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June 2010

2010-06-01: Astral Media moves radio sales into Astral RadioPlus as part of corporate rebranding/forecasts rebound in radio advertising.
2010-06-01: Group of 30 organizations calls on US Federal Communications Commission to launch study of hate speech in media and its effects on hate crimes.
2010-06-01: NextMedia emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

2010-06-02: US Federal Communications Commission rejects call to reconsider transfer of licences of Tama Broadcasting to receiver.
2010-06-02: Arbitron and Spanish Broadcasting System settle Portable People Meter dispute/extend PPM ratings agreement.

2010-06-03: Cost of a national licence in Indian broadband spectrum auction approaches USD 2 billion.
2010-06-03: Clear Channel and Fox News Radio extend their agreement for a further five years.
2010-06-03: BBC Trust starts review of BBC Radios 3, 4, and 7.
2010-06-03: Canadian commercial radio revenues down 5.2% in 2009 fiscal year.
2010-06-03: Citadel emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2010-06-04: Price for national broadband licence in Indian auction now above USD 2 billion.
2010-06-04: Former WSCR-AM host Mike Murphy sues CBS Radio over what claims are illegal non-compete clauses in his contract.
2010-06-05: Cost of national licence in Indian broadband spectrum auction approaches USD 2.1 billion.
2010-06-05: Rush Limbaugh marries for fourth time.
2010-06-06: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-06-07: UK Media regulator upholds two complaints against radio in latest bulletin.
2010-06-07: Price for a countrywide broadband licence in India's BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) auction moves above INR 100 billion.
2010-06-07: Australian metropolitan radio advertising revenues up 7.66% on a year earlier in May.
2010-06-07: Tribune Co.'s WGN-AM hires long-time WLW-AM, Cincinnati, midday host Mike McConnell/ Chicago Windows to the World public broadcaster announces cutbacks.
2010-06-08: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission formally revokes licences of Montreal AM's CINW and CINF (Info690), which Corus closed in January.
2010-06-08: Price for a countrywide broadband licence in India's BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) auction approaches USD 2.5 billion.
2010-06-08: Delaware bankruptcy court expected to confirm on Thursday the transfer of WorldSpace assets to company set up by its founder Noah Samara.
2010-06-08: US General Accountability Office in preliminary report says introduction of performance royalties could cost US radio some USD 19 million a year and lead to some stations changing to non music formats or closing down.
2010-06-09: Price for a countrywide broadband licence in India's BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) auction moves to more than USD 2.5 billion.
2010-06-09: Canadian watchdog says challenges by hosts to views of interviewee on Vancouver station
meant that despite the nature of the views, industry codes were not breached.
2010-06-10: Reports issued by UK Commercial Industry call for restrictions on BBC stations so that they do not make more inroads into commercial audiences.
2010-06-10: New group makes slightly improved offer for Corus Quebec stations that it has agreed to sell to Cogeco, but Corus and Cogeco say their agreement is binding.
2010-06-10: Citadel signs new employment agreements with top executives following its emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2010-06-11: NME Radio to become online only service, dropping of UK digital TV and multiplex services.
2010-06-11: Five English radio stations that went off the air in March are to be brought back after regulator agrees transfer of licences from their receiver and change of formats.
2010-06-11: Delaware bankruptcy court approves transfer of sales of most of assets of WorldSpace to company controlled by its founder Noah Samara.
2010-06-12: Indian Broadband auction raises USD 8.21 billion for Indian government.
2010-06-12: Democrat Commissioner Mignon Clyburn suggest Federal Communications Commission should consider using spectrum of analogue TV channels 5 and 6 for low-power and community radio.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week. 2010-06-14: WorldSpace, most of whose assets are now owned by company set up by its founder, reported to be going to concentrate efforts in South Africa.
US public broadcasters announce effort to develop Public Media Platform (PMP), a digital distribution network that they say will allow public broadcasters and web producers to combine, create, share and distribute their news and cultural content.
2010-06-14: SNL Kagan forecasts 6.4% rise in US radio revenues this year.
2010-06-15: Clear Channel WLW-AM host Bill Cunningham opts to stay in Cincinnati rather than join WGN-AM in Chicago.
2010-06-15: Arbitron says its RADAR105 network ratings report to be released on Monday shows 239 million Americans a week listen to radio, up by seven million on a year earlier.
2010-06-16: Radio One Inc. announces USD 400 million re-financing plans and intention to increase its holding in TV One.
2010-06-16: Spanish Broadcasting System Chief Revenue Officer Frank Flores leaves the company.
2010-06-16: UK High Court ruling expected next week following hearing in which host Jon Gaunt claims his human rights to free speech were breached by regulator's ruling that his broadcast insults breached its codes.
2010-06-17: CBS Radio News takes Overall Excellence Award for fourth year running in 2010 Murrow Awards.
2010-06-17: Commercial Radio Australia says it has received 294 entries for this year's New Artists 2 Radio Awards.
2010-06-17: UK media regulator awards seven more community radio licences.
2010-06-17: Bauer takes five Golds and host Nick Ferrari two in this year's Arqiva UK Commercial Radio Awards.
2010-06-18: WorldSpace stock added to US naked short selling threshold list.
2010-06-18: US Federal Election Commission says Clear Channel's Phoenix KYFI-AM did not breach rules when host J.D.Hayworth, now running for Senatorial nomination against Senator John McCain , criticized McCain adverts.
2010-06-18: Former
Boston radio talk host and financial adviser Gregg T. Rennie sentenced to seven years in jail for fraud.
2010-06-19: Federal Communications Commission fines five people for operations of two pirate FMs.
2010-06-19: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland launches its 2010 Broadcasting Support Scheme.
2010-06-20: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-06-21: Triton Media's Dial Global networks hold on to dominance of RADAR network ratings.
2010-06-21: Global Radio to halve the number of its Heart stations, cut around 200 staff, following deregulation.
2010-06-21: Arbitron launches PPM360 wireless model of its portable people meter.

2010-06-22: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2010-06-22: Australian duo Hamish and Andy to fill in on Absolute Radio Sunday show next month whilst Christian O'Connell is on holiday.
2010-06-22: Leaders hold an but newcomers fare comparatively poorly in latest Australian ratings.
2010-06-23: Emmis extends to July 30 deadline for bid by chairman, President and CEO Jeffrey Smulyan's JS Acquisition.
2010-06-23: Clear Channel announces that Mark Mays is to step down as President and CEO but will remain Chairman.

2010-06-24: US takes most Gold Awards in this year's Radio Lions advertising awards but no entry is considered strong enough to take Grand Prix prize this year.
2010-06-24: Arbitron drops two EVPs in senior management reorganization.
2010-06-25: Company owned by WorldSpace founder and former CEO Noah Samara buys assets of the bankrupt company for USD 5.5 million..
2010-06-25: UK RadioCentre says BBC was hijacked by commercial organization in Radio 1 Harry Potter Day broadcasts.
2010-06-25: Clear Channel agrees new employment package with Mark Mays running to 2013.
2010-06-26: Tribune Co's WGN-AM, Chicago, drops host Steve Cochran.
2010-06-27: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-06-28: Federal Communications Commission cancels USD 7,000 penalty on North Carolina station but confirms USD 500 one on low-power FM in Washington State.
2010-06-28: US National Association of Broadcasters expresses concern over provisions in US Disclose Act that could hit broadcasters.
2010-06-28: UK media regulator launches consultation on easing advertising restrictions that currently limit sponsorship and prohibit paid-for references in programming.
2010-06-29: London community station Link FM closes down amid financial woes.
2010-06-29: Townsquare Media, the former Regent Communications, announces management appointments.
2010-06-29: UK Guardian Media Group to network its English Smooth stations/cut up to 60 jobs.

2010-06-30: Federal Communications Commission rules that White supremacist write-in candidate is not bona-fide candidate and broadcasters to not have to carry his adverts.
2010-06-30: Melbourne in Australia gets its first full-time Jewish station with award of temporary community licence to Melbourne Jewish Radio, which airs as Lion FM.
2010-06-30: Bridge Ratings says survey shows US terrestrial radio managers understand the importance of digital media t to radio's future but more than 90% of the managers it spoke to are held back by lack of funding and personnel.

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May 2010

2010-05-01: Latest BBC online listening figures show large gains for digital station 6-Music, which along with the Asian Network, is facing closure.
2010-05-01: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholds complaints against two radio programmes, one relating to a presenter's referring listeners to a pornographic web site.
2010-05-01: Bidding in India's 3G spectrum auction reaches USD 2.15 billion.
2010-05-02: Thousands including Irish Prime Minister and President pay tribute to broadcaster Gerry Ryan who was found dead at his home.
2010-05-02: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-05-03: Tribune Co announces that Ed Wilson is standing down as Chief Revenue Officer and president of its broadcasting division.
2010-05-03: UK Sunday Times says BBC World Service is facing cut of up to a quarter in its budget in the next three financial years.
2010-05-03: Federal Communications Commission announces Consent Decree with CBS Radio over Pittsburgh "contest"/ fines Florida pirate USD 10,000.
2010-05-03: Regent renamed Townsquare Media and appoints new CEO and CFO.

2010-05-04: Scottish radio station taken off air by removal of transmitter mid-broadcast.
2010-05-04: Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council says that airing of what it terms mild sexual discussion did not breach its codes.
2010-05-04: UTV 2009 annual report shows increased remuneration for two executive directors but overall figures for its board are down 14.5% on a year earlier.
2010-05-04: Late John Peel's son Tom Ravenscroft to host show on BBC 6 Music/former Capital Radio breakfast host Chris Tarrant amongst stand-ins at BBC Radio 2 this month.
2010-05-04: Sirius XM Radio reports revenues in first quarter up 11% on a year earlier and net income of USD 41.6 million.
2010-05-05: Bidding in Indian 3G spectrum auction tops INR 110 billion (USD 2.46 billion).
2010-05-05: DAB+ digital radio trial to be launched in Australian Federal Capital of Canberra in July.
2010-05-05: CBS revenues up 12% on a year ago in first quarter and loss is halved/Spanish Broadcasting System says NASDAQ has confirmed it is now in compliance with minimum bid price requirements.
2010-05-06: Macquarie Radio Network upgrades its 2009-10 earnings because of strong performance by Sydney 2GB/also says it is looking for ways to upgrade signal of Melbourne Talk Radio.
2010-05-06: Indian media company DB Corporation to demerge its MY FM radio operations from subsidiary into itself.
2010-05-06: Entercom first quarter revenues up 7% on a year ago but net income is down.
2010-05-06: Salem revenues down 0.7% on a year ago in first quarter with net income down from USD 2.9 million to USD 200,000.
2010-05-07: St Louis set to lose classical music station following FCC approval of sale of KFUO-FM.
2010-05-07: Univision revenues up 10.6% in first quarter but radio is down 3.3%
2010-05-08: Bidding in Indian 3G auction approaches INR 130 billion.
2010-05-09: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-05-10: Emmis revenues down a fifth in its fiscal year 2010 to the end of February.
2010-05-10: CBS and Fox rejoin US National Association of Broadcasters.
2010-05-10: Clear Channel revenues up in first quarter and losses reduced.

2010-05-11: UK Media regulator Ofcom in its latest bulletin says it may revoke licences of five radio stations that have ceased broadcasting.
2010-05-11: BIA/Kelsey upbeat about US radio but warns that this year's jump in revenues is against comparisons with very poor 2009.
2010-05-11: BBC dominates 2010 Sony Awards.
2010-05-11: Saga Communications revenues up 7.1% over a year ago and Spanish Broadcasting System up 11% in first quarter.
2010-05-11: Alan Jones and Sydney 2GB increase their lead in latest Australian ratings - Jones 150th survey win and 51st consecutive survey win.
2010-05-12: Citadel in New York bankruptcy court today to argue for its reorganization plan to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
2010-05-12: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland issues revised Broadcasting Codes.
2010-05-12: Bidding in Indian 3G auction now more than four times the base price set by the government.
2010-05-13: Latest UK radio ratings show record listening and BBC share increased over previous ratings and a year ago.
2010-05-13: Florida Attorney-General's office investing complaints against Sirius XM Radio over automatic renewal and billing procedures.
2010-05-14: Latest Irish ratings show slight fall in percentage of adult population listening to radio daily.
2010-05-14: BBC confirms that Graham Norton is to take over BBC Radio 2 Saturday slot currently hosted by Jonathan Ross.
2010-05-15: Australian metropolitan radio advertising revenues up 2.58% on a year ago in April - they were up 15% in March.
2010-05-15: Bidding in Indian 3G auction tops INR 158 billion.
2010-05-16: Citadel bankruptcy hearing continues from tomorrow and that of Tribune Co. to start on Thursday.
2010-05-16: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2010-05-17: Federal Communications Commission posts details of media ownership workshop to be held at Stanford University on May 21.
2010-05-17: Radio One Inc. and Westwood One cut losses but report mixed figures on revenues.
2010-05-17: Sirius XM increases guidance for subscriber numbers and various revenue figures for whole of 2010.
2010-05-18: Media literacy report by UK regulator shows traditional broadcast media content arouses less concerns than internet content with radio the most trusted medium for news.
2010-05-18: LBI first quarter revenues up 9% led by TV - radio revenues were flat.
2010-05-18: Citadel gets go ahead to exit bankruptcy as judge rejects valuation from dissident shareholders.
2010-05-19: BBC suspends  for a week host who said on air that the Queen had died - and seems to have successfully kept the audio unavailable.
2010-05-19: US National Association of Broadcasters adds more new members; says in filing to Federal Communications Commission that Emergency Alert System training should be a matter for the Federal Government and in filing to court calls for most of the agency's ownership restrictions to be scrapped or sent back to it for reworking.
2010-05-19: Indian 3G spectrum auction ends with no operator getting licences in all areas but government making a total of INR 677 billion (USD 14.6 million).
2010-05-20: Conservative US host Glenn Beck goes on the attack after Democrat congressman attacks activities of precious metals dealer that advertises on talk shows - but fails to give convincing answers to criticism of Goldline company involved.
2010-05-20: WorldSpace founder and former chairman, president and CEO Noah Samara in another deal to buy the assets of the bankrupt company.
2010-05-21: Australian Association of National Advertisers joins commercial broadcasters in calling for an easing of country's Commercial Radio Standards.
2010-05-21: Howie Carr reported to have gone to Massachusetts Attorney-General's office three times over pay issues since Entercom prevented him form leaving WRKO-AM to join Greater Media.
2010-05-21: After a year in which revenues were lower - by by a smaller percentage than a year earlier, US Radio Advertising Bureau reports 6% revenue rise in first quarter.
2010-05-22: Upbeat messages about digital radio from three continents.

2010-05-23: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-05-24: Fans of BBC digital station 6 Music gain hope that it may yet be saved from closure.
2010-05-24: Indian broadband spectrum off to strong start.
2010-05-24: US Federal Communications Commission again extends deadline for Sirius XM to make channels available to qualified entities.
2010-05-24: BBC World Service reports record audience for its international news services but radio listening is down.
2010-05-25: UTV-owned Dublin's Q102 now into second ten-year licence term.
2010-05-25: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds two radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2010-05-25: Prices in second day of Indian Broadband spectrum auction up by nearly a fifth.
2010-05-25: Australia regulator requires three New South Wales commercial stations to train staff on importance of licence obligations after they failed to meet local news content requirement.
2010-05-25: US Federal Communications Commission issues Notice of Inquiry looking at whether its current rules promote the Commission's goals of competition, localism, and diversity as part of its media ownership review.
2010-05-26: Emmis Board gives go-ahead for latest attempt by chairman and CEO Jeffrey Smulyan to take the company private.
2010-05-26: CBS Executive chairman Sumner Redstone says he will never sell either CBS or its sister company Viacom.
2010-05-27: UKRD Chief Executive William Rogers and independent station owner Steve Penk condemn current "Radio Amnesty" scrappage scheme adverts as misleading.
2010-05-27: BIA/Kelsey raises forecast of a US radio 1.5% revenue rise in 2010 compared to 2009 to a 3.7% increase.
2010-05-28: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholds one radio complaint in latest compliance report.
2010-05-28: Price for countrywide licence in Indian broadband spectrum auction tops USD 1.1 billion.
2010-05-29: Australian commercial radio industry agrees standard and file format for advertising / signs agreement with Chinese company for development of podcasts via DAB+ signal.
.2010-05-29: Rush Limbaugh reported to be going to marry for the fourth time next week.
2010-05-30: Beasley Broadcast gains two more stations in Las Vegas.
2010-05-30: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-05-31: Entries now above 1,000, a record, for this year's Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2010-05-31: New Zealand radio broadcasters facing increase of nearly 60% in music performance royalty payments.

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April 2010

2010-04-01: UK media regulator invites expressions of interest in short-term radio licences during 2012 London Olympic Games
2010-04-01: Entercom, which has been carrying adverts from white supremacist Senatorial candidate on two Kansas City stations, says it will donate payments for them to the NAACP and a Jewish charity.
2010-04-01: Absolute Radio to launch weekly show fronted by Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Woods tomorrow.
2010-04-02: Latest figures from US Federal Communications Commission show masssive fall in broadcasting complaints in second and third quarters of last year.
2010-04-03: Commercial radio stations in South Australia become official providers of fire service emergency information.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-04-05: Cumulus reveals bonuses paid to executives in 2009.
2010-04-05: Trustee appointed when Interep went into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy sues former directors for at least USD 20 million.
2010-04-06: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland awards three new community radio licences.
2010-04-06: Two more radio services close down in England.

2010-04-07: Madonna is most-played artist in UK over past decade, pushing The Beatles into second spot, according to UK music licensing body PPL.
2010-04-07: UK Advertising Standards Authority orders Global Radio not to broadcast government contraception advert at times when children are likely to be listening.
2010-04-07: Creditors launch petition for Houston-based BizRadio, which is involved in a number of lawsuits, to be declared bankrupt.
2010-04-08: Towson University pulls out of proposal to renovate Baltimore's Senator Theatre and use it as arts complex and studios for WTMD-FM.
2010-04-08: Cumulus announces tie up with private equity firm Crestview Partners to invest up to USD 1 billion in radio acquisitions.
2010-04-08: News Corporation announces deal to sell four radio stations in Russia.
2010-04-08: Astral Media revenues and profit up in second fiscal quarter.
2010-04-08: New Melbourne talk radio station announces details of line-up for launch on April 19.
2010-04-09: Arbitron-Edison Media study shows the Internet is now ahead of radio in terms of finding music for Americans up to age 34.
2010-04-09: Tribune Co. announces agreement with major creditors to be incorporated into re-organization plan to exit bankruptcy.
2010-04-09: BBC Radio 3 to start airing details of Official Specialist Classical Chart from Monday, the first time the station has aired a chart show.
2010-04-09: US Federal Communications Commission puts revised Ownership Report Form 323 online, announced deadline is now July 8.
2010-04-10: Emmis sets up bonus scheme based on EBITDA for year to next February.

2010-04-11: BBC reported to be planning to effectively save mush of digital station 6 Music by rebranding it as Radio 2 Extra.
2010-04-11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-04-12: New York Post reports that Clear Channel's major lenders are hoping that it will ultimately default on its debts, allowing them to pick up the pieces.
2010-04-12: LBI Media revenues down in final quarter but percentage fall is significantly lower than earlier in 2009.
2010-04-12: UK media regulator upholds two radio standards complaints and partly upholds radio fairness and privacy complaint in latest bulletin.
2010-04-12: Tribune Company files its reorganization plan agreed with senior lenders but junior lenders want to submit their own plan.
2010-04-12: US National Association of Broadcasters President and CEO Gordon Smith keeps up attack on performance royalties in his first NAB Show State of the Industry address.
2010-04-13: Oaktree Capital now in effective control of Regent after bankruptcy judge approves reorganization plan.
2010-04-13: BBC Radio 4 and 7 controller Mark Damazer to leave Corporation to take up Oxford College post.
2010-04-14: Sirius XM adds more than 170,000 net subscribers in first quarter of this year.
2010-04-14: Attendance at 2010 NAB Show up on last year
2010-04-14: Corus Entertainment revenues up in its fiscal second quarter but radio is down.
2010-04-15: Clear Channel fails in its attempt to be removed from lawsuits related to 2003 E2 nightclub fire and stampede in Chicago.
2010-04-15: Australian Communications and Media Authority announces that Fairfax Media has put in place new procedures relating to change of control notifications.
2010-04-15: Emmis board expanded by two after it fails to pay dividend on convertible preferred stock for six successive quarters.
2010-04-15: UK media regulator announces that it is to ease restrictions on commercial radio.
2010-04-16: Current Commissioners pay tribute to Benjamin L. Hooks, the first black Federal Communications Commissioner who has died aged 85.
2010-04-16: Australian metropolitan commercial radio revenues up 15% on a year ago in March and digital radio seen as having potential to offer new opportunities/ Hong Kong and Malaysia look at Australian experience with DAB+ to aid their introduction of the system.
2010-04-17: Bidding for Indian 3G spectrum nears total of USD 1.3 billion in auction that follows announcement that Indian government has approved spending of USD 348 million to digitize output of state broadcasters All India Radio and Doordarshan.

2010-04-18: Entercom suspends WRKO-AM drivetime host Howie Carr for a week.
2010-04-18: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-04-19: CBS reveals in filing that President and CEO Leslie Moonves was paid USD 43.2 million in 2009.
2010-04-19: Commercial Radio Australia launches campaign to boost digital radio as Mother's Day present.
2010-04-19: Citadel asks New York bankruptcy court to prohibit hedge fund from buying more of its shares and to force it to sell stock it has already bought.9.
2010-04-20: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles, stuck in New York by grounding of air flights in Europe, to host his show from Sirius studios today.
2010-04-20: Tractor topples tower and takes Indiana FM off air.
2010-04-20: New Melbourne, Australia, talk station launches to mixed reports.
2010-04-20: US Federal Communications Commission to hold May media ownership workshop at Stanford University.
2010-04-20: Bidding for Indian 3G spectrum slows down - it is now at USD 1.44 billion after nine days.
2010-04-21: US Federal Communications Commission sends our 2010 Equal Employment Opportunity letter and posts lists of 265 stations selected for EEO audits.
2010-04-21: Regent Communications to pay dissident shareholder USD 125,000 to end calls for special committee to represent shareholders, thus clearing the way to emerge from bankruptcy next week.
2010-04-22: Interference from three Wilks Broadcast Group Texas stations reported to have disrupted airport landing system/Federal Communications Commission asks for explanations and also levies a number of fines on other broadcasters for late filing of renewal applications.
2010-04-22: Salem buying WWRC-AM in Washington, DC, from Red Zebra and will convert it to News Talk.
2010-04-22: BBC 6 Music announces series of celebrity guest hosts over next four nights from today.
2010-04-22: Arbitron and PPM Coalition announce settlement of their outstanding disputes.
2010-04-23: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland posts final budget for 2010.
2010-04-23: Arbitron revenues down but net income is up in first quarter.
2010-04-23: Aurelius Capital Management responds to Citadel motion and denies that it has breached bankruptcy court order requiring "substantial shareholders" to give notice of stock purchases in the company and allow it to object.
2010-04-24: Survey shows US TV web sites doing better in profitability than radio ones with larger sites performing best.
2010-04-24: Bidding in Indian 3G spectrum auction reaches INR 7,900 crore - USD 1.78 billion.
2010-04-25: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2010-04-26: Emmis founder, Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Smulyan launches another attempt to take the company private.
2010-04-26: Spanish Broadcasting System - like Sirius-XM - approves reverse stock split plan to escape delisting but both companies' stock is now above minimum one dollar requirement/SBS fined USD 16,000 by FCC for recording phone call without permission.
2010-04-26: UK media regulator upholds six radio complaints
in latest bulletin.
2010-04-26: Citadel's revenues up in first quarter.
2010-04-27: Grupo Radio Centro revenues up in first quarter but expenses rise more steeply and it moves into net loss.
2010-04-27: Regent emerges from Chapter 11 bankruptcy/ appoints new board.
2010-04-27: Sirius XM and Spanish Broadcasting System stocks close above dollar for tenth day. bringing them back into compliance with NASDAQ minimum stock price requirements.
2010-04-28: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 10,000 fine on Saga for false certification/announces Consent Decree with Colorado non-commercial FM.
2010-04-28: Entries being invited for Australian commercial radio's ninth New Artist to Radio event.
2010-04-28: Bidding in Indian 3G auction nearly at USD 2 billion with Mumbai licences now attracting higher bids than those in Delhi.
2010-04-28: Clear Channel Radio hires veteran Bob Michaels for new post of Executive Vice-President of Research.
2010-04-29: Sirius XM Radio to retire around USD 114 million of debt a year early.
2010-04-29: Absolute Radio announces that it has settled case brought against it by Absolut vodka, alleging trademark infringement and passing.
2010-04-29: Morning host Paul W. Smith in exchange with Senator Carl Levin on WJR-AM, Detroit, points out that reading out e-mail from Goldman Sachs executive including word "shitty" could put broadcasters of the live proceedings at risk of fines or licence revocation.
2010-04-29: Fisher Communications revenues up in first quarter with TV leading way: Overall loss is halved.
2010-04-29: Cumulus and Entravision revenues up and losses down in first quarter.
2010-04-30: Corus announces agreement to sell 11 radio stations in Quebec Province to Cogeco- its other station in the province is being offered to another buyer.
2010-04-30: Beasley revenues down in first quarter but expenses are down by more and operating income is up a third.

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