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June 2008
2008-06 01 : SMG reported to have agreed sale of Virgin Radio to Absolute Radio, which is to drop the Virgin name.
2008-06 01 : Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-06 02 : SMG confirms agreement to sell Virgin Radio for GBP 53.2 million to Times of India subsidiary.
2008-06 03 : GMG Radio to network Tony Blackburn's weekend breakfast show on four stations in its Smooth Network/ Danny Kelly to join talkSPORT.
2008-06 03 : Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2008-06 04 : Radio One Inc and SBS sign agreements with Media Monitors/Radio One completes Los Angeles station sale.
2008-06 04 : Air America Radio hire Ron Kuby for afternoon slot left vacant when Randi Rhodes quit..
2008-06 04 : Virgin Radio chairman Richard Huntingford loses senior post for second time in year as result of a takeover.

2008-06 04 : National Association of Broadcasters describes "gift of Music" from musicFirst coalition, which is lobbying for performance royalty charges, a "silly gesture."
2008-06 05 : BBC sets out priorities for radio this year in its annual statement of Programme Policies.
2008-06 05 : Red Zebra agrees purchase of three AMs from Clear Channel.
2008-06 05 : GCap Media agrees sale of Planet Rock to consortium led by entrepreneur and rock fan Malcolm Bluemel.
2008-06 06 : Dismissed St Louis KMWU-FM general manager Patty Wente says she did nothing wrong and is considering all legal options open to her.
2008-06 06 : UTV announces plans for rights issues to raise nearly GBP 50 million.
2008-06 06 : Coleman Insights says American teenagers are now listening more to portable players than to radio.
2008-06 06 : Indian Government accepts most recommendations on satellite radio policy from Telecom Regulatory Authority of Indis including 74% cap on foreign ownership
2008-06 06 : FCC chairman Kevin J Martin tells CNBC satellite ratio companies want something "extraordinary" in merger request when their licences prohibit it.
2008-06 06 : BIAfn forecasts speedier recovery by small to mid market radio in US with larger market stations taking two to three years longer to reach 2007 advertising revenue levels.
2008-06 07 : Former Baltimore WYPR-FM host Marc Steiner to return to air on WEAA-FM.
2008-06 07 : Wall Street Journal links Clear Channel cost cutting with executives interest in getting cash for their shares in buy-out.
2008-06 07 : Spat between musicFIRST and National Association of Broadcasters over performance royalties heats up in advance of House committee hearings.
2008-06 08 : New World Radio chairman Edwin Tornberg dies aged 82.
2008-06 08 : Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-06 09 : Corus to switch Montreal news-talk 940 AM to music format with loss of 18 jobs.
2008-06 09 : Global Radio signs new contracts with London hosts Jamie Theakston and Nick Ferrarri/Global acting chief executive Richard Park attacks BBC for being too commercial.
2008-06 09 : US National Association of Broadcasters distributes "Sales and Spins" report saying airplay boosts recording sales as part of its fight against performance royalties.

2008-06 10 : Canadian watchdog rules that Saskatoon station breached codes by broadcasting song including f-word but praises station for the action it took/ also rules that Oakville, Ontario, station beached rules on disclosure of sponsorship.
2008-06 10 : UK media regulator upholds just one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2008-06 10 : XM and EMI settle lawsuit over Pioneer Inno portable receiver with recording abilities - the last suit from a major recording company outstanding.
2008-06 11: Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2008-06 11: Cox gets FCC approval for six-station purchase in Georgia.
2008-06 11 : UBC Media closes Cliq mobile phone download service and is to spend no more on Cliq development.
2008-06 11 : Senator Sam Brownback reported to have expressed concern about misleading testimony about planned Sirius-XM merger from Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin.
2008-06 12 : Clear Channel yet again extends deadlines for its Senior Notes tender.
2008-06 12 : Nominees announced for this year's Arqiva UK commercial radio station awards.
2008-06 12 : Spanish broadcasters form group to put more pressure on Arbitron in connection with its Portable People Meter introduction.
2008-06 12 : House Committee hears arguments for and against introduction of performance royalty charges for recordings aired by US radio.
2008-06 13 : Clear Channel sets July 24 for a special shareholders meeting to approve its buy-out.

2008-06 13 : Antonio Banderas to front BBC Radio documentary on Ernesto "Che" Guevara.
2008-06 13 : Spanish Broadcasting System founder Pablo Raúl Alarcón Sr. dies aged 82.
2008-06 13 : US National Association of Broadcasters elects Steve Newberry as Radio Board chairman.

2008-06 14 : Arbitron to resume commercialization of Portable People Meter ratings in eight markets.
2008-06 14 : UTV to close down Stockport station Imagine FM if it cannot find buyer or new broadcasting facility by the end of this month.
2008-06 14 : NBC's Tim Russert dies after collapsing in broadcaster's Washington Bureau.
2008-06 15 : US National Association of Broadcasters claims more support for Local Radio Freedom Act that would prohibit introduction of performance royalties for music aired on US terrestrial radio stations.
2008-06 15 : Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-06 16 : Pressure group calls for voiding of sale of St Olaf's College classical music station to Minnesota Public Radio after judge rules that it was a trust criticizes Minnesota State Attorney General's office for not intervening when the station was put up for sale.

2008-06 16 : iBiquity joined by 18 broadcasters plus some equipment managers in call to allow stations to increase the power of their HD digital transmissions ten-fold.
2008-06 16 : US National Association of Broadcasters and C3SR, which is widely considered a front for it, attack Federal Communications Commission chairman Kevin J. Martin's decision to support Sirius-XM merger.
2008-06 17 : Emmis appoints rock veteran Leslie Fram as Program Director at WXRP, New York.
2008-06 17 : US Federal Communications Commission extends deadlines for comments on its proposals to increase broadcast participation by new entrants and minority media owners.
2008-06 17 : Frontier Silicon introduces module that will handle all Eureka 147 DAB and DMB signals.
2008-06 17 : Eastlan announces that it is taking all New North West Broadcasting's ratings business in the first of a number of several significant deals it expects to be sealed.
2008-06 17 : Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2008-06 18 : Paragon Media Strategies report says listening by younger demographic to over-the-air US radio has increased since a year ago.
2008-06 18 : Large scale departures reported from Chicago community station WLUW-FM which Loyola University is to take back under its control on July 1.
2008-06 18 : US April radio revenues down yet again on a year ago as in every month so far this year.
2008-06 19 : Australian Broadcasting Corporation does well in latest Australian radio ratings but leading Sydney 2GB breakfast host Alan Jones slips back.
2008-06 20 : Australian commercial radio invites entries for 2008 New Artist to Radio competition.
2008-06 20 : Paul Oakenfold to host shows for Bauer's Kiss network, more than two decades after he was one the original DJs on Kiss 100.
2008-06 20 : Westwood One announces completion of USD 100 million of financing from Gore Group.
2008-06 20 : Triton buys Jones Media.
2008-06 21 : SMG shareholders approve sale of Virgin Radio -but not the name - to Times of India subsidiary.
2008-06 21 : Grand Awards at New York Festivals Radio go to Australian and English entries.
2008-06 21 : TGR Sound to become first London area community station to go off air - for financial reasons.
2008-06 22 : Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-06 23 : Clear Channel's Q102 to announce its new morning show tomorrow according to Philadelphia Inquirer/ KVQ-AM afternoon host Steve Kohle dies.
2008-06 23 : Newsday reports that CBS Radio may lose the Mike and Mad Dog Show from WFAN.
2008-06 23 : George Carlin, the broadcast of whose Seven words that could not be said on TV led to Supreme Court ruling upholding FCC indecency penalties, dies.
2008-06 24 : Fisher Communications rejects USD 390 million bid.
2008-06 24 : Air America Radio names Clear Channel veteran Bill Hess as its Senior Vice-President of Programming.
2008-06 23 : UK Digital Radio Working Group calls for transition to DAB broadcasting by 2020 for all but some small stations.
2008-06 24 : Six US radio companies including Clear Channel express concern about Arbitron's PPM ratings service but CBS and Emmis distance themselves from the group's demands.
2008-06 24 : Don Imus again in hot water over racially charged remarks.
2008-06 24 :
Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2008-06 25 : SMG planning to change name to stv to reflect disposals of radio and outdoor and concentration on TV.
2008-06 25 : Clear Channel puts Elvis Duran Morning Show on Q102, Philadelphia.
2008-06 25 : Triton has five of top ten networks in RADAR 97 ratings thanks to its acquisition of Jones Media.
2008-06 25 : Don Imus defends himself over accusations of racism.
2008-06 25 : US National Association of Broadcasters say more than half House of Representatives now oppose introduction of performance royalties for US terrestrial radio.
2008-06 26 : David (Lord) Currie to step down as chairman of British media regulator Ofcom after next Easter.
2008-06 26 :
Arbitron responds to letter of concern about its PPM ratings by noting progress it has made regarding shortfalls.
2008-06 26 :
BBC World Service to close its Romanian language service, the last non-English service to an E.U. member country.
2008-06 26 :
UK media regulator fines GCap Media GBP 1.1 million in relation to premium rate phone service competition where it deliberately put callers with the wrong answer on air to prolong the competition.
2008-06 27 :
Promotions announced at Entravision and Triton Media's Dial Global.
2008-06 27 : House sub-committee votes in favour of performance royalties/ National Association of Broadcasters quacks back.
2008-06 27 :
XM Satellite Radio borrows USD 100 million to help pay retiring loan & extends Gary Parsons contract.
2008-06 27 :
BBC names Tim Davie to succeed Jenny Abramsky as Director of Audio and Music.
2008-06 28 :
Canadian Supreme Court reverses British Columbia Court to clear former CKNW-AM host Rafe Mair of libel in case brought in 1999 over comments he made in relation to then ban (later also overturned by Supreme Court) on use of books with same-sex families.
2008-06 29 :
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-06 30 :
Emmis drops "Miss Jones in the Morning" Show from Hot 97 to replace it with syndicated Big Boy Morning Show/Miss Jones moves to Philadelphia.
2008-06 30 :
Canadian watchdog says there are no inherent reasons radio hosts should not be elected politicians.
2008-06 30 : Clear Channel Radio signs John Hogan as CEO for a further five years.
2008-06 30 :
Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.

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May 2008

2008-05 01 : UK media regulator Ofcom upholds one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2008-05 01 : Fisher Communications first quarter revenues up 10% on a year ago.
2008-05 01 : Washington Post says US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Kevin J. Martin may be called to defend his leadership of the agency after a congressional enquiry revealed complaints about it.
2008-05 01 : Buckley Broadcasting announces that John R. Gambling, who was dropped by Citadel in cuts at WABC-AM, New York, is to return to its WOR-AM.
2008-05 01 : BBC Radio 4 to broadcast Humphrey Lyttleton tribute day next month.
2008-05 01 : Sirius and XM Satellite radio postpone their annual stockholders meetings and agree to extend merger agreement following delays in obtaining regulatory approval for their merger.
2008-05 02: Westwood One announces the appointment of another EVP - entertainment attorney Jonathan S. Marshall, who becomes Executive Vice President - Business Affairs and Strategic Development.
2008-05 02: BBC Radio 4 to broadcast Humphrey Lyttleton tribute day next month.
2008-05 02: John Gallagher resigns as president and general manager of Citadel's Chicago News/talk WLSM-AM/Chicago Blackhawks moving to Tribune Co's WGN-AM, from CBS Radio's WSCR-AM.
2008-05 02: Clear Channel sells its Maine stations at second try/Entercom divests three Rochester stations as required by FCC to approve USD 262 million CBS deal.
2008-05 02: Entravision first quarter revenues down 2% on a year and net loss more than doubled.
2008-05 02: BBC hits records for listening and reach in latest UK radio ratings.

2008-05 03: BBC Radio 4 to air James Bond season to mark 100th anniversary of author's birth.
2008-05 03: Lincoln Financial fails to force Cox Radio's AC WSB-FM, Atlanta, from airing TV adverts featuring "Steve and Vicki" - whose morning show is set to launch on July 1.
2008-05 03: GCap Media's Xfm join UK networks to cut back on local programming and increase networked hours.
2008-05 03: Another US Senator joins opposition to proposed broadcast localism rules.
2008-05 04:
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-05 05: South Florida WQAM -AM host Neil Rogers takes 50% cut to keep his deal with the Beasley Broadcast Group station.
2008-05 05: Beasley and Regent revenues down in first quarter compared to a year ago.
2008-05 05: Lynne "Angel" Harvey, wife and producer of Paul Harvey dies as does California veteran Brian Clewer
2008-05-05: Our weekly look at print comment on radio.
2008-05 06:
GMG Radio launches its Manchester classic rock station.
2008-05-06: Banks involved in legal dispute with Clear Channel and its private equity buyers again ask Texas Court to dismiss lawsuit against them.

2008-05-06: talkSPORT fires long-time late night host James Whale for breaching impartiality regulations by asking his listeners to vote for Boris Johnson as London Mayor.
2008-05 07: Entercom revises first quarter net income down by USD 500,000 as results of a California Court ruling related to its acquisition of KWOD-FM, Sacramento.
2008-05 07: GMG Radio drops its two daily news programmes on all but one of its stations.
2008-05 07: Cumulus revenues up slightly but net loss more than doubles.
2008-05 07: Leaders hold on in latest Australian ratings but just below there are signs of change.
2008-05 08: Arbitron agrees contract with Radio Research Consortium.
2008-05 08: Federal Communications Commission fines two pirate operators.
2008-05 08: NME Radio, which is to launch next month, to carry Rick Gervais special programme during pre-launch test transmissions.
2008-05 08: Cox Radio and Westwood One both report reduced first quarter revenues.
2008-05 08: Tribune Co. promotes Randy Michaels to Chief Operating Officer.
2008-05 09: BBC Radio 2 launches its 2008 "Young Choristers Of The Year" competition
2008-05 09: New York judge allows breach of contract claim against banks involved in financing Clear Channel buyout to go ahead but throws out other claims.
2008-05 09: Sacked talkSPORT host James Whale gets job with BIDTV.
2008-05 09: Results round-up - for Citadel; Radio One Inc.; Saga; Salem; and Spanish Broadcasting System.
2008-05 10: San Francisco host Bernie Ward faces at least five years in jail after plea-bargain guilty plea to child pornography charge.
2008-05 10: Kerrang! fires breakfast host over breach of its rules regarding competitions/ LBC hires former "The Apprentice" contestant as weekend host.
2008-05 10: Clear Channel first quarter results.
2008-05 11: BBC introduction of embedded media player into news and sports sites increases use by a half within four weeks.
2008-05 11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-05 12: Sirius and XM first quarter figures due out today.
2008-05 12: 12-years old trombonist becomes youngest ever winner of BBC Young Musician of the Year Contest, now in its 30th year.
2008-05 12: Sydney breakfast host reported to have threatened to quit unless producer's suspension is lifted
2008-05 12: Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2008-05 13:Cumulus announces termination of buyout plan by investment group including its chairman Lew Dickey.
2008-05 13:Emmis revenues up in its final fiscal quarter to end of February but its losses are also up.
2008-05 13:Sirius and XM revenues up with Sirius losses down but still higher than increased losses at XM as both companies express frustration with delay of approval of their planned merger and Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin says he would call merger off if conditions imposed do not make sense for shareholders.
2008-05 13:
Clear Channel shares surge as it confirms talks are taking place with the banks financing the deal about an amended buyout offer but the talks appear to have broken down as the New York hearing is listed for this afternoon.
2008-05 13:
UK Commercial radio takes 12 of the 35 Gold awards at this year's Sony Awards including four of the five Station of the Year awards.
2008-05 14: Clear Channel launches business-to-business website
2008-05 14: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2008-05 14:
Clear Channel and its buyers reported to have agreed in principle on reduced offer of USD 36 per share.
2008-05 14:
LBI Media first quarter revenues up 5% boosted by radio whilst TV is down, partly because San Diego TV station was burned down in wildfires.
2008-05 14:
Clear Channel formally calls off litigation with banks and its board recommends acceptance of reduced offer of USD 36 per share- USD 17.9 billion in all.
2008-05 15:
Car loans advert called The Disclaimer proclaimed best Australian Radio advert.
2008-05 15:
Cumulus says it has received more than a dozen proposals for a new ratings system for smaller markets and adds that the range of ideas put forward is extremely encouraging.
2008-05 15 :Dolly Parton attacks Howard Stern audiobook segment in which he splices comments together to broadcast crude comments purportedly made by her.
2008-05 15 :
Irish government publishes Broadcasting Bill that would create one broadcasting regulator with more powers than existing regulators.
2008-05 16:
Italy's top court re-opens case that led to suspended prison sentences for two Vatican radio officials whose conviction was overturned last year by a Rome court.
2008-05 16 :
Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that former Doc Mailloux show on CKAC-AM, Montreal, breached codes on sexually explicit language, Sex portrayal and discrimination on the basis of race.
2008-05 16 :
GCap Media sets D-Day, June 6, for its takeover by Global Radio.
2008-05 16 :
Kansas host who announced intention to retire at years' end is dropped.
2008-05 16 :
Univision revenues up in first quarter but so are losses.
2008-05 16 :
UTV revenues up 7% in first four months of year.
2008-05 16 :
Radio Advertising Bureau reports US radio revenues in April down 15 with non-traditional revenue the only growth spot.
2008-05 17 :CBS Radio fires Philadelphia host and program director after broadcasts of song with racist lyrics.
2008-05 17 :
Latest ratings show radio listening stable in Irish Republic.
2008-05 18 :
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-05 18 :
US National Association of Broadcasters attacks Senate vote to nullify easing of media ownership rules.
2008-05 19 :
Employees of Indian state broadcasters start work-to-rule to push for their retention in state sector.
2008-05 19 :
Clear Channel radio agrees streaming deal with Reciva.
2008-05 19 :
The Age reports that launch of digital radio in Australia may be delayed six months but commercial companies indicate they are ready to start on January 1 next year.
2008-05 19 :
Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2008-05 20 :
Kenny Chesney wins Entertainer of the Year Award in the Academy of Country Music Awards for the fourth successive year.
2008-05 20 :Qualcomm gets licence for 40 MHZ of L-band spectrum, which it can use for any purpose, for GBP 8.34 million.
2008-05 20 :
Arbitron signs up Phoenix KVIB-FM as a Portable People Meter customer.
2008-05 20 :
Global Radio signs up former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone as a host on its London LBC talk station/BBC announced return to Radio Five Live of Danny Baker.
2008-05 21 :
Clear Channel selected to run American War Letters campaign.
2008-05 21 :
New summer schedule announced for BBC 6-Music digital station.
2008-05 21 :
Signs on both sides of the Atlantic that cross-media ownership may not produce synergies expected but may cause conflicts.
2008-05 21 :
UK commercial radio revenues up 7% year-on-year in first quarter of 2008.
2008-05 22 :Muxco-led consortium awarded Somerset digital multiplex licence.
2008-05 22 :iBiquity makes progress in Mexico with announcement that border stations can transmit HD, although no final digital radio system has yet been made for the country.
2008-05 22 :
Digital radio receiver sales in UK top seven million.
2008-05 22 :
Wisconsin Democrat Sen Byron Dorgan leads call for US Government Accountability Office to examine effects of consolidation on US media.
2008-05 22 :
Muxco-led consortium awarded Somerset digital multiplex licence.
2008-05 22
GCap Media's chairman Richard Eyre and Chief Executive Fru Hazlitt are to stand down when Global Radio completes its takeover of the group, scheduled for D-Day, June 6.
2008-05 23 :
Cumulus sets up new share buy back programme/Emmis extends it buy back to include preferred shares.
2008-05 23 :
US radio revenues down 5% in first quarter.
2008-05 23 : Outgoing GCap Media chairman calls for BBC Radios 1 & 2 to be privatized.
2008-05 23 :
Arbitron gets PPM backing from CBS radio.
2008-05 23 :
Clear Channel announces that banks involved in its buyout have now fully funded the debt financing involved; also launches lawsuit against Tribune Co. over hiring of one of its executives.
2008-05 24 :
Another GCap Media executive leaves, this time to join Bauer.
2008-05 24 :
Arbitron announces another PPM ratings contract, this time in Seattle.
2008-05 24 :
Advert for exotic pasties wins this year's top UK radio advertising award.
2008-05 24 :
Three applications made for Dublin classic rock licence - but only one for North Wales digital multiplex.
2008-05 24 :
US loses another smooth jazz station as WSMJ-FM, Baltimore, flips to rock alternative.
2008-05 24 :
Federal Communications Commission chairman indicates possible second quarter ruling on Sirius-XM merger.
2008-05 25 : Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-05 26 : UK Virgin airs without adverts on UK Bank Holiday thanks to sponsorship deal.
2008-05 26 : XM Satellite Radio warns in filing that USD 120 million it has to put aside for Major League Baseball could affect its liquidity and financial position.
2008-05 27 : US Minority Media and Telecommunications Council calls Federal Communications Commission equality of employment opportunity performance a "stunning failure" and calls for annual EEO reports.
2008-05 27 :
UK Channel 4 Radio reported to be pinning some of its hopes for its digital stations on branded plug-in for i-Pods and other mobile devices.
2008-05 27 :
Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2008-05 28 :
UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in its latest bulletin.
2008-05 28 :
Federal judge grants Clear Channel temporary order preventing its former executive Andrew Friedman working for Tribune Co.
2008-05 28 :
ESPN fires Pittsburgh host after he commented of disclosure that Sen.. Edward Kennedy had brain cancer that he'd hoped Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated.
2008-05 29 : BBC announces re-vamp of Radio 4 You and Yours daily consumer programme.
2008-05 29 :
Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio (C3SR) calls for investigation into and enforcement action against satellite radio companies.
2008-05 29 :
US Radio Advertising Bureau publicly supports "posting."
2008-05 29 :
Clear Channel announces that all the funds for its buy out by private equity groups are now in a bank escrow account.
2008-05 30 :
Arbitron adds another PPM deal - this time in Phoenix.
2008-05 30 :
talkSPORT announces that Stan Collymore is to join it with his own nightly show.
2008-05 30 :
Irish radio drama gets boost from new "Dramarama" workshops initiative.
2008-05 30 :
Canwest reported to have put its UK radio stations up for sale.
2008-05 30 :
GCap Media reported to have sold its Planet Rock digital station.
2008-05 31 : Red Zebra in talks with Clear Channel about purchase of three Washington DC AMs.
2008-05 31:
GCap Media sells its South Wales Xfm station.

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April 2008 -

2008-04-01: RNW note: We regret our weekly look at print comment on radio has yet again been delayed. We will post as soon as we can.
2008-04 01: GCap Media shares rise 10.6% to 217 pence following 225 pence per share bid from Global Radio.
2008-04-01: Commercial Radio Australia says rollout of digital radio is on track/in US, HD Radio Alliance switches focus from awareness to getting people to buy receivers.
2008-04 02: UK enters April with three fewer national digital stations.
2008-04 02: CBS Radio agrees streaming deal with
2008-04 03: LBI radio revenues up but TV down.
2008-04 03: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland signs new licence for Today FM
2008-04 03: CTVglobemedia appoints Chris Gordon to head its radio operations, former Clear Channel executive Sean Compton joins Tribune Broadcasting.
2008-04 04: UK media regulator upholds one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2008-04 04: SMG says it is in no hurry to sell off Virgin Radio as profits at the division leap and other sales and share issue reduce debt.
2008-04 04 Clear Channel case against banks financing buyout to remain in Texas/New York case filed by buyout partners to be heard in May.
2008-04 04: Air America Radio suspends host Randi Rhodes for comments made a fortnight ago about Senator Hillary Clinton and former Democrat Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro.
2008-04 05: BBC Radio 3 announces spring drama schedule including Donmar Warehouse production of Othello.
2008-04 05: Tribune Broadcasting hires more Clear Channel Executives.
2008-04 05. Sydney 2GB host Alan Jones attacks on Australian Olympic Committee president leads to nearly AUD 1 million penalty in libel damages and legal costs.
2008-04 06: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-04 07: WorldSpace auditors express doubts about its survival.
2008-04 07: Clear Channel Radio says it now has more than 340 stations broadcasting on HD with I-Tunes tagging facility for music downloads to an I-Pod.
2008-04 09: Bonneville switches KRBV-FM, Los Angeles to rock "The Sound."
2008-04 09: Global Radio to increase network shows on its Heart and Galaxy networks at expense of local programming.
2008-04 09: BIA Financial Networks says US radio revenues were down in 2007 and will be down again this year before rebounding in 2009.
2008-04 10 Clear Channel extends yet again deadline for its notes offer.
2008-04 10: XM Canada revenues and subscriptions up and losses down.

2008-04 10: Florida judge throws out some parts but allows rest of claim against Westwood One from Pompano Helicopters to go forward.
2008-04 10: BBC in plans to extend its i-player platforms to include the Nintendo Wii.
2008-04 10: Latest Arbitron-Edison Media "Infinite Dial" report shows radio slipping back against other listening amongst the young.

2008-04 11: WorldSpace gains permission for terrestrial repeater network in Germany.
2008-04 11: Howard Stern sidekick quits.
2008-04 11: BBC guaranteed Gold in various Sony 2008 Awards.
2008-04 11": Air America host Randi Rhodes quits - to be syndicated by M-Street Network.
2008-04 11: BBC Director of Radio and Music Jenny Abramsky to step down.
2008-04 12: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) launches its 2008 Community Radio Support Scheme
2008-04 12: GCap Media reverses sale decision for two of its Xfm stations but Texas judge rejects banks call to dismiss lawsuit against it by Clear Channel and its private equity buyers.
2008-04 13: UK media regulator simplifies its format change procedures/announced various changes it has allowed.
2008-04 13: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-04 14: HD transmission equipment to be cheaper/new IBOC standard announced.
2008-04 14: Building on experience broadcasting all the works of Beethoven, Bach, and Tchaikovsky, BBC Radio 3 is to broadcast all of the works of Chopin next month.
2008-04 14: Cumulus calls for radio ratings proposals for smaller markets/ to drop Arbitron in 50 of these.
2008-04 15: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2008-04 15: Wall Street Journal reports that a Bain Capital Associate is considering buying Deutsche Bank debt - a move that could ease the Clear Channel buy-out.
2008-04 15: UK commercial radio to devote around GBP 250,000 of airtime to promoting Pure Highway device that allows existing FM automobile radios to receive digital radio.
2008-04 15: National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO David K. Rehr tells NAB 2008 that radio remains relevant.
2008-04 15: Actor Tim Robbins attacks state of US media in speech to NAB 2008.
2008-04 15: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2008-04 16: UK Digital Radio Development Board appoints new chief executive.
2008-04 16: US "Radio Heard Here" initiative kicks off.
2008-04 16: GMG Radio takes four of this year's nine IRN awards.
2008-04 17: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces awards totalling Euros 1.13 million for radio programmes.
2008-04 17: Financial Times reports that Global Radio and Channel 4 are considering combining services over two national digital multiplexes they control.
2008-04 17: Texas Court of Appeals rejects calls from banks financing its buyout to dismiss lawsuit brught against them by Clear Channel and the buyers.
2008-04 18: Tribune Co. appoints former Clear Channel Radio CFO Jerry Kersting as EVP.
2008-04 18: US radio revenues in March down 8% on a year ago in worst fall since Nov 2001.
2008-04 18: SMG pays former acting chief executive Donald Emslie nearly USD 1.1 million compensation for loss of office.
2008-04 18 :Channel 4 radio hires another BBC Radio Five Live executive.
2008-04 19: Regent appoints former Entravision CFO John F. DeLorenzo to its board.
2008-04 19: Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. buys Radio Pro, Romania.
2008-04 19: Australian Broadcasting Corporation posts lists of finalists for its 2008 Local Radio Awards, looks ahead with paper "The ABC in the Digital Age - Towards 2020".
2008-04 20: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-04 21: Our look at print and online media on radio over past week plus listening pick of the week.
2008-04 21: BBC cancels "spring series of its long-running comedy show "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue" after its presenter jazz musician and broadcaster Humphrey Lyttelton was admitted to hospital/ BBC Radio Five gets a new controller and a new show is announced.

2008-04 22:Recent posts from Jacob's Media bring gloomy news for digital and satellite radio in the US.
2008-04 23:Mexican Grupo Radio de Centro reports flat first quarter revenues.
2008-04 23:Arbitron first quarter results - net income up 5%.
2008-04 23:Banks involved in financing the USD 19.5 billion buyout of Clear Channel offered to go binding arbitration but the private equity buyers Bain Capital Partners and Thomas H. Lee Partners (THL) spurn the offer.

2008-04 24 Life FM, Ireland's first Christian station, launches in Cork..
2008-04 24
UK media regulator rejects Guardian Media Group request to drop jazz from its Smooth FM stations in London and the North-West/Muxco awarded another digital multiplex..
2008-04 24
Texas jury awards patents firm USD 66 million in suit against Clear Channel for patent infringement.
2008-04 25
UK media regulator Ofcom says it received only one bid for the Somerset digital multiples/ also awards four more community radio licences.
2008-04 25: Entercom revenues down but it goes from a loss into the black andits shares leap.
2008-04 25:GCap Media follows its Global Radio, which is currently buying it, in cutting local content for networked shows/ More Channel 4 Radio news.
2008-04 25:Senate Committee passes resolution that would reverse Federal Communications Commission's rule change that allows media cross ownership but legislation has to get through both houses and faces veto by President Bush.
2008-04 26Rush Limbaugh under fire after comments of dreaming of riots in Denver to ensure Democrats aren't elected.
2008-04 26 British broadcaster and jazzman Humphrey Lyttleton dies.
2008-04 26 CBS Radio launches Digital Radio Network.
2008-04 27:Clear Channel and equity companies involved in its purchase win another legal round against the banks financing the deal.
2008-04 27:GCap Media's digital station Planet Rock gets another month of life while negotiations continue over its future.
2008-04 27:Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2008-04 28:Indian regulatory authority recommends easing restrictions on foreign investment into Indian broadcasting.
2008-04 28:Note- Our weekly look at print comment on radio. This has been completed. We regret the earlier delay.
2008-04 29:Emmis spins off its Interactive division.
2008-04 29:Success for Arbitron's Portable People Meter in Canada but in the UK, RAJAR ends PPM trials and is looking for alternative system.
2008-04 29:24 Senators express opposition to Federal Communications Commission's localism plans.
2008-04 30 UK digital radio sales healthy as industry commitment wanes although some players including the BBC and Channel 4 insist they remain committed to DAB.
2008-04 30: Westwood One appoints Andrew R. Hersam, to the post of Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Revenue Officer.
2008-04 30 :Guardian Media Group announces the first ten commissions using its GBP 1 million programming fund.
2008-04 30: Clear Channel wins another round in battle against banks as Texas judge refuses banks request to delay hearing.
2008-04 30: CBS Corporation profits up on flat revenues but radio remains weak although the company says there are positive signs.

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