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January 2011
2011-01-01: California station sales shows fall in price of some three quarters since earlier sale agreed in 2004.
2011-01-02: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2011-01-03: Bubba the Love Sponge announces that he is to move to internet site radioio now his Sirius XM Show has not been renewed.
2011-01-03: Board of Indian public broadcaster Prasar Bharati appoints acting CEO following suspension of its CEO while corruption inquiry is carried out.
2011-01-03: Global Radio launches Capital as national brand, providing first national pop music competitor to the BBC/ BBC Radio 4 daily soap the Archers kills of Nigel Pargetter, who has been played by the same actor for 30 years.
2011-01-04: More US radio format changes in the New Year.
2011-01-04: BBC in update on its digital transmitters says it is on target to cover 92% of UK population by the end of this year.
2011-01-04: Fisher Broadcasting rejects bid from Canadian real investment trust.
2011-01-05: Clear Channel reveals details of stock option awards to three executives, including radio CEO John Hogan.
2011-01-05: US Federal Communications Commission loses latest round in court battle over indecency rules as Federal Court throws out USD 1.2 million fine on ABC TV.
2011-01-05: Eastlan Ratings agrees deal to provide four books a year in the Gainesville-Ocala market.
2011-01-05: Hollywood Reporter says Sirius XM wanted Bubba the Love Sponge to take an 80% pay cut.
2011-01-05: Local Community Radio Act, which paves way for more low power FMs in the US, is signed by President Obama

2011-01-06: Jewish Fund for Justice calls on New York radio stations not to pick up Glen Beck Show after he is dropped by WOR-AM.
2011-01-06: Australian commercial radio stations in New South Wales to become official providers of emergency information.
2011-01-06: US NPR concludes investigation into termination of Juan Williams'' contract.

2011-01-07: Longtime morning team of Johnson and Johnson dropped by Citadel's KUBL-FM in Salt Lake City.
2011-01-07: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to hold a hearing in March on merger of Sirius and XM in Canada.
2011-01-07: Colorado Republican Rep Doug Lamborn re-introduces legislation to end Federal public broadcasting funding.
2011-01-10: Bauer Media chief executive Paul Keenan warns that uncertainties could delay switch from FM to DAB in the UK.
2011-01-10: US Federal Communications Commission appoints David Hunt as Inspector General.
2011-01-10: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds two complaints against radio in latest bulletin.
2011-01-10: Entravision takes full control of Lotus Entravision Reps (LER) rep firm serving more than 156 Spanish-language radio stations.
2011-01-11: Australian metropolitan radio advertising revenues up 7.8% on year earlier in 2010 but down by 1.7% in December.
2011-01-11: Entercom buys KUFX-FM, San Jose, from Aloha Trust that was set up to handle Clear Channel station divestments.
2011-01-11: Corus revenues up 8%, profits up 11% in its fiscal first quarter/Astral Media goes to court over regulator CRTC's decision to make exception to its market cap for Cogeco in Montreal.
2011-01-11: Emmis revenues up 2.9% in is first quarter with radio revenues up 5% - a figure less than the average for its markets.

2011-01-12: Report on Tucson shooting indicated that US talk audience is comparatively small and rather old.
2011-01-12: New appointments by Arbitron and US National Association of Broadcasters.
2011-01-12: Sirius and XM Satellite Radio finally officially become one company as XM subsidiary is absorbed into Sirius XM.
2011-01-12: Supporters of US public broadcasting fight back against proposals to end Federal Funding.

2011-01-13: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that codes were breached in airing version of Money for Nothing that uses the word faggot thrice.
2011-01-13: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 6,000 penalty on California AM for Emergency Alert System breaches.
2011-01-13: Astral Media revenues up 7% in quarter to end of November but effects of Copyright Charges lead to net income fall/Corus and Cogeco fight Astral action that affects purchase by latter of 11 radio stations from Corus.
2011-01-14: UK media regulator notes death of another UK commercial FM in its December Radio Update.
2011-01-14: Two radio company directors including Rupert Murdoch's eldest son Lachlan found guilty of breaching rules limiting directors' control of stations.
2011-01-15: Duquesne University agrees sale of WDUQ-FM, Pittsburgh's oldest public radio station, for USD 6 million.
2011-01-16: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2011-01-17: BBC Monitoring Service to cut around a sixth of its posts following reduction in government funding.
2011-01-17: Sirius XM, which has been given permission to use terrestrial translators in Alaska and Hawaii reported to be planning to extent satellite cover to the two states.
2011-01-17: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruling that Dire Straights recording including use of word "faggots" breached Broadcasting Codes gains worldwide cover - and mainly hostile reactions.
2011-01-17: First radio survey of the year in Brisbane is postponed because of  flooding but second is scheduled to go ahead on time.

2011-01-18: Univision appoints former NBC TV executive and AOL chairman and CEO Randy Falco as its COO.
2011-01-18: US NPR posts streams of three new albums at least a week before their release.
2011-01-18: US loses its last major market classical commercial station as Entercom disposes of KDFC call sign, staff and facilities to non-commercial set up by University of  Southern California and uses the frequency to simulcast classic rock.
2011-01-19: BBC announces star names to appear on Radio 2 and 6 Music, the latter in an Introducing Musicians Masterclass.
2011-01-19: Hubbard Broadcasting agrees USD 505 million cash deal to buy 17 Bonneville stations in four markets, a purchase that will see Bonneville's CEO and COO move to Hubbard.
2011-01-19: BBC Trust announces services it is to review this year starting with BBC Radio Five Live and Five Live Sports Extra.
2011-01-20: Indian government moves ahead on auction of Phase 2 private FM licences that will add private stations to some 215 more cities and towns.
2011-01-20: UK media regulator slashes price it is asking for Classic FM and talkSPORT national commercial licences.
2011-01-21: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission  asks the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council  to review its decision that the use of the word "faggot" in Dire Straits "Money for Nothing" breached Canadian industry codes.
2011-01-21: US host Rush Limbaugh unrepentant over criticism of his mocking Chinese President with his version of the President's comments in Chinese.
2011-01-22: Federal Communications Commission rejects petition by one owner of radio stations in Monroe, Louisiana, market to stop transaction involving another owner.
2011-01-23: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-01-24: Townsquare Media sells six stations in Idaho.
2011-01-24: BBC Radio 4 announces two new programmes to be launched in October with four others to be ended/ BBC Online to cut up to 360 posts and much of its current operations.
2011-01-24: Citadel board and executives - in particular CEO Farid Suleman- attacked over refusal to consider takeover bid from Cumulus.

2011-01-25: UK media regulator upholds two radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2011-01-25: Sirius XM asks Federal Communications Committee to allow it to raise its charges when three-year freeze agreed at time of Sirius and XM merger expires in July.
2011-01-25: BBC World Service journalists ask parliamentarians to review plans for service that are to include closing of five language services and expected to mean some 650 job cuts.
2011-01-26: Federal Communications Commission asks for comment on whether Sirius XM price freeze should be allowed to expire or be extended or modified.
2011-01-26: UK's largest radio group Global Radio trims its losses to GBP 31 million in year to end of last March.
2011-01-26: BBC confirms cuts of a quarter of World Service radio jobs, complete closure of some language services and broadcasts of some others that it estimates will lose it some 30 million listeners a week.
2011-01-27: California Senate launches investigation after racist threat sent to State Senator Leland Yee following his criticism of Rush Limbaugh for his crude imitation of Chinese aired during Chinese President's joint news conference with President Obama.
2011-01-27: Southern California Broadcasters Association in January update says Los Angles market is in "fragile recovery mode."
2011-01-28: Canadian regulator revokes licence of Toronto campus station CKLN-FM.
2011-01-28: Sir Elton John apologizes after using F-word on BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show.
2011-01-28: Fisher Communications shareholder announces nomination of four directors who, if elected, would push for sale of the company.

2011-01-29: Townsquare Media reveals in filing that it is to get USD 1.85 million for six Idaho stations it is selling.
2011-01-30: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-01-31: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 10,000 penalty on Pennsylvania FM for failing to install emergency alert system equipment.
2011-01-31: BBC Radio 2 folds Electric Proms Festival in latest cutbacks.
2011-01-31: Cumulus Media to acquire full control of Cumulus Media Partners, the former Susquehanna Radio it has operated since 2006.

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February 2011-

2011-02-01: Australian commercial radio industry launches its latest radio brand campaign.
2011-02-01: BBC radio announces changes that see Jo Whiley moving from Radio 1 to Radio 2, Stuart Maconie and Mark Radcliffe show moving to 6 Music and trickle-down changes.
2011-02-01: Corus announces completion of its sale of Quebec radio stations to Cogeco.
2011-02-01: Markets lukewarm over bid by Southern Cross Media for Austereo.
2011-02-02: BBC Radio 4 Archers programme, the world's longest running soap, reveals that Duchess of Cornwall will appear on the show as herself later this month.
2011-02-03: Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 4,000 penalty on South Carolina FM for airing phone calls without giving notice.

2011-02-03: Radio's audience falls slightly in latest UK ratings but medium still reaches more than 90% of the 15-plus population.
2011-02-04: Federal Communications Commission sets stage for testing National Presidential emergency alert.
2011-02-04: WVOL-AM, Nashville, taken off air for a while after wires cut at all six of its towers.
2011-02-05: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upholds no radio complaints at latest Compliance meeting.
2011-02-05: Federal Communications Commission fines Connecticut FM USD 5,600 for licence renewal breaches.
2011-02-06: Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee backs-off on his ban on talking to talk-radio, tells TV show it will not be permanent.
2011-02-06: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2011-02-07: UK media regulator upholds 1 radio complaint, finds another resolved, and says two community stattions breached licence conditions in latest bulletin.
2011-02-07: Australian metropolitan revenues in January up on a year earlier in all five states with Brisbane showing largest increase.
2011-02-07: Clear Channel 2010 revenues up 6% on 2009/Mark Mays says he will step down as President and CEO by the end of March at the latest.
2011-02-08: BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards aired live for first time.
2011-02-08: Mexican MVS Radio fires morning news personality Carmen Aristegui after she reported on rumours that President Felipe Calderón had a problem with alcoholism, saying its code of ethics prohibits reporting on rumours.
2011-02-08: BBC Trust review praised BBC Radios 3,4 and 7 and approves repositioning of Radio 4 as Radio 4 Extra but calls for them to widen appeal without losing their quality.
2011-02-08: Beasley Broadcast and Entercom both report final quarter ands full year 2010 revenue increases.
2011-02-09: Arbitron appoints Richard J. Surratt as Executive Vice President, Finance/says it intends to appoint him Chief Financial Officer to succeed Sean Cramer.
2011-02-09: Singer Rihanna attacks BBC Radio 1 for airing cleaned up and re-named version of her recording"S&M" - which was issued by her record label.
2011-02-09: US Federal Communications Commission issues or proposes penalties ranging up to USD 20,000 for radio-related breaches.
2011-02-10: State of New Jersey invites bids to run its public TV stations and run or purchase its nine non-commercial FMs.
2011-02-10: BBC Radio Five Live appoints Rachel Burden, currently weekend breakfast co-host, to succeed Shelagh Fogarty as weekday breakfast co-host/ also announces that it has radio rights to 2012 London Paralympic Games.
011-02-11: US Federal Communications Commission imposes or proposes penalties totalling USD 54,000 in radio enforcement actions.
2011-02-11: BBC improves national DAB cover for some 1.2 million with new transmitters in Worcestershire and Lancashire.
2011-02-11: Number of licensed broadcast stations in US rises 127 during 2010 with radio total up 220 but LPFM number is down five.
2011-02-11: LBI Media reports final quarter revenues up 19% on a year earlier.
2011-02-12: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 10,000 fine on New Jersey pirate operator.
2011-02-13: Veteran Georgia radio host Ludlow Porch (Bobby G. Hanson) dies aged 76 following series of strokes.
2011-02-13: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2011-02-14: Arbitron extends employment contract of President and CEO William Kerr for a year.
2011-02-14: President Obama puts forward USD 354.2 million FCC budget/ FCC fines Los Angeles licensee USD 10,000 for tower offences.
2011-02-14: Emmis stock rises after it announces it is now in compliance with NASDAQ minimum price requirements.
2011-02-14: US NPR (National Public Radio) welcomes inclusion in President Obama's budget submission to Congress of funding for public broadcasting, which Republicans want to terminate.

2011-02-15: 338 recordings of BBC's first daily series," Dick Barton, Special Agent" are found in Australia - the BBC had archived only three from 712 episodes.
2011-02-15: Sirius XM ends 2010 with almost 20.2 million subscribers, revenues up 14% year-on-year, and net loss down to USD 43 million for the year.
2011-02-16: Mexican news station MVS Radio rehires host Carmen Aristegui whom it fired last week after she made comments about allegations that President Felipe Calderon had an alcohol problem.
2011-02-16: Arbitron revenues up 2.7% for full year 2010 with net income up 5.5%.

2011-02-17: CBS Coporation final quarter 2010 revenues up 11%.
2011-02-17: BBC Radio 3 to switch from mainly airing recordings to live broadcasts in its weekday evening Performance on 3 slot.
2011-02-17: Citadel reported to have agreed its sale to Cumulus for USD 37 a share.

2011-02-18: Shareholders of XM Canada parent Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings In. overwhelmingly approve merger with Sirius Canada.
2011-02-18: Latest Irish ratings show radio maintaining overall listening with 85% of the adult population listening to the medium daily.
2011-02-18: US radio ends 2010 with final quarter revenues up 7% making annual rise 6% according to Radio Advertising Bureau.
2011-02-19: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland posts its first Strategy Statement.
2011-02-19: KVPR-FM fires host Terry Phillips a week after he criticized US public radio in the Sacramento Bee.
2011-02-20: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-02-21: UK media regulator considers one radio complaint resolved and finds two community radio stations breached licence conditions in latest bulletin.
2011-02-21: Haliburton Broadcasting gets go-ahead to buy three more Ontario stations.
2011-02-22: Macquarie Radio launches investigation following widespread criticism of quiz in which question was how many asylum-seeker victims of Christmas Island boat disaster had been buried.
2011-02-22: US editorial comment over House vote to remove funding from public broadccasting is mainly against the idea.
2011-02-23: Reliance Broadcast Network Limited's 92.7 BIG FM extends its reach through a strategic marketing and sales alliance with 92.7 High FM Bhutan.
2011-02-23: For second-year running a euphonium player wins the BBC Radio 2 Young Brass Soloist Award.

2011-02-23: Voice of America says that cyber-attacks on its websites that redirected visitors to "Iranian cyber-army" site did not compromise any data.
2011-02-24: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that Toronto radio station discussion of erections with ten-years-old caller breached codes against sexualisation of children but rejects other complaints against the broadcast.
2011-02-24: BBC Radio 2 announces changes to its schedule starting from April 4 that it says enhance its commitment to specialist music and documentaries.
2011-02-24: Latest Australian ratings - issued without Brisbane because of devastation caused by floods - show 2GB increasing its lead in Sydney and Today network suffering from absence of Hamish and Andy in drivetime.
2011-02-24: Cumulus postpones from Feb 28 to Mar 14 its final quarter 2010 results release and conference call because of bid to take over Citadel.
2011-02-24: Univision revenues up 11.8% in final quarter of 2010 driven by TV but radio is down.
2011-02-25: Veteran Washington DC host Bob Davis - a voice of WGMS-FM for more than five decades - dies aged 90.
2011-02-25: British government puts forward Former Conservative cabinet minister, European Commissioner, and last governor of Hong Kong Lord (Chris) Patten, the current chancellor of Oxford University, as chairman of BBC Trust.
2011-02-26: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 10,000 fine on Cumulus for public file violations/refunds winning bid to Auction 47 winner after frequency proves unusable.
2011-02-27: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-02-28: Mexican operator Grupo Radio Centro revenues up 15.6% over 2009 for full year 2010.
2011-02-28: BBC launches Radio 2 New Comedy Award 2011 - successor to BBC New Comedy Awards that ran from 1995 to 2005.
2011-02-28: Mexican regulator gives iBiquity a boost by approving voluntary use of its HD digital radio system in the country to develop digital broadcasting.

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March 2011

2011-03-01: BBC announces that it is to make 500 episodes of Desert Island Discs available online as it outlines plans for April re-launch of BBC 7 digital radio stations as BBC 4 Extra and other digital radio plans.
2011-03-01: Moscow radio talk host fired after likening St Petersburg Governor to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
2011-03-01: Former Cleveland radio executive Carl Hirsch dies of heart attack.
2011-03-02: DAB+ digital radio services switched on in Australian parliament.
2011-03-02: WRMF-FM, Palm Beach, sold for USD 16.5 million by owners who paid USD 70 million for it in 2002.
2011-03-02: Clear Channel purchase of music business of Thumbplay leads to speculation on how far Bob Pittman will influence changes at company.
2011-03-02: Entravision final quarter revenues up5%, full year up 6%.
2011-03-02: Arbitron appoints Richard J. Surratt to the post of Executive Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer to succeed Sean R. Creamer.
2011-03-03: Cumulus announces bonuses totalling some USD 1.75 million plus shares with CEO Lew Dickey getting around USD 1 million of this.
2011-03-03: Editor of BBC College of Journalist Kevin Marsh, who moved from Radio 4 Today programme after row of "Sexing-up" of British Government's Iraq dossier, to leave the Corporation.
2011-03-03: Radio One Inc. revenues up 8% in final quarter and 2.9% for full year 2010 but company says this year began sluggishly.
2011-03-04: Premiere Networks offers service in which actors make pre-scripted calls to talk shows.
2011-03-04: Fisher Communications revenues up by 49% in third quarter - driven by TV but radio was up nearly 17%.
2011-03-05: WMAL-AM host resigns, claiming he was told to stop talking too much about radical Islam.
2011-03-05: Saga delays release of full results for 2010 but says preliminary reports show revenues up 7.4% in final quarter and 5.8% year-on-year for full 2010.

2011-03-06: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-03-06: US talk radio pioneer Joel A. Spivak dies aged 75.
2011-03-07: Japanese government reported to be planning to ease commercial radio ownership restrictions.
2011-03-07: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 20,000 penalty on Florida pirate FM operator.
2011-03-07: BBC World Service gives temporary reprieve to shortwave transmissions of its Hindi service to allow search fro commercial funding.
2011-03-07: LBI media commences USD 240 million notes offering/ releases final results for 2010 with revenue rises driven by TV as in preliminary results.
2011-03-07: Reports of Premiere Radio Networks service hiring actors to phone in to radio shows prompts Rush Limbaugh to deny his show was involved - and attack the Jewish magazine The Tablet that broke the story as being a radical left wing publication.

2011-03-08: UK media regulator OFCOM in its latest bulletin upholds two radio complaints, one of which it says involved worst case it has dealt with of station exceeding its allowed power.
2011-03-08: US NPR fundraising SVP Ron Schiller, who was already leaving the broadcaster, resigns and apologizes after he is caught on tape attacking Republicans and Tea Party.
2011-03-09: Fisher Communications names its slate of four directors to stand for election at its AGM.
2011-03-09: Australia regulator finds New South Wales community station breached codes on advertising and handling complaints.
2011-03-09: Arbitron announces changes to way it determines its metro areas.
2011-03-09: US NPR President and CEO Vivian Schiller ousted following row over comments about Republicans and Tea Party made by former NPR SVP of Development, who in turn has lost job he was going to.
2011-03-10: North and South Dakota stations each fined USD 7,000 for late filing of licence renewal and subsequent unauthorized operation.
2011-03-10: Varying reaction from Premiere-syndicated hosts to its service that hired actors to make calls to shows- Limbaugh strongly against, Hannity against but less vociferous and Glenn Back defending the practice.
2011-03-10: Melbourne 3AW host Derryn Hinch loses his appeal in Australian High Court in which he claimed barring him from naming sex offenders was unconstitutional.
2011-03-10: Cumulus and Citadel agree on USD 2.4-2.5 billion takeover of Citadel by Cumulus.
2011-03-11: Salem final quarter revenues up 6.4% on a year earlier, driven by non-broadcast activities.
2011-03-11: Emmis signs new one-year deal with its Radio Programming President Rick Cummings.
2011-03-11: Within hours of announcement of Cumulus takeover of Citadel, law firms start trolling for business from shareholders who think deal may be unfair to them.
2011-03-12: California man facing USD 25,000 penalty for operating unauthorized FM stations in San Diego.
2011-03-13: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-03-14: Australian commercial radio revenues continue to rise in February.
2011-03-14: BBC digital radio station The Asian Network appears to have been saved from closure.
2011-03-14: Joe Uva to leave Univision at start of April after four years as President and CEO.
2011-03-14: Cumulus President and CEO Lew Dickey presents rosy view of prospects after Citadel takeover at company's 2010 full year and final quarter results conference call.
2011-03-15: Minnesota radio veteran Arthur Hoehn, who was the first professional announcer on Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), dies aged 72.
2011-03-15: BBC extends its national digital network with transmitters in Derbyshire and Wales.
2011-03-15: Pew Research latest report on media notes stability of radio over past decade but warns that technological developments could upend this.
2011-03-15: Saga releases 2010 results and moves from loss to profit in final quarter in absence of impairment charges.
2011-03-15: After 21 years as a rock station KUFO dies to be replaced by simulcast of sister talk station in Portland, Oregon.
2011-03-16: BBC to launch "Ambridge Extra" add-on to its The Archers Radio 4 soap on digital station Radio 4 Extra.
2011-03-16: US National Association of Broadcasters attacks White House over support for Performance royalties and Federal Communications Commission over it spectrum plans.
2011-03-16: Arbitron says its RADAR 108 network radio report will show approaching 242 million Americans listen to radio each week.
2011-03-16: US public radio host Garrison Keillor says he plans to retire from a Prairie Home Companion in 2013.
2011-03-17: US Federal Communications Commission to allow non-commercial educational stations waivers from normal rules to allow fund-raising for Japan following earthquake and tsunami.
2011-03-17: US House of Congress votes along party lines to end Federal funding to NPR but move is unlikely to get through the Senate.
2011-03-18: US Federal Communications Commission confirms USD 10,000 penalty on New Jersey pirate FM operator.
2011-03-18: Radio One Inc upgrades guidance for this year and says second quarter core revenues are now pacing up mid to high single digits compared to a year earlier.
2011-03-18: BBC Radio 1 breakfast team break world record for longest team show - and raise nearly GBP 2.5 million for charity.
2011-03-19: Move to online for KUSF, San Francisco, following deal to sell its licence, appears to have lost it most of its audience.
2011-03-20: Emmis changes line-up at New York WXRP tomorrow with Steve Craig moving to breakfast and Matt Pinfield and Leslie Fram taking middays.
2011-03-20: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-03-21: UK Guardian reports that US government is to help fund BBC World Service development of software to fight jamming and blocking of its services.
2011-03-21: Triton Media's Dial Global continues its dominance in latest RADAR US network ratings.
2011-03-22: Latest figures from Australia show digital radio accounting for more than 5% of listening and nearly 700,000 receivers sold.
2011-03-22: UK media regulator Ofcom in its latest bulletin upholds one radio complaint and finds that a community station breached licence conditions.

2011-03-23: BBC announces plan to improve commissioning process for independents.
2011-03-23: US Federal Communications Commission issues Advisory note regarding requirement for non-discrimination certification with renewal applications/also fines West Texas University station.
2011-03-23: Report that BBC World Service is bidding for US funding to fight blocking of its services arouses ire in the US.
2011-03-23: Univision appoints Jose Valle as president of Univision Radio.
2011-03-24: Fisher Communications looks at options for possible disposal of its Fisher Plaza facility.
2011-03-24: Entercom announces Kansas City changes to include simulcast of NewsRadio on AM and FM.
2011-03-24: Mary Beth Garber steps down as President of Southern California Broadcasters' Associaiton to become Katz Radio Group EVP.
2011-03-25: BBC Caribbean Service ends broadcasts and Russian broadcasts are to end tomorrow as World Service cuts start to take effect.
2011-03-25: Emmis launches lawsuit against Alden Global Capital in continuing spat after Alden pulled out of financing deal to take Emmis private.
2011-03-25: US Federal Communications Commission fines Florida man USD 20,000 for unlicensed broadcasts on marine safety channel.
2011-03-26: Houston BizRadio host Daniel Frishberg settles fraudulent conduct charges laid against him by US Securities and Exchange Commission.
2011-03-26: Australian Communications and Media Authority agrees undertaking from Southern Cross Media Group to divest two stations as part of its bid to take over Austereo.
2011-03-27: DJ Megatron (Corey McGriff), who built his career on hip-hop and R&B stations, is shot dead near his Staten Island home.
2011-03-27: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.

2011-03-28: Big players reported to be cautious about third phase of Indian private FMs/update re BBC Hindi service.
2011-03-28: US Federal Communications Commission agrees Consent Decreee with Georgia AM owner under which the licensee will pay USD 22,000 and institute compliance plan.
2011-03-29: India's Information and Broadcasting Ministry reported to be drafting measures to ease restrictions on private FM industry.
2011-03-29: WTOP-FM was highest billing station in US in 2010 according to BIA/Kelsey.

2011-03-30: Leaders hold on to top ranks in latest Australian radio ratings.
2011-03-30: Citadel reports revenues up in 2010 but down on previous year in final quarter/says little about being taken over by Cumulus.
2011-03-31: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 20,000 penalty on Florida man for repeated use of pirate FM transmitter.
2011-03-31: UK radio industry launches its Radioplayer with 157 stations aboard - a month late and with no support for mobile devices.
2011-03-31: New York judge to hear anti-trust case against Sirius XM on May 2.
2011-03-31: Arbitron gets Media Ratings Council accreditation for 11 more PPM markets taking total to 14.

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