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December 2007

2007-12 01: Eddie Webb to return to Emmis's WLUP-FM, Chicago.
2007-12 01: Entravision buys FM in Orlando.
2007-12 01: Satellite radio stocks leap on rumours of merger approval by Justice Department.
2007-12 01: Federal Communications Commission approves USD 8.2 billion Tribune Co. sale, with both Democrat Commissioners dissenting- it granted permanent newspaper-broadcaster cross ownership waiver in Chicago and term-limited waivers elsewhere.
2007-12 02: John Laws retires after 55 years of broadcasting in Australia.
2007-12 02: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-12 03: BBC Radio 2 to air David Beckham special show on Christmas Day.
2007-12 03: Don Imus back on the air.
2007-12 03: US radio revenues down in October and for first nine months of the year.
2007-12 04: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-12 04: Madness frontman Suggs ends his afternoon show on Virgin Radio.
2007-12 04: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces USD 1 million in radio programming awards.
2007-12 04: UK Channel 4 Radio poaches Bob Shennan from BBC Radio Five Live.

2007-12 05: UBC launches its CLIQ music download service/NME says it will launch its radio station in the middle of next year.
2007-12 05: US Copyright Royalty Board sets new rates for satellite radio.
2007-12 05: ABC Sydney hires Sydney Morning Herald journalist as morning host/ 2UE breakfast host Mike Carlton signs new contract, taking large pay cut.
2007-12 05: Lawmakers attack Federal Communications Commission chairman over way he has conducted its business and are to hold hearing today.
2007-12 06: BBC apologizes after crack by host saying teacher jailed in Sudan after class named a teddy bear "Mohammed" had a dog of that name.
2007-12 06: Nearly two-thirds of Canadians want media to be controlled by domestic companies according to poll.
2007-12 06: US Congress scrutinizes Federal Communications Commission media ownership plans
2007-12 06: UK Local Radio Company makes its first operating profit and talks of acquisitions.
2007-12 06: Arbitron to make PPM sample changes following criticism that it under-rates Black and Hispanic listening.
2007-12 07: Tribune Co appeals refusal of indefinite cross-ownership waivers.
2007-12 07: GCap Media's Capital radio drops evening host Bam Bam in changes for 2008 line-up.
2007-12 07: Astral Media's annual meeting told it is open to acquisitions and is to push to develop ratings at stations in major cities that it acquired when it bought Standard Radio.
2007-12 08: San Francisco host Bernie Ward indicted on child pornography charges.
2007-12 08: Sydney 2UE said to be likely to appoint Steve Price as morning host - with a pay cut.
2007-12 08: Mocking woman with burns injuries costs Galaxy USD million.
2007-12 08: UK Emap sells consumer media and radio divisions.
2007-12 09: UK media regulator upholds one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2007-12 09: Leaders hold on to their top ranks in final Australian ratings of year but Sydney ratings are marred by row over broadcast by 2-DAY host Kyle Sandlilands that led to official complaint from rival station that he attacked.
2007-12 09: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-12 10: Dissident shareholders may try to sink Emap sale of its radio and consumer publishing divisions/ Chrysalis puts itself up for sale.
2007-12 10: New Zealand said to be possibly facing future of incompatible digital radio systems; UK commercial industry eases off on digital investment; Broadcast Australia buys Hostworks internet group.
2007-12 10: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-12 11: XM says Securities and Exchange Commission
has finished investigation into it and it to take no further action.
2007-12 11: Global Radio drops DJs on digital station "The Arrow".
2007-12 11: Fairfax Media abandons sale of regional radio licences to Macquarie Regional Radio.
2007-12 11: Bubba the Love Sponge to return to terrestrial radio/also signs up for another year on Sirius.
2007-12 12: Australian commercial radio has strong 2007.
2007-12 12: UK Alternative chart show to close down/various host moves.
2007-12 12: Australian digital radio licences advertised.
2007-12 12: Federal Communications Commission proposes boost for low power FM stations.
2007-12 13: BBC Radio 2 announces winners of its tenth Young Folk Awards.
2007-12 13: Federal Communications Commission puts media ownership on agenda for Dec 18th meeting to protests from Democrat Commissioners.
2007-12 14: North Yorkshire digital multiplex goes to Muxco-Local Radio Company consortium.
2007-12 14: Citadel joins ranks of US radio groups trying to sell off stations.
2007-12 14: Senate Committee hears FCC chairman Kevin. J. Martin and Republican Commissioners defend media ownership proposals and Democrat Commissioners continue to express their dissent.
2007-12 15: Cumulus switches Cincinnati Supertalk station to rock.
2007-12 15: UTV reported in exclusive talks to buy Dublin FM104 which Communicorp must divest to take over Today FM and Highland Radio from Emap.

2007-12 16: Media Institute of Southern Africa raises concerns about radio station closures in Lesotho and Zambia.
2007-12 16: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-12 17: US National Association of Broadcasters Distinguished Service Award to be presented to Charles Osgood of CBS.
2007-12 17: UTV to revamp its Cork stations in New Year.
2007-12 17: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2007-12 18: Universal Music and XM settle their dispute over the receivers that can also record.
2007-12 18: BBC Radio 3 posts its Winter "Drama on 3" schedule.
2007-12 18: Emmis expands in Bulgaria.
2007-12 18: UK media regulator upholds one radio standards complaint in latest bulletin.
2007-12 18: Jones MediaAmerica retains top rank in latest RADAR network ratings.
2007-12 19: BBC World Service marks its 75th anniversary.
2007-12 19: Bill to introduce performance royalties for US terrestrial radio stations arouses xenophobic protest from National Association of Broadcasters.
2007-12 19: UTV agrees USD 75 million purchase of Dublin station FM104 from Communicorp.
2007-12 19: BBC Radio 1 does U-turn over censorship of Pogues' "Fairytale of New York."

2007-12 19: US Federal Communications Commission passes new media ownership rules by majority vote.
2007-12 20 : Fitch credit rating agency says it will downgrade Clear Channel's debt.
2007-12 20: Sydney Breakfast host Alan Jones appeals conviction after naming teenage witness  in murder case on air.
2007-12 20: Indian government delays auction of 97 FM licences.
2007-12 20: Guardian Media Group Radio names Mediacomm as its new advertising agency.
2007-12 20: Leading US Democrats in House and Senate say they'll  fight new FCC ownership rules.
2007-12 21: Frontier Silicon and Revo launch DAB, DAB+, Wi-Fi and FM receiver.
2007-12 21: Rogers hires former CHUM executive Paul Ski as CEO of its radio division.
2007-12 21: GCap Media appoints Fru Hazlitt as CEO to replace Ralph Bernard.
2007-12 21: Tribune Co goes private following acquisition by group led by Sam Zell who has hired former Clear Channel Radio CEO Randy Michaels to run Tribune's broadcast and Internet operations.
2007-12 22: Following earlier settlement with Universal Music, XM agrees settlement with Warner Music over receivers that have record facilities.
2007-12 22: National Association of Black Journalists calls for Congress to reverse FCC cross-ownership regulations.
2007-12 22: CBS agrees new deal with Adam Carolla and gives Danny Bonaduce his own show.
2007-12 22: Emap, which had previously sold its consumer media and radio divisions agrees sale of remaining business-to-business company.
2007-12 23: More UK host changes for the New Year.
2007-12 23: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-12 24: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week
2007-12 25: Gunmen shoot Filipino radio journalist dead.
2007-12 26: Sydney 2UE completes its new line-up for 2008.

2007-12 27: Nicola Sawaya reported to have resigned as Director of Pacifica radio network.
2007-12 27: Sydney 2UE host Steve Price says that he will be able to attract audience from 2GB rival because he can concentrate on local news unlike his syndicated predecessor John Laws/former 2UE newsreader Jim Angel dies.

2007-12 28: Chicago WVON-AM PD quits on air -moving to New York co-hosting post.
2007-12 29: Pennsylvania judge dismisses non-compete lawsuit brought by Forever Broadcasting.
2007-12 30: Pittsburgh host Bob Kopler retires after 19 years with KDKA-AM.
2007-12 30:
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-12 31: BBC radio present Kevin Greening dies aged 44.
2007-12 31: In further New Zealand radio consolidation MediaWorks buys main two commercial stations not owned by it or The Radio Network.
2007-12 31: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

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November 2007

2007-11 01 : UBC now has all major recording companies signed up for its download service for songs heard on radio.
2007-11 01 : Astral completes Standard takeover and is largest radio broadcaster in Canada.
2007-11 01 : BBC Radio 2 host Sarah Kennedy in hot water over racially charged remarks.
2007-11 01 : Federal Communications Commission holds its penultimate planned localism hearing.
2007-11 02 : Arbitron signs Portable People Meter agreement with Red Zebra.

2007-11 03: CBS switches WCKG-FM, Chicago, to holiday music in advance of re-formatting expected on Monday: XM also launches holiday channel.
2007-11 03: UK radio industry told details of "RadioGuage" to measure effectiveness of advertising on the medium/Channel 4 radio chief speaks of ending BBC dominance in UK.
2007-11 04: Time Magazine gives Arbitron's Portable People Meter an invention of the year award.
2007-11 04: Australian Communications and Media Authority in its annual report emphasizes digital and convergence in communications technology.
2007-11 04: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2007-11 05: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-11 05: UK media regulator upholds three complaints against radio in its latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2007-11 06: Federal Communications Commission sets November 9 for its final localism meeting in Seattle leading Democrat commissioners to protest at short notice.

2007-11 06: Australian commercial radio body Commercial Radio Australia and the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) announce that they are to collaborate over future radio ratings in the country.
2007-11 06: New President and CEO for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation named/ Canadian Commercial Broadcasters' convention report.
2007-11 06: More US results -Beasley and Saga - as Radio Advertising Bureau announces year-on-year fall in September revenues
2007-11 07: UK dominates European Radio Awards.
2007-11 07: As expected CBS Radio on Monday at 17:00 local time flipped WCKG-FM, Chicago, from to a female-friendly adult-contemporary format known as "Fresh 105.9"
2007-11 07: SMG announces 2:1 rights issue to trim debt and ease pressures for speedy sale of Virgin Radio.
2007-11 07: More US results -Cox, Regent, Radio One Inc. and Univision.
2007-11 08: Arbitron adds more PPM customers in Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles.
2007-11 08: UK media regulator receives 71 applications for Ramadan radio stations.
2007-11 08: Westwood One announces network upgrade that will allow copy-splitting.
2007-11 08: Salem and Spanish Broadcasting System report third quarter results.
2007-11 09: Arbitron PPM ratings in New York could kill urban station according to its PD.

2007-11 09: Ofcom awards Oxfordshire digital multiplex to NOWDigital bid.
2007-11 09: Federal Communications Commission posts further details for today's media ownership healing in UK.
2007-11 09: Clear Channel, Cumulus and WorldSpace results.
2007-11 10: Emmis drops its morning comedy on Q101 and other Chicago radio changes.
2007-11 10: XM says Federal Trade Commission inquiry into its marketing practices has been ended with no action to be taken/Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin threatens to sue if merger is rejected.
2007-11 10: Emap says its plans for break-up or sale remain on schedule but nobody has bid for the whole company.
2007-11 10: More US results - Citadel and Entercom.
2007-11 11: Arbitron reacts to criticism of PPM ratings by National Association of Black Broadcasters by saying it would welcome independent review.
2007-11 11: Two Sydney hosts opt out of radio shows and other Australian radio reports.
2007-11 11: Final Federal Communications Commission hearing on media ownership hears more opposition to easing regulations.
2007-11-11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-11 12: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-11 13: BBC launches podcasts including music - albeit clips only 30 seconds long.
2007-11 13: Greater Media buys Lincoln Financial's Charlotte 3-station radio cluster as Lincoln also sells its TV stations.
2007-11 13: UTV hires BBC Radio Five Live managing editor Moz Dee as talkSPORT programme director.
2007-11 13: US National Association of Broadcasters again lobbies against terrestrial radio performance fee for music ahead of Senate hearing/ musicFIRST coalition decries NAB figures.
2007-11 14: UK regulator awards community licence to Leeds Jewish station, the first such station in the country.
2007-11 14: Sirius and XM shareholders vote overwhelmingly for merger.
2007-11 14: US Federal Communications Commission chairman proposes limited lifting of cross-ownership ban but no other media ownership changes.
2007-11 14: UK Emap half year results.
2007-11 15: Westwood One appointments including upping Peter Sessa to SVP role.
2007-11 15: Larry Lujack to be inducted into NAB Hall of Fame.
2007-11 15: Ofcom appoints Stewart Purvis as Partner for Content and Standards
2007-11 15: Don Imus has to accept twenty-second tape delay as part of his Citadel radio deal.
2007-11 15: Democrat Commissioners attack Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin J. Martin's plan to ease cross-ownership regulations.
2007-11 16: Australian Broadcasting Corporation appoints industry veteran Jeremy Millar as the Local Radio & Online Manager for ABC Local Radio, New South Wales.
2007-11 16: Strong radio performance from LBI Media in third quarter.
2007-11 16: RadioCentre says commercial radio in UK is experiencing continuing upturn.
2007-11 16: Clear Channel, Cumulus, Cox Radio, and Radio One Inc - complain to Arbitron about deficiencies in its Portable People Meter (PPM) ratings
2007-11 17: Arbitron approves USD 200 million share buyback.
2007-11 17: Entravision explores "strategic options" for its outdoor division/ Washington DC Council says terms under which Radio One Inc would return to the city must be renegotiated.
2007-11 17: Senators start to push Media Ownership Act of 2007 that would force Federal Communications Commission to delays changes to its ownership rules.
2007-11 17: XM Canada reports strong third quarter, appoints CEO.
2007-11 17: Howie Carr back on air in Boston for Entercom's WRKO-AM and Don Imus is to return in WTTK-FM's morning slot, where Carr had been slated to replace him.
2007-11 18: Veteran Los Angeles radio and TV host Jim Hawthorne dies aged 88.
2007-11 18: Latest Irish radio ratings provide good news for commercial stations.
2007-11 18: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-11 19: Veteran Philadelphia DJ Hy Lit dies aged 83.
2007-11 19: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-11 20: XM Satellite Radio to offer three months extra subscription without charge until end of year to boost retail sales.
2007-11 20: UK media regulator upholds one complaint against radio in latest Broadcast Bulletin.

2007-11 20: Canadian Parliamentary Committee to start considering draft report on future of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation today.
2007-11 20: Wisconsin Democrat  Senator Russ Feingold writes to Federal Communications Commission chairman to oppose any attempts to pass new ownership rules without proper consideration.
2007-11 21: US National Association of Broadcasters says 100 lawmakers are now backing bill to prohibit introduction of performance royalty payments from terrestrial radio stations.
2007-11 21: US National Association of Broadcasters says 100 lawmakers are now backing bill to prohibit introduction of performance royalty payments from terrestrial radio stations.
2007-11 21: Questions for UK digital radio development as Virgin axes one station and opts not to launch another and UBC says it has completely written down its 49% holding in Oneword radio/ various British commercial radio moves.
2007-11 21: Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell says Federal Communications Commission is not rushing changes in media ownership rules.
2007-11 22: CBS Radio hoping to change call signs of WCKG-FM, Chicago, to WCFS-FM, following format change.
2007-11 22: BBC Economics correspondent Evan Davis to become Radio 4 Today Show presenter in New Year to replace Caroline Quinn.
2007-11 22: Minority-owner private equity company that wants FCC to insist that a fifth of channels of a merged Sirius-XM to be put under the control of a minority-controlled entity, accuses satellite companies of misrepresentation.
2007-11 22: Australian regulator finds Macquarie Bank/Macquarie Regional Radioworks breached control rules in deal financing station purchase but to take no further action.
2007-11 23: Administrative staff at Indian state broadcasters Doordarshan and All India Radio call off strike.
2007-11 23: BBC unions to hold strike ballot following corporation move towards compulsory redundancies.
2007-11 23: UK media regulator proposes to ease local content and network local programming requirements.

2007-11 24: Washington Post checks on e-mails against satellite merger in campaign instigated by National Association of Broadcasters suggest they may not be from purported senders.
2007-11 25: More changes in Sydney radio.
2007-11 25: Veteran Canadian broadcaster Bob Hytton dies aged 87.
2007-11 25: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-11 26: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2007-11 27: Clear Channel Radio adds ten more markets to its travel service.
2007-11 27: XM Satellite radio chairman says he has no interest in hiring Don Imus - or any other big names.
007-11 27: British intelligence service MI6 allows BBC Radio 1 access as it tries to boost image and recruitment.
2007-11 27: Arbitron to delay commercial introduction of portable people meter in five cities.
2007-11 28: US Federal Communications Commission drops media ownership issue off agenda of its open meeting.
2007-11 28: DJ Star - Troi Torain - due to return to New York airwaves.
2007-11 28: GMG Radio announces that Graham Dene is to host breakfast show on its London Smooth FM.
2007-11 28: Arbitron stock plummets following announcement of PPM commercialization delays.
2007-11 28: Sirius and XM respond to consumer organizations call for merger to be rejected by regulators.
2007-11 28: Mega Media Group to return Star and Buc Wilde Show to New York airwaves.
2007-11 29: BBC Today programme names guest editors who will take over programme between Christmas and the New Year.
2007-11 29: WorldDMB Forum to hold its first meeting in Australia.
2007-11 29: Bloomberg reports that Yahoo! and AOL may fold their Internet radio operations because of royalty increases.
2007-11 29: US Federal Communications Commission adopts rules that will allow expansion of low-power FM.
2007-11 30: CBS Radio appoints Anton Guitano as SEVP/CFO.
2007-11 30: National Association of Broadcasters responds to Low-power FM vote by Federal Communications Commission.
2007-11 30: UK media regulator Ofcom re-advertises Plymouth FM licence/posts timetable for local FM licences re-advertising.
2007-11 30: New York Daily Post says Don Imus is vowing vengeance on those who didn't defend him when he returns to airwaves.

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October 2007

2007-10 01 : BBC Radio 4 accused of snobbery in rejecting presenter.
2007-10 01 : Australian commercial radio names three winners of its New Artist to Radio awards.
2007-10 01 : Former Chrysalis Radio chief executive Phil Riley in bid to buy Emap radio stations.
2007-10 01 : Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.

2007-10 02: Another Free-FM bites the dust as CBS radio changes WKRK-FM Detroit to sports format.
2007-10 02: British broadcaster, writer, producer and director Ned Sherrin dies of cancer aged 76.
2007-10 02: Emmis moves its national business from Interep to Katz.
2007-10 03: US National Association of Broadcasters calls for tax breaks to encourage minority ownership of media.
2007-10 03: BBC disciplines more staff over fake phone call.
2007-10 03: iBiquity says six major US radio broadcasters are in process of installing i-Tunes tagging.
2007-10 03: Furore continues over US host Rush Limbaugh's description of soldiers who oppose war on Iraq as phonys.
2007-10 03: CBS and Westwood One agree on new deal until March 2017.
2007-10 04: Pacifica Foundation appoints Nicole Sawaya as Executive Director.
2007-10 04: BBC announces Nick Clarke Award, named after former broadcaster, for best interview of the year.
2007-10 04: As row over Rush Limbaugh's "phony soldiers" comments rumbles on he gets nuanced support from Clear Channel but is attacked in veterans advert.
2007-10 04: Three leading UK commercial radio companies set up three new production units to enable better network competition with the BBC.
2007-10 04: Don Imus reported to be in final stages of a deal with Citadel.
2007-10 05: Bridge Ratings agrees tie up with un-named multi-media company for whom it will work exclusively.
2007-10 05: Australian commercial radio industry reported to have taken AUD 1 billion in revenues in 2005-06 financial year.
2007-10 05: Sky News and Global Radio announce appointment of David Ford as managing director of Sky News Radio.
2007-10 05: Satellite radio companies set November 13 date for shareholders meeting to approve merger/further filings against merger made by National Association of Broadcasters and Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio.
2007-10 06: Comments from Citadel CEO reinforce rumours that Don Imus may be headed for WABC-AM, New York.
2007-10 06: Emmis revenues fall in its second quarter.
2007-10 06: FCC Inspector General's report says the Commission did not suppress reports that did not fit in with desires of former chairman Michael K. Powell.
2007-10 06: CBS switches Pittsburgh WTZN-FM back to top 40 B-94 format.
2007-10 07: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-10 08:
One week broadcasting ban by Indian Ministry on Delhi private station Red FM is stayed until November 13.
2007-10 08:
Our pick of print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-10 09: CanWest's Solent Original 106 gets "Yellow Card" for playing too many pop hits than allowed by its Adult Alternative Album format.
2007-10 09: Long-time Washington DC radio host Red Shipley, the voice of gospel bluegrass in the music's home region for half a century, dies of cancer.
2007-10 09: Three radio complaints upheld in latest Ofcom broadcast bulletin, two of them relating to contests.
2007-10 10: Former GCap chief executive David Mansfield appointed chairman of UK radio ratings company RAJAR.
2007-10 10: Regents sells Waterton, New York, cluster.
2007-10 10: Emap gets go ahead to sell two Irish stations to Communicorp but regulator bars sale of third station.
2007-10 10: National Association of Black Journalists calls on Citadel and Fox to end negotiations with Don Imus.
2007-10 11: Larry Lujack reported to be inducted into National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
2007-10 11: National Association of Broadcasters calls for clock on review of satellite radio merger to be halted until it gets additional documentation under Freedom of Information request.
2007-10 12:
US radio revenues for August down 1% according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2007-10 12:
US National Organization for Women launches campaign calling for Citadel not to hire Don Imus.
2007-10 12:
GCap Media awarded Northamptonshire digital multiplex licence.
2007-10 12: Clear Channel agrees sale of 57 stations.
2007-10 12: Australian metropolitan revenues for first quarter up nearly 10% year-on-year.

2007-10 13:
BBC to launch podcast of its daily soap "The Archers".
2007-10 13: Signs of health for DAB as Frontier Silicon sells more than five million units and new DAB+ equipment is demonstrated in Australia.
2007-10 13: New line-up for Chicago Oldies station WZZN.
2007-10 13: Emmis shares boosted by shareholders call for it to consider break up or sale.
2007-10 14: Leading Adelaide breakfast team jump ship.
2007-10 14: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2007-10 15: Double-wins each in 2007 Australian Commercial Radio Awards for Kyle and Jackie O and Neil Mitchell.
2007-10 15: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-10 16: UTV plc changes to UTV Media Plc to reflect changes in its holdings.
2007-10 16: US National Association of Broadcasters again opposes lifting third adjacent channel protection.
007-10 16: CanWest poaches staff from Emap rival for new Aberdeen FM.
2007-10 16: Arbitron signs five-year deal with Radio One Inc.
2007-10 17: Former BBC 6 Music host Liz Kershaw whose show was dropped following revelations that staff had posed as competition winners is reported to be in talks about a return to the station.
2007-10 17: Judge tells Howie Carr he cannot move from Entercom's WRKO-AM, Boston.
2007-10 17: Ofcom awards four more community licences in England.
2007-10 17: Don Imus reported to have agreed Citadel deal worth USD 5-8 million a year.
2007-10 18: Air America host Randi Rhodes, injured at weekend, back on air today.
2007-10 18: Veteran British Broadcaster Michael Parkinson to end his BBC Radio 2 show.
2007-10 18: Australian Broadcasting Corporation announces winners of its 2007 Heywire competition.
2007-10 18: CBS extends Leslie Moonves' contract as President and CEO.
2007-10 18: BBC plans, including redundancies, for next six years to be announced today.
2007-10 19: First Jack format station goes on air in UK.
2007-10 19: Limerick's Live 95 FM's licence extended for ten years.
2007-10 19: Arbitron revenues up but costs up more reducing earnings.
2007-10 19: BBC unions threaten strike if calls go ahead for redundancies before agreement following announcement of planned cuts.
2007-10 19: US Federal Communications Commission chairman runs into opposition to plans to ease media regulations this year.
2007-10 20: BBC unions call off strike ballot over job cuts.
2007-10 20: Arbitron Portable People Meter to be tested in Beijing.
2007-10 20: Global Radio deals with Sky News and GMG Radio collapse.
2007-10 21: US broadcast station numbers increase again according to latest figures.
2007-10 21: Chicago WLIT-FM drops Whoopi Goldberg syndicated show and brings back local host Melissa Forman.
2007-10 21: Senator Harry Reid letter auctioned on eBay by Rush Limbaugh raises USD 2.1 million, to which he has added the same amount for charity.
2007-10 21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-10 21: Macquarie Media acquisition of Southern Cross Broadcasting voted through.
2007-10 22: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-10 23: US National Public Radio CEO Ken Stern tells Wall Street Journal it could survive without government funding but would be "lesser" for this.
2007-10 23: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin/ also posts reasons for award of Northamptonshire digital multiplex.
2007-10 23: Michigan station fires two because Arbitron diaries were entered from households and led to Spring 2007 results being re-issued.
2007-10 23: UBC Media says it has performed well with revenues up 9% in the first half-year and that its "Cliq" service for purchasing music from a radio is on schedule for December launch.
2007-10 24: Pure sells quarter of a million of its ONE model portable DAB radio.
2007-10 24: Air America Radio adds 11 more affiliates but loses its Austin, Texas, outlet.
2007-10 24: UK media regulator to delay release of its Future of Radio document to give it time to consider large number of responses to its consultation.
2007-10 24: Sen Barack Obama attacks FCC plans and timetable for new media regulation/National Association of Broadcasters files submission calling for less regulation and end to bar on newspaper-broadcast ownership in a market.

2007-10 25: Arbitron adds Cumulus as Portable People Meter subscriber.
2007-10 25: UK commercial radio companies call on regulator to reduce local programming requirements for small stations to three hours a day.
2007-10 25: Senators Byron Dorgan and Trent Lott threaten veto of Federal Communications Commission media ownership chages timetable/Senate hearing on radio.
2007-10 25: CBS radio reorganizes and drops regional management.

2007-10 25: US Federal Communications Commission sets Oct 31 for its fifth of six localism hearings provoking complaints from Democrat Commissioners about short notice.
2007-10 26: Latest UK radio ratings.
2007-10 26: Federal Communications Commission chairman under more political pressure over his timetable for media regulation changes.
2007-10 26: XM Satellite radio revenues and losses up in third quarter.
2007-10 27: UK commercial radio industry looks for new creative agency to boost its image with advertisers.
2007-10 27: CBS reported likely to switch Steve Dahl's stations and time slot in Chicago.
2007-10 27: Global Radio reported in lead position to buy Emap's radio business.
2007-10 28: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2007-10 29: Sir Richard Branson's Group reported to be talking to SMG about a deal over Virgin Radio/GMG in contact with Emap about possible station purchases if Global radio prevented from acquiring whole Emap radio division by regulator.
2007-10 29: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2007-10 30: CBS Radio goes public with Steve Dahl station move and exit of Garry Meier exit from WJMK.
2007-10 30: Helicopter company sues Westwood One and its Metro Networks for USD 362 million.
2007-10 30: Sydney breakfast host Angela Catterns to leave DMG's Vega next month.
2007-10 30: iBiquity announces formation of European HD Radio Alliance.
2007-10 30: GCap takes GMG Radio national airtime sales contract.
2007-10 30: US National Association of Broadcasters and satellite radio companies again cross propaganda swords.
2007-10 31: Broadcaster, psychiatrists and author Prof. Anthony Clare, famous for BBC Radio "In the Pyschiatrist's Chair" programme, dies of heart attack.
2007-10 31: Top stations retain their rankings in latest Australian radio ratings.
2007-10 31: Sirius revenues up and losses cut in third quarter with CEO Mel Karmazin saying they expect approval and could close XM merger in a day.

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