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January 2010
2010-01-01: Churchill Media closes down its stations in Oregon.
2010-01-01: Rush Limbaugh now out of hospital - says tests have shown nothing wrong with his heart.

2010-01-02: Focus on the Family founder James Dobson announces that he is to host daily radio show with his son Ryan.
2010-01-02: Court refuses claim by former ABC Radio Networks president Mitch Dolan that Citadel's action in denying him USD 850,000 severance pay - as ordered by an arbitrator - because he tried to entice Sean Hannity into a deal with him should be rejected because arbitration was mandated in his employment contract.
2010-01-03: Former Sydney morning host John Laws, who retired two years ago after 55 year broadcasting career, considering return to the airwaves.
2010-01-03: New York Post looks at political clout of Inner City Broadcasting and its financial problems.
2010-01-03: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-01-04: Boyzone and solo singer-songwriter Ronan Keating gets Sunday show on Magic FM in London.
2010-01-04: Rush Limbaugh to return to air waves on Wednesday after being told he has no heart problems.
2010-01-04: Deminski and
Doyle bow out from Greater Media's WCSX-FM, Detroit.
2010-01-05: Westwood One buys Sigalert through its Metro Traffic Division.
2010-01-05: Regent shares fall more than a third following on news that it failed to meet scheduled payment at end of December.
2010-01-06: BBC Radio 2 announces that Moira Stuart is to be main newsreader on Chris Evans Breakfast Show, which launches on Monday/Evans predicts continuing success and has dig at Radio 1 rival Chris Moyles.
2010-01-06: Austereo appoints its Head of Content Guy Dobson as CEO
2010-01-06: Budapest Court rules in favour of Danubius Radio in lawsuit it brought when after and Emmis-controlled Sláger Radio lost their licences last year to bidders linked with political parties.
2010-01-07: Jonathan Ross, its highest-paid on-air star, to leave the BBC when his contract ends.
2010-01-07: Regent to be delisted tomorrow.
2010-01-08: Emmis revenues down 18.5% in its third quarter but reduction in impairment charges takes it from large loss a year ago to small profit.
2010-01-09: Australian metropolitan commercial radio revenues up by nearly 5% in December but for full year are down by 2.7%
2010-01-10: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-01-11: Jackie O'Neil Henderson, co-host of the Kyle and Jackie O Show in Sydney says she considered quitting in wake of row over girl who said on air she had been raped when aged 12.
2010-01-12: Arbitron President and CEO Michael Skarzynski resigns - replaced by William T. Kerr.
2010-01-12: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds just one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2010-01-12: UK Security minister says ban on US radio host Michael Savage is to stay.
2010-01-12: Arbitron says Skarzynski resignation followed misleading testimony to House Committee.
2010-01-13: BBC Editorial Complaints Unit says BBC Radio overdid promotion of Coldplay and U2.
2010-01-13: New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez calls for investigation of Arbitron's Portable People Meter.
2010-01-13: Corus overall revenues and profits up but radio is down in its first quarter.
2010-01-13: Fairfax Media to hold former Sydney 2UE Morning Host John Laws to his non-compete contract that stops him working until December.
2010-01-13: Black Crow Media LLC, which operates 22 radio stations, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2010-01-14: Astral Media follows rival Corus in reporting first quarter revenues and profits up driven by TV - radio and outdoor revenues were down.
2010-01-15: BBC Radio 1 announced that Tom Deacon will host Sunday show in revamp of Sunday evening schedule.
2010-01-15: Citadel drops Michael Fowler as president and general manager of its news/talk WLS-AM and oldies WLS-FM in Chicago -replaces him with Michael Damsky.
2010-01-16: Rush Limbaugh denies suggesting that his listeners not donate to Haitian earthquake relief efforts.
2010-01-17: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-01-17: Veteran D.C. host Donnie Simpson reported to be negotiating early exit from CBS Radio's WPGC-FM.
2010-01-18: Australian regulator calls on commercial radio industry to come up with new codes for live hosted entertainment shows or have them imposed by it.
2010-01-18: British DJ Steve Penk comes under criticism for playing van Halen's "Jump" while police were trying - unsuccessfully - to talk woman from jumping off motorway bridge.
2010-01-19: AMI, corporate holding group for Media News Group, files for pre-agreed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2010-01-19: CBS to flip Pittsburgh pop station WBZW-FM (B94) to The FAN sports format next month.
2010-01-19: Emmis claims "triumph" as Budapest Court rules that bidder awarded the licence of its Sláger Radio was barred because of its ownership of another station but it remains unclear if any action will follow.
2010-01-19: Sirius-XM says it ended 2009 with nearly 19 million subscribers and USD 100 million of Free Cash Flow.
2010-01-20: Black Crow Media signs with Nielsen for radio ratings in Huntsville.
2010-01-20: Bubba the Love Sponge punched for comments he twittered about Haiti.
2010-01-20: Radio Mirchi operator reports profits doubled in quarter to end of 2009 and up seven fold for first nine months of fiscal year but still says it will not bid for more licences unless music royalties issues are solved/regrets continue about demise of WorldSpace India service.

2010-01-21: JVC Media ends simulcast of WPTY-FM's Party FM to New York on low-power TV frequency it took over from Mega Media's Pulse FM.
2010-01-21: Air America Radio ends live programming and says it is to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and shut down.
2010-01-22: Citadel swings the axe again in Chicago.
2010-01-22: Radio Ranch founder Dick Orkin says he wants his name taken from National Radio Hall of Fame unless action is taken against Rush Limbaugh for his remarks over Haiti.
2010-01-23: Clear Channel Radio CEO says it would be natural home for Howard Stern if he wants to return to terrestrial radio.
2010-01-23: Washington Post reports that late Paul Harvey submitted scripts in advance of airing to FBI chairman Edgar J. Hoover.
2010-01-24: More Chicago radio cut-backs, this time at Tribune Co's WGN-AM.
2010-01-24: Former long-time Federal Communications Commissioner James Henry Quello dies aged 95.
2010-01-24: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-01-25: Sydney 2GB drivetime host Chris Smith, suspended for groping women at Christmas Party, due to return to air early February.
2010-01-25: Howard Stern tells his listeners he has no intention of returning to terrestrial radio.
2010-01-26: UK media regulator upholds one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2010-01-26: Drew Hayes to become operations director of WLS-AM, Chicago/ Michael Savage returns to San Francisco airwaves on Feb 1.
2010-01-26: Absolute Radio announces senior management team.
2010-01-27: US Federal Communications Commission orders one station off air, fines another operator USD 20,000 but cancels USD 14,000 penalties on a third.
2010-01-27: UK House of Lords hearing told speedy switch off of analogue radio is vital for commercial radio.
2010-01-27: UK talk host Jon Gaunt gets judicial review of Ofcom ruling that he breached broadcasting codes in calling a councillor a Health Nazi and ignorant pig.

2010-01-28: Westwood One goes public with objections to report that included it in a list of companies at financial risk.
2010-01-28: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholds three complaints against radio programme at Compliance meeting.
2010-01-29: Federal Communications Commission gives go-ahead for increase in digital broadcast power - most stations can put it up four fold immediately.
2010-01-29: Corus closes two loss-making AMs in Montreal.
2010-01-30: Georgia station owner blames toppling of tower on vandalism.
2010-01-31: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

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February 2010

2010-02-01: UK Channel 4 confirms it is holding talks with BBC host Jonathan Ross, who has said he will not renew his contract when it runs out in July.
2010-02-01: UK radio industry considers scheme to offer discounts on digital receivers for old analogue ones to boost switch to digital.
2010-02-01: US Federal Communications Commission puts forward USD 325.5 million budget for 2011 fiscal year/ trims fine on North Carolina station from USD 10,000 to USD 8,000.
2010-02-02: UK media regulator Ofcom announces awards in second round of community radio funding for 2009-10.
2010-02-02: Slow rise in women in senior positions in US radio continues in 2009.
2010-02-03: Air America Radio bankruptcy filing shows some air names still owed pay but most of USD 15 million-plus unsecured debt is owed to chairman Charlie Kireker's company.
2010-02-03: BBC COO tells House of Lords committee the Corporation will not finance additional DAB coverage to match FM coverage without firm digital switchover date and suitable licence fee award, also warns that Asian Network radio service could be at risk.
2010-02-04: Citadel says its bankruptcy re-organization plans will cut debt from USD 2.8 billion to less than USD 1 billion.
2010-02-04: Latest UK radio ratings show medium's reach up but digital share falls over previous quarter.
RNW Note: We regret delays in updating ourUK radio ratings report.
2010-02-05: White House nominates Richard M. Lobo, current President and CEO of WEDU TV, to head International Broadcasting Bureau, which provides transmission facilities for US governments international civilian broadcasters.
2010-02-05: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 16,000 fine on New York station for recording prank call without gaining permission/ confirms USD 4,000 fine on South Carolina stations for another similar offence.
2010-02-06: Media research pioneer Frank N. Magid dies aged 78 of cancer.
2010-02-06: Australian commercial radio revenues up for third consecutive month in January.
2010-02-07: Former Hawaii Congressman Cecil Landau "Cec" Heftel, whose Heftel Broadcasting developed into Hispanic Broadcasting Co., now Univision Radio, dies aged 85 in San Diego.
2010-02-07: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-02-08: Sydney 2GB and breakfast host Alan Jones have to pay Lebanese community leader AUD 10,000 in damages but are allowed stay of order to make apologies.
2010-02-08: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds one radio complaint and considers two others resolved through broadcasters' actions in its latest bulletin.
2010-02-08: Howard Stern tells his Sirius XM listeners he is in talks about being a judge on American Idol.
2010-02-09: Global Radio's Capital FM hires R& B Singer Akon to host Saturday evening show.
2010-02-09: BBC discloses that in year to end of March 2009 it spent GBP 229 million, just under 7% of its Licence Fee funding, on artists, presenters, musicians and other contributors/ also posts expenses details for senior executives.
2010-02-09: Cox Radio's first station WHIO-AM, Dayton, marks its 75th anniversary.
2010-02-10: India's Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting says he will issue orders for organizing poetry reading sessions in all the radio stations across the country.
2010-02-10: WLS-AM, Chicago, dumps Erich "Mancow" Muller and Pat Cassidy.
2010-02-11: Absolute Radio signs agrees three-year deal for UK soccer commentary/ Capital Radio guest host's swearing goes on air.
2010-02-11: Detroit veteran Dick Purtan announces on air that he is to retire after 45 years.
2010-02-11: Hubbard to flip its Twin Cities KTSP-AM from talk to sports as ESPN outlet, taking over ESPN programming from Clear Channel's KFAN.
2010-02-12: Arbitron wins temporary injunction ordering Spanish Broadcasting System to resume Portable People Meter encoding, which it had turned off.
2010-02-12: International broadcasters the BBC, Deutsche Welle and Voice of America jointly condemn Iranian jamming of international broadcasts.
2010-02-12: Clear Channel's KFI-AM, Los Angeles, announces that Toronto host Joe Carroll is to take over its noon to 14:00 slot with Bill Handel dropping out of the show to concentrate on his 05:00 to 09:00 stints.

2010-02-13: Latest Irish ratings show 87% of the population listen to radio daily.
2010-02-13: (Sir)Terry Wogan back on BBC Radio 2 tomorrow with his new Sunday Show/ other BBC radio news.

Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
Georgia WHLR-FM, taken off air when tower was brought down last month, goes back on air.
2010-02-15: BBC Trust review says BBC Radio 2 should provide more distinctive service whilst digital station 6 Music needs to increase its reach.
2010-02-16: NASDAQ extends delisting deadline for Spanish Broadcasting System to June/Moody's upgraded Clear Channel rating/ Wells Fargo sues Armada Media over debt.
2010-02-16: New York judge orders Spanish Broadcasting System to continue encoding its broadcast signals for Arbitron's Portable People Meter ratings.
2010-02-17: US Federal Communications Commission back in action after snow hit its operations - posts include a number of fines on radio.
2010-02-17: Spanish Broadcasting System accuses Arbitron of treating customers with disdain and failing to meet its obligations with Portable People Meter ratings.
2010-02-18: In shake-up of British Premier League soccer radio rights, BBC Radio Five Live loses a third of its games and UTV's talkSPORT doubles its number.
2010-02-18: Arbitron revenues and profits up in 2009 and final quarter of that year.
2010-02-18: Austereo reports revenues for first half-year down 2.8% on a year earlier but sees signs of improvement this year.
2010-02-18: CBS revenues down 7% in 2009 compared to 2008 but only 0.1% in final quarter although radio revenues were down 21% for the year and 12% for the final quarter.

2010-02-19: Arbitron reveals details of initial 2-year contract with President and CEO William T. Kerr.
2010-02-19: US Radio Advertising Bureau says 2009 US radio revenues were down 18% on 2008 but fall reduced each quarter, setting positive lead-in to 2010.
2010-02-20: Australian commercial radio broadcasters' representatives meet with manufacturers and retailers and agree they need to collaborate to promote digital radio.
2010-02-21: Santa Monica College appoints Assistant General Manager Jennifer Ferro as KCRW-FM GM to succeed Ruth Seymour who is retiring after 32 years running the station.
2010-02-21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-02-22: Arbitron expands its Radio Advisory Council.
2010-02-22: New York radio revenues reported up 9% on a year ago in January/BIA-Kelsey forecasts slow recovery in local media revenues in US next year, speeding up in 2012.
2010-02-22: Phonographic Performance Company of Australia starts legal action to try and end cap on performance royalties paid by Australian commercial radio/ US National Association of Broadcasters claims more support from lawmakers in its opposition to performance royalties.
2010-02-23: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2010-02-23: Entercom revenues down 8% in final quarter of 2009 and 15% down for full year/Salem agrees new deal with its chairman.
2010-02-24: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland announces awarding of Euros 956,000 for 88 radio projects.
2010-02-24: BBC announces new jazz show for Radio 2, changes at Radio 1 and 1Xtra/ R'nd'B artist Akon quits Capital FM show after just one edition.
2010-02-24: CBS extends employment agreement with President and CEO Leslie Moonves until 2015.
2010-02-25: Australian Communications and Media Authority launches consultation about revised commercial radio codes.
2010-02-25: Moody's report says that Clear Channel restructuring is inevitable.
2010-02-25: Sirius XM Radio reports profit in final quarter of 2009, greatly reduces loss for whole year, and forecasts subscriber total at end of this year to be above previous 19 million record.
2010-02-25: Mexican radio group Grupo Radio Centro reports revenues up in 2009 but profits plummet compared to 2008.
2010-02-25: Austereo takes FM lead in all metro markets in first Australian ratings of the year.
2010-02-26: US host Bubba the Love Sponge vehemently denies allegations that he made hate call to TNA wrestler Awesome Kong.
2010-02-26: UK Times says BBC is planning to close two digital radio stations.
2010-02-26: Univision revenues up in final quarter of 2009 although down for full year with radio down for both periods/ company says it will continue policy of not using Portable People Meter ratings in non-accredited markets.
2010-02-27: Number of licensed US broadcasting stations continues to rise in 2009 despite country's economic woes.
2010-02-28: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week..

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March 2010

2010-03-01: BBC1 Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles to host TV documentary on history of the station's breakfast show/ new commercial and community FMs launch in England.
2010-03-01: Arbitron says it has improved its Portable People Metrics in January and also that it has put proposals relating to the PPM forward to a congressional committee.
2010-03-01: Regent Communications comes under control of lender Oaktree Capital in pre-arranged bankruptcy filing but senior management keep their jobs

2010-03-02: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholds four radio complaints in its most recent adjudication.
2010-03-02: Citadel revenues down 9% in fourth quarter of 2009 and down 19.3% for full year.
2010-03-02: BBC confirms plans for cuts that would include closure of digital radio stations 6 Music and The Asian Network.
2010-03-03: California college station KCSN-FM switches to all AAA format, moves classical content to HD channel.
2010-03-03: Lobbying battle over Performance Royalties continues in Washington D.C.
2010-03-03: Cumulus revenues down 7.3% in final quarter, 17.8% for full year 2009 compared to a year earlier.
2010-03-04: Emmis signs new deal with radio president Rick Cummings.
2010-03-04: US loses another smooth jazz outlet as Entercom flips Sacramento KSSJ-FM to adult alternative format.
2010-03-04: UK radio industry unveils working prototype of combined analogue and digital radio station guide.
2010-03-04: BMW Mini offers internet radio option.
2010-03-04: Entravision, Saga, and Salem report final quarter revenues in 2009 down by less than in previous quarters.
2010-03-05: Beasley revenues down 16.4% in final quarter but fall is less than in previous quarters.
2010-03-06: Australian commercial radio revenues rise in February for fourth successive month but at a lower rate.
2010-03-07: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-03-08: Astral enters into agreement with Emmis Interactive to boost its interactive business.
2010-03-08: Corus to move three Winnipeg stations into part of former CTV building.
2010-03-08: CBS Radio announces HD quadcast of four sports stations on its WJMK-FM frequency.
2010-03-09: UK media regulator upholds one complaint against radio in latest Bulletin.
2010-03-09: Comments by US host Rush Limbaugh about going to Costa Rica for medical treatment should US health reforms become law, lead to misleading reports suggesting he might leave the US and notes that Costa Rica has a
government-run universal health service.
2010-03-09: BIA-Kelsey forecasts US local broadcasting revenues to rise by 2.8% a year.

2010-03-10: UK media regulator approves format change for Nation Radio, the former Xfm South Wales.
2010-03-10: Tyler Media takes KOJK-FM's Jack FM off air and moves country Oklahoma City KKNG onto the frequency prior to format change on KKNG's more powerful signal/ also drops three on-air personalities at KKNG.
2010-03-10: Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels issues list of 119 words banned from WGN-AM.
2010-03-10: SBS results show continuing revenue falls in final quarter of 2009 but by less than in previous quarters.
2010-03-11: Fisher Communications revenues down 19% in final quarter 2009 but fall is smaller than earlier in the year.
2010-03-11: Nielsen adds Sunrise Broadcasting's four stations in Newburgh-Middletown, New York to its radio ratings.
2010-03-11: BBC Trust to launch two more radio service reviews this year/new schedules for BBC Radio 2.
2010-03-11: Clear Channel revenues fall in 2009 but by decreasing percentages throughout the year.
2010-03-12: US National Association of Broadcasters claims more support from US lawmakers in fight against performance royalties, continues its attack on recording companies.
2010-03-12: Sirius XM offers USD 550 million of new notes - to institutional investors - with prime use of the proceeds to be to retire existing notes.
2010-03-12: DMG gives up on its lowly-rated baby-boomer Vega format and flips Sydney and Melbourne Vega FMs to Classic Rock.

2010-03-13: Rogers' stations take the largest number of broadcast awards in this year's Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards.
2010-03-14: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-03-15: Arbitron says its RADAR 104 network ratings report shows radio reach increasing as markets move to Portable People Meter ratings.
2010-03-15: Manhattan bankruptcy judge sends Citadel re-organization plan forward.
2010-03-16: WCBS reports deaths of two of its veterans - executive Joseph Dembo who oversaw its flip to news format and New York radio personality Ron Lundy, who retired from oldies WCBS-FM in 1997.
2010-03-16: WorldSpace says Liberty Media has pulled out of "strategic" negotiations with it and that it may decommission its satellites/Federal Communications Commission formally dismisses remaining petition from Primosphere for reconsideration of its grant of US satellite radio licences to Sirius and XM.
2010-03-17: US Federal Communications Commission to hold next media ownership workshop in Tampa, Florida, on April 20.
2010-03-17: DJ Charlie Gillett, best known for his World Music programmes on the BBC, dies aged 68.
2010-03-17: Sirius XM Radio receives NASDAQ delisting notice/says it is to ask for hearing about regaining compliance.
2010-03-18: Arbitron announces names of new members of its expanded Radio Advisory Council.
2010-03-18: Los Angeles remains top billing US radio market in 2009 with KIIS-FM, Los Angeles, remaining top billing station according to BIA/Kelsey.
2010-03-19: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 30,000 in penalties on Birch Broadcasting/ also announces consent decrees with two non-commercial educational stations.
2010-03-20: WorldSpace files request to Delaware bankruptcy court to be allowed to de-orbit or sell its satellites/Liberty Media, which bought its debt, counter-files, claiming that the satellites are not now WorldSpace's assets.
2010-03-21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-03-22: Report on digital radio in Australia shows some half a million Australians a week listening via DAB+ -slightly fewer than listen online but they listen much longer.
2010-03-22: Triton's Dial Global continues its dominance in RADAR 104 US network ratings.
2010-03-23: UK media regulator upholds complaints against two broadcast by West Midlands Asian community station in its latest bulletin.
2010-03-23: Seattle commercial classical station KING-FM plans to move to listener-supported format.
2010-03-23: UTV 2009 revenues down 6% on 2008 with operating profits down 19.4%
2010-03-24: Arbitron settles patent dispute with Digimarc and licences latter's technology for its Portable People Mater ratings system.
2010-03-24: BBC announces go-ahead to add 60 more DAB digital radio transmitters for its national services.
2010-03-24: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 4,000 penalty on Journal Broadcast for failing to conduct competition in accordance with its advertised conditions.
2010-03-24: Guardian Media Group announces that its chief executive Carolyn McCall is to joining easyJet as its chief executive.
2010-03-25: Radio One Inc founder Cathy Hughes again attacks idea of performance royalties in interview with Atlanta Post.
2010-03-25: Top rated Sydney breakfast host Alan Jones marks 25 years on air.
2010-03-26: National Association of Broadcasters spends USD 3.25 million and Clear Channel USD 820,000 on lobbying in final quarter of 2009.
2010-03-26: Sirius XM to appear before NASDAQ listings panel on April 29.
2010-03-27: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholds one radio complaint in latest compliance meeting.
2010-03-28: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-03-29: Arbitron figures show network listening up overall - but down amongst younger listeners; Also posts latest Portable People Meter sample metrics and to go to Arbitron with Spanish Broadcasting System over PPM encoding row.
2010-03-29: CBS, which has been operating Los Angeles KWFB-AM under a waiver since 2002 KCAL TV purchase put it above market limits, reported to be finally preparing to sell station.

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