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2011-10-01: New schedules announced for BBC Radios 2,3 and digital station 4 Extra starting this month.
2011-10-01: Immigrants groups call on Clear Channel to take top-rated KFI hosts John and Ken off the air after they gave cell phone of activist on air.
2011-10-02: UK Sunday Telegraph reports that BBC Radio 4 will escape largely unscathed from cuts being made at BBC.
2011-10-02: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-10-03: Bob Pittman appointed CEO of Clear Channel.
2011-10-03: US NPR appoints Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary E.Knell as its CEO.
2011-10-03: BBC 6 Music launches The John Peel Lecture, named after late British DJ, with Pete Townshend of the Who to deliver inaugural lecture.
2011-10-03: Los Angeles Dodgers to move games from KABC-AM to Clear Channel's KLAC-AM.
2011-10-04: Democracy Now! radio and TV show host Amy Goodman reaches settlement with Twin Cities police and secret service over arrest of herself and two producers during Republican National Convention in 2008.
2011-10-04: Spanish Broadcasting System Chief Revenue Officer Marko Radlovic leaves the company.
2011-10-05: UK media regulator lists ending of only one commercial service in latest radio update.
2011-10-05: Cumulus hires former Spanish Broadcasting System Chief Revenue Officer Marko Radlovic as Los Angeles market manager.
2011-10-05: Australian Communications and Media Authority closes down Melbourne pirate AM.
2011-10-06: Lawsuit by Birmingham host Paul Finebaum against Citadel on way back to Alabama state courts.
2011-10-06: Emmis pays bonuses totalling USD 1.25 million to three executives - nearly a million of it to Chairman, President and CEO Jeffrey Smulyan -in connection with sale of stations to Merlin Media/ also signs new two-year deal with EVP/CFO & COO Patrick Walsh whose base salary is upped to USD 600,000 a year.
2011-10-06: Executives of India's private FM industry say they do not see big boost from lifting Foreign Direct Investment cap to 26%.
2011-10-06: BBC announces plans to cut some 2,000 jobs and have more repeats and programme sharing to cut expenditure by around USD 1 billion a year.
2011-10-07: Clear Channel to pay new CEO Robert Pittman USD 1 million a year with performance bonuses of around USD 1.65 million.
2011-10-08: Fairfax Media, which put its radio stations up for sale in May, announces sale of regional stations to Grant Broadcasting.
2011-10-08: National Hispanic Media Coalition and other groups go ahead with call for advertisers to boycott John and Ken afternoon drive show on Clear Channel's KFI-AM, Los Angeles.
2011-10-09: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-10-10: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds one radio complaint and considers another resolved in its latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2011-10-10: Australian Metropolitan radio revenues in September up 0.51% on a year earlier.
2011-10-10: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds one radio complaint and considers another resolved in its latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2011-10-10: Australian Metropolitan radio revenues in September up 0.51% on a year earlier.
2011-10-11: Only one Chicago radio personality now has USD 1 million a year salary according to Robert Feder blog.
2011-10-11: Indonesian delegation visits Australia to consider DAB+ as digital platform/also to attend Australian Radio Conference on Friday.

2011-10-11: Indiana State agency fines tower construction company USD 91.500 in connection with deaths of two workers who fell from radio tower.
2011-10-12: Indian research group Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) to add nine more cities to the four it currently surveys/ Indian government pushing for speedy introduction to changes of law governing employment of senior state broadcaster executives to make it wesier to remove them.
2011-10-13: Merlin Media Chairman and CEO Randy Michaels briefs staff of its Chicago news station on mistakes and changes to be made in format.
2011-10-13: Emmis loss up to USD 8.6 million in second quarter but says sale of stations has put it in strong position for future.
2011-10-14: Merlin Media chairman and CEO Randy Michaels aarrested for drunk driving, refuses to take breathalyzer, and is bailed out.
2011-10-14: UK National Union of Journalists accuses BBC Director -General Mark Thompson of showing "complete and utter contempt" for staff in making comments during meeting on planned job cuts saying they are always free to resign.
2011-10-14: National Hispanic Media Council says four large advertisers have agreed to end links with KFI-AM, Los Angeles "Ken and John Show" after the hosts broadcast cell phone number of immigrant rights activist.
2011-10-14: Birmingham, Alabama, sports host Paul Finebaum wins judicial approval to move his lawsuit against employer Citadel back to State court.

2011-10-15: BBC World Service condemns court verdict that its Tajik reporter Urunboy Usmonov was complicit in activities of banned Islamic Organization.
2011-10-15: Australian minister tells radio conference that government will ease regulations on regional radio.

2011-10-15: UK Asian service Sunrise Radio criticized by UK Charities Commission for keeping in bank funds raised for victims of 2004 Tsunami and 2005 Kashmire earthquake - now given to charities working the area.
2011-10-15: More departures from former Citadel stations now owned by Cumulus include two San Francisco program directors.
2011-10-16: Kyle and Jackie O Show retakes Best On Air Team award - held for the past three years by Hamish and Andy Show - at Australian Commercial Radio Awards.
2011-10-16: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-10-17: WBAL host Ron Smith tells his listeners he has stage four pancreatic cancer.
2011-10-17: Global Radio reports pre-tax loss of GBP 32.7 million on revenues down 1.3% to end of March - put down largely to 85% cut in government advertising
2011-10-17: Sirius XM expands its offerings with first phase of SiriusXM 2.0 that it says allows it to add a quarter more channels without affecting quality of existing service.
2011-10-18: Federal Communications Commission proposed USD 10,000 penalty on pirate FM operator/ orders translator taken off air following complaints of interference to commercial station.
2011-10-18: Veteran Chicago host Steve Dahl back on city's airwaves - well sort-of.
2011-10-19: US non-profit Friends of Old Time Radio holds its final convention starting tomorrow and running to Sunday.
2011-10-19: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that broadcast of the song "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry did not breach the Canadian Association of Broadcasters' (CAB) Code of Ethics although it agreed that the song was distasteful.
2011-10-19: US broadcast veteran, author, dramatis, screenwriter, and even libretto writer Norman Corwin, one of radio's greats, dies aged 101.
2011-10-20: Canadian host Jason Barr arrested and handcuffed briefly following stunt in which he and contestants wearing ski masks tried to get passers-by to enter pick-up truck.
2011-10-21: US Federal Communications Commission issues or proposes penalties totalling more than USD 60,000 on US radio operators.
2011-10-22: Radio One Inc. to take over signal of Detroit WGP-FM on Monday under LMA, move over ifs WTHD-FM programming and launch new Paise FM on the WTHD frequency.
2011-10-22: Mexican radio operator Grupo Radio Centro reports third quarter revenues up 12.9% year-on-year and net income more than doubled.
2011-10-23: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-10-24: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 22,000 in penalties on Michigan non-commercial educational FM.
2011-10-24: BBC launches Audio Drama Awards/ also updates digital radio progress on blog.
2011-10-24: Clear Channel Radio appoints John Ivey as Senior Vice President of Programming.
2011-10-24: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds two radio complaints in latest bulletin.
2011-10-25: Arbitron third quarter revenues up 6.1% on a year ago with net income up 36.3%.
2011-10-25: Cox Media drops long-time 99.5 KISS-FM, San Antonio, morning team of John Lisle and Steve Hahn.
2011-10-26: Australian Communications and Media Authority finds Queensland regional station has failed to broadcast required minimum local content.
2011-10-26: US Federal Communications Commission posts further details in advance of its November 9 nationwide Emergency Alert System test.
2011-10-26: Astral Media and Corus Entertainment report revenues up for final quarter and whole fiscal year 2011 but warn of tougher times ahead.
2011-10-26: Clear Channel starts another round of job cuts before announcing reorganization/Cumulus job cutting continues.
2011-10-27: Federal Communications Commissioners Michael J. Copps and Robert M. McDowell welcome development by American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A's) of non-discrimatory best practice guidance for advertisers.
2011-10-27: Clear Channel sets up National Programming Platforms Team.
2011-10-27: Latest UK radio ratings show listening falling back slightly and BBC increasing its share.
2011-10-27: Fairfax Media takes for sale sign off its Australian metropolitan radio stations.
2011-10-28: Latest Irish radio ratings show -as in the UK - listening falling back slightly.
2011-10-28: Beasley third quarter revenues down 1% but reduction in interest charges boosts net income..

2011-10-28: BBC appoints Ben Cooper to role of Controller BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra.
2011-10-29: News veteran Don Mozley, who broadcast for CBS for 62 years, dies of heart attack aged 90 on his way home from trip to Europe.
2011-10-30: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-10-31: Irish host Eamon Dunphy not only quits but burns his boats by attacking station owner on his last show.
2011-10-31: Clear Channel revenues up 7% in third quarter but radio rise is driven by Westwood One acquisition helped by national advertising, not local.
2011-10-31: Apart from Brisbane, where DMG's Nova moves into the top rank, leaders hold on to their top spots in latest Australian radio ratings.

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November 2011

2011-11-01: Sirius XM third quarter revenues up 6% as it hits reaches nearly 21.35 million subscribers.
2011-11-01: Entercom revenues down 2% in third quarter.
2011-11-01: Newstalk chief executive responds to criticism by host Eamon Dunphy with return accusations.
2011-11-02: Widespread welcomes for nominations of two Federal Communications Commissioners.
2011-11-02: Cox Media agrees sale of two AMs in Connecticut to Sacred Heart University.
2011-11-03: Entravision,Radio One Inc and Saga broadcasting revenues down or flat in third quarter.

2011-11-03: Cox Media Group Hawaii General Manager Mike Kelly to retire after 26 years with the company on the island.
2011-11-03: Salem third quarter revues up 6.8% with broadcasting revenues up 3.3%.
2011-11-03: CBS third quarter revenues up 2% driven by its Content Group - local broadcasting revenues, including its radio and TV stations, were down 3.1%.
2011-11-04: Licensed US broadcast station numbers at the end of June and September down on a year ago although non-commercial FM numbers rise.
2011-11-04: Clear Channel to simulcast news-talk KOGO-AM, San Diego, on KUSS-FM frequency from Monday.
2011-11-04: Iowa Senator Charles Grassley says he will hold up approval of two Federal Communications Commissioners just nominated.
2011-11-05: Univision third quarter revenues up 1.7% on a year ago.
2011-11-05: CBS writer and commentator Andy Rooney dies aged 92.
2011-11-06: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-11-07: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints in latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2011-11-07: James D. (Jim) Ingstad buys 12 Washington State stations whose sale to TownSquare Media fell through when Federal Communications Commission rejected Trust plans for divestitures.
2011-11-07: Fisher Communications third quarter revenues down 5% on a year ago but radio is down 14%.

2011-11-08: Australian metropolitan radio revenues up 2.3% in October.
2011-11-09: Sydney paper reports that Sydney 2UE hosts are paid very much less than those at top-ranked commercial rival 2GB.
2011-11-09: US Federal Emergency Management Agency says first ever US nationwide Emergency Alert System test succeeded in it purpose of identifying gaps and generating data to help prepare system for a real emergency.
2011-11-10: UCLA study says Conservative radio talk shows create danger for Latinos and have poor record for accuracy.
2011-11-10: US Federal Communications Commission rejects receiver's arguments but of its own volition grants waiver of main studio rule to allow co-location of two Florida stations whilst sale is in progress/ denies new entrant discount to winner of Mississippi Construction Permit in its Auction 37.
2011-11-11: Emmis sets up deal to buy back preferred stock at low rate - based on financing with nearly 30% a year interest.
2011-11-12: Kansas man indicted on federal charges in connection with cable theft that took two radio stations off the air in September.
2011-11-13: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-11-14: Australian digital radio sales doing well despite weak retail market.
2011-11-14: US Radio Advertising Bureau hires Erica Farber to run Membership, Development and Professional Services Unit/ SVP Professional Services Sheila Kirby leaves to join CBS Radio.
2011-11-14: Cumulus reports third quarter revenues down 1.9% on a year ago with Cumulus itself down 0.6% and up excluding political advertising.
2011-11-15: Australian Communications and Media Authority finalizes review of Commercial Radio Standards/ proposes scrapping Compliance Standard but retaining Advertising and Disclosure ones.
2011-11-15: BBC Radio to mark 70th anniversary of Desert Island Discs - the world's second oldest radio programme - with airing of local editions on regions and local radio stations after Radio 4 70th anniversary broadcast next January.

2011-11-16: CBS to launch all-news FM in Washington D.C. next year using frequency of its El Zol Spanish hits station, which will air on Family Station's WFSI-FM frequency from December under local marketing agreement until CBS formally acquires the frequency.
2011-11-16: Emmis spends nearly 12 millions of USD 35 million funding arranged this week on buying back preference shares/director nominated by some of the preference shareholders resigns from board.
2011-11-17: UK media regulator Ofcom allows format changes to Capital FM stations in Birmingham and Scotland that will allow them to air a broader range of music.
2011-11-17: UTV reports revenues for first ten months up 2% on a year ago with G.B. radio, whose revenues were up 5%, the best performer.
2011-11-17: WHUR to mark four decades on air with launch of first of its two services on Sirius XM platform next month.

2011-11-18: Johnny Vaughan, who has co-hosted Capital FM's breakfast show since 2004, is dropped by the London station.
2011-11-18: US Radio Advertising Bureau says radio revenues in third quarter were up for seventh consecutive quarter although spot expenditure was flat.
2011-11-18: Cumulus files Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan for subsidiary AR Broadcasting Holdings Inc.
2011-11-19: LBI Media third quarter revenues down 0.8% as radio falls 8.2% but TV is up 7.6%.
2011-11-20: Decision to drop Capital FM breakfast host leads to twitter exchange between his current stand-in and former Capital FM host Steve Penk about the changes.
2011-11-20: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-11-21: UK media regulator Ofcom upholds one radio complaint in latest bulletin.
2011-11-21: Westwood One to pay former President and CFO Rod Sherwood a years salary after ending his employment.
2011-11-21: New AM licences for Montreal go to French language applicants.
2011-11-22: Australian commercial radio industry launches AUD 5 million advertising campaign to promote value of retail sector.
2011-11-23: Tribune Co. proposes USD 675,000 plus legal costs payoff to former CEO Randy Michaels.
2011-11-23: Australian regulator rules that broadcasts on Alan Jones Breakfast Show on Sydney 2GB breached commercial radio codes on accuracy and making reasonable attempts to present significant viewpoints.
2011-11-23: Emmis agrees deal with Alden Global under which it buys some USD 16 million's worth of its preferred stock and bth parties end their legal actions against each other.
2011-11-24: Canadian regulator says some Francophone radio stations have been using montages as a way to avoid airing French vocal music as required by their licences.
2011-11-25: Global Radio hires former BBC host Alan Titmarsh to host new Saturday show as part of shuffle of weekend programming from January.
2011-11-25: UK media regulator says community station's average income fell by 19% last year and most are operating at a loss.
2011-11-27: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-11-28: Clear Channel fires Philadelphia host Tarsha Jones from morning show at WUSL-FM following lawsuits.
2011-11-28: Australian Broadcasting Corporation found to have breached code on responding to complaint although complaints themselves not upheld.
2011-11-29: BIA Kelsey revises downwards it US radio revenue projections - says it now only expects marginal increase this year.
2011-11-30: Emmis launches modified "Dutch auction" for up to USD 6 million worth of its 6.25% Series A Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock.
2011-11-30: Clear Channel drops hot AC format of KGBY-FM, Sacramento, to simulcast talk KKKB-AM/ also to rejig San Francisco talk output in New Year.
011-11-30: Sirius XM CEO Mel Karmazin rates business as in better position than advertising-funded media/ comments on possible takeover by Liberty Media.
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December 2011

2011-12-01: Twin Cities veteran Mark Kalman to retire on December 16.
2011-12-02: Cumulus to drop some veteran hosts and move emphasis of KGO-AM, San Francisco, towards news rather than news talk.
2011-12-02: Jonathan Brandmeier back in Chicago as WGN-AM morning host from Friday next week.
2011-12-03: Cumulus agrees new employment contracts with main executives/ Dickey brothers get best deals.
2011-12-04: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-12-05: Arbitron says latest RADAR network ratings report to be released next week shows significant rise in Hispanic and Black (non-Hispanic) radio audience.
2011-12-05: UK media regulator upholds no radio complaints but considers three resolved in latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2011-12-05: ASCAP (The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and the RMLC (The Radio Music License Committee that represents most US radio stations) announce agreement in principle of a deal on fees running from 2010 to 2016.
2011-12-05: Clear Channel and Cumulus agree deal under which Cumulus will use Clear Channel's iHeartRadio and Clear Channel Cumulus's SweetJack deals platform.
2011-12-06: Australian commercial radio industry launches Christmas DAB+ campaign.
2011-12-06: UK media regulator Ofocm posts its November Radio Update.
2011-12-06: Democrat Commissioner Michael J. Copps announces that he will resign from the FCC at the beginning of next year or sooner if his successor is confirmed or Congress adjourns.
2011-12-07: Merlin Media adding fourth station and entering third market with USD 22.5 million purchase of WKDN-FM, Camden, New Jersey.
2011-12-07: Federal Communications Commission issues or proposes penalties totalling USD 46,000 - USD 25,000 to two pirate operators and the rest to two commercial AMs.
2011-12-07: BBC Radio 1 announces changes in specialist music line-up with five older DJ's to be replaced in April next year.
2011-12-08: Australian metropolitan commercial radio revenues fall by 3.46% on a year ago in November.
2011-12-08: UK media regulator awards four new community radio licences in England.
2011-12-08: US Senate Commerce Committee approves nominations of Jessica Rosenworcel and Ajit Pai as Federal Communications Commissioners.
2011-12-09: Australian regulator rules that quiz asking listeners to guess how many asylum seekers killed in boat disaster were being buried breached commercial radio codes of practice relating to accepted standards of decency.
2011-12-10: Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which for years has been under attack from bird posts planned measures to ensure that these effects are in future fully considered prior to construction.
2011-12-11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-12-12: Aberdeen station Original 106 to be allowed to widen range of its music output.
2011-12-12: Triton Media holds on to top three ranks in latest RADAR network radio ratings with Premiere taking five of the top ten.
2011-12-13: BBC says that downloads of its podcasts, launched in 2007, have now reached more than a billion.
2011-12-13: Last Australian radio ratings of the year show station top ranks as at the start but Ray Hadley ends up ahead of Alan Jones, the leader at the start of the year, in Sydney ratings share.

2011-12-14: Toyota to include DAB+ receivers as standard in its Australian-built top-of-the range Camry Atara SL
2011-12-14: BBC Radio 1, which earlier this month announced DJ changes, appoints two executives.
2011-12-14: Hubbard Broadcasting appoints Lauri Cantillo as Program Director for WTOP as it moves towards greater emphasis on digital output.
2011-12-15: Court hearing for Merlin Media Chairman and CEO Randy Michaels, who faces drink driving charges, postponed to Jan 13.
2011-12-15: Bob Cole, leaves KVET-FM, Dallas, after two decades with the Clear Channel station.
2011-12-16: BBC Radio 4 to air 30-part .Sport and the British series over six weeks next year.
2011-12-17: Mixed news-talk fortunes for smaller operators as one drops format and the other looks to gain from KGO-AM change to news.
2011-12-18: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week. 2011-12-19: UK media regulator fines two community stations for breaching licence conditions.
2011-12-19: CBS to move AC WLTE-FM (Lite FM) to HD2 channel of its KJZK-FM (Jack FM) and use the frequency for country format BUZ'N on Monday.
2011-12-20: Australian regulator finds that ABC 891, Adelaide, breakfast hosts showed bias in interview with politician who had been attacked in a tapas bar.
2011-12-20: Former WBAL-FM host Ron Smith, who retired from the station for health reasons at the end of November, dies from pancreatic cancer.
2011-12-21: UK media regulator updates its guidance to radio broadcasters concerning airing of offensive language/ also posts latest Broadcast Bulletin in which it upholds no radio complaints.
2011-12-22: Westwood One disappears to become Dial Global following takeover/company posts details of employment agreements with three co-CEOs and of directors share options.
2011-12-22: UK Local Government Association expresses concern that BBC plans to close down AM transmitters could hit emergency announcements.
2011-12-23: US Federal Communications Commission proposes easing of media ownership regulations - proposals that do not go far enough for many big media groups and too far for many public interest groups.
2011-12-24: Detroit radio veteran Jim Harper signs off after more than four decades as Greater Media prepares to flip WMGC-FM from Magic 105.1 AC format to Soft Rock 105.
2011-12-24: French media group Lagardère SCA completes sale of its Russian radio business Europe Media Group.
2011-12-25: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2011-12-25: Former WABC host Lynn Samuels dies aged 69.
2011-12-26: Indian Parliament told that All India Radio was owed USD 1.5 million at the end of November, more than half of it from one government agency, but that it in turn owed USD 3.98 million for space segment and spectrum charges.
2011-12-27: Clear Channel Pittsburgh sports host Mark Madden in hot water over misognyist tweet suggesting women should stay in kitchen or try pole dancing.
2011-12-28: Hawaii KUMU-FM drops morning host Frank B Shaner after seven years.
2011-12-29: Maryland talk host under fire after woman guest calls another woman a "bitch" on his show.
2011-12-29: Former KYW-AM director of marketing communications sues CBS Radio for sexual harassment, claiming she was dismissed because of her complaints.
2011-12-30: US Federal Communications Commission proposes penalties of USD 22,000 on to radio companies for breaching its equal employment opportunity (EEO) rules.
2011-12-31: BBC 6 Music to take step back in time tomorrow with all music aired from vinyl records.

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