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2009-09-01: Spanish Broadcasting Service says it is no longer in compliance with NASDAQ rules on independent directors but expects to regain it.
2009-09-01: British former DJ Simon Dee, who became a national celebrity with his TV work, dies aged 74 of bone cancer.
2009-09-01: Los Angeles' over-the-air broadcasters whose transmission facilities on Mt Wilson are threatened by fire remain on air and also at risk according to latest reports.
This report has been updated -firefighters are now back on Mt Wilson.
2009-09-02: New York judge dismisses lawsuit brought by DJ Star (Troi Torain) against Clear Channel, which fired him after he spoke on air of molesting the young daughter of a rival DJ.
2009-09-02: WorldSpace future uncertain after debtors in possession terminate deal by company owned by CEO Noah Samara to purchase most of its assets.
2009-09-02: Air drops and brush clearing ease fears for Mt Wilson transmission complex serving Los Angeles but complex and Mt Wilson Observatory still at risk.

2009-09-03: Global Radio COO Don Thomson to leave company at end of month.
2009-09-03: Australia follows British lead in airing bird song channels on digital radio.
2009-09-03: Lawsuits launched against XM Canada over late payment of royalties.
2009-09-03: UK Digital Radio Development Bureau to be folded and duties taken over by new body/BBC Radio director comments on making its output different from that of commercial stations.
2009-09-03: Los Angeles firefighters cautiously optimistic about saving Observatory and broadcast complex on Mt Wilson from fires.
2009-09-04: Federal Communications Commission imposes penalties totalling more than USD 30,000 in enforcement actions.
2009-09-04: Frontier Silicon introduces tuner that will handle FM plus DAB, DAB+ and DMB signals.
2009-09-04: Format flips in Dallas, Detroit and Louisville in run-up to US holiday weekend.
2009-09-05: Latest licensed station numbers from US Federal Communications Commission show growth in all but low-power FMs in first half of this year.
2009-09-05: Earth Liberation Front claims responsibility for topping two AM towers in Everett, Washington.
2009-09-06: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-09-07: Oldham station owned by DJ Steve Penk bucks UK trend by doubling revenues over past year since he bought it.
2009-09-07: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland funds two studies on benefits of community radio.
2009-09-07: Britain's top-rated radio breakfast host Sir Terry Wogan upstages rival Chris Moyles, who has just become longest-serving breakfast host on Radio 1, by announcing that he is to step down at end of year but will remain on Radio 2 with weekend show.
2009-09-08: Clear Channel Pennsylvania AM tower topped but so far nobody claims responsibility.
2009-09-08: Sydney 2-DAY breakfast host Kyle Sandilands in hot water again/ Mike Carlton to leave 2UE.
2009-09-08: US Federal Communications Commission approves takeover of New York Times classical station WQXR-FM, denying objections' releases latest complaints figures.
2009-09-08: US National Association of Broadcasters and musicFIRST Coalition again in public spat over latter's call for inquiry into radio stations alleged actions against artists who support performance royalties.
2009-09-09: Michele Ellison named chief of Federal Communications Commission Enforcement Bureau.
2009-09-09: Sirius_XM puts its Sirius FM-5, launched at the end of June, into service.
2009-09-09: 2-DAY FM suspends breakfast host Kyle Sandilands following his suggestion that actress would lose more weight were she sent to a concentration camp.
2009-09-10: Further developments announced of Eureka DAB digital receivers including models to received DMB, DAB & DAB+ as well as FM and Internet.
2009-09-10: Clear Channel's KNEW-AM, San Francisco drops host Michael Savage in move that it says is because it has decided to go in a different philosophical and ideological direction.
2009-09-11: Austereo reported to be ready to drop 2-DAY breakfast host Kyle Sandlilands following row of his latest gaffe in which he suggested spell in concentration camp would help comedienne to lose weight.
2009-09-11: In what is claimed to be a first move of an online website into broadcast, CBS to launch radio on HD multicast channels in four cities.
2009-09-12: US National Association of Broadcasters names winner of its "Don't Tax that Dial" competition for radio spots opposing introduction of performance royalties.
2009-09-12: Sirius-XM given approval for 20 terrestrial repeaters in Puerto Rico/ broadcasters' objections are rejected.
2009-09-13: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-09-14: San Francisco gay-oriented KNGY-FM flipped to CHR format by new owner and staff are fired.
2009-09-14: US Federation for American Immigration Reform says more than 45 radio hosts will be taking part in its annual Hold Their Feet To The Fire event in DC tomorrow and Wednesday but names only one of the "finest hosts" involved.
2009-09-14: Clear Channel says it is to donate USD 1 million worth of advertising to winners of 2009 O'Toole Awards.
2009-09-15: UK media regulator upholds just one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2009-09-15: Arbitron in preliminary RADAR radio networks ratings release says total number listening to radio in US each week is 235 million, up some 4 million on a year ago.
2009-09-15: BBC Radio 2 names Simon Mayo as drivetime host to replace Chris Evans when he moves to breakfast slot next year to take over from Terry Wogan.
2009-09-15: Leaders hold on to top ranks in latest Australian ratings but they bring bad news for Kyle Sandilands whose ratings fell significantly following gaffe about girl who said she was raped when aged 12.
2009-09-16: US immigration authorities detain Voice of America Pakistani reporter invited to DC by the broadcaster and when pushed to release him refuse him permission to work for VOA.
2009-09-16: XM Canada reaches performance royalty agreement in Canada.
2009-09-16: Triton Digital Media buys Ando Media.
2009-09-16: TNS reports first half US advertising spend down 14.3% with radio down 24.6%.
2009-09-17: Eastlan Ratings say it has now started service to five new markets making a total of ten new markets this year and another to come.
2009-09-17: Sirius-XM Radio told by NASDAQ it is no longer in compliance with exchange rules because its stock was below USD 1 for 30 days-  says it intends to retain listing.
2009-09-17: Federal Communications Commissioners testify to House Sub Committee with chairman Julius Genachowski reiterating that he does not support reintroduction of Fairness Doctrine.
2009-09-18: Austereo 2-DAY breakfast host Kyle Sandilands suspended without pay for a month but keeps his job following latest gaffe in which he suggested that spell in concentration camp would enable comedienne to lose weight.
2009-09-18: US Federal Communications Commissioner issues or proposes penalties totalling USD 22,000.
2009-09-18: Latest Australian radio revenue figures released.
2009-09-18: US National Association of Broadcasters names Gordon H. Smith as President and CEO - He is to take up the post on November 1.
2009-09-19: WACO Tribune says M& M Broadcasting is paying just under USD 2 million for four Simmons Media WACO-area stations.
2009-09-19: Johannesburg station Kaya FM suspends breakfast DJ over comments made about runner Caster Semanya, said to have mixed-sex characteristics.

2009-09-20: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-09-21: Emmis receives de-listing warning/ Citadel escapes default on debt and is in talks with lenders about equity-for-debt deal.
2009-09-21: Premier Christian Radio launches UK's first national Christian station on Digital One multiplex.
2009-09-21: Triton Media's Dial Global Networks continue to dominate in latest RADAR US network ratings.
2009-09-22: Boston public broadcaster WGBH to buy classical station WCRB-FM from Nassau Broadcasting.
2009-09-22: Tom Joyner's Reach Media sues Clear Channel over dropping by its WVAZ-FM, Chicago, of The Tom Joyner Morning Show.
2009-09-22: US National Association of Broadcasters claims support of 251 members of the House and 25 Senators in its fight against the introduction of performance royalties/ Cancels its European Radio Conference that was to have been held in Athens next month.
2009-09-22: New body Digital Radio UK announced to promote digital radio.
2009-09-23: Nassau sells two New Hampshire stations.
2009-09-23: Absolute Radio announces that actor David Tennant is to co-host its breakfast show with Christian O'Connell for a week.
2009-09-23: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council rules that Toronto station segment in which a disabled man was questioned about personal hygiene and his sex life breached six Canadian Broadcasters' codes.
2009-09-23: NAB 2009 Radio Show opens today in Philadelphia.
2009-09-23: Astral media to re-brand Toronto's oldest station CFRB-AM as NewsTalk 1010 next month and re-vamp its line-up.
2009-09-23: Arbitron says it is extremely surprised and disappointed at what it terms erroneous comments from chairman of House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Government Reform criticizing Portable People Meter ratings.
2009-09-23: Incoming NAB President and CEO Gordon H. Smith tells NAB 2009 Radio Show he intends to hit the ground running when he takes office in November.

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Aug 2009

2009-08-01: Bonneville cuts higher salaries, vacations, benefits in response to reduced revenues.
2009-08-01: UK media regulator Ofcom opens consultations on local radio and media ownership/BBC expresses doubts about digital radio deadlines/ UK Shadow Broadcasting Minister says BBC Radio 1 should be sold off.
2009-08-02: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2009-08-03: UK media regulator upholds only one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2009-08-03: Group of House Democrats call for delay in putting vote on introduction of performance royalties for US terrestrial radio to full house
until potential effects have been fully evaluated.
2009-08-03: Austereo suspends Kyle and Jackie O breakfast show in wake of row over "Lie Detector" segment in which girl revealed on air she had been raped when aged 12/ host Kyle Sandilands is also dropped as a judge on Australian Idol TV show
2009-08-03: US Federal Communications Commission up to full strength with swearing in of Democrat Mignon L. Clyburn.
2009-08-03: Entercom revenues down 18% in its second quarter/Westwood One shareholders approve increase in issued shares and reverse stock split/Disney broadcast revenues down 4%.

2009-08-04: Broadcasting Commission of Ireland announces award of further Euros 960,000 for radio projects.
2009-08-04: Beasley Broadcast revenues down nearly 24% in second quarter.
2009-08-04: US Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearing on potential introduction of performance royalties for terrestrial radio.

2009-08-05: Australian radio industry to stage its "Radio United" event tomorrow to celebrate launch of DAB+ digital radio in the country.
2009-08-05: More steep revenue falls as Cumulus, Entravision and Regent report second quarter figures.
2009-08-05: Latest UK radio ratings show record audience for radio overall and provide some good news for the commercial sector which increases its share although the BBC is still well ahead.
2009-08-06: More US radio results with Sirius-XM increasing revenues slightly while they fall as CBS, Radio One Inc, Saga and Salem
2009-08-07: Southwest Radio, which owns five UK stations it bought when Laser Broadcasting went bankrupt, goies into administration.
2009-08-07: Fisher Communications revenues down 30% on a year ago in second quarter with radio down 49%.
2009-08-07: Max Media flips KTNI-FM, Denver, to talk - former Indie 1015 format goes onto the internet.
2009-08-07: US Federal Communications Commission fines Texas pirate USD 10,000 AND proposes fine of same amount on Louisiana State University station for public file breaches.
2009-08-07: Astral Media dumps nine at CJAD-AM, Montreal following year's analysis of listening.
2009-08-08: Rogers Radio launches its new Halifax FM.
2009-08-08: Mid Day Multimedia, which operates India's Radio 1 FM stations, seeking to raise INR 500 million.
2009-08-08: CBS Radio reported selling its four Portland, Oregon, radio stations for USD 40 million.
2009-08-09: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-08-10: Finalists announced for this year's Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2009-08-10: BBC Radio 1 announces changes to specialist shows.
2009-08-10: Citadel and Westwood One each report second quarter revenue falls and operating losses.
2009-08-10: Clear Channel second quarter revenues down 21% and impairment charge takes it into loss.
2009-08-11: Federal Communications Commission Media Bureau further extends deadline for Sirius-XM Radio to provide 4% of its combined channels to qualified entities but says it expects Commission action on implementation guidelines soon.
2009-08-11: Long Island University says it can no longer afford to subsidize its Southampton-based WLIU-FM and puts station up for sale.
2009-08-11: Australian media regulator to investigate whether changes are need to industry codes in wake of incident in which 14-years-old girl subjected to lie detector test said on air she had been raped when aged 12.
2009-08-12: Mega Media Group, which operates New York Pulse 87 dance station, reported to have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2009-08-12: BBC Wales reported to have paid USD 165,000 settlement to former radio host whose show ended in November last year.
2009-08-12: Arbitron claims major advances in its diary sample quality.
2009-08-12: Latest Australian ratings see Alan Jones and Kyle and Jackie O shows both increasing their share.
2009-08-13: Spanish Broadcasting System revenues down 18% in second quarter.
2009-08-13: Arbitron continues defending PPM which comes under attack from Citadel but gets thanks from CBS.
2009-08-13: Winners announced for BBC World Service and British Council International Radio Playwriting Competition 2009.
2009-08-13: Sirius XM Prices notes offering to raise USD 250 million to repay some of its debt to Liberty Media
2009-08-14: US National Public Radio reported to have paid former chief executive USD 1.3 million in his final year with some USD 900,000 of it in severance pay.
2009-08-14: LBI Media revenues down 16.4% on a year ago in second quarter.
2009-08-14: Australian metropolitan radio revenues down around 5% overall in July compared to a year earlier although Melbourne reports an increase.
2009-08-15: Austereo officially announces Tuesday return for Kyle and Jackie O Show - this time with dump button.

2009-08-16: BBC criticized over airplay given on Jo Whiley Show to bands handled by her husband.
2009-08-16: Plan for company owned by its founder to buy WorldSpace assets reported to be foundering.
2009-08-16: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-08-17: Former GMG Radio chief executive John Myers takes a step back to his roots as fill-in breakfast host of Smooth Radio station.
2009-08-17: Univision second quarter revenues down 4% but radio is down nearly 19%.
2009-08-17: St Louis reported at risk of losing classical format on KFUO-FM.
2009-08-18: Absolute radio says it is close to launch of new digital station.
2009-08-18: Buckley sells its Syracuse cluster.
2009-08-18: The Local Radio Company sells Isle of Wight Radio.
2009-08-18: Arbitron meets PPM targets for July for older demographics but still has shortfalls with younger ones/also announces agreement with Lakes Media for Fall 2009 custom survey area report.
2009-08-18: As hosts return to airwaves and term stunt in which a girl said on air that she had been raped when aged 12 a "complete disaster", Australian regulator announces investigation into the programme.
2009-08-19: London Asian radio station Club Asia appoints administrators.
2009-08-19: Although Kyle and Jackie O Show is now back on air in Sydney, return of highlights show in Melbourne is held back.
2009-08-19: Cox Media Group announces new structure combining radio, TV and newspaper operations.
2009-08-20: Impairment charges push Macquarie Media Group into loss and accountants express reservations about its ability to continue as a going concern.
2009-08-21: Radio listening remains steady in Ireland according to latest ratings.
2009-08-21: BBC's Head of Future Media & Technology Audio & Music James Cridland leaving Corporation.
2009-08-21: US radio revenues down 22% in second quarter according to Radio Advertising Bureau.

2009-08-22: Arbitron attempt to invalidate Digimarc patents that the latter says it has may have infringed with its Portable People Meter has negligible effect on stock prices of both companies.
2009-08-22: CBS Radio dumps 15 staff in advance of switch of KFWB-AM, Los Angeles from news to news-talk.
2009-08-23: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-08-24: WorldSpace CEO Noah Samara, whose purchase of the company's assets appears to be in trouble, sells house in DC for USD 1.24 million.
2009-08-24: RTÉ Radio rejects claims from Ireland's commercial radio sector that it has abandoned its public broadcasting remit following a planned revamp of its radio services/ also co-operates with the sector in Choose Radio campaign.
2009-08-24: UK Commercial Radio body The RadioCentre attacks BBC Radio 2 and sister station 6-Music for attracting too many younger listeners.

2009-08-25: Austereo profit down 15% in year to end of June on underlying revenues down 2.9%.
2009-08-25: UKRD reported close to sale of Portsmouth station The Quay- says it is the last of The Local Radio Company stations it is planning to dispose of.
2009-08-25: Conservative US host Michael Savage issues notice of legal action over his ban from the UK unless former Home Secretary apologizes, withdraws comments and agrees to pay substantial damages by Sept 1.
2009-08-26: UK media regulator upholds five complaints against radio in latest Bulletin, one over swearing by Hollywood veteran actor.
2009-08-26: Canadian private radio revenues up 5.6% in fiscal year to end of August 2008 but Statistics Canada warns that these do not take into account subsequent economic downturn.
2009-08-26: BBC reported to have paid Radio 2 Controller Lesley Douglas, who resigned last year, around a third more than other station controllers/other BBC radio news.
2009-08-26: The Local Radio Company calls Extraordinary Meeting to get approval for delisting from London Alternative Investment Market.
2009-08-27: Federal Communications Commission dismisses CBS appeal against fine over competitive eating competition.
2009-08-27: UTV revenues for first six months down 10% but radio does better than TV.
2009-08-27: Austereo reported to be close to signing deal with Eddie McGuire to host Triple-M breakfast show.
2009-08-27: Absolute Radio to mark its first birthday with Madness gig in Regent Street, London.
2009-08-28: CBS Radio correspondent Cami McCormick injured whilst travelling with US troops in Afghanistan.
2009-08-28: James Murdoch attacks BBC and UK media regulator Ofcom in lecture.
2009-08-29: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council rules that comments on homosexuality made on Quebec station came close but did not breach industry codes.
2009-08-29: Newly-formed company Your Media Communications Ltd buys South West Radio's five stations from administrator.
2009-08-29: Indian government reported to be considering lifting ban on private FMs airing news.
2009-09-02: Air drops and brush clearing ease fears for Mt Wilson transmission complex serving Los Angeles but complex and Mt Wilson Observatory still at risk.

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July 2009 -

2009-07-01: Cumulus renegotiates its lending arrangements for third time in agreement running to end of March 2011.
2009-07-01: UK media regulator in June Radio Broadcast Update says that two stations found to be operating out of format are now back in compliance, notes addition to two national digital stations and handing back of one local analogue licences as well as other licensing actions.
2009-07-01: US Federal Communications Commission proposes fines totalling USD 24,000 for breach of Equality of Employment Opportunity rules.
2009-07-01: UK Radio Festival hears criticism of media regulator as being out of touch and discusses digital radio switchover and prison radio amongst other topics.
2009-07-01: Sirius XM extends CEO Mel Karmazin's contract to end of 2012 giving him pay rise from USD 1.25 million to USD 1.5 million a year plus an option on 120 million shares at 43 cents.
2009-07-02: Cumulus Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Martin R. Gausvik resigns "to pursue other opportunities."
2009-07-02: Arbitron responds to Federal Communications Commission Notice of Inquiry into Portable People Ratings by saying the agency has no authority to regulate ratings and in any case the PPM does not disadvantage minority stations because of system faults.
2009-07-03: Sydney Beatz Radio still blacklisted by some security organizations although it says it has now removed from its site malware that purported to offer link to Michael Jackson video but that went to password-stealing site.
2009-07-03: Iowa Public Radio cuts nine posts in re-organization.
2009-07-03: Melbourne sports station loses major customer, possibly because it took adverts from a rival company.
2009-07-04: FMs in smaller Indian towns being asked to pay around three times their revenues in music royalties according to private FM industry.
2009-07-05: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-07-06: Casey Kasem steps down after having hosted countdown shows on US radio for nearly four decades although his Top 40 Countdown Shows from the 70s and 80s will remain in syndication.
2009-07-06: UK media regulator upholds only one radio complaint in latest Bulletin - it rejects multiple complaints that Jonathan Ross Show comments that were alleged to be derogatory of and hostile towards the gay community.
2009-07-07: Astral Media announces tie-up with NRJ, France's largest commercial radio group, under which its ten Énergie network stations in Quebec will become the NJR Network.
2009-07-07: Absolute Radio posts stream of Blur Concert in Hyde Park, London, free for a week.
2009-07-07: Vatican Radio starts broadcasting adverts as Catholic Church, which funds the station, tries to ease financial pressures upon it.
2009-07-07: Clear Channel Outdoor shares fall114% following reports that bond offering has failed and parent Clear Channel could face problems meeting loan conditions.
2009-07-07: The Local Radio Company announces that it is to close its High Wycombe HQ and is also reported in negotiations to sell Isle of Wight Radio.
2009-07-07: iBiquity calls on Federal Communications Commission to allow an immediate increase in digital signal power.
2009-07-08: SoundExchange announces rates deal with "pure play" webcasters.
2009-07-08: Australian metropolitan radio revenues down 3.28% in year to end of June but industry body Commercial Radio Australia points out that Australian radio fared better than that in UK and US in 2008

2009-07-09: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that changes made to competition by Newfoundland station broke industry codes.
2009-07-09: UK media regulator OFCOM highlights switch to digital in its annual report, which also says costs on a like-for-like basis are down a fifth since its first budget in 2004-5.
2009-07-09: Astral Media reports revenues up 3% in third quarter but radio was down 4% although all divisions are up for first nine months.
2009-07-10: Federal Communications Commission fines Ohio noncommercial station USD 6,000 for broadcasting adverts.
2009-07-10: Arbitron, facing criticism for effect of Portable People Meter ratings on minority broadcasters, announces sponsorship of National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Centennial Convention/ also testifies to House Judiciary Committee hearing that PPM electronic ratings are essential for radio.
2009-07-10: Emmis first quarter revenues fall 29%.
2009-07-11: Sydney radio could face a shake-up according to reports suggesting Ray Hadley could jump from 2GB to 2UE if it is prepared to pay him AUD 5 million a year.
2009-07-12: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2009-07-13: Our weekly look at print comment on radio plus listening suggestions.
2009-07-13: Australian Broadcasting Corporation announces two appointments to complete its radio management shake-up.
2009-07-14: First portable HD receiver goes on sale in the US priced at under USD 50.
2009-07-14: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles attacks radio as boring and accuses Corporation of being in a "very weird state" following row over comments made on Russell Brand Show that led it to tighten up its procedures.
2009-07-15: New York Times sells classical station WXQR in three-way deal with WNYC and Univision/ Clear Channel sells Pennsylvania AM/ CBS Radio adding two more all-sports stations.
2009-07-15: Newcap to sell two Ontario FMs to Acadia Broadcasting.
2009-07-15: Arbitron commercializes PPM Rations in Miami-Ft Lauderdale-Hollywood and almost simultaneously Florida Attorney-General launches lawsuit to prevent use of the ratings until they have Media Research Council accreditation.
2009-07-15: CAD 175 million radio write-down takes Corus to loss for third quarter and year to date - its TV did better than radio with revenues down 1% whilst radio was down 15%: In contrast XM Canada's revenues rise 30% on increased subscriber numbers.
2009-07-16: Revenues at Indian state broadcaster All India Radio fall 10.6% year-on-year in 2008-09/ Government reported in final stages of setting new policy for satellite radio
2009-07-16: Arbitron releases details of survey showing cell-phone-only household penetration in US based on the 151 markets it surveys.
2009-07-16: BBC Radio 1 announces line-up changes that see Edith Bowman and Jo Whiley losing their weekday slots.
2009-07-17: Former Sydney 2UE morning host lands station with AUD 360,000 penalty for breahcing rules on disclosing sponsors.
2009-07-18: Ousted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to host shows on WLS-AM, Chicago, tomorrow and next Sunday.
2009-07-19: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-07-20: Fairfax Media confirms it has spoken to 2GB morning host Ray Hadley but pours cold water on suggestions it would pay him AUD 5 million a year to move to 2UE.
2009-07-20: Clear Channel Executive Vice President, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary Andrew Levin resigns - top stap down in January.
2009-07-20: Despite rush to report lifting of the ban on his entering Britain in Conservative US publications, Conservative host Michael Savage says the ban remains and he will continue legal action against former Home Secretary and British government.
2009-07-21: UK media regulator upholds three radio complaints in latest Bulletin.
2009-07-21: Clear Channel Radio announces that it is to donate four small-market AM stations - one of which it reportedly failed to give away earelier this year,. to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council.
2009-07-21: Arbitron second quarter revenues up 10.4% with net income up nearly six-fold.
2009-07-22: Deal to run Emmis station in Los Angeles boosts Grupo Radio Centro's revenues but also helps take the Mexican company into a net loss in its second quarter.
2009-07-22: Federal Communications Commission fines Texas non-commercial station USD 6,000 for airing adverts.
2009-07-22: Journal Communications sells two AMs to Christian broadcaster as impairment charges take it into second quarter loss/ Independently-owned Indianapolis FM also being sold to another Christian broadcaster.
2009-07-22: Senate Commerce Committee sends nominations of Mignon Clyburn and Meredith Attwell Baker as Federal Communications Commissioners to the full Senate.
2009-07-22: Arqiva takes full control of UK Digital One national commercial multiplex and also of Global Radio's Now Digital local multiplexes.
2009-07-23: Denmark's most popular private radio station, R100, reported to be in financial crisis and could go bankrupt.
2009-07-23: US National Association of Broadcasters claims more support from lawmakers in fight against introduction of performance royalties for US terrestrial radio.
2009-07-24: US Federal Communications Commission substitutes admonishment for USD 7,000 fine on Colorado AM.
2009-07-24: Austereo chief executive Michael Anderson says he will stand down after current term ends- he has been with the company for two decades.
2009-07-24: US Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hearing about proposed performance royalties for terrestrial radio on August 4.
2009-07-24: Federal Communications Commission heads back to full strength with Senate confirmation of nominations as Commissioners of Democrat Mignon L. Clyburn and Republican Meredith Attwell Baker.
2009-07-25: Chennai (former Madras) radio station, which is in a disupte over royalty payments, is ordered to provide bank guarantees for payments whilst the case proceeds.
2009-07-25: City of Ionia to seek payment of some USD 41,000 of costs from Clear Channel in conenction with its annual B93 birthday bash that was flooded out in June with result that some drivers are also seeking to recover costs of damage to their vehicles.
2009-07-26: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2009-07-27: US National Association of Broadcasters launches tool "What's working for you?" on its web site that allows stations to share success stories.
2009-07-27: Lenders take over Border Media Partners.
2009-07-27: US National Public Radio launches revamped web site/ BBC Russian Service adds audio to its site.
2009-07-28: New Jersey Internet radio host Hal Turner arrested over alleged threats to Federal Judges including calls for them to be killed.
2009-07-28: Media Watch, a new version of the Radio Control Watch, the world's first device for electronic radio ratings, makes its debut in latest Swiss ratings.
2009-07-28: Arbitron responds to call for US Governent Accountability Office to asses Portable People Meter by saying it welcomes every opportunity to discuss the system.
2009-07-29: Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachoswki announces senior staff appointments at agency.
2009-07-29: iBiquity announces USD 42.5 million of preference share sales to existing shareholders/Radio One Inc. prepares for possible reverse split of its stock.
2009-07-30: Austereo, its 2-DAY FM and breakfast team of  Kyle and Jackie O under heavy criticism after "Lie Detector" segment that resulted in 14-years-old girl confessing on air that she had been raped when she was 12.
2009-07-30: Cumulus flips WNFM-FM Nashville to charts i106hits.
2009-07-30: Dianne Warwick gets personal in attack on Radio One Inc. chairwoman Catherine L. Hughes' attitude to performance royalties for artists.
2009-07-30: Sirius XM extends employment of President and Chief Content Officer Scott Greenstein until 2013.

2009-07-31: Australian Prime Minister and his Deputy get involved in row over radio show "Lie Detector" segment in which a 14-years old girl revealed live on air that she was raped when she was 12.
2009-07-31: Republican Meredith Attwell Baker sworn in as Commissioner - welcomed by Federal Communications Commission chairman.

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