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June 2009
2009-06-01: Launch of digital radio in Sydney is delayed by weather- it has already been launched in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.
2009-06-01: Arbitron appoints Deirdre Blackwood as Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
2009-06-01: Amazing Radio takes over from Birdsong on UK National digital multiplex.
2009-06-01: Federal Communications Commission further extends - until June 29 - deadline for Sirius-XM to make 4% of its channels available to outsiders.
2009-06-02: Clear Channel names UB Rodriguez as permanent drivetime host for WGCI-FM, Chicago.
2009-06-02: Radio Wroclaw launches DAB+ trial as probable precursor to national DAB+ service.
2009-06-02: BBC says it is attracting record numbers for its international news services but radio listening has fallen since last year.
2009-06-02: US National Association of Broadcasters says 214 members of the House - four short of a majority - have now opposed introduction of performance royalties for music played on terrestrial US stations.
2009-06-03: Conservative US talk host Michael Savage claims he brought down British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith - amongst a number of ministers involved in MPs' expenses row to leave ministerial posts.
2009-06-03: BBC in second "radio visualization" trial is to add more online video and other features to shows on BBC Radios 1, 4 and Five Live.
2009-06-03: Republican Robert M McDowell nominated for second term with Federal Communications Commission in move expected to free up logjam and see new chairman plus new Democrat and Republican Commissioners.
2009-06-03: The Nielsen Company, which bought it in 2006, announces closure of Radio and Records.
2009-06-03: Majority of members of the House support Act opposing introduction of performance royalties for US terrestrial radio/Sirius-XM reported to be planning increase of around USD 2 a month to cover costs of their increased performance royalty charges.
2009-06-03: RNW Note: Again we have been delayed in posting out look at print comment on radio but have posted initial listening suggestions.

2009-06-04: Financial Times say some lenders could push Clear Channel towards default rather than supporting debt swap.
2009-06-04: BBC criticized for overpaying its radio talent.
2009-06-04: BIA says US radio revenues could be down 15% this year.

2009-06-05: Broadcasters from 50 states call on Speaker of US House of Congress not to put bill that would introduce performance royalties before full House.
2009-06-05: European broadcasters and automakers meet to discuss introduction of digital radio.
2009-06-05: Clear Channel amongst those settling in case of 2003 Rhode Island club fire that killed a hundred.
2009-06-05: The Local Radio Company sells its interest in Bournemouth station.
2009-06-06: Patent filing suggests Sirius-XM could offer a-la-carte services using existing receivers.
2009-06-06: BBC Radio1 and 1Xtra changes announced to start next month.
2009-06-07: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-06-08: More awards for Planet Rock, which last year took Sony UK digital station of the year award and has taken this year's Arqiva digital station award/other Arqiva commercial radio awards.
2009-06-08: Clear Channel and National Public Radio senior executive announcements.

2009-06-09: UK media regulator upholds just one radio complaint in latest bulletin and also notes its fine on Lakeland Radio in relation to a competition entrants could not win.
2009-06-09: Entercom's Sacramento KRXQ-FM morning Rob, Arnie and Dawn show off the air until Thursday following protests about comments made about transgender people - it will return with a special show discussing issues raised.
2009-06-09: Cash -rich because of disposals, UBC turns 2008 loss into a profit - although operating losses rose - and says it will be cautious about investing the cash it has on hand.
2009-06-09: Clear Channel says it will escape being forced into bankruptcy by lenders but Sam Zell may lose control of Tribune Co.
2009-06-09: US National Association of Media Brokers joins in opposition to performance royalties for terrestrial radio.
2009-06-10: Conservative US talk host Michael Savage writes to British Prime Minister calling for ban on his entry to UK to be lifted but also says he is to continue personal libel action against former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, who was in office when the ban was announced.
2009-06-10: The Nielsen Company says US advertising was down 12% year-on-year in first quarter with spot radio down 9% compared to 26% reported last month by US Radio Advertising Bureau.
2009-06-10: US National Association of Broadcasters issues vitriolic response to musicFirst Coalition call for Federal Communications Commission investigation into its allegations of unfair actions by radio stations against artists who support the introduction of a Performance Royalty.
2009-06-10: Our weekly look at print comment on radio and listening suggestions.
2009-06-10: TNS reports first quarter US advertising revenues down 14.2% on a year ago with radio down 26.2%.
2009-06-11: North Texas Public Broadcasting, Inc. (KERA) buys extra frequency which it says it will use for public Triple A station to serve greater Dallas, Fort Worth and Denton.
2009-06-11: Around a thousand entries in for this year's Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2009-06-11: Washington Post reports that CBS may flip guy-centric talk WJFK-FM to sports talk.
2009-06-12: The Local Radio Company sells another station/ Bauer reported to be cutting news team at its West Midlands Kerrang! station.
2009-06-12: Rob, Arnie, and Dawn Show returns to Entercom's KRQX-FM, Sacramento, with apology for earlier comments about transgender people and special transgender issues show.
2009-06-13: Delaware non-commercial station says it boycotted artists linked with musicFirst coalition as protest at the idea of introducing performance royalties for US terrestrial radio.
2009-06-13: Latest figures show Canadian radio revenues up 5% in 2008 and up by an average 6.5% a year for past five years.
2009-06-14: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-06-15: UK Digital Britain White Paper said to recommend diverting some GBP 130 million of BBC licence fee funding to independent companies for news and documentaries.
2009-06-15: Indian radio operators threaten to opt out of next round of FM licence auctions unless economy improves and performance royalties are reduced.
2009-06-15: Arbitron in preliminary RADAR 101 network ratings news release says more than 235 million people 12 and over listen to US radio weekly.
2009-06-15: UK media regulator suggests easing or removing bans or limitations on sponsorship of programming, specifically of live event broadcasts and public service programming, and to also allow sponsored competitions.
2009-06-16: Denmark drops idea of  re-planning its FM network to concentrate on DAB digital radio/ Fun Kids Radio takes channel on UK Digital One national multiplex for the summer.
2009-06-16: DAB+ broadcasts on air in Sydney following weather delays and previous launches in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.
2009-06-16: WGN-AM moves John Williams from breakfast slot he took up at start of year to replace Spike O'Dell into following slot, previously occupied by Cathy O'Malley & Judy Markey/ brings in Greg Jarrett from San Francisco to take over his slot.
2009-06-16: Westwood One chairman Norman Pattiz to retain post for a further two years.
2009-06-16: Digital Britain report recommends closing down analogue national radio services and moving them to DAB digital by 2015

2009-06-17: Senate Commerce Committee gives Julius Genachoswki a fairly easy ride at hearing into his nomination as Federal Communications Commission chairman and also of re-nomination of Republican commissioner Robert M. McDowell.
2009-06-17: CBS Radio teams up with Jelli Inc. start-up to launch show that allows those logged in to determine the music that is aired.
2009-06-17: Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2009-06-18: Canadian watchdog  rules that promotion offering discount to people caught illegally using mobile phone whilst driving did not breach Canadian codes.
2009-06-18: Sirius-XM announces application making its services - with exceptions including Howard Stern - available on-Phone and i-touch.
2009-06-18: CN Group sells its remaining five Midlands stations to new company formed by former G-Cap Media executives Steve Orchard and Wendy Pallot.
2009-06-19: Senate Commerce Committee sends nomination of Julius Genachowski as Federal Communications Commission and re-nomination of Republican Robert McDowell to full Senate.
2009-06-19: Greater Media launches helpsaveradio web site as part of campaign against introduction of performance royalties for US radio.
2009-06-20: Indian government reported to be considering delaying third phase of private FM licence auctions.
2009-06-21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-06-22: UK media regulator upholds one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2009-06-22: Triton Media's Dial Global retains its dominance in latest RADAR US network radio ratings, taking five of the top five ranks.

2009-06-23: Dublin music station Q102 re-awarded licence for another ten years.
2009-06-23: CBS looking to continue radio stations sales, trim costs and eschew acquisitions but worst of job cuts are over according to executives.
2009-06-24: Univision in filing predicts second quarter revenues down on a year ago but operating income to be flat or rise.
2009-06-24: BBC Director General Mark Thompson attacks idea of using part of BBC licence fee to support public broadcasting on commercial channels and suggests impetus for the move may come from a small group of ideologues.
2009-06-24: Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2009-06-25: Norsan Multimedia to flip its its La Tremenda AM in Charlotte, North Carolina, to a the syndicated Spanish language news talk "Radio Formula" format..
2009-06-25: Clear Channel Radio names current Sirius XM Senior Vice President of Music Programming Jon Zellner as its Senior Vice President of Programming/ Jeffrey Zients leaves Sirius-XM Board.
2009-06-25: Republican Commissioner Robert M. McDowell welcomes the White House announcement that President Obama is to nominate Meredith Attwell Baker as a Republican Commissioner on Federal Communications Commission.
2009-06-26: Federal Communications Commission in final approach to full strength after Senate approves nomination of Julius Genachowski as FCC chairman and re-nomination of Commissioner Robert McDowell whilst White House has sent to Senate names of Meredith Attwell Baker and Mignon L. Clyburn as new commissioners.
2009-06-27: Most of leaders retain their ranking in latest Australian radio ratings with main changes in Sydney and Melbourne.
2009-06-28: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-06-29: Clear Channel lenders reported to be potentially prepared to get their own back after being forced by lawsuit to go through with financing its takeover by pushing company into bankruptcy.
2009-06-29: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland advertises three community radio licences.
2009-06-29: The Local Radio Company, now controlled by UKRD and run by UKRD's senior management, announces sale of two English South Coast stations and is to close a third station at the end of the month.
2009-06-29: New US Federal Communications Chairman Julius Genachowski wastes no time naming his staff after being sworn in.

2009-06-30: Mexican radio group Grupo Radio Centro says its 2008 broadcast revenues last year were up 12.3% on 2007.
2009-06-30: CBS Radio takes five national Murrow Awards including Overall Excellence Award for third year running whilst WTOP dominates large market awards.
2009-06-30: Arbitron reacts to request from the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to pass on its information about the impact of Arbitron's Portable People Meter ratings system by saying it welcomes any opportunity to discuss the system.
2009-06-30: US Federal Communications Commission gives go-ahead for AM stations to use FM translators as fill-ins subject to not extending coverage area and other conditions.
2009-06-30: RNW note: We regret our weekly look at print comment on radio was so delayed we now plan to combine it with the first report in July but we have filed BBC listening suggestions.

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May 2009

2009-05-01: Global Radio to cut more jobs, mainly at its Xfm and Gold networks.
2009-05-01: Sirius-XM senior executives total pay down in 2008 although most saw increases in their basic pay.
2009-05-02: Greater Media's WTTK-FM, Boston, suspends afternoon host Jay Severin following anti-immigrant and anti-Mexican comments.
009-05-03: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-05-04: US National Association of Broadcasters claims more lawmakers' support in fight against performance royalties/religious and Spanish broadcasters lobby against their introduction.
2009-05-04: After ruling that Federal Communications Commission cam impose fines for "fleeting" indecencies, US Supreme Court sends 2004 Super Bowl incident involving brief display of Janet Jackson breast back to appeals court that overturned USD 550,000 fine last year.
2009-05-04: DAB+ digital radio launches in Australia as nine Perth commercial stations switch-on.

2009-05-05: Jay Severin's agent says he expects the Boston host, suspended for anti-Mexican comments, to be back on air soon.
2009-05-05: CBS combines online operations of CBS Radio and its in a new unit, CBS Interactive Music Group.
2009-05-05: Top-rated Sydney host Alan Jones returns to the airwaves after a month's sick leave- says he is getting only an hour's sleep a night to the detriment of his health.
2009-05-05: Clear Channel announces USD 69 million three-year partial renewal deal with Arbitron, dropping its services in some 24 markets: 17 of these are covered by its Nielsen deal and it will operate without ratings in the other market.
2009-05-05: Our weekly look at print comment on radio.
2009-05-06: TNS Media Intelligence says US advertising revenues fell 4.1% in 2008 with final quarter the worst and no let up this year: Newspapers did worst followed by radio.
2009-05-06Beasley Broadcast revenues down 23% in first quarter with net income down from USD 1.2 million to USD 8,000.
2009-05-06: US National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO David Rehr resigns.
2009-05-07: BBC Trust launches service review into BBC Radios 2 and 6 Music, its fourth review.
2009-05-07: Entravision first quarter revenues down 25% and net loss almost doubles: It also announced new more expensive and restricted credit arrangements.
2009-05-07: Numbers just released show complaints to US Federal Communications Commission increase in second half of 2008.
2009-05-07: UK radio listening up according to latest ratings.
2009-05-08: Terrestrial radio revenues down between 49% and 12.5% in latest round of US results but Sirius-XM increases revenues and reduces loss.
2009-05-08: Danny Baker and Christian O'Connell to get weekend shows on BBC Radio 2.
2009-05-08: Regent first quarter revenues down 12.3% and loss increases ten-fold compared to last year because of impairment charge.
2009-05-09: Child abuse advert wins 2009 Siren Award as best Australian radio advert of the year.
2009-05-10: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-05-11: Digital radio broadcasts launch in Melbourne today, the second capital city in Australia to launch them.
2009-05-11: WorldSpace says it could satellite radio to automobiles in India by the middle of next year.
2009-05-11: Revenues fall by around a fifth in latest round of US results including Clear Channel, Cox Radio and Westwood One.
2009-05-12: UK media regulator upholds just one complaint- against show that saw Jon Gaunt fired by UTV's talkSPORT - in its latest bulletin.
2009-05-12: US-Iranian freelance journalist Roxana Saberi, who worked for the BBC and National Public Radio, is freed from Evin Jail in Tehran.
2009-05-12: Prison radio station takes four awards in 2009 Sony Awards, which overall were dominated by the BBC.
2009-05-12: Citadel, Cumulus and Radio One radio revenues down by more than a fifth/ Goldman Sachs to take control of Nassau Broadcasting in exchange for debt.
2009-05-12: UK media regulator backs deregulation proposals but distances itself from idea of a local impact test in submission to UK government.
2009-05-12: Global Radio reported to have held underlying profit steady despite advertising fall of around 18%.
2009-05-12: Citadel founder Larry Wilson to return to radio after eight years with purchase of two Portland, Oregon, stations.

2009-05-13: Wall Street Journal suggests pressure from AT&T may deny Republican Commissioner Robert M. McDowell a re-nomination to the Federal Communications Commission.
2009-05-13: Bauer given go-ahead to play music on its Liverpool City Talk speech station despite opposition from some other licensees in the area.
2009-05-13: National Association of Broadcasters reacts to vote to send Performance Royalties Act to full house by repeating attacks on foreign-owned recording companies/ Radio One Inc. founder Cathy Hughes posts open letter calling for lobbying of committee chairman over the issue.
2009-05-13: Our weekly look at print comment on radio and listening suggestions:
2009-05-14: Mexican radio company Grupo Radio Centro says members of the Aguirre family, which controls it, have taken a 49% stake in the company it set up to run Emmis's KMVN-FM, Los Angeles, through an LMA.
2009-05-14: UKRD claims victory in fight to take over The Local Radio Company.
2009-05-14: Emmis revenues down 20% in its final quarter (to the end of February) with USD 163 million impairment charge taking it to a loss of USD 166.7 million.

2009-05-15: Listening up in latest Irish radio ratings.
2009-05-15: UTV revenues down 9% in first four months of this year but it says this is in line with expectations and it is achieving its budgeted operating profit.
2009-05-15: LBI Media provides comparative bright spot with first quarter radio revenues down only 11.4% whilst Univision sees its radio revenues down 26.1%
2009-05-16: US National Association of Broadcasters reacts with muted opposition to suggestion that broadcast licences should run for shorter period.
2009-05-17: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2009-05-18: Digital radio launches in Adelaide, the third of the five Australian capital cities due to launch DAB+ broadcasts this year.
2009-05-18: Federal Communications Commission opens inquiry into Arbitron's Portable People Meter ratings
2009-05-19: US National Association of Broadcasters claims support of 200 House members in its opposition to performance royalties on terrestrial radio.
2009-05-19: CBS Radio CEO Dan Mason says advertising is improving.
2009-05-19: APN News and Media to raise up to AUD 99 million from new shares to cut its debt.
2009-05-20: UK media regulator announces pay freeze - and no bonuses for executives - in view of economic climate/BBC Trust chairman opposes top-slicing of licence fee.
2009-05-20: Cox Enterprises says it has won its bid through subsidiary Cox Media for Cox Radio with acceptances covering 91.4% of outstanding shares and will take Cox Radio private.
2009-05-20: Our weekly look at print comment on radio and listening suggestions.
2009-05-21: Stoke on Trent radio station reduced to appeals for cash from listeners to stay on air/Bauer to pull five stations from Sky digital TV platform although they will remain on DAB and Freeview TV platforms.
2009-05-21: Clear Channel launches initiative to allow listeners to pitch for work using 21 of its stations.
2009-05-21: Ofcom chief executive tells Radio 3.0 conference the regulator is considering easing sponsorship and promotional restrictions but that analogue radio should not be turned off until the industry is ready and the change is in the listeners' interests.
2009-05-22: New York Post reports that two of Clear Channel's main lenders have rejected debt-swap offer and could push company into bankruptcy if it fails to meet loan agreements.
2009-05-22: Australian radio operations provide bright spot for Daily Mail and General Trust as newspaper revenues fall.
2009-05-22: WGN-AM drops Kathy and Judy show after 20 years/Clear Channel flips Chicago WNUA-FM to Spanish-language Mega but retains smooth jazz on HD channel.
2009-05-22: Former Chrysalis Radio chief executive Phil Riley returns to UK radio with venture capital group purchase of eight Midlands stations.
2009-05-22: US radio spot advertising revenues down 26% in first quarter but non-spot increases reduce total fall to 24% according to Radio Advertising Bureau.

2009-05-23: BBC Digital Radio Mondiale trial using vacated Radio Devon AM frequency shows coverage and quality in the daytime superior to that of AM but night-time coverage is reduced.
2009-05-23: Entercom drops alternative KWOD-FM in Sacramento and flips to 90's The Buzz.
2009-05-24: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-05-25: Brisbane becomes fourth Australian capital city to launch DAB+ digital radio.

2009-05-26: UK media regulator upholds two radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2009-05-26: Arbitron's SVP/Press & Investor Relations Thom Mocarsky is to leave the company after more than a quarter of a century.
2009-05-26: Global Radio is to re-launch its Hit40UK Sunday chart show as The Big Top 40 Show.
2009-05-26: Vatican Radio to start airing commercials.
2009-05-27: Microsoft to include HD Radio in Zune HD portable media player.
2009-05-27: BBC Radio 2 weekend changes/ former BBC Radio 1 controller attacks its decision to pre-record Jonathan Ross Show/ Bauer job cuts & other UK radio news.
2009-05-27: US National Association of Broadcasters launches "Don't Tax that Dial" competition as part of lobbying against performance royalties.
2009-05-28: Our weekly look at print comment on radio.
2009-05-28: Loan from majority shareholder UKRD staves off bankruptcy for The Local Radio Company but two other UK radio stations close down.
2009-05-28: Sirius-XM shareholders approve board proposals to either increase number of shares issues or cut them in conjunction with a reverse split: Annual meeting is told the company had largest revenues of any US radio company in the first quarter of this year.

2009-05-29: BBC Trust says that introduction of academic in item on Tibet breached guidelines by not making his background clear but rejects complaints that the item itself was biased.
2009-05-29: Survey commissioned by "Radio Heard Here" shows generally high satisfaction with the medium by US radio listeners - but only 16% recalling hearing the organization's adverts.
009-05-29: UK media regulator fines CN Group's Lakeland Radio GBP 15,000 for running premium-rate competitions that most entrants could not win.
2009-05-29: Beasley sells Las Vegas stations for USD 15.2 million cash/latest note offering by CBS takes total of its offerings this month to USD 1 billion.
2009-05-30: Debt-strapped CanWest completes sale of its interest in four Turkish radio stations.
2009-05-30: Arbitron elects Philip Guarascio as non-Executive chairman to replace Stephen B. Morris.
2009-05-30: Jay Severin to return to airwaves on Tuesday after a month suspended by WTTK-FM.
2009-05-31: US host Michael Savage launches lawsuit against British Home Secretary over his exclusion from the UK.
2009-05-31: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

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April 2009

2009-04-01: LBI revenues down in final quarter but up for 2008 with radio beating TV whilst Saga's fall and impairment charge takes it into a large net loss /Citadel agrees amendment of its credit facilities.
Commercial Radio Australia and The Nielsen Company announce sampling of 10-17 and 18-24 demographics in next two surveys to address concerns about their under-representation.
UK media regulator Ofcom lifts Yellow Card on Global Radio's GWR-FM, allows co-location of two Kent KMFM stations.
Beasley Las Vegas format flip with more changes due in Seattle and Washington DC next Monday from Bonneville and CBS Radio.
UK survey shows nearly two thirds of driver saying they expect digital radio to come standard in new car with more than three quarters who have experienced it taking this view.
Citadel re-brands ABC Radio Networks as Citadel Media.
Unions call off strikes planned for this month at BBC after agreement over job cuts at South Asian service: Talks continue in dispute.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation appoints Kate Dundas as Director of Radio to succeed Sue Howard.
2009-04-03: Emmis and Mexico's Grupo Radio announce deal for latter to programme and sell advertising for KMVN-FM, Los Angeles, and possibly purchase the station.
UK media regulator Ofcom fines BBC GBP 150,000 for standards and privacy breaches of regulations relating to lewd remarks from Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross broadcast on Radio 2 last year.
Committee set up by Cox Radio to consider Cox Enterprises bid to purchase share of Cox Radio it does not already own recommends acceptance of the offer.
Garry Meier takes over as full time afternoon host for WGN-AM, Chicago.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
Pressures building in UK to allow consolidation and cross-ownership of local media.
Australian commercial radio revenues up marginally in 2008 although metropolitan revenues fell.
UK media regulator in submission to government suggests that current local commercial radio system may have to change to one of larger commercial station areas on digital radio with more community stations in small markets remaining on FM.
Prison radio service gets four nominations for 2009 Sony Awards, the "Oscars" of British radio.
Regent discloses that Bank of America has warned it that it is in default of part of its Credit Agreement and has 30 days to get into line/ Pacifica Foundation warns that losses at WBAI-FM in New York could put its future at risk.
UK media regulator Ofcom in latest Broadcast Bulletin highlights fine on BBC Radio 2 and failure of two stations to come into line with their format requirements.
Global Radio agrees sale of its share in Digital One national commercial multiplex to partner Arqiva/ agrees exclusive negotiations with Bauer concerning five stations it has to sell /Bauer appoints MD Radio for Scotland.
2009-04-08: US National Association of Broadcasters launches special anti-fee web site as part of its opposition to introduction of performance royalties.
2009-04-08: Westwood One terminates employment of Chief Revenue Officer Andrew Hersam.
2009-04-08: New "Radio Heard Here" spots launched.
2009-04-08: Corus Entertainment reports TV revenue rise in its second quarter but radio is down by 6%.
2009-04-08: Democrat Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein says in statement that Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is to launch inquiry into effect of Arbitron's PPM ratings on minority broadcasters.
Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus initial listening suggestions.
2009-04-09: Australian commercial radio revenues fall in first quarter with largest drop in Sydney partly offset by Melbourne revenue rise.
2009-04-09: Company controlled by its chairman makes bid for The Local Radio Company, topping UKRD bid/ TLRC sells its Jazz FM business.
2009-04-10: British Forces Broadcasting Service, which ran DAB trial last year, takes up slot on UK Digital One multiplex.
2009-04-10: Astral Media revenues up in its second quarter but profits are down.
2009-04-11: Australian radio to launch digital radio awareness campaign on Monday.
2009-04-12: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-04-13: BIAFn's ten top billing stations for 2008 include five Los Angeles stations and five stations owned by Clear Channel.
2009-04-13: Emmis revenues for 2008 and in final quarter are both down and impairment charges push it into big loss/Citadel, despite becoming almost worthless pays CEO USD 6 million in 2008.
2009-04-14: The Local Radio Company shares rise by two-thirds after director recommends acceptance of offer from its chairman rather than a rival bid.
2009-04-14: Online radio venture Radio Goom says it has raised around USD 16 million of funding.

2009-04-15: Indian government reported to be going to offer ten-year licences for subscription-only satellite radio services that would have to be uplinked in India and barred from offering their own news amongst other restrictions.
2009-04-15: Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.

2009-04-16: Arbitron and Bonneville agree PDA Web deal allowing analysis of PPM listening.
2009-04-16: UK government commissioned study says that around a quarter of smaller UK commercial radio stations could close within two years and recommends urgent changes.
2009-04-16: Arbitron/Edison Media Research study says online listening in US reaches nearly a fifth of the 12 plus population each week.
2009-04-17: Irish state broadcaster RTÉ agrees deals that will make its four new digital stations available to around 85% of the population.
2009-04-17: DMG Radio Australia releases details of its digital plans including two new stations.
2009-04-18: Russell Brand to make his return to UK radio on soccer special for UTV's talkSPORT tomorrow.
2009-04-18: Despite bankruptcy problems in US, WorldSpace Indian subsidiary (which is not in the bankruptcy filing) is to go ahead with its plans -asks for five years to come into line with expected new Indian limits on ownership.
2009-04-18: BBC Radio 1 denies tabloid newspaper report that it wants to dump Chris Moyles as its breakfast host.
2009-04-19: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-04-20: Clear Channel discloses 23% year-on-year fall in first quarter/CMP Susquehanna - set up to operate Susquehanna stations bought by Cumulus - revenues fall by 9% for 2008 compared to 2007.
2009-04-20: Michael Savage involved in lawsuit against US Department of Homeland Security Secretary and Attorney General over report on right-wing extremism.
2009-04-20: Syndicated morning host Tom Joyner, dropped last month by Clear Channel in Chicago, to return on Wednesday with Crawford Broadcasting station. (Update note: This was a barter deal).

2009-04-20: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles spends around 12 mins of his show attacking newspaper report that he was to be dropped by the station.
2009-04-20: Cox Radio special committee withdraws its recommendation of bid by Cox Enterprises to take over whole of the company/ patent licensing company sues Cox and a dozen other radio groups over technology used to stream different content to that being aired in local segments by a station.
2009-04-20: US National Association of Broadcasters president and CEO delivers upbeat State of the Industry message at start of NAB 2009 in Las Vegas.

2009-04-21: Arbitron bucks trend and reports first quarter revenues up but net income is down, mainly because of redundancy costs.
2009-04-21: Xfm London breakfast host Alex Zane to leave station with afternoon host Ian Camfield to take over his slot.
2009-04-21: US National Association of Broadcasters president launches new adverts against performance royalties and claims ore support from politicians.
2009-04-21: Clear Channel offers notes swap as part of plans to restructure its debt.

2009-04-22: National Association of Broadcasters says nearly 84,000 have attended this year's NAB Show, down almost a fifth on a year ago.
2009-04-22: Beasley Broadcast Group signs diary-ratings deal with Arbitron.
2009-04-22: Commercial Radio Australia says digital receiver sales - numbers and models - will be monitored from next month when DAB+ is launched/ also posts finalists lists for this year's Siren Awards for best radio ads.
2009-04-22: Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.

2009-04-23: FCC names members of its Federal Advisory Committee on Diversity for Communications in the Digital Age.
2009-04-23: Westwood One completes refinancing in deal that gives the Gores Group three-quarters of its preferred stock.
2009-04-23: musicFirst Coalition and US National Association of Broadcasters continue their public spat over performance royalties issue.
2009-04-24: Premiere Radio Networks to syndicate former Air America Radio and Nova M Radio host Randi Rhodes.
2009-04-24: Bauer marketing director Andrea Vidler to move to EMI as President EMI Music, UK & Ireland.
2009-04-24: US National Public Radio lays off more staff/agrees deal with unions that cuts contributions to retirement plans, introduces furlough and cuts pay for three holidays.

2009-04-25: Citadel's WARM-AM back on air but still no firm comment from the company as to why the Pennsylvania station went off the air on April 14.
2009-04-26: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-04-27: BBC and UK commercial radio to form Radio Council, a move announced at the Radio Reborn conference/other conference proceedings.
2009-04-27: GroupM, which had been forecasting 19% rise in Indian advertising revenues for this year, drops forecast to 4.7% rise and opts not to make any 2010 forecast: Radio does well with 49% rise in 2008 and is forecast to increase revenues 15% this year.

2009-04-28: Mexican radio company Grupo Radio Cento reports first quarter revenues up 21.5% on a year ago.
2009-04-28: UK media regulator upholds three radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2009-04-28: BBC Radio 4 drops edition of On the Ropes" in which interviewee was DJ Andy Kershaw, citing concerns about privacy of his children and former partner.
2009-04-28: Fisher Communications first quarter revenues down 25% on a year ago with radio down 29%.
2009-04-28: Clear Channel to cut another 3% of its work force, some 590 jobs.

2009-04-29: Predictable but muted responses to US Supreme Court ruling allowing Federal Communications Commission to fine broadcasters for airing a single expletive.
2009-04-29: Cox Enterprises increases its bid for Cox Radio from USD 3.80 to USD 4.80 a share just a day after Class Action suit launched over original offer.
2009-04-29: US Federal Communications Commission seeks USD 336 million budget for 2010.
2009-04-29: Our weekly look at print comment on radio.
2009-04-30: Sirius-XM announces Stockholder Rights Plan to preserve tax benefits of its operating losses.
2009-04-30: Bidding heats up for The Local Radio Company as Hallwood Financial increases its offer in response to increase by UKRD.
2009-04-30: White House announces that President Obama is to nominate Mignon Clyburn as Federal Communications Commission Commissioner.
2009-04-30: New York Times says Clear Channel is facing cash flow crisis, could fail to meet loan covenants, and could become biggest media loser in current recession.
2009-04-30: UTV closes down South Wales station Valleys Radio/Zee Radio scheduled to go off air at end of today, to make 14 UK stations closures, including digital stations, since the start of 2008.

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