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December 2010

2010-12-01: Canadian Broadcasting Council rules that Quebec station CHOI-FM breached Canadian Codes in each of three decisions.
2010-12-01: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 13,000 penalty on Indiana FM for late filing of licence renewal and subsequent unauthorized operation.
2010-12-01: Threat of further BBC strikes recedes as unions reach in-principle agreement over pensions.

2010-12-02: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 10,000 penalty on Pennsylvania FM for not having staff at main studio.
2010-12-02: British government asks BBC and commercial radio to say what they are prepared to pay for digital radio rollout.
2010-12-02: Townsquare Media announces agreement to purchase 12 stations in Washington State.
2010-12-03: BBC Radio 2 host Mark Lamarr to quit station by Christmas.
2010-12-03: Veteran WGY morning host Don Weeks steps down after three decades in the post.
2010-12-04: Reports circulate that Howard Stern may leave Sirius XM in favour of a deal with Apple/ Latest Sirius XM satellite now safely in orbit and ready to go.
2010-12-04: Katz Media CEO Stu Olds dies.
2010-12-05: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-12-06: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2010-12-06: BBC Radio 4 breakfast host Jim Naughtie makes news by slipping a "C" instead of an "H" in his trail of an interview with UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.
2010-12-06: US Media Rating Council removes accreditation from Arbitron's network and nationwide ratings, starting with RADAR 107 network survey.
2010-12-06: Citadel reveals that it has turned down two merger bids - reported by New York Times to be from Cumulus.
2010-12-07: US Federal Communications Commission reschedules FM Auction 91.
2010-12-07: Australian metropolitan radio revenues in November up by more than 9% on a year earlier.

2010-12-08: New Mexico AM fined USD 5,600 for late filing of renewal application and unauthorized operation.
2010-12-08: Wake to be held today and memorial service tomorrow for former Katz Media President and CEO Stu Olds who died on Saturday.
2010-12-08: Australian Communications and Media Authority finds that three commercial stations have not been complying with rules on declaring sponsorship brought in after cash-for-comment affair.
2010-12-08: Four years after it paid USD 5 million for WHAT-AM, Philadelphia, Marconi Broadcasting reported to have put it up for sale for USD 850,000 with closure on the cards if no buyer is found.
2010-12-08: Arbitron and Clear Channel agree new ratings deal to end of 2016/Arbitron updates its guidance for 2011.
2010-12-08: Australian regional radio operators meet to discuss roll-out of digital radio in their areas.
2010-12-09: Louisiana AM fined USD 7,000 for late filing of renewal application and unauthorized operation.
2010-12-09: Michigan Republican Fred Upton to chair House Commerce and Energy Committee, which oversees the Federal Communications Commission.
2010-12-09: Ohio AM lands proposed USD 4,000 penalty for breaching FCC contest rules.
2010-12-09: Boston Conservative talk station WXKS-AM aka Rush Radio - tanks in latest ratings.
2010-12-09: Radio Mirchi owner ENIL (Entertainment Network (India) Ltd., asks India's supreme court to consolidate copyright cases filed in various high courts into one case.
2010-12-09: Howard Stern announces he has agreed new five-year deal with Sirius XM.
2010-12-10: Veteran Chicago media reporter Robert Feder to join Chicago Time Out.
2010-12-10: BBC Radio 4 to air special double-length edition of The Archers, the world's longest-running serial drama, to mark its 60th Anniversary.
2010-12-10: Colorado Republican Congressman who has previously called for ending of federal funding for US public broadcasting, now wants US Government Accountability Office to audit Corporation for Public Broadcasting and NPR.
2010-12-11: Federal Communications Commission fines Alabama AM USD 1,500 for late filing of licence renewal.
2010-12-12: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-12-13: Nielsen pulls out of US radio ratings business but to continue its radio ratings in eleven other countries.
2010-12-13: Triton Media's Dial Global Networks again dominate latest US RADAR network radio ratings.
2010-12-14: BBC Trust issues its conclusions on Corporation's Strategic Review, confirming reprieve of BBC 6 Music digital radio station and closure of Asian Network and also hinting at possible future cuts.
2010-12-14: Last Australian radio ratings of the year see Alan Jones and 2GB continue Sydney dominance and 3Aw dominating in Melbourne.
2010-12-15: Columbus, Ohio, gains classical music station following completion of deal that allows WOSU Public Media to air both that and an NPR news service.
2010-12-15: Latest internet audio listening survey in UK shows 16.3 million saying they now listen to radio via the Internet -and more than 8.1 million have downloaded a podcast.
2010-12-16: Listening to Australia's metropolitan commercial radio stations increases this year.
2010-12-16: US National Association of Broadcasters and Republican Federal Communications Commissioner Robert M. McDowell congratulate Oregon Republican Greg Walden on his selection to chair the House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology and the Internet.
2010-12-16: Fun Lovin' Criminals front man Huey Morgan is to take over the midnight Friday to 0300 Saturday slot being vacated by Mark Lamarr on BBC Radio 2/ Shelagh Fogerty to take over station's noon slot from Gaby Logan.
2010-12-17: NAB Fastroad posts report on limited data display service for AM radio.
2010-12-17: Clear Channel discloses in filing that it spent USD 1.29 million on lobbying in third quarter of this year.
2010-12-17: Bauer Radio gets go ahead to drop local programming on its analogue KISS stations, network them, and launch them as national service on DAB.
2010-12-17: Cumulus confirms it made two rejected offers for Citadel/ re-iterates offer and is again rejected by Citadel
2010-12-18: Former licensee of California FM fined USD 7,000 for late renewal application and subsequent unauthorized operation.
2010-12-18: Revised Low-Power FM bill passed by House and Senate and now goes on for Presidential signing.
2010-12-19: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-12-20: CEO of Prasar Bharati - the Broadcasting Corporation of India - seems likely to be forced out of his post.
2010-12-20: Veteran BBC foreign correspondent and presenter Brian Hanrahan dies of cancer aged 61.
2010-12-20: Arbitron says its RADAR 107 network survey showed increase of more than 800,000 in weekly reach of US network radio over past year.

2010-12-21: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds on radio standards complaint and finds two community radio stations breached licence conditions in its latest Bulletin.
2010-12-21: Florida college FM fined USD 1,500 for late filing of renewal and unauthorized operation.
2010-12-22: UK media regulator Ofcom allows product placement on UK radio and TV.
2010-12-22: Westwood One and NFL extend agreement until 2014.
2010-12-22: Pope Benedict to deliver BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day on Christmas Eve.
2010-12-22: FCC has to cancel USD 7,000 penalty because it was too late in issuing it but refuses to cancel a USD 250 one.
2010-12-23: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland signs agreements for two new radio services.
2010-12-23: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that comments about men figure skaters on CHOI-FM breached broadcasting codes.
2010-12-24: Clear Channel announces that it is examining a wide range of options "in an effort to optimize its overall capital structure."

2010-12-25: Veteran Miami talk host Neil Rogers dies aged 68.
2010-12-26: BBC digital station 6 Music brings late DJ John Peel back with airing of some of his BBC Radio 1 sessions in its morning show.
2010-12-26: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2010-12-27: BBC i-Player attracts 1.3 billion programme plays during 2010 and for radio seven sports shows are highest ranked followed by first edition of Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio 2.
2010-12-27: Fisher Communications SVP and CFO Joseph L. Lovejoy to step down at end of year with contract allowing him to remain consultant for a year.
2010-12-28: Round-up of post Christmas format flips in US.

2010-12-28: Round-up of post Christmas format flips in US.
2010-12-29: Educational Media Foundation expands its reach in Tennessee with purchase of two Knoxville stations.
2010-12-29: Tribune Co. COO Gerry Spector to leave by end of year.
2010-12-29: Entercom agrees new four-year deals with CEO David J. Field and CFO/SVP Stephen J. Fisher.
2010-12-30: US Federal Communications Commission proposes penalties of USD 20,000 and USD 8,000 on two radio broadcasters for breach of its Equal Employment Opportunity rules.

2010-12-31: Former BBC Radio 4 Controller Mark Damazer and comedy writer and producer John Lloyd receive News Year's Honours for services to broadcasting.

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November 2010

2010-11-01: Randy Michaels tells Wall Street Journal he may return to media industry, blames Lee Abrams memo for his demise at Tribune Co.
2010-11-01: UK media regulator calls for comment on applications by Bauer Media to be allowed to network its three KISS stations and drop local programming on individual stations.
2010-11-01: Cumulus Media third quarter revenues up 3.6% and those for first nine months are up 3.8%.
2010-11-01: Two New Zealand radio stations each end up with NZD 2,000 costs following upholding of complaints against their broadcasts
2010-11-02: Following departure of Randy Michaels as CEO a number of executives he brought into Tribune Co. reported on the way out/creditors to sue banks and principals involved in buyout.
2010-11-02: Leaders unchanged in latest Australian ratings that also bring no good news for new Melbourne Talk Radio, which remained bottom of the rankings.
2010-11-02: English comedian and radio host Danny Baker reveals that he has been missing shows because of cancer treatment.
2010-11-02: Fisher Communications revenues rise 22% in third quarter, driven primarily by TV but radio is up 6%.
2010-11-03: Citadel drops plans to give stock to executives and board and is to give them options instead/creditor R2 court hearing over matter is postponed.
2010-11-03: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland launches public consultation on its Draft Strategy State.
2010-11-03: Federal Communications Commission proposes fines totalling USD 43,000 on two stations for public file and other violations.
2010-11-03: BBC Director of Global News tells parliamentary committee that last month's BBC funding agreement will mean hundreds of job cuts at BBC World Service.
2010-11-04: Melbourne 3AW drivetime host Derryn Hinch, who is involved in court proceedings that could lead to jail, reveals he may have only a year to live because of cancer.
2010-11-04: UK media regulator Ofcom starts consultation on request to extend area in which two West Wales stations can co-locate/ also posts October Radio Update.
2010-11-04: Sirius XM Radio increases financial guidance after reporting third quarter revenues up 16% on a year earlier and a net loss of USD 151.5 million into net income of USD 67.6 million.
2010-11-04: Results from CBS, Entravision and Radio One Inc.
2010-11-05: Australian metropolitan radio revenues up nearly 9% in October.
2010-11-05: BBC journalists' strike takes most Radio 4 news programmes off the air, hit news on other stations.
2010-11-05: More US third quarter results - Entercom and Univision revenues up, the latter driven by TV with radio revenues down.
2010-11-05: Emmis receives de-listing notice from NASDAQ.
2010-11-06: BBC Radio 2 airs its 25th Radio 2 Young Choristers of the Year programme tomorrow/digital stations 6-Music announces guest DJs for its 6-Mix Sunday evenings programme.
2010-11-07: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-11-08: UK media regulator upholds just one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2010-11-08: Saga Communications revenues up 5% in third quarter and net income more than doubles in first nine months.
2010-11-08: Radio One Inc. improves offer to exchange its notes and may now be in sight of new financing deal.
2010-11-08: More US results - Clear Channel and Salem revenues up in third quarter.
2010-11-09: BBC Director General in e-mail to staff rules out further talks with journalists' union over pension changes that have led them to take strike action.
2010-11-09: Facebook, which had been sued for patent infringement by Boston media group, launches its own patent infringement suit in Boston.
2010-11-09: Broadcasting Association of Ireland awards 1.2 million Euros in grants for radio projects.
2010-11-09: Pacifica fires KPFA-FM Morning Show staff.
2010-11-10: Rush Limbaugh heads Newsweek 2010 Power 50 list of the highest paid political pundits and those who wield power and political influence.
2010-11-10: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 25,000 in penalties on Kansas FM.
2010-11-11: Bankruptcy judge gives Tribune Co. permission to pay USD 40 million in bonuses.
2010-11-11: President's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform suggests ending all funding for Corporation for Public Broadcasting as part of plans to save USD 200 billion.
2010-11-11: UK National Union of Journalists suspends further strike action at the BBC over changes to corporation's pension scheme.
2010-11-12: Tribune Co.-owned WGN-AM, Chicago, dumps program director Kevin Metheny and evening host Jim Laski.
2010-11-12: Spanish Broadcasting System revenues down in third quarter.
2010-11-13: Reliance Broadcast Network Limited (RBNL), operator of the BIG FM network , launches India's first talk Internet radio - BIG Net Radio.
2010-11-14: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-11-14: BBC Radio 1 makes its first "Teen Hero" awards.
2010-11-15: US Radio Advertising Bureau launches online Certified Radio Sales Manager Course
2010-11-15: Radio One Inc. announces further amendments to its Notes exchange offer.
2010-11-15: WNYC gets USD 1 million from Revson Foundation towards expanding local news cover.
2010-11-15: UK Guardian Media Group to concentrate on core newspaper-linked operations but chief executive says there are no plans at the moment for selling other investments.
2010-11-15: More US results - Citadel, LBI Media, and Westwood One.

2010-11-16: Australian radio industry launches its Christmas digital radio promotional campaign.
2010-11-16: UK media regulator rejects some industry calls to re-advertise licences for 12 years and opts for seven year period, largely to preserve its commitment to a switch to digital.
2010-11-16: Univision Radio President and COO Gary Stone to retire at the end of the year.
2010-11-16: Tribune Co Chairman Sam Zell in CNBC interview says he doesn't expect to remain at the company but declines to criticize former CEO Randy Michaels.
2010-11-17: French Radio London launches on digital multiplex.
2010-11-17: Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium to launch first DRM+ trial in Asia Pacific region later this month.
2010-11-18: US NPR (National Public Radio) welcomes defeat of vote to cut off its federal funding.
2010-11-18: Clear Channel Radio President and CEO gets 29% pay rise in new employment deal that also says he may report to company's CEO as well as newly-appointed Chairman Of Media And Entertainment Platform, Robert Pittman.
2010-11-19: Fox News CEO Roger Ailes apologizes to US Anti-Defamation League for calling NPR executives Nazis for firing Juan Williams - but does not apologize to NPR.
2010-11-19: US radio revenues in third quarter and year-to-date up 5 and 6% respectively on a year ago.
2010-11-20: Report suggests that online audiences in US will overtake over-the-air ones for radio stations but owners are not expecting to shut down transmitters.
2010-11-21: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-11-22: Univision agrees multi-year Portable People Meter ratings deal with Arbitron/ latter announces launch of its Event Retention Index.
2010-11-22: Radio One Inc. regains compliance with NASDAQ minimum bid price rules/ to go ahead with its refinancing after success of its amended notes exchange offer.
2010-11-23: Federal Communications Commission cancels USD 10,000 penalty on former owner of Washington State FM.
2010-11-23: UK media regulator upholds only one complaint against radio in latest bulletin.

2010-11-23: Veteran Chicago media reporter Robert Feder announces that he is leaving Chicago Public Media's Vocalo.

2010-11-23: National Association of Broadcasters and iBiquity release details of Persona Radio Project that would allow limited personalization of radio receivers.
2010-11-24: Citadel files details of stock options awarded to directors and senior executives.
2010-11-24: Radio One Inc. says it has completed its refinancing.

2010-11-24: UK digital radio Christmas campaign thrown into disarray by refusal of a number of commercial groups to carry the adverts.
2010-11-25: Sirius and XM in Canada agree to merger.
2010-11-25: US Federal Communications Commission delays new EAS system deadlines/Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) extends deadline for filing this year's annual returns.
2010-11-25: BBC Director General Mark Thompson defends new licence fee deal but admits there will be significant job cuts at BBC World Service.
2010-11-25: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that comments about gypsies on Toronto rock station breached Canadian Broadcast Codes.
2010-11-26: UK media regulator revokes licences of four adult TV channels.
2010-11-26: Associated Press reports that (Dr) Laura Schlessinger is to join Sirius XM in New Year.
2010-11-27: Technical staff at Indian state broadcasters who struck for two days last week now say they will strike on three days next month.
2010-11-28: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-11-29: Sirius XM confirms that Dr Laura (Schlessinger) is to join it from January 3.
2010-11-29: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland signs ten-year agreement with Athlone Community Radio.
2010-11-29: Absolute Radio to launch Absolute 00's (noughties) service next month.
2010-11-29: Survey shows very few Americans consider built-in FM a factor in choice of mobile phone.

2010-11-30: British broadcaster Richard Bacon to end his BBC 6 Music show next month.
2010-11-30: US HD Radio Alliance says it will run marketing and promotion campaign valued at USD 110 million next year.
2010-11-30: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 20,000 penalty on Texas non-commercial licensee whose principals were involved in placing more applications than allowed.
2010-11-30: Sirius XM tops 20 million subscribers/ also extends agreement with NFL until 2016.
2010-11-30: Ryan Seacrest and Clear Channel announce expanded three-year agreement rumoured to be worth some USD 60 million.
2010-11-30: BIA-Kelsey further increases its US radio revenue projections for this year.

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October 2010

2010-10-01: Radio One Inc. extends yet again - this time to October 22 - offer to exchange notes due 2011 and 2013 for new notes due 2016.
2010-10-01: Sirius XM says it now expects to end year with more than 20 million subscribers/ re-signs Opie and Anthony.
2010-10-02: Clear Channel dropping Dan Sileo as morning host on 640-AM in Orlando but keeping him on air in Tampa.

2010-10-03: Veteran CBS radio correspondent Howard Arenstein and his wife arrested on marijuana charges.
2010-10-03: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-10-04: BBC Radio 2 moves into arts and literature with poetry, Book Club and Friday arts show this month.
2010-10-04: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 15,00 penalties each on two Boston pirate operators/ announces consent decrees with Peconic Public Broadcasting and Long Island University.
2010-10-05: UK Absolute Radio losses up by nearly two-thirds in 2009.
2010-10-05: Mickey Luckoff, who has resigned as President and General Manager of Citadel's KGO-AM/KSFO-AM, attacks company about its dealings with its staff.
2010-10-05: UK media regulator to take into account any losses on required digital simulcast in setting price for renewal of national commercial analogue licences.
2010-10-06: Arbitron agrees multi-year ratings deal with Adlalante Media, the former Bustos Media.
2010-10-06: UK media regulator decides not to award licence for London 2012 Olympics digital radio station/ September update details.
2010-10-06: Analyst values Astral Media at around USD 3.7 billion should it become the subject of a takeover bid.
2010-10-06: Tribune CEO Randy Michaels says staff should ignore New York Times report of low morale and sexual peccadilloes at the company.
2010-10-07: Two New South Wales community stations breach Australian regulations on advertising and sponsorship.
2010-10-07: Missouri Attorney General obtains injunction and restraining order against Sirius XM prohibiting it from making unsolicited subscription calls.
2010-10-07: Australian Football League and Melbourne 3AW in spat over naming of two players questioned by police about sexual assault allegations.

2010-10-08: Two agencies each take three top UK Radio Advertising Awards.
2010-10-08: Clear Channel fires top-rated Cincinnati afternoon host Eddie Fingers.
2010-10-08: US NPR reaches tentative agreement on five-year deal with AFTRA (American Federation of Radio and TV Artists).
2010-10-09: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland Compliance Committee upholds no radio complaints at its most recent meeting.
2010-10-10: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-10-11: UK media regulator upholds just one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2010-10-11: Citadel names successor to Mickey Luckoff, who quit last week from KGO-AM and KSFO-AM in San Francisco.
2010-10-12: BBC to make Deputy Director General Mark Byford redundant.
2010-10-12: US Federal Communications Commission fines two radio stations a total of USD 12,600.
2010-10-12: Tribune Co announces agreement on re-organization plan with its main creditors.
2010-10-13: BBC announces more senior management changes.
2010-10-13: Sirius XM announces that it added nearly 335,000 net subscribers in third quarter but also that multi-state investigation of its subscription practices is under way.
2010-10-14: Tribune Co. suspends chief innovation officer Lee Abrams after complaints over e-mail he circulated containing links to "Sluts" site.
2010-10-14: Massachusetts public broadcaster buys Clear Channel's WNNZ-AM, which is has operated since 2007.
2010-10-14: BBC Radio 2 breakfast host Chris Evans says his Radio 1 rival is too old for his audience/Radio 2 to air Christmas-New Year specials from comedy duo French and Saunders.
2010-10-15: Emmis second quarter revenues up 4.1% on a year ago.
2010-10-15: Lee Abrams, who was suspended by Tribune Co. after sending e-mail linking to "sluts" video, resigns from company.
2010-10-16: Australian commercial radio performs well in September/ details of 2010 Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2010-10-17: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-10-18: Four broadcasters to be inducted into UK Radio Academy's Hall of Fame tomorrow during this year's Radio Festival.
2010-10-18: Spanish Broadcasting System receives NASDAQ de-listing notice because stock has been below USD for 30 days.
2010-10-18: Tribune Company's board to ask for CEO Randy Michaels' resignation tomorrow according to New York Times.
2010-10-19: BBC introduces HD sound (no link to iBiquity) for special events and on BBC Radio 3 using 320 kbps AAC encoded stream.
2010-10-19: Lee Abrams defends his conduct and e-mail in which he included link to Onion News Network "sluts" report, leading to his resignation from Tribune Co.
2010-10-19: US Federal Communications Commission after numerous postponements finally sets terms for Sirius XM Radio to make channels available to other organizations/ Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin comments on possibly losing Howard Stern.
2010-10-20: UK Radio Academy makes three awards and announces a new fellow at its Radio Festival dinner at which it also inducted four broadcasters into the UK Radio Hall of Fame.
2010-10-20: Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels still at company but Chicago Tribune reports that he has decided to resign by the end of this week.
2010-10-20: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) rules that comments made on Corus Entertainment's CFNY-FM, Toronto, breached Code which prohibits the sexualisation of children in broadcasting.
2010-10-20: UK Government agrees licence settlement with BBC that will see licence fee frozen with effective 16% cut in income but add around GBP 340 million a year in costs.
2010-10-21: US NPR (National Public Radio) fires senior news analyst Juan Williams following comments he made about Muslims on Fox TV show.
2010-10-21: A day after UK Government agrees licence settlement with BBC and announces spending cuts, BBC World Service says it will have to make substantial job cuts and some language services will have to end/ media regulator Ofcom announces that it is to cut around a fifth of its jobs.
2010-10-22: Tribune Co. reported planning to seek court approval of latest bankruptcy plan today but unsecured creditors still want right to sue various of those involved in its 2007 leveraged buyout including chairman Sam Zell.
2010-10-22: US Federal Communications Commission, which earlier in the week levied a USD 7,000 penalty for late filing of renewal applications and subsequent unauthorized operation by one Massachusetts college station/ ends it by issuing penalty of same amount to another for the same breaches.
2010-10-22: As widely forecast Tribune Co. CEO Randy Michaels resigns.
2010-10-22: Federal Communications Commission says number of licensed stations fell in third quarter but radio station total rose.
2010-10-23: Mexican radio company Grupe Radio Centro reports third quarter revenues up 18.3% on a year ago and moves into the black for the quarter.
2010-10-23: BBC Radio 2 annual Faith in the World Week starts tomorrow with programme including contribution from former drug smuggler Howard Marks, who at one time was said to have controlled around a tenth of the world cannabis trade.
2010-10-24: Don Geronimo, formerly of Don and Mike Show, and now with KTHK-AM, Sacramento, in hospital with head injuries after falling from stage.
Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2010-10-25: UK media regulator finds three stations in one group breached licence conditions in its latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2010-10-25: Adverts for post of chair of BBC Trust put remuneration at 16% less than currently being paid.
2010-10-25: US National Public Radio CEO Vivian Schiller apologizes to staff and member stations for her handling of dismissal of former analyst Juan Williams but stands by the decision.
2010-10-25: US Federal Communications Commission proposes two USD 10,000 penalties in New York state.

2010-10-26: Former BBC Radio 4 Controller Mark Damazer says he thinks cuts to BBC budget will mean lower quality programming.
2010-10-26: New spat develops between US National Association of Broadcasters and musicFirst Coalition over NAB terms, including forcing the inclusion of radio chips in all mobile phone, for a deal over the issue of performance royalties for US terrestrial broadcasters.
2010-10-26: BBC World Service and Deutsche Welle to launch new Digital Radio Mondiale service to Indian sub-continent.
2010-10-26: Arbitron third quarter revenues up 1.4% in third quarter but costs rise more and net income is down 17.4%.
2010-10-26: Citadel fined USD 8,000 for public file breaches.
2010-10-27: musicFIRST accuses National Association of Broadcasters of fundamentally undermining July agreement - which NAB denies it made - on performance royalty payments.
2010-10-27: Emmis promotes Ebro Darden to post of Vice President of Programming for its New York cluster.
2010-10-27: BIA Kelsey says US AM stations have embraced rule change that allows them to use FM translators with particular benefits for night-time coverage.
2010-10-27: Astral Media and Corus Entertainment each report fiscal 2010 revenues up 6% on a year ago.
2010-10-28: US Federal Communications Commission fines two Tennessee AMs a total of USD 9,000 - reduced from USD 42,000 because of inability to pay.
2010-10-28: Northern Broadcasting leaves US National Association of Broadcasters in protest over its stance over performance royalties.
2010-10-28: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that airing story about man who tore another man's testicles off and threw them out of a window was in poor taste but did not breach broadcasting codes.
2010-10-28: UK radio listening remains at high level with digital increasing its share significantly according to latest UK ratings that also show DAB share falling back slightly.
2010-10-29: Continuing a run of enforcement actions, US Federal Communications Commission proposed USD 10,000 penalty on New York station.
2010-10-29: Beasley Broadcast Group income in third quarter down 0.9% but net income up by more than 50%.
2010-10-29: Jeff Smulyan moves lawsuit against Alden Global Capital over its withdrawal of support for his bid to take Emmis private into US Federal Court.
2010-10-29: Latest Irish ratings show listening down on previous survey.
2010-10-29: US NPR ombudsman says row over Juan William's termination could cause long-term damage.
2010-10-30: Corus appoints Chris Pandoff as Executive Vice President and President of Corus Radio.
2010-10-30: BBC Radio 3 to launch podcast, including some full tracks, of its weekly Official Specialist Classical Music Chart programme.
2010-10-31: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

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