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September 2010
2010-09-01: Canadian watchdog rules that Toronto station's use of term "scab" inaccurately for worker killed in elevator accident breached industry codes.
2010-09-01: Southern Cross Media Group - former Macquarie Media Group - Australian revenues up 3.5% in year to end of June, driven by TV.
2010-09-01: CBS Radio's KMOX-AM, St Louis, gets Cardinals' rights back after five-year hiatus.

2010-09-02: Emmis delays yet again - this time until tomorrow - vote on attempted buyout by founder, chairman and CEO Jeff Smulyan.
2010-09-03: Longtime BBC Radio 2 early morning host Sarah Kennedy leaves station after 17 years in the slot.
2010-09-03: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 20,000 penalty on Florida pirate FM operator.
2010-09-03: BBC Radio 5 Live launches new weekend schedule tomorrow.
2010-09-03: Gerry House announces that his morning show on Clear Channel's WPIX-FM, Nashville, will end in December.
2010-09-03: Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan again extends - this time to Wednesday - deadline for acceptance of offer to take the company private.
2010-09-04: Peconic Public Broadcasting's WLIU-FM still on air despite absence of formal confirmation from Long Island University that it has not put station up for sale again.

2010-09-05: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2010-09-06: Westwood One filing shows that former chairman Norman J. Pattiz is to receive USD 340,000 a year as consultant.
2010-09-06: Clear Channel flips formats in Atlanta and Honolulu and in Denver Max Media drops talk for Rythmic Oldies.
2010-09-07: UK media regulator Ofcom posts details of its digital multiplex licence proposals and also its August Radio Update.
2010-09-07: Westwood One announces that Gary Schonfeld is to step down as President of its Radio Network Division and return to his Adlarge Media company.
2010-09-08: US NPR launches its ARGO network of specialized local sites.
2010-09-08: Missouri Attorney General sues Sirius XM for breaching state's no-call laws.
2010-09-08: Emmis postpones yet again -until tomorrow evening - shareholders meeting to vote on buyout deal.
2010-09-09: Pacifica Radio reported to be in talks about airing Qatar-based Al Jazeera English news service on its five stations.
2010-09-09: Boost from Federal elections helps increease Australian commercial radio metropolitan advertising revenues in August by 17.3% on a year ago.
2010-09-09: Emmis founder, chairman and CEO Jeff  Smulyan gives up his second attempt to take the company private.
2010-09-10: BCE Inc (Bell Canada) agrees deal to take full control of CTV, which also operates CHUM Radio Network.
2010-09-10: American Public Media Group/Minnesota Public Radio President Bill Kling, who launched MPR in 1967, to stand down in June next year.
2010-09-10: Alden Global Capital gives it version of breakdown of talks to take Emmis private - blames it on revision of deal it agreed to.
2010-09-11: Arbitron veteran Pierre Bouvard to leave company at end of month after more than two decades.
2010-09-11: Norwegian radio journalist quits on air after criticizing her employers - also refuses to read news bulletin saying there is no news to report.
2010-09-11: Gainesville police seize Koran from member of Regular Guys morning show who had said he was to stage a burning of the book outside the Rev Terry Jones' church.
2010-09-12: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-09-13: Australian commercial radio industry selects winners of this year's NA2R - New Artists to Radio - competition.
2010-09-13: UK media regulator upholds three complaints against radio in latest bulletin.
2010-09-13: US Federal Communications Commission fines Florida pirate USD10,000/ posts various licence decisions.
2010-09-13: BBC Radio 2 announces that Sir Elton John is to launch this year's Electric Proms.
2010-09-14: Latest Australian ratings see established leaders doing well but newcomers struggling.
2010-09-14: US Federal Communications Commission to close down current financial system at end of month.
2010-09-14: BBC Chairman Sir Michael Lyons announces that he will stand down at end of his first term -May next year.
2010-09-14: Arbitron and Entercom agree new multi-year ratings deal.
2010-09-14: US National Association of Broadcasters in another exchange with telecommunications industry over proposal to make FM chips mandatory in mobile phones.
2010-09-14: Global Radio to convert London flagship Capital into national brand.
2010-09-15: Arbitron says RADAR 106 network ratings report, to be released on Monday, shows four million more Americans listen to radio each week than a year ago.
2010-09-15: US survey indicates more interest in Internet radio in automobiles than having FM in mobile phones.
2010-09-15: Recommendations in UK government report on digital radio switchover suggests if may not benefit consumers.
2010-09-16: BBC Trust freezes licence fee for two years.
2010-09-16: Emmis founder, chairman and CEO Jeff Smulyan launches lawsuit against Alden Global Capital over its withdrawal of backing for his bid to take the company private.
2010-09-17: Radio One Inc. extends its notes exchange offer again - this time to the end of this month.
2010-09-17: US Senate confirms Richard Lobo nomination to head US International Broadcasting Bureau.
2010-09-17: All the exhibition space for this year's Radio Show, to be held in DC, is sold.
2010-09-17: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 7,000 each penalties on two stations.
2010-09-18: Red Zebra to flip WTNT-AM from talk to sports-talk on Monday.
2010-09-19: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-09-20: Federal Communications Commission issues a number of fines, cancels others.

2010-09-21: Twitter co-creator Dom Sagolla to be keynote speaker at this year's Australian Radio Conference.
2010-09-21: Guinness Book of Records names BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Nightingale as World's longest-serving female radio presenter.
2010-09-22: Peconic Public Broadcasting reported to have raised funds it needs to buy WLIU-FM from Long Island University.
2010-09-22: Long-time Pacifica Radio jazz programmer Earland Edwards - "The Doug of Edwards" dies aged 80.
2010-09-22: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles spends first half-hour of his show blasting the Corporation because it hasn't paid him.
2010-09-23: FCC fines Montana FM USD 7,000/ also posts details of Auction 91 of 147 FM construction permits.
2010-09-23: BBC Radio 1 breakfast host Chris Moyles again starts his show on topic of late payment to him by the BBC - this time to say the matter is "sorted."
2010-09-23: Radio One Inc. receives de-listing notice from NASDAQ
2010-09-23: BBC Radio 5 Live commissions more of its "Men's Hour" programming.
2010-09-23: Emmis shares now less than a third the price offered in buyout/ CEO Jeff Smulyan comments on Alden Global Capital founder Randall D.Smith.
2010-09-24: Cuban American lawyer appointed as new head of Office of Cuba Broadcasting, which oversees Radio and TV Marti broadcasts from US to Cuba.
2010-09-24: BBC World Service radio to cut end drama and also cut back on music and sport coverage.
2010-09-25: All India Radio launches FM to promote Commonwealth Games, which are to be held in Delhi next month.
2010-09-26: Veteran English DJ Tony Blackburn to take over hosting Top of the Pops chart show on BBC Radio 2 in November.
2010-09-26: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-09-27: UK media regulator Ofcom takes community radio stations to task over filing of annual reports and adherence to advertising and sponsorship regulations in its latest bulletin.
2010-09-27: CBS Radio flips KRLD-AM, Dallas, to news format/Disney to drop ESPN on its Pittsburgh 1250 AM frequency.
2010-09-27: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is this year's big winner at New York Festivals International Radio Awards.
2010-09-28: iBiquity and Digital announce offer to provide HD radio equipment and licence fee to stations in exchange for inventory.
2010-09-28: BBC extends agreement with Audio Now to make more World Service language services available on mobile phones in the US.
2010-09-28: Tribune Company announces agreement with Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. and Angelo, Gordon & Co, L.P. on a plan of reorganization.
2010-09-28: Hearings open on Cogeco's takeover of 11 Corus' Quebec radio stations.
2010-09-28: US National Association of Broadcasters and Consumer Electronics Association continue propaganda - and surveys - battle over FM chips in mobile devices.
2010-09-29: US Radio Show opens today in Washington, D.C.
2010-09-29: US Federal Communications Commission gets two new Deputy Bureau chiefs.
2010-09-29: BBC bars Tony Blackburn from hosting Smooth Radio Show after hiring him to front Pick of the Pops.
2010-09-29: Edison Research releases its "The American Youth Study 2010 - Part One: Radio's Future" looking at how 12-24's use media.
2010-09-29: Arbitron says its RADAR 106 survey shows US radio network audiences are up by more than two million on a year ago.

2010-09-30: Peconic Public Broadcasting puts down balance of its purchase price for WLIU-FM.
2010-09-30: Corus projects 2011 fiscal year profit of CAD 285-295 million/ announces social network plans for its radio stations.
2010-09-30: CBS Radio and Clear Channel each take four NAB Marconi Awards.

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Aug 2010

2010-08-01: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-08-01: BBC Radio 1 to stage special Annie Nightingale evening on Sept 9 to mark her 40 years with the station.
2010-08-02: Australian commercial radio stations launch latest campaign to persuade advertisers of the value of the medium.
2010-08-02: WS2K Radio Group sells its cluster of six stations - three AM and three FM - in the Elmira Corning market in New York to Sound Communications.
2010-08-03: Satellite broadcaster Sky to sponsor soccer commentary on talkSPORT and Absolute Radio.
2010-08-03: UK media regulator upholds only one complaint against radio in latest bulletin.
2010-08-03: BBC Radio 4 says Robert Robinson is to step down as host of its "Brain of Britain" show after around four decades.
2010-08-03: CBS second quarter revenues up 11% and net income nearly triples.

2010-08-04: Emmis adjourns until Friday shareholders meeting to consider bid for the company and also extends deadline for acceptance of offers in connection with the bid.
2010-08-04: US Federal Communications Commission fines Florida FM USD 8,500 for EAS and main studio offences.
2010-08-04: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland signs 10-year contract for Dublin classic rock station.
2010-08-04: Inductees named for this year's US National Radio Hall of Fame.
2010-08-04: Sirius XM revenues in second quarter up 16% on year ago and it moves into profit.
2010-08-05: UK radio reach hits new record in second quarter.
2010-08-05: Entravision revenues up 10% in second quarter and it moves from the red into the black.
2010-08-06: Australia marks first year of digital radio in all five metropolitan capitals with weekly audience of more than half-a-million and some 150,000 receivers sold - triple the estimate.
2010-08-06: Guardian Media Group gets go-ahead to merge its two Real Radio stations in Wales into one service.
2010-08-06: Minnesota woman accused of stealing up to USD 2 million from two broadcasting companies over seven years.
2010-08-07: Emmis delays again - this time until next Friday - shareholders vote on planned buyout by founder, chairman, president and CEO Jeffrey Smulyan.
2010-08-07: US National Association of Broadcasters reveals details of its proposals for performance royalty payments by terrestrial radio stations.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
Australian metropolitan radio advertising revenues in July up 6.28% on a year ago.
UK government to remove most restrictions on local media cross ownership, only restricting it for local analogue radio licence when a group owns a TV station or newspaper (s) that have a market share of half or more in the licence area.
Fisher Communications second quarter revenues up 28% on a year ago driven by TV rise of 37% and it moves into the black.
Clear Channel Media revenues up 4% in second quarter and loss of USD 3.68 billion - after more than USD 4 billion of impairment charges -cut to USD 77 million.
Salem joins ranks of radio companies reporting increased revenues in second quarter - in its case it also goes back into the black.
BBC Radio 5 Live announces new Sunday evening schedule to launch on September 5 whilst Radio2 says Priscilla Presley will be amongst those appearing at an Elvis memorial concert the following Sunday.
Latest Australian ratings see leaders holding on but newcomer Melbourne Talk Radio faring badly.
2010-08-11: UK advertising watchdog rules that advert for anti-terrorist hotline was offensive and should not be broadcast but dismisses claims that it was harmful or played on unjustified fears.
2010-08-11: Federated Media switching to Eastlan Ratings for its three largest markets- Fort Wayne, South Bend and Elkhart in Indiana.

2010-08-12: Total complaints to Federal Communications Commission in final quarter of last year fall but broadcasting complaints are up on third quarter.
2010-08-12: Conservative US host Dr Laura (Schlessinger) posts apology for using the N-word in exchange with caller to her show.
2010-08-12: Greater Media CEO Peter Smyth backs National Association of Broadcasters talks over performance royalties.
2010-08-13: Saga Communications revenues up 4% in second quarter and net income is up 27% - for the first six months net income has tripled.
2010-08-13: Figures from Federal Communications Commission show massive leap in broadcasting indecency/obscenity complaints in first quarter of this year.
2010-08-13: Townsquare Media confirms takeover of GAP Broadcasting.
2010-08-14: Paul Jackson hired from Global Radio in London as Group Programme Director for DMG Radio Australia.
Right-wing Internet radio talk show host Hal Turner found guilty of threatening to assault and murder the three judges of 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals who upheld Chicago ban on handguns.
2010-08-14: Emmis postpones - for the third time - to Friday Aug 20 vote on deal to take it private from Chairman, President and CEO Jeff Smulyan: as before not enough preference shareholders have accepted the tender which has also been extender.
2010-08-15: DAB+ digital radio trial launched in Darwin, Australia.
2010-08-15: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-08-16: Cox takes its Atlanta WBTS-FM (The Beat) off FM and is using frequency to simulcast news/talk WSB-AM.
2010-08-16: Citadel, LBI Media and Spanish Broadcasting System report second quarter revenues.

2010-08-17: Veteran English DJ Simon Bates to leave Classic FM and become breakfast host on national Smooth Radio.
2010-08-17: Radio 1 Inc. second quarter revenues up 7.6% on a year ago but expenses are up 16.8% and operating income is down 26.6%.

2010-08-18: Numbers employed by Canadian over-the-air broadcasters fell from from 17,868 in 2007-2008 to 16,939 in 2008-09 according to a decade's figures just released by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.
2010-08-18: Conservative US host Dr Laura (Schlessinger) says she will end her radio show as result of row over her use of the word "nigger" on air last week.
2010-08-19: Report from UK media regulator says that Britons are increasingly multi-tasking whilst using media: Notes that radio is more popular with older then younger demographics.
2010-08-19: Westwood One second quarter revenues slightly down but loss is cut from USD 8.3 to USD 3.0 million.
2010-08-19: Conservative US host Dr Laura (Schlessinger), still under attack over her use of word "nigger" on air, says she had been thinking of ending her radio show for a year.
2010-08-20: Tribune Co.'s reorganization plan falls apart as two major lenders pull out.
2010-08-20: US radio revenues in second quarter and for half-year up 6% on a year ago, the best performance since Q3, 2000.
2010-08-20: Emmis postpones yet again vote on offer from CEO Jeff Smulyan to take it private -says talks with continue with preference shareholders who are blocking the deal.
2010-08-21: US Federal Communications Commission yet again extends deadline for Sirius and XM to make 4% of their audio channels available to qualified entities.
2010-08-22: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2010-08-23: BBC Radio 3 announces that its former world music presenter Andy Kershaw is to return to the station to co-present its most significant and ambitious world music project ever.
2010-08-23: Citadel to issue ten million new shares - with nearly a fifth of them allocated to President and CEO Farid Suleman.
2010-08-24: UK media regulator upholds one radio standards complaint in latest bulletin.
2010-08-24: US National Association of Broadcasters responds to opposition by technology companies to mandatory inclusion of FM tuners in mobile devises with disingenuous statement about adoption of such devices in other countries.
2010-08-24: Absolute Radio launches its 90s station on UK national commercial digital multiplex for five week trial/ also suspends for a while operation of its experimental online dabbl station.
2010-08-25: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 4,000 penalty on Nassau Broadcasting for not running competition as promoted but cancels USD 7,000 proposed penalties on two Florida stations.
2010-08-25: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland signs contract for new community service in County Cork.
2010-08-25: BIA-Kelsey forecasts US over-the air revenues to rise by 4.4% this year with large markets and online revenues to increase more.
2010-08-26: BBC Trust says percentage of BBC radio programming open to independent producers should be doubled to a fifth but the producers, who wanted more, express disappointment.
2010-08-26: New rates could cut Indian radio
music royalty payments by four-fifths.
2010-08-26: US National Association of Broadcasters EVP Dennis Wharton in blog accuses opponents of mandatory FM tuner in cell-phones of of being "long on exaggeration, rhetoric and factual inaccuracies."
2010-08-27: Indian music industry threatens court action against Copyright Board's new music royalty rates.
2010-08-27: Emmis yet again fails to get quorum for meeting to vote on buyout offer - still in talks with dissident preference shareholders.
2010-08-28: FCC reduces proposed penalties on an Illinois AM and North Carolina FM.
2010-08-29: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-08-30: CBS Radio appoints media veteran Steve Carver as Senior Vice President and Market Manager, Los Angeles, to replace Ed Krampf.
2010-08-30: Australian Communications and Media Authority auctions five new high power open narrowcasting licences for total of AUD 795,000.
2010-08-30: Westwood One founder Norman J. Pattiz steps down as chairman.
2010-08-30: Alden Global Capital backs out of financing Emmis buy-out by its founder, chairman and CEO Jeff Smulyan.
2010-08-31: UTV revenues up 9% on a year ago in first six months of year with operating profits up 17%, driven by GB radio.
2010-08-31: Clear Channel discloses that it spent USD 1.37 million in lobbying Congress in second quarter, nearly twice the figure a year earlier.
2010-08-31: GMG Radio appoints Andy Carter, managing director of its north-west operations, as managing director of the company's national Smooth Radio.
2010-08-31: Radio One Inc. further extends the deadline for its offer to exchange existing notes for new debt.
2010-08-31: Canadian private radio revenues down 5.2% on a year earlier in 2009 according to Statistics Canada.

2010-09-01: Canadian watchdog rules that Toronto station's use of term "scab" inaccurately for worker killed in elevator accident breached industry codes.
2010-09-01: Southern Cross Media Group - former Macquarie Media Group - Australian revenues up 3.5% in year to end of June, driven by TV.
2010-09-01: CBS Radio's KMOX-AM, St Louis, gets Cardinals' rights back after five-year hiatus.

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July 2010

2010-07-01: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland signs licence extensions for two community stations, also posts June complaints decisions in which it upholds no radio complaints.
2010-07-01: US National Association of Broadcasters opens nominations list for this year's NAB HD Radio Multicast Award.
2010-07-01: BBC announces that Irish comedian Patrick Kielty is to take over Jonathan Ross Saturday morning radio slot for ten weeks from July 24 until Graham Norton moves into it permanently.
2010-07-01: Lenders to take over Bustos Media/ Bustos brothers who founded it leave the company.
2010-07-02: UK media regulator Ofcom in its 2009-10 annual report comments on savings it has made but more cuts and job losses are expected.
2010-07-02: New Australian codes concerning airing of Australian music on commercial stations are registered by regulator.
2010-07-03: Emmis filing shows that only around 4% of stockholders have accepted offer to take company private.
2010-07-03: BBC Radio 5 Live announces that it is to air "Men's Hour" show amongst other new shows.
2010-07-03: Mike O'Meara, best known for his decades in "Don and Mike" Show to return to DC airwaves on Wednesday.
2010-07-04: WorldSpace bankruptcy seems likely to have cost it data transmission deal for Press Trust of India.
2010-07-04: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-07-05: UK Guardian Media Group promotes CFO Andrew Miller to chief executive.
2010-07-05: BBC Trust rejects plans to close digital radio station 6 Music but agrees to closure of Asian Network.
2010-07-06: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2010-07-06: Emmis commences offer to exchange Convertible Preferred stock into new notes/extension until Aug 3 of deadline for offer to acquire company.
2010-07-06: Transfer completed of former Regent Communications to Townsquare Media, apart from two which have to be sold.

2010-07-07: US National Public Radio hires Deborah Cohan from Radio One Inc. as CFO.
2010-07-07: St Louis's only classical station KUOM-FM bows off the air with Beethoven's Ninth.
2010-07-07: Following rebuff by BBC Trust, which said case had not been made closure of BBC 6 Music digital station. BBC Director of Audio and radio defends proposal.
2010-07-07: Sirius XM says it added 583,000 net subscribers in second quarter and increases forecast for year to addition of around 1.1 million.
2010-07-07: Australian metropolitan radio revenues up 2.25% on a year earlier in financial year to end of June with largest increases at end of the year.

2010-07-08: US Federal Communications Commission reduced to USD 5.600 penalty on Kansas station.
2010-07-08: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission rejects a complaint against Corus's CFNY-FM Brampton, Ontario, that had previously been ruled by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) not to have breached industry codes.
2010-07-08: US Federal Communications Commission deadline for filing of its new Form 323 ownership report is today.
2010-07-08: Arbitron's Public Radio Today report shows news-talk remaining by far most popular public radio format in the US.
2010-07-08: UK government says it is sticking to target 2015 date for switchover to digital radio but will not make move until take-up and coverage have increased sufficiently.
2010-07-09: Clear Channel to follow example of TV and set up number of "upfronts."
2010-07-09: Shares in Entertainment Network India Ltd, operator of the Radio Mirchi stations, plunge after announcement that it is to sell its out of home subsidiary to its parent Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd.
2010-07-10: Canadian Copyright Board posts new tariffs that will add around CAD 13 million to music costs of Canadian commercial broadcasters.
2010-07-11: Dallas-Forth Worth Christian non-commercial station KVTT to close tomorrow.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
Entries from Uganda dominate winners in this year's BBC World Service African Performance playwriting competition.
US National Association of Broadcasters in submission to Federal Communications Commission regulatory review calls for ending of cross-ownership and market cap regulations.
Boston business radio station WBIX-AM sold to non-profit Catholic broadcaster.
UK radio ratings company RAJAR appoints Jerry Hill as new CEO.
UK High Court rules that media regulator Ofcom's ruling against talk host who called interviewee pig ignorant and a Nazi was justified.
US Federal Court throws out Federal Communications Commission's "fleeting indecency" rules.
Celador Radio buys The Quay from Portsmouth Football Club - to use the frequency for its Breeze south coast station.
UK survey of internet audio listening reports that podcasts have positive effect on listening to radio.
Emmis preference shareholders could derail plan to take it private.
Corus revenues up 12% in its fiscal third quarter with profits up 20%.
Vatican Radio disputes court-ordered report that says emissions from its broadcasting complex are a health danger.
BBC appoints Gwyneth Williams to succeed Mark Damazer as Controller BBC Radios 4 and 7.
Emmis first fiscal quarter revenues up 0.9% on a year ago.
News International closes down SunTalk online station hosted by Jon Gaunt.
Astral Media revenues up 9% in its third quarter.
Corus announces intention to de-lists its stock from New York Stock Exchange.
2010-07-16: Oaktree Capital in talks to merge Townsquare Media and GAP Broadcasting/GAPWest, both of which it controls.
Jonathan Ross hosts final edition of his BBC Radio 2 Saturday show.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
UK media regulator upholds three complaints against radio in its latest bulletin.
BBC appoints Lorna Clarke as Network Manager for BBC Radio 2 and 6 Music.
NAB announces finalists for 2010 Marconi Awards.
Spanish Broadcasting System adds Chief Revenue Office duties to role of EVP Marko Radlovic.
Clear Channel Radio to donate two more stations to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council.
Arbitron second quarter revenues up 1.8% on a year ago.
Finalists for this year's Australian Commercial Radio Awards are announced.
US Federal Communications Commission in court filing defends easing of ownership regulations under previous chairman Kevin J. Martin.
UK media regulator Ofcom's first report on state of digital radio in UK shows that so far under a quarter of listening is through a digital platform.
BBC to make its world music programming available online in searchable archive.
Federal Communications Commission Auction 88 ends having raised gross bids of USD 1.886 million for 13 Construction Permits.
BBC Radio 1 announces that Mary Anne Hobbs is to step down from her weekly leftfield dance and dubstep show in September after 14 years.
UK Sunday Telegraph says Guardian Media Group has rebuffed enquiries about purchase of GMG Radio for below GBP 100 million.
2010-07-25: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2010-07-26: Absolute Radio announces its soccer team - to include former Arsenal and England player Ian Wright.
2010-07-26: Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels tells Wall Street Journal of plans to get the company out of bankruptcy.
2010-07-26: Univision agrees USD 1 million payola consent decree with Federal Communications Commission and Department of Justice.
2010-07-27: Harker Research study estimates that use of Nielsen diary-based ratings rather than Arbitron Portable People Meter ones could boost income of US radio stations in top 50 markets by up to USD 7 billion.
2010-07-27: Entercom second quarter revenues up 4% and company says it sees encouraging signs for rest of the year.
2010-07-28: Mexican radio operator Grupo Radio Centro revenues up 17.2% on a year earlier in second quarter and it moves into the black.
2010-07-28: Indiana court dismisses petition objection to Emmis takeover by company set up by its chairman and CEO but legal action continues in other jurisdictions.
2010-07-28: Clear Channel co-founder Billy Joe "Red" McCombs amongst US billionaires disputing tax claims in relation to complicated scheme for tax deferral - he is arguing over USD 45 million in back-taxes.
2010-07-28: Licensed US broadcast station numbers continue to rise, although there was small fall in number of licensed AMs, according to Federal Communications Commission latest figures.
2010-07-29: Cumulus second quarter revenues up 5.8% on a year ago.
2010-07-29: Latest Broadcasting Financial Report from Australia shows commercial radio revenues down 4% in 2008-09 after a record year but profits plunged by 53.9%.
2010-07-29: Canada's Communications Monitoring Report 2009 shows broadcasting revenues up 3% but over-the-air TV and radio revenues fell.
2010-07-30: Univision second quarter revenues up 23% driven by TV and boosted by World Cup soccer - radio was down 5.5%.
2010-07-30: Beasley Broadcast Group second quarter revenues up 5.6% on a year ago and income per diluted share triples.
2010-07-30: Latest Irish ratings show listening stable but state broadcaster RTÉ's share is down.
2010-07-30: Canadian regulator denies licence renewal for Ontario AM with history of breaching regulations - CHSC-AM has to end broadcasts tomorrow.
2010-07-31: Former promotions employee for Fisher Communications' KVI-AM ordered to pay USD 14,000 restitution for rigging contest.
2010-07-31: Cardiff soprano wins first of five semi finals for BBC Radio 2 Kiri prize-named after Dame Kiri Te Kanawa - for young opera singers.

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