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January 2012
2012-01-01: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
: Walter Sabo out as COO of Merlin Media.

2012-01-03: Clear Channel launches new news and talk formats in San Francisco, bringing Rush Limbaugh to 910 AM along with some of hosts Cumulus fired from KGO-AM/ Cumulus brings back Melanie Morgan to KSFO-AM.
2012-01-03: Univision Radio appoints industry veteran Felix Perez as General Manager of its New York cluster.
2012-01-04: CBS Radio announces most of the line-up for its new Washington News station - All News 99.1 WNEW - that is to launch on January 19.
2012-01-04: Cox Media appoints Patti Milburn to succeed Mike Kelly as Markey manager for its six-station Hawaii cluster.
2012-01-04: Sirius XM says it added some 1.7 million subscribers in 2011 to approach a total of 21.9 million.
2012-01-05: BBC Trust gives go-ahead for pilot of limited advertising on World Service radio for first time.
2012-01-05: Cox Media Group Chief Revenue Officer Marc Morgan announces retirement.
2012-01-06: Country format KTFW-FM, Forth Worth, dumps airstaff and flips to DJ-free "Hank FM - Plays Everything Country" format.
2012-01-07: US licensed broadcast station numbers at end of 2011 fall by 219 compared to a year earlier with the radio total - commercial and FM educational stations - down 87 and the Low-Power FM total down 21.
2012-01-08: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-01-09: Greater Media's 22 stations to be available on Clear Channel iHeartRadio platform.
2012-01-09: Orion Media to drop BRMB, Beacon and Mercia names and re-brand stations as Free Radio.
2012-01-10: Australian Communications and Media Authority rules that Queensland community station breached codes relating to financial membership, internal conflict resolution and complaints handling and has also aired an advert.
2012-01-10: UK media regulator Ofcom partly upholds one radio complaint in its latest Broadcast Bulletin.
2012-01-10: Corus fiscal first quarter revenues to end of last November up 7% on a year earlier driven by 10% TV rise with radio down 5%.
2012-01-11: Former Washington radio host Bill Trumbull, for two decades from 1976-96 the co-host of the "Trumbull and Core" afternoon drive programme on WMAL, dies aged 77.
2012-01-11: Audioboo web and mobile device audio service announces tie-up with UK radio industry's RadioPlayer.
2012-01-12: Australian metropolitan advertising revenues in 2011 up 1.1% on a year earlier.
2012-01-12: BBC Director of Audio and Music says radio has to get on screens of mobile devices to attract younger listeners.
2012-01-13: Emmis third quarter revenues to end of November last year down 10.6%, largely because of sale of three stations to Merlin Media, a sale that turned its net income from a loss to a large positive.
2012-01-13: BBC Radio 3 to premiere "unknown" Brahms composition that was discovered in music collection in US/also to air 11 new compositions from the Choirbook For The Queen in its Choral Evensong programme this year.
2012-01-13: Clear Channel Radio to become Clear Channel Media and Entertainment in rebranding although radio will remain its core business.
2012-01-14: Email from Entercom President and CEO David J. Field to staff about lessons he has drawn from 8-day African safari prompts mixed reactions about its motivational efficacy.
2012-01-14: Merlin Media chairman and CEO Randy Michaels escapes drink driving charge on technicality/fined for driving into closed street.
2012-01-15: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-01-16: Former Louisville, Kentucky host Bill Bailey - The Duke of Louisville - dies aged 81.
2012-01-16: Ratings success for Kyle and Jackie O Show in Australia not enough to prevent exodus of advertisers after comments by host Kyle Sandilands lead to around 33,000 signing petition for his dismissal.
2012-01-17: CBS Radio delays launch of its All News 99.1 WNEW in Washington D.C. from tomorrow to next Monday.
2012-01-17: Former CBS and Viacom executive John Sykes joins Clear Channel as President, Clear Channel Entertainment Enterprises.
2012-01-18: Florida low-power FM fined USD 1,500 for using unauthorised transmitter that interfered with Federal Aviation Authority frequencies.
2012-01-18: Local media stock particularly hit by weakness in US economy last year according to BIA/Kelsey with major falls in various print sectors: broadcasting was up.
2012-01-18: Broadcasting complaints to Federal Communications Commission in first and second quarter of last year fall in comparison to previous quarters and year-earlier figures.
2012-01-19: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that Dean Blundell Show on CFNY-FM, Toronto, breached codes in comments deriding women but not in segment on killing cats on a farm.
2012-01-19: US Federal Communications Commission proposes a USD 17,000 penalty on Pennsylvania AM for operations in contravention of its licence terms and public inspection file breaches.
2012-01-20: CBS Radio in legal spat with Merlin Media over its use of promotions aping WINS-AM's "Give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world" slogan: Merlin appears to have changed the promotion - and gained publicity.
2012-01-20: Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 22,000 penalty on Clear Channel for competition conduct rules' breaches, warns of potentially higher penalties if misconduct persists/ also proposed USD 10,000 penalty on operator of Miami pirate station.
2012-01-21: Chicago veteran John Records Landecker lands evening slot on Cumulus Media's oldies WLS-FM.
2012-01-22: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-01-23: CBS Radio launches its WNEW-FM all-news competitor to Washington D.C. market leader WTOP.
2012-01-23: UK GMG Radio to cut its news staff by around a third.
2012-01-24: UK media regulator upholds no complaints against radio in latest bulletin.
2012-01-24: Entercom petitions Federal Communications Commission to eliminate rule requiring contest rules to be broadcast.
2012-01-25: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) announces details of the allocation of Euros 962,000 (USD 1.25 million) in funding to radio projects in the 12th round of its Broadcasting Funding Scheme.
2012-01-25: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council (CBSC) rules that Stillwater Broadcasting Limited's Manitoba station CJSB-FM, Swan River, breached broadcasting codes in a "news report" that it considered "included biased and editorialized material."
2012-01-25: BBC Trust says plans to cuts to BBC local radio should be rethought as they could risk local radio stations' ability to perform key functions/
2012-01-25: Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission announces appointment of Leonard Katz as Acting Chairman.
2012-01-26: Hubbard Broadcasting's WTOP dumps political commentator Mark Plotkin.
2012-01-26: BBC Director-General Mark Thompson reported to be preparing to stand down at end of next year or in early 2013.
2012-01-27: Sirius XM gives former New York Fire and Police Commissioner Howard Safir his own show for six weeks from Sunday.
2012-01-28: Court approves settlement that will cut substantially the amount US radio stations pay to composers.
2012-01-29: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-01-30: BBC Radio 4 Extra's Head of Programming Mary Kalemkerian to retire after three decades at the corporation.
2012-01-30: Greater Media names Rob Williams as the new Market Manager of for its Boston-radio stations to succeed VP and Boston Market Manager Tom Baker who is retiring.
2012-01-31: Clear Channel announces deals with Ryan Seacrest, taking minority holding in his production company while its majority shareholders will invest up to USD 300 million to developments with Ryan Seacrest Media.
2012-01-31: Australian radio industry is to commence a trial using online data and then mobile devices for radio ratings as a supplement to its current diary system although it is still evaluating the use of electronic monitoring devices.
2012-01-31: Complaints in third quarter of last year down 10% on second quarter with broadcasting complaints down 3% according to latest figures from Federal Communications Commission.

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February 2012

2012-02-01: Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) opens consultation on Draft Code of Fairness, Objectivity and Impartiality in News and Current Affairs that includes register of interests for presenters and reporters.
2012-02-01: US Media Rating Council withdraws accreditation from five Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) rated markets.
2012-02-01: US Federal Communications imposes or proposes penalties totalling more than USD 50,000 on Florida pirate FM operators.
2012-02-02: Latest UK radio ratings show listening down slightly overall and with BBC increasing its listening share whilst commercial radio fell back..
RNW Note: This is a preliminary report that is to be updated.
2012-02-02: CBS v Merlin battle over news station slogans in New York seems to have ended with each dropping a slogan.
2012-02-02: US Federal Communications Commission denies petition from the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council (MMTC) to reconsider its 2010 approval of details of Sirius XM's implementation of its plans to make full-time audio channels on their satellites available to "qualified entities".
2012-02-02: Astral Media reports strong first fiscal quarter with revenues up 2% driven by Out-of-Home and TV - radio was down 4%.
2012-02-03: Latest Irish ratings show unchanged 85% of adult population listening to radio daily.
2012-02-03: Beasley Broadcast final quarter 2011 revenues down 6.8% but net income up 12/6% largely due to reduced interest payments push.
2012-02-04: Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly accuses Entercom hosts John Dennis and Gerry Callahan of not caring about what is true.
2012-02-04: Lexus to become first luxury brand to make DAB+ standard in Australian model.

2012-02-05: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-02-06: UK media regulator again upholds no complaints against radio in latest bulletin.
2012-02-06: Federal Communications Commission fines Cumulus USD 44,000 for failing to identify programming as paid for.
2012-02-07: Australian metropolitan radio revenues in January up 1.38% on a year earlier.
2012-02-07: BBC Radio Scotland decision to drop Saturday morning Janice Forsyth Show after 18 years arouses wide opposition.
2012-02-07: US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposes USD 10,000 penalties each on Iowa and Texas station operators for various rule breaches.
2012-02-08: Radio One Inc. in preliminary figures says consolidated revenues were up because of TV One but radio was down around 9.4% in final quarter of last year although it is currently pacing up around 6%.
2012-02-09: Cumulus signs former Arkansas Governer Mike Huckabee for three-hour afternoon show that will compete in same time slot as Rush Limbaugh.
2012-02-09: Sirius XM Radio has reported 2011 revenues up 7% on a year earlier at USD 3.01 billion and adjusted EBITDA up 17% at USD 731 million; re-iterates 2012 guidance of USD 3.3 billion revenues but increases EBITDA guidance from USD 860 to USD 875 million.
2012-02-09: Lifetime Achievement Awards go to singer-songwriter Don McLean and Irish folk legends The Dubliners at 13th BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.
2012-02-10: Nassau Broadcasting Partners, which owes around USD 285 million, asks bankruptcy court to be allowed to auction off its stations.
2012-02-10: Veteran Boston radio host Dave Maynard dies aged 82 in Florida.
2012-02-10: US Federal Communications Commission posts details of 145 short-form applications received for its Auction 93 of 119 FM Construction Permits.
2012-02-11: Saturday changes announced for BBC Radios 2 and 6 Music from later this month.
2012-02-12 Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-02-13: Florida loses classic rock station as Beasley Broadcast flips WRXK-FM 96Krock to a talk format as "talk that rocks" with associated changes at Fort Myers sister station WJBX-FM (99X).
2012-02-13: 2% increase to USD 446.78 million proposed for 2013 Fiscal Year Federal Communications Commission budget.
2012-02-14: First World Radio Day on Monday gets fairly low-key reception.
2012-02-14: Federal Communications Commission says that complaints to it in final quarter of 2011 up by less than 1% compared to third quarter and by nearly 40% on a year earlier.
2012-02-14: Arbitron 2011 revenues up 6.8% on 2010 and net income is up 19.8%
2012-02-15: CBS revenues up 1% year-on-year in 2011 but down 3.1% in the final quarter but adjusted net earnings are up 71% and 20% respectively.
2012-02-16: Clear Channel suspends KFI-AM, Los Angeles, afternoon hosts John and Ken (John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou) after exchange in which the late Whitney Houston was called a "crack ho."
2012-02-17: US radio revenues grew for the second consecutive year in 2011 according to figures from the US Radio Advertising Bureau.
2012-02-17: Comedian and entertainer Nick Cannon drops his WXRK-FM (92.3 NOW) morning show on doctors' orders and says overwork is likely to be linked to his recent health problems.
2012-02-18: Legal spat between Birmingham, Alabama, host Paul Finebaum and Citadel (now owned by Cumulus) continues with Citadel counter-suing the host and jurisdiction moved again.
2012-02-19: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-02-20: UK media regulator Ofcom in its latest Broadcast Bulletin upholds three complaints against radio.
2012-02-21: Clear Channel 2011 revenues up 5% on 2010 but final quarter revenues were up only 1%.
2012-02-22: CBS Radio appoints Michael Martin, its Vice President of Programming for CBS Radio San Francisco's music stations, to additional role of Vice President, CHR Programming.
2012-02-22: Clear Channel CEO tells Country Radio Broadcasters that consolidation has improved quality of programming on local stations/Edison Research posts report on Country Music format.
2012-02-23: Australian Radio Program Directors Course, conducted in the country for more than a decade, to be made available internationally.
2012-02-23: UTV shares rise on rumours of takeover bid following ousting of long-time chairman John McGuckian.
2012-02-23: Washington D.C. public station WAMU-FM dismisses suggestions by its former news director that event involving major donors meeting editorial staff including reporters breached journalistic ethics.
2012-02-24: US Federal Communications Commission proposes USD 10,000 penalty on Florida FM for public file breaches.
2012-02-24: Clear Channel promotes John Hogan to the post of Chairman and CEO of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment and extends his employment contract by two years.
2012-02-25: US talk host Phil Hendrie to end his Saturday evening (1900-2200) broadcast on Clear Channel's KFI-AM, Los Angeles, with today's show.
2012-02-26: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-02-27: Puerto Rican company faces USD 4,500 penalty for not informing Federal Communications Commission of change of ownership of antenna it acquired together with WRRE-AM in 2003.
2012-02-28: BBC Radio 1 and 1 Xtra Controller Ben Cooper announces revamp of the schedules of both stations from Monday April 2 including a move to the Radio 1 1600-1900 drivetime slot for Greg James who swaps places with current drive host Scott Mills.
2012-02-28: Entercom revenues down 7% in final quarter of last year and 2% on full year 2011 compared to 2011 but CEO David J. Field is bullish about prospects.
2012-02-28: Clear Channel comes under pressure to hire more minorities' staff at KFI-AM at meeting with black community leaders and hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou, who had been suspended after the late Whitney Houston was called a "crack ho" on their show.
2012-02-29: BBC World Service marks its 80th anniversary with special day of programming including debate with its audience over what they now want from the service.
2012-02-29: Arbitron warns subscribers about providing ratings information to non-subscribers and implicitly threatens them with possible legal action if they allow this to happen.
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March 2012

2012-03-01: BBC Radio 4 to extend its Saturday Live magazine show to run 90 minutes and drop Saturday travel programme Excess Baggage.
2012-03-01: Dial Global and NBC News announce tie-up for new 24-hour, radio news network - NBC News Radio.
2012-03-02: Rush Limbaugh show loses some advertisers following his comments about Georgetown student and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick in relation to issue of contraception as part of US health insurance requirements.
2012-03-02: Clear Channel-owned KFI-AM issues letters on moves it is taking to improve diversity but African American coalition says actions, taken after the late Whitney Houston was called a "black ho" on the station are not enough and is to campaign over the issue.
2012-03-03: Emmis to ask for hearing to present plan to avoid delisting from NASDAQ stock market after receiving notification for failure to regain compliance with minimum USD 1 per share requirement.
2012-03-04: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week..
2012-03-05: Australian media regulator says three more unlicensed radio stations have been closed down and notes that penalty can be a fine of up to AUD 16500 ( USD 176,000) and two years in prison.
2012-03-05: Rush Limbaugh again goes on attack to deflect critics as more advertisers dump his show in wake of outcry over his calling female law student a slut and prostitute.
2012-03-06: UK media regulator Ofcom in its latest Broadcast Bulletin upholds no complaints against radio but amongst investigations started lists case in which Jazz FM aired what sounded like gay porn movie sound track.
2012-03-06: Canadian band Rush, whose music is reported to have been used by Rush Limbaugh for years, demands that he stop airing any of its music on his show.
2012-03-07: UTV's talkSPORT to drop all non-sports programming and promote itself as the UK's only all-sports station.
2012-03-07: Entravision final quarter 2011 revenues down 1% on a year earlier (radio was down 6%) with full year revenues down 3% but 2010 impairment charges mean net loss is reduced for both periods.
2012-03-08: Journal Broadcast to pay USD 11.8 million for two Tulsa stations it is buying from Renda Broadcasting Corporation.
2012-03-08: Rush Limbaugh denies loss of advertisers and accuses Washington Post blogger of posting "Out-and-Out Lie."
2012-03-08: US Federal Communications Commission imposes or proposes penalties totalling just under USD 50,000 for operation of unlicensed transmitters and other rule breaches.
2012-03-09: US Federal Communications Commission proposes penalties totalling USD 25,000 on South Carolina AM.
2012-03-11: Look at licence and regulatory news of the past week.
2012-03-12: Cumulus revenues in final quarter down 5.6% - down 4% excluding impact of acquisition of Citadel and the three-quarters of Cumulus Media Partners it did not own.
2012-03-13: Arbitron in preliminary release of RADAR 112 national radio listening report says the medium's audience held steady compared to a year ago with a weekly audience of 241.2 million listeners - actually down from 241.6 million with US population increase estimated at around 2.2 million over the year.
2012-03-14: Saga Communications final quarter revenues down 3.6% on year earlier but full 2011 revenues essentially flat compared to 2010.
2012-03-14: Emmis calls special meeting to vote on plans to strip Preference Shareholders of millions in unpaid dividends and authorize reverse stock split to keep NASDAQ listing.
2012-03-14: Canadian Broadcast Standards Council rules that discussion suggesting relationship terms such as "I just want sex" and references to status as "just a blowjob" or "just fellatio" did not breach Canadian codes.
2012-03-15: Radio One Inc. radio revenues fall by 9.4% in final quarter.
2012-03-16:BCE Inc (Bell Canada) agrees CAD 3.38 billion takeover of Astral Media.

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