio.
2007-06 16:
Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that Art Bell commentary on Coast to Coast did not breach Canadian Codes in comments on Moslems.
2007-06 16: UK Digital Radio Development Board chief executive to step down on high note as digital receiver sales in UK top five million.
2007-06 16: Radio One Inc. re-states financial results since 2999, posts 2006 results, as investigation continues into its sock option practices.
2007-06 17:
Indian private radio to get boost from government decision to place broadcast adverts with private companies not just state broadcasters.
2007-06 17: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-06 18: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-06 19:
CBS wins top Murrow Award for eighth consecutive year but ABC News Radio takes six awards to three for CBS.
2007-06 19: Arbitron adds another PPM customers, released RADAR 93 preliminary results.
2007-06 19: 72 members of the House sign letter opposing Sirius-XM merger.
2007-06 20: UK media regulator upholds one complaint against radio in latest bulletin.
2007-06 20: Irish private equity firm reported to be close to purchasing Chrysalis radio.
2007-06 20: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland signs new ten-year agreements with four existing community stations.
2007-06 20: UK regulator to introduce annual spectrum charge for broadcasters and start charging BBC for its analogue spectrum.
2007-06 20: US webcasters' lobby for revocation of greatly increased new rates for Internet music in advance of planned Day of Silence next Tuesday to draw attention to their plight.

2007-06 21:
Bridge Ratings says Howard Stern effect is diminishing but still offers opportunity for Sirius.
2007-06 21: Australian advert "Hoedown" wins this year's Cannes Lion for top radio advert this year.
2007-06 21: US National Association of Broadcasters objects to bill that would require lower advertising rates for political adverts during election campaigns.
2007-06 22:
Broadcasting Commission of Ireland signs contract for with Digital Radio Ltd for two digital radio services.
2007-06 22: Australian Communications and Media Authority opts not to renew one community licence and to renew another licence only with addition of extra licence conditions.
2007-06 22: GCap Media reported to want to re-open talks with Emap about merger with latter's radio interests.
2007-06 22: Clear Channel to move 71 radio stations and 4 TV stations into trust in advance of expected purchase by private equity groups.
2007-06 22: 2GB retains Sydney lead in latest Australian radio ratings but in Melbourne firings follow fall in football ratings for leader 3AW.

2007-06 23: CTVGlobemedia completes CHUM purchase/CHUM president and CEO to leave company.
2007-06 23: CBS drops Free FM format for Oldies in San Diego/ new PD announced for reincarnated K-Rock, new York, which also dropped Free FM format.
2007-06 23: GCap Media chief executive denies intentions to merge with Emap's radio interests.
2007-06 23: US National Association of Broadcasters again opposes attempts to remove third-adjacent channel protection and allow more low-power FMs in US.
2007-06 24: Clear Channel reported to have agreed to use Arbitron's PPM ratings in top 50 US markets.
2007-06 24: SMG plans for Virgin Radio float dampened by reports of UTV valuation of Virgin at 60% less than amount SMG lists it at.
2007-06 24: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week
2007-06 25: UK commercial radio lobbies for analogue switch-off date to be set.
2007-06 25:
Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-06 26: US Federal Communications Commission posts further details of its localism public meeting to be held in Portland, Maine, on Thursday.
2007-06 26: UK Chrysalis Group agrees USD 340 million sale of its radio division.
2007-06 26: Veteran Australian John "Golden tonsils" Laws announces he is to retire after nearly 55 years on air.
2007-06 26: US webcasters "Day of Silence" begins in protest at new Internet streaming rates.
2007-06 27: BBC senior management waive 2006-07 bonuses.
2007-06 27: Jones MediaAmerica TWC Radio Network toppled ABC Daytime Direction Network from its top ranking in Arbitron's RADAR rankings.
2007-06 27: Australian Communications and Media Authority accepts formal undertakings from Sydney 2GB concerning new training procedures related to vilification.
2007-06 27: Error in testing new Federal Emergency Management Agency system puts test Emergency Alert out for real in Illinois.
2007-06 27: Salem announces senior management reorganization.
2007-06 28: Radio One Inc releases first quarter results following delays - revenues are slightly up and profits way down.
2007-06 28: Arbitron and Clear Channel sign agreement for use of PPM in 46 markets/ Clear Channel sells more stations.
2007-06 28: BBC Radio Five Live hires Tim Lovejoy, who will host its soccer phone-in show 606.
2007-06 28: Chicago changes - PD appointment at WVAZ-FM and PD dropped at WVON-AM.
2007-06 28: German media group ProSiebenSat1 Media takes over SBS Broadcasting S.àr.l.: Both were owned by the same two private equity groups.
2007-06 28: SMG says Initial Public Offering of Virgin Radio is on track and company has received a number of offers for the business.
2007-06 28: US Federal Communications Commission calls for comments on Sirius-XM merger plans and in particular relating to existing rule that prohibits the merger.
2007-06 29: XM and National Hockey League announce exclusive deal to 2015.
2007-06 29: Bridge Ratings survey shows that Internet Day of Silence to protest royalty rate hike cuts listening significantly.
2007-06 29: US Federal Communications Commission holds fifth field hearing on localism.
2007-06 29: Charlie Rahilly to take over from Kraig Kitchin as president of Premiere Radio Networks.
2007-06 30: UK media regulator receives more community licence applications/posts reasons for licence decisions made earlier this month.
2007-06 30: Latest Federal Communications Commission field hearing on localism hears attacks on media consolidation.
2007-06 30: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Toronto morning host Andy Barrie has told his colleagues he has early stage Parkinson's disease.
2007-06 30: US National Association of Broadcasters welcomes vote against re-introduction of "Fairness Doctrine"
2007-06 30: SoundExchange offers to cap annual minimum charge -set at USD 500 per stream- at USD 2,500.

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May 2007

2007-05-01: Long-time St Louis DJ Roderick G. "Rod" King, - dubbed "Dr. Jockenstein"- dies aged 55.
2007-05-01: GCap Media's national digital station theJazz to issue its own recordings.
2007-05-01: Sony 2007 awards see GCap take station of the Year Award and Gaydar the Digital Station of the Year award but otherwise the BBC dominates again.
2007-05-02: Arbitron suspends use of the eDiary, which it only introduced for the Winter Book.
2007-05-02: BBC demonstrates Web 2.0 prototype that would add user-chosen multi-media packages to its Radio 1 website.
2007-05-02: Federal Communications Commission Tampa field hearing again hears criticism of consolidation.
2007-05-02: Two leading breakfast personalities - John Humphrys and Sir Terry Wogan agree new contracts for their BBC breakfast shows.
2007-05-02: Sirius revenues well up and losses down as it takes some two thirds of new satellite subscribers in the first quarter of this year.
2007-05-03: WorldSpace signs up with Fraunhofer Institute for development of European receiver system blueprint.
2007-05-03: Don Imus reported to be gearing up for USD 40 million lawsuit against CBS for unexpired part of his contract.
2007-05-03: Westwood One appoints eight SVPs for its Metro Networks.
2007-05-03: Beasley revenues up but profits down.
2007-05-03: Clear Channel issues update on divestitures saying it has now agreed sale of 362 stations, sales that are not dependant on being taken over, a deal that may not happen as major shareholders remain opposed.
2007-05-04: BBC new media appointments include Virgin Radio Digital Media Director James Cridland.
2007-05-04: Results from CBS and Entravision.
2007-05-05: Irish broadcasters set up body to promote DAB (digital audio broadcasting).
2007-05-05: Don Imus reported to be planning to sue CBS for USD 120 million.
2007-05-05: Planned takeover of Clear Channel looks as if it has failed.
Westwood One reported to be preparing itself for sale.
2007-05-06: Final bids due in for CanWest's Mediaworks operations in New Zealand.
2007-05-06: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week
2007-05-07: CanWest poaches Emap's Radio City MD for its new Aberdeen station.
2007-05-07: Baghdad independent station Radio Djila says terrorists associated with Al Qaeda blew it up and burned it to the ground.
2007-05-07: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-05-08: Milwaukee host suspended for comments made about death of a rival's mother.
2007-05-08: Entercom and Regent revenues up.
2007-05-08: Clear Channel again postpones shareholders meeting over takeover bid.
2007-05-09: BBC appoints Radio 2 and 6 Music Controller Lesley Douglas as its first Controller, BBC Popular Music.
2007-05-09: CanWest agrees sale of its New Zealand media operations.

2007-05-09: GCap wins new South Wales regional FM licence with bid with Xfm format.
2007-05-09: 2GB retains dominance in Sydney but 3AW, while retaining top rank, slips back in Melbourne in latest Australian radio ratings.
2007-05-09: Latest quarterly results -Citadel, Spanish Broadcasting and Westwood One.
2007-05-10: UK regulator Ofcom upholds just one radio complaint in latest bulletin/ also updates digital licence schedule and advertises new Oxford digital licence.
2007-05-10: BBC commitment to current affairs queried in view of decision to drop Radio 4 World in Your Ear programme.
2007-05-10: Latest quarterly results -Cox, Cumulus, Saga and Salem.
2007-05-10: BBC has record reach and share in first quarter UK radio ratings; In London commercial market Capital regains breakfast show lead but is third overall behind Magic, which moves into top rank, and Heart.
2007-05-11: Radio One Inc reveals that its first quarter figures will be filed late because of re-statement of past figures.
2007-05-11: Loss of Kenyan contract reduces WorldSpace subscriber numbers in first quarter.
2007-05-11: Fight against increased Internet royalty charges for music gains bipartisan support in Senate/National Association of Broadcasters lobbies against performance royalties for music on terrestrial stations.
2007-05-12: Australian parliament gives DAB digital radio go-ahead for six capital cities although other systems could in future be used for regional areas.
2007-05-12: Opie and Anthony apologize for airing remarks by homeless man who said he would like to have sex with Condoleezza Rice, Laura Bush and Queen Elizabeth.
2007-05-12: Emmis revenues down for its final quarter and full year to end of February: It says problems continue in New York and Los Angeles markets.
2007-05-13: Latest Federal Communications Commission quarterly report shows broadcasting complaints plummeting from 163,134 in the third quarter to 33,327 in the final quarter of 2006.
Canadian regulator refuses to allow satellite radio companies to change licence conditions so as to potentially reduce Canadian Talent Development contributions.
2007-05-13: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
UK Chrysalis said to have priced its radio holdings too high for would-be buyers.
2007-05-14: CBS dumps the The Dog House with JV and Elvis" after complaints about prank phone call.
2007-05-14: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-05-15: Irish watchdog upholds four radio complaints in latest decisions.
2007-05-15: GCap Media confirms it is to close Capital Disney station.
2007-05-15: HD radio multicast channels now in top 100 US markets.
2007-05-15: UK Chrysalis says radio sale is making good progress despite 9% fall in revenues at the division.
2007-05-16: Citadel sues Peak Broadcasting, alleging that Peak organized scheme to cripple it in some markets and stole company information.
2007-05-16: BBC Radio 3 announces summer drama schedule.
2007-05-16: XM suspends Opie and Anthony for 30 days but CBS to continue to broadcast its version of the show.
Clear Channel flips Spanish Rumba to rock in Philadelphia.
Cox Radio doubles its share repurchase programme.
Canadian radio revenues up 5.7% in 2006.
2007-05-17: Sirius and XM shares fall in wake of Opie and Anthony suspension.
2007-05-18: GCap drops DJs during daytime on its Xfm stations in favour of playlists to be chosen by listeners.
2007-05-18: Arbitron appoints Stephen B. Morris as chairman of the board in addition to being President and CEO.
2007-05-18: Emap shares rise on hopes of takeover bid after chief executive leaves.
2007-05-18: US radio revenues down 2% in March with non-spot the only area to improve/ Clear Channel takeover now looks more likely.
2007-05-19: CBS moves Free FM format to AM in San Francisco, puts classic rock on 106.9 frequency.
2007-05-19: Gabby Logan to get BBC Radio Five Live Saturday morning show until soccer season begins in September.
2007-05-19: Air America Radio re-launches on Monday.
2007-05-19: Clear Channel board recommends new deal to sell to private equity group/ Radio One Inc. sells stations to broadcaster owned by private equity group.
Honours and rewards for US host Paul Harvey and his wife Lynne (Angel).
2007-05-20: Latest Irish ratings show 85% of adults listen to radio daily.
2007-05-20: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-05-21: CanWest launches Original FM/ IPC said to be planning NME Radio.
2007-05-21: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
Richard Wheatley made executive chairman as The Local Radio Company non-executive chairman Graham Parrott steps down/. company says outlook is improving and it expects to be cash positive this month for first time in two years.
2007-05-22: Clear Channel kicks off customized mobile phone application in New York shortly after latest Bridge Ratings report on inroads being made by mobile phones into US radio listening.
BBC says it has record audience for its international offerings with World Service Radio listening up to 183 million a week.
2007-05-22: XM
satellite radio outage hits much of US/company announces free channel that will be devoted to US Presidential Election.
2007-05-23: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) awards Midlands/North-East Regional licence in principle to i- Radio North East & Midlands Limited.
2007-05-23: Former Don Imus producer and sidekick Bernard McGuirk loses spell with Entercom's Boston talk station WRKO-AM /Chicago WVAZ-FM Elroy Smith to leave Clear Channel.
2007-05-23: XM says its service is now back to normal.
2007-05-23: EMAP says it will resist break-up as it releases reports showing underlying revenues down but underlying profits up.
2007-05-23: Rogers gets go-ahead for new national pay audio service in Canada.
2007-05-23: SoundExchange throws a bone to small webcasters with offer to extend previous agreement/National Association of Broadcasters says proposed new royalty rates will significantly harm broadcasters.
2007-05-24: UK regulator upholds three complaints against radio in latest bulletin
2007-05-24: Arbitron agrees five-year extension to its ratings deal with Cox Radio.
2007-05-24: Rogers gets go-ahead for new national pay audio service in Canada.
2007-05-24: Australian Broadcasting Corporation appoints Hanh Tran as chief executive of Radio Australia.
2007-05-25: XM to give 2-day credit to customers hit by outage.
2007-05-25: DAB/FM radio plug-in for iPod to be launched in UK.
2007-05-25: National Association of Broadcasters wants information on satellite radio companies under Freedom of Information Act.
2007-05-25: CBS drops Free-FM and reverts to K-Rock in New York.
2007-05-26: More than 100 lawmakers announce support for Internet Radio Equality Act that would vacate increased streaming royalties.
2007-05-26: SMG and UTV annual meetings held.
Mel Karmazin says in relation to share price that Sirius "sucks less" than rival XM.
2007-05-26: Citadel declares provisional cash distribution if ABC Radio merger goes through/Mays family to get some USD 10 million of Clear Channel shares as part of 2006 remuneration.
2007-05-27: Disney publishes details and timetable for Citadel merger.
2007-05-27: UK media regulator Ofcom publishes Communications Markey 2007 report on state of British communications industry.
2007-05-27: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-05-28: Disney-owned WABC-AM, New York, and WLS-AM, Chicago, two of the leading US music stations of the rock era broadcast special programming today to mark their history.
2007-05-28: UK Observer forecasts heavy cost cutting at GCap Media.
2007-05-28: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-05-29: Votes of two major shareholders oil bid for APN News and Media.
2007-05-29: Canada gains six more FM
2007-05-30: Aubrey Singer, a former managing director of BBC Radio and BBC TV, dies aged 80.
2007-05-30: GCap Finance Director Duncan George resigns.
2007-05-31: Emmis appoints Tisa LaSorte to the new position of brand manager of its two Chicago stations.
2007-05-31: Clear Channel sale moves ahead as Highfields Capital Management LP, which had previously stood out against acceptance of the deals on offer, that it has now agreed to vote all of its Clear Channel shares in favour.
2007-05-31: Lawsuit filed calling for emergency stay of new US Internet streaming royalty rates.
2007-05-31: GCap Media shares plunge 14% after results show like-for-like revenues down 7% and pre-tax profit down 35% on previous year.
2007-05-31: India looks set to choose Digital Radio Mondiale system for its digital radio system following short wave and medium wave trials.

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April 2007 -

2007-04-01: Chicago former host Gary Meier goes back on city's airwaves tomorrow as morning co-host.
2007-04-01: Washington Post reports on April 1 broadcast hoaxes.
2007-04-01: More US Federal Communications Commission enforcement actions.
2007-04-01: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-04-02: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-04-03: US National Association of Broadcasters continues its campaign against Sirius-XM merger.
2007-04-03: UK media regulator says fees for 2007-08 will be less in real terms for fourth successive year.
2007-04-03: US Federal Communications Commission posts details of winners in its FM Auction 70 in which it sold 111 of 120 permits on offer.
2007-04-03: SoundExchange files for "summary dismissal" of objections to new Internet royalty rates.
2007-04-04: US Radio Advertising Bureau says February revenues were up 2% year-on-year.
2007-04-04: Chrysalis to re-brand both its London commercial news LBC stations.
2007-04-04: Corus revenues up 6% on a year earlier in its second fiscal quarter.
2007-04-04: Agreed Arqiva purchase of National Grid Wireless will put most British broadcasting operations into one company if approved.
2007-04-04: US National Association of Broadcasters sponsors another report saying Sirius-XM merger should be barred.
2007-04-04: BIA Financial Network says US radio revenues were almost stagnant in 2006 but should be up 2.2% this year: Also notes record levels of transactions for six years.
2007-04-05: Another law firm touts for support in class action lawsuit against WorldSpace.
2007-04-05: Arbitron adds three more markets for its Spring 2007 survey.
2007-04-05: University student hired to present BBC 6 Music chart show.
2007-04-05: Federal Communications Commission gives Citadel the go-ahead to acquire 24 ABC stations from Disney.
2007-04-05: American Media Services survey says most Americans still find radio relevant and three-quarters turn on radio as they get into their car.
2007-04-06: Cumulus Media to share Chief Operating Officer role between two vice-presidents.
2007-04-06: London Xfm breakfast host Lauren Laverne to leave station to concentrate on TV work.
2007-04-06: US National Public Radio appoints Ellen Weiss as Vice President for News.
2007-04-06: New BBC Trust chairman appointed.
2007-04-06: Clear Channel agrees sale of 51 more stations in 11 markets.
2007-04-07: Australian regulator rules that Triple M, Brisbane, breached codes in handling complaint about comedy item on child whose life was said to be at risk because his tribe considered him a witch.
2007-04-07: Clear Channel agrees sale of 12 more stations - in Iowa and Minnesota.
2007-04-07: Tests to be conducted in Luxembourg of DAB, DAB+, and DMB systems.
2007-04-07: Radio One Inc. leases Washington DC 104.1 frequency from Bonneville.
2007-04-08: Row continues to build over insulting comments by US radio host Don Imus.
2007-04-08: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-04-09: Former Scottish Radio Holdings chief executive looking to start new empire with his son.
2007-04-09: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-04-10: CBS and MSNBC suspend Imus show for two weeks after embattled US host apologizes again for racist remarks but has so far not stemmed calls for his ouster although he is expected to survive on air.
2007-04-11: US National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) launches NAB FASTROAD (Flexible Advanced Services for Television and Radio On All Devices).
2007-04-11: Toronto Star speculates that increased US charges for streaming may mean some sites moving to Canada.
2007-04-11: Air America Radio announces line-up changes.
2007-04-11: Virgin Radio adds games machines to its potential listening devices.
2007-04-11: Row over Imus comments continues despite decision to suspend his show.
2007-04-12: Donald Emslie resigns from SMG board/ SMG renegotiates banking covenant.
2007-04-12: Sydney host Alan Jones reacts to ruling against him by attacking Australian media regulator.
2007-04-12: MSNBC drops simulcast of Don Imus's radio show after advertisers pull out and Pennsylvania host fired for using "nappy headed ho's" phrase made infamous by Don Imus.
2007-04-13: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2007-04-13: SMG to split off its Virgin Radio operations.
2007-04-13: CBS follows MSNBC and fires Don Imus half-way through his radiothon, which raised around USD 1million on Thursday.
2007-04-14: Rutgers University women's basketball team accepts Imus apology/WFAN radiothon-hosted Friday by his wife Diedre- raises USD 3.4 million.
2007-04-14: Astral Media announces CAD 1.08 billion deal to purchase most of Standard Broadcasting to become Canada's largest radio operator.
2007-04-14: Sirius and XM asked by Department of Justice for additional information on planned merger/ National Association of Broadcasters commissions two more reports that turn out to recommend rejection of the merger.
2007-04-14: Federal Communications Commission publishes details of USD 12.5 million "payola" investigation settlement with CBS, Citadel, Clear Channel and Entercom.
2007-04-15: Canadian watchdog rules that three editions of CKAC-AM's Doc Mailloux programme breached country's broadcast codes.
2007-04-15: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-04-16: Westwood One signs letter of intent to extend agreement with CBS to 2017.
2007-04-16: Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners said to be ready to increase their bid for Clear Channel to get the deal confirmed.
2007-04-16: Sir Richard Branson reported keen to take UK Virgin Radio back into his empire, probably through a partnership.
2007-04-16: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week
2007-04-17: UK media regulator appoints new Director of Communications.
2007-04-17: Clear Channel agrees advertising deal with Google>
2007-04-17: Author accuses BBC of censorship after it postpones reading of story because of reports of murder of its Gaza correspondent.
2007-04-17: US National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO calls for re-branding of broadcasting at NAB 2007.
2007-04-17: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-04-18: Southern Cross Broadcasting says it has been talking to other media companies about merger or acquisition.
2007-04-18: US Copyright Royalty Board sticks to decision on increasing internet royalty rates.
2007-04-18: UK media regulator Ofcom launches consultation on future of UK radio.
2007-04-18: Future of Sirius-XM merger again under discussion at Senate Hearing but FCC Commissioner indicates it will have steep climb to approval.
2007-04-19: CBS launches multi-platform Connections national advertising unit to complement its RIOT local advertising.
UK Digital One national commercial digital multiplex to add more transmitters/one bid made for Derbyshire local multiples.
XM signs Bob Dylan for second series of hi Theme Hour shows.
Australian radio revenues up 9.3% in March/Country's talk radio marks 40 years.
Clear Channel board recommends acceptance of increased bid but some major investors still want more.
2007-04-20: Arbitron revenues up but PPM spending cuts profit.
2007-04-20: BBC Radio 3 Controller Roger Wright to add Director of Proms to his duties.
2007-04-20: Los Angeles school sues KABC and host Doug McIntyre alleging violation of civil rights in campaign against it.
2007-04-20: Arbitron-Edison Media Research report says US analogue radio remains healthy.
2007-04-20: One in six Londoners listens to pirate radio and up to 40% of blacks in some areas according to Ofcom study.
2007-04-21: Don Imus's long-time producer Bernard McGuirk is dropped by WFAN.
2007-04-21: Bass player Chi-chi Nwanoku
to host new Sunday afternoon request programme on BBC Radio 3.
2007-04-21: Australian Broadcasting Corporation launches major expansion of its NewsRadio service.
2007-04-21: Clear Channel agrees USD 1.2 billion sale of its TV business.
2007-04-22: CBS goes to law against California station that is airing past Imus in the Morning programme; Don Imus gets himself a top lawyer.
2007-04-22: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
Chrysalis Group's failure to attract strong bids for its radio division raises concerns about other planned radio sales/ BBC Radio Devon launches Digital Radio Mondiale trial.
2007-04-23: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
HD radio gets boost as Best Buy agrees to sell receivers in all its stores.
2007-04-24: UK media regulator again upholds no complaints against radio in latest bulletin.
2007-04-24: Clear Channel Dallas FM drops commercials in favour of sponsorship.

2007-04-25: Mel Karmazin gets USD 3 million cash bonus in total package exceeding USD 30 million according to Sirius filing.
2007-04-25: Revenues fall by a third and profit turns to loss in first quarter for Mexican broadcaster Grupo Radio Centro.
2007-04-25: CBS Radio suspends Free FM hosts following protests from Asian Americans over prank call to restaurant.
CBS and KCAA-AM settle their dispute over use by KCAA of the Imus in the Monring show.
2007-04-26: GCap Media buys Classic Gold from UBC.
2007-04-26: Latest Bridge Ratings study shows Internet listening increasing at faster rate in rural areas.
2007-04-27: Houston host sues CBS Radio in attempt to get non-compete clause voided.
2007-04-27: Clerics call for religion on BBC pop music station Radio 1.
2007-04-27: XM revenues up and losses stemmed but conversion of trial customers to subscribers falters.
2007-04-27: Clear Channel and Fisher report first quarter revenue rises.

Former "Imus in the Morning" producer Bernard McGuirk says his dismissal was part of slippery slope for broadcasters.
2007-04-28: Internet Radio Equality Act gets muted support from National Association of Broadcasters but more from National Public Radio and is attacked by SoundExchange.

2007-04-28: Arbitron posts its first "currency" PPM ratings.
2007-04-29: National Public Radio names Luke Burbank and Emmy and Peabody-Award-winning journalist Alison Stewart, as morning drive hosts of its new news and information service.
2007-04-29: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-04-30: Bob Sirott hosts "Noon Show" from today as WGN-AM, Chicago, completes afternoon changes.
2007-04-30: US Radio Advertising Bureau announces new strategic plan.
2007-04-30: Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

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